• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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17 the CMC meet the Queen

The girls were, as usual, having their sleep over at Fluttershy's cottage. They had an agreement where, at least once a week, they would meet up at the home of one of the girls' guardians to have their sleepover. Fluttershy and Gilda were the ones willing to put up with the girls the most often. Scootaloo had been talking with her mothers since the incident at the best young flyers competition about any way for her to gain the ability to sustain flight safely. They had exhausted every medical book they could get a hold of but there was no real way to fix her wings that had ever been discovered. At least no way by PONIES. Fluttershy had told her of one option that would work, but it would not be easy. In order for her to gain the ability to fly she would have to go through a metamorphosis pod and become a changeling.

The process was old and very specific. It could not be forced, it could not be done to a pony who had their cutie mark and the process would create a young queen. So most hives would not have bothered with it in the first place. Fluttershy was willing to set up the pod if Scoot decided to go through with the procedure but it had to be her decision or the pod would just spit her out. She had spoken with the girls about it without revealing what the treatment would be, only that it would be permanent.

Fluttershy had been speaking with her friends (and the Princesses [eep]) and had agreed after some 'gentle' prodding over several weeks and a promise of protection to reveal her true form at the up coming Gala when Midnight and Nightmare revealed their relationship. She was being offered a place as the head of a new noble house due to her being of foreign royalty, which was enough to be considered noble with royal permission.

Now came step one: letting the girls know. "Scootaloo, how much have you told the girls about the treatment?" the girls jumped they had not heard her come in.

"Only a little. Is that okay, mom?" Scootaloo did not want to cause her mother any more panic problems.

Fluttershy smiled "If its okay, I'll explain the procedure to you all."

The girls were sitting in front of her, immediately ready to hear what would happen to their friend. "Now the process she can use is to go through something that is akin to a cocoon for a caterpillar. The procedure will allow her to fly by turning her into a little known type of pony called a Changeling" The girls were speechless for a second.

"How would that help her?" Sweetie bell was the first to speak up.

Fluttershy smiled kindly before erupting in a pink flash revealing her true self "This is what a changeling looks like, girls. We have the ability to fly and cast magic and are able to change our appearance at will to blend in. I hope I don't need to explain why we would need to do that?"
The girls shake their heads but Diamond has a contemplative look "Why are you telling us about this now?" The others look at her for an answer which she happily gives.

"The Princesses have made sure we're included in the anti-discrimination laws when they were updated this year and seeing as I'm technically a Changeling Queen, I can apply for noble status and I'm on record as Princess Nightmare's Beastmaster for the Lunar court.

Apple Bloom had to say something here "Hold on. You mean we have 2 princesses living in Ponyville?" at the same time Diamond was hiding the fact that she was about to pass out from having insulted 2 royals on a regular bases before getting some sense knocked into her.

Fluttershy nodded "Well Scoot will only be an official princess if she decides to go through the change."

Scootaloo interrupted her mother. "I'll do it."-the girls looked at her shocked "The only reason I was worried was because I had no idea what to tell you girls. If I don't have to hide, I have no problems."

Once Shy double checked that yes, Scoot was ready and the girls did not mind staying with her, she set up the pod for Scootaloo and made sure she was comfortable. The girls than spent a lovely evening talking with Scoot through the pod before she fell asleep due to the procedure so the girls finally went to bed to be ready for the next day.
The next morning the girls were woken up by the sound of something cracking. when they looked the pod was shaking then it burst open and Scoot tumbled out.

(By Astrera )

Scoot stood up, rubbing her eyes and without noticing, she started to hover her wings buzzing like crazy. She felt stronger than ever, the love of her friends and family had been feeding her during the transformation as such she was in much better condition than most changelings. She still had her mane. No holes were present anywhere on her body and, with a quick internal check, she was happy to see that she was still producing her own supply of love energy. Just like mom.

That had been surprising to discover the tree had apparently activated the ability to produce proper levels of love in Fluttershy, to remove her greatest weakness and her fear of hurting other ponies when she had to feed. The girls had to run to school with a letters explaining scoot was absent for medical reasons and Scootaloo spent the rest of the day learning how to shift back into her pony form. Fluttershy had a feeling that this was going to take awhile.

Scootaloo was back at school the next day but she was twitchy. Her disguise was good, but she still had some trouble maintaining it. Fortunately, the girls would cover for her if she had to drop and remake it. That was, until she ran into a certain wall eyed unicorn.
Dinky just stared at the strange bug pony that, just a moment ago, had been Scootaloo. "So that's why you looked blurry, thank celestia I thought my eyes were getting worse".

While Dinky was happy, Scoot was confused

"You could see through my illusion?" Scoot was about to panic before Dinky shoved a hoof in her mouth.

"Relax. Mom and I can both see through illusion, due to our eyes not working the same as other ponies. We see the illusions as blurs so know they aren't real. I don't know why your hiding. You look nice to me, but I won't rat you out, okay."

Scoot calmed down, she knew that Dinky was not that well liked due to how clumsy she was but she had never been mean or lied to anypony in class before. "Thanks. Um, would you like to hang out with us?"

Dinky just looked at her for a moment before nodding scoot could tell she was trying not to cry and realized this was (probably) the first time anyone in class had offered to be her friend, and meant it. So, after rejoining the group and explaining what happened, it was Diamond who first offered her hoof in friendship

"I know I was cruel to you in the past, Dinky, and I'm sorry for that. I can't give a good reason for how I acted other than not thinking how I would affect others. I hope you can forgive me" Dinky's only response was to open her forelegs in the universal sign of a hug and with a sudden group snuggle, the girls gained yet another true friend.