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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.

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Blackbird is an interesting character I can see that already

Yay more Dim!

Dim is back.
All is good

More dim I also like hipigriphs

Guessing the SCOLD is similar to Fluttershy's stare. Glad I don't have to face anything like that

Dim is back!?
Automatic upvote, tracking, and favorite!

Reading because I loved the previous story for this. I like Dim in general, he's a different sort of character than I've seen in... 100% of the other stories I've read :rainbowlaugh:

As usual, thank you for writing and sharing :pinkiesmile:

Character driven story (like the rest of the 'verse), what other reason to read is there?

Kitty slitty... Snicker

I'm reading! Because A) I liked the first part, even though the prequel did have a very rough start. And B) I've yet to be let down by your stuff.

Excellent, more Dim!

I read this because Dim is an interesting character I'm invested in. He's a character I want to see redeemed, and I know the story of how he gets there will be interesting.

Blackbird has also piqued my interest, and I want to know more about her.

And on a very shallow level, Dim's dark sense of humour appeals to me.

And thus, the Vizard finds employment with that most elusive of oc's, the hippogriff. Seriously, i think i can count the number of hippogriffs in this fandom on one hand, looking forward to this one. Oh, and Dim is a fun character to follow to I suppose.

I am so very glad to see you continuing Dim's saga. He's one of the most interesting characters you've ever created. And you've created some very interesting characters.

Given the nature of Dim's family, I have to wonder whether he's simply hallucinating his dead mother and sister -- or something more. If any family would lurk on the other side of the veil annoying their living kin, especially living kin who had put them there -- it would be them.


Technically, his mother is almost, kind of sort of alive.

I just got the sixpence reference in Blackbird's name...

I'm really excited to see more of Dim, he's one of my favorite characters and I thoroughly enjoy the questions he raises.

Comments the honey badger!?!:rainbowlaugh: good one!:pinkiehappy:

I'm liking Blackbird, I think she acts as a good balance to Dim's very bleak worldview.

Yay! Really enjoyed the prequel. Looking forward to more of our favorite mildly psychotic unicorn!

I read because I love Dim . I actually want to see him redeemed , I want to watch as he realizes what it is to be a good pony. I want to watch as he blossoms and starts taking those baby steps out of the darkness. Im invested in his story . Like I'm invested in the other weedverse stories

i like :P. Blackbird i feel might have been what you needed in the prior story.
Albeit i am using anime logic. Character encou nters a character with a mysterious past, and that past is revealed over time as they have the ventures.

also have oyu seen the previews for the pone pone movie?

That's two towns down, Dim. Go for the trifecta?

Reading the follow up to what was strangely one of the more memorable tales.
The character of Dim is intriguing to say the least, but there is nothing solid i can put my finger on.
I imagine that doesn't help much in the long run, but i do enjoy a flawed hero.

And while Dim may be far from a hero, in fact, past being redeemed. He has the flaws in spades. and I enjoy his journey none the less.

The science checked out, at least. Dim scowled, fearing that science had low standards. A word needed to be had with science, with the hopes of straightening it out.

I revel in these little phrasings. :twilightsmile:

As to why I read? I suppose that Dim resonates with me on some level. While I am no longer as angry or as nihilistic as I was in my youth, there was a time that his worldview was my worldview. I cannot wait to see what it's like to be redeemed, as opposed to merely being broken by time.

Glad to see you're continuing Dim's story. If this is Dim at his lowest (I rather doubt it) it'll be interesting seeing him earn a little redemption. Everyone like a lil redemption for their anti-heros, right? :trollestia:

Yes! Can't wait for more of Dim's story! Now we just need more MFD...

Why am I reading? Because you wrote. So far I have yet to be less than thrilled with each of your stories. I've reread a few.

Thanks for letting us into another facet of your world.

So Dim can accidentally destroy towns too... greek fire be nasty. What do they call it?

And im reading cause Dim facinates me as a character. And was, and probably will continue to be, a wonderful example of the Anti-hero. Hard to come by those these days.

Looking forward to this one especially from the sneak peak we got on dim from PTSSFFF:WB

Yay, more Dim! And I really like Blackbird too.
Have an fav&Upvote :)

“You pull that hand cannon,” Dim said in a low voice, “and I will boil you in your own semen.”

Dim is such a glorious, scary fucker. :heart:

Blackbird Coffyn ... instant winner from the teaser at the end of the first Eigengrau. Now ... one of my faves in the Weedverse!

Dim Dark ... still a dreary and violent bastard, but seeming to start tempering himself as he is coming down from those addictions of his.

Good stuff, Kudzu. Damn good stuff, sir

Here we go again... please, leave a comment below, if you don’t mind. I’d like to have an idea of who is reading... and why. Thank you.

A lot of the stories you write has to do with self-discovery or redemption as a way of giving purpose to their lives. Dim is very different in that aspect. He doesn't come off as needing to discover more about himself as he doesn't like what he's already found. It doesn't feel like he needs/wants redemption. He comes off more as hedonistic, self-centered, and arrogant. The only reason he doesn't burn the world is it would cause more trouble than he'd want to deal with.

He is a "Bad Guy" who is shown as a "Good Guy." Is this because of the environment he happens to be in or because the environment he creates/perceives for himself? I have to admit, I keep seeing parallels with Bucky from The Chase. Both run along the lines of "Oh how the mighty have fallen!" While Bucky is playing the "Pay for the sins of your father" archetype, Dim is more along the lines of "Nobody owes me and I don't owe anyone."

Dim is a bomb without a fuse. That tension alone came make for a very pulling story. That said, thank you for deciding to continue with your experiments.

Because Dim's journey has been fascinating so far. And now there's pie! Everything is better with Pie! :pinkiehappy:

I was/am so excited that there is more of Dim. I want to see him fail, I want to see him succeed, I want to see the paths he takes. Heck I want to se the guy fall in love...though I have the feeling that he'll just feel like he doesn't deserve it and squash whatever romance might come before it reaches the no-turning-back part.

Eeyup, a Coffyn is just what Doc Cadance ordered.

Reminds me a little of the backstory of the Saint of Killers. A hard person, a cold person, gets a reprieve. A taste of heaven. The it gets taken away, and then the hell they bring is the worse for their having tasted heaven.

Will Dim perform neurosurgery upon Blackbird in a fit of pity, or will Blackbird continue to stun him into inaction with the consistency of her character?

Author's Note:

Here we go again... please, leave a comment below, if you don’t mind. I’d like to have an idea of who is reading... and why. Thank you.

I like stories about wizards vizards. I also like stories where someone trys to overcome their worse nature and be better.:pinkiesad2:

I also outright admit I enjoy the Weedverse more than the Chaseverse, I love them both but Weed is the favored son and I will read anything under it's umbrella.:pinkiecrazy:

I'm here because I absolutely love the 'Weedverse', and enjoy story/world building.

Well gee, Dim, you've met something female that is actually predisposed to like you and isn't insane. I'd advise you not to kill her.

YAY! My favorite Weedverse character is back!

8272657 No. Three is too many. It only requires two. Let me show you. ahem


i like dim as a character, nothing more.

Oh, well hello then.

Why am I reading this? Simply put Dim is a fascinating fellow. A bastard you love to hate and hate to love. Someone who somehow pulls through a past that could make weak minds snap and fall to darkness only to attempt to do good with a middle finger raised to the world. I want to see his trek; the everyday journeys that'll mold him into something new.

Basically I read this for the same reason I read many of your other works... I've become addicted to your brew of character insight and hope, and I don't plan on drying out soon.

I am reading because even though it is dark, Dim has a very interesting story, and I enjoy it. Also, Vizard.

And even though it doesn't have a comedy tag, there are bound to be some moments that will make me laugh. Like the closing lines for this chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Author's Note:

Alright, I'm coming out! Any man I see out there, I'm gonna kill him! Any sonofabitch takes a shot at me... I'm not only gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill his wife, all his friends, and burn his damn house down!
—William Munny.

That's right, I've killed women and children. I've killed just about everything that walks or crawls, at one point or another. And I'm here to kill you, .


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