• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.2: Reunions, The Elements Eclipsed [edited]

In a blink, The Nightmare was standing before Twilight, with a scowl that could stop a dragon’s heart. "Just whatmust I explain to a fool like you, little mare?"

Twilight met her angry glare with a flat look, and in a monotone voice answered, "Go to your old throne room and see what I mean, I will be there shortly." Nightmare continued to stare at her for a moment before, with a snort, she returned to her smoke form, and raced off to see what could be so important in the old palace.

Before Twilight could disappear again, there was a flash of magic, and her three old friends were in front of her, "Look, if you're going to yell at me, can it wait 'till after we've dealt with the current emergency?" Twilight was about to continue, only to be dog-piled by her friends as they bombarded her with questions.

Sunburst spoke up first, "Why would we yell at you? We don't get to see you for years, with the only correspondence being the one letter, and you think we should be angry?"

By this point, Moondancer was crying, "What happened, Twilight? You just vanished one day, leaving a note saying you moved here to be the librarian. But after that, nothing, not even a response to our gifts at Hearth's Warming!" Spike said nothing, just holding on to his "aunt", whom he thought was gone forever.

Twilight's eyes were wide and confused, then, for the first time in Ponyville’s memories, her visage cracked, "I'm sorry guys!" She yelled, trying to return the hug as best she could. "I was woken up by a pair of guards at my door. They had a warrant with orders for me to be thrown in Tartarus," everypony’s jaw hit the floor after that revelation. "That's why I was in the forest. I managed to escape when they dragged me through it to get to the gates."

AJ was the first the regain her voice, "Is that why you changed your name? You were afraid of being turned in?"

"W-Why were you being arrested?" Fluttershy managed to ask.

Twilight sighed, "The warrant said my name was changed to Midnight Void, and that I was accused of stealing magic." They all looked at her stunned. How could someone steal magic? "I will try to answer all your questions later, but for now, we need to get to the castle of the two sisters."

The trip through the forest was strangely uneventful. About halfway to the palace, the others couldn't hold their questions any longer.

Rainbow was the loudest, "How do you keep knowing when big storms are coming? You helped us stop at least one major storm each year."

Rarity was still eyeing her with suspicion. "Why did you follow me all day after that meeting at the spa?"

Twilight answered with a small smile, "I get visions of the future. I warned the weather team whenever I saw a storm coming, and I followed you around that day because I had a vision of you being capture by Diamond Dogs while you were out gem hunting. I just wanted to make sure you stayed safe." The girls developed thoughtful looks as they went over every previous interaction with Midnight. With a start they all began to realize she had never tried to hurt anypony, despite how the town reacted to her. In fact, she had saved several townsfolk from bad accidents without asking for any reward.

While the girls were re-evaluating their opinions of her, Midnight, Sunburst, and Moondancer where catching up (Spike had volunteered to stay behind and help keep the town from panicking). "I can't believe he grew so much, you both must be very proud." Midnight seemed to have fully come out of her shell, they could see their old friend again, but she seemed to have matured well beyond the years they had been apart.

"Well yeah, he does a great job as our assistant, but we were thinking about helping him find his own job. He should be quite a bit bigger by now, I wonder why he still looks like a baby?" Moondancer had been wondering about this for a while, unlike most other times she asked this question today she got her answer.

"Well, he is a gem collector. They tend to only get a bit taller than the average pony, and they age slower." Midnight grew a mischievous grin, "Oh, whatever will you do when your first little one moves out!" she was rewarded with neon blushes from her friends.

Sunburst managed to respond after a moment."TWILIGHT! We are not a couple! Even if we were, we have no idea how to raise foals!"

Twilight's smile grew smug, "Time will tell guys, time will tell." As Twilight finished her ribbing, and her friends faces cooled off, she brought the girls out of their contemplation with her next announcement, "Here we are, the old castle. Lets see how things are going."

When the group made it to the throne room, they were surprised to see Nightmare Moon and Celestia hugging with misty eyes. Sitting by them was a filly with a black coat, blue mane and purple eyes. She was the first to notice them and said, "Hey papa, it worked! Mommy and Auntie finally cleared the air." That brought the group up short, only for them to go bug-eyed when Midnight walked forward and said,

"Good job Shady. So, how did your first meeting with mom go?"
The filly squinted cutely before she began her tale. "Well, I did what you asked, Papa, and waited for Mommy like a good girl..."


Nightmare swirled into the throne room, her eyes ablaze for anything new, anything out of place any- "Hi." Nightmare blinked as she heard a tiny voice greet her. When she looked down, she saw what at first looked to be a tiny version of herself.

"Who might you be little one?" Nightmare was surprised when the filly smiled at her without a hint of fear.

"Don't you recognize me?" Her ears had folded back, making her look both sad and adorable.
Moon’s eyes widened as she remembered the piece of her magic that was torn off when she was banished, the same magic that had allowed her to continue viewing dreams and to keep up with the changes in the world. "Are you the shadow pony?" Nightmare tried to hide the hope in her voice.

With a large smile, the filly answered, "Yes, but I go by the name Spectrum Shadow." The next instant, Spectrum had been lifted off the ground in a bone crushing hug as her mother rejoiced. "Mom, I'd like to talk with you about the plan for eternal night, Okay?" Nightmare nodded, eager to hear her daughter’s opinion. "Right here's the thing" -one long explanation involving charts books and high quality snuggles later- "And that is why we need both you and aunt Tia to work together."

Nightmare had a look of fear in her eyes, but with a calming breath, she released the spell containing her sister. When the spell ended, Celestia was standing slightly confused as to how she had been freed, only to get bowled over as Nightmare glomped her, "Tia, I'm so, so sorry, I was just so mad, jealous, and sick of being ignored. Please forgive me."

Celestia looked at her sister, still in the form of Nightmare Moon, but with genuine regret and love shining in her eyes. She had only one thing to say, "Only if you can forgive me, Luna. I should have seen how much pain you were in, but I put my duty before my family, I'm sorry."

Both princesses eyes began to fill with tears as they hugged for the first time in one thousand years.

End Flashback

"And then you guy's came in while they were hugging," everypony in the room was staring at Twilight and Spectrum.

Luna walked over, "So you are the one who cared for my child?" Twilight nodded happily only to go stiff as a board when Luna hugged her, "Thank you."

As Luna began to back out of the hug, something bumped Twilight, causing her to fall forward, and her lips to crash into Luna's.

Both went wide eyed as Spectrum giggled from behind Twilight, "Mama and Papa, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." The others joined Spectrum in giggling at the expressions on Twilight and Luna's faces.

After calming down, Celestia looked around in confusion before asking, "What happened to the Elements? I could have sworn I left them in this room."

After a moment, Twilight answered her,"Oh, I put those back where they belong about four years ago."

Both Celestia and Luna looked at her for a moment, before yelling, accidentally calling on the Royal Canterlot voice in their shock, "WHAT!?!"

Author's Note:

Next time prepare for an explanation full of facts, joy and the conclusion of the longest night.