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Missing word in the description, just warning you that this puts people off early.

1278456 It doesn't bother me, as long as he spells all the words correctly.

1278532 Nor me, but there are people who will notice this and ditch the story because of it.

Becoming food to evil equine-insect hybrid queens? Where do I have to sign?

1278456 Even after reformatting, it seems to drop off a few words.

Pretty interesting so far, and I must say, a rather good use of language. Bravo.


1281712 I do my best. Pretty good for a redneck, eh? :ajsmug:


Well I'm part redneck, so ah can't say I've got any complaints :)

Got a story you might find interesting btw.

I can dig this. And it is a nice change to have a different hive queen.

proper pylon of potential perversion.

That made my day.
Keep going.

Food for changelings...as long as I am allowed to live without being a mindless husk sign me up!

Very entertaining so far. I look forward to the rest! :twilightsmile:

Very interesting. Liking this so far, keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Should be interesting to see what becomes of a human sucked dry should she accidentally go too far. a standard drone? or a bipedal anthro changeling?:trixieshiftright:

Believe me when I say shit's gonna get a bit crazy in the next chapter. I'm having it be proofread at the moment, but when it's up...oh-ho-ho...:trollestia:


Five Moustaches to the first person who can tell me what this intercourse scene is based off of.

Holy alliteration, Batman!

Thanks for being food... I don't remember the name of the flash, but I lol'd at the Pinkie Pie segment.
The song was Fasten Your Seatbelts but Pendulum, right?


Congrats! It was Tiarawhy's Chrysalis Flash.

1293273 from a flash where Chrysalis does a human in a canterlot tower. sorry i don't have a link


Sadly, you are late to the draw.:raritywink:

I will be honest, I do not like the changes they went through. I would have prefered it if they kept their original appearances. But this is your story, so what I can I do, ecept unfavorite this.

Good luck with all of your endeavors.


Welp, good on you for being the bigger man.


Aren't the best clops the short ones?

1403092yeeeeeeessss:pinkiecrazy: yessss:pinkiecrazy: yessss:pinkiecrazy:YESSS:pinkiecrazy: MOAR:flutterrage:

What else could you want? A chapter where they take over Equestria?"

yes i dont now bout the outhers if i see that that would be cool:pinkiecrazy:... also it would be cool to se some mane 6 interaction 2

Well, I meant for this to be a short story; I don't want to cross any more lines than what I have to.


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