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Just trying to think on what to write *shrugs*


Rainbow Dash is awakened in the middle of the night when an unexpected visitor comes at her home who seems to be down in luck.

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Love it!!!!!!

That was so nice of RD :rainbowkiss:

Nice little story. I'll give ya an upvote!

Awww this story is soo cute :rainbowkiss:

A Rainbow and Sonata story, now there's a rare sight. :twilightsmile:

Kinda wish that you could continue with the story to build the friendship between the two.

I'm considering to continue. But not now.

I'm glad you liked it.

I just realized that. :rainbowlaugh:

Go Dashie, giving Sonata a chance. Blue girls gotta stick together, right?

Or a prequel featuring Julius Belmont.


Only if Konami shouldn't treat it's employees like if they were in a prision.


I honestly don't think Castlevania will ever be as good as it used to be, considering how Konami allowed Mercury Steam to ruin the series. I just hope Bloodstained will be the Castlevania fans were hoping for.

Castlevania didn't need a reboot, everything was perfect. Just like you, I'm waiting for Bloodstained.

Applejack although friendly, the farm girl had a short temper. Not to mention that was the primary source of conflict within the Rainbooms during the Battle of the Bands.

Coming from 'Ms. Awesome As I Wanna Be' herself, I find this line to be particularly entertaining, :ajsmug:

Aww I like when people show RD as a caring person. Love Sonata and I can't wait for more chapters. Wander wat AJ is gonna say?:rainbowkiss:

Awww this is such a cute story! :pinkiehappy:It's so adorable. Poor Sonata, hope she finds happiness with new friends. :scootangel:

Aww, very sweet.:twilightsmile: Though personally I found Rainbow to be the main problem with their band with her ego and all. Then again, this is taking place from Rainbow's perspective so... (Shrugs)

Umm, no.

In the shorts, Rainbow Dash is starting a band. Her friends, at this point, are not necessarily involved. They are supportive and go along with her to get her guitar fixed. Later, Dash is looking for a drummer for her band, and it eventually dawns on her to ask Pinkie. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack join not long after.

Rainbow Dash was calling it her band because it was her band. She was the leader of it. It was something she wanted to do, with or without her friends. The fact that they all joined is cool of them, but it was still her idea and her goal.

And AJ was starting sh*t by trying to change that. Also, AJ was also doing the same with Rarity, just for being Rarity. While Rainbow came across as a little bit abrasive, AJ was the primary source of conflict within the Rainbooms.

7147338 Ah, I never saw those. I only watched the movie on Netflix. Thanks for clearing that up.

You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

By the way, I'm planning a story about what I said before.

Heya, just to let you know that I changed the part about AJ.

Very nice here overall.

Is it weird that I ship it?

Ship it. Why? Cause it's cute and equals dashie x pinkie.

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