• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.11 Discussions & Lessons

Diamond could not believe she was doing this "How are they not dead yet?" She had just watched 4 plans for four different talents explode horribly resulting in all 6 of them getting coated in tree sap! She would have skinned them if they had not already told her about having an easy way to remove the sap from their fur. "Enough!" She made sure everyone was listening before she continued "I think I finally understand you four, but if you keep going the way you are now, something bad is going to happen. Lets just get to the lessons we have with Miss Sparkle. I'm sure she has some ideas of how to do this with less property damage."

A sharp response had been on the end of their tongues before she mentioned the lessons with wide eyes. They all scrambled to get to the Library. for their first practice.

It had been quite a surprise when Diamond and Silver joined them in the clubhouse. After explaining what was going on (including being offered lesson of their choice from Spectrum's father), they had decided to give the ex-bullies a chance. So far, it had been business as usually for the girls. Tiara had made several suggestions for their plans that in retrospect would have made them slightly safer. So, even if it was annoying, the girls agreed to listen to Diamond at least a little from now on.

At the Library

Midnight had just sent the girls to clean up when there was a knock at the door. She opened it, and was tackled in a hug by her mother.

"Oh my baby!" Midnight just hugged her mother back and nodded to Cadence when she walked in. She was quite confused, while she was happy to see them. Why had they not sent word ahead?

"Hi, Twilight. Good to see you. I'd greet you in our normal way but you seem occupied" Cadence was just smiling at the heartfelt scene in front of her.

"Dad, we're ready." Spectrum came out of the bath room to find her dad being hugged by a mare, who seemed to be cooing. It took her a moment to recognize who both the new ponies were which was long enough for the others to catch up with her.

"Hello. You must be Spectrum. Your mother told us all about you. and who are these young ladies with you?" After realizing that yes, this was an alicorn, and she was talking to them. the girls answered as Spectrum had taught them to (If they ran into anypony important or had to go to a formal event)

"Howdy I'm Apple Bloom, youngest member of the apple clan. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Sweetie Belle of the Belle family. Pleased to meet you."

"My name is Scootaloo, adoptive daughter of Fluttershy. How's it hanging" Spectrum face hoofed, while Cadence just giggled.

"My name is Silver Spoon of the Silver family. A pleasure to meet you ma'am."

"I'm Diamond Tiara of the Rich family, Lady in waiting to Spectrum Shadow. It's an honor to meet you."

Cadence had to admit she was impressed. Those introductions were perfect, for the age of the ones giving them. Okay, perfect might not be the right word but they were still very good. "I am Princess Mi amora Cadenza, but you my call me Cadence young ones" here she paused before returning to her more fun loving attitude "So why were you all in the bath room just now?"

Spectrum looked down and they all looked sheepish "We had to wash off the tree sap from our latest adventure." of all the reactions they could have gotten, laughter was not uncommon. What she said next, however, WAS new.

"Let me guess; you 4 were trying to find your cutie-marks and you 2 were helping them stay safe, right?" At their astounded looks she elaborated "I can't tell you how many times Twilight and I came home coated in something from her adventures, though for her it tended to be cheese. We must have hit every place in Canterlot that sold cheese at least once a week. She's had a hatred of it ever since."

While Cadence was simultaneously destroying and increasing the girls opinion of Midnight. She had just managed to get out of the hug to speak with her mother. "I'm very happy to see you mom, but why did you not tell me you were coming? it would have helped me make sure everything was ready. " Velvet was just thinking that this was just like her daughter when her expectations where stumped "Fortunately, tonight is the night the girls stay at Fluttershy's for their sleep over so it will give us time to make sure the guest room is set up. Spike should be back this evening from his day off, so that will help. Now I would love to visit with you mom, but I promised the girls I'd start their lesson's today, we will be covering safety, politeness and when not being polite is the proper response to a situation. Would you and Cadence mind helping me?"

Velvet was off kilter. Where was the mare who was more neurotic than her father yet more stubborn than her? With that one sentence she had just blown her mothers mind. "I'd be happy to help you dear and I doubt Cadence will mind. I had planed to stay for a bit but considering how short the train ride was I can just come visit from time to time, I mean how else am I going to get to know my granddaughter."

Cadence was happy to help and the girls had a fun lesson, including acting out scenes to practice what was right in what situation. After an enjoyable lesson, the girls made sure they were packed up and on their way to the cottage with Gilda as a guide (Gilda got interrogated by Velvet before Midnight vouched for her). Spike showed up soon after and working together they had a guest room ready in no time. Before going to sleep Midnight agreed to show them around the forest the next day (Lesson number 2) and they sent a message to Shining about coming to teach to girls about the guard structure. All and all, a good end to a fun day with more adventures waiting on the horizon.