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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.

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Between the Manticore, Catrina and this jungle cat, not to mention who knows how many unmentioned encounters with cats, Tarnish seems to collect encounters with ferocious felines just as much as he collects magical artifacts and enemies.

“You are developing a certain sense of notoriety"

Ah so you did end up changing it.


Those early teasers are never final and almost always change.

Lets add this to the List of Things Tarnished Likes to Collect: Interesting Individuals as Friends.

Also, while I can understand why Dash is disturbed by how the the peace is kept by Lichen in this pirate port, honestly if that is the only way to keep it from devolving into an even worse kind of savagery, then so be it. Better a few unsavory types suffer to keep the peace than letting their kind run rampant and make this place a bigger version of that Diamond Dog Camp Tarnished and them had to put down.


Um, no. Leave all that bullshit at the door, please. Forget whatever it is that you think you know.

Geez who has disliked this so quickly?

I'm really excited for this story!

Comment posted by OminousBrony deleted Feb 9th, 2017


I don't want the Caribou Clopfic Hate Group showing up, skimming the comments section, and and starting a downvote campaign without ever once reading the story. That shit is tiresome and I'd hate to burn out and not want to finish writing this due to feelings of stress just thinking about having to post a chapter.

Make sense?

Kudz I've read ALL your fics (skipping the pony puckers cause as an ace not my bag) I think at this point my craziness is no secret.

I know I am slightly warped. Interesting set of running one shots.. I prefer Tarnished reaction to Darings professional courtesy be DARNED especially after the good DR said kill them

I had honestly completely forgotten about those of people and other like them. Removed all mentioned of it. WOn't happen again

Seat belt? Buckled.
Sunglasses? Fly as hell.
Map? Who needs it.
Gas? Half a tank at least.
Smokes? Rolled and ready.

Let's boogie. :rainbowdetermined2:

PS - You have a real knack for evoking the spirit of old pulp adventure novels.

Ah, insanity.
You can't be a genius without at least a light sprinkling of it.


It might be because I've read about a million of them. I love old pulp fictions. I love the feeling of the yellowed, overly acidified paper against my fingertips and thumbs. That faint almost celery-like smell of the cheap ink as it ages.

As having been shot in the ass (funny story) i can concur, it fucking sucks.


I was shot once in the elbow with a 22. They pulled the bullet from my armpit. It bounced around inside of my arm, shredding my bicep. I can't imagine that happening in my ass. I don't want to imagine that happening in my ass.

Too late. :fluttershyouch:

7933732 im just waiting till people start complaining
"It has a sex tag and is M, where is clop?"
That got old faster than i thought it would.

The complaining or equine erotica?
Cause if its ^ than well yeah. If ^ than i wonder what.

7933873 okay, just checking.
And yeah, 5 bucks we'll get one before 10 chapters are out.

“He had one of his diamond dog goons shoot me in the ass! In the ass! Do you know how much that hurts?”

at least he got to the seat of the problem


I'm laughing at this far more than I should be.

Daring Do, Rainbow Dash and Tarnish on an Indiana Jones style adventure. Fuck yes this is gonna be awesome!

Will there be Windigoes in this story?


:trollestia: - I thought the cover art gave it away.

glad to bring a little humor into your day. very little

Well, 'On the road again' by Willie Nelson seems like an appropriate fit for this prologue. And of course, here we go again, into that wild blue sky.

7933951 In my MLP headcanon, the Windigoes have a King named Nimbus. Here's what he looks like: orig10.deviantart.net/deb4/f/2016/189/0/1/nimbus__the_weather_spirit_by_holycross9-da9aomp.png

Furthermore, he sounds just like the comedian Shawn Wallace.


Sorry, that won't be happening here. I have something else entirely different in store.

You know, I was considering not reading anything from the Weedverse for a couple months after Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals concludes. Your stories have a bad habit of bumming me out. Mostly from stuff like what brought up in this chapter, and partly because I tend to project a little too hard onto Twilight and to a lesser extent, Tarnish.

Then you go and do this, and here I am. I've wanted to know what Skyreach was since it got mentioned. I generally don't buy into the whole "better left forgotten" concept, so you're going to have to work awfully hard to sell me on it here.

Yeesh, for some reason that last sentence sounds hostile and I can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry about that. I realize that I'm just one guy and that you probably won't be too bent out of shape if one guy isn't sold on your concept. I'll just read this and try and keep any criticisms I have as separate as possible from my personal biases.

7933968 Geez Louise, I was sharing you my take of an idea, jack. All I wanted was your input of the character, not approval of him fitting into your stories.


My apologies, but all too often, people leave 'personal headcanons' and 'character profiles' as 'suggestions' to be interserted into a story, and some of them get quite upset when 'I don't take a hint.'

I was trying to be open, up front, and honest with my communications to avoid any potential disappointments down the road, you wouldn't believe what I've had to deal with in the past.

Comment posted by HolyCross9 deleted Feb 9th, 2017

7934024 Alrighty. So what do you think of Nimbus as a character? And what would be your critique of his design?

7934087 Lol. He'd probably have you zapped and pulverized by a lightning bolt if you told him that up front (fictionally speaking of course). After all, he's also known as the Weather Spirit (kind of like how Discord is the Spirit of Chaos).

Of course on the other hand, if that was a compliment, he might like it.


The Weedverse is all about growth. To achieve that, I write characters that struggle with very harsh realities. But they don't give up, they don't quit, they keep going. While there are plenty of big bad scary types in the Weedverse, sometimes, the real bad guy is just life itself. There is a fair bit of existentialism here, and the worst things in the whole Weedverse is apathy and nihilism. Almost every character that struggles does so to find meaning and a reason to care, even Sumac. Sumac doesn't really know much about apathy or nihilism, but he has faced and dealt with both. So has Tarnish, and pretty much everybody who is anybody in this 'verse.

And for the most part, it happens without telling, it goes without saying, but the stories themselves are all about showing the struggle. For me, it's healthy place to write and it has proven good for my headspace. Never once is it explicitly mentioned that Sumac is wrestling with nihilism, but an observant reader figures this out on their own. Apathy has been mentioned, typically in the same sentence as Grogar, but the reader isn't told that the characters are fighting apathy. A good example is Twilight Velvet, who has taken the battle with apathy to new and unprecedented levels. Copperquick and Miss Oddbody, too. Tarnish frequently takes on monsters, but Twilight Velvet battles indifference.

It's been a long weird trip for me. Anybody can write a story where Character A picks a fight with a monster and has a good tussle, but how does one write a story where Character A decides to pick a fight with a shapeless nonentity like indifference? It's tricky business and I don't know how successful I've been. I've tried. Some attempts are better than others. Some attempts have fallen a little flat (to me) and I try to think about what I did wrong so I can do a better job in the next story.

I am really, really hoping that Skyreach will showcase what I've learned.

Expect gutpunches.


For what it's worth, I cannot think of any other fictional works offhand that have had this profound an impact on my own emotional state, and certainly not this consistently. I've certainly never written this many responses and analyses before. It's just...difficult for me to read this stuff sometimes. Life screwing you over for no reason is exactly the kind of thing that tends to get my blood boiling. Do you know how badly pissed off I was after reading the first chapter of The Weed? Pissed to the point that I knew I wouldn't get any sleep that night unless I read to the point where Tarnish's banishment was rescinded. Which is how I ended up binging sixty chapters in one sitting. Dear god...

Thanks for putting up with all my rambling. Seriously, I mean that. I only hope I haven't been too annoying about it.

I guess Doctor Caballeron was the butt of the joke this time. :trollestia:

oh god I just realized "Butt of the [ Poison ] Joke" would make an awesome secret code name for Tarnish :rainbowlaugh:

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