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An anonymous Pegasus guard. The best one.

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There is travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus; fill that void in your pathetic life by playing whack-a-mole seventeen hours a day.

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Yeah, in case anyone even reads these things... I'm PegasusGuard1337, a standard-issue Brony from Colorado. I was introduced to MLP when my girlfriend saw they had it on Netflix, and since she liked the cartoon growing up, she decided to watch it. I turned my nose up at it at first, but then I got curious when she was about four or five episodes in, and I liked it so much, we had to go back and start over.

I didn't find out about the fandom until 2012, when my girlfriend (again) looked up MLP on YouTube and saw all this awesome fan-made stuff. For me, the fandom really was the clincher. The show is plenty enjoyable on it's own, but how often do you get a show that reacts to the fandom? That's some pretty awesome stuff.

I write both clop and non-clop fics, and will be posting them both on this account. Less confusing for me that way. If you don't like clop, you don't have to read it. Neither of our lives will be edified by your telling me you don't approve of it.


Happy Thankfulness Day · 10:29am Nov 23rd, 2015

Yeah, I know, Thanksgiving isn't for another couple of days, but I'm thinking about it now.

For a lot of us Thanksgiving is a day where we watch a huge parade, gorge ourselves, and watch football. Well, I don't do the football part. I spend the whole day cooking with my wonderful girlfriend, only to eat the product of a whole day's labor in about fifteen minutes.

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Thank you very much for the fave on Reclaimed and Scar Tissue!

Thank you very much for adding my story The Song of Syhlex to your "Awesome Stories" bookshelf. I'm glad that I was able to supply you with material for such a shelf, and that you enjoyed the poetic structure of the work.:twilightsmile:

2020222 yeah, I won't pretend I'm not a lucky bastard. XD Thanks for faving my story, btw

You have a brony gf. You lucky bastard

2013593 Why don't you go ahead and PM me your idea, and I'll let you know what I think.

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