• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.8 "Slumber" Party

Spectrum was bursting with joy. It had taken weeks of begging, and several Pinkie promises, but dad finally agreed to let her hold a slumber party. She and the girls (plus Spike) would be sleeping upstairs for their party, while dad and her friends would be having their own downstairs. Once everyone arrived, the groups split off.

With the chaperones

"Are you sure Spike can handle them darling?" Rarity may have felt it was odd to let a male sleep in the same room as the girls, but they were all still young, so she could accept it. This does not mean she thought he could keep the girls out of trouble.

"Come on, Rarity They ain't that bad." AJ may be just being optimistic, but she wanted to give Spike the benefit of the doubt.

"Don't worry, girls. I locked all the windows. The only way for them to sneak out will be by getting past Spike AND us." Midnight had planned ahead.

"I hope they have fun. So, what are we doing?" Shy was here just to keep an eye on Scoot. Rainbow had worn herself out, so was just sleeping at home, and Gilda was on a supply run with Pinkie (somehow they had ran out of sugar, again).

Midnight pulled out a book "This has all the directions for the perfect slumber party, proven by science" The girls gained looks with varying degrees of horror. What had they gotten themselves into? Midnight lost her calm in seconds.

After calming down, though, she continued "Sorry. That was just too easy" She realized she had made an error when she was hit with a ballistic pillow. "Oh It Is On" and with that, the most epic pillow fight never recorded began.

Back upstairs

The girls had spent five minutes trying to sneak out to keep crusading. Spike just sat and waited as he helped lock up the room. The only way out was the main door and that lead straight down to where the others were. After accepting that they were not going anywhere without permission, the girls started the sleep over by telling scary stories. Each of them got a turn with mixed results. Scootaloo's retelling of the Headless Horse had the others huddling in a pile, Sweetie Belle's Story with the rusty horseshoe made Scootaloo jump (though she would deny it till her dying breath). Apple Bloom tried to scare them with the Legend of The Pony of Shadows. She was not expecting Spectrum to laugh. "What in tarnation is so funny! That's a serious story."

Spectrum regained control of her giggles before answering "Sorry, sorry. I thought everypony forgot my legend by now." as she was talking Spectrum's body changed till she looked like a pony shaped piece of the night sky. The girls somehow got the impression she was smiling.

"That's right, I'm the Pony of Shadows, and I challenge you to truth or dare. "

That deceleration broke the spell of fear that had come over the others. No matter how she looked, it was still Spectrum. With that, they all settled down for a game of embarrass yourself in front of your friends who will never let you live it down.

After a very long game, the friends were all ready to go to sleep. As they drifted off, several of them would dream of what they had just done.

Sweetie Belle had a cute dream about singing in front of a crowd with Spike on the piano. She had been dared to kiss him on the cheek and both of them went red as Apple Bloom's bow.

Apple Bloom dreamed of working with her family on the farm while wearing her new gold trimmed ribbon to hold her hair back. She got it after surviving a dare to be Rarity's dress up doll for an hour. (They still don't know where she got the outfits from.)

Scootaloo was dreaming of learning to fly with her mothers. She had picked truth and one of the worst questions was telling them her greatest fear, being unable to fly.

Spike was dreaming about being on an expedition with Daring Do. He had admitted some of his favorite past times while telling the truth which led to them reenacting scenes from the books.

Spectrum, despite having fun, answering many questions about her adventures and winning the pillow fight, (Go intangibility!) was not having a very good dream.

Spectrum was in agony. "Mommy! Whatever I did, I'm sorry,!please believe me." The dream ignored her and continued its work.
"You are not a child! You aren't even a pony! All you are is a magic copy gone wrong, now go back where you belong!" Spectrum screamed as the pain worsened. Her magic was being torn apart.

Suddenly her pain was gone and she was staring into the bright concerned eyes of her real mother "Spectrum. Do you really think I would do that to you?" Nightmare felt pain in her heart. Why was her own child afraid of her?

Spectrum wiped the tears from her eyes "No. I know you love me, but I was so afraid that would happen when you first saw me I had no way of knowing what you thought about me. So, my mind made up a bunch of scenarios both good and bad." Spectrum managed to get back up after her tears ended "Mom, please teach me how to fight bad dreams. Dad told me I had to wait for you to come home before I learned, so will you teach me. "

Nightmare pondered for a moment. She had just had to save Midnight from a nightmare of her own involving losing control and expanding the forest to destroy Ponyville, and she had been about to move on to the rest of Equestria. Having a helper was sounding quite nice. "Okay I feel another nightmare nearby we can start there." Spectrum jumped for joy and then fell in step behind her mother as they went in search of the bad dream.

They arrived at the dream door for Spectrum to begin her lesson. Part one observe: Spectrum entered the dream, she watched for the pony in question. When she saw who's dream it was, she almost left. Diamond Tiara was pacing in her room waiting for her mothers verdict, "Oh I hope she likes my cutie mark"

She stopped pacing as her mother entered the room. "So, that's it? I guess that works, you were always good at being a princess just, remember to do as I say and you will never have to deal with anyone beneath you again.
Diamond was devastated "That's it? No good job? No I'm so proud? I don't want to just sit around. I want to be mayor or a council mare. I want others to know me."

Spoiled just grimaced "Why would you ever what to do something like that? You are a lady, and as your mother you will do as I say, only I know what's best for you, young lady."

Spectrum was close to losing her temper completely she could not just stand by and watch this, this farce "No mother worthy of the title would act like this. GO AWAY!" With a burst of magic the dream shifted Diamond was now the youngest mayor in Ponyville history.

While Spectrum was observing and changing the dream Nightmare went to check the dreams of the distressed filly's parents

"Her fathers seems nice enough, If a little too focused on his business. I'm sure her mother is just strict. This can't be too bad."

Oh how wrong she was. Nightmare stormed out of the dream after 5 minutes of watching.

Seeing a pony dream of being a Royal? Common.

The pony now being an alicorn in the dream? Just as common.

Dreaming about being Queen of Equestria, with Tia, Cadence and Nightmare herself as your maid servants? That was new, and it took every ounce of control Nightmare had not to turn the dream inside out.
When she returned to where Spectrum was learning, she could tell from a glance that the dream had been turned around she found spectrum snoozing. After dropping Spectrum off back in her own head, Nightmare returned to Midnight's dream, she needed ideas for how to deal with this mare and just reporting her to the police did not feel like enough.

Author's Note:

Next time we get to meet the rhyme master herself, and have a confrontation of mothers :twilightoops: Midnight may find something in common with Mr Rich if this gets out of hand.