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After some time, Rarity has finally managed to pull Twilight away from her books to join her in a trip to the mall. Rarity is certain this trip will be calm and peaceful. Twilight is the most responsible mare she knows.

Unfortunately, when there's magical trouble, Twilight is usually responsible.

Read the prequels! I mean, um, if you really want to.
At the Mall
At the Mall Again
Return to the Mall
Back to the Mall

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Comments ( 17 )

The second Orks got involved, I lost it.:rainbowlaugh:

Great as always.

I have enjoyed this entire series. :pinkiehappy: Are there plans to write a :raritystarry: & :moustache: scenario, or is she just... done?

4421820 I have three more stories planned for the Mall series. And yes, Spike is one of the characters I have planned.

Don't leave us hanging buddy.
Who are the other two?

4426298 Ah ah ah! That would be telling!:raritywink:

You'll see in time....

Wait, what did discord do to deserve having to clean up?

4471092 When you can clean up an entire mall with a gesture, it's less of a chore and more of a... snap. (Sorry for the terrible pun.:twilightblush:) Plus, Celestia did say she wanted to teach Discord to use his magic for good.

Although, knowing Discord, he probably deserves it for something or another. Good behavior isn't one of his strong points. I just sort of assume he always is in trouble for something.

Twilight being a D&D nut? Makes sense. :twilightsmile:

So three more... Spike, Luna, Celestial?

“But I don’t like it.” Twilight sighed. “I don’t want to be treated differently just because I’m a princedoesn’tdoesn't make me better or anything.”


hah! this chapter had me laughing hard! Great job on it! I wish Spike could have one with her as well, but I couldn't really see chaos ensuing because of him going .

4999838 Fixed! Thanks for the catch! I tend to write fast, and sometimes overlook some really odd mistakes.:derpyderp2:

These are really cute and I've enjoyed the series immensely. Bravo.:twilightsmile:

A warhammer battle? You are really a genius. I enjoyed your other stories before but I absolutely LOVED this one. Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

6099687 No, no, thank you!:twilightsmile: We used to go to this mall which had a Warhammer shop, and we would usually stop inside and look over the models. And I just couldn't resist the idea of escalating things in this story to a battle with ponified Orks. Waaauugh!

I'm guessing that Twilight and Shining are big fans of tabletop RPG's.

“Hmph. Didn’t even have A Study in Pegasi Thermodynamics.”


Very funny story and insanity coming to mall near you. :rainbowlaugh:

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