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Just trying to think on what to write *shrugs*


Butterscotch and Rainbow Dash have been friends since they were kids. Ever since they met, he always had a crush on her.

And now on Valentine's Day, Butterscotch decides it is time to confess his feelings to his childhood friend, but how will Rainbow respond?

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Aww, so cute. Nice little one-shot. How's The Rainbow and The Comet coming along? If you don't mind me asking.

Tomorrow. Maybe.

6944213 Sorry if I'm bugging you about it. I'm just in love with the story. Again, sorry if I'm bugging you.

Hey, it's alright. It's just that Writer's block sucks.

6944256 I know exactly how you feel. I've been trying to write chapter 5 of my story, A Midnight Eclipse, but I can't come up with anything. I'm literally on 418 words in. It sucks.:ajbemused:

*Pats on the back.*

6944287 The really sad thing is that I have it already planned out. Just wording it is the problem.

Great story, kinda wish it was longer................

You said that Butterscotch's crush on Rainbow started more than ten years ago, but he's only known her for eight?

Update: Fixed.

Now to clear something. Rainbow and Butterscotch are 16 in the present time while they were 8 when they met. Now it says for more than six years.

"I never seen you before. You're new on the city?" she asked.


"No problemo," Rainbow replied, puffing out her chest proudly. "Gilda and Lightning Dust are just a bunch of idiots who only care about themselfs. I’ve already had a few run-ins with them."


He kindly took the chocolate bar and they smiled affectionately at each other. Rainbow gave him a tender kiss on the check while Butterscotch blushed once again.


I never realized that. Thanks for the correction. :twilightsmile:

Oh no, I got an OC named Butterscotch as well... and mine's supposed to be Flutter's crush
Oh,well... i better change the name:raritywink:

You can use Butterscotch anyways. He is the rule 63 version of Fluttershy.

Wow! This is one, great story! I'M GONNA READ MORE!

That was super cute. :rainbowkiss:


He always remembered the day when she meet her.

I believe it's supposed to be "He remembered the day when he met her."

is that you fluttershy?!:trollestia:

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