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Appearance, talent, or attitude? Which is more important? What truly makes a mare who she is?

Spitfire asks herself these questions as she watches Rainbow Dash change her image to join the Wonderbolts. But does she really want to let the young pegasus she's admired for her skill and integrity change who she is because of a silly rule?

Preread by Fahrenheit, and Timaeus.

Cover art by viwrastupr.

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Preread by Crystal Wishes and Fahrenheit.

Just by Crystal and Farrie, huh? I distinctly remember you sending this to me a few days ago. :duck:

In all seriousness, though, this was another delight to read. All of my joking from before about how this story was basically "Rainbow gets a haircut," Dash's anxiety felt real. Well done!

Though it's still kinda true~

Nice new Rarity avatar! Which episode is it screen capped from?

7050758 Gah! Will fix once I get my computer set up!

7050760 That is a marshling, sir. It's kinda like a changeling, but in marshmallow form

Wait...Rarity's a changeling? THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!


You mean . . . not everyone knows?

Oh, wait, season six spoilers. Zipping my lips now.

Good story, mate. Especially like how you built the relationship between Spitfire and Fleetfoot on the side.

And the hills and troughs of feelings felt pretty real, like Dash's nervousness and distress followed by her realizing that change isn't always bad.

Not as magical as First Flight, but the way you write emotion still shines through as well as ever.

One thing is I felt is that

She’s attracted to mares, too?

was a bit in-your-face. Like, the preceding and following lines made it fairly obvious what she was thinking without it needing to be explicitly told. Still, but a nitpick besides everything else.

Overall, nicely done! :pinkiehappy:

Another great Story.
SpitDash ftw :rainbowkiss:

7050814 Yeah, that was a bit ham-fisted on my part. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that. Maybe something along the lines of Spitfire having a "thoughts grind to a halt" moment as we discussed on Discord chat.

I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part.

7051044 You know, every once in a while I find a premise that would make a great premise for an actual episode. Rainbow Dash needing to change her style just to stay within Wonderbolts regs is one. Plus a moral about how you are on the outside being a reflection of the you on the inside is a great one, and is one that it would make sense for Dash, well her and Rarity, but I think it would suit Dash better.

Oy! Fraternizing with the ranks, Spitfire?! :pinkiegasp:

... carry on. :rainbowlaugh:

:flutterrage: DASHIE WHAT THE HAY ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR MANE? :pinkiesad2: don't change it :raritydespair:

What a delightful little tale to read. I'm not really into gay pairings especially since Spitfire seems way older than Dash but it was a nice read.

Good story. Gonna have to agree that while the relationship itself was built up quite nicely, the transition to romance could have been more delicate, if that makes sense. But practice makes perfect, so I'm sure you'll only continue to improve in the future.

7052421 Yeah, I think the one bit with Spitfire thinking after Rainbow mentions her preferences could've been left out. I could probably go back and delete it, but I don't think that's really fair to everyone. I'd rather everyone see that I wrote a decent fic but made one or two mistakes than panic after a couple people point them out and edit them so no one else sees. To put it another way, I'm the guy who can find mistakes in his own efforts even when he doesn't let in a single goal in a hockey game.

That aside, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic. Thanks for reading.

Spitfire’s heart skip a beat.

Either a tense issue or missing words, not sure.

sent silent prayer to Celestia that Rainbow wouldn’t freak out.

definitely missing an 'a' before silent prayer.

Besides that, nice little bit of Dashfire fluff.

Well done, and thank ye much for your work.

I'm kind of a big fan of the notion that Rainbow Dash is actually quite pretty, secretly wishes someone would notice, but is also a bit embarrassed about it - this is a really good take on that particular headcanon.

Throughout the whole thing I was thinking "Kiss her you fool! Take her by her newly shorn mane and kiss her!" and finally she did! Well, at least the kissing part. I have a 'thing' for hair pulling... .
I wasn't sure if it was going to happen but I'm happy it did..

As for the "she's into mares too" line I did not feel that it was out of place. Often times you can't be sure of someone's sexual orentation until they either stright up tell you or make some random comment. In this case Dash made an off-the-cuff comment and Spitefire's brain latched onto it.
It could have been done a bit smoother but overall I think it makes the story a bit more "realistic" and believable.


Yes. Good. I approve of this

Ok, I definitively need moar of this. One chapter is not, and never will be, enough.

Please write another chapter, author! :fluttercry:

That was... SO much drama over a haircut. It was hysterical!

You should do this kinda thing more often! Try doing something like making Pinkie Pie tripping over a stick into a heartbreaking tragedy! I know you can do it!

Eleven? ELEVEN????
Puhlease. We are talking Rainbow Dash here. Twelve, you know, 20% cooler. Just saying.
All in all, I like the story. Fun little idea that makes sense. Plus I am kinda a Spitfire fan so thats a plus.
The romance gave (imo) an interesting character trait to Spitfire. Though I am not big on shipping the mane6 with anyone, I liked it in this case because it was written from Spitfires perspective. Dunno, have a like.

MfG NIchtraucher

Given where the shoulders are on a horse, I doubt Rainbow Dash would ever have her mane that long. I suggest using withers instead.

Always love good Spitfire/Dash stories like this! And thinking of her changing her mane style does feel a bit weird. She just looks so unique and cool the way she is :-)

7054569 now don't make it too easy.

I know it was obvious Spitfire was attracted to Dash since the start, but I'm quite sad interaction between them happened at the end. I mean, it works exactly where it happened I just wish this could go on longer.

All in all, I enjoyed this story. 11/10

'A Mare's Image'
Also known as 'Rainbow Dash and Spitfire overreact to a haircut'

I felt it a little odd that they would go through an identity crisis over a simple haircut, but then maybe that's just me.

Regardless, interesting story. The conformity of an organisation like the Wonderbolt's is an interesting area to look at for a story, and I liked Spitfire's personal input into the experience.
Love aspect was fine too. Gotta love oblivious Dash turned blushing Dash :pinkiehappy:

Wow this story is pretty fresh. I really enjoyed it. Thought it captured the moments pretty well. Sure wouldn't mind some more maybe but I'm just greedy
For some their image can be a pretty big deal to their own identity. For others hardly at all

I'm just gonna sit here and wait for a sequel or extra chapter

Awesome. Just awesome.

7054673 I hate to say it, but...you win.

Just kidding.

...I didn't hate saying it.

300th like

He gave another nod, then moved to take hold of his clippers. “Whatever you want, Rainbow. I understand how important a mare’s image can be to how she feels about herself. You just tell me when to stop.”

The words gave Spitfire pause. Image was important to any mare, regardless of what they said. Some wanted to look as beautiful as the princesses so they could find a good partner or turn heads wherever they went. Others sought to keep themselves looking natural, either for their own opinion on beauty or to show that they were hardworking mares.

:fluttercry: GENDER STEREOTYPES!:raritydespair::raritycry: Noooo!



I mean, not really a stereotype when you're only talking about one gender and how important something is to many of them.

But yesssss.


Yeah, the girls gave me a hoof,” Rainbow replied as she pushed the door open and stepped out onto the cloud patio. “It’s gonna be kinda strange not seeing them every day.”

I'm sure you've been made aware, but since it's a collaboration of ponies they don't lend "a hoof" it'd be somewhere along the lines of: "The girls helped me out," or something.

It's the small things that bother me. Alas this was brilliant! I loved the rationalization of the true emotion behind everything, the ability of Spitfire sympathizing with her own past really adds a huge difference to quality.


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