• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.13 Date & Secrets

Midnight sat on the train as she looked down at her dress. She thought about the past week. Spectrum and the other girls had been well behaved (well, better behaved; they still got coated in tree sap 9 times out of 10 but it was getting better). She still chuckled every time she thought about the girls' more recent adventures. Diamond had been inspired during their lessons and seemed to have memorized the guard manual copy Midnight gave her. The reason she gave was interesting "My talent is Leadership or at least the potential to be a leader. I thought the best way to do that was as a politician. But as a new member of the Royal court; even as a junior member; I have more political potential than any member of my family ever has, so trying to gather more seems kind of dumb. I want to be able to leave an impression on those around me and be remembered. The leaders of the Guard go down in history remembered by all ponies. We still have lessons about them in school here, for the brave things they've done defending our home's. That's the kind of recognition I want for things I do; not who I am or who I know."

She proceeded to politely take over as the organizer for the activities of the CMC. All ideas where considered (except the ones involving the forest; they all agreed those were not going to happen), discussed and then set out in order depending on what they wanted to try. This method increased the time they were able to activity go crusading and with Silver double checking all safety measures, the number of accidents had gone down, slightly.

They had all been happy to hear about her upcoming date, though some tried to not admit how happy they were (Scootaloo). Her friends had been quite happy to offer her any advice she asked for (and some she didn't). Rarity was overjoyed when Midnight asked her to make the dress for her date, though the short argument they had over price was quite odd considering the one buying the dress had to argue the price up. She had also set up a nice spa day to make sure she was looking her best with one little addition as a surprise. Now here she was. the train had stopped. It was time to face the music.

Nightmare had decided to meet her date at the door of the restaurant. Convincing the guards she did not need an escort had actually been quite simple. Once they knew who was showing up they calmed down considerably. Nightmare had to stop herself from staring when she saw Midnight. Her dress was a beautiful violet with hints of blue and black but the crowning piece was a stunning crystal flower placed tastefully behind her ear. The dress alone was beautiful. When worn as part of such an ensemble it was magnificent, and made the pony wearing it look completely majestic. Nightmare was very glad she managed to not gap or drool. Once they were at their private table, they both had to share a laugh "The faces those nobles made was hilarious" Nightmare had never seen them that confused.

"They looked poleaxed." Midnight could not deny a feeling of satisfaction at seeing the shocked faces on some of the patrons. They managed to contain their laughter and order their food before swapping stories of the past week.

Midnight's jaw hit the table "You're purposefully pissing off the nobility, Why?"

Nightmare just grinned "Only the ones who show desires of hurting or replacing me or my sister consistently in their dreams. I can't use any evidence I find in dreams due to my power over them, but I can keep an eye on those who show signs of being a threat and pull them to a situation where their true intentions become clear. " Nightmare had been quite blunt in her behavior during court. Most nobles adjusted to it with little problem but a small few were not doing well at all. The fact that they were the most annoying, whinny, and pompous was just a coincidence. "So how are things going for you?"

Midnight told her some stories about the past weeks and some events from important days like the previous Nightmare Night (Moon spent it trolling some ponies and pranking the guards). Midnight had a fun time guiding Spectrum and her friends around town. She even turned the library into a haunted house using some of the things she learned from the forest and a few props. She gave every foal in town a good scare with at least one thing (she also told the story of the Running of the Leaves, but - just for the record - that's the same as canon).

Nightmare was particularly interested in one part of her Nightmare Night story. "You went as a Vampony?"

Midnight nodded enthusiastically. "I've always enjoyed the old stories and legends. I even found some proof that they once existed." Her voice became somber here "I also know what happens if a pony with no cutie mark gets hit by the dark spell that causes the transformation."

Nightmare was intrigued. "You know. How?"

Midnight continued in the same vain "I found a town full of ponies in the forest. They let me help them, after a long argument during which they tried to turn me. The tree helped me stabilize them, but they were stuck as ghouls. they don't feel like mingling with other ponies quite yet."

Nightmare was in a state of shock. "She knows about us. She's not afraid. How , how would she react if I told her?"

The arrival of their meal gave Night some time to think and calm down. The staff were very helpful, especially when they both ordered a dish that was more popular with visiting gryphons. The only response to their orders was a shrug from the waiter.

After the meal Nightmare decided to stall a little longer. "So. Just where did you get that dress Midnight?"

Midnight smiled fondly "Rarity was nice enough to make it for me, and if I'm perfectly honest, it's one of the best designed and made dresses I've ever owned". Nightmare agreed that it was one of the best she had ever seen and asked if Midnight would mind delivering an order form to her friend for a dress for the Gala "Oh she is going to love this."

Nightmare smiled before she became serious "Well best just get it over with" "Midnight I have something I'd like to tell you, okay." After waiting for Midnight's nod Nightmare continued 'Alicorns are equal parts earth pony, pegasus and unicorn, at least that's what we tell everypony. While that is true for my sister, I am quite a bit darker; darker than I appear even now. the pony types that I represent are the Diomidens (vamponies), Thestrals (bat ponies) and Karkadann (dark unicorn)" She was a bit afraid of Midnight's reaction.

"When was the last time you got to feed?" Nightmare stared before Midnight continued "Don't give me that look. I know what vamponies need. What do you think the fangs I have are from? I'm just lucky enough to not need blood, but I can drink it if I need to. So, when?'

"I, I've been putting it off since I got back." Nightmare was not expecting Midnight's reaction, though it was not unwelcome. She was not prepared, however, when Midnight sat closer to her and pulled the fabric of her dress away from her neck.

"That won't do at all. You need to feed, it won't hurt me and I promise not to tell until you give the okay, Nightmare".

Nightmare stared at her date. This was the first pony to offer her their blood other than her own sister. she started to lean towards Midnight when the mare paused and reached into her pocket before putting a small ring on her ear. "That will stop me from taking magic from you" Nightmare just nodded before sinking her fangs in.

The taste was amazing coppery sweat, salty, and full of life she could hear Midnight gasp and moan softly feel her heart speed up and smell the blood as it pumped in her veins. But something felt wrong. It only took her a moment to see the problem, the anti-magic ring. With a deft use of levitation she pulled the ring from Midnight's ear the moment it was off she felt it Midnght's magic came alive. At the same time her magic was being pulled into Midnight, at the same rate she was drinking her blood. The feeling of shared bliss and togetherness was indescribable. they continued the exchange of energy for almost 2 minutes before Nightmare reluctantly broke the circuit.

They were both breathing heavily with flushed faces "That.. Was... Amazing, Luna-" Midnight's eyes shot open when she realized what she said "I, I mean-"

Nightmare just laughed 'Its fine Twilight and I agree with you, but I think we need to start heading home, I can teleport you home if you'd like."

"That would be great. Just one more thing, could we step outside first?" Nightmare nodded and the left the restaurant (after paying of course) they spent a few minutes sitting in the evening sunlight appreciating the sunset.

While they were out a group of 5 ponies noticed Midnight one of them decided to be witty "Well, if it isn't the markless wonder. Where'd you get the dress?"-She gained as nasty smirk- "or more precisely who'd you have to sleep with to get it?"

The others laughed at their leaders 'witty' question. This was Bluebell, the younger sister of Blueblood and bane of Midnight's foalhood. The group had not noticed Nightmare at first due to the angle of their approach.

Nightmare was indigent but before she could turn to respond to such a rude comment, Midnight just winked at her before focusing on a small patch of dirt nearby, from which sprang a flower. It was breath taking; a deep violet with a light blue center. Midnight walked over picked it with care before dumping the pollen and presenting it to Nightmare "A flower for my Princess, grown from my own magic"

Nightmare went from angry, to amazed, to ecstatic, but she kept her composure "Thank you, My lady. I shall treat it with care."

With those parting words, she teleported them both to Ponyville, the last thing they saw being the stunned faces of the bullies who had just realized they had insulted the Princess's date.


They appeared in front of Midnight's friends (who were waiting for details) only for the girls to shrink away from them in fear. Nightmare just raised an eyebrow "What? Is something on my face?". Midnight just looked at her for a moment before commenting

"Luna, why did your horn and wings change?" Her wings had become bat like and her horn had curved losing it's rings and gaining a hint of blue near the tip.

"I decided to stop hiding. This is what I truly look like and from now on I don't care who knows I'm done pretending" the girls seemed to calm down after her passionate speech and the conversations before they left helped banish any remaining fear. She caused Rarity to go over the moon (thankfully figuratively rather than literally) when she put in an order for a dress that she planned to use at the upcoming gala. The only black mark being when Pinkie noticed the bite mark on Midnight's neck. Friendly ribbing and insinuation were cut off when she revealed to true nature of the bite (after which she had to pull both Fluttershy and Pinkie out from under the sofa). Even there though, after the full situation was explained to them, the girls calmed down.

Soon after everyone left and, at Spectrum's pleading, Nightmare spent the night. They both went to sleep for a moment only to wake up quickly when they appeared in the same bed. After trying to separate 3 more times, they realized that something was pulling them back together while they slept so they just gave up, for the night, and hunkered down together "I could get use to this" was their mutual thought as they drifted of to sleep, each listening to the other's heartbeat.