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Nocturn Dreamwrite

I am a writer, a historian, lover of horses and deer, and the human double of Nocturn Dreamwrite my OC.


This story is set at about 95 years before Episode 1 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Technological changes have only just begun to modernize the Equestrian Lifestyle, but outside the major cities, pony life to the north, south, and west of Canterlot still continues as it has always: quiet, and rural. New towns such as Ponyville and Dodge City are only in their infancy. Not long after the dawn of the 20th Century, a great war between Equestria and the Changelings tested the strength and endurance of the Equestrian pony race, and technology made its first debut, proving its usefulness, and its worth as progress. After five years of battles, The Great Changeling War finally ended with Equestrian victory, but the price of freedom is not cheap. Even as Equestria begins to explore the newer, safer uses of technology, such as steam locomotives and light bulbs, some ponies find the war not so easy to forget. One of these ponies is Forester, a pony who served in the War, who now lives secluded in Equestria's White Tail Woods. All the while he deals with post war trauma, and his story is revealed as he decides to return to the world of ponies.

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Hmm, well, the thing about the Trenches, referencing WW1, is that they were created in response to two things: The invention of the automatic machine gun; and the fact that most of the commanders of the armies were old men, who thought it was still the 1800s; a time of sabre charges, brightly coloured uniforms, and marching in formation on the enemy to the music of army bands. Old, obsolete military strategy being used in modern war. Disaster.

It doesn't work quite as well in a world without machine guns, BUT, I have a solution. You remember that gif of Pinkie Pie twisting Twilights horn and making her fire blasts of magic like a minigun? Well, what if that wasn't a joke? What if there were just ponies who could let out a rapid fire of magic missiles on the battlefield? There might not be machine guns, but you don't need them either, not when the soldiers are the machines guns!

But, other than that, have a moosic, since this is a perfectly fitting song for the field, literally perfect for this setting, as it's about Trench Warfare:

A warfic with a bunch of oc's

good luck.

Cue the theme from the motion picture "Gettysburg."

Here "Gettysburg" soundtrack: March to Mortality.

And Finally, "Gettysburg" soundtrack: The Battle of Little Round Top.

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