• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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15. Pie Family Sense. Makes Sense? Welcome to Ghoul town

Midnight was ready to lose her composure completely. "You mean to tell me, not only were there other ponies with this problem, but there is an entire family with records, and examples of this crap?!" Midnight had just witnessed first hoof the Pinkie sense. She had experienced this type of phenomenon before, due to absorbing so much unicorn magic from living in Canterlot. Only she had no one around to help her understand the pains and twitches other than harsh reality and trial and error. After gaining her cutie mark, the precognitive ability became the unicorn equivalent (previously thought to be exclusive) passive ability of future sight which she could activate with meditation and practice every morning to get a general idea of how the day was going to go, but she got no warning about this.

"Yeah I have the most warnings due to my talent. Dad gets signals about the farm or work, Maud can find ponies whereever they go if they hurt one of us. Limestone can always tell when it's going to be a bad day and Marble can tell how likely it is that something bad is to happen, so she gets nervous very easily. Why?" Pinkie stopped her explanation only to watch as Midnight ground her teeth.
She calmed down after a moment "So mind if I make a list of all the feelings you know about?" Pinkie gave the okay and they spent the next few hours going around town as she explained all of the many feelings and combos that she could think of. They got to experience several of them and Midnight took a few hits but she learned fast and never got caught by the same warning twice (apparently like her own ability). Pinkie's did not like being studied, but while hers had just shutdown when she tried, Pinkie seemed to get annoyed and actively send warnings as late as possible to try and get her hurt or make her give up.

They were having a lot of fun till Pinkie got a warning about Foggy Bottom Bog. They ran as fast as they could only to find Fluttershy trying to run away from the hydra who lived in the bog. This was the same hydra who Midnight had previously needed to warn off hurting the towns folk many times. However, she had finally had enough. Pinkie and Fluttershy managed to get a fair distance away but the hydra just kept after them. "Enough! Foggy! You have five seconds to stop and go home before I get mad. 5" 3 of the heads ignored her while the fourth laughed and he kept chasing her friends.

"4" Unnoticed by the others, Midnight's ears had grown bat like and her fur was rapidly becoming black.

"3" The girls managed to hide in a tree and watched as the hydra advanced on Midnight.

"2" Her mane had gone vine mode and her eyes were glowing a solid purple

"1" As the hydra reared one head back to strike her, the vines snapped to attention catching the head on the downswing and holding it fast

"Times up" With one fluid motion, Midnight's mane erupted into eldritch blue flames as she tore the head from the hydra's body and reduced it to ash. The neck healed quickly and soon after, 2 new heads sprouted the now 5 headed hydra looked at Midnight in anger and no small amount of fear

"Foggy, go home now!" the hydra ran back to the safety of his bog and Midnight returned to normal (not counting the ears).
A few moments later, Pinkie and Shy were standing beside her. They both did a double take when they saw the tears in her eyes "Midnight, t-thank you for saving us. Are you okay?" Fluttershy was worried for her friend. This was the first time she had seen her really cry.
"That was amazing! How did you do that? What else can you do?" Pinkie was worried as well, but expressed it in her own way (in this case meaning a hug).
"She just tore the head off of something, which was cool, but I doubt she's in a good mood, Pinkie"

"I know, Mina, but - What should we do?"

"sigh, Just keep doing what your doing for now. That should help, silly"

"Oh good, I knew you could help me. Thanks"



Midnight managed to gather herself enough to reciprocate Pinkies hug (unaware of the mental argument) "I, I hate doing that. He used to only have one head but he just keeps trying to eat me, or other ponies. I found out how effective that was, so I use it but I hate it." The girls understood enough about what was going on for now, so they just hugged their friend and let her cry herself out.
After awhile she seemed to get tired. Before they could ask any questions, she simply said "Let's go home, girls." She knew she would have to explain herself soon, but, for now, she just wanted to sleep,

Deeper in the forest

Nightmare appeared in a swirl of mist she had managed to convince most of the remaining night tribe members to come out of hiding. The only place left was the town in the forest. Midnight told her that they had been told about her and that she would visit them eventually.

"Well, no time like the present"

With that in mind, she had blinked close to the town and was just entering the main area. Every pony there looked almost the same (to her). She could tell they were under heavy illusions but, to her, they were all dark ash grey with solid red eyes. It did not take long for them to notice her once they all gathered in the town square.

She was surprised to see how few of them there actually were. Considering the size of the town, she had expected almost 50 ponies not the dozen or so who where there.

The oldest looking one stepped forward "Princess, it is an honor to meet you. I wish I could tell you my name, but most of us have forgotten who we were before becoming what we are. Mayor Midnight told us to choose names for ourselves but some of us, such as myself, are still trying to decide."- Nightmare was quite confused. They had elected Midnight mayor?-

"I know you must have questions. I will tell you our tale and I hope this clears everything up." ( AN For those who are curious, this is based on The Story of The Blanks so the backstory explained there is the story they tell Luna, only with Midnight breaking the curse and putting those responsible for it to rest)

Nightmare listened to their story and understood their pain and fear, but she wanted to help them in the best way she knew how. "I understand your fear, my little ponies" (she had always wanted to say that) "But our time is now. We are all coming out of the darkness. Soon the world will know about us and no pony can harm you simply for being what you are. Report to Midnight in the morning. I will let her know you're coming so she can help get things ready for you. "

Reluctantly they agreed that they would be using the fluidity of the town's position to move it to right outside Ponyville and use the magic of the tree to make it stay put.

With a plan in mind, Nightmare left to enter the dream world "Well, tomorrow will be interesting that's for sure."