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Rainbow Dash's academic record gets the better of her when she finds out that no one in class is willing to pair up with her for a group project. No one except for Sonata Dusk, a girl hated by Rainbow and the entire school.

Can Rainbow stomach working with a former enemy?

Can Sonata find some way of redeeming herself?

They have one week to find out.

Winner of EbonQuill's Dazzling Contest.

Lovingly proofread by: Tempus

Warning, this fic discusses: dealing with domestic abuse.

Hey this fic got featured on episode 202 of Pony411. That was pretty neat.

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thumb up, put in favorites. Do I have to add more?:pinkiehappy:

congratulations on the great work you have done with this story. I really liked it and I have to say that the paired Dash / Sonata intrigued me a lot. I confess that I would like to see a sequel to this story to see how their relationship evolves, but of course the decision is whether or not you will continue. Still compliments.

It was a delight to read this even as I proofread! I am happy to add this to my favorites :twilightsmile:

Great story. Everyone stayed in character, conflict and resolution are extremely believable, no too long not too short, and most importantly keeps me wanting more while keeping a solid ending as a stand alone story.

Love it.

This was a solid read! The friendship story between Rainbow Dash and Sonata is very refreshing. And it is very well written too!

Definitely goes to my favorites! :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the kind words. While I currently have no plans for a sequel I am always interested in playing around with the sirens as characters. They really appeal to me because I'm a bit of a history buff.

Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you Daddy-O.

Whoa, thank you so much. When I was working on this my biggest areas of self doubt were the central conflict and the ending. It's really nice to hear someone say that it was believable and good.

Thank you very much. I'm always happy to hear that I'm touching fresh genres.

Great work! You really nailed Dash as a character, and it was great watching her attitude towards Sonata evolve. I featured this on episode 202 of my podcast, Pony 411.

Holy shit, thank you so much. I'll have to give it a listen when I get a chance.

Edit: Listened to the episode and it was fantastic. I'd like to address your comments on the ending. When I was originally writing this I was worried about pacing issues and decided on a concise ending instead of dragging things out. The ending was one of my biggest self-issues with the fic and with foresight now behind me I do wish I kind of expanded on things.

Still glad to hear such kind words and thank you for giving it a spotlit on your podcast.

First, let me apologize here for missing this entry. That's hugely unprofessional, and you have my deepest apologies. See my latest blog post for that.

Second, thank you. This is fantastic. As has been mentioned, you have Dash cold. The narrative structure is solid. This is very well written, and expertly crafted. This is magnificent!

Sonata waved. “Hey Rainbow. I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner?”

Aww, this was a really nice portrayal of Sonata. I see her as being a bit more ditzy or stupid, though. The aftermath of Rainbow's fight was particularly funny :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful overall and I loved it!

If Sonata is working on her education and Aria goes back into music, what's Adagio's plan...and should we be scared? :pinkiegasp:

Also, a more focused Aria who could direct her anger might do well on the business side of the music industry. It's cut-throat and brutal, and murder isn't out of the question...:trixieshiftright:

You did a good job showing the Dazzlings have influenced history and are ancient creatures that have lived through a lot. Dash and Nata were a neat unlikely pair to read about and see bond. Some of the dialogue and pacing was stilted and awkward, and Aria and Adagio's forgiveness for beating Sonata felt rushed/out of place, but this was still a nice little read.

I just reread this and it remains a really nice look at Sonata's view of the siren household dynamic. Also a fantastic way to bring about a happy ending without anyone getting lectured or beaten up.

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