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An ametuer writer trying to write as best he can. Doesn't mind if people say hi now and then.


In a world where Friendship Is Magic was never aired, one teen is going to have his life turned upside down when he is sent by God to Equestria, and he's not very happy about it.

Armed only with an extensive knowledge of Sci-fi shows, a vintage 80's car, some shopping and his iPhone, he now has to deal with talking ponies, several episode-like adventures and a lack of computer games.

Follow him as he tries to get home, while learning the magic of friendship along with the ponies. Or something like that.

Pre-read and edited by scooterdash.

Cover art commissioned from http://csimadmax.deviantart.com/

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 487 )

Can't wait to see the next chapter, get it out quick!

And I'm the goddamn Auditor.

Well, well, well. Looks like I found myself a diamond in the rough. Nice story so far son, I'll just keep reading then.

Poor, poor, rarity I knew thy well:facehoof:

Love the references, love the European speak, just generally lovin the whole thing. Keep it up.

ya warhammer
may the emperor protect you and praise to the machine-god

So i see you took my advice!
Glad to see it on here!

Hooked me in in the first chapter, looking forward to wherever this story leads.:twilightsmile:

Excuse me for a moment... 1995 DeLorean? As far as I am aware the DeLorean was only constructed between 1981 and 1982.

Sorry about that. Back to reading.

It shouldn't say that, damn keyboard... I'll get right on that.

you know when life gives you lemonade you trow it to rarity :pinkiecrazy:

aside from spelling errors this is really great

Can you tell me which spelling errors exist please? Thanks.:twilightsmile:

I'll start with the first error and go from top to bottom, if there are grammar errors not spelling ones then i didn't notice them.
video instead of ideo
ladies instead of laidies
not sure if you were going for a slang aspect here or not but it's bloody not bloddy
you used jibber when you should have used gibber, there is a difference
you said throuigh when you should have said through
try using couldn't instead of couln't
respectively instead of respestivly
that instead of thatt
closely instead of closly
just instead of ust
believe instead of beleive
heard instead of eard
about instead of abgout
beauty or prettiness instead of beautifulness
unoccupied instead of unnoccupied
shit-less instead of shitless
Thursday instead of thursday
went instead of wen't (i used to have the same problem with that word):twilightsheepish:
refrigerated environment instead of refridgerated envroment
vandalized instead of vandilized
whoa instead of woah
neighborhood instead of neibourhood
thing instead of thing
next to the instead of nexct tothe
colorful instead of colurful
occurrence instead of occurance
back-breaking instead of back-breacking
not sure what you were going for here however, it's O.B.E not obe. officer of the British empire, out of body experience, or order of the British empire.
gramophone not grammarphone
immediately not immediatley
recipe not recipie, unless you were going for something to make pinkie's statement more special by adding her name into it like that
tongue not tounge
with not wih
swallow not swllow
involves not involes

Thanks for listing them. I'm surprised my current pre-reader missed them all... and to think I was going to give him a cookie for a job well done...:fluttershysad:

I'll give you the cookie instead.:twilightsmile: Also, are you able to take up the now-vacant position of pre-reader? Only if it's okay with you though. In the meantime, I hae to take a former editor of mine out back for a little chat...:pinkiecrazy:

i'd be glad too, however i will only be able to pre-read till august 25th, i might still be able to after that but things seem a bit sketchy around that date for me.

Same here for 25th. That's around the time I start my games design course, so having time for pony will be few and far between, but I'll manage. And thanks for accepting the post!

so how's this work do you send it to me by email to read it or is there a mail function on this site. i havent paid too much attention to things, just reading every fic that catches my attention.:applejackunsure:

I don't know, usually I just send the new chapter's link with the story password so my per-reader(you) can check it via PM.

Thanks to omegadarkness for pre-reading and editiing this for me. Thanks also to Star Trek Online for distracting me. A lot.

Looks good. Didn't spot any mistakes.
Poor Fluttershy D:

I swear, I don't know any shy, unconsious ponies! You gotta believe me!

lol unconsious ponie by the river?!? i have nothing to do with that :trollestia:

so HYPE!!!:pinkiegasp: being aloud to pre-read something feels epic(in a good way):pinkiehappy:

Freaking awesome my main man. Your writing style reminds a lot of my own, which makes reading this story a blast. Keep on going kid.

Sure thing, boss!

Wait, you're not my boss... are you?


Son, we all need someone who gently leads from the side, that one person who gives the littlest pushes. I'm not your Boss, just a friend encouraging a fellow writer. Now get out there, and write this damn story kid.

First, got the cover image working. Hope you all like it.

Second, thanks to omegadarkness for editing, here's your usual cookie mate.

Third, apologies for a short chapter. The sun is shining bright in Britian for the moment and my parents have got me gardening. I hate gardening...

i think i get where the time its taking place is now.

I'm fairly certain that if you are in a library, the shelves would be filled with catnip and rotten butterscotch cupcakes.:moustache:

You were sort of redundant saying there were books on the shelves. You should just say
I could tell it was a library by the many books on the shelves
or something like dat

Well thank you, Mr. Precise. I'll change it in the morning

Beautiful yet again. Your 'hero' is just enough of a hero and an anti-hero that he makes the perfect combination for serious confrontation mixed with humor... You better keep writing...

I will, after I finally get some time away from family and Minecraft.:twilightsmile:

Also, he is sort of a conflicting mess of good and bad, so thanks for spotting that. You've got a good eye on you there:trixieshiftright:

i think you did a good job with vinyl and octy's personalities

Hey guys, me again. Got addicted to MineZ, and then the Olympics arrived nearby, so it's been hetic. But I'm back! Thanks to omegadarknes for being omegadarknes and a special thanks to the 1960's, for producing some EPIC songs.

Yup. Declan's a moron. But we already knew that.

Straight up sweet story tellin'. Good old Declan, and his false sense of (for lack of a better term) swag.

For a few notices for ya.

1. My editor, omegadarknes, is unable to continue editing for me, which is a shame. This means that a spot for editor is now open, and required.
2. I'm going down to London today until the 20th do there's little chance that I would be able to do a new chapter. You can follow my adventures in London on my Twitter page! Link is on my account homepage.
3. Thanks to everyone who has helped me, and stayed with this story. However, if this chapter has offended you in any way, let me know.

VaporIngRat, signing off for London!

I like how you threw my complaint in there, sorry for not being able to continue being your editor.

It's okay. It's been real fun, hopefully when the educational year returns to snatch our children and traumatise them, you might be able to return. Who knows?

Also, I MAY be able to write one last chapter before the 25th while I'm on holiday, so don't surrender just yet.:twilightsmile:

New chapter! Also, got my GCSE English resit results! I have passeed and now have a future!

Also also, omegadarknes is staying on as editor! WOOOO!

Geez, this took FOREVER to do. Extra special thanks to omegadarknes for helping me write half of the thing. Sort of.

You just raised your awesomeness points by ten! Bask in your own awesomeness!

1365047 I shall! Thank you sensei! *bows*

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