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To those wondering about Moon Dancer.

I came up with moon Dancer about a year or so ago and at the time I had completely forgot there was a character called Moondancer. I found out about Moondancer later obviously with her introduction to he series but decided to keep my Moon Dancer as she was. got a lil headcanon that some ponies have the same name, albeit with a small difference.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed reading this! Stay tuned for a possible kinky bonus chapter!

An enjoyable read and a saucy sex scene.

Ebony needs to bang his daughter. :rainbowwild:

Nothing to do? Check. Isolated room? Double check.

Written from Mr101?

Time to drop me pants and thrust into this.

Explain some incestial themes. :rainbowhuh:

Moon has taboo feelings for her dad and fantasizes about it during the chap. When we finish the bonus chapter, its full on

You really need an editor.

...I volunteer as tribute.

I did not enjoy reading this. That said I won't dislike it. I simply didn't like it, because I read stories for the story plot and not the ass plot.

Alrighty then. Ta for not down voting at least. :twilightsmile:

7187711 Can I just mention I actually like listening to politics? One of my favorite political talkers (actually the only one I've been listening to) likes masturbating a lot. He's expressed surprise at the idea of people masturbating less than 3 times a day.

Surprise me, life, when I come across perhaps the most random thing I've seen in weeks XP


:facehoof: Luna give me strength.

7187672 That was complete drivel and no one cares.

7188306 Yes, it was "complete drivel", and no one should care, but two people cared enough to down-vote my comment, which tells me that some people dislike people saying their neutral opinions with reasons for it and a few extra lines put in, as it didn't show disrespect to there author or any other person and/or pony.

7188370 my point stands. No one wants to hear about how you will struggle to have sex. Other than that being really fucking awkward it is also weird. Also I am not offended I simply think you are an idiot.

... with a blush on his cheeks and wide yes.


Cheers, fixed.

7188537 I tend to write things without thinking. I have now removed a large portion of the mindless text from the first comment, mostly just leaving my opinion and reasoning. I also have or am developing symptoms of schizophrenia. I will shut up now unless you respond, so please don't respond.

7189070 About the Moon Dancer thing, I don't find it at all strange that with millions of ponies some might indeed share a name.

7186879 You sicken me. please continue.

I want to see that bonus chapter.

7187672 No offense to the author of the story by the way when I say this, but mate...nowadays people focus on ass plots just to get featured on this site. Seriously, you can write the most fucking lazyily written clopfic and it'll get a thousand likes, promised.

I know because...I wrote one long ago called Chrysalis' Revenge as an experiment. It became my first ever featured story. Not the other story which I was putting actual effort into writing, no it was the clopfic I purposely wrote badly.

So yeah, ass plots are the best way to get featured on this site. Kinda why I stopped writing altogether. Still I come back to talk with friends and read these clopfics because they make me laugh with how absurd and ridiculous they all are. Again, no offense to the author.

Oh its you again. Hello. :raritystarry:

No offense to the author

Yeah, no offense, but this story that you actually put a lot of hard work into sucks and you should feel bad. Sure, kid.

I tried to look for that clop fic you said you wrote, but I couldn't find it. Did you get so upset and sad that your story got feature that you deleted it? Or are you a liar?

7190380 Well from what I have seen you're just not that good an author to put in blunt. And I am sorry but countless clop fics fail because the readers think they are crap. To insult both fellow writers and the fans of those genres really makes you out to look like a real cunt. The level of pretentiousness from you is honestly astounding as writers far greater than you believe any story can be good if the quality is up to scratch.

Have your opinion but don't sit there and try and make out that clop fics are easy to write. Also given how generic Chrysalis' Revenge you we have no proof that you wrote a successful clop fic as it also does not appear on your account. So either it was shit and you deleted it or you are lying.

Most of your stories just seem to piggy back off of far better jokes and plot lines. I mean bit pathetic really. Also the clop fic I saw called "your mother" parody or not has 33 dislikes and 14 likes hell the only time your stories pass the 100 mark is when they are popular pairings or subjects.

And how petty do you have to be that you try to tear down a writer who has done nothing to you. Also
"Featured on 17th of July 2015, Friday." You are so egoistical and sad that you really think anyone cares that your story was featured?

Firstly, thanks for commenting. Love to see them.

Secondly, I'd like to address the fact you mention not wanting to cause me no offense and pretty much insult me full on by going on about people only focusing on ass plots just to get featured. So let me set a couple things right.

If you actually look at my 34 stories. you will find that out of that 34, only 5 are one shot clopfics and one is a full story with some clop leaving 28 that are for the lack of a better word, regular stories with no clop in them. This would mean that I do not focus mainly on ass plot stories and I know that you are probably just generally speaking about all authors on this site, and even though me and Pusspuss put time and effort into coming up with ideas for the story, how it turned out and even had a draft of ideas on a Google doc and the fact i made the cover art because I wanted to put more of a personal touch to the story.

I apologize for its laziness.

Also, why do you assume I only wrote this with Pusspuss to get featured? Not everyone on this site thinks that getting a feature is the only way to be seen as an amazing author. I wrote this with Pusspuss because we wanted to, if it did get featured then that would just have been a bonus for us. As it didn't, oh well, we had fun doing this.

And again, I know you're probably just doing a whole generalization of the site, but considering you left that remark on my posted work, I'm gunna just go ahead and assume you're only talking about me. I'm also glad that our clopfic gave you a laugh with its absurdity and ridiculousness, at least it got a positive emotion from you.

And by the way, I looked through your gallery (you wrote a Berry Punch fic I liked and faved, kudos) but I couldn't find this so called story you wrote about chrysalis. Is it on a alternative account or something?

Anyway, gunna wrap up this lil reply. Thanks for, and I'm assuming you read it to decide it was lazy, absurd and ridiculous, taking a look at our collab. Hope you have a good evening!

7190458 Given the quality of his other work I am not surprised he deleted it.

7190469 Yeah, I deleted my story. And the guy above you is right - the quality of my stories are garbage. Kinda why I stopped writing here anymore. Animation is where I'm better...ish. XD And about my comment; I apologize if it hurt you at all. It honestly wasn't the intent despite how I worded it. I assumed with this being the internet it wasn't as harsh as however you might have took it. Again I apologize, if my pleas for forgiveness are worth granting, sir or madam.

And also, I should have been clearer in my comment; your story is NOT lazily written. The amount of words attest to that. It just...failed to convince me that there was any real character to it. Just some chick who wanted to get fucked. Meh. That is all. But it's my silly opinion, and you shouldn't feel down because of it. You have plenty more positives from your intended audience and that is great, I mean that truthfully.

7190458 No I deleted it. Had about 5000+ views when I got rid of it. A few followers left because I got rid of it but I just...lost interest in story writing. I left it alone for a while, about a year, then decided to get rid of it because I was tired of seeing new followers joining me because of that damn story. It was just...you know, like...I intentionally put little effort into that clopfic, and it was only a test to see how many people would read it, but then it got featured and suddenly it's like why bother putting ANY effort into your work at all if porn and shoddy writing gets you noticed? That was what went through my mind at the time and admittedly, it's sort of the reason behind my grudge for other clopfics.

Not to say EVERY clopfic is written for the sake of selling sex. There have been the (very few, mind you) occasional clopfics that barely had porn in them at all that I enjoyed. They at least had pacing, character development, they convinced me that the characters should be together in the end. But then those stories are overshadowed by the ones that just want to throw two or more random ponies together and fuck until Hilda the cleaning lady needs to come in and clean up the mess. I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, but that is my opinion. And I'm not even completely against clopfics in general because they do make me laugh with their cheesiness and sometimes poor pacing. But that's me.

So don't let my stupid remarks and comments spoil this story and others like it. If you and others enjoy this fanfic, that's great. Seriously. You guys can enjoy something I can't. And that makes the story more special to you and the author. In the end, my silly opinion is nothing against the hundreds who will enjoy it.

7190472 Yeah, I'm not a good writer am I? XD I had a little passion for it once, but then I just...lost interest. I already have a YouTube channel and an DeviantArt accounts; I can't manage all of them. Plus I couldn't think of a good story to do that someone else hadn't already done. I did have an idea to do a comedy/adventure for my OC...but people usually don't like OC stories, so yeah. I just stopped.

Oh, sorry. If you thought I would take offense to your comment, I do not. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. I am a bad writer. But the important thing is that I gave it a try. I tried and it just didn't turn out that well. I can hold my head high knowing that fact, and I am stronger in spirit for it. :)

Acknowledging your own flaws and weaknesses is the key to becoming a better person. After all, since giving up story writing, I've made a small name for myself on YouTube thanks to my recent animation, One Punch Pony. Got on to Equestria Daily too, my first ever submission, which I was proud of. One month and two weeks of drawing scenes out on paper, photographing my drawings and tracing/coloring them in Photoshop CS3 and building the video up in Movie Maker paid off very well. :D

Soon my friend, soon.

Total unf my friend! Love the bonus chapter! :heart:

I don't give a shit what anyone else says, this was pretty hot. Good job. It could use some proofreading, though. There are a some errors.

7195856 whatever that's supposed to mean. Meh.

7195856 oh. Shit. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out.

I came back, read the bonus chapter, and wondered why. I'm going to clear my internet history and go read Five Score Divided by Four. I'm not sure which version though.

I liked it up until the incest chapter so i just skipped that, yeah not a big fan of that. Other than that it was pretty entertaining.

7186812 I loved this story hoping there's a sequel but I'm not gonna get my hopes up just yet :(

7207861 Im actually glad you mentioned five score, because without you, i would never have found that. thanks for your inadvertent recommendation.

7278222 Your welcome, it was actually one of my favorites.

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