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Princess Luna has always avoided the subject of the number of thrones in the Canterlot royal throne room. But when a filly asks the weighted question to her face, Luna decides to answer – and finds that some recent events have changed what she believes that answer to be.

Beneficial, but not necessary, to have seen the Season 5 episode 'Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?' before reading this.

Now featuring two Dramatic Readings!
Dr. Wolf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=rep0KyxVoEc&feature=emb_logo
Big Ash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlQdOjZd8og&feature=emb_logo

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I'm sorry but Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?' Was not the finale. It was just the last episode before the hiatus

Nice. I'd honestly never considered this possibility before, I'd just figured that making another throne had simply never happened; after all, no (known) renovations had been made to the rest of Canterlot, either. I didn't see it as intentionally keeping Luna back, just that the issue had never come up and was therefore never addressed. But this makes sense :yay:

6323690 Oh really? Well that makes sense; I mean I could accept it as a finale, but it lacked the usual flare of an MLP finale. I shall edit my notes!

6326923 Thanks, glad you agree! ^^ It was fun finding something to do a short fic about that felt canon. Thanks for commenting!

I was wondering about that myself. Well thought out explanation.

I seriously think that the writers for the show need to hire someone who can think about these things and get episodes about them or at the very least work them into the background. Little details like that (as shown here) do get noticed.

7039175 AHHHHHHHH THANK YOU!!!! <3 I wondered if I just missed it and it slid into the mess. So awesome to come back on here and see people have been reading my fic! And liking it, apparently, which is always a plus! =D

7039201 Thank you! I'm pleased you like it. =D Yeah, it'd be nice if the show could cover more little things like this; I figure we can blame the exhausting deadlines their writers are under. And they did TRY to do something with Luna's angsty backstory, it just....was kind of...maybe a little lacking and/or mistimed. But it gave me an excuse to come up with this idea, and so for that I thank them. Speculative one-shots are fun to write. ^^

Thanks a lot for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed!

7039696 No problem! I saw the date of publishing, and thought to myself you might not have been told. Have a like from me.

7039753 Yeah, they emailed me a couple days ago that it would be going up, but I didn't know when and I'm not sure I would have been able to find the link. XD Thanks and thanks!

This is a really heartwarming story and a good look at what goes on inside Luna's head. I had a smile on my face throughout the story :D

Very well written, but to be accurate ... the ending needs a slight revamp.
I was crying not laughing ... why crying you might ask?
It's just overwhelming to see such broad ... support all of a sudden.

7041434 Hmm, could you elaborate why you think it needs revamp? Honestly I kind of like that it gave you such strong feelings; I get that way myself in the face of strong emotional support. =) Could you explain a little more what you mean by it needing a revamp?

7041036 Thank you! And thanks for saying so, that's really great to hear. ^^ Very glad you enjoyed it!

7041779 :)

A story from the perspective of each princess would be neat!


Leave it as it is and do not worry. If you do not see why, then it is fine as it is.

And if you're wondering about that mention of a 'King'...weeell that's a mystery that'll have to wait until my BIG fic is finished. ;)

Calling it now: it's Celestia and Luna's father, Elvis Presley. :pinkiecrazy:

headcanon accepted :pinkiehappy:

7043821 *just starts laughing* Now I'm going to have that image in my head ALL DAY


I really enjoy stories that examine the Celestia/Luna sibling interaction, and about Luna's atonement - doubly so because I understand what self-castigation feels like. This one's better than most, that it is.

And it shows that Luna's subjects really do love and appreciate her. "A true true friend helps a friend in need," belike.

7051030 Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it, and it's quite flattering to hear this was one of the better ones for you. ^^ I also like to see their siblinghood explored better, the few glimpses we see in the show are so sweet; and I'm always a sucker for redemption/restoration stories. Thanks for the comment!

Not bad, not bad.

Very nice bit of headcanon you got here.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You wrote "feet". These are horses. Just saying:rainbowlaugh:

7312323 Haha, can't believe no one else has caught that!

Comment posted by TheArchitect deleted Jul 11th, 2016

Hope ya enjoy it o3o

Comment posted by DumbDog deleted Jul 21st, 2016

Simple in subject, but told beautifully.

Comment posted by LittleStrongheartNyx deleted Aug 16th, 2016

Finally decided to take this off my read later list, was not dissapointed :moustache:

7587074 I am very glad to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to say so. ^^

This was good. Quite enjoyable.
In my opinion, I would have thought that Luna didn't currently have a throne set up because it was the day court, and Luna's throne would be set up during the court of the night. Methinks she'd be sleeping during the day anyway. Luna's nocturnal, right?

7629108 That's an entirely possible possibility. Maybe they just alternate the throne. Even so, wouldn't it make sense for there to be dual thrones for special audiences when both princesses would want to be in attendance? They had a setup like that in the original Castle of the Two Sisters. Either way, it's just a fan theory, and the show STILL doesn't have her with a throne in the intro, so I'm entirely open to such possibilities. ^^ Glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting!

Author Interviewer

Felt a bit bloated, it goes on too long. But them's some cute foals, so it ain't all bad. :D

7637871 Well, I'm glad you found something to enjoy in it. =)

Very nice set up and very enjoyable idea. I've been going with the idea there is only one throne, because only one Princess is ruling at a time. That it is not 'Celestia's throne' but the Princesses' throne. Celesta's during the day, Luna's at night.

Still so glad the Movie remodeled the throne room to give them each one.

I agree, I was super stoked to see they finally made two thrones in the movie! Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed! =D

Has that big project come out yet?

Sadly it's on long-term hold. I have two many other projects I'm working on, including a Pony Ask Blog, a book, and short stories I post bi-weekly on my website. Thanks for your interest, though!

Any hints, then?:twilightsheepish:

HMMMM well let's just say it's theological and explains why all the alicorns only go by "Princess" instead of "Queen."

You probably missed it since I edited it in to the comment after the fact, but the reason it's on hold is that I have two many other projects I'm working on, including a Pony Ask Blog, a book, and short stories I post bi-weekly on my website. 

Oh, that sounds interesting Either way, I'll try to keep an eye out for anything from you in the future.

Much appreciated! I'm glad you're enjoying my work. ^^ If you're interested in that ask blog, it's over here: http://ask-iamnotanalicorn.tumblr.com/

Hi there,
I really liked this story. I thought the mention of The King at the end was an excellent touch. It's nice to know that Princess Luna finally got a throne in time for the Movie.

By the way, here's something that I wrote, that you might find interesting.

Thank you. Hope to hear from you. -Nocturn Dreamwrite

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