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There are certain rules every Wonderbolt has to follow so no pony can accuse them of cheating their way to the top, every prospect faces the same tests and is expected to make it themselves. Fortunately, Captain Spitfire seems eager to help Rainbow achieve her dream and finally don the iconic blue and yellow of her heroes.

But come to think of it, why should Spitfire take that much of an interest in her?

Editing and prereading provided by Cryosite, Fahrenheit, Jondor, Melon Hunter, and Timaeus.

Special thanks to Fahrenheit for brainstorming with me!

Original artwork by yoonny92.

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These are the kind of fics that I adore. Spitfire and Rainbow Dash were written brilliantly and I'm liking the chemistry between the two. You have my attention. :twilightsmile:

Woah, you wrote so much on one day!:pinkiegasp:

6891221 Er... actually, this story was finished back in November.

6891199 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed their interaction! I had a lot of fun writing this.

oh really? I think the dates are off where I am.....it says jan. 31 2016. Ok, sorry! nvm :pinkiehappy:

6891231 That's because I uploaded the chapters onto fimfic last night after work. I waited until today to hit submit in the morning. :P

That was a sweet ending. The way you weaved such heartwarming moments with the tension of the tryouts in this story was wonderful, and Spitfire opening up to Rainbow Dash and explaining why she acts a certain way felt quite genuine. Also, I like how Rainbow's anxiety was portrayed here. Excellent work on the story! :twilightsmile:
And you're welcome! :pinkiesmile:

6891263 Yeah, I was trying to simulate that "chasing my dreams" angst as best I could. I had a little bit of experience with that over the summer, so it wasn't that much of a reach to show Rainbow Dash going through that herself. She was a bit more successful than I was, so yay for Rainbow ^^

:duck: Hmm... a magnificent ship-tale indeed!

:raritydespair: The conflict of the captain not being able to say what she wanted to say. The tense moments. The rewarding conclusion! :raritywink: You've earned the like...and yes, I'll give this a favorite as well. This is, admittedly, the smoothest ship tale involving Dash and a Bolt that I've read so far.

so good you got me wanting a sequel!!! Loved the story to its fullest extent. This has totally inspired me for my own spitdash that I am about to start writing. +1 from me!

6892850 oh dont deny it. You know you'll end up writing a sequel sooner or later lol

Excellent job. You managed to integrate the mane 6 into a short story not about them without it feeling forced, which is more than most episodes can say. It seemed suspicious and overly dramatic that rainbow would excel so much in the other three tests, but struggle to make the cutoff for the obstacle course. I shrugged it off, but it was great to see that as a plot point at the end. It was also the perfect length. Waaaay too many other authors would have dragged this out by bringing up rainbow's history, or showing the qualifiers, etc. You knew exactly where this story started and ended. tenouttaten.

I won't say no to DashFire kisses, but even without them, this would still be a good tale. Always a fan of a more mature, level-headed Rainbow Dash.

Loved it! I don't suppose you plan a sequel?

Om nom nom nom. Delicious books.





Aaaaaand they're off!

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