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Dead Island? Count me in!

My thoughts exactly, but with a Langoliers style rip that let the airplane in as well?
I like the cast of characters as well, I'll be checking back on this.

B_25 #3 · Nov 29th, 2018 · · · 01 ·

she WANTS the DEE

SHE wants the DEE

Nice! But, if dinky dies to the Monsters, you Better Watch out for derpy Coming After You!

2Merr #7 · Nov 29th, 2018 · · · 01 ·

I was wondering when this story would finally go up. :rainbowdetermined2:


I got so many PTSD gaming moments reading this. Especially with the zombie Ram.

The basic premise of this reminds me of Certamen, which is an amazing fic on this site, but has sat incomplete for over a year and a half now, but the author is still on the site. It's still worth a read, and maybe drop a comment there to let him know there are still people out there on it.

This looks very promising.

Could have been worse for them.

Having a little trouble visually conjuring up what the "ponies" look like. Is this like EqG humans with colored skin and wings? Or a different style of anthro? Dee did refer to them as ponies himself after all.

Hope you're all enjoying the story so far, even the shitposters :trollestia: lol

Worry no more bby <3

They basically look like this

And yes, he calls them ponies, there's not really another name he could call them... he could call them anthros but that's not their race //shrug

Got it, that's what I figured but just wanted to ask, there's a bunch of anthro styles people use. Some anthro characters have hooves instead of feet as well, which always seemed a bit silly for some reason :unsuresweetie:
I like the characters so far though, no matter how they look!

I was actually playing Dead Island the same day as when this fic was posted, and reading about the layout of the island gave me flashbacks of the game.

Dee moved as fast as he could, struggling to dodge the swiping hands of slow-moving infected as the plane groaned, dipping forward in the water and causing him to slide back. “Crap! Crap! Crap!” He lost his footing as the water rushed past his legs, his knees, his waist. From the corner of his eye, he saw stray baggage flying towards him. He tried to raise his arms to block, but the water slowed his movements, and the resulting impact sent him flying.

Reminds me of this.

Hmm something tells me when dash gets to the airship it will be infested too by maybe zombie pegausi

Dinky's okay! For your own sake, she better survivors this all. Thought I have no doubt Dee makes sure of that

While I don’t know how it happened....... I fuckin called it that the airship would be infested

2Merr #22 · Dec 8th, 2018 · · · 03 ·

Lyra you lil shid what did you do

Yeah at least she’s ok but I’m gonna fuckin cry if her mother died or even worse became a monster zombie

Well, I must admit, I am impressed by how bravely Dinky takes everything, another well-made chapter.

Yes but we don’t know if derpy is alive

Hope Dinky has a better story than kids in the Walking Dead..

A Mother's worry. She can be glad that dee Keeps dinky Save

I think you should add a Horror and Dark tag for obvious reasons.

Another nice chapter, great work! And that undead woman, reminds me of that one stranger mission in Undead nightmare

Close call. Poor girl though, children suffer the most in those situations. You show how important is is to help others, working together to survive, which sadly, is rare

I have been reading this story for a while and I am encouraged to make an account. The theme is very good (zombie always sells) but taking advantage of that, I know it's a question out of place but will any metal slug character appear? his zombie theme always seemed something unique and macabre.

As for Dee? He just wanted to go home and snuggle up in his bed with all of his plushies, sleep away the nightmares that would follow and go back to working his nine to five job at Walmart stocking up shelves.

As someone who works in retail, no one has a nine to five schedule.

Interesting so far will eagerly wait for next chapter

Oh yeah, Lyras got internal bleeding.

That undead mechanic, a reference to the zombie Big daddy?

to the edge of the precipice (and hopefully leaving this situation) let's see how long they can last without a good sleep and food

You didn't fail, lyra. Kyle's a Gentleman, trying to help where he can. And Good they are reunited

He had tucked the Beretta he found in his pocket as best as he could before speeding away from the gas station, an angry glare etched into his face. He tried to keep his head in the right place, using everything he had to focus and trying to stave off the pain that radiated from his head. He could feel it throbbing every second as he drove, and he felt tired and woozy… he felt hot, even, or rather his head felt hot.

The reason I'm saving for an M9A3 is the same reason why I would never trust a military M9. They have seen sometimes upwards of a couple hundred thousand rounds without maintenance, and are old and rattly. Just replace the recoil spring every couple thousand rounds and keep some oil on them, you will be able to give them to your grandchildren.

Not yet! Dinky needs both of you! Good thing it's an island, delays the nuke

The hellstorm of lead rained down on survivor and infected alike; cars backed up and slammed into one other to try and escape. One car took too many hits to the engine and suddenly exploded, sending shrapnel flying and setting fire to the occupants inside.

Cars don't just explode. Even Tyler Hoover's F355 didn't explode when it literally caught on fire. My brother's Mazda 3 didn't explode when it was on fire, and my uncle's old Silverado didn't explode when it was on fire. Cars aren't really explosive. Like at all.

He didn’t know, but he didn’t like it. He had a full magazine, fifteen 9mm parabellum rounds to send flying into this… thing , that’s all it was.

Aah, yes, 9mm. The round was developed in the early 1900s for George Luger's autoloading handgun, the P-08 Luger. The company's motto at the time was the Latin phrase Si vis pacem, para bellum, which translates to "if you seek peace, prepare for war." So really, the round is called 9mm "prepare for war." I just thought that was interesting.

Dee aimed his beretta down the hall and fired once more, his wrist aching slightly from the constant firing of the powerful 9mm round. He dragged an unconscious Lyra like she had done him down the hall, blood covering his entire shirt and part of his face from the fights. His eyes were wide and set in a glare at the infected who were currently giving chase after him and the mare who in her still injured state was panicking.

The 9mm isn't really that powerful. I mean, it can be snappy in lightweight subcompact handguns designed for concealment, but the Beretta 92 is a large, full steel handgun, and is known for it's impeccable reliability, due to it's open slide, great accuracy, due to the non-tilting nature of the barrel, and soft recoil, due to the weight of the gun.

They never nuked Banoi in the game

I meant due to the fact it's an Island, thus little concern the Zombies can spread

But they really shouldve

And who? Such a little island can have a nuke and I doubt the news spread outside.


With the massive naval presence they used the word got out relatively quickly, and communications weren't cut on the island. Hell at the end of the game theres news anchors talking about Banoi and what happened.

I see. Still, might take time

Naturally, but its a guarantee that word will get out

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