• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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23. The Ritual (Dark Themes)

The room was lit only by torches. 9 figures held by chains were around a large runic circle. The entire array sloped down in the shape of a large bowl. In the center of the circles sat a single quivering pony, a bowl and a large assortment of tools. The 2 ring leaders of the cult stood high above the circle well out of range of any retaliation as the ceremony began.

First, the main pony was forced to drink three potions which caused them to gain the traits of the families whose blood was used. This particular ritual was still allowed with the consent of all parties involved. The combination of 3 blood adaption potions caused the recipient to feel as if they had ingested glass before being put into a blender and then wrestling a bear, as they tried to incorporate the new DNA.

Next, the longest knife was used to carve out the area around their cutie mark before prying them off and placing them in the bowl, which was ignited with a pitch black flame as the talent was stripped from the pony and raw magic flowed into them forcing their core to grow rapidly and set their frayed nerves aflame. The screaming could match some low level demons at this point. The cauterizing of the open wounds only increased the shrieking until their throat went raw.

While this was happening, the nine ponies had all of their major arteries cut. As they gasped and chocked out their dying breaths, the blood flowed down through the circle activating each rune and joining at the center as power was forced into the last living participants. Their core proceeded to increase by two to the power of nine, increasing to the point that they were forced to grow about 3 hands in height just to help contain the power. Their blood felt like molten steel in their veins, their bones creaked and splintered with strain as they grew and their tendons and ligaments snapped as the muscles cramped themselves off the bone. But the blood and life of the sacrifices prevented the victim from dying.

With a sickening crunch, the sobbing wreak of a pony's horn was wrenched from their skull and tossed into the black flames causing their magic to increase yet again, forcing their muscles and flesh to reform full of magic and life but with no way to control their new power, they had no way to escape the final step.

With agonizing slowness, the brand was heated and as it pressed into the ponies newly healed but blank flank, they felt their magic become trapped sealed up like an old tomb. Thus, the ritual was completed and the quivering mess of a pony was brought before the leaders. The broken mare looked at them with dead eyes and asked only one question "Why?"

"Don't feel too bad, my dear. This is a joyful day. You shall have the honor of bearing the foal which shall house the spirit of our great king."

In the flickering light, the shine of madness could be seen the eyes of all present as the victim was taken away to rest and prepare of her new role as the king's incubator.

The twisted duo shared a look before leaving to return to their duties. As nice as the show had been, they both had work to do and the time to strike was fast approaching.