• Published 12th Jun 2015
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Shifting Melodies - The Lost Stanzas - Thadius0

Everything from Shifting Melodies that wouldn't quite make the T rating. Things are going to get hot and steamy in here.

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Again, disheartened by the ending of a great series, I begrudgingly admit that all good things must someday end. Thanks for the epic, sexy, engaging ride, Thadius0 and Ausbrony!

7361760 it did for me. i had to start burning 2 scented candles when ever a new chapter was posted! o god... the smell...

the Secret Horder: Sex Untamed story ends... the world returns to the 1800s ideas of sex... :raritydespair::fluttercry::flutterrage::twilightangry2::fluttershbad:
i need a tissue... for my tears of sorrow at the ending of this epic, sexy story... midnight, hold me... you little thestral. your cupids anti image, and you stole my heart...

7560510 Yea, that is my favorite Jyc Row princess theme.

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