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This was sweet:heart:

Makes sense now that Spike is going for Dragon Lady Ember.

Great story, Seventh!

7171971 You can say that again.

...I can run with this.

Will there be more? I want to see how them dating would go. :twilightsmile:

Aww, and Rares power of observation prevails once again. Good job, Rares. My respect for you and the kind author of this fic has skyrocketed astronomically.:raritywink:

I ship these two as well.:raritywink: I'm planning on writing a trilogy on their ship. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

A very sweet story. <3 Not commonly shipped, but you made this work wonderfully and I loved how adorable you wrote Starlight. I put an audio drama together of this fic with VAs, music, etc. Hope you enjoy! ^_^

7293098 Oh my gosh, thank you! I definitely didn't expect this, it means so much to me! :raritystarry:

Aha! I finally noticed an undisputable grammatical error in one of your stories!

Starlight never considered herself to be the kind of mare concerned with clothing, cut even she had to admit that she’d be hard pressed not to wear this new creation all the time.

This should be "but" instead of "cut." I knew you and your editor(s) were only human! :rainbowwild:

This was a very engaging story. The best of yours that I have read so far. I felt for Starlight and found both her and Rarity to be sufficiently in-character. I am going back and forth on whether I like the ending. (It seems like it's always the ending I question on your stories... Perhaps you and I have fundamental creative differences in that regard?)

To have the shipfic end with an unexpected kiss... It sometimes seems as if authors deem it to be required. I see it as cliche. But if not that, how could it end? Having Starlight simply leave. It could be a sad ending from Starlight's failure or a hopeful ending as she saw how kind and forgiving Rarity was to make her a dress or a messy, optimistic despair of "next time." Overall, I probably would have found it more interesting.

That said, the kiss seemed reasonably believable, was only a kiss on the cheek and, most importantly, it is still open-ended as to whether a relationship will develop. Leaving out them setting up a date immediately, or claiming to be a couple, kept it just outside of the formula. So I can forgive the cliche here, especially given the quality of writing and overall good story.

You have earned a spot in my Favorites with this one. Well done.


This should be "but" instead of "cut." I knew you and your editor(s) were only human!

Damn, someone has finally seen through my facade.

Actually, I really appreciate the reviews you have left so far on my Starlight stories. Normally I don't send stories in cliche ways, but I figured that with a story, with a pairing like this, I had nothing to lose in trying to make the ending cute. It serves as a nice little cap to place over Starlight's emotions before they spilled over.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! And man, just wait until you reach Freak Like Me...

So beautiful, so Rarity.
Loved it!

This is the only StarlightXRarity shipping story I've read, and I have to admit, it was amazing to read, and to listen to from GutiuSerenade's channel. I hope one day you'll expand on this story.

Okay, finishing this made me angry because I just realized how few stories there are of these two together and they're very checking cute.

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