Shifting Melodies - The Lost Stanzas

by Thadius0

First published

Everything from Shifting Melodies that wouldn't quite make the T rating. Things are going to get hot and steamy in here.

One flirty mare.

One damaged stallion.

More than one bottle of alcohol in the apartment.

Come and watch Midnight Song try and help Level Ledger get over his hang-ups regarding intercourse.

Because we couldn't just let them be lost...

Cloptional side-stories to Shifting Melodies, the story Aus and I write together.

Yes, we even wrote this together. They'll start off tame, but get worse.

A lot worse. Promise.

Chapter Four - Truth Or Dare - What really happened that night?

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“Oh my Celestia, that food was good... it was like comparing the blazing glory of the sun... to a foal’s nightlight.”

“Good thing my ego regarding my ability to cook died a while ago,” Ledger said as he finished his salad. “I’m just glad you liked my version before you had his.”

“Aw, don’t worry~” she cooed, ruffling his mane. “Yours was very nice too.” Before the stallion could offer a rebuttal, she trotted off to a small cabinet and pulled out a large bottle filled with an amber liquid. “And now for the main event!”

“...I am starting to regret buying any liquor for cooking with at all,” Ledger ruefully observed. “Something tells me I’m going to be glad for my insurance by the time this night is over.”

“Oh don’t be such a little filly about it,” she said, slamming the bottle on the table along with two shot glasses. “The game is Truth or Dare... are you game?”

The stallion gave the bottle a long look, before looking back at the Thestral. “Nope,” he said, getting up and moving to leave. “Not happening.”

“Aw c’mon Level~” Song put on her most adorable pout, learned from Princess Luna herself. “It’s a harmless little game and I promise right now not to ask about your secret okay? You can ask me anything you want.”

“Huh,” he said, one ear flicking as he considered the offer. “Okay, that’s...better. But where does the drinking come in?”

“You can choose to substitute either choice in place of taking a shot. Also, if you fail the Dare you take a shot as well... or just take one for fun~’ she giggled as she downed her first shot of the night.

“I see...well, I suppose someone should monitor your alcohol intake, as you clearly aren’t going to,” Level replied, taking the bottle and shot glasses into the living room and making himself comfortable on the couch. “Very well, I pick Truth.”

Midnight tapped her chin. “Hmm, let’s start you off easy. Where were you born?”

“Another nation,” he said with a smirk, before pointing out something she didn’t consider. “You didn’t say how specific I had to be. I could have just gone with ‘on Equus’ and still been answering your question.”

“Okay, so you’re gonna be sneaky about it huh? Shoulda seen it coming really.” She smiled back at him, “I also choose Truth.”

“Okay...hmm.” The stallion scratched his head for a moment before a question occurred to him. “So before coming to Las Pegasus, just how often did you have sex?”

Midnight coughed and looked at him. “Oh wow, you don’t pull any punches huh? Okay.” she paused and appeared to be counting. “Well, I guess... once a week or so.”

“Ah, well, that’s not so bad,” he said with a shrug. “Not anywhere near as bad as those mares on the strip, anyways. Truth, I’ll give you another shot.”

“Please don’t compare me to those mares, I don’t sell myself,” she replied as she took a drink. “Okay, did you have a job before coming to this city, if so, then what was it?”

“Sadly no, I drifted between cities, doing odd jobs so I could afford to stay in them for quite some time,” Ledger said. “This is the first time I’ve stayed for so long after reading all the local library has to offer.”

“Bit of a bookworm huh?” Song smiled. “Alright, lets test your creativity. I pick Dare. Better make it a good one~”

“Hmm…” the unicorn thought for a moment, seemingly trying to come up with something that he knew she couldn’t, yet would at least try to, do. He even took a shot of liquor in his contemplation. Finally, an evil smirk crossed his face. “I dare you to, from there, get me erect.”

Midnight blinked at him. “Will we have a repeat of last time? You know, the bathroom thing?” While this was a challenge she could do, she didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

“I’ll let you know if it starts happening,” the unicorn reassured.

Midnight nodded and and looked around. She spied an apple in a bowl on the living room table and smiled. She opened her mouth slowly and her tongue suddenly shot out, snaring the apple and reeling it over to her mouth. She bit into it, as apple juice ran down her chin while she swallowed audibly, moaning softly in pleasure. She tilted her head back and swallowed, winking at him and smiling as she did so. He visibly shuddered and crossed his hind legs in order to keep the result from her little display hidden.

“So yummy~” she purred as her tongue snaked out again, licking the side of his cheek. “I bet you taste even better~”

“And on that note, you succeeded,” Level said, quickly pouring himself another shot and situating himself so that she would be incapable of seeing the results. “I don’t know why, but you did.”

“Was there ever any doubt?” Midnight giggled. “New rule, if the pony passes the bet, loser takes a shot. So drink up little stallion... or is it big stallion~?”

Ledger sighed, but downed the liquor, only pulling a slight face as he did. “Your turn,” he commented as he put the shot glass down.

“So you pick dare?” she grinned, like a wolf staring at a bunny. “Hmm... I dare you to...” she leaned closer and her grin grew wider. “I dare you to sit up straight~”

Ledger gulped thickly, before slowly easing himself up, displaying his completely average self for her to see...okay, that was a lie. Apparently somewhere along the line of his family, someone had been incredibly gifted in the length department, but thankfully not to the point of ridiculousness.

Midnight whistled and nodded, she may or may not have also been blushing adorably. Shut up! It was the alcohol. “Well now... um... wow...” She conceded total defeat and took a shot.

“Can I lay back down now?” Ledger whined as his erection throbbed a bit from being allowed in the open.

“Ah, yes... of course,” Midnight coughed, sneaking another peek before he did and committing it for future reference.

“How about a round of truth before we go back, if we do, to such topics?” Ledger asked. “Here’s an innocent one for you. What’s the deal with you and Fredrick?”

“He is my enemy and greatest rival!” Midnight declared. “He thinks he’s the best at flirting and I’ll not stand for that puffed-up chicken to outdo me!”

“Like I said before, you two should just screw each other, get all this drama out of the way,” Level responded as he filled both their shot glasses...slowly. The alcohol was starting to get to him, and it’d not do to lose control while manipulating something fragile. “I’m sure he’d be amicable to the idea.”

“I’m sure he would, but then he’d win!” Midnight replied, hiccupping slightly. “Now.. pick pony!”

“I pick Truth,” he said, making sure he was comfy on the couch. “Go on.”

“Well...” she grinned again. “How many have seen that little wonder of the world? Well, not so little in your case~”

“Besides you and that crazy mare?” he deadpanned. “None. None whatsoever.”

“Oh? Well...” Midnight really blushed now and decided that her glass offered an interesting view. “Um, I’m not quite sure what to say about that.”

“Eh, it was normal for me. Apparently my mind trusts you enough to not conjure up those memories for the time being,” the unicorn said, pulling his glass close. “Truth or dare, Midnight?”

“Oh, um... I pick... Dare?” she blushed again, hiding behind her hooves.

“Fine,” he said, turning one of his hooves in a circle. “I dare you to get up and turn around. I showed you mine, fair’s fair.”

Midnight turned an even deeper shade of red as she squeaked out a response. “Wha!? But.. I ah...” she seemed to deflate as steam poured from her ears. She suddenly recalled that she could take a drink and took a hefty swig from the bottle. “Denied!”

“Aw, nuts,” Ledger said with a small smile. “Fine. Your turn to ask...once that’s finished hitting your stomach.”

“Hehehe*hic*~” Midnight swayed and giggled. “I choose... ohh~” She leaned across the table and smiled widely. “Do you find me attra-attrak... pretty?”

“I don’t know,” he replied honestly. “You’re certainly arousing, but it’s...been a while since I looked for someone. Heck, you got me hard without me crying. I trust you, certainly. I’m not certain if you’re pretty, but you’re a heckuva mare.”

“Aw, you’re sho shweet~” Midnight giggled. She leaned across the table to reach for the bottle, but missed. “Aw, now I wanna hug ya!”

“My turn,” Ledger said with only a touch of haste, scooting back a bit on the couch. “Truth or Dare Midnight?”

“Mmm! I pick Dare, and make it a hard one this time darling~”

“Hmm,” the stallion said, rubbing his chin with a hoof. “I dare…” He appeared to be stumped for a moment, before smirking and nodding. “I dare you to give me a good first kiss.”

Midnight hopped off of her chair and walked over to his side. “Now that,” she said in a husky tone. “That I can do. Close your eyes little stallion.”

Ledger gulped, and did as he was told, trying to keep his racing heart under control. It wasn’t fear that drove it this time though... it was something else, something he couldn’t put his hoof on. And it was then that he felt the softest pair of lips gently press against his. He gasped in surprise and Midnight used the chance to slip her tongue inside just a bit, running it along his teeth and then massaging his own tongue. Unconsciously, unbidden, one of his hooves reached up to press her body closer to his own as he moaned into the kiss. This time...this time he was with a female who cared. And that care was so energizing!

And all too soon, the mare broke the kiss, a thin trail of saliva still connecting their mouths for a moment. She panted and blushed as she looked at him, before blushing and smiling. “Mmm, wow... not bad for a first kiss huh?”

“No,” he replied, a little drunk on both the alcohol and the emotions that he’d just taken in. It took him a moment to register that she’d said something else. Shaking his head to clear it, he cocked it slightly at her in confusion. “Ah...sorry, can you repeat that? I was...elsewhere.”

“Truth or Dare, truth or dare~” she sang, her singing voice apparently uninhibited by the alcohol.

“What the hay, dare,” Ledger responded.

She poured them both shots and smiled. “I dare you to cuddle with me. All night~

“I...Nothing else?” he asked carefully. Midnight shook her head and downed her shot, placing an unsteady hoof on her chest.

“Mmnope, filly-scout’s honor!”

“Were you even in the filly-scouts?” Ledger asked with enough snark to choke a small puppy.

“Two years,” she said with a giggle. “They taught me how to light fires and make smores!”

“Fine,” Level said with a nod. “I...think I can do that.” The stallion carefully got to his hooves, wobbling slightly before he started walking slowly, carefully towards his room.

“Yay!” Midnight giggled and promptly faceplanted the floor, still giggling. “Silly floor, Imma snuggle Levely, not you~”

With a bit of concentration, Level picked up Midnight with his magic. Well, it was more like he gently teased her into an upright position, allowing her to see that he was still hanging free on her way back to the land of the upright.

“Whee~” Midnight giggled, before spreading her wings and smiling madly. “So all three of us are gonna cuddle huh~?”

“Three?” Ledger asked, tilting his head in confusion.

“You, me and little Level~’ she smiled, her tail brushing against his belly as she walked into her bedroom, using her wings to balance.

“Ah...mine has comfy sheets,” Ledger protested, still processing the unusual sensations she’d just caused. Well, unusual for him, anyways.

“Mmm, comfy sheets~” she sighed and changed direction. She trotted out of sight as she disappeared into his room. There was another thud and a giggle.

“Level, your floor is really friendly~”

Ledger sighed and walked into his bedroom, noticing that Song had fallen next to the bed, her flank sticking straight up, fulfilling an earlier dare and causing him to blush. He’d...not seen one before. Not really…

With a little magic and a lot of pushing, the mare was on the bed, taking up one side easily. After shuffling around to the other, the stallion climbed in and sighed, trying not to think about the last time he’d shared a bed. The fact that the mare next to him cared helped an awful lot to deal with his fears.

Midnight sighed as she already fell into the realm of sleep, taking one of Level’s hooves and hugging tightly against her chest. Level blinked a few times before turning and carefully hugging her from the side, as though at any moment she might spring at him. When that failed to happen, he fulfilled her dare of cuddling her.

She was awfully warm, and full of affection. It was hard not to fall asleep right away. “Hey Song, you there?” he asked. All he received was an ear twitch and an incoherent moan.

“Thanks...for doing what you did, for caring enough to push me a lot out of my comfort zones. I...needed this. You probably have an idea as to how bad I was...but I can tell you right now, it was worse than you can imagine for me.”

“Mmm, you’re...” she mumbled, barely coherent, but enough that Level could understand. “...Welcome...”

“Maybe one day, when Toll’s been taken down...maybe I’ll show you my secret then,” he whispered, before laying his head next to hers.

Chapter Seven - Oral attentions

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The unicorn walked back into the apartment and shut the door behind him, sighing as he locked it, double-checked the locks, and dropped his disguise. “Midnight?” he asked aloud. She hated it when he just ‘knew’ where she was with his senses all the time. Well, that and the barrier her mother had put up made locating specific entities in the apartment rather hard...

“Yes?” she called from the shower.

“Two questions. Have your parents always been really understanding ponies?”

“Pretty much,” she hollered back. “Why?”

“Well, they didn’t take the whole ‘different eyes’ thing badly at all,” he said, referring to the way he’d confirmed for her that he was a ‘ling after she first found out.

“You mean you’re not dead!?” she sounded... genuinely surprised. “Wow, daddy must really like you.”

“...Now I’m rethinking my invitation for him to come back once we’re done with our respective emergencies,” Ledger groused. “Was him killing me always an option?”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” she replied as she finally emerged, her mane hanging wet against her coat. “It’s not cause you’re a ‘ling, it’s cause you’re a stallion.”

“Fine,” Ledger admitted as he felt...something stir in him at the sight of Song with a wet mane. Apparently, his sexual urges hadn’t been as dead as he thought, and he gulped thickly as he tried to fight them. “Second, how long is this barrier of your mother’s going to last? It’s interfering with my own senses something awful.”

“Hmm, dunno,” Song shrugged. “Even though she’s an actress, Mom’s a wicked-powerful spellcaster. Graduated from Celestia’s school and everything.”

“It’s not just soundproof,” the emotivore grumbled. “Scrambles my abilities a little as well. Can’t pinpoint anything in here with it up.”

“Oh really~” Midnight cooed as she dropped her towel and crouched. “I’ll give you a five second head start~”

“Meep!” Ledger said as he dodged into his bedroom, slamming the door shut and looking for something, anything to hold it closed. He wasn’t sure he liked the look on her face!

Midnight chuckled as she heard heavy objects being pushed up against the door. She grinned widely as she spoke up.

“Aw, c’mon Level~ I just wanna play~”

Ledger paused, just for a second, before shuddering and finishing the blockading of the door. Smiling triumphantly, he then sighed as the magical exertion hit him. The changeling climbed into his bed and lay down, content with what he’d done to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. The breeze from the open window felt nice as well...


“Hello Level~” Midnight cooed, laying beside him.

Ledger slowly opened one eye to look at the thestral laying next to him. Panic and arousal fought for control, as both memories and the fact that she looked pretty attractive came to the forefront of his mind. As a result, he did nothing for probably longer than he should have.

Which had given Midnight ample time to wrap her limbs around him in a tight embrace. “Such a naughty buggy, running from a pretty, harmless little mare like me~”

“Meep,” he said aloud, the sum total of his processing power at the moment. Darn her for being attractive and trustworthy. Damn that nymph for ruining him!

“Don’t worry your shiny head, I’m only after hugs and maybe some kisses if you’re feeling particularly frisky~” she smiled. “Besides, we have a loooong day tomorrow. so I’ll need my beauty sleep.”

“I...I trust you,” he said, barely able to make himself believe it. “ want to do.”

“You’re so sweet,” she sighed, leaning her head against his. “But my techniques blow the minds of normal stallions... you might just die if we jump into things. We’re not going anywhere just yet, so we have all the time in the world... buuuut~” She pulled his head to one side and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. After a few breathless moments, she pulled back and smiled. “Imagine that... on another part of your anatomy...”

Ledger blinked, processing the clues, before doing his damndest to blush through his chitin. “Ah...nymphs don’ that to drones,” he admitted, suddenly very much liking the idea.

“Well, in case we haven’t established the obvious,” Song winked. “I’m not a nymph... and I am more than happy to show you a lot of things they wouldn’t do~”

“I’m...not going to ask,” Ledger said as he hugged her close. “It’s not how I...or any drone was raised. But...if you want to show me something...I’m not going to object.”

“Well,” Midnight weighed her options. She really didn’t want him freaking out before the mission tomorrow... but, he also said he trusted her. Funny thing about trust, it was a bitch to gain and really easy to lose.


“Then you asked for it,” she smiled as her body slid a little lower. “Just remember, I haven’t done this in a while. Forgive me if I’m not up to par~”

“I’d forgive you for most anything,” Ledger admitted as he felt himself throb. “Seeing as how I’ve only had one experience, I don’t have much of a par for you to fall short of.”

“I suppose it’s a learning experience for us both then,” Midnight nodded, her hoof idly stroking his chest. Just by that and the thoughts she made no effort to hide, she soon got what she was looking for. “And speaking of falling short, that is certainly not a thing here~ Now, thank you for the meal~” she giggled as her tongue slipped out, ready to show him just how how much she cared.

Ledger absently went into fact-reciting mode as she mentioned his length. “It’s a feature of noble drones, noble blood makes us a bit more likely to pass our genes on-” he got out before he suddenly felt something very warm and wet wrap around his length.

“You talk too much,” she mumbled as her mouth devoured him. Ledger moaned, old memories surfacing as the sensations felt very similar...before he beat them back, forcibly, by reminding himself that this female, he could and did trust.

“...That I do,” he observed after a minute of just laying there and panting as Midnight continued her ministrations. Her tongue flicked, licked and squeezed the rigid shaft, her moans vibrating through the length as a hoof gently caressed his thigh.

If he’s never... hmm, I wonder how long he can last?

The answer seemed to be highly variable, as sometimes he seemed to come quite close to his release, moaning audibly...before flinching and shaking his head, drawing back from the brink. “No,” Ledger said to himself every time this happened. “Not like that. She cares. She does. I can feel it.”

Midnight sighed inwardly as she let him go for a moment. “Level... just let it go alright? I won’t get mad and I won’t try and eat you or anything. Just trust me okay?” she smiled as she resumed with even more vigor.

Ledger panted, moaned...and then tried something different. He looked down at the batpony as he felt what she was doing, smiling as the sight of someone he trusted causing those sensations blew his reservations away. Deep within, a reaction he’d only felt once before started brewing, and Ledger took the Thestral’s words to heart. He let it go, alright.

Midnight’s eyes widened, the volume... holy Celestia, where was this guy keeping it all!? After a moment, she had to pull back, coughing some out as the rest splashed her face and his stomach.

“D-damn... Lev...” she panted, trying to catch her breath. “And I just had a shower...”

“Ah...I did say I only had the one experience,” he said sheepishly. “Well, I don’t think I’m sleeping here tonight. Would you mind terribly if we cuddled in your room?”

“Well, I’ll need to wash up again, but I have no problem with that,” she said as she moved up next to him. “So... you like~?”

“It had more to do with the one performing the act than the act,” he admitted. “I think I’ve become very attracted to you, miss Song.”

“Aw, you know just what to say,” she smiled, kissing his cheek. “And I believe I’ve made my affection quite clear. Let’s hope tomorrow goes just as well, and maybe we’ll see about sorting out this whole ‘love’ thing?”

“That would be nice,” Ledger admitted, wanting to return the kiss, but, well… “I’m just grateful my chitin cleans easily. Bedsheets are going to take a while.” The drone stretched a little before moving to leave the bed, intent on cleaning up as quickly as possible. Sooner cleaned, sooner cuddled.

Chapter Eight - Their first time

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“You know,” Midnight said quietly as she lay in the fluffy bed. “I know I said something about mind blowing and all, but...”

“I’m sorry if I’m...disappointing,” Level said as he lay next to her. “It’s just...besides that one time, you’re the only other one I’ve been with.”

“It’s not that,” Midnight shook her head. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with... this?” she waved a hoof, motioning towards the position they were in. “I don’t want to push you into anything and I’m perfectly willing to wait until you’re one hundred percent comfortable with this.”

“True, I might not be able to put that memory behind me…” Level said before kissing Midnight on the lips. “But that’s why I need a new one. I wasn’t able to really get, ah, into it last night until I opened my eyes and reinforced that it was you doing things to me. I believe if I do the same here, it’ll help.”

“Well, alright then,” Midnight nodded as she placed a hoof on his chin. “Then no matter what, you never take your eyes off of me. Doctor Midnight is in the house, and she’s ready to dispense some sexual healing~”

“Oh, the nymphs on the strip would love you,” Level said with a snicker, not even realizing he’d made a joke. Midnight giggled as she rubbed his chitinous side.

“You made a funny, see, I’m already working miracles and I haven’t even started yet!”

“So tell me Doctor,” Level said, playing along for now. “What do you prescribe for a case like mine?”

Midnight hummed and tapped her chin. Her eyes took a very serious expression and she nodded after looking over his form.

“Yours is a very serious case. You have lacked a Song for so long, that the full immersive experience will be required. Only after a full treatment, may you hope to start on the road to recovery.”

“Ah, well, how does the full treatment usually start?” Level inquired, wondering if he would have to do something.

“Well,” Midnight replied in a husky tone. She gave him a half-lidded gaze that few stallions have ever resisted as she leant down and started to trail kisses along his neck. “Through a question. Can you actually feel anything through your chitin?”

“Sorta?” Level answered. “When you touch it, I can feel that there’s something going on...but it’s natural armor for a reason. There are a few soft spots, like the joints, and the, uh, obvious one…”

“Hmm, see, we’re learning.” Midnight switched up her tactics, now tracing kisses around the joints in his neck and chest. “Mmm, how’s that?”

Level moaned slightly as he felt the attentions leaking through his armor, his hindlegs shifting as a familiar friend started to wake up. “My, the doctor is a quick study,” he managed to tease.

“I pride myself in my attention to details~” she hummed. Her wing extended, teasing the space around the base of their mutual friend. Always close, but never quite touching. “Now, I intend to take my time tonight. Last night was relief, pure and simple. But now...?” she looked up at him and smiled. “Now it’s about so much more.”

Level panted, already approaching half-mast due to her attentions. “Hah...backed up for three years...that’ll happen,” he said by way of explaining last night’s sudden and explosive end. “But...whatever you want,” he finished with a nod, turning himself over to her ministrations entirely.

“Good,” Midnight smiled again, her love emanating like a warm blanket. It wasn’t like her usual emotions, which would gush forth like a broken dam. This was gentle and calm. Honestly, it felt pretty nice. Her kisses trailed further down and she looked up once more. “If you ever feel uncomfortable about anything, you tell me. Promise?”

“Promise,” he agreed, keeping an eye on the Thestral the whole while. Yes, some residual fear had bubbled up...but her care and the fact that it was her doing it to him quickly banished that.

“Alright then,” she replied with a wink. Her kisses travelled further south, until she reached the object of her desire. She gave him one, last seductive grin before re-enacting last nights fun, taking his still growing member into her mouth.

Level felt the familiar moistness and moaned, his maleness responding as well to the extra stimuli. Unable to really control himself, the changeling felt himself growing very hard, very fast. Between the feeling and the sight of the Thestral mare wrapping her mouth around was hot to a degree usually used to refer to the sun.

After a moment, she pulled her mouth away, still using a hoof to stroke his rock solid member. “Mmm, I’m not a Changeling, and yet I can feel something, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you~?”

“What can I say?” Level managed to get past the haze clouding his mind. “You got me to trust you, and proved yourself worth it...and so now here we are, performing an ultimate act of trust, again.”

“That we are,” Midnight rested her form against him, her hoof still moving and keeping him up. “Still, if you liked that, I have something much better planned. Do you want to keep going?”

“Of course I want to!” Ledger blurted out, before covering his mouth with his front hooves, eyes going wide. Drones...weren’t supposed to want...

“Now that’s what I want to hear~” she grinned widely as she suddenly straddled his chest. “Just keep telling me what you want alright? As long as it isn’t too weird...” She spared a brief moment to shudder when she recalled a few of her, stranger, encounters. She lowered her hips until the underside of his shaft was pressed against her moist lips. Slowly, she moved back and forth, the ridges on his cock rubbing against her clit, causing the mare to moan.

“, want me to want things?” Level asked, lowering his front hooves again. “That’s...going to take some getting used to.” Instinct told him to buck his back hips as the mare rubbed herself on him. So he did, but lightly, not wanting to offend her.

Midnight gasped and bit down on her hoof to suppress a pleasured squeal. “Mmph! Ahh, ha-harder!” Level quirked a non-existent eyebrow, but obliged, matching the mare’s rubbing with equally powerful bucking, the two sets of genetalia touching and rubbing each other at an increased pace.

“Your-your doctor is pleased,” Midnight panted as her body shook. Oh Celestia, it had been so long since she’d done something like this. “Now.. let’s, move forward...” She shifted her hips slightly and when Level bucked his hips again, he found himself sinking deep inside the mare as she gave out a low, pleasured moan.

Level let out his own moan as he felt something highly warm, wet, and tight grip his member. Memories didn’t even get the chance to surface as he reached up and drew Midnight into a kiss, feeling her love and lust fuel his own. In response to his sudden want for this activity, his cock throbbed within Midnight, highly pleased with the situation.

“Mmmmnnow we’re getting somwherrrreee~” she groaned as she started to move her hips. Her eyes shot open and her walls squeezed him like a vice, as she came around him. She knew she was close, but that one snuck up on her. “Hah.. hah... ahhhmmmm, keep-keep going...”

Level obliged, even though the first thing on his mind was How?! Her walls practically had him trapped, going an inch either way would be impossible for a little while. He eventually decided to just sit there and wait out her orgasm before moving again. Once he had the chance, he did so slowly, still not wanting to offend.

“Sweetie, I know you’re being nice... but a cute, very aroused mare is atop of you and wants you to let loose. So please do so. I said it before...” She smiled at him and kissed him deeply. “Do what you want~”

“I...I don’t know how to,” Ledger admitted, giving the nape of her neck a kiss. Midnight blinked and stifled a giggle. Gods above, he was so adorable~

“Okay, seems I have to give you a helping hoof.” She groaned and whined a little as she pulled off of him. Rolling to one side, she lay on her stomach and raised her hips, moving her tail to one side.

“Okay, I want you to mount me, and once you have... thrust as hard and as fast as you want okay?”

Ledger drew close to her and softly rubbed her mound with one chitinous hoof. “You’re sure?” he asked, not used to the situation at all. So in this case it was less of a ‘You’re sure you want this’ and more of a ‘You’re sure this will work?’

“Mmm, I’m mostly sure... can’t hurt to try,” she groaned, moving her hips at his touch. Level slowly stood up and began to drape himself over her back, feeling two familiar parts of themselves greet each other again.

“And now I wonder how I’m supposed to aim,” Ledger wondered aloud, slowly easing into this new, odd role.

Midnight sighed as she adjusted her wings, folding and moving the tips behind her, guiding his member to her entrance. “Hmm, there we go~” Upon feeling the opening, Ledger gave an instinctive buck, burying a good half of himself into the batpony already.

“Oh...buck, Midnight,” he moaned. “This is...really weird for me. You’re so tight…”

“Ohmigosh!” Midnight panted. “Oh buck that feels good! You’re doing sooo well Lev.” She bucked her hips back, until two thirds of him filled her. “Uahaaa, keep going!”

“As the doctor orders,” Level said, pulling back and giving Midnight some long, slow thrusts, so that she and he could get used to the situation. “Oh’re so wet...for me?” he asked aloud. “That...that means so much, Midnight.”

“Haa, and I’m only going to get wetter...” She smiled as she buried her face in her pillow. “Now, please be a dear and buck me!”

In response, Level pulled back and gave her something she hadn’t had yet: His full length. With one quick, powerful thrust, the Changeling filled the batpony completely.

Midnight’s eyes shot open once more, her mouth open in a silent scream as she shuddered around him again. “....ha... Oh.. wow....” Once she came down from her latest high, she was surprised to find him still bucking her, but now doing so with his entire dick. She just moaned and panted with each thrust, her tongue lolling out as her latest orgasm dripped onto the sheets below her.

“You really like this,” Ledger observed. “I’ll admit to not...seeing the appeal...until you came...into my life.” Between each sets of words, the changeling drew out and hammered back into the mare’s tunnel.

“Ooh, there’s... haah, appeal alright,” she said, becoming a little more lucid as she came down from her high, but Level seemed intent on sending her back soon. “Wai-wait a minute... wanna... see something else?”

“I’m listening,” Level said as he held himself still while being as deep as he could be in the mare, letting her do whatever it was she wanted to show him while he filled her.

“Lemme just...” she grunted as she pushed herself up and turned herself over, keeping him inside her all the while. Once she was done, she was on her back, her hooves wrapped around his neck and her bright eyes looking up into his.

“You like?”

Ledger leaned down to give her a peck on the lips in response, rotating his hips a little as he did. “Mmm, very much. Now I get to look at your face while I do this.”

“That’s the idea~” she giggled, leaning into his kiss. “Mm, now, as you were good sir!” Ledger grinned a little and drew nearly completely out...before hammering himself back into her in one solid thrust.

“Like so?” He asked, wiggling a little, letting her really feel him.

“YES!” Midnight cried out, embracing him tightly and panting in his ear. “Mmmm, you’re amazing Lev~”

Ledger panted, finally feeling an all-too familiar reaction brewing on his own end. “Tell me…” he panted into her ears. He wanted to ask her something, but all this lust...

“Tell you what?” she replied, her mind dissolving into a haze. “That you’re amazing? Cute? That I love you?”

“That last one,” Ledger agreed with a nod. “That you..want me...need me…”

“I love you!” she replied earnestly. “Even now, I can’t imagine my life without you. You adorable changeling~”

Ledger panted again and felt himself start to cum after her reassurance that he was loved. “Midnight, I’m...I’m…” he got out to warn her, not knowing where she’d want it. Midnight paused and looked up at him.

“W-well... can you... you know, get me...?”

“Maybe? Never really...looked into it…” He felt his release shoot up his member and groaned. “Seriously now or never!” He resorted to using a bead of magic to hold his load in for as long as it took her to decide.

“Um, Ah! Fuck... OUT... can’t risk it!” With an almighty squelch, Ledger drew himself out of her warm embrace and panted. He prepared to drop the small dam he’d erected already to hold his cum in. With a quick spark, his horn’s slight glow died, and the next time he twitched...

Midnight just moaned as he exploded, splashing her face and chest with his load. It was just as impressive as last night and the mare maaay have enjoyed this part a little too much, wondering what could have been if he...

Oh Celestia... she needed to update her magical protection.

“Hah...hah…” Ledger panted deeply before dropping down next to the mare, looking for a spot to kiss her that wasn’t coated and failing. “That...was awesome. You...are an amazing mare,” he said aloud. “But no cuddles until you get cleaned up,” he decreed.

“Eh?” She wondered on that, until she giggled and grabbed him tightly, hugging him close to her now very sticky chest.

“Ack!” Ledger protested. “Now we both need to get cleaned up,” he groused as he felt his release stick to his own chitin.

“That’s the idea~” she giggled as she let him go. “Now I get to teach you how much fun a shower can be~”

The changeling shrugged before sticking Midnight on his back and opening the door to his bathroom with an application of magic. “I’m not certain how getting clean could possibly be fun,” he observed as he took the pair of them into the bathroom, running the hot water already.

“Even... even after all that. You doubt me?” she deadpanned and leaned into his ear, her breath tickling him. “I am going to enjoy proving you wrong~”

“And if you do, I suppose I will as well,” the changeling smiled as he set hoof in the shower, moaning slightly as the warm water hit his carapace. “Oh yes...feels so good. Shame I don’t need long ones.”

“Well,” Midnight purred as she pulled the shower curtain so she could slide in behind him. “We might be a little longer than what you’re used to.”

Chapter Ten A - Creampuff

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Aside from a minor apocalypse, the nymph had been fed, Level and Midnight had been fed, and now the pair lay in their new shared bed. Midnight was still pouting though, as Level had given a lengthy lecture on kitchen safety.

“I said I was sorry,” she grumbled. Level gave her a quick nuzzle and sighed.

“Maybe it’d be best if you just...let me do the cooking,” he observed. “I still don’t know how the flames spread that fast…”

Mental note, do not fly while cooking, Midnight thought. “Y-yeah, sure is strange...”

There was silence for a moment longer before Level verbally prodded his marefriend again. “Soooo,” he said, nudging her with his muzzle.

“Yeah, fine... I’ll tell you what I did today,” she sighed, before rolling on top of him. “I may have solved a little dilemma of ours~”

“Oh?” he asked with a raised imaginary eyebrow. “Do tell. What dilemma was this?”

“Well,” she purred as she trailed some kisses along his chest and up his neck. “Well, tonight, we’re doing something a little different.” She grinned as she whispered into his ear.

Something about cream filling~

“Ah...didn’t you say last time that you didn’t want?...” The changeling trailed off, blushing and looking away.

“Why do you think I visited the pharmacy dear Level?” she cooed as her hoof idly made its way south. “There are some very good preventive tonics~”

“Ah...and you took these tonics, yes?” he asked, still not quite able to look at the mare on his chest. “It’s all well and good to have them, but if you don’t use them…”

“I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, I mean, I have used them in the past...” She sighed as her hoof stopped. “And yes Ledger, why do you think I used the bathroom before? They take a little time to take effect. Now are you going to keep stalling, or are you going to rut me?”

“Well, I mean I could,” Ledger hemmed one final time, still trying to keep his emotions under control.

“Level,” Midnight stated. “If you don’t take what you want, I am going into that bathroom to do it myself. And I will let you hear and sense every last second.”

“Well,” Level said as he reached up with one hoof to stroke Midnight’s mane...before holding her close to his chest and rotating the pair of them, so that she was on the bottom, looking up at him now. “With incentive like that, what drone could refuse?” He then looked between his legs and blushed at the lack of reaction she’d garnered so far. “Um...little help? I might need a kick-start, love.”

“Hmm, well I guess I can oblige,” she purred. Interacting with the Ladies before had already worked her up, time to take that out on Ledger. She pounced on him, devouring him in a hungry kiss as she purred into his mouth, her forehoof already rubbing at a quickly growing friend. She eventually pulled her head back to take a breath and smiled.

“Oh, you are going to love this.” She moved down slightly and gave him one last grin, before her long tongue lolled out and wrapped itself around little Ledger. The drone gasped and instinctively bucked his hips at the feeling, before shuddering and holding himself still, panting at the new sensations. After a minute, he leaned in to Midnight and whispered into her ears.

“This is nice, I admit,” he started. “But the only thing I really love here is you.”

“Celestia dammit! Stop being romantic and cute!” She blushed fiercely as she pulled back. Then a thought occurred and she wondered what he’d say. “Say Ledger... I heard that Changelings could... chirp.”

“Ah...yeah, chirping is a part of Changeish and something we do when we’re really young,” Level said, with a blush of his own.

She looked at him with expectant eyes. Ledger blinked before coughing and motioning to what Midnight’s efforts had brought out. “Maybe, uh...after?” he weakly offered.

“Do it now and I’ll show you something neat.” Level sighed and cleared his throat, before looking at Midnight and opening his mouth.

A small, barely-audible chirp filled the room.

Midnight blinked, before squeeing and hugging him. “Oh Sweet Luna, that was the most adorable thing EVER!” She then made good on her end of the deal, using the same trick as before, only this time? She also engulfed the head with her mouth as a low hum filled her throat, vibrating along his shaft.

“Oh buck,” Level hissed, letting out another small buck as he did. “That...okay, points for that being neat like you said, but keep it up and the only cream filling you’re getting is one going down your throat,” the changeling warned.

As delicious as that sounded, she sighed and pulled her mouth off of him. “Now, shall we get to the main event?”

“We shall,” Ledger said, using a hoof to push Midnight onto her back while he leaned down to kiss her. “Just...gimmie a moment to aim,” he added, poking around with his member while he kept kissing the Thestral.

“No time,” she grunted. She wrapped her hind hooves around his waist and thrust her hips upwards, impaling herself on his rigid member, almost sinking the whole thing in one swift motion.

“Ohhh, buuuuuuck~” she moaned loudly. Level joined her in a wordless moan, before dipping his head down as he buried himself in her.

“Every...time,” he panted out. “You..really do care...really do like me…”

“No, really?” Midnight snarked, before kissing him deeply. “Now, how about you be a stallion and take your mare~?”

“Drone, not stallion,” Level corrected before giving her a smaller kiss. “But I suppose since you ask so nicely…” With that he drew out and started hammering into the mare below him in long, fast thrusts.

“A-a-a-a-aahhhh~” Midnight moaned with each thrust. “Oooh~ I like Assertive Ledger!” She held him close and moaned into his ear, spurning his growing lust on like a wildfire.

“Your fault,” Ledger grunted as he felt his peak slowly nearing, switching from giving her long thrusts to short ones. On the upside, he did bury himself entire in her before he started humping like a madstallion. “Showed me I could trust...took my fear away…”

Midnight’s brain was mush. Between Ledger’s ministrations and the sweet, loving words he uttered. “I love youuuu~” she groaned as a powerful orgasm wracked her body, her nethers gripping him tightly. Ledger grunted again in response, holding himself still for a moment while he voiced his only concern.

“Close,” he informed her. “You’re sure?”

“Y-yeah, it’s... ahhhh~ fine... Do it!!” Ledger gave her a few more thrusts before burying himself in her again and letting his release run free inside her.

“Oohhhh~” Midnight groaned as she was utterly filled. How? How did he still make this much? By the time he was done, her abdomen was actually a little bigger than usual. “Holy crap Ledger... ahhh, so full....”

“Blaming you...never been so fed in my life,” Ledger replied as he just sighed and held himself there for a minute, making sure he was done. Once he was certain that was the case, the drone slooooowly extracted himself from the mare below, before laying down next to her on the bed and drawing her close.

Midnight just sighed as she leaned into the hug. “So worth it....” she sighed. Ledger drew his own deep breath and was about to sigh happily with her…

When instead, he let out a squeaky chirp.

Midnight paused, before hugging her changeling again. “Oh my, that is still so damned cute!!”

Chapter Ten B - The Date

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Fredrick gave everything one last check. Noodles, still waiting, water, near boiling. Bread and sauce, long done. Salad and other greens, ready and waiting. Wine list, picked out, cheese, grated. Himself? He gave his form a quick look in the mirror and nodded. Not his best, but it’d do. Deep breaths. This was only a mare of high standing that wanted to be treated like a mare. It’s not like he was trying to court nobility, after all.

The commoners were so much more fun, anyways.

The small bell above the door chimed as Narrow Gaze walked in. She looked... a little nervous, an unusual look for her at the very least. She wore a cream-coloured dress that complimented her peach coat nicely. Her dark mane was tied up into a ponytail, while her bangs had a cute little prench curl. A simple silver necklace adorned her neck, while a pair of matching earrings glinted gently in the candlelight. Fredrick turned his head towards the sound of the bell and smiled widely at his date’s arrival.

“Ah, dear Narrow, so happy you could join me for dinner,” the gryphon said as he walked closer to the mare. He’d washed, brushed his coat out, preened his feathers, and made doubly sure that he didn’t smell of anything he shouldn’t before starting work on dinner for them both. The avian drew close, then bowed his head to the mare. “Milady,” he said.

She returned the gesture and smiled back. “Thank you for having me tonight,” she replied. She sniffed the air and hummed, “Mm, something smells wonderful~”

“I do try my best, dear lady,” the gryphon said, before he rose from his bow...and took one of Narrow’s forehooves and giving it a peck. “Do you have a preference on where you would like to be seated?”

“Anywhere is fine,” she replied, before spying a nice table for two in the centre of the room. As she walked past him, her tail brushed up against his leg and she winked. “Oh yes, the dinner smells good too~”

“That is hardly fair, trying to turn my own tricks back on me,” the griffon lightly protested. “If it is a game you desire, though, it is a game you shall have.”

“All is fair in love and war, and I have already been to war,” she grinned. She thought about something and shook her head slightly. “And Midnight Song is a terrible influence...”

“I found her to be a pleasing breath of fresh air,” Fredrick said with a smile as he drew out a chair for the mare. “She at least did better than most during our little verbal bouts.”

Narrow sat down as the griffon tucked the chair in. She smiled lightly and shook her head. “You don’t have to work with her, so you're getting off easy.” She took one of the napkins with her magic and folded it neatly in front of her. “So Mr. Fredrick. What’s on the agenda for this evening?”

“To start with,” Fredrick said as he stood next to the mare, in imitation of one of his wait-staff. “I have a choice of first courses. A salad, or some simple fried spinach, whatever the lady desires. Music shall be provided, as well as a choice of drinks, also in accordance with the lady’s preference.”

“Mm, the spinach sounds nice,” she murred as she looked over the wine menu. “And this one, the ‘Chateau le Blanc’.”

“Ah yes, a fine choice. I shall return with the bottle in a moment after setting the spinach to fry during my sonjourn below...once the lady picks out a song she desires,” Fredrick said, motioning for the mare to turn the wine list over. She did so, and a list of albums with their songs presented themselves.

“Ooh, nice selection.” She scanned the list and found one that made her smile. “This one here,” she said, pointing at one particular album. A griffon one.

“Ah, not a bad choice,” Fredrick mused. “Certainly one of our...less volatile ones. I shall put it on momentarily.” With that, the griffon was a blur of activity. First to the phonograph in the corner, putting the record on. Then to the kitchen, to turn on the flames beneath the spinach. And finally, to the basement, to find the bottle of wine his date had requested.

Narrow sat in her chair, thinking on the events that led her here. Celestia above, she hadn’t been on a date in years, and now she was all dolled up and being wined and dined by that handsome griffon.

I am going to make an ass of myself at some point, she thought to herself. Still, he’s trying quite hard, and tonight has been pretty good so far…

The first semi-soothing tones of Griffic came from the phonograph, to go with the instruments that had been playing for the past minute or so. Just as it seemed the singer was getting to something that could resemble a chorus, Fredrick emerged from the kitchen, holding a tray that had two wine glasses and a bottle atop it.

“Almost forgot to turn on the light before going down there,” the griffon chuckled. “That would have put a damper on things.”

Narrow giggled, yes, giggled. “It most certainly would have, a date in the emergency room isn’t really romantic.” Why did the griffin feel like she knew a little too much what that was like?

“I think they purposely make those places to be as uninviting as possible, to ensure you do not desire to return,” the griffon mused before placing the tray on the table. With a quick stab and a flex of one of his talons, the cork popped free. The avian wiggled his newly corked claw about, before pulling it off with his other talon. “Never gets old, having a built-in wine-opener,” he jested, pouring them both a drink. “Shall we make a toast?” he inquired.

“A toast then,” Narrow nodded, raising her own glass with a hoof, rather than magic. “To good health? Or perhaps love?”

“To friendship and finding new friends to spend time with,” the griffon said, before winking. “Of course, what sort of friends we’ll wind up being and how we spend our time is all up to you, dear lady.”

Narrow clinked her glass against his. “Hmm, or perhaps this mare will be the one to tame the wild griffin hmm?”

“Many have tried,” Fredrick replied with a chuckle as he sipped at his wine. Once he tasted the drink, he nodded, gulped, and set the glass down. “None have succeeded. Much to the frustration of the stallions of this fine city, I’m sure.”

“I’m sure,” she smiled back. “You know, I have been approached a few times regarding you. A few stallions claiming you took their wives... And one or two of them were actually married!”

“Nonsense!” Fredrick said, brushing the claims off. “I do ask every mare that finds her way into my bed before we engage in such activities if they have any significant others. Should they be taken in any fashion, I back off. I would never intrude on another’s relationship!”

“And I’m aware of that,” Narrow nodded. “I’m well aware of your noble creed Fredrick, which is why I told them it was nonsense, and if you somehow did, then the mare lied. So the fault doesn’t lie with you.”

“And I thank you for that,” Fredrick said with a smile and a bow, before perking up and looking at the kitchen. “Ah yes, the spinach!” With that, he was bounding off again.

He’s certainly spry for a such a large fellow...

“I bet that’s not all that’s large and spry about him~”

Narrow gasped and blushed, putting a hoof to her mouth. Where in the hell did that thought come from? She barely had any time to think about it before the griffon had re-emerged from his kitchen, two plates of steaming green leaves atop them.

“This is something I and a friend worked on together,” Fredrick admitted. “He helped me perfect the balance of the spices, and I provided the base greens. We eventually found this combination worked the best.” With a small flourish, the plate of fried spinach was placed before the mare, and Fredrick was sitting opposite her with his own plate.

She gave the plate a sniff, then levitated her fork and raised some to her lips, taking a small bite.

“Yes, I’d say perfect is a fine word to use for this dish,” she hummed. “The spices are flavourful, and the spinach is perfectly cooked. You truly are a master of your craft Fredrick.”

“Hardly,” he said, though he did smile. “I am good with dinners and breakfasts, yes. Lunch I am not terrible at...but do not ask me to make anything sweet on my own. Co-incidentally, I had to have one of my chefs make tonight’s dessert, but I did at least come up with the plan for it myself.”

“When one can admit their faults, they can then improve on them,” she quoted from her days in the Guard Academy. “Still, I think you are plenty sweet on your own.”

“Quite a few mares have called me as such,” the griffon retorted with a smirk, not looking away from her eyes. “My usual reply is that they are far more cloying than the best honeys I could hope to find.”

“Hah! I know I’m far too much of a hardass to be called ‘sweet,’” she chortled. “Nice try though.” She took another bite of her greens, a larger one this time and chewed slowly to savour the taste.

“Perhaps you’re like some of those rock candies?” the griffon offered. “Hard on the exterior...but fun to suckle on?” His grin could not be wider, or else his face might crack in half.

Narrow suddenly coughed, her food going down the wrong pipe as she blushed fiercely. After shakily grabbing her wine and downing the whole glass she stared at him. “W-wha... ohhh, that was mean!”

“Plus you could still be called sweet,” he observed, as though she hadn’t just had a coughing fit, his smirk never leaving.

“You are a scoundrel,” she coughed lightly and looked at her empty glass. “And I just made a fool of myself...”

That’s gotta be a new record.

Oh shut the hell up…

“Plenty more wine where that came from, and it’d take more than that to make yourself look like a fool in my eyes,” Fredrick said as he refilled her glass. “And if you’re only just now realizing I’m a scoundrel, I’m afraid I’m going to have to doubt your observational skills.”

“Oh I was aware the moment I met you,” she smiled as he refilled her glass. “Just making sure you knew it as well.” She had finished the rest of her greens and pushed her chair back. “Do you have a bathroom I could use?”

“Of course,” he said, pointing at one corner of the floor, where signs for the restroom were clearly posted. “If you do not mind, I shall clear our plates and check up on the main course while you powder your muzzle.”

Narrow just shook her head as she disappeared into the room. She checked for spinach stuck in her teeth and washed her muzzle of the hastily gulped wine. Once she was satisfied that she was presentable once more, she returned to the table and sat back down, waiting for her date to return.

Fredrick came back out of the kitchen and sat across from her with a smile. “We have a minute while the noodles boil,” he said. “So, I believe this is traditionally the time one of us asks about the other, yes? As a gentlegriffon, I shall permit you first question.”

“Very well,” Narrow replied. “Tell me Fredrick, why Las Pegasus of all places? A griffin of your talents could have a place in Canterlot or Manehatten.”

“I went to Canterlot once,” the griffon replied, before sticking his tongue out and shuddering. “Never again. Nopony there knows how to loosen up and have fun...or fun. So many of them have worn the ‘polite’ or ‘uptight’ noble mask for so long, it’s ceased to be a mask. As for why not anywhere else?” The avian looked around and gave a wistful sigh as he looked from one place to another. “This was my parent’s place.”

“Huh? I never knew that,” she replied. “I’ve only been in this city for a few years.” She sipped at her wine and smiled. “How about you? Any questions for me?”

“None at the moment that won’t offend, I fear,” the griffon replied before perking again and sighing. “And our dinner calls. I’ll be back shortly, with both food and hopefully a pertinent question.”

With that, the gryphon had stood up again, quickly vanishing back into his kitchen.

“Questions that could offend? What does he mean by that?” she wondered aloud as her mind went to work, analyzing the conversation so far and determining what he already knew about her. Her life wasn’t an overly secretive one, so she had nothing to hide... well, other than ‘that’. But there was no way in Tartarus he could have figured that out.

She suddenly decided to stop thinking, she was on a date, not an interrogation. The sound of dishes clattering about got her attention, before she heard wheels starting to squeak. Upon looking at the kitchen again, the mare would see Fredrick pushing out a small cart in front of him, with a covered tray on top.

“Well now, what do we have here?” she asked curiously. “It certainly smells good.”

Fredrick whipped the top off, to reveal two bowls of spaghetti covered in a thin red sauce. Between them was a small bowl filled with grated cheese, parmesan, Fredrick said.

“And to serve as something to help us mop up the sauce when we are done,” the griffon said, reaching under the cart. “I present, my herb and cheese bread.”

It didn’t look like much. Just a lump of dough that had been baked and sliced.

But oh Celestia, the smell!

“I think I just went to heaven,” she sighed. A cheeky glint shone in her eyes and she looked up at the griffin. “Mmm, it almost looks as good as the one serving it~”

“Flatterer,” he said, only slightly flustered by her repeated compliments...and he’d not gotten anywhere close to broaching that topic yet! Usually the mares reserved their praises for him after he’d served them, one way or another! Speaking of which, he took the chance to set the table before replying to her. “Though if you think this looks nice, then you will certainly enjoy dessert...or perhaps you should look in a mirror sometime and get as lost in your beauty as I almost was when you walked in the door.”

“Oh you,” she blushed slightly. “I’m not Midnight though, so I think I’ll bask in ogling your flanks for a little longer if you don’t mind.”

Okay, not that I’m complaining, but where is this coming from?

...I dunno. I blame the wine.

Speaking of which, Fredrick refilled his own glass before raising it. “Another toast, perhaps? I’ll even let you start~” he offered.

Narrow had to think now, the sudden announcement snapping her out of her thoughts. “W-well, then shall I toast to, um?” She saw the food and nodded. “Good food and better company.”

“To a beautiful night spent with a far more stunning mare,” Fredrick rejoined, before clinking his glass against hers and taking a sip of the wine. Fortunately, the record in the background started playing what could be interpreted as a love ballad...if you knew Griffic.

Narrow’s ear twitched and she smiled. “Ooh, I haven’t heard this ballad in a while. It’s a rather romantic one though.”

“You know Griffic?” Fredrick asked with a raised eyebrow, pausing himself from taking a bite of his sauce and cheese covered pasta.

“I’m quite fluent, yes.” Her accent was a little rough, due to the lower tone she used, but the pronunciation was flawless. “I also know a little Thestrali and Hippocampi.”

“A mare with a talented tongue,” Fredrick replied, smirking before adding, “Isn’t that my job?”

“It’s all about how you use it,” she smiled back as she twirled some pasta around her fork and ate it. “And I can use it very well~”

“That remains to be seen, but you are currently one surprise after another,” he said as he began eating his own noodles...which only looked a little like a bird eating a worm when he got a rather long noodle and started slurping it up.

Narrow chuckled at the sight, as she dipped her bread in some of the sauce. She took a bite and her eyes widened. Sweet Celestia above! This was the most delicious thing ever!

“Okay, now I’m impressed,” she murmured.

“My bread tends to do that,” the griffon chuckled. “I only make it on special request, or when a mare really needs comforting. It takes hours of the day to mix and rise properly before it can be baked. Still, it’s all worth it for that moment,” here he pointed to Narrow’s face, “so I tend to keep a small amount on hoof that I replenish once it goes stale.”

“Well, I could eat your loaf all day long,” she sighed. The wording was meant as innocent, given that there was no underlying seductive tone. But still...

She dipped the remaining amount of her slice in the sauce and hummed happily as she ate it. “The perfect antidote to a day like mine.”

“I would imagine any day in a job like yours would have more than a modicum of stress involved,” the chef observed, before clicking his tongue once and shaking his head. “But that is not what I wish to ask about.” The griffon seemed to think for a moment, before asking his question properly. “A mare such as yourself could have had any stallion she desired. What made you choose me, milady?”

“Because you’re confident,” she replied. “And you don’t seem concerned about my position or pay bracket.” Yeah, she’d dealt with a few of those too. “But, the main reason... I guess there’s just ‘something’ about you that I like, something I can’t quite place my hoof on.”

“Well I do hope you figure out what it is by night’s end,” the griffon said, raising his glass to the mare before taking another sip. “And you’re right,” he started once his mouth was empty. “I don’t care about what you do or what you make. A mare is a mare is a mare. A goddess to be respected and venerated however she asks, assuming she is in fact polite about it...unlike those snobs in Canterlot.” The avian had turned to muttering half-Griffic curses at the end of his statement.

“I am inclined to agree with you there,” Narrow nodded, she didn’t like the capitol much either. Her thoughts wandered to a certain batpony and she chuckled. “At least not everypony that comes out of there has a stick in their flank.”

“True, but the ones that do don’t stop at sticks and apparently decide an entire tree is an acceptable suppository,” Fredrick chuckled. “At least you can tell by the way they walk which ones they are.”

“Aye,” Narrow nodded. “Hm, I think I’ve already figured it out actually. What I like about you the most.”

“Oh, do keep it a surprise until after I serve you dessert at least,” Fredrick said as he looked at their near-empty bowls. “Which...might not be too long now.”

“Oh, I intended to,” the mare smiled. “Gotta keep some surprises after all.” She used her remaining bread to wipe the plate clean, the meal soon completely gone.

“Ah, that was wonderful Fredrick. If dessert was half as good as that, I will be most happy.”

“Then allow me to fetch it,” Fredrick said as he put their dishes atop his cart. Before he pushed it towards the kitchen, the griffon leaned in to the mare and gave her hoof a soft kiss and a wink.

“Be right back,” he said, his voice as smooth as silk, before he vanished again.

Narrow fought down the blush as she looked at her hoof. Her main concern now was how this date was going to end. She knew of Fredrick’s reputation, especially since he boasted about it every other minute. Question is, would she go that far after just one date?

The reappearance of the griffon snapped her out of her line of thought for a moment, and then she saw what he was carrying.

Small, chocolate cookies, with some sort of chocolate topping. They looked a little lumpy, but the griffon urged her to try one with a slight claw gesture.

Narrow paused when she laid eyes on the dessert. Did he? No, he couldn’t have. There was no way he could have known how much she liked chocolate....

Midnight! That sneaky, little-

She gulped and picked one up with her magic. It hovered in front of her for a moment, she she took a generous bite, ie, the whole cookie.

Flavour exploded in her mouth as she savoured the sweet chocolate and cherry cookie. The chocolate base just melted in her mouth and she moaned in a way that could easily be mistaken for another kind.

“Soooo, gooood~”

“I had the idea after a certain little bird told me you liked chocolate,” Fredrick said, grinning and having one himself. Fighting back his own pleasured moans, he added on to his earlier statement. “I had to give it to one of my more adept baker apprentices, but I’d say he pulled through with aplomb.”

“There are no birds in this city, just mouthy bats,” Narrow replied as she devoured her fourth cookie. Oh gods above, she could eat these forever! “My compliments to your baker.”

“Mine as well,” Fredrick said, nibbling on his second cookie. “They turned out better than I imagined.”

Narrow nodded, already having lost count on how many she’d had, but the plate was rather diminished. “I will have to request these for our next date as well~”

“I intend to make them a regular menu item, if he is willing,” the avian pointed out as he polished off his third cookie. “My, they are rather too good for their own good,” he chuckled.

“Agreed,” she smiled, fighting hard to not just lick the whole plate clean. But that would be very unladylike. “Whew, I’m going to have to work hard tomorrow, or these cookies will ensure that I no longer fit my armour.”

“Well if you want to wait that long to get some physical exercise in, that is your decision of course,” Fredrick said with a wink. “But I believe there was something you said you had figured out about me that you enjoy?” he reminded the mare.

Narrow’s eyes widened a little and her cookie fell from her telekinetic grasp. “Ah, I did say that didn’t I?” She smiled as she took a sip of her wine, the mellow flavor balanced out the cookies quite nicely. “Well, above anything else. I’d say that I like that you are so true to yourself. You don’t pretend to be anyone or anything other than you. And in this city... that’s a rare thing.”

“Indeed,” Fredrick said with a nod. “I learned long ago that not many are true to who or what they I endeavored to find out who and what I was. I went on a small journey around Equestria, with my parent’s permission...and found out quite a lot about myself, that eventually boiled down to the griffon you see before you.” He swirled his glass before continuing.

“I found I liked fine food and fine wine...and that I enjoyed fine company even more. I found I had a knack for cooking...and that above all else, I could and should always be honorable.” He indicated the restaurant around them before finishing off his statements. “Because while all these physical goods are well and word, my honor, the things I can always carry with me? Once they’re lost, they can never be recovered.”

Okay, Narrow’s heart may have skipped a beat or two there. That was beautiful. And, she could relate as well. “I know how you feel,” she replied. “I was raised to be a farmer, picking trees, tilling soil... but, I wanted more out of life. Something exciting and maybe a little dangerous. It’s why I became a Guard. Turns out, I was good at it. Met a lot of friends, even changed my name...” Whoops, hopefully he wouldn’t dwell on that bit.

“I still wonder what might have happened if I’d stayed on that farm, but I’m happy where I am.” She raised her glass and took another sip.

“It’s no use dwelling on might-have-beens and what-ifs. If I did that, I’d never move on when my bedmates do,” the griffon replied as he stared at the last cookie on the plate. “I find that while every pony has a skill they’re good at and that they enjoy...that’s only a starting point. How they choose to define themselves from then entirely up to them.”

Narrow also stared at the cookie and then a mischievous, spur-of-the-moment idea popped into her head. She lifted the cookie with her magic and placed half in her mouth, before leaning forward with her eyes closed. Fredrick took the hint and drew the mare in for a deep kiss, the flavors of chocolate, cherry, and mare perfectly complementing one another as he ran a claw through her mane.

Wow! She wasn’t expecting this level, but she wasn’t complaining. And his claws running through her mane felt amazing~

After a simply delectable kiss, she pulled back, a little breathless. “Wow... that was.. something.”

“We may have to invent words to describe just how deep and rich that kiss was,” the griffon said...before showing off that he’d gotten the cherry from the cookie and gulping it down.

“Ohh, you stole my cherry you naughty birdy,” she smiled, giving him a come-hither gaze.

“I didn’t see your name on it,” he replied, giving her his own seductive look. “Then again,” he mused, “I wasn’t examining it with much beyond my tongue.”

“So, you have other methods then?” she asked innocently. “I must say that I am a little curious. But our date is not quite done yet, yes?”

“It depends on what the lady wants,” Fredrick said as he ran a claw through her mane again. “If she desires to leave me be, then all she has to do is walk out those doors. If she desires for me to accompany her, I shall. If she desires to stay, then I live upstairs, and how far we go is up to her.”

Narrow Gaze hopped down from her chair and straightened her dress. “Tonight has been wonderful Fredrick, the best night I have had in a very long time... but...”

“And I am happy to have given it to you,” the avian said, already internally sighing. And she’d been so pretty once you got past the Guardmare exterior…

“I have a small complaint,” she remarked as she walked around to his side of the table. “I believe I was promised a wonderful dessert, and yet all I got were those delicious appetizers...” She leaned in close and whispered with a wicked smirk on her muzzle. “When do I get my dessert Fredrick~?”

“What more do you desire, my lady?” he whispered back. “If it’s something sweet, I will be inept in its conception, and my baker is home for the night.”

Narrow resisted the urge to facehoof. “Well, you’ve already been plenty sweet tonight,” she said back. She glanced at the stairs and nodded her head. “I wonder if you can provide a more... wild menu?”

“My lady,” he said, hopping down from his chair and giving her another kiss. This one was less deep, yet the taste of chocolate lingered still. “Merely make what you want of me plain...and I shall provide. Set limits for me, and I shan’t exceed them.”

“It’s quite simple really,” she said as she headed for the stairs. “Simply prove that there is truth to those boasts of yours. How and what you do to prove that is up to you.” She gave her tail a playful flick and began to trot up the stairs.

After only a few seconds, which she took to be the griffon rebooting himself, she heard the sound of a huge, thunderous beast chasing her up the stairs of the restaurant. She shrieked and ran up the remaining stairs, wondering just what she’d gotten herself into. Once she reached the top, she started looking around for his bedroom, wondering which one was likely to be his. The griffon used that time to catch up to her and bodily pick her up, holding her close to his chest while causing no damage to her dress, shockingly enough.

“You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, milady,” Fredrick growled into her ears as he began turning towards one door, cargo secured against his fluffy chest. “But I can think of a few things that are going to get into you instead.”

“W-well, I’d say this is assault against an officer. But I fear that I am no position to argue,” she smirked. “Still, I’m impressed you can lift me so easily. I am over half your size.”

“You would need some of your uniform, otherwise you are off-duty and fair game,” Fredrick responded as he nudged the bedroom door open with his head. “And I do tend to keep myself in shape.”

Narrow may or may not have been gushing a little about being swept up like that.

Pft, you’re so into this.

So are you...


Narrow squeaked in surprise when she was tossed onto a large, plush bed however. “Aw, is the ride over already?”

“Au contraire, milady,” Fredrick replied as he began his slow, perhaps slightly sensual search for the best way to remove the dress from his date. “The ride has only just begun.”

“You have to pull it over my head,” Narrow informed him, once it became evident on what he was doing.

“Then it is a good thing you did your mane in a ponytail,” he said with a slight smirk. “Otherwise I would worry about ruining whatever style you used.” The griffon pinched the collar of the dress between two talons, lightly...but this wasn’t a one-pony job. Or rather, it’d be easier with the one wearing it helping him with the removal of the article.

“Hmm, I have a better idea~” Narrow rolled out from under him and onto the floor. When the griffon frowned, she just raised a hoof and smiled. She moved her body slowly and sensually, to some unheard tune as she painstakingly raised the dress along her flanks and then up past her chest. Her hips waved hypnotically with each move and twirl, her tail was positioned just so, as to hide the gem that lay beneath, as her eyes twinkled with youthful mischievousness.

After what seemed like forever, the garment was tossed aside, leaving the mare in just her jewelery and slippers. “Mmm, like what you see?” she purred.

“Mmm, quite so,” the griffon replied, raising an eyebrow before patting the spot on the bed next to him. “Though, I always did prefer to examine things up close.”

Narrow crawled up onto the bed, sashaying across the blankets until she came to rest next to the large griffon. “Well, you’d better make it a thorough examination then.”

Fredrick responded by drawing one claw, slowly, carefully, down her back, almost right on top of her spine. Another claw hooked her necklace and drew it over her head before laying it to rest on the nearby nightstand. Once that was done, both earrings were swiftly removed, and the griffon kissed her again. “I always find it most interesting that it is only when a mare is removed of all her other finery and jewelry...does she truly outshine them.”

“Flattery,” she murmured as she kissed his neck, “will get you everywhere.” She suddenly paused as she realized something that was far too shameful to admit. It had been so long since she was with a stallion last, she honestly had no idea how to lead.

“I do try,” Fredrick said as he gently slipped her left forehoof’s slipper off, before giving it a kiss. The process was slowly repeated with its twin, and the Gryphon never took his eyes off of her.

Narrow just blushed as the griffon continued his ministrations. She bit into her left hoof as he moved to her hindhooves, his clawed talons pressing lightly against her thighs. “Far too long...” she murmured.

“Then allow me to show you what it is like with a griffon who knows what he is doing,” Fredrick said as he kissed against her left hindhoof, the slipper having been slipped off already. As he moved from left to right, he let his claws trail along her form...though on the outside, of course. Wouldn’t do to get her too worked up, too quickly...

She squirmed slightly under the touch, her body already feeling a little heated. “Mm, then I leave it to you Fredrick.” She felt a little bad that he was doing all the work though. Perhaps she would return the favor when given the chance.

Once the mare had been divested of all her accessories, Fredrick returned to sitting in front of her and smiled. “And there we have it,” he said aloud. “One mare, unwrapped, and as beautiful as when she walked in my door.” The griffon then gave her a soft peck on the lips before he spoke again. “Really, all those accessories just detract and distract from the beauty and splendor that is the mare underneath.”

Narrow just blushed harder and turned her gaze away from him. “There’s a difference between flattery and just laying it on too thick,” she said. She wasn’t exactly a young mare, she was in her mid thirties for Celestia’s sake. “Though I appreciate it all the same...”

“I believe I said this before, but apparently it bears repeating,” Fredrick said with a soft smile as he slowly brought Narrow’s gaze back to him with one of his talons, running one claw over her right cheek. “So long as you take pride in who and what you are...that is beautiful to me.”

“I’m proud of who and what I am,” she smiled back, tracing a hoof along his chest. “Guess I’m just a little sore about my age is all. You make me feel like a much younger mare though~”

“I tend to have that effect,” he winked, murring lightly at her touch. “Mmm, how about a wager, milady? Guess my age, and I’ll let you have first go.”

Narrow looked at him and tilted her head. How was she supposed to figure that out? Her mind wandered, wondering if he’d had a file at some point, but came up empty. She took into account the way he spoke and the way he carried himself. Could he have...?

“I’m going to say... early thirties?”

“Actually, my thirtieth birthday is in a few months,” he answered. “Still, very close! Closer than most. All the mares I’ve offered this to or asked later seem to think I’m in my mid-thirties.”

“Well you’re quite the gentlesta- er, gentlegriffon,” Narrow said. “So I’d say it’s a fairly common misconception. I thought our age gap was a lot bigger, to think you’re only a little younger than me.”

“Age is just a number, and just because you have class doesn’t mean you have more years than another...and vice versa: just because you have aged, doesn’t make you classy.” He softly drew one claw through her mane before undoing the tie at the end of the ponytail, setting it on the nightstand with all the rest of her accessories. Fredrick then started drawing an entire talon’s worth of claws through her mane like some sort of brush, enjoying the feeling. “Personally, I hope to age well and with my class intact.”

Narrow hummed at the feeling of her mane being brushed like that. “You’re like a fine wine,” she smiled. “You’ll simply get better with age and ponies will get drunk off of your personality that much faster~”

“Better than some other things that age at cheese,” he said, snickering lightly.

“Or milk,” she giggled, remembering that one carton that lived in the back of her fridge for four years... that wasn’t a pleasant experience. Contrary to this brushing, ohh, she could get used to this very quickly. She hadn’t even realized that one of her hind hooves was rubbing against his inner thigh, while her tail coiled around his own.

“Somepony likes my improvised brush technique,” Fredrick observed wryly. “And I haven’t even had a chance to use my specialized massage yet~” he then teased.

“As amazing as that sounds,” Narrow purred, finally feeling more relaxed and just a little more confident. “I believe you and I are here for a different reason tonight.”

“Seeing as how you got the closest any mare has gotten to guessing my true age, along with the fact that I am a gentlegriffon, I shall permit you first move,” he said with a slight smirk. “Do make it a good one.”

Narrow paused, this was the moment she’d dreaded. What the hell was she supposed to do. It had been a while and she’d never been with a Griffon before, or anything that wasn’t a Unicorn.

Wait! Wings!

She moved out from under him and sat beside him, her hooves slowly working the space on his back, between his wings. The griffon cooed lightly as his wings instinctively began to twitch.

Okay, so far so good. And he was male, so this next part should translate well no matter the species. Her tail flicked up, the silky-smooth hair teasing his belly and the space between his hind legs, as her hooves moved along the wing bones, tracing small circles along the muscle.

“Oooh, you’re not half-bad at that, milady,” the griffon cooed, even as his wings started to unfurl under her attentions. “Kudos for being such a quick study on the similarity between myself and a Pegasus.”

“Well, I’m just winging it,” she chuckled lightly, not even realizing the pun she made. Her tail moved around his legs, torso and lower body like a silk ribbon.

Fredrick, on the other hoof, winced before laughing along with her. “I feel as though I ought to extract some sort of PUNishment from you for that…” he muttered, before sighing and shaking his head. “But I’ll wait to do that until you finish this delightful massage of yours.”

“Just a massage?” she asked him, as she nibbled on his shoulder. “Oh dear, you’ve gotten me started now. I’ll see this ride through thank you very much.” Her hooves, having finished with his wings, moved south until she had a firm grasp on his feline flank.

“And how you intend to be the one atop me is a question I’d like answered,” the Griffon said as he turned his head to quickly peck Narrow on the lips. She returned the kiss and smiled.

“Well, it seems I forgot something about myself. And I blame you for being such a handsome distraction.” Her horn fired up as she lifted the bird into the air, flipping him over gently as not to damage his wings. “Now it’s time to play~”

“I am nothing if not distracting,” Fredrick replied, not displeased with the situation at all. After all, he wasn’t one to complain how the mare got what she wanted. He was merely one to oblige~

“So much it should be illegal... in fact, I may just arrest you at some point for it.” She smiled as she straddled his waist and leaned forward to kiss him deeply. After a minute for the pair to enjoy the feeling of the other’s mouth, they came up for air, and Fredrick smirked as he replied to her statement.

“Surely being so handsome isn’t a crime, officer! I was merely born this seductive!”

“I’m afraid so, I guess you were just dealt a bad hand in life. Still, it’s not all bad...” She trailed her kissed down his neck and body, her own form sliding further down. “We have an excellent rehabilitation program~”

“I was almost afraid that you were going to take me into custody,” Fredrick said before moaning at the feeling of her form sliding across his belly. Oooh, that was nice. Nice enough to garner a reaction...

Something poked Narrow’s belly and her eyes widened a little. “Oh? Somepony’s eager~” she cooed when a thought entered her head. It was a wicked thought and one she never dreamed of doing. “Fredrick? Do you have anything you refuse to do here?”

“It’s more of what you refuse to do that concerns me more,” he said. “I have no more limits than what you set.”

An indirect answer to an indirect question. Well, there was one way of finding out. Her horn flashed as Fredrick felt a small tingle around his wrists, soon finding them bound to the bed frame with a Guard Binding Spell.

“Guess I have to arrest you after all~”

“Mm, not the first time,” he said, giving both limbs an experimental wiggle, finding no give at all. “Good thing my bed isn’t too large.” He then relaxed and observed the mare straddling him. “Well, I suppose it’s your move again, milady.”

Narrow paused for a second. She lived in the Capital of Sin. She’d seen more perverse things in her life than most ponies and it was time to call upon that knowledge. She wriggled a bit until his growing member rested between the two of them, nestled between her soft teats, as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth.

“Oh goodness,” Fredrick hissed, growing hard from both the show and the feelings of the mare grinding herself against him. “Mmm, you certainly know what buttons to push~” he teased, flexing his hips as well he could to add his own motions to the show.

She moaned lightly, not admitting that she was guessing all of this. Her horn shone in the dark room, as small orbs of magic kneaded his wings. This spell was usually used to train a Guards reflexes, but she remembered two she’d caught using it for other means. Her response was a quick caw from the griffon, as well as a throb from the member she was rubbing herself against. Apparently he approved and was as hard and big as he would get.

She was certainly having fun, but she was running out of ideas. Wait, there was one... but...

Well, you only live once.

She raised herself from him, but before the Griffon could protest in response, he felt a smooth tongue lick the length of his rock hard member.

Oh pluck!” Fredrick swore in Griffic. “No mare has offered to do that in far too long!” He felt another throb run through his member as it released a small bead of pre onto the mare’s tongue in thanks for what she was doing.

“Well then,” she responded in kind. There was something about a mare speaking Griffic that sounded so... primal. “I shall have to give you a treat~” She licked it from base to head, while her magic teased the orbs that hung just below. After a few moments of this, she swallowed and closed her eyes before taking the first few inches into her mouth.

While the griffon hissed in pleasure and was sorely tempted to thrust into her mouth...he refrained. Not only because it wouldn’t be right according to his honor, but because she said she’d not had a stallion in some time. Ergo, her pace was the one he would move at.

Oh plucking feathers, that feels so...niiiiice,” he hissed out.

Hey, nopony said he couldn’t encourage her.

She responded by humming around the member as she took more of it, bobbing her head slowly at first, but the pace soon picked up. The bonds around his arms weakened considerably as she focused on a new trick, using her telekinesis to rub the head of his cock as she suckled on it. It felt like the mare had three tongues, all made for his pleasure.

Slowly the bonds fell away in a shower of sparks, and once they did, a wicked gleam came to Fredrick’s eyes. She wanted to get into the oral game? He’d respond in kind. His talons slowly moved to the mare’s flanks, and he picked her up, gently repositioning her so that while she could service him, he could also service her. He let Narrow know his intentions by drawing a single claw around her lips, teasing but not penetrating.

Narrow squeaked, quickly pulling back so she wouldn’t bite him out of surprise. “Ahh~ W-wha?”

“Oh, just showing my appreciation for what you’re doing,” he said, before rubbing along her lips and flicking her clit with one claw. “And giving you an appreciation for my claws~”

“Heee,” Narrow bit her lip as he did that. “W-w-what did you just do?”

“You mean this?” he said, rubbing her lips again. “Or maybe this?” This time, he pinched her clit lightly between two claws, tweaking it gently.

“Haaaaaa~” she moaned as he pinched her. “Oh sweet gods above! N-nopony has-has ever... haaa~”

“Such a shame,” he said as he used her fluids to lubricate his claws before he gently eased one into her lips, spreading them. “That nopony has ever paid attention to your needs.”

“Mo-most stallions... don’t... haaah!” she sighed as she lowered her head again. She wasn’t going to be beaten like this as she engulfed his member once more, her magic flaring to engulf the whole thing and vibrated lightly.

“Hah...and most unicorn mares…” he said, panting as she resumed her attentions. “Don’t use their magic...nearly as well as you~’ With that, claw two joined the fray, and both sought her tunnel and eased their way in, even as he throbbed and released another burst of pre into her muzzle.

“M’captain... for a reason,” she panted as she freed her mouth and licked her lips. Her magical ministrations kept going though. She bucked her hips slightly, as Fredrick entered her. “Ohhh, that’s good...”

“I also use it for something else~” he sing-songed as the final claw on his talon rubbed at her lips. “To test to see how much any mare can see if she can take me. If I can get all three in you, then you can fit your friend down there in here as well.”

“Ahhh~” Narrow dragged the flat of her tongue along his length, rubbing the base gently with her hooves. “Oh buck! I’m this close already?”

“To be fair, for you it has been a while,” Fredrick replied as he quickly rubbed the mare’s clit before barely sneaking his third claw into her pussy as well. It’d be a tight fit if she wanted to really ride him, but it’d be doable.

She groaned, wondering if she should keep going or not. It was impossible to tell if he was close or not, or if he could even go a second time once he had. Well, the time for subtlety was long past.

“Wha-what about you?” she panted. “Are you close?”

“Not really,” he said, moving his claws about in her. “I’ve had a long time to get used to this lifestyle, so while you have warmed me up faster than any mare in a long time, I think I can make you cum before I get my turn.”

Well, dammit... She suddenly shrieked as her body convulsed, her marehood drenching his claws as she fell to her chest, panting heavily. The orgasm seemed to last forever as she just moaned and panted, her body shaking with pleasure. At some point, she was dimly aware that the griffon had removed his claws somehow, and replaced them with his beak, lapping away at her and drinking the fluids she so readily provided.

“Hyaaa!? Are-are you... ahhhh!” Narrow was still extremely sensitive and every flick of his tongue caused another tremor in her body. Eventually she came down from her high, and the griffon only licked her a few more times before withdrawing his beak.

“Well when I see a leaky faucet, my first instinct is to stopper it,” he said with more than a hint of cheek. “At least until it stops running. And this way, the liquid didn’t go to waste.”

“Again... nopony.. has ever...” Narrow rolled off of him and lay beside him, her hoof draped across his chest. “That was the most amazing... but you, you’re not satisfied right?”

“Mmm, not yet, but before I begin,” he said, trailing one claw through her chest fur. “Are you protected?”

Narrow nodded, her cheeks flushed red. “I-I did, just in case this happened.” She smiled lightly as she remember the event earlier in the afternoon. “Saw somepony else there as well~ Well, somebatty else.”

“Mm, and while that is a delightful bit of gossip to hang over Level’s head, I believe you and I should focus on, well, you and I,” Fredrick finished, putting his whole talon to use…

...In giving Narrow a belly-rub, to help her calm down from her first real ‘high’ of the evening. Narrow hummed as she enjoyed the relaxing motions.

“This... being like this is something I could get used to,” she said with a smile. “Being close to someone.”

“The fact that you haven’t found somepony of your own is shame indeed,” Fredrick said, not stopping in the rubbing. “As it stands, I have been close to many, and while I will always shed a tear and a sigh when they move on, to dwell is to overlook the next mare in need of...companionship.”

Narrow looked at him, as a question sat on the tip of her tongue. “Can... I ask a favor of you then?”

“Ask away, milady.” Fredrick replied as he started to lightly scratch the mare’s belly.

“If I need someone... even just to talk with... do you think you could be that someone?’ she asked hesitantly. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything permanent, and I won’t be one of those clingy, jealous mares... just.” She sighed as she held his claw. “I’m so tired of being alone all the time.”

Fredrick paused and brought his other talon around, gently picking the mare up again and placing her back on his chest...before giving her a hug. “If you ever need me, my door is always open to you,” he said softly. “Just remember to knock if it’s after closing hours. And I’ll not begrudge you if you choose to make use of me often or never before you move on as well.”

Keep up sweet words like that, and I’ll move in instead~

Aw, somepony wants a birdy husband~


“Thanks,” she said softly, as her tail brushed up against her new friend. “So, you still want to prove those boasts to me~?”

“Better question: still want me to? Last chance to back out before I take you for the same ride so many other mares have had,” he said with a wink.

Narrow frowned as she sat up on his chest, her dark, chocolate eyes staring into his own. “Take me, you sexy beast~”

With a soft, gentle push of one talon, Narrow felt Fredrick’s member poking at her flank...before he gave her a firmer shove, ending with her positioned just behind it, displaying his pride as it throbbed in front of her. “You choose where it ends up, but then I’m going to screw your brains out,” he informed the mare.

She grunted as she thrust her hips forward, impaling his member inside her marehood. “Ahh, goddam!” She moaned at the feeling of something so big inside of her. “Ooohhhhh~”

Fredrick let out a small burst of curses in Griffic on his end as he felt her marehood clamp down on him like a warm, wet vice. “Son of a Diamond Dog, plucking Tartarus!” he hissed. “Has any pony ever told you you could squeeze coal into diamonds with this thing?

Narrow shook her head to clear it. “What? Oh, not... really.” To be honest, Fredrick was only her third lover. The other two? They were a case of wham, bam, thankyou ma’am.

Well, once you feel comfortable...or I feel like I can move, we can begin proper,” the griffon returned, panting and laying there, simply basking in the sensations for the moment.

Narrow nodded, as she bucked her hips a little. “This little flower is ready for you~” she cooed, chuckling at her joke. Well, until she realised that Fredrick wouldn’t get it. The griffon laughed a little all the same, though.

“I have heard mares refer to themselves as delicate flowers before...but you are not nearly so dainty as to pull that off,” he said. Still, he reached a talon up and lightly stroked her mane again...before taking hold of her back and gripping her to his chest as he used his other talon to rotate the pair of them. Now, she was on the bottom, he was on the top, and he was in control of the thrusting, which he demonstrated with a light buck of his own.

“Ah, it’s-to do with my name,” she grunted, feeling the large member thrust into her. “I guess that’s-not relevant now huh?”

“Unless you want to make it relevant, no,” Fredrick replied as he slowly drew out, before filling the mare beneath him again. “Not like it’ll change what’s going on.”

Narrow let out a long moan, as a thought filled her head again. She kinda wanted to hear it, even if it was just once. She closed her eyes as the Griffon teased her.

“....Peach Flower.”

“Well then, little Flower,” Fredrick said, bending his head to meet hers. “I will remember you quite fondly indeed.” With that, he gave her another deep kiss, even as he kept up with his pistoning into and out of the mare.

“Thankyou,” she replied softly, returning the kiss as she let him have at it. And by the powers, it was amazing. He really did live up to those boasts.

Fredrick reached one talon between their bellies, softly running his claws through the mare’s fur, before they slowly snuck southward, towards their conjoined groins. A soft flick of one claw to one clit let the mare know his intentions...though his smirk probably clued her in as well.

“Y-you really are a scoundrel,” she smiled back. “I may not be a Pegasus,” she moaned again as he teased and pounded her. “But let’s see if you can make me fly!”

“That was...the idea,” Fredrick said, deciding to try and give her everything he had. So few mares could stand up to his length, or his speed. Still, he decided to make those deep thrusts...just a little deeper. He could almost hear the comical thunk as he finally hammered home, balls-deep in the mare beneath.

“OH CELESTIA!” she screamed in pleasure as the beast atop her ravaged her. Her mind clouded as it was lost to the euphoria. She was near instantly silenced as the griffon drew her into another kiss...before he pulled nearly all the way out, and hammered right back in.

She screamed into his mouth as he continued, this was beyond anything she had ever felt as she came around him, her tight marehood pulsing around him. She wrapped her hooves around his neck as he ceaselessly pounded her and played with her clit.

Ancestors, you know how to squeeze a male,” Fredrick muttered, getting closer all the time to his own peak. Maybe if she’d been into dirty-talk, or kept up with that wing massage from earlier, he’d already be there, but...

He suddenly felt her magic grip him again, while he was inside her! She moaned as she moved her mouth up to his ear. “C’mon Fredrick!” she said in Griffic. “Fill me up, give this little flower everything you have~”

The griffon moaned and gave her a few more deep thrusts despite the near-overstimulation she was providing. “Close,” he warned, feeling a familiar reaction start to happen as his cock twitched, hard. “You’re sure?

She moaned into his ear she she matched his thrusts. “I’ve come this far. So breed me you handsome beast! Make me your mare!”

With that, Fredrick moaned into her ear and let loose his load inside his latest, most memorable bedmate. Though that didn’t mean he’d stop thrusting or playing with her clit, heavens no! Just because he was filling her, didn’t mean he had to stop stimulating her at all~

“Ffffeathersss!” she hissed as she climaxed again! “Oh my... I-I can’t.. aahhhhhhh~” She shuddered again, her vision blacking out for a brief moment. Eventually, Fredrick finished unloading into her, and he simply held himself inside the mare for a moment, letting her get used to the feeling, before he slowly started to draw himself out for the last time.

The mare panted heavily as their combined lovemaking pooled onto the bed, her chest heaving with each breath.

“I...guess, you can back it up...” she said with a cheeky smile.

“Three to one is not a bad ratio,” Fredrick observed aloud as he lay down on a non-wet part of the bed, slowly reaching out to draw the mare close for after-sex cuddling. “Best yet, actually.”

“Now you’re exaggerating again,” Narrow chuckled as she snuggled in next to him, burying her face in his soft feathers. “Forgive me if I choose to indulge in that though.”

“No, really!” Fredrick protested. “Most mares start out as six or seven to one, before repeated visits work them down to four or five to one. I blame the local stallions for being so bad at knowing what to do.”

“Heh, guess you have an easy time of it then,” she smiled, finally getting what he meant by ratios. “Perhaps I might even the score eventually?”

“If you did, you would be the first,” he said honestly. “No local mare...or any mare, actually, has gotten even close to evening the score with me.”

“You said it yourself, it’s been awhile for me...” she smirked as that thought set in. “Now what do you suppose would happen once I get a little practice in?”

“You might, might, get down to two,” Fredrick said, with just a hint of cheek. “I’ve more tricks that you didn’t see, milady. It’s been a while since I had to use them, but they’re potent ones all the same. And if you actually got to the point where we were both even, I might even consider going steady, for once.”

...wait! What?

Did he just...?

We need practice and some advice!

For once, we agree.

Narrow’s heart may have skipped a beat or three as she looked up at him. “I’m going to hold you to that,” she murmured as she felt the realm of sleep call.

“Ask nicely and I might even abstain from others while you try,” the avian jested as he ran one talon’s worth of claws through her mane.

“M’not worried,” she mumbled. “L’beat ‘em all...”

Fredrick gave her head a light peck as he spread one wing over her form, to serve as a fluffy blanket for her. “Sleep well, little mare,” he soothed. “For the sun comes all too soon.

She mumbled something else, something he couldn’t really hear. But if one had listened especially close, it would have sounded remarkably like. ‘Love you.’

Chapter Fourteen - Getting clean and dirty at the same time

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“...Y’all are lucky yer so cute,” Cider said with a defeated sigh. “Ah hope Midnight won’t get mad.”

“She’ll only get mad we didn’t invite her,” Ledger snickered, before testing the water with a hoof. “Mmm...just right. Together then?”

“Hmm, fine,” Cider said as she got in. “Tell me Level, you any good at ‘bobbing fer apples’~?”

“Never tried, wouldn’t know,” Ledger said as he stepped into the shower just behind the mare. She nickered lightly as she moved her tail.

“Well then, why don’t y’all give it a go hrm?” she said. “Let’s see if that ‘silver tongue’ of yers is good fer more than just talkin’.”

Ledger blinked a few times before mentally shrugging and lowering his head, giving the mare’s folds a few teasing licks. Midnight did this sort of thing to him, it only made sense he learn how to do it in kind. Especially if they were both going to be in a relationship with him.

She moaned softly, placing a forehoof against the wall of the shower so she wouldn’t slip. “Ohh, that’s nice. Careful with that little nub there, it’s especially sensitive.”

She couldn’t have painted a larger target if she tried, but Ledger knew better than to just assault the thing. After giving her a lips a few more licks, one found itself being extended as he flicked the nub lightly with his tongue. She gave a shudder in response as she groaned.

“Hmmmm, that’s it... good...hahhh!” she panted a bit faster as her tail rose a little higher in response. Ledger decided to try the next logical step, and buried his face between her hind legs a little deeper as his tongue sought her opening and licked along her inner walls.

Her response was immediate. Her back arched as she gave another shudder, she stood solely on her hind legs now, one hoof against the wall as she bit down on the other, muffling a powerful scream. Ledger drew a little closer, letting his tongue get a little deeper in her, but also close enough to use a forehoof to gently rub at the nub she’d pointed out earlier. She wanted him to service her, he’d do it~

“Eeeyaaaa!~!” Cider moaned, leaning into the wall as her hips rubbed against his muzzle. “Ohh, aahhhh yyeesssss~” Sweet Celestia he was good, or it had just been too damned long since somepony did this. Nope, he was just good. “Hah... keep... keep going...”

Ledger looked at her lips and shrugged before all but burying the tip of his muzzle in them. With as little space as could be spared, his tongue went as deep as possible, and he began licking up all the juices she was producing. Which...didn’t taste all that bad, actually. Sorta reminded him of when they first met...His hoof kept rubbing, teasing, and poking at the nub between her lips, trying to see how much of a reaction each method of stimulating it gathered.

When his tongue and hoof did that circular thing, Cider lost it. She screamed as another powerful shudder ripped through her and she climaxed hard, her juices flowing like a river out of her. “AAaaa~hhhhh, ooohhhhh goooodsssss...” She slumped to the shower floor, her body still twitching.

Ledger smirked at the sight of her so pleasured, drinking in the lust she radiated as well as her cider-tasting juices. With a quick check to make sure she wasn’t looking at him, he flashed out of his disguise, quickly washed the dirt off his chitin, and then flashed back into being a unicorn. “I take it you liked,” he observed aloud.

She said nothing as she shakily raised her rump and looked back at him with a stare that screamed ‘take me’. Ledger cocked an eyebrow as he looked at the display.

“Now? You’re likely really sensitive. I’m not certain you’d last.”

“Gotta... make sure... you get something...” she mentioned, her tail flicking at his rigid member. “What’s the... matter? Can’t... handle it~?”

Ledger paused for a moment as he tried to remember what Midnight had been slowly teaching him. Namely, being assertive. “Well, if you’re sure, just remember you asked for this.” The stallion reared up and let his weight add itself to Cider’s as he came down on her back, a familiar friend of hers poking at her netherlips as he got himself situated.

She moaned as she tried to buck her hips back, but her legs were barely holding her up as it was. This was going to be intense. Ledger shifted a little bit, felt himself catch on the inside of her pussy, and held his position for a moment. “Hang on, I think that’s it,” he said, giving her a light buck, and the tip of his member.

“Oh just put it in!” she groaned and with a flare of earth pony strength, bucked her hips back and buried his member inside of her, her soaked walls letting him glide in easily. “Oohhhh, that’s it~” she purred, giving her walls a squeeze and gripping him firmly, still enough to move, but damn if she wasn’t tight~

“Somepony’s eager,” Ledger teased as he gave her a small nudge at what felt like the end of her vagina. “Mm...And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t as well.” With no small effort, Ledger pulled most of himself out before hammering back into Cider, giving her one quick and deep thrust. Mostly to remind her just who she was bucking.

“Hhhhaaaaaa!” Cider groaned as his huge member stretched her out. “Oh gods, it’s so damned big... how is Midnight still walking...?”

“She doesn’t typically try to take me twice in a row,” Ledger snarked before giving the mare another few quick thrusts. “But somepony thinks that ‘negotiation’ means ‘switching who’s on top.’”

“Lucky... haaah!” Cider sighed as her moans matched his thrusts, each insertion earning the stallion a satisfied moan and a burst of lust energy. She wasn’t about to let him have all the fun though, her wet tail moving up beneath him and dragged along his length each time he withdrew. Ledger shuddered at the new sensation, before deciding to add his own.

With a slight lean, Ledger’s neck was resting on hers, his eyes tracking her ears. Most ponies didn’t know, but ears were one of the few things even remotely sensitive across all the races. With a quick flick, Ledger’s tongue was out...and licking her ears as he thrust into the mare.

“Yeep!” Cider’s legs locked up at the new sensation, her ears twitching in response. “Hheeehe, s-stop it, that tickles~” Ledger of course didn’t listen, lavishing both ears with licks before catching one and lightly nibbling it.

“Nom nom nom,” he teased, gently grinding his flat teeth against her ear.

“Gah!” she cried out, her body confused over the silliness of that, and the pleasure of down there. “S-stoooopp~” she moaned as her body convulsed again, shaking with a climax as her pussy gripped him tightly, trying to milk him as she did so.

“Mmmph,” Ledger said as he let one ear go before whispering into the other. “Gonna...cum if you keep that up,” he warned the mare before nibbling the tip of her ear. His thrusting slowed both because he couldn’t get much ground one way or the other, and because he didn’t know if she’d appreciate it just yet.

“U-uh-huh,” she nodded, releasing him slowly and pulling him out of her with a wet pop. She groaned at that, her body tingled all over and her brain was clouded with a pleasant fuzz. Still, she wasn’t one to disappoint, motioning for him to put his forehooves against the wall behind her.

Without even a hint of hesitation, Ledger reared up and did so, letting himself hang free in all his glory. The massive thing bobbed and twitched, slick with Cider’s juices and eager to taste more of them. She smiled and grabbed her tail with a hoof, wrapping the silky hair around the beast as her other forehoof stroked the base, rubbing his balls gently.

Finally, giving her lips a sultry lick and smiling at him, she took the tip into her mouth, her eyes still looking up at him as she bobbed her head back and forth along it, taking as much as she could. Ledger hissed and held himself back from bucking or forcing the mare down. He knew quite well that too much of a good thing could end up being a very bad thing if he blocked her airways. He did, however, voice his approval.

“ bucking hoooooott,” Ledger moaned out loud.

She just winked at him as she continued her ministrations, her tongue probing his head, flicking against the small opening and rubbing her tip around his flared head. Both her hooves wrapped around him, along with her tail it formed a nice seal around him. Much different from before, but exciting all the same.

Level couldn’t hold himself back this time, he bucked and hit the back of her mouth, before apologizing and pulling back. “Sorry, I’m...real close,” he explained. “Just felt the need to thrust.” She could probably taste the first few beads of pre giving way to his proper release by now...

“Mmm~” she sighed as she licked up the pre cum and pulled her mouth off with a long, wet ‘pop’, licking her lips and making quite the show out of it. “Come on then,” she said with a husky tone that could almost compare to Midnight, or make Ledger wonder if those baby blue eyes had a little violet hue in them. “Why don’t you give it to me? Make me your mare~”

“Buck,” Ledger hissed as he felt his rational mind start to go as he twitched, hard. “It’s coming, you’ve got a second to point it where you want it!” he warned the mare.

She smiled as she opened her mouth slightly, her tongue hanging out as she aimed it over her head. “Any day now Ledger~”

With that, Ledger let his release run rampant. It erupted from him in long streams of white, easily jumping the distance to dirty the mare under him. Some of it would probably end up in her mouth. Most probably wouldn’t. She sighed as the torrent of seed splashed down on her, her tongue lapping up the small amount that landed on her lips, the rest coated her mane, face and chest. After he finally stopped, she had one last idea as she sat with her back against the wall, one hoof near her mouth as she licked at it.

“Oohh, somepony’s very generous,” the cum-soaked mare sighed huskily, a ‘come-hither’ look in her eyes.

“I do my best,” Ledger smirked. “And you seem to have gotten dirty all over again.” He sat on his haunches, his not-yet deflated member jutting up from between his legs. “Perhaps we can find a way for you to clean your front this time,” the unicorn observed aloud.

Apple Cider just sat back as the warm water washed her off, though a little scrubbing was needed, that stuff got sticky as glue when wet. “Whew... I think... Imma sleep here fer a spell,” Cider sighed, just curling up on the shower floor.

Ledger just sighed and grabbed a brush, getting most of his release out of her fur before gently turning the mare around to rinse her off. Once he was satisfied that the mess was gone, Ledger turned the water off and began floating the mare out and drying her.

“Mmm, tingly,” she cooed, batting at his magical aura like a cat. “I think... I could get used to this~”

Level smiled as he finished drying the mare off with the nearby towels, taking her with him to her bedroom and putting her on the bed, and for once, not joining her. He did however lean over and whisper into her ear before leaving. “Pleasant dreams, Apple Cider...and thanks for the pleasurable memory.

“Yer welcome... sugarcube,” Cider hummed, half-asleep already. “Y’all come back now...”

“Planning on it,” Ledger said as he gave the tip of her muzzle a kiss. “Midnight and I will be over some time need to get used to the both of us, after all.” With that, he softly stroked her mane before leaving the mare to fall asleep.

Chapter Fifteen A - Retrieving Scope

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A sudden gust of wind blew open the doors to ‘The Love Shack’, as Midnight flew inside, landing on the floor with a dramatic spread of her wings.

“Release my Scopey, you villainous vixens!” she cried out. “Or face the wrath of Midnight Song!”

One of the mares came over and gave her a small hug before chuckling. “Oh dear, and we’d just gotten her to the point where she doesn’t want to go,” the disguised nymph pouted.

Midnight rolled her eyes at the mare and sighed. “Suuggaarrrr~ You totally ruined my badass rescue scene! Stop being all cute dammit!”

Sugar leaned in and whispered into Midnight’s ear. “Little known fact: sexual healing and torture work wonders on nymphs. Kudos for breaking her initial shell, that made our work a lot easier.

Midnight gasped, “This truly is a den of evil... I wanted to have first dibs on her...” She looked around, “Where is Scopey anyway?”

“The back,” Sugar said with a wink. “Last I saw, she was serving her kidnapper and letting a stallion take her.”

“Sugar,” Midnight said seriously. “Am I going to go out there and find something so kinky, it borders on illegal?”

“Nope!” she chirped happily. “That’s Thursdays.”

“I’ll note it on my calendar,” Midnight smiled as she trotted towards the back room, her emotions letting everybuggy know just who was approaching. “Oh Scopey~ I’m coming for you~”

Upon opening the door, Midnight saw the scene was half as described. Scope was indeed letting a stallion take her from behind, but her kidnapper had apparently been worn out by the ministrations for the moment and lay there, panting.

“Harder!” Scope cried out, and the stallion obliged as best he could. Midnight watched for a moment, wondering just how to proceed. On one hoof, she was still greatly annoyed over Fredrick, and that Ledger hadn’t returned from Cider’s place yet...

On the other hoof, she was looking forward to tonight. Unfortunately for everypony else... her annoyance won over.

“Hey buddy!” she said with an authoritative tone, her eyes blazing with righteous anger. “Having fun there bucking MY PARTNER!!”

The stallion balked for a moment, but Midnight’s tones only caused him to finish quicker...and once he was done giving Scope what she’d asked for, he attempted to run out the back door so as to escape the crazy batpony.

“You’re damned right you’d better run!” Midnight shouted. “And seriously Scopey... what the buck?”

“We finally deprogrammed her,” the Violet-eyed mare said, apparently having recovered a bit. “Reprogamming her involved making her see both genders as equally deserving of love and attention. Avoid the propaganda altogether this time by not even giving it a chance to take root.”

“I see,” Midnight said as she walked closer to her assistant/servant. “What’s the matter little Scopey?” she cooed, her eyes dancing with sadistic glee as she grabbed one of the riding crops with her wing. She cupped her cheek with a hoof and stared into her blue eyes. “Is your Mistress’s love not enough for you?”

“I would have come, Mistress, but they were...very insistent I see some nice stallions before I was allowed to go,” Scope said, ducking her head. “And then I forgot all about leaving.”

“Is that so? You just... forgot, all about the kind, sweet Mistress that saved you~’ she said, dragging the crop along her flank. “Perhaps I should... remind you?”

“You try remembering anything when Ledger is stuffing you next time,” Scope deadpanned. “The stallions they had mount me were not as gifted as Nobles are said to be, but they were very good at distracting me from leaving.”

“I see,” Midnight hummed thoughtfully as she ground the end of the crop up against her sensitive folds. “You see Scopey, I’m a tad annoyed right now... and you might just be what I need to relieve that... irritated feeling I have~”

The violet nymph snuck over to Midnight’s side and began whispering in the Thestral’s ear. “She’s actually very good with her tongue, so I approve of this plan,” the nymph said.

“Whatever you want, Mistress,” Scope said as her hind legs twitched.

Midnight’s eyes flickered to the Violet and that sadistic glee only intensified. “Oh how adorable... you both think you have a choice~ I’m going to feast now... I do hope you make a satisfying meal~”

The changelings only let out a surprised squeak.

Chapter Fifteen B - Truth or Dare, Cider edition

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“Well I think she’s used to us,” Ledger said aloud, “And I don’t think she’s got too many more questions that we can’t answer later on down the line as they become relevant. What say we turn this into Truth or Dare instead?”

“You just wanna get laid,” Midnight giggled and she nodded. “Sure, as long as you pick up your game this time.”

“Whaaa?” Cider crawled back to the circle, her mind still in a daze. Several more images flashed in her mind and Ledger was treated to the emotion of Cider being taken by both of them. The mare shuddering just at the mere thought.

“Fair enough,” Ledger said as he spun the bottle, watching it twirl and come to a rest pointing at Midnight. “Truth or dare, love?”

“Bring it! I choose Dare!”

Ledger smirked and tapped a hoof to his chin before grinning wickedly. “Just hold still,” he said, scooting close and looking at the batpony. A few seconds passed as he gathered up all the lust energy she’d given him tonight..before he forcefully kissed her and shoved it all back where it had come from. “Dare you not to do anything with that for a good five minutes.”

The mare shuddered, before smiling at him like nothing had happened. “Easy,” she smiled cheerfully. It seems a certain somebuggy forgot she could control her emotions.

“Cheater,” Ledger pouted before taking his seat again. “Ah well, your turn.”

She spun the bottle, poking her tongue out at him as it landed on Cider. “Oh goody~ Truth or Dare, Little Apple Mare~”

“Cute,” Cider giggled before humming. “Eh, buck it. Dare!”

Midnight grinned like a shark. She looked at Ledger and he knew, knew that revenge was coming. “Hmm, I dare you to... give Ledger a dance. A sexy one!”

“D-Dance?” Cider exclaimed. “Ah don’t know how to dance!”

“Sure you do, all ponies can with music...” Midnight hummed a few bars as Cider found her rump shaking a little. She blushed fiercely as she got up and begun to move to Midnight’s song. The dance then turned a little sultry as Midnight changed the tempo, and Cider swung her tail, showing Ledger that he wasn’t the only aroused pony in the room, before she squeaked and promptly sat back down.

“Bravo! Ten points!” Midnight clapped her hooves. Damn that was hot!

“And while I did enjoy that,” Ledger said with a wicked smile. “Something tells me you did too~”

“Ah did not!” Cider protested, her eyes looking everywhere except Ledger. Ledger snickered and rolled his eyes.

“Methinks the mare doth protest too much,” Ledger said in a mock-Trottingham accent.

Cider just blushed again and smacked the bottle, the object landing near the smug Changeling. “Truth or Dare?” she pouted.

“Mmm...I’ll go with dare, make it a nice round,” Ledger said with a smirk.

“Dangit! Oh!” she smiled as she looked at him. “Can you do me?”

Ledger let that hang there in the air for a moment before his grin intensified and he started laughing lewdly at the mare. “Pretty sure that’s an ending question, little miss, but if you want me to, just turn around,” he teased.

“A-AH meant transform into me ya darned pervert!” she shouted, her face was glowing red as Midnight howled with laughter.

With another smirk, Ledger lit his horn up...and sitting in front of Apple Cider was the fraternal twin she never knew she had. It was like staring into a weird mirror. Mostly because Level had kept his gender constant through the transformation.

“Wow, stallion-Cider is hot,” Midnight drooled. She looked at the mare version and blinked. “Can I make out with him... er, you.. umm... You get the idea!”

“Is it bad I find that really attractive?” Cider blinked.

“Nah, most ponies are a little curious what they’d look like as the opposite gender when they first find out their acquaintance is a ‘ling,” Ledger said with a wave of his hoof. “You shoulda seen Midnight drool over her ‘twin brother’.”

“Twincest is Wincest!” Midnight shouted. “Oh, idea~ You now have to remain like that until somepony dares you out of it!”

“Meh, as long as you don’t dare me to lose my gender, I’ll deal,” Ledger said, shrugging his shoulders before looking up at his forehead with crossed eyes. “I might cheat and give myself a horn, though. I like my magic.”

“Wings too!” Midnight said. “All hail Prince Cider!”

“Now yer just being ridiculous,” Cider sighed. “It’s yer turn Lev... Cider... Other me!”

The stallion-Cider knocked the bottle watching as it came to a stop on Cider and smiling. “Truth or dare?” he asked the pony.

“Um... Truth!” she replied. She wasn’t gonna trust him to dare... yet~

“Mkay, I’ll be nice to you,” Ledger said with a smirk, waiting for her to take a sip of her drink. “If you had to pick one of us to sleep with right now, which would it be and why?”

The resulting spit-take was quite impressive, with Level-Cider getting a bath from it. “W-W-What? Uh, do ah really gotta answer that?”

“The penalty is to take a Dare from me~” Midnight added with a ‘click’ of her fangs.

“Truth it is!” Cider agreed. “W-Well... ah guess, Ledger... and no Miss Song, it’s not cause of ‘that’ reason. Ah’m just used to stallion company is all, and ah haven’t had enough t’drink to get a mare to bed yet.” Then she realised what she implied and facehooved. “Aw Ponyfeathers.”

“The actual penalty is to take a drink, by the way,” Ledger said while snickering. “So yeah, good luck on not waking up next to Midnight now that she knows.” With another moment to let the mare stew, Ledger poked the bottle again. “Your turn to spin, miss Cider.”

“It’s mine actually,” Midnight replied, spinning the bottle. When it landed on herself... again, she just sighed. “Figures. Well, guess you both get to ask me then. Ledger first.”

“Truth or dare, Midnight?” Ledger kicked off, waiting for her response as he grinned mischievously.

“Dare, to make up for your pitiful failure for the last one,” she winked. “Try not to disappoint me hmm?”

Ledger grinned and got up from his position of laying on the ground so that he could retake his seat, before gesturing Midnight over. “I dare you to sit in my lap as I am now until you’re done with whatever Apple Cider asks of you without doing anything.” Indeed, he still seemed to be quite erect.

“Hmm, I guess I can do that..” Well, that’s what she said anyway. She walked around to him and sat down carefully, his member pressed between her back and his chest. She had to unfurl her wings, otherwise the spurs on them would have been dangerously close to it.

“Comfy?” she asked sweetly. Ledger responded by hugging her close and kissing at her neck. Hey, he never said he wouldn’t do anything, only that she couldn’t~

“You... oh, touche Level Ledger,” Midnight hummed as she looked at Cider. “Okay Applebutt. Let’s see what you got. I pick Dare for you as well.”

Cider chuckled and looked at them. “Oh Level? Did you bring that gift I gave you earlier?”

Ledger didn’t pause in his ministrations as a blue horn grew on his head. A silver glow encompassed it as his saddlebags opened, the bottle of Crystal Berry wine floating onto the table. Only once it landed did the horn melt away again while he stopped. “I keep meaning to share with Midnight and keep forgetting,” he admitted. “Fortunately I put a small preservation charm on it when I had a moment.”

The mare looked to Midnight and smiled, a smile usually reserved for the Thestral’s muzzle. “I dare you, Miss Midnight Song. To chug the whole bottle...”

“I’m sorry what?” Midnight blinked. Okay, she was not expecting this. “Well... okay then, but i warn you, I can hold my liquor.” She took the bottle in both hooves and decided a little revenge on Ledger was appropriate. He said she couldn’t do anything to him. She held the bottle and stroked it with a hoof. “Oooh, it’s so hard~ And so big~” she purred in a husky tone. “I don’t... I don’t know if it’ll fit~”

“You’ve already said you had bigger,” Ledger snickered, getting into the teasing mood as well as he resumed nibbling at the mare in his lap. One hoof rubbed along her spine and paid special attention to where her wings connected.

Okay, that was cheating. Words never got very far with Level and she couldn’t touch him. She just sighed and uncorked the bottle, before placing her lips around it and tilting her head back, chugging about half the bottle before she had to stop and let out a small moan at Level’s touch.

“Damn, this is good...” she purred, nursing the bottle. But she’d lost the dare still, since she couldn’t drink the whole thing. “If somepony wasn’t running interference!”

“That was the idea,” Ledger said as he grew a horn again and gently tugged the bottle from her grasp. “Now take your seat and take just one drink as penalty, Miss Song. At least you kept your hooves to yourself~”

“Oh? I wasn’t allowed to use my hooves... just my hooves?” she said cutely, as her tongue gave his length a looooong lick before she moved back to her seat, grinning widely.

Ledger gave off a shudder and a moan before taking ahold of the bottle and sipping at it, nodding his approval at the taste. “Right, who’s turn is it? I think Midnight went last…”

Cider spun the bottle, her eyes still on that throbbing meat. It landed on Midnight though and she sighed internally. “Truth or Dare Miss Song?”

“Truth,” she replied.

“Where did y’all learn to use yer tongue like that?”

“Oooh, something even Levvy hasn’t asked me yet,” Midnight giggled. “Well, as part of my training, I hard to learn fine muscle control, and one day i got the idea, what if I could move my tongue like that... so I practised until I could.”

“...That’s it?” Cider blinked.

“Well, remember that dragon I told you about?” Cider nodded and the batpony continued. “Prehensile tongues and tails... let that mill in you brain for a bit.”

It didn’t take Cider long to blush and one hoof idly rubbed her thigh. “Oh... oh wow...”

“That’s what I was saying, a lot~” Midnight giggled.

“Guess that explains why you learned,” Ledger snickered before tapping the bottle with a hoof, watching as it came to rest on Cider. He raised one eyebrow at the mare while she picked which fate she would prefer.

“Hmm,” Cider hummed. “Ah’m feeling.... daring~”

Ledger blinked, not expecting this as he pulled another drink from the bottle. A thought occurred as he looked at Midnight.

“I dare you to let Midnight nibble on you for three minutes,” Ledger said, his grin not small at all.

Cider’s eyes widened. Nopenopenopenopenope... oooh, why was Miss Song looking at her like that... Oh Sweet Celestia!

“The best way to conquer a fear is to face it,” Midnight whispered. “Do you trust me Cider?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid... it’s just-ooohhhh~” she gave a throaty moan as Midnight’s fangs grazed her neck, combing through the fur and pulling lightly at her skin before giving her a gentle nip. The Earth Pony shuddered and the look on her face was one that Ledger recognised. Was she actually...?

Midnight’s hoof stroked the mare’s leg, just falling short of touching her, as she continued to assault her neck with small kisses and bites. But when her hoof moved that extra inch, Apple Cider cried out as her body shook, Midnight pulling back as the earth pony slumped her her shoulder, panting heavily.

“Uh, Cider... did you just...?”

“F-Fear... ain’t... the problem,” she panted.

“Somepony likes their books about crystal thestrals a bit too much,” Ledger sing-songed. “Maybe I should nibble her my normal form.”

“I was not expecting that,” Midnight hummed. “You okay Cider?”

“Y-yeah...” she gasped, then stammered when Midnight put a hoof to her lips and licked it experimentally.

“Ooh, you’re right Levvy, she does taste like cider.”

“D-Don't lick it!” Cider blushed, batting the thestral away.

“Well I’m pretty sure that wasn’t three minutes, but I’m pretty sure if Midnight tried again, we’d end up needing to replace your flooring,” Ledger snickered. “Still, you went for it and that’s what matters, so no drink for you.” The temporary earth-pony stallion looked at Midnight and wiggled his eyebrows.

“I try,” Midnight smiled, taking a small bow. She was just glad to have somepony that she could use her charms on. She spun the bottle and it landed on Cider, the Thestral smiling widely.

“Ooh, you know what to do Applebutt!”

“T-truth... ah can’t... handle a dare right now.”

“Aww, fine.” Song pouted. “Are you comfortable with this? As in, all three of us together?”

Well, that took a turn for the different in regards to the mood. Cider caught her breath and paused. “Well, we’re here aren’t we? So that should be answer enough.”

“Works for me,” Song smiled.

Cider spun the bottle and it landed on Ledger. “Okay, Mr. Ledger. Y’all know the drill by now.”

“Hmm,” Ledger said, actually curious. “What the hay. Dare.”

“Um...” Cider then got a wicked idea. “Okay. for the next three minutes. You are not allowed to move a muscle. And return to your normal form if you will.”

Ledger blinked before his temporary disguise melted away, revealing his normal form. “Just to clarify,” he said before the mare said anything. “I’m allowed to speak, breathe, and blink, right? Otherwise this dare will be impossible.”

“Well obviously,” Cider giggled. “And I’ll require an assistant. Is there anypony in the audience that wants to help?”

“Ooh, Ooooh! Pick me!” Midnight bounced and squeed when Cider nodded. The two mares approached the stallion and smiled.

“Follow my lead Miss Midnight?”

“Ladies first, Miss Cider~” the batpony smiled back.

The Changeling soon found both mares licking at his rigid member, their hooves caressing his body as they took turns licking the shaft and suckling the tip. Ledger hissed but held himself still, recalling the terms of the dare. Oh buck, this would be a hard one to do!

...He wasn’t even sure he wanted them to stop when three minutes were up...

The mares giggled as they now paused to take him in their mouths, one bobbed their head along his shaft while the other caressed his balls and stroked the base of his cock. Then, as Cider stepped over him, his length prodding tantalisingly close to her entrance, the clock chimed and she smiled, stepping away.

“Oooh, and time is up,” she said. “Thanks for playing~”

Ledger twitched a little at being blue-balled so hard, before sighing and looking at the bottle. “Well, that was interesting,” he said aloud. Internally he wanted nothing more than to take both of the mares, right now...but he at least still had some decency. He waited for Midnight to pull back and sit in her place before he would tap the bottle again.

Midnight gave him one last kiss, her hoof rubbing the tip of his member as she kissed him deeper...

“Miss Song?” Cider reminded her.

“Ah, right...” she pulled back and sat in her spot, licking her hoof and making quite a show of it too. Ledger groaned a little, but tapped the bottle...and watched as it landed on himself.

“Oh great. Okay, for Midnight I pick truth, and for Cider...what the hay, the last one wasn’t so bad, you can dare me again when Song’s done.”

“Okay,” Midnight hummed. “Truth, are you sick of this game yet?”

“And Dare,” Cider chimed in. “That you can’t take the both of us~”

Ledger blinked before grinning widely and gently grabbing ahold of both mares in his magic. “In order, yes, I am, and yes, I can,” he said, pulling the mares along as he looked towards the staircase. “You might need new sheets when all is said and done, Cider,” Ledger said as he began the trek upstairs with both mares floating along behind him.

Chapter Seventeen - It doesn't take three to tango, but it's fun

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“So just to be clear,” Ledger said as he sat on the bed, an Apple mare in his grasp as he hugged her. “Your position on foals is?”

“Let’s pretend mah mother didn’t open her mouth,” Cider deadpanned. “While ah do plan on them eventually, right now isn’t a good time. Unless you’d like to deal with the stress of raising a foal and seeing our business venture through?”

“Yes on the second, and I can already hear my parents urging me to try should I even begin to explain the situation,” Ledger said with a roll of his eyes. “Mom would say ‘Oh she’s a nice, reasonable pony, she seems like she’d be a good influence on you, do go and show her how much you care in return, dear.’” Surprisingly, Ledger hadn’t needed to use any of his magic to alter his voice a rough match of his mother’s elderly tones.

“Heya Cider, hey grandma!” Midnight said as she walked in. “By the way, that was creepy.”

“I’ll let my mom know one of my marefriends finds her voice creepy,” Ledger said with a snicker. “Whereas dad...he’s a Violet, and while they aren’t all about sex, he would be wondering how I was going to bed without screwing at least one of you.”

“Well, in his defense, you kinda have been,” Midnight noted. “Aside from last night, cause I ditched you for Applebutt here.”

“And while ah disagree with yer reasoning,” Cider said, before kissing her on the cheek. “The results outweighed that concern.”

“Agreed,” Midnight nodded, giving the mare a much more passionate kiss. “And I found out things... interesting things~” she giggled, causing the Earth Pony to blush.

“So we’re agreed that while we might enjoy creating new hybrid ponies, we’re going to hold off for a little while until all our lives calm the hay down?” Ledger asked aloud.

“Agreed!” both mares nodded and looked at Ledger, small smiles creeping onto muzzles.

“Oh Level~” Cider cooed.

“Wanna play~?” Midnight echoed.

“Mm, depends. Midnight, your potion still good?” Ledger asked as he ran a hoof down the batpony’s spine.

“Topped up this morning, why?” Midnight said, shivering from the touch as Cider licked her lips.

“Cause I think I’m in the mood to make a cream-filled batpony,” Ledger said with a smirk. “And knowing Cider, she wouldn’t mind helping at all…”

“No, no ah would not,” Cider hummed as she kissed Midnight. The batpony happily returned the kiss as she wiggled her flank at Ledger. The stallion responded by lighting his horn up and finally shedding his disguise before running a hole-filled hoof along Midnight’s flanks, teasing but not drawing near to the object he sought.

She sighed, a mix of content and frustration at the teasing. She kissed the Apple mare deeper as her tail teased Ledger’s sides.

“So, is this ‘Tease Midnight Night’?” the batpony asked as she broke the kiss. Ledger smirked as he ran a hoof closer to her lips, close enough that he could nearly feel the moisture of them.

“Oh hush,” Ledger said with a smirk. “All the other nights have been ‘Tease Ledger.’”

“Maybe ‘Mistress Midnight’ should come out and play?” she teased with a wink and Apple Cider shivered for some reason.

“Uh, why is it suddenly so cold in here?”

Ledger chose to keep silent about what he’d actually felt coming from the mare and instead flick a little nub that Cider had told him about. Maybe him paying actual attention to her would shut Song up for a minute.

“Kyaaaa!?!” Midnight squealed and her hind legs gave out as she shook. “W-W-What the what?”

“Hah! Ledger learns fast,” Cider chuckled. That reaction had been priceless. “And lookie, we learned how to stop Midnight from being Midnight.”

“Only for a moment,” Ledger said as he took a hold of Midnight’s hind legs. “Help me roll her over. If I’m going to buck her into the floor, I’d rather she not be able to buck back or take back control.”

Cider flicked her hoof and Midnight flipped in midair, landing on her back into the soft carpet. “After turning your little bat, be sure to baste well and stuff fully, for a pleasurable meal,” Cider said in a surprisingly professional voice.

“Mm, but I’m not certain my equipment is ready,” Ledger said as he displayed the fact that despite all their playing around, he wasn’t quite fully erect yet. “Should I still use it?”

“Allow me,” Cider said and took him into her mouth, humming as her hoof stroked Midnight, eliciting small gasps and moans from her. Ledger hissed and held himself back from abandoning their plans and filling Cider...barely.

“That’s...pretty good,” the changeling admitted. “I think my tools are up to par now. Shall we begin with filling the bat?”

Cider pulled back with a wet ‘pop’ and smiled. She was tempted to take it for herself, but she figured Middy could have some fun to start with. “Go right ahead, Imma put that tongue of hers to good use~”

“Sounds like a plan,” Ledger said with a smirk as he slowly got into position. “Maybe she can show you her appreciation for the bucking while she does that.” With that, Ledger eased the tip of himself into Midnight’s folds and waited for a response.

Midnight groaned, a little dizzy from the sudden flip. She looked up to see Ledger and rolled her eyes a little at her pervy bug. “Well, stuff away chef~” she giggled as she pulled Cider’s flank closer, her long tongue already making long licks along her lips.

Ledger smirked and began to do exactly as instructed, though in a manner that Midnight would find pleasingly torturous. He would give her just a light buck that would bury a little more of himself into her folds, before drawing all but the head of his dick out, slowly. Then repeat, a little more entering her canal each time. “It stands to reason that you can’t just stuff a bat willy-nilly. They have to get used to the sensation of every...single...inch,” he said, making his intentions quite clear.

“You...bucking...tease!” Midnight panted with each tiny thrust. She decided to take her frustration out on Cider, her long tongue coiled inside the mare and writhed like an angry snake. The Apple mare moaned loudly and her front hooves dropped to the ground, giving Ledger a good, eye-level view of Midnight eating her out. The thestral drew her muzzle closer, rubbing it against Cider’s clit as she tongue fucked her, causing another bout of deep moans and high-pitched squeaks.

“Mm, perhaps,” Ledger said as he realized that soon, Midnight would be taking all of him again. A devious smirk crossed his muzzle as he filled the mare at last. “But once the bat is used to the tool...then comes the tenderizing.”

“The wha-” Midnight let out a silent gasp as he did that, her tongue withdrawing for a moment and allowing Cider a brief respite. “Oooooohhhhh~” Midnight groaned at being stretched so much.

Then Ledger pulled nearly all the way out, and unlike previous thrusts, pounded back into the mare with an almighty squelching noise, as hard flesh displaced mare fluids.

And then he did it again, only he was quick on both the removal and the thrusting.

And from there it devolved into him rutting her without an end in sight. Midnight squealed with each thrust as Cider decided to assist on the filling part. She moved behind Ledger and knelt down. Timing it just right, she ducked her head under his tail and took one of his swinging balls into her mouth, suckling on it lightly.

“Buck,” Ledger hissed as he pounded back into Midnight and held himself there for a moment. “Slight movements only, Cider. You good to follow along while I pound this bat? Shake or nod, just don’t stop, that feels so good. Weird, but good.”

She hummed and used her tongue to flick them, as her hoof stroked the shaft that wasn’t embedded in the bat. Yeah, she was good.

“Well then, this bat might get her filling real soon,” Ledger said with a smirk as he resumed his pounding of Midnight. “What about you, bat? You close?” Ledger asked as he trailed one hoof through her chest fur.

“,” she panted. “ nothing!”

Then Ledger leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips, filled with both love and lust. She hummed as she raised her hips, burying Ledger inside her and squeezing him with her muscles. Yeah, he wasn’t the only one that Cider had taught a trick or two to.

Ledger groaned and brought one forehoof down to rub at Midnight’s clit, even as he felt himself start to cum. He might be done keeping up with her, but he was going to make sure she enjoyed it as well~

She groaned as she let herself go as well, truth be told, she’d been close for a while, ever since Ledger caught her off guard like that.

And Tartarus would freeze before she told anyone that she maaay have had a slight thing for being dominated.

Ledger panted as he felt his essence fill the mare beneath him, before a slight sucking sensation on his balls reminded him of where the other mare in the equation was. With a turn and a raised imaginary eyebrow, Ledger motioned for Cider to get out from behind him and get back up with Midnight. She did so, curious as to what Ledger might be planning.

On her end, Midnight just panted as Ledger filled her with his load, just as potent as it always was. Gods above, where did he keep it all?

Once Cider was close enough, Ledger decided to pick up where Midnight had left off, burying his muzzle beneath the Earth Pony’s tail and giving her lips a good, long lick. Cider sighed as she got attention once more, offering a look at Midnight. She had been on the receiving end of a ‘Level Shower’ before, but wondered what having it inside was like.

At that moment, Ledger buried his muzzle a little deeper before using his tongue to quickly flick Apple Cider’s nub before sending it inside and twirling around her canal. Cider groaned, heavens, he was getting good at that. Midnight couldn’t exactly move, still impaled on Ledger and Cider was also standing over her, so she just gave her walls periodic squeezes, wonder what that might do to the changeling. She also threw some very naughty thoughts in there for good measure.

Ledger moaned into Cider’s folds as he felt Midnight ripple around him, preventing him from going completely soft now that he’d filled her up. The drone slowly started trying to ease himself from the mare below him while one hoof went from Midnight’s clit to Cider’s, intent on a...repeat performance on their parts. Cider shrieked as Midnight just sighed, Ledger’s mess pouring out of her as she lay there. She got an idea and was curious some more as she slid back a little, until she was laying in front of Cider. The Apple mare didn’t need directions as she leaned down, licking the mixed love juices straight from the source.

Okay, bucking hot, Ledger thought as he all but shoved his muzzle into Cider’s slit, intent on getting his tongue deep insider her, one hoof playing around with her clit randomly. Cider moaned as she did, cum dripping from her tongue as Midnight just sighed at that sight, she was quite enjoying the show as well. Her hooves rubbed at her small teats, eliciting another moan as Cider resumed her cleaning.

Ledger eventually thought of something to try...later. Once he was certain he wouldn’t be a fool when trying it. In the meantime, he decided to synchronize the way his tongue and hoof moved, to better stimulate the mare.

Midnight suddenly shrieked as she came again, coating Cider’s muzzle with her release. The Apple mare sighed as she pulled back. “Tch! And I just cleaned you as well. As punishment, you know what to do.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Midnight said like she was being scolded and crawled along the floor until she reached Ledger. Her mouth opened as her tongue snaked out, wrapping around Ledger’s softening member and begun to lick and squeeze and tease~

Ledger instinctively bucked a little at the sensations, before casting a glance down to see the bat under him and serving his rapidly re-inflating member. The drone rolled his eyes, but smirked all the same as he kept servicing the mare. Though now he would occasionally switch the directions his tongue and hoof moved. Sweet Hives, but what did it take to make this mare cum?!

The sudden drowning of his muzzle answered his question, as the mare twitched and her eyes were wide with pleasure, before she collapsed to the ground.

Midnight pulled back and grinned. “I was wondering how long she’d take. That’s earth pony stamina for you. Now how about you apply some of your ‘special sauce’? I think she could use some make-up~” She grinned and lowered her head again, taking him into her mouth and sucking with gusto, her tongue twirling around him and pumping in the opposite direction she was bobbing her head.

Ledger, with extreme difficulty, put a hoof on Midnight’s head...and pulled her off. “If...I’m going to do that,” he managed to say once coherent thought was more readily accessible. “Then she’s...going to get...some bucking as well.” With more than a bit of stumbling, the drone took up position behind the mare, ready for her to either tell him off, or push him in once she felt him prod at her lips.

“G-Go...” she uttered, her legs were still shaking as Midnight sat back and smiled at the scene. She was more than content to watch this play out. Ledger easily slipped inside the mare thanks to the liquid she’d already released and the liquid Midnight had already coated him with. The changeling held himself still for a moment or two, to let the mare get used to the feeling of his full length...before pulling mostly out and hammering into Cider like he had with Midnight.

“Gaaaaahhhh!” Cider’s eye rolled into the back of her head as her mouth opened, letting her tongue loll out. Her brain just shut down as she let the pleasure take over, panting and moaning with each thrust.

“Oh wow, go Levvy...” Midnight breathed in a husky tone, her hoof rubbing her clit as she watched her stallion fuck the mare into blissful oblivion.

Unfortunately, Cider wasn’t the only one to be fucked Ledger forgot about everything but doing the mare, and doing her hard. He held the mare close and peppered kisses on her neck as he felt a familiar reaction start to brew.

“Love you,” he said breathlessly as he felt himself twitch powerfully.

“An...ah love you...” she panted, holding her hooves around his neck and kissing him deeply. Then Ledger started to cum. Hard, while still buried in the mare. She cried out in pleasure as her pussy gripped him, milking his cock for all it was worth. Midnight just panted lightly as she watched.

“Now... that is hot,” she breathed.

Ledger let off a small, wordless grunt of agreement as he held himself still, slowly coming down from his lust-crazed self. “Did...I just…” he asked aloud as recent events replayed themselves in his mind’s eye. The fact that he was still twitching and unloading small spurts of seed into the mare beneath him only served to confirm his suspicions.

Cider didn’t-couldn’t respond as she just twitched and moaned. Midnight chuckled as she stepped forward.

“Wow, you broke her in pretty well I’d say,” she giggled. “I may be a little jealous now.”

“I don’t think I have another load in me,” Ledger observed. “I’m still slightly worried about the one I just gave her.”

“Oh?” Midnight chuckled as she looked at the thoroughly stuffed mare. Should she tease him for a bit? Would that be too cruel?

“Yeah, I just hope I don’t wind up a dad,” Ledger replied with a nod as he softly stroked the mare’s belly. “I’m so not ready for that.”

Cider was on the verge of passing out, but she still poked Midnight. “Tell...him,” she groaned. Midnight rolled her eyes, she wanted to make him panic a little more.

“Relax loverbug. I’ll get her a ‘Morning After’ potion tomorrow. Kinda like my birth control ones, but for incidents like this.”

“Ah, that’s...good then,” Ledger said as he felt himself run out of seed to give and slowly started to pull himself from Cider’s embrace. With a wet pop, the second flood of white was unleashed as the stallion pulled himself free. Cider groaned as it poured out of her, and the empty feeling of Ledger pulling out.

“Wow, you really went all out tonight huh?” Midnight hummed, dipping her hoof in it and giving it a lick. “Anypony would think you quite enjoy filling a mare like that.”

“What drone wouldn’t?” Ledger asked as he started to lay himself down next to Cider. “Two wonderful mares willing to put up with me? It’s two more than I could have ever hoped for.”

Cider groaned as she rolled over. “Damn Midnight, how do y’all do that...?”

“Again, I’m just good,” Midnight chuckled. “Maybe we should make that potion a double? Just to be on the safe side.”

“Ah reckon so,” Cider replied, limping towards the bathroom and leaving a fine trail. “An’ maybe invest on a waterproof enchantment fer mah bedroom,” she chuckled.

“And one for ours in case you ever visit,” Ledger pitched in. “I’ll put it on my ‘to-learn’ list. Cheaper that way.” The drone then reached for Midnight, doing his best version of a pouty face. “Cuddles?” he asked in a sad tone.

“You’re so spoiled,” she sighed, rolling her eyes. “Fine, wait on the bed while I go and clean myself up. You made quite the mess tonight~”

“Only because some lovely mares inspired me,” Ledger said with a smirk before getting up and slowly walking for the bed. Once he was settled, he closed his eyes and waited for the mares to join him.

Midnight giggled and followed Cider, wondering if she needed help cleaning.


Meanwhile, Apple Fritter and Apple Leaves sat in the living room, both blushing heavily as a certain somepony had forgotten a soundproofing spell.

“Well...” Leaves said slowly. “You think I’m a grandparent yet Fritter?”

“After the sounds o’that?” Fritter said. “Ah’ll eat mah hat if ya ain’t.”


Cider and Song soon returned, and pounced on the unsuspecting Ledger, sandwiching him between them.

“Ooof,” he grunted, before wrapping a hoof around the pair and bringing them closer, granting each a quick nuzzle. “Hello mares.”

“Hello stallion,” the mares replied in unison. Cider was a lot more coherent now, but quite tired.

“If ah can’t buck mah trees tomorrow, y’all are getting drafted to help,” she said, poking Ledger on the nose.

“Makes sense,” Ledger agreed. “Would you prefer me as a Unicorn, or would you rather I take an Earth Pony form?”

“While Applejack is adverse t’usin’ magic on her farm, ah say, if it gets the job done, then so be it!” Cider nodded and then yawned. “So, whatever y’all think is easieerrrrr...” That was all she wrote, as the Earth Pony drifted off to Luna’s realm.

“Aww, she’s so adorable when sleepy~” Midnight cooed, stroking her mane.

“She’s not the only one,” Ledger said as he gave Midnight a quick kiss, followed by a nuzzle. “You’re just adorable.”

“M’not cute, I’m sexy and mysterious!” Midnight argued. Ledger responded by quickly beeping Midnight’s nose with a hoof and smirking. Her face scrunched up cutely and she frowned at him.


“You can have sexy and mysterious, but I’m also going to put the labels of cute, attractive, alluring, and downright hot on you as well,” Ledger said, before hugging the mare close again. “Have I mentioned I love you lately? I don’t think I have.”

“I believe so, but you can mention it again,” she giggled. She paused for a moment and decided on her answer. “I love you too Ledger, and Cider as well.” Heh, ‘Love’. It was a little weird for her to actually tell somepony that.

“Let’s give it a few days for Cider to come around and tell us that she loves us when she isn’t getting her brains bucked out,” Ledger said with a roll of his eyes. “But...I don’t think I’ll have any problem saying it to her when the time comes.” With that, Ledger gathered up all the love he could find in himself, leaving only the lust behind for him to use as food. With one well-placed kiss, he gave Midnight another dose of medicine, feeling a little tired from doing the transfer so much today.

“Love you,” he said before closing his eyes and joining Cider in slumber.

As he drifted off, Midnight lay awake, her mind still running with all sorts of thoughts. Like, why did Ledger’s kisses tingle today? Did he eat something she might be allergic to? And the meeting with Amythyst still weighed on her mind as well. And then thinking of that brought up memories of Canterlot and...

“Bucking dammit...” she whispered as she rolled over, looking outside and the many stars that dotted the night sky.

Chapter Twenty - Delicious creamy filling

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Ledger sighed, letting the warm water wash over him. In truth, he didn’t really need a shower, but it served as a nice place to just stand and think while the soothing sound of water falling past helped ease his concerns.

Then for some reason a memory of what he and Midnight had gotten up to in here once surfaced, before he pushed the memory aside. If this morning were any indication, there’d probably be a good amount of time before such things started happening again.

And then chocolate-coloured hooves snaked their way around his neck, as blonde hair filled his vision and he realised somepony was resting on his back.

“Ah, hello there,” Ledger greeted the mare, slightly surprised that she’d joined him. “There a reason behind your sudden visit?”

“Does a mare need a reason to take a shower with the one she loves?” she asked innocently. “I could just leave if you don’t want me...”

“I didn’t say that,” Ledger retorted. “I’m just surprised you decided to visit so soon after throwing me at Scope.”

“Ah, well... to be fair, I panicked at her, not you. You just happened to be the nearest grabbable object...and I’m never going to live that down, am I?”

“Just like you’re probably going to point out that changelings can chirp at any given chance,” Ledger snickered. “Our ‘list of things we have on each other’ keeps growing. It’s a good thing we love each other, otherwise I don’t know how we’d be able to get along.”

“I think I have more on you that Toll ever did,” she giggled, kissing the back of his head. “And I had completely forgotten about the chirping thing. Thanks for reminding me.”

“Not a problem, Songbird,” Ledger said, pointedly not looking at Midnight and instead deciding to feel her reaction to the nickname her mentor had used.

Extreme embarrassment. He could almost feel her face light up as she frowned. “Where did you hear tha....oh that feathery son of a-!!”

“I think it almost suits you,” Ledger said, interrupting her rant. “We just need to alter it a bit. After all, you do have a beautiful singing voice.” Ledger hummed a little as he considered possible nicknames. Songbat? Naaah...

“It’s a joke he came up with, because of my name and singing, and that I’d tweet like a bird when I wanted his attention,” she said as she got off of his back. She grabbed some soap and rubbed it into her mane and tail.

“Eh, in that case, yours suits you more than anything I could come up with,” Ledger replied, before giving off a soft chirp, wondering if Midnight would respond to it.

“So cute~” she giggled rubbing up against him, coating his carapace in soap. She pursed her lips, and the sound of a small bird echoed throughout the bathroom.

“And with that, I think the sweetness levels in here are almost sickening,” Ledger commented as he hugged Midnight. Just another moment, and he’d go out and supervise Scope...just another second of her company...

“Well, balance must be restored then,” she said with dramatic flair as the water rinsed her off. She grabbed his face and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. One filled with lust, love and all the other emotions that were running rampant in her head. Ledger moaned and leaned into it, restraining himself from feeding on any of those emotions...barely. She didn’t need a changeling feeding on her, but rather feeding and healing her.

“I don’t know what I should do with all this love,” she bemoaned in a mock tone. “If only there was a handsome Changeling that could help me.”

“I’m not touching your emotions while you still need healing,” Ledger said as he leaned in and pecked Midnight’s cheek with kisses. “That being said, the fact that you feel all that for me is very flattering.”

“Well, wanna see what else I feel?” she purred, pinning him against the wall and kissing him again. This time, he felt her lust rising, and Ledger was a little taken aback that she still thought of him like that after last night’s breakdown and this morning’s altercation.

Fucking ponies. They were all crazy.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, pulling back. “I didn’t hurt you did I? It was this morning wasn’t it? Scopey has a hard head and now I probably gave you brain damage!”

“I’m just surprised that you bounced back to normal so quickly after yesterday,” Ledger said, a smile slowly starting to grow on his face. “Or rather, normal for you at least.”

“Because it’s all I can do to not go completely crazy!” Midnight replied, throwing her hooves in the air. “I need something normal and familiar right now. And if taking my stallion in the shower is what it takes, then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.” Truth be told, her heart was pounding in her chest and she didn’t know how much longer she could even stand.

A wet splat told her not long at all. Hello floor. Nice to meet you again. Level gently picked her up from the floor and hugged his mare, suppressing the laughter, but not the rumbling that echoed through his chest.

“Well if my darling Songbird wants to take her drone, then all she has to do is let me know how,” the changeling teased.

“Whatever you want. I’ve decided not to think today.” Midnight replied, leaning against him. A familiar stirring made itself known to her as Ledger started to get into the mood.

“Well I’m no good with foreplay in general,” Ledger said, conveniently leaving out the fact that he had paid a visit to the library for a certain spell. He wasn’t even sure if it had worked, anyways, and he certainly wasn’t going to test it. “So it falls to you to make the first move and set your limits.”

“Typical stallion, makes the mare do all the work,” she sighed as she ground her hips against his. “I happen to know that you and Cider had a little showertime a little while ago. Why don’t you tell me aaaalll about it~”

“Well, first she and I got clean, and then she started acting a little like you are right now,” Ledger said with a smirk. “Only she managed to elicit a reaction from me real fast, then used her mouth to keep me erect.” Indeed, Ledger was already half-hard and speeding towards full erection status, thanks to Midnight’s efforts.

“Oh really?” Midnight mused. She was feeling a little better now and had a dangerous gleam in her eyes. “So she thinks she can one up me hmm, well then~” She lowered her muzzle and took his semi-erect member into her mouth, her tongue already squeezing and licking at it, while her hooves worked the base of the shaft. Ledger moaned, knowing that soon, the first bit of pre would come out for the batmare, and he’d soon know if his spell worked. He wasn’t quite sure what her fascination with mangoes was, anyways...

When it did, she squeaked and pulled back, licking her lips. “Um, Level...why do you taste exactly like mangoes?”

“I may or may not have played around with a spell to change my, ahem, ‘taste’,” Ledger said with an embarrassed grin. “I figured I could surprise you with this when we next fooled around, so, um...surprise?”

“Surprise indeed,” Midnight mused. “And I can’t believe that there’s a spell for this. What kind of pony wakes up and asks himself. ‘Today, I shall change the flavour of my jizz’?”

“Well if you don’t like it, I know the spell to undo the minor transformation, let me just…” Ledger said with a fake serious tone as his horn lit up.

“Well, now, let’s not be hasty here,” Midnight said. “Now where was I?” She opened her maw and engulfed him again, sucking and bobbing her head with renewed vigor. She hummed at the pleasant taste, that fact only making her double her efforts to milk her reward.

Ledger for his part had been reduced to moans and simple thoughts. One hoof found itself on Midnight’s head, slowly stroking her mane as she performed her eager ministrations. He really had to restrain himself from using that hoof to push her down on his throbbing erection. Easily done when he reminded himself that were their roles reversed, he wouldn’t want that to happen to him.

“You’re...bucking good at this,” Ledger managed to say between his panting.

She would have smiled triumphantly, but she had a better idea. Opening up the back of her throat, he soon felt her nose pressed against his belly as she took the entire length into her mouth, her throat bulging slightly at the intruder. Her tongue continued to squeeze him as she switched to slower motion, but continued to deepthroat him.

“Oh buck,” Level hissed as he felt her take his whole length into her. He nearly did buck as well, but he managed to restrain himself again. “You have no good that feels,” Ledger instead said. “If you need air or something...feel free to come up.”

She took a breath each time she pulled back, and while his anatomy was massive, she could still do it without much problem. The lewd sucking noises filled the air as she took him in again, and hummed loudly, letting the vibrations in her throat work their way along his member.

“Buck, buck, buck!” Ledger hissed as he felt himself start to twitch. “That’s done it!” There was no holding back now. This sexy batpony was about to get her mango-cream. She hummed again as Ledger emptied his load into her, and she took his member all the way in once again, filling her belly with the delicious taste as she groaned and milked him with her tongue and mouth.

Ledger eventually fell back against the floor and wall of the shower, feeling the water falling on them still and sighing from being so drained. “I take it little Songbird liked what she got?” the changeling teased.

“Mmm, such a tasty changeling,” she cooed, before coughing lightly. “Phew, you never fail to disappoint huh? I don’t think I need breakfast now, I’m so full~” her tone slipped into a husky purr at that last part.

“Mmm, keep it up, I might decide to stuff you again,” Ledger teased his mare, running a hoof through her mane as he did.

“Oh dear,” Midnight gasped as she turned to look for something. And when she found the washcloth, she bent over to pick it up with her teeth, Ledger getting a front row seat to her glistening marehood. It took him a few seconds to get into gear, mostly due to the recent draining. Soon enough, though, Midnight would feel him draping himself over her, a mostly-erect member poking at her flank.

“You,” Ledger whispered to the mare. “Are being a very dirty mare.”

“Am I?” she replied innocently and batted her eyes at him. “And I suppose you know of a good way to clean me up then?”

“Mm, we’re already in the shower,” Ledger pointed out as he shifted around a little bit before feeling his dick catch on something wet and highly familiar to it. “If you were going to get clean, it’d be here.” With a light bucking motion, the tip of his member found its second home again.

“Mmmmm~ Ohh~” Midnight moaned as she felt it sink inside of her, her hips moving back to greet it eagerly. She squeezed herself around him and begun to rock her hips. “Ahh, yes...”

Ledger bucked again, hilting half of himself inside the mare underneath him. “So I guess I’ll simply have to oblige you until you aren’t so dirty anymore,” he said casually, before leaning down to kiss and nip at Midnight’s mane.

That was when she cried out and her body shook. She was already on the edge, but when he tugged on her mane like that? By Celestia’s sweet sunny flanks, she came. Hard. Ledger just held himself still, waiting for her to come down from her latest high, so that he could move one way or the other...though he kept kissing her and lightly nipping at her playfully. Like she did with Cider!

“Oh gods, that felt so good,” she groaned. Her marehood finally released its deathgrip on him and allowed him to move again. “K-keep doing that. Rut me harder!”

“As you command,” Ledger said, slowly giving her his full length as he kept up with his little love bites. Once he felt himself sink into her completely...then came the hammering as he drew himself nearly out of her and slammed back in. Each thrust also brought with it a small nip from his fangs.

“~Eeyahh~” Midnight screeched as he pounded her relentlessly, her sensitive marehood shooting sparks of pleasure along her body as she lay her chest on the floor, raising her hips a little higher for him. Each nip and bite caused a small squeak of pleasure amidst her lust-fueled moans and pants. Her tongue lolled out as she allowed him to do whatever he pleased.

Eventually Ledger just slammed himself home one last time as he felt an all-too-familiar reaction start to brew again. “Time to fill the batpony,” he teased Midnight before nipping and tugging on her mane again.

“Do it!” she moaned, panting heavily and squeezing her walls around him. “Fill this little bat with everything you have. Make me your mare Levvy!”

Her squeezing and words caused Ledger to twitch again, powerfully, as he started to fill her with his seed. With more action than thought, Ledger opened his mouth and lightly bit down on Midnight’s neck. Just enough for her to feel it, not deep enough for pain or blood.

She hissed as his seed filled her womb, so much that it soon started to leak out, pooling onto the shower floor as she groaned in response. She shuddered and squeezed him again as she came for a second time, her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure. Ledger just kept filling her for a little bit until he felt the flow start to taper off. Soon after, he stopped cumming into the batpony below him, and he gently removed his fangs from around her neck and his cock from her pussy. A wet squelching noise filled the air as their combined mess hit the shower floor and was washed away by the still-flowing water.

“My water bill is going to be remarkably high,” the changeling observed.

Midnight just twitched in response, fluids pouring from her as she moaned in a low tone. Ledger blinked a few times as he poked Midnight. “ okay?” he asked the thestral mare.

“F-Fine...just...mangoey~” she giggled. She was just gonna lay here for a bit is all. “Hugs?” she asked in a sweet tone. Ledger slowly turned her around and picked her up for a hug.

“Once you stop leaking, I think we can clean you up and put you to bed for a quick nap,” the drone commented.

“I’ll be fine. Just...gimmie a moment,” she replied, still dazed. “I could use a kiss though~”

Ledger smirked and gave the mare a kiss on the lips. Though it was deep and passionate, he didn’t press her into anything more than a kiss and a hug right now.

Just to let her know that yes, while lusting after he was something he did, he loved her, first and foremost.

She kissed him back with just as much love and passion, as the warm water rushed over them...

Chapter Twenty-One - Ace in the holes

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“See? It’s nice and soothing up here like this, isn’t it?”

Once the pair had exited the restaurant, the cloud was quickly returned to the sky, above all the local buildings, and Ace had been...persuaded to lay on it on his back, looking up at the stars.

And then Cherry had joined him in a similar fashion, only it wasn’t the cloud he was resting on.

“Well now, I’d say this is quite comfortable,” Ace chuckled, placing one arm over him. “While I have love for all species of Equus, being avian does have it’s perks.”

“Mmhmm! Moments like this are easy to come by with wings,” Cherry said with a smile as he cuddled the griffon a little more. He was remarkably soft and fluffy when he wanted to be~ “I’ve not shared this with someone else before...and definitely never brought a griffon into this.”

“Then I feel most honoured to be part of this moment,” Ace nodded, smiling lightly as he ran a claw through his mane. Cherry sighed at the feelings, but he knew that if anything...happened, he’d never forgive himself for not explaining the whole truth to Ace. He was a nice griffon, he didn’t deserve such surprises.

“Acey...I might have a confession to make to you,” the stallion said in a trembling tone.

“Oh?” The Griffon raised an eyebrow. “While I am no holy one, I shall hear your confession little one,” he chuckled at his little rhyme. Cherry gulped and seemed to look away for a moment.

“I...I think it’d be better to just...Just trust me, okay? I’m going to show you something, and when I do, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t freak out.”

“I have battled against abominations the like of which even your nightmares could not conjure. I have endured many trials and hardships and I have lived with Midnight Song. I do not...freak out as you put it,” Ace laughed. “If you are truly worried, you do not have to tell me. I’ll not think any less of you.”

Cherry responded by shaking his head, steeling his nerves, and closing his eyes. When they opened again, they were still pink...but now that pink was solid, taking up the whole eye. “I figured you should know, since you’ve been so kind to me,” the stallion said softly. “I...didn’t want anything to happen without you knowing what I am…”

“Ah, I thought so,” Ace chuckled as he held the shapeshifter closer. “I wondered why you had this...shimmer, whenever I touched you. You hide your form from my eyes somehow. It’s quite impressive really.” He sighed as he lifted Cherry’s chin and looked at him. “It matters not what you are. Just what’s in here-” he poked the stallion’s chest “-That’s truly important. And I’ve seen your heart. It is beautiful.”

“I...thank you,” Cherry said with a smile as he blinked again, and his eyes were back to normal. He rubbed the back of his head with a hoof and chuckled slightly. “Now, a smaller thing to add to that...Y’know how I said I had a roommate that helps with the rent?”

“Hmm, Amy, yes?” Ace inquired. “I take it she is not aware of”

Cherry shook his head before his entire form was consumed in a flash of pink. Suddenly, the griffon found himself hugging a pink pegasus mare. One who looked up at him and giggled.

“Hi, I’m Amy!” she said to him.

“My handsome stallion is also an adorable mare?” he blinked. This actually surprised him, and pleasantly too. “Well now, isn’t this something,” he chuckled as he booped her nose.

“Yup! Not every ‘ling can do this, but I have a lot of food and a knack for it, so I made two ponies and took the two part-time jobs at the ice-cream store,” Amy said. “Most get disoriented swapping genders. For me it’s just like another horseshoe to slip on!”

“Hmm, it makes me a little curious as to your actual gender, though it matters little.” He planted a small kiss on her nose and smiled. “I am perfectly fine with either. So the question is what you’d be more comfortable in. You have three choices after all.”

“Eh, we’ll see,” Amy said as she ran a hoof through the feathers on Ace’s chest. “You still haven’t convinced me to let you in my place yet, mister.”

“Convinced eh?” A wide smirk split his beak as he put both arms around her. “Then, forgive my forwardness Che-I mean, Miss Amy~” His claws ran through the fur on her back, until he hit a few pressure points with the sharp tips. After the sixth, her body felt really warm, especially in a certain area. It almost felt like she was on the edge.

“Oooh,” Amy said as she instinctively ground against his form a little. “Oh, you’re good. Ledgy gave us all combat tips...The Violets know a few tricks...but those claws of yours are magic on my body~”

“I have many tricks my dear,” he murmured as his beak nipped at her ears. “I have many, many years of training, and there a secrets about the body that so very few know, even a few I discovered myself~” He touched another point at the base of her spine and his claw gave a small wiggle. That was enough to tip the scales her body was weighing. Amy moaned and gave the griffon a kiss as she felt herself start to really react to all the covering him in her juices.

“You, me, my bed,” she said once she broke the kiss. “And you are going to rut me into the floor, no matter my form.

“I believe I can agree with that,” he smirked. “Perhaps I shall sample all of your forms.”

“We’ll see,” Amy said with a smirk. “Right now, I think I need a good stuffing, and my wings don’t seem to be working.” Indeed, her wings were stiffly extended, not responding to her commands to flap at all. “Take me home, loverbird, and show me what you’ve got.”

“As my...lady? wishes,” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her and rolling off of the cloud, taking wing for her apartment. “I do hope your roommate doesn’t mind us intruding,” he laughed.

“Nah, but he might join in later to stuff you as well,” Amy teased. The griffon smiled as he flew on. He hoped she had the day off tomorrow. Walking was not in her future.

Once the pair landed, Amy squirmed free and opened the front door, looking around before nodding and gesturing for Ace to follow her. The Griffon nodded, his tail swishing about as thoughts ran through his head. He still reached out and pinched her flank though~

Amy let out a little ‘eep’ at that before shooting him a look that said ‘I like what you did, but not now.’ “We don’t want to wake anypony up before we get to the room,” she whispered. “Not all the apartments have soundproofing, but mine does. We keep the windows closed, we shouldn’t be disturbed.”

“As you wish,” Ace whispered, but it was still a loud whisper. Aerial Ace did not do quiet. Amy slowly led the pair of them up to the highest floor and fished a key out from her mane, putting it in the door and unlocking it.

“You keep your your mane?” he blinked and tilted his head.

“Sometimes,” Amy said cryptically. “Now get in there.” The Griffon nodded and walked past the threshold, looking around once he got inside.

That...was a lot of pink. Pink almost everywhere. The one bastion of sanity seemed to be the kitchen...but a little pink had already creeped over into some of the appliances.

It was almost like the pinkness had spread like a mold through the apartment.

“I...I honestly have no words to describe this,” Ace said in a surprisingly quiet tone. Well, at least she stuck to a theme.

“Yeah, you don’t know how hard it is to find a pink stove around here,” Amy said, as she closed and locked the door behind her. With a playful little flick of tail across beak, the disguised ‘ling made for the bedroom.

“I think I should be impressed?” Ace wondered as he checked his plumage, to see if the pink was infectious. If he started turning pink as well, that might be a deal-breaker...until he saw that tail disappear through the door.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” he smirked as she strode in after her, wondering what was waiting for him on the other side.

The answer was simple enough: A very large bed with pink pillows and a blanket all the colors of the rainbow. Resting atop it was Amy, shooting him her best seductive look.

“Oh Acey~” she purred at him. “Come show me your magic touch.” The mare patted the bed with one hoof, clearly inviting him to join her.

“I fear I need some sunglasses for that blanket,” he chuckled as he stepped onto the bed, the frame squeaking under his weight. “And I would be delighted to show you my touch again.” he traced a claw along the fold of her wing, causing her to shudder. “All you need do. Is. Ask.” each word punctuated by another point pressed, and another shudder on her end.

“Please…” the mare muttered through the pleasure the griffon was heaping onto her. “Please...don’t stop.”

“I never intended to,” he smiled, as he placed his palm against her back and moved down towards her rump. “Such a lovely Cutie Mark~” He placed his talons on it and gave a light squeeze. Normally the Mark also had a few points he could stimulate, but he wasn’t sure it it would work on a fake one.

He got his answer when Amy let out another gasp. “Wh...what what that?” she asked almost turning to look at the griffon.

“Well now, isn’t that interesting,” he grinned. “It seems even a fake Cutie Mark still has them.” He tapped a few points with his claws, making the slightest of pinpricks before grabbing her flank again, sending another wave of pleasure through her.

“Oh, you’re...really good,” Amy moaned. “If you...ever stopped being...a could...make a massaging.” Almost all her tension had been replaced with pleasure thanks to his efforts.

“I might, but I’m afraid I would get quite bored at that,” his claws moved lower, and it seem like he was going for her sweet spot, but they lingered to the sides, hanging there teasingly before moving to her thighs, making soft, circular strokes.

“Tease,” Amy managed to say in response to his latest set of claw movements. “And if you did come here...settle in...You’d have Middy for company at least. Plus...I could introduce my friends.”

He flinched slightly when Midnight’s name was brought up, but quickly recovered. “Perhaps,” Ace hummed. “But the world is vast, and many challenges await me. That said... I, would not be adverse to frequenting this city more often.” The he showed her something interesting. He took her hoof and with a few pokes of his claw, her body spasmed, and great pleasure rocked her form. She had felt like she orgasmed, and it took a few moments to realise she hadn’t, just...felt like she did.

“What...was that?” She eventually asked. “It good.” She already wanted more of his touch, more of his time...more of him in general.

“Nerves are a funny thing, and press the right ones, in the right way and all sorts of fun things can happen.” He moved back up her leg and turned her over so she was laying on her back. “Now, I believe I have finished warming up. She we get started?”

“If that was just a warm-up, then I’m expecting something truly amazing from you now, loverbird,” Amy teased.

“I’m curious to see what you have to offer as well, my perfect little shapeshifter.” The bird leaned down, and as he pressed the points on her Cutie Marks, his tongue flicked against her clit. The pleasure was intense and caused her body to spasm a few times before Amy came for the second time that night...and he hadn’t done anything more than touch her to bring both of those about!

“Are you alright my dear?” Ace asked the trembling mare. “I didn’t overdo it did I?”

“Not yet you haven’t,” Amy replied. “I’m just shivering from anticipation of what it’ll be like when you actually get in there.”

“Well I’m ready when you are my dear, would you like to set the pace?”

“Start slow,” Amy told the half-avian. “It’s been a while, and I’ve never had a griffon before. I’ll let you know when you can go faster.”

“As you wish,” he said. He moved her tail to one side, taking a moment to run his claws through the silky strands, before she felt the tip press against her. It slowly eased inside of her, spreading her and filling her. A few more moments, and he had about half of it in.

“Hrrmmm, you feel amazing!” he purred.

“I try,” the mare gasped as one hoof rubbed over her lower stomach. She swore she could almost feel the bulge she knew he had to be making in her. “Mmm, see if it’ll all fit...slowly, though.”

He nodded and pushed a little further, until he had buried himself completely inside the mare. He let out a small gasp and a low moan built up in his throat. “MMmm, seems you can handle it after all.”

“Didn’t expect that,” Amy moaned as her hooves went from rubbing at herself to around Ace’s neck, so she could hold him closer. “Alright, let’s give it a whirl, loverbird. So long as you keep it nice and steady, feel free to buck me through this bed.”

“As my Lady commands,” he smiled as he begun to thrust in and out slowly, before building up a steady rhythm. He placed one claw against his neck to tighten his scarf and then held her under her back, pressing some familiar points to add to the stimulation. Amy responded by reaching up with her rear hooves as well and doing her best to grab onto his flanks with them.

“You’re...too bucking...good at...this,” The mare eventually said between pants and thrusts.

“So, I take it that my...earlier valid then?” he smiled, his pace quickening as he suddenly rolled over, placing the mare on top of him. Amy was a little surprised from the sudden position change, but quickly got into the role of being on top and started moving her flanks just as much as Ace had.

“Mmm, I’ll...give half of you,” Amy said with a wink as she kept riding the griffon. “There’s still round two to consider after this one.”

“Hrm, but I want to test all your forms, so do try and last for at least three,” he grinned as he grabbed her hips, and as he gave her Cutie Marks another squeeze, thrust his hips up into her, burying his shaft inside the mare until he was balls deep. He made this a pattern, each thrust getting another squeeze. Eventually Amy couldn’t keep up and came around him, coating his maleness in her juices. During that, she barely kept herself upright with her hooves on his chest. The orgasms were starting to take their toll on the mare...

When that happened, he felt his own climax building and he tapped her shoulder. “While I am loathe to interrupt your current state, I must ask...where I should...”

“Just give it to me,” the mare commanded her griffon.

“As the Lady wishes!” he grunted, before letting out a primal roar and filled the mare to the point of overflowing. The volume was quite impressive, mostly due to lack of regular release.

“So...full,” Amy said as she rubbed her belly. “Mmm...good thing I’m shifting later, otherwise I’d be worried about hippogriffs showing up.”

“So a shift nullifies that?” Ace cocked an eyebrow as he held her close. He slowly withdrew from her, their combined juices spilling out. “Interesting.”

“Basically, while a foal would be half-me, it’s not part of ‘my’ original design. Shifting would get rid of any foals I might be carrying,” Amy said. “It’s all-natural birth control for female changelings!” Oooh, that felt much better, now the pressure could be relieved.

“So, getting your true form pregnant is impossible then?” Ace asked out of curiosity.

“Nope, totally possible,” Amy chirped. “I’d just have to remain in that form for the duration of the pregnancy. Whiiiich, would involve my employers understanding, as well as the customers, that I was a ‘ling. Cause I can’t stop work just because I have a foal on the way!”

“Ah, I can see that might present a problem,” Ace nodded. He found his claw tangled in his scarf and frowned, before wrapping the loose ends around his neck. Amy chuckled and reached down with one hoof, snagging a loose end and starting to pull.

“For me?” she asked with puppy-dog eyes.

Aerial Ace paused, before sighing and nodding his head. She removed the article, revealing the massive scar underneath. She may have hesitated at the sight for a moment, but she smirked and held the scarf up with one hoof triumphantly.

“And behold, I have that which other ponies wanted for years!” she crowed. With a mischievous smirk, the mare wrapped the scarf around her own neck. “Whaddya think, Acey?”

“Very dashing!” he chuckled at her, giving her a peck on the cheek. “But do you want to know a secret?”

“Oooh, I love secrets!” the mare said, already leaning in even though it was only the two of them in her apartment.

He humoured her and leaned up to whisper in her ear. “All you, or anypony had to do. Was ask.”

“Hee,” Amy said with a grin as she leaned back. “Mind if I keep it for a little bit, though? I totally wanna show off to Middy and make her guess what I had to do to get it.”

“You wish to mess with my dear student?” he said sternly, looking in her eyes like a teacher would when scolding a student.

“Only a little,” Amy said with a small pout. “That mare needs to learn how to smile honestly. If I pull this big a joke on her and she doesn’t laugh, I know exactly what to bring out next.”

Ace chuckled and ruffled her mane. “I’m just teasing, you may do so if you wish.” He paused and looked away for a moment, “And...thank you.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s my line, Acey,” Amy said as she beeped his beak. “Besides which, wasn’t it you that said you wanted to test out my other form as well?”

“Indeed I did, but I was referring to...” he placed a claw against his neck. “Most find it...uncomfortable to look at.”

“Pretty sure I have one up on you there,” Amy chirped, before her form was covered in a pink flash, and Cherry Scoop was sitting on the Griffon’s chest instead. “Not many want to put up with a Pink or a gender-shifter among Changelings.”

“I am a strange bird,” Ace chuckled, placing a talon on the stallion's chest. “Now my dear, let’s see what surprises you have~”

Chapter 22 - Dinner Prep

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Cider smirked and looked back to Ledger with a hungry look as she turned the flame on the water down. “Now...where was I?”

“Somewhere between granting me mercy and being generous?” Ledger offered.

“Hmm, too bad, ah’m afraid we’re all out of mercy~” she giggled as she pushed the stallion to the floor. It was time that she fetched her own butter~

“I take it somepony missed me?” Ledger inquired as his back hit the floor. He decided to roll onto it fully to make it easier for the mare to do whatever she wanted.

“Y’all might say that,” she giggled as she lay atop of him. “Ah do feel bad about Little Bat missing out on this, but funtime and fire don’t mix very well. Ah’ll make it up to her later.”

“I may just hold you to that, depending on what happens next,” Ledger half-warned, half-promised the mare on him. “So what exactly was your plan, sweet Cider?”

“Hmm, ah’m thinking... ah should taste test more of the menu,” she giggled as her body shifted so she was laying in the opposite direction. “Ah feel like tasting a different kind of stick now~”

“Do you now,” Ledger inquired as he started to feel himself get erect. “I should warn you it might not be exactly what you’re expecting.”

“Oh?” Cider hummed. “And why might that be, did you shapeshift it?” she dragged her tongue along the length and hummed again.

“Perhaps,” Ledger said as more of his length started to emerge. It still looked the same, thankfully enough. But he knew that in about thirty or forty seconds...

She took the tip into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue, as a droplet of liquid hit Ledger on the nose. Ledger took the initiative and decided to return the favor, licking along the mare’s lips and teasing inside her folds with his tongue. She gave an appreciative hum, before returning to her own least until her eyes went wide and she pulled back.

“W-What the hay!?” Ledger responded by making an inquisitive sound into her folds, both because he was curious as to what she’d think of it, and because he was loath to stop what he was doing.

“What...did you do?” she inquired, her hips giving a traitorous buck. “Cause ah know that ain’t normal!”

Ledger responded to her question by quickly flicking her clit with his tongue before sticking it back between her lips and teasing at her tunnel. It was basically his version of ‘Sorry, Ledger’s mouth is doing something a bit more important than talking right now!’

“You will explain this later,” she said, leaning down to resume her task. “Ah might as well finish the task~” Her lips closed around him once again and she gave a low purr, sending vibrations through him. Ledger’s own hips gave a buck as he began burying his muzzle in Cider’s plot again, tongue licking at her inner walls. He was going to give as good as he got to this mare!

She groaned and ground her hips against his mouth. She took a breath and then dove on him, burying about three quarters in him before she started to gag a little. Pulling back slightly, she took another breath through her nose and tried again, but couldn’t quite take all of it. Ledger was tempted, very tempted, Cider do what Midnight had managed, but refrained. Forcing somepony else to do something they plainly didn’t want to or couldn’t...never ended well. Instead he repaid her eager efforts by sloooowly bringing a hoof up to stroke along the inside of one of her hind legs as it neared her lips. After what had to feel like forever with his hoof just teasing her, he finally used it to stimulate her clit to the same patterns his tongue was making in her.

“Hrrmmmm~” Cider let out a low groan as her ministrations paused for a moment, her body sparking with pleasure. Her mouth tightened around him, though she was mindful of her teeth as she sucked on him. Her tongue sliding up and down, before she let out a muffled squeal and came, Ledger getting his reward that he seemed so intent on digging for. Ledger eagerly lapped up the juices she let loose around his muzzle. Hopefully he’d be able to finish before Midnight showed up...

The mare doubled her efforts, bringing up her hooves to stroke his length as she suckled on him. She gave a deep, throaty moan and her tongue flicked the flared head once more, licking up that delicious apple taste. With a groan of his own into her folds, Ledger felt himself start to twitch and give Cider everything she’d asked for~

“Mmmm,” Cider made loud and lewd gulping sounds as she drank it down, sucking every last drop Ledger had, until she pulled herself off with a loud ‘pop’ and smacked her lips appreciatively.

“Ah must say, this new spell o’yers is really something. Tasted like applesauce!” she giggled, shifting around so she could hug him. Ledger returned the sentiment and hug with a slight pout.

“I’d been aiming for apple juice,” he said. “I guess I was a little off, what with being rushed.”

“Maybe next time?” Cider giggled as she slowly got up. Midnight would be back soon and the kitchen needed to be aired out. “But the consistency is a little off fer juice,” she smiled. “Now go an’ wash yer muzzle, and I’ll get dinner started.”

Chapter 24 - A Griffon's magic touch

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Amethyst hummed merrily to herself as she double-checked her new pink stove. Success! A tasty, tasty success. Not only did the stove work and was pink, but it had helped make a delicious cherry pie!

Well, that was that task out of the way for the day. The pink pegasus looked at a nearby clock and realized something highly important.

Acey would be getting off soon! She squeed a little, then thought to herself. How best to seduce him today? He’d been so good lately...maybe he deserved a treat instead?

Nodding to herself, the pink mare ducked into her cupboard and withdrew a basket of rose petals, using them to make a path from the front door to the bedroom and tossing the remainder all around the room. She’d be sure to eat them later.

Then the pegasus looked in her dresser and got out some really skimpy clothes, that revealed more than they hid and had one real purpose.

Struggling into the garment that she’d never wear to work, Amy laid herself down on her bed, before realizing that she didn’t check to see if the front door was unlocked. With a quick jump up, the mare nodded as she looked at the front door from her bedroom, then mostly closed her bedroom door. This way, Acey could still hear her, and the surprise would be preserved.

Soon enough, the front door opened and she could hear Ace’s heavy foot steps. The way his claws would tap on the kitchen linoleum. They he would open the fridge and... Was he fixing a sandwich instead of looking for her?

“Oh Aaaacey~” Amy crooned from the bedroom. “Your mare is so lonely…”

The sandwich was soon forgotten as Ace noticed the rose petals. “Ah...” he stepped closer to the bedroom door. “So, she’s lonely hmm?” he questioned aloud. “Perchance, will I enjoy what lies beyond this door?”

“Perhaps you will,” Amy giggled, preparing to wiggle her flank the moment he laid eyes on it.

The door swung open to reveal the imposing Griffon, and he growled when he saw the mare lying on the bed. “Hrrrmmm, I think I really like what I see here.”

Amy wiggled her flank and swished her tail at her big, strong Griffon. “Then why are you still over there?” she asked.

The mare bounced as he leapt across the room and landed on the bed. It didn’t take long to pin the mare down as he smothered her form in kisses, nips and playful strokes of his claws. “Mmm, I’m going to enjoy this my dear~”

“You found your present,” Amy giggled as she enjoyed his touch. “Why don’t you...unwrap it?

“Hrm, but I also enjoy you as is,” Ace hummed. “But I am quite eager, and may tear that lovely outfit of yours.” It took a painfully long time, or about two minutes depending on one’s perspective. But soon, the mare was free of her trappings and Ace stood over her, giving her a hungry stare.

“Mmm, and what does my big, handsome griffon want now?” Amy purred as she looked up at Ace.

“Well, if you’re my present, I assume you have plans already?” he said as something poked her stomach.

“Mm, you’ve been a good birdy lately,” Amy purred. “So you get to decide how best to play with me. Make it very good, and I might finally give you what you’ve been asking for~” Her eyes flashed solid pink at her words, to demonstrate what she’d been talking about.

“Hrm~” Ace leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Well, I’ve learned a few massage techniques. I wonder what would happen if I..combined them, with what I normally do?” he said, letting that particular thought sink in.

“Oohhh,” Amy said as she started to shiver at the thought. “I think ‘foreplay’ just took on a new meaning.”

“Hmhmmhmmm,” he chuckled as his talons went to work, kneading the muscles and pressing down on her pressure points, firing up the pleasure centers in her brain. His touch felt like it was everywhere! Amy writhed under his ministrations, trying to get him to press her in the same manner twice. All the pleasure was starting to override her ability to think straight...

“Somepony’s enjoying herself,” Ace hummed as he massaged her flanks. Gods above, they felt like jello under his touch. “Tell me, what does my little Cream desire? Let your Griffon bring you to pleasures untold.”

“Ooooh~” Amy moaned out, twitching a little. “Let...let me...cum,” she finally said. “So...teased…”

“I could,” he said, as another jolt of pleasure passed through her. She could feel herself about to release, until he pressed a point and the feeling faded. “Or maybe I could tease you a little longer. You make the most delightful noises~”

“Nuuuu~” Amy moaned again. “So close...please Acey...please don’t do that…”

“Perhaps...” he chuckled, as he brought her to the brink and back, again and again. “But, only if you beg for it.” He normally wasn’t such a tease, but she really was delightfully adorable, writhing beneath him like that.

“…” Amy said as she batted weakly at one of his talons. “ cum…”

“Well,” Ace seemed to struggle with the decision as he toyed with her. “I guess I could...” He suddenly plunged a claw deep inside of her as he pressed several points on her flank and gave her Cutie Mark a squeeze.

Her reaction was instant, as her walls gripped the claw and rippled, almost with frightening force. Her entire body shook as she coated his talon in her juices, and she let out a scream that, were it not for the soundproofing enchantment, could clue in an entire block as to what she was up to. Slowly, she came down from her high and just lay there, basking in the afterglow of orgasm.

Ace smiled as he nuzzled her mane. “Well, I guess that my new skills are quite effective then?” And then an awkward cough came from behind them as Princess Celestia stood in the living room, staring straight through the door and smiling bashfully

“I um, seem to have come at a bad time?’ she said.

Amy looked over and her eyes widened at the sight of the solar diarch in her home...especially in her current state. With a sound vaguely resembling a ‘meep’, the changeling in disguise did her best to hide behind her griffon.

Said ‘best’ being nothing more than rolling over.

Ace chuckled as he looked at his Princess. “Yes, your timing could use a little work your Highness. That was Luna’s scrying spell yes?”

“Yes...I will have words with her.” Celestia sighed as she looked around at the very pink apartment. “I ah, shall leave you be yes?”

“I am quite busy here,” Ace nodded. “While I would love to talk with you, this one has a promise to keep. And she’ll not worm her way out this time.”

“I swear, you’re as bad as Midnight,” Celestia sighed. “I’ll return tomorrow then. Sorry again.” And with a golden flash, the Princess vanished. Ace grinned and turned back to his mare.

“Now...Where was I?”

Amy sighed, but nodded as her form was consumed by pink flames. In its place was the Amy that Ace had seen only rarely, of a changeling with pink accents where applicable. Though she was no less shaky from his ministrations.

“I...did make a promise,” Amy said slowly. “I just...find it hard to think you would find...this form alluring.” Her eyes widened as he pulled her up and kissed her deeply, well, as best he could with a beak.

“I’ve said it before, you are beautiful, no matter what form you take. You live to make others happy. And now, it is my turn to make you happy.”

And so he did just that.

Chapter 27 - One hell of a thank-you

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“I have to say, that meal wasn’t so bad,” Midnight hummed as they returned to their room. “It was no Fredricks, or Ciders...but, eh, it was passable.”

“That’s because you are spoiled Mistress,” Scope replied, picking some leftover fish from her teeth. “That was quite tasty.”

“Yup, I may have to parley with them for their fish recipes,” Ledger admitted with a nod. “Any time I tried with Fredrick or the Chop Shop, they...were less than enthusiastic at the idea.” With a light touch of magic, the door unlocked and slowly swung open as the party of four approached their room.

The stallion had barely walked in before Cider pounced him, smiling widely as she pulled him into a deep kiss. Song blinked, surprised she’d been beaten to the punch.

“Sweet Hives, you lot can’t wait five minutes can you?” Scope sighed. Eventually Ledger managed to break the kiss for air so he could reply.

“I think Cider’s...thankful for the tree I managed to get,” the unicorn gasped out.

“Clearly,” Scope replied dryly. “Alright, I take it you lot plan on writhing about together for the foreseeable future?”

“Looks that way,” Midnight said as she put her bag away, as Cider continued to molest Ledger.

“I had hoped dinner might provide a distraction, but clearly not,” Ledger said as he floated his saddlebag off and into the room at large. “To be clear, is this just for the tree, or for the price I managed to get for it?” he asked the farmmare.

“What. Kinda. Mare,” she said huskily as she kissed various parts of his body, each one deepening his blush. “Do ya think ah am? Can’t ah jus’... enjoy mah stallion~?”

“Typically you don’t try to outperform Midnight,” Ledger pointed out as his head started to turn red. “Okay, before this gets any worse, I motion we move this to the bedroom.”

Midnight cast a sideways glance at Scope. The Pegasus blinked and shook her head.

“Yeah. No. This afternoon has been confusing enough thank you.” She fished Midnight’s bitpurse out and put it in her own bag. “Today has been...weird. Imma hit the town. You lot have fun, I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Nopony’s pressuring you Scopey,” Midnight hummed as she placed a wing over the Pegasus. “And even I don’t know what runs through Ledger’s head half of the time.”

“I don’t think even Ledger knows,” Scope chuckled as she turned towards the door. “Still, the soundproofing only works outside the room, and I really don’t want to have to hear you lot. So, laters.”

“Take cARE! Cider!” Ledger’s typical ‘farewell’ had been...interrupted, for lack of a better word, as his voice’s pitch climbed a few degrees thanks to what somepony was doing. The earth mare just grinned as her tongue went lower.

“Yeah, gone now,” Scope sighed as she left the room. Midnight waved goodbye, before she turned and looked at the pair, a wide smile on her face and a dangerous look in her eye.

“Oh, so you decided to start without Mistress Midnight hmm?”

“I am suddenly regretting all my decisions, and I’m not the one that started this,” Ledger said as he looked at the bedroom, trying to judge if he could get there before Midnight joined the fray.

“You started without me...You will be punished~” Midnight purred as she grabbed Cider, her long tongue already wasting no time in assaulting the mare’s flower. Cider squealed under the sudden attack, letting go of Ledger as her squeals evolved into deep moans.

“And when you two are ready to join me, I’ll be in the bedroom so that Scope can at least pretend we didn’t rut right here,” Ledger said as he disentangled himself from the mares and walked, a little awkwardly, to the room in question. “First order of business, testing out the two-bed setup.”

“L-Ledger~ Help...Me~” Cider panted, trying to crawl away. Midnight just hummed as she watched her escape, stalking the both of them into the room, closing the door behind her.

“Let the fun begin~”

Ledger crawled onto the two side-by-side beds and curled up a little, making himself comfortable while enjoying the show. Surely, Midnight would want to finish up with Cider first, right? And if not, he was fine with her shifting her attentions as well. On another note, this was a comfy, cozy setup.

“Such a naughty colt, letting your mare get carried away like that,” Midnight smirked as she stepped up onto the bed. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. It’s time to play Levvie~”

“Mm, one moment,” Ledger said as he closed his eyes and focused. A brief flash of silver later, the changeling nodded at the batpony mare. “You may now continue to tease your drone.”

“Aw, cute~” Midnight purred as she looked over to Cider. “You. Over here now!”

“Wha?” Cider blinked.

“Now!” Midnight barked as Cider flinched and hopped up onto the bed. Midnight smiled and gave her a deep, yet gentle kiss. “Mmm, good girl. Now, as you were.”

“Huh?” Cider was all sorts of confused now and Midnight sighed.

“Look, just do as I say okay? Just trust me.”

“O-Okay,” Cider nodded. Admittedly, she was getting a small thrill from this. Midnight pointed at Ledger.

“Now, as I said. Keep. Going.”

Cider nodded obediently as she mounted Level, planting small kisses and licks along his chitin. While she was doing that, Midnight hummed as she nibbled the mare’s ears, eliciting small gasps from her.

“No taste test? I’m almost offended,” Ledger said as he attempted to catch Midnight for a kiss. Every time he failed, though, he took the chance to turn it into a kiss on Cider’s form instead.

“As I said, I haven’t forgotten,” Midnight hummed. “You will get your turn, but this one has to be punished first.” Her hooves trailed along Cider’s sides, before cupping her Cutie Marks and giving them a firm squeeze. The mare squealed again, before pressing her muzzle against Ledger’s. Ledger took the open invitation and gave Cider a kiss. Mostly to show he loved her, but also to make certain that her moans were very much muffled. He didn’t know what Midnight would get up to next, but he would like to keep his hearing intact.

He soon found out, as Midnight moved behind the two of them. Another muffled squeal told Ledger where the thestral’s hoof was...but where was her ton-!?

Oh? Hello! Well at least she was being honest about that taste test! Ledger looked at Cider and smirked, before breaking the kiss and hugging the mare closer.

“Well, I suppose I’ll wait until Midnight feels you’ve been punished enough before I add my two bits,” the changeling commented. Oooh, that was ni~ice.

After a few moments and Midnight making well and truly sure that Level was at full mast, she pulled back with a smile. Placing her hooves on Cider’s flanks again, she rubbed them gently, and then pushed down, impaling the mare on Ledger with a satisfied smirk.

Cider muffled a surprised yelp, burying her muzzle in the crook of Level’s neck. Ledger similarly muffled his moan...but by gently gripping the farmmare’s neck...with his fangs. Both because it was the first thing he could think of, and the first thing he thought of, he knew she’d like.

Cider shuddered as she gripped Ledger tightly, moaning loudly as he bit her. The moment ended all too soon as she was pushed up slightly by Midnight, who kissed her as she stood over Ledger’s chest, her own marehood inches from his muzzle.

“I’m sure a clever little colt like you can figure things out from here,” she smiled, before returning to kissing her marefriend, who was already starting to grind her hips against Level’s. Ledger responded by showing off a trick he’d learned over a few nights of practice. He was certain he wouldn’t be anywhere near Midnight’s level of expertise, but it was time to pull out this trick as well.

Ledger closed his mouth to hide the silver flash before opening it back up and putting his tongue to work on the Thestral above him...and kept doing it...and kept doing it…

He was really thankful that he’d started dating her, otherwise he might never know of all the fun a Thestral could have with their tongues.

“Oohhhh~” Midnight moaned softly at this new form of pleasure. So this was what it was like being on the receiving end. “Somepony is getting a special treat for this~” She placed her hooves on Cider’s shoulders and pushed the mare down further, until Ledger was balls-deep inside the tight earth pony, causing him to moan into the mare he was feeding his tongue into.

Midnight groaned again as she tightened around his tongue. While it was a very new feeling for her, it didn’t keep her completely distracted for too long. Cider was starting to find her rhythm as she bounced on Ledger’s lap, a lewd, wet slapping filled the room as she panted with each thrust.

“Oh, I forgot to mention,” Midnight hummed. “Cider and I are aaallll stocked up on our potions.” She smiled wickedly as she looked down at him. “No need to hold back tonight Levvy~”

Ledger moaned into Midnight’s folds again as he started to buck back into Cider, before a wicked idea crossed his mind as well. Using the most of his control that he could at this moment, the stallion pulled a little of his long tongue out of the mare, before using it to hit her clit. Maybe that’d stem the tide of words that just seemed intent on making him blow...

“Hhnnn!” Midnight groaned as she pushed her hips against his muzzle. “Whatever you’re doing down there, it will not end well for you if you even think of stopping!”

“That...good?” Cider panted as she switched, drawing herself up tantalizingly slowly, before slamming her hips back down.

Ledger moaned again and held himself still, letting Cider set her own pace. His tongue, however...he used the small bit he’d pulled out to encircle the batpony’s clit, and began pumping her like he normally would with a different part of his anatomy. Every thrust and pull back tweaked that sensitive nub of flesh.

“păstra. merge...(keep...going)” Song panted in her own tongue as she forgot to kiss Cider as she moaned. “So good...ah! Almost...”

Ledger decided to deliver the last thing he could: with a bending of his neck and a little maneuvering, he gently nibbled at the batpony’s folds with his fangs. Her eyes widened as she shrieked and came. Hard.

Ledger’s muzzle was drenched in her juices as she clung to Cider, shivering as she rode out her climax. The changeling did the best that he could to drink it all down, seeing as she herself tasted a bit like the mangoes she loved so much, but there was just too much for it to be feasible. He was hopeful that housekeeping wouldn’t raise too much of a fuss...

He felt something grip him tightly, as Cider watched her batpony climax, it triggered her own and she gave an adorably sexy moan. Ledger soon found himself underneath two moaning mares, sharing a sloppy kiss while they came around him. The moment and emotions around it was too much for him as well, and with a powerful thrust, he began filling the mare riding him with his generous contribution.

The three stayed like that for a moment, before Cider was the first to lift herself off and roll over, panting lightly as Midnight raised her hips and turned herself around. Barely giving Ledger time to rest, she buried his entire length inside her, her abdomen gaining a slight bulge from the hefty package.

“My turn,” she smiled. Ledger just stuck his tongue out and used it to make a ‘come hither’ motion before he lay back on the beds, utterly exhausted...for the moment. He was certain that would change soon enough, though.

Cider rolled over and smiled at him. “She’s bein’ quite demandin’ tonight,” she said with a wink. “Perhaps she’s the one that should learn her place, hmm?”

“Like Ledger has the strength left to do that,” Midnight smirked. The stallion looked like he wanted to say something and Midnight leaned closer.

Give her a taste,” Ledger said with a smirk. “I think you’ll like it.” Step one, distract the bat...

Cider stood over Level and gave her flank a wiggled as Midnight’s tongue dove in. The bat humming at the mare’s sweet taste and eagerly lapped it up. Cider groaned as her legs almost gave out, her mouth parting as she panted. Ledger merely smiled as he felt his own strength returning. It’d helped that he’d not moved much during round one...and that there was a lot of lust and love in the air. Plus, Midnight might be a bit distracted when she learned what Cider’s filling tasted like.

Midnight pulled back and blinked. “Wait, what the buck?”

“Something wrong?” Cider asked, a little concerned over that reaction when she was doing something like that.

“...Chocolate?” Midnight blinked and Cider looked down at Ledger.

“Really Ledger?”

“Midnight gave me the idea on the train and I wanted to see how you two reacted to it,” He said with a shrug. “Forgive a stallion his curiosity when he finds a spell like this.”

“Not complaining!” the Thestral said happily as she dove back in.

“Hhyaaannnn~” Cider cried out as she almost collapsed under the assault. “D-darn it Ledger.... ah’ll-ah’ll get you ....fer thhHHIISS?”

The drone reached up with a hoof and gently pushed the mare to one side, so that when she did collapse, she wouldn’t collapse on top of, every distraction he could use against Midnight was a good one. His forehooves then gripped Midnight’s flanks for extra leverage as he started to buck into the batpony atop him.

“Mmm,” Midnight moaned into Cider, causing the mare’s sighs and pants to increase in tempo and volume. Cider finally fell onto the bed, though Midnight’s tongue still had enough reach to dig into the twitching mare. Ledger smirked...and that was when he struck.

With surprising strength, the stallion slipped out, and out from under, Midnight, before jumping up to his hooves, jumping onto Midnight, and landing on her back. With one hoof, he all but pushed the batpony’s muzzle into Cider’s lips. “Do be a dear and clean up that mess,” Ledger told Midnight while he let her get used to the new situation. The mare was quite surprised and she stared at her stallion, spreading her hind legs a little.

“I can do that, but what do you plan on doing~?”

“Once you’re cleaning up that mess, I plan to make a new one,” Ledger said as he prodded Midnight’s flank with their mutual friend. “Hopefully it’ll be well-contained.”

“I guess we’ll have to see,” Midnight hummed as she opened her maw and placed it over Cider’s drenched mound, her tongue lapping up all the juices the apple mare had spilled. Then as Midnight pulled back, she made a small performance of showing Ledger all the cum he’d pumped inside the mare, now residing in the bat’s mouth, before she closed it and smiled, swallowing.

“Good mare,” Ledger said, softly stroking her mane. “Now, get ready for a fresh mess inside of you...and Cider, when you feel up to it, do ask for her to service you as well as I did her.” With that, Ledger pulled back and thrust deep into Midnight in one go.

The mare sighed, her eyes closing as she lay back, her hooves around Ledger’s neck. “I I’m in for a bit of trouble huh~?”

“Perhaps,” Ledger said with a smirk as he displayed his long tongue again. He was going to get a kick out of using this~ “I’ll make you a deal, little Midnight. You give it your all with Cider, and I’ll give it my all in getting you off again~”

Midnight grinned as she rolled over, so she could lay on her belly. Shifting until she was comfortable, her tongue and hooves went to work, and the barely recuperated earth pony was already writhing in pleasure again. Ledger responded by letting his tongue loll out and sending it southwards, teasing at Midnight’s lips while he thrust into them. He was frankly amazed that Thestrals had tongues this long, or what else they used them for.

“I’m...surprised how good you are,” Midnight moaned and bit her hoof as she shuddered. “Takes...practice...and-”

“Y’all talk too much,” Cider replied as she pressed her hips against the batpony’s muzzle. “Put that tongue o’yers to better use hmm?”

“Agreed,” Ledger said as he pulled back so he could talk properly. “And I’m sure I don’t have all the tricks you know. I practiced until I had control over this past week and a half. Then I practiced until I could do fiddly things. Took a lot of empty time at work, time when you two weren’t up...but I’d say it was worth it.” Ledger then snaked his tongue down to tease at something Midnight had become very familiar with while he resumed pistoning into her.

Midnight was spared a second to pull back and shot him a look. “Ledger...where do you plan on putting thhaaaAAAA~!”

“Found her on button,” Ledger said through his thick tongue. “Let’s see if we can’t find the off one.” With another thrust, the Changeling drone began teasing the mare’s clit in concert with his motions.

“Oohhgaawwdddd~” Midnight nearly fell into Cider as Ledger bucked her into the mattress. The apple mare smiled as she placed her hooves on the Thestral’s head, teasing her fluffy ears. She then shifted one of her hindhooves and began rubbing the mare’s teats, and Midnight climaxed again, her screams of pleasure muffled by Cider’s lips.

Ledger felt the tunnel gripping him tighten and he groaned at the sensation, already feeling nearly ready to fill up his other mare. With a bit of work, the Changeling retracted his tongue and closed his mouth. A muted silver flash saw his normal tongue returned, and the drone leaned over to kiss Cider on the lips, wanting to taste her lust and love directly.

The mare replied in kind as she leaned up to meet him, smiling as she let him drink his fill of her emotions. Under the two of them, Midnight twitched again as she lost herself in pleasure. Being all dommy was fun, but so was the opposite.

“Mmm, she’s been such a good mare,” Cider whispered huskily into her ear as she nibbled on it. “Why don’t you really give it to her. No holding back now...” She gave him a potent sensual stare and licked her lips. “Breed her Levvy~”

A very small part of Ledger knew that they were on the potion and were safe. That part can safely be called the rational mind. It also had no part of what happened next.

Ledger thrust once, twice, and on the third hammering strike into Midnight, held himself still and just unloaded into the mare below him. This...this felt right.

Midnight’s eyes went wide as she was filled so utterly. It was like somepony had stuffed a hose in there and blasted it on full. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out as she just lay there as Ledger continued to pulse inside of her, her belly already filling to the point of bulging. Ledger himself shuddered a little as he held himself still, waiting for the flow to die down before he eased out of the mare. He really didn’t want to make the mess worse...with a trembling hoof, he stroked Midnight’s mane and whispered to her.

Good mare...take it all…

It was so brief, even a blink would be considered an eternity, but it was there, a brief moment of...something, something not-Midnight.

“Yeessss,” she groaned, lying obediently as he continued to flood her.

“Whoa, you really went all out huh?” Cider hummed. “Ah think you broke her.”

“You had a similar reaction,” Ledger reminded Cider as he felt the flow start to slow. “And this...just feels right. Not like then at all. I’m with ponies I love and trust completely. And they’re asking for this. Why wouldn’t I do this?”

Midnight mumbled something, but neither really understood her. It sounded like she was trying to speak Thestrali and Equestrian at the same time. Cider looked at the overflow and chuckled.

“Whelp, ah reckon housekeepin’ will need a sizable tip tomorrow.”

“Probably,” Ledger ruefully admitted as he felt himself finally stop. With a bit of effort, the drone withdrew himself from the Thestral mare and tried to lay down so that he wasn’t lying in any fluids. Easier said than done. Though once he did accomplish it, he reached out with his forelegs and magic to bring his mares close and cuddle them during the afterglow.

“I love you both, so much,” Ledger said, nuzzling first Midnight, then Cider. “I don’t think I’ve said it enough.”

“Doesn’t matter how many times, y’all say it,” Cider smiled as she returned the nuzzle. “Ah’ll never get sick of hearin’ it.”

“A-Agreed,” Midnight twitched, finally finding her voice. “I need...ah...oohhh,” she shuddered as Ledger’s filling begun to flow out of her as she collapsed to the bed.

“And I think that’s our cue to sleep,” Ledger said as he lay down, not letting go of either mare.

“Nuu, need...bathroom,” Song finally said and Cider chuckled as she got up.

“Ah’ll help her, be right back okay?”

Ledger sighed, but nodded and lay down without his mares. There would be plenty of time to snuggle later.

After they’d returned, Song being carried by Cider as the apple mare pulled the wet sheets off of the bed they had used, before settling down on the other with Ledger. She placed Midnight on one side as she snuggled up on the other. The sound of a door opening and closing signalled that Scope had also returned home.

“Family’s all back together,” Ledger wryly observed before snuggling both his mares and basking in the emotions. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that he picked up on another emotion, not unlike the ones he had just gorged on.

The difference was that it was coming from another room, along with a muffled whimper or two. Ledger blinked before sighing. Best to address it now, otherwise it’d just fester and make it worse later on down the line. With a bit of work, the drone worked himself free of his mares and set them to cuddle one another. “Back in a bit,” he told them, before sneaking off to Scope’s room to listen in.

The feeling of lust was a lot stronger now, as he heard the cutest little sighs and moans. Keeping his emotions under control, Ledger carefully eased her door open just a crack so he could hear what the smaller ‘ling’ was fantasizing about.

“Ahn~” her sharp cry rang out as she found a sweet spot. As obnoxious as those Violets had been, at least they’d had a few useful lessons. “Nnn, harder~”

Ledger just stood there, listening. If she said a name, he’d know he have to intervene. If she actually had...desires based around him, they’d have to talk.

Mainly about how that’d be possible, but the fact that he was currently taken by two mares would play a role as well...though, they had given their blessing…

Plus, he wasn’t sure if she even still thought of him like...that.

Scope cried out again, “Ahhh! Mistress~” she shuddered as she drank in the heavy lust that dominated the room, before sighing again, this time, more contently.

Ah, just as Ledger had thought, she wasn’t interested in him at all, but Midnight...well, maybe he’d tone back the teasing, then...wouldn’t be fair to keep it up if she didn’t actually want him.

“What do you want?” Scope whispered huskily, and it took Ledger a second, while panicking, to realise she wasn’t talking to him. “Tch! fine, I guess so... show me that gift of yours~” He then heard her resume her ministrations. “Show...ah, show me Secret~”

Oooooor maybe she did want him like that. Okay, this...was not in his list of responses. Should he confront her, should he ignore it, should he act casually…

And then the logical part of his brain took a small vacation, leaving only one thought.

Buck it.

Ledger let loose his emotions, just a little. Just enough to let the nymph know he was here...and that he too was...interested. With one hoof, he eased the door open and put on his best seductive look. Hopefully she wouldn’t panic...she was so much cuter when she wasn’t panicking.

There was a surprised squeak and once he entered, all he saw was a small mound under the blanket, and two bright blue eyes staring out from under it.

“W-W-what the heck do you-”

Ledger interrupted the nymph by gently pulling her out from under her blanket with his magic and kissing her on the lips...a kiss that he pumped full of lust, much of which he’d just gorged on himself. He hoped that was an...adequate answer to whatever question she’d been about to ask.

After the kiss broke, leaving the spluttering nymph to blush and stammer for a moment. She finally found her voice and smacked his muzzle with a hoof.

“I-I thought I said to ask!?” she said with a frown. “And...what the buck are you doing in my room!?”

Ledger slowly turned back to Scope with a sultry look in his eyes. “My apologies, Lady Lens, but I could feel your need across the way, and it is not my way to let a need go...unfulfilled.” He gently caressed her face with one hoof before continuing. “Will you allow this drone to show you love and lust like you’ve never known before? Will you allow this drone to fulfill your needs? Will you let me buck you into next week?

She just stared at him, blinking slowly on occasion.

Then she gave him his response.

“Go back to your mares Ledger,” she said dryly as she slammed the bedroom door in his face. “We will talk about this when I am comfortable.”

“Putting it off just makes it worse!” Ledger said into the door before sighing and turning back to his own bedroom. “Oh, very well then. I’ll just be sure to remind her about this when she does ask…”

Once she was sure he’d left, she slumped against the door, her heart beating a thousand miles a minute.

“That...that was too close... I-I almost...” she shuddered as she touched her cheek with her hoof, the same one Ledger had just done. She looked at the door, knowing if she opened it now...

She just...wasn’t sure. Not just yet...

Chapter 30 - Cashing in

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“Okay, so, let’s see here,” Ledger mused. “You have two kisses from me, with tongue, to claim, and a massage from Midnight.” He was laying on the bed and looking at the mares. “Whereas I have a hug and some kisses to direct before we can get into anything...strenuous. Why don’t you claim your prizes first? Start us off somewhat nicely.”

Midnight smiled as she hopped up onto the bed, her hooves already kneading at his shoulders and back, firm, but gentle. Scope just stood to one side, wondering just what the evil drone had in store. There’s now way he’d ask for ‘that’ right? Not without consulting both mares first.

“You’re massaging the wrong changeling, love,” Ledger gently reminded Midnight. “Scope won that round. C’mon up here Scopey, get your massage.” The unicorn gently pat at the bed next to him with a hoof.

“T-That’s it?” she blinked, as she climbed up onto the bed. Midnight moved over and begun working on the nymph, already getting some soft sighs from her.

“You also have two kisses with tongue to direct me to give,” Ledger said as the nymph began to get her treatment.

“Hmm, I’ll hang on to those,” she smiled, closing her eyes. “One never knows when that might be useful~”

“True enough, but I’m not so frugal. Midnight, when you’re done massaging her, give her a kiss, and Scope, you get to hug her...and kiss her back.” Ledger may have been acting a little in his own interests, but when else was he gonna see them do something like this?

Scope sighed as Midnight continued, and then her heart raced when Midnight reminded Ledger of something. “If I recall the terms of my raise, you get to decide what kind of kiss I give,” she winked at the stallion. “Better make it good. This is your one chance after all.”

“If you don’t wind up tasting what she had for breakfast, I will be disappointed,” Ledger said, basically telling her to give Scope the full treatment.

“Mmm, I can do that,” Midnight purred. “Do you want her to transform into something? You have that as well.”

“Stop giving the perverted stallion ideas Mistress,” Scope pouted, but then melted under her touch. Dammit, why was she so good at this?

“Her pegasus form,” Ledger said with a smile. “Let’s see how good you are with wings...and how much she likes getting touched when she’s one.”

“Ooh, good choice~” Midnight finished up her massage and rolled the mare over. “Well then Scopey, hop to it.”

Scope sighed and with a flash of blue, she lay there in her Pegasus form, blushing slightly as she crossed her hind legs.

“Aw, so cute...” Midnight smiled.

“Perhaps now she’d be open to one of your kisses,” Ledger suggested with all the subtlety of a brick to the head.

“Like she has a choice,” Midnight said as she stood over the nymph. Scope blushed harder and closed her eyes.

“F-Fine, just hurry up already.”

“So impatient,” Midnight giggled as her muzzle closed the gap, pressing against Scope’s as her tongue parted Scope’s lips, her wingtips gently caressing the Pegasi’s. Ledger just watched, already liking the show.

“Remember to hug her,” Ledger told Scope. “And don’t be afraid to kiss back, it’d get both parts of your earlier dare paid off.”

Scope couldn’t reply, but her hooves wrapped themselves around the Thestrals neck. The batpony hummed as she deepened the kiss, their lips locked together as Scope’s tongue tried to fight back against Midnights. Ledger just watched for the moment when Midnight moved from heated make-outs to Thestral make-outs. He figured Scope might let him know...

Scope arched her back as she felt the that impossibly long tongue fill her mouth. She goaned as she clutched the bat and snorted through her nose, trying to catch her breath. Midnight rolled over as she held the pegasus to her chest, the petite mare kissing her back just as hard. Ledger had to admit, the whole show was...arousing. Best to watch and wait, rather than exert his temporarily-given authority. Besides, they never said when those periods had to start. At the moment, he was simply offering suggestions and using up the dares...

Eventually even Midnight had to come up for air, separating from her little pegasus with a soft sigh. Scope just panted as she gulped down air.

“G-Good that?”

“Only the ones she really likes,” Ledger said as he made them aware of his presence again. “Enjoy your make-out session that rivaled the sun for hotness, that was totally of your own free will, that I did not have to cash in your hour for?”

“Aw buck,” Scope sighed. She’d almost forgotten about that. And she’d said anything too. Midnight patted her head and kissed her cheek.

“I wouldn’t worry. Ledger would do anything to make you uncomfortable. He knows that Cider and I would be...displeased if he did. Don’t you Ledger?”

“Mmhmm, in fact, while you aren’t allowed to leave the room for the hour, that’s the only other thing I want you to do: make yourself comfortable.” Ledger then drew Midnight close and gave her his best lust-filled gaze. “We, on the other hoof, are going to buck.”

“You...want me to watch you two have sex?” Scope blinked. “Is...that even legal?”

“Voyeurism,” Ledger pointed out, using a term he’d picked up from the Violet Hive during his brief stay there. “Perfectly legal, even a kink to some. Some just like to watch more than they like to partake. But if you’re uncomfortable with the idea…”

“Then you’ll simply find some other way,” Scope sighed. “You know what, go right ahead. I’m almost curious to see if you can perform under pressure.”

“Given how tight Cider is, he does pretty well,” Midnight grinned. “And the pressure when he blows? Oooh boy.”

“Noble mom, Violet dad,” Ledger said as he reformed his fangs and used them to nip at Midnight. “What once was a curiosity about me is now a boon.”

“And you have me to thank for that,” Midnight giggled. “Mmm, that feels nice~” She wrapped her hooves around him, holding his his barrel to hers. Her tail flicked up, lightly smacking the stallions rump. Ledger let out a nicker at that before mocking an attack on Midnight’s neck with his fangs.

“And now the thestral is the one being bitten! Nom nom nom,” he teased.

“Gah!” she squeaked and giggled at the assault. Scope rolled her eyes as she sat on an armchair in the corner of the room.

“What are you, like five?” she teased.

“We have been going out for only so long,” Ledger pointed out. “Plus sex wasn’t exactly a thing I studied. I’ve only recently picked up a book for their pleasure, which remiiiiinds me.” At this, his horn flashed silver before he nodded. “Done. Now where was I?”

“I believe you were molesting my neck,” she replied. “Buuut I think those lips could go a little higher.” She smiled sweetly as she placed a chaste kiss on his lips, even as her leg brushed against his inner thigh.

“Mmm, or lower, depending on what you’re in the mood for,” Ledger suggested before returning the kiss, though holding it a bit longer. One hoof trailed down her neck before it massaged the joint where her wings met her back.

She moaned slightly, her wings spreading out as she leaned in to nibble his neck this time. Her tail flicked from left to right, and Scope had to avoid her gaze. Well, if they took this long, then she could leave before they even did anything really indecent.

“Oh, now I see why you like them so much,” Ledger moaned, before reaching up and pulling the mare down. “Okay, how are we starting tonight? Me on you, you on me? Somepony needs to get somepony else up and running before tonight can take off.”

“Well I happen to know that Cider has been teaching you how to eat out a mare,” she winked, enjoying the blush that brought to his face. “So, let’s see what you’ve learned Ledger?”

“Remember, she also dared to do whatever you want for a whole day,” Scope helpfully called out. Ledger shot the small pegasus a wink before replying to her.

“I’m saving that for later. Much later. Like, trip back home later. Or maybe just Fair later. All I’ll do is make suggestions. Like, perhaps we should put on a show for Scope. And perhaps while I’m tending to you while you ride my face, you can tend to me.” Ledger closed his mouth as silver light filled it before showing off his new/old friend for Midnight. “I’ll make it worth your while~” he sing-songed before showing off the thestral tongue he’d given himself.

“Sold,” Midnight giggled as Scope gaped at him. Was that his-but, it was friggen huge! She gave a painful wince just imagining that monster inside of her.

The Thestral leaned down and her tongue gave a long, painfully slow lick along his shaft. Ledger refrained from bucking, barely, as his tongue gave her lips a similar long lick, ending with him teasing her nub for a fraction of a second.

She held no such restraint as she pressed her moist lips against his muzzle. She used her hooves to rub the base of his shaft and balls as she teased the tip with her tongue.

Scope just blushed at the sight and stared at the wall. He said she had to stay in the room, he didn’t say she had to watch.

Ledger used his long tongue to slowly fill up Midnight’s pussy, sending it around and around her tunnel as he became more focused on her pleasure. If he didn’t, he’d be focused on his, and that’d only end the fun early.

“MMm, ahhh~” Midnight sighed as she all but hugged his cock, rubbing it against her soft furred chest. She looked at Scope and smiled slightly. “You know Scopey, it’s more fun if you watch~”

Scope just huffed. Around that moment, Ledger managed to get a bit of his tongue outside of Midnight’s pussy and began teasing her lips as well as her innards with a tongue not unlike her own. Midnight groaned and gave her hips a buck, all but grinding it against his face as she opened her mouth and devoured his member, her long tongue already going to work, squeezing and licking it.

This time, Ledger did buck, forcing more of himself into her mouth as he bore down on Midnight’s flesh relentlessly. That bit of tongue on the outside had located Midnight’s clit, and with a soft, wet flick, the thestral found herself in a position she’d been in a few nights ago. Ledger reminded her by pulling his tongue out and pushing it back in, tweaking her nub as that long appendage screwed her.

Midnight moaned around his member as she opened the back of her throat and took the whole thing into her mouth, he could feel her breath against his balls. Scope had been stealing the odd peek and her wings were at full spread now. Just how in the hell did that Thestral do that?

The unicorn moaned into Midnight’s folds, close to finishing already. The excitement that this situation brought, coupled with being watched by somepony else...he kept fucking Midnight with his tongue, but decided to nibble a little as well. Just enough to be felt, Ledger used his fangs to stimulate Midnight’s sensitive flesh.

The Thestral groaned around him, her head bobbing up and down before she pulled off with a lewd, wet pop. She smacked her lips a few times and began to stroke his member with her hooves, giving the watching pegasus a wink.

And that gave her an idea.

“Ohh, I bet this really gets you, doesn’t it Ledger? Having little Scopey watch me rub your hard dick. Those bright blue eyes glued to this solid cock of yours~”

Ledger moaned something in reply, sending vibrations into Midnight’s pussy as he kept stimulating her as best as he could. He’d started this, he was gonna finish it!

Then she got another idea as she panted. She was gonna make Ledger paint the ceiling if she could get her to do it. She was close herself, but she smiled at Scope and made a motion with her hoof. Scope blinked and shook her head, but Midnight gave her puppy-dog eyes.

‘Fine, but you owe me,’ Scope rolled her eyes and raised her voice a little, just enough for Ledger to hear her.

“Oh Levvy,” she called out in a husky, sing-song tone. “Why don’t you come for me? Paint that little bat good and proper~”

That did it: The thought that Scope actually enjoyed the show set into motion his orgasm. With a last shred of thought left before he started to oblige the nymph, the unicorn brought his fangs to bear, lightly, on Midnight’s clit. He wasn’t cumming alone if he had anything to say about it!

Midnight moaned in a loud, lewd tone as she drenched his muzzle with her orgasm. She gripped his length with her hooves and hugged it close, rubbing the shaft with a furious pace, her tongue teasing the tip.

And that was when Ledger all but exploded, coating everything on the other end of his dick in seed. There was no more room for rational thought as he just came...and came...and came some more.

Midnight just sighed in content, too busy riding her orgasm to care where he came. It coated her chest, face and mane, some landing in her mouth. Scope just watched with wide eyes, wondering more on where the hell he kept all that. She hadn’t even thought about her hoof, even as it slowly teased her lips.

“ should probably shower,” Ledger pointed out once he was done for the time being. “You know how quickly that stuff crusts up.”

“Mmmm, maybe,” Song sighed as she licked some from her hoof. “And while I love this new spell of yours, I do prefer Ledger-flavour occasionally~”

“I’ll be sure to change it for your next time,” Ledger quipped back. “We have a variety of flavors on tap, you must merely exert your imagination and make requests.”

“Oh hah hah,” Midnight snarked as she licked some more from her chest. “Mmm, so is that all dear Ledger?”

“For now, I do have to reload,” Ledger said as he swung the door open with his magic. “Feel free to clean off while I do.”

“Fine, but I won’t be long,” she said, giving her tail a swish as she hopped from the bed and trotted from the room, careful not to drip any onto the floor. Ledger turned and looked at the small pegasus who was pleasuring herself, before smiling and patting the bed.

“I’m not demanding anything more than a hug or some kisses,” he said softly. “But you seem to be enjoying let me show you that I enjoy your company too.”

Scope squeaked when she realised what she was doing. “Ah, but I...dammit.” she stood up and after looking around, she walked over to the bed and sat near Ledger, avoiding the puddle he left there. Ledger pulled Scope close with a hoof and hugged her like that, enjoying the feeling of a warm body next to his in the afterglow. She should allow others to cuddle her more often. It felt good.

She noticed his cock give a little twitch and hummed. “Heh, I wonder what you’re thinking about?”

“Midnight coming back and us cuddling before we get into round two,” Ledger answered honestly. “Though I’m sure you were hoping for an answer like ‘you,’ it isn’t my way to force you into doing anything you don’t want to.”

“Says the guy who burst into my room and claimed that he’d ‘buck me into the mattress’,” she giggled. “Well, whatever. At least you put on a decent show.”

“I was trying to get you to be more open with what you want,” Ledger said, poking her muzzle with a hoof. “It’s okay to want long as you ask for them instead of take them. And I did ask, and I wouldn’t have done anything without asking Midnight and Cider first. Though, they did basically both agree to give you a chance…”

“I figured they would,” Scope replied. “And besides, are you also the one that keeps kissing me without asking? Got any more quotes for me to shoot down in flames?” She reached out without thinking and gave his member a flick with her hoof to punctuate the statement.

“Somepony needs to show you they care,” Ledger said softly, only shuddering slightly at the stimulation. “I’m afraid of what you might do if you thought nopony cared about you, about what happened to you. After hearing about your...past, I decided I would do everything I could to help you defy it.”

“Why?” she asked simply. “It’s not like I’m the only changeling in that situation. The other five that came over with me were all the same, yet they got sent back to the homelands. So...why me?”

“Because you’re here, and you’re trying your hardest to earn that trust we’ve given you instead of take it or force it out of us.” By this point, Ledger had begun to stroke her mane. “I would do everything for those I cared for.”

“You’re such a sap,” Scope said, leaning into the touch a little. “No wonder you left the Hives, you wouldn’t last a day with that marshmallow heart of yours.”

“That, and I read all the Archives I could,” Ledger said with a nod. “Nothing left to learn there. ‘s how I knew so much during that fight.” His hoof accidentally brushed between her wings, and he stiffened once he realized what he’d done. She stiffened and let out a small moan, before clasping a hoof to her mouth.

“I am so sorry-” Ledger started to apologize.

“Do that again,” she murmured. Ledger blinked a few times, but obliged the smaller mare, running his hoof softly down her spine. She moaned and panted softly as her idling hoof resumed its earlier job. Ledger smirked at the sight and began to slowly massage that spot, one hoof rubbing between her wings while the other moved to gently rub at one of them.

She groaned in pleasure as her wings extended slowly, her hoof quickening its pace slightly. Ledger took this chance to go from rubbing between her wings to just rubbing her wings, trying to find what did work and do more of it. He was thankfully a quick learner: he knew he was doing something right when she moaned and went faster.

Her hoof switched from sliding along her slick slit, to teasing the small nub at the top. Her eyes closed as she opened her mouth slightly, panting cutely as she brought herself closer to both Ledger and climax.

Even as his hooves kept rubbing her wings, the unicorn leaned down and softly kissed the pegasus on the top of her head before whispering something for her. “You do still have to do what I say...and I say you should cum, Scopey.” Ledger knew of one nerve-cluster in Pegasi wings that they liked having rubbed...and he exploited that knowledge now.

She opened her mouth again with a loud moan as her hoof dug into her drenched pussy, before she shuddered and came, her legs crossing as her forehooves gripped one of his as she rode the climax out, panting and moaning with each twitch and spasm.

Ledger just let the little mare hold onto him, knowing she’d likely not mention wanting to cuddle after something like that. Didn’t mean he wouldn’t still offer, though. He softly stroked her mane with his free hoof, letting her know he was still here and still cared.

She snuggled closer as her body shook every now and then. Midnight Song had returned a few minutes ago, content with watching the show from the doorway.

“Mm, that looked nice,” she whispered to them.

“Glad you both liked,” Ledger said in a tone that was no louder than hers. “I think she really needed this.”

She looked up at them and smiled lightly. “You still have...a half hour,” she said cheekily.

“And while you did cum, I said earlier to make yourself comfortable and that I wouldn’t push you,” Ledger rebuffed, though he didn’t stop cuddling the smaller mare.

“Well, I’m pretty comfy right here,” she said as Midnight climbed onto the bed, snuggling them from the other side. “Or should I just be me and say, take the bucking hint Ledger.”

“You’re pretty small as you are,” Ledger observed. “I’m not going to hurt you by giving you something like that. Heck, I’m surprised Midnight and Cider can take me. For you it’d be downright impossible.”

“You know,” Scope hummed as she felt something. “Give me like...five minutes and this scene will be complete okay?”

“I can wait five minutes,” Ledger said, kissing Scope’s head before moving his attentions to Midnight and kissing her on the lips. “I’ve got two pretty mares to keep me company after all.”

“Not for long,” Scope sang, eliciting a look of confusion from Midnight.

“Levvy? I think she’s planning something.”

“Yup, my first clue was she was awake,” Ledger snarked. “Well, what’s the plan? Is it you or somepony else?”

He got his answer when the door opened and he heard Cider call out his name.

“In here love!” Scope said, using Ledger’s voice. “And do hurry, I have a surprise for you~”

“Sneaky,” Ledger whispered, before deciding to roll with it for the time being. He’d likely have done the same thing, after all. Scope rolled over him, her tail brushing against his still hard member as she lay against the wall.

“Now, no matter what, I want you both to face that door. Do not look at me okay?”

Ledger smirked as he saw her plan start to form. With a quick motion, he was holding Midnight in front of him to hide his current...state from the farmmare. Anything to help confuse her.

Apple Cider peeked her head around the corner, her curious blue eyes scanning the room. “Uh...what’s goin’ on in here hmm, not that that smell isn’t a dead giveaway.”

“We’re having a party,” Ledger said as he looked at the mare. “Care to join us for round two?”

Cider smiled as she dropped her bags on the floor and stalked closer. “Mmm, ah reckon ah might...” there was a blue flash from behind Ledger and the farmmare paused. “Uh...who the hay is that?”

“Oh, I did say ‘we,’ right?” Ledger said, hoping the slight clue would help her figure out what was going on. He was curious himself, but he had directions to follow.

“Uh...y’all...brought a Griffon to our bed?” A talon squeezed Ledger’s shoulder as the black and white griffoness leaned closer.

‘Am I big enough now?’ she whispered to his ear.

“Why yes, yes you are,” Ledger said with a smirk. “Just think, Cider. Who all else did we bring with us…” The mare paused as she realised who that griffon might be.

“Scopey?” she blinked and the griffon nodded, before leaping across the room and tackling the mare in a hug.

“Ohh, I like this,” she giggled. “Maybe I’ll stay like this for a while. Heart does provide enough love for me to do this in extended periods.”

“And if you asked, I’m certain I could share,” Ledger said as he watched the griffon-on-pony hug. “Enjoying her, there?”

“Well, when the shoe’s on the other hoof, it’s not so bad,” Scope chuckled as she squeezed Cider. The Earth mare squeaked and looked to Ledger and Midnight for help.

“Scope, you had a thing you wanted me to do, I can’t do it if you’re not over here,” Ledger pointed out before looking at Midnight. “I don’t think the bed was rated for Gryphons and others, though. Mind keeping Cider company?”

“I guess so, I’m curious to see what she’ll let you do though. Bare in mind, she has razor-sharp claws now.”

“I trust her,” Ledger said simply, the honesty and loyalty around that statement a virtual cloud to a changeling’s senses.

Cider watched them both and then raised her hooves and gave each changeling a bonk on the head. Scope growled and glared at her. “Ow! What the hell Cider?”

“Yeah, what gives?” Ledger asked as he nursed his own head. “She opens up enough to trust me like this, like I trusted you both like this, and this is how you repay that trust?”

“Ah’m jus’ checkin to see if y’all ain’t gone wonky in the head again,” she sighed. “Ah jus’...didn’t expect to come to-” she motioned at whatever this was. “-this.”

“Tell me, do you see us screwing in our normal forms?” Ledger asked in a deadpan voice. “Because I can tell you, that’s not happening anytime soon.”

“Hey, I can take a normal stallion just fine,” Scope said defensively. “You’re just too damned big.” She suddenly got a wicked idea. “Though...if you prefer a pony...” She shifted again, the the kind magenta eyes of Princess Celestia stared down at him. “I think we can arrange something~”

“Yeah, no, met her, not doing that,” the unicorn said with a shake of his head. “Just wouldn’t feel right. Repaying that kindness like...that.” His mind went on a tangent, and he grinned. “Oh Midnight?~ Toss me my book, will you?~”

“I have a bad feeling about this, and can you please change form Scopey?” Midnight replied as she fished around until she found Ledger’s ledger. “Here.”

Scope returned to her default changeling form as Ledger caught his book. “What are you planning?” Ledger didn’t answer for a minute as he flipped towards the back of the book, reading something and smiling.

“Well there was this one spell that I was trying to adapt from the book I got my other new spell from. The one I’m trying to make will allow me to bend the fabric of space and time to make things larger on the inside.” His horn was glowing silver as he spoke. “The original only has one purpose, though.”

“Do I want to know?” Scope gulped as she backed away slightly.

“Accommodation spell,” Ledger said as the glow split, one beam of light impacting him, the other one striking Scope. “For mares who are just too small or stallions that are just too large, this spell helps them mesh a lot easier and without pain.”

“Do I want to know why you had that exact spell tucked away?” she blinked.

“I just said I was studying it,” Ledger said as he closed his book with a snap. “It helps to have the original copied down, word for word. But I do believe that this will take care of our little ‘issue,’ yes?”

“It still sounds a little convenient,” Scope replied dryly. “But I suppose it, I just have to work up the nerve again to actually do this.”

“Take your time,” Ledger said as he leaned back on the bed, just trying to relax and only too late realizing he was putting on a show. Blushing only a little at the unintended display, he continued. “I’m not going to force you, or go anywhere until you say otherwise.”

“One question then,” Scope asked the trio. “What does that make me if I do this? Am I a member of your little herd? Or just somepony else to fill the bedsheets when you get bored? Can...can you truly love me like you do one another?”

“It’ll take time,” Ledger said after mulling the question over. “Time and a lot of work on both our parts. All relationships do. But if that is what you want...I think we can find ourselves working towards a common goal.”

“The only reason this herd is even a thing, is because ah bucked up in the first place,” Cider said as she sat down on the floor. “Midnight could have just said no, and that would be that. She and Ledger would have been together on their own, and ah’d have had mah farm all to mahself.”

“But, doing that...just didn’t sit right with me,” Midnight followed up. “Yeah, I could have done that. And who knows how that might have turned out. Ledger could have left me for Cider for all I know, or some other random mare. But, fate brought us all together and this is the road it set us on. I believe that you travel a similar path Scopey, and if you wanna walk it with us, then I’d be happy to have you.”

“In short,” Ledger said as he extended a hoof to the smaller ‘ling. “You can take us up on this opportunity, or you can leave. We won’t begrudge you either way...but only one path has you being loved.”

Dammit, ever since she was born, all she was taught was to hate and lie and steal. If someone had something she wanted, take it. If someone was in her way, kill them. Species and gender didn’t matter, anyone else was just there to be used, plain and simple. Why should anyone love something like that? She was little better than the Black that Ledger had burnt to a crisp... A little dark magic would close that gap...

She hadn’t even noticed that she was just standing there crying…

Ledger just used his magic to pull the smaller ‘ling into a hug atop him, holding her close and letting her know he cared. “Forgive me my impudence, but I thought you could do with a little affection,” he murmured into her ear.

“I think you might be right,” she murmured. “Sorry, my mood’s kinda dead now. Can we just hug and call it a draw?”

“If you want,” Ledger agreed. “In fact, why don’t we go to your room and just cuddle? I think Midnight has a few things she wants to discuss with Cider.” The tone he’d used at the end made it clear what sort of ‘conversation’ might be taking place.

“Mmnope,” Midnight replied as she snuggled them. “I’m happy right here. I don’t need sexytimes all the time.”

“Agreed, somepony needs hug and ah’ll be damned if ah don’t provide fer mah family,” Cider grinned as the pair of mares sandwiched the two changeling’s between them. Ledger just leaned down and kissed the smaller ‘ling on the head again.

“Cuddles, then a nap,” Ledger said as he felt like he could do with an hour of rest.

Scope smiled softly, she was happy for another reason as well. She would no longer be ‘Discarded One’. While she had a pony name that she liked, she hated her Changeling one.

“Not anymore,” she whispered. She had a new name in mind. One that made her so happy, for a brief moment, her carapace shone like...crystal.

Chapter 31 - Serious size-play

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Ledger woke up from his slight nap to find that at some point, possibly because they weren’t as tired as him or as worn out as Scope, Midnight and Cider had left. Probably to do things in town before the fair happened. Heaven knows it’d be harder to get around when that happened. And the city would be full of tourists.

Scope, on the other hoof, was laying on his chest, curled up cutely. He couldn’t, didn’t, resist, and softly stroked the small changeling. She groaned softly and her eyes flicked open like a switch. It only took a second to realise where she was, but made no effort to move.

“Hey, Secret,” she yawned. “Sup?”

“Nahmuch, my little jewel,” Ledger said, admiring her cuteness. “Just figured getting you up wouldn’t end badly. Plus it’s easier to talk to you when you’re awake. You feeling alright?”

“I feel...much better,” she said with a small smile. “And, ‘little jewel’ huh? Funny you should call me that, Secret-Hoarder.”

“You may be small, but you’re very precious to me,” Ledger said as he softly hugged the nymph. “It just fits.”

“I said it’s funny, because...I decided on a new name,” she said softly. “I don’t wanna be the ‘Discarded-One’ anymore. That name sucks.”

“Agreed,” Ledger said. “So, do I get to know your new name?”

“Mmmaybe,” she giggled. “What’s in it for me?”

“How about a kiss?” Ledger offered.

“Tempting, but I feel that you’d get more out of that bargain...besides, when did you start asking for one~”

“I meant how about I give you one,” Ledger said with a roll of his eyes.

“Again, when did you start asking?” she replied. “Hmm, how about you use my new name when you do then?”

“I can do that,” Ledger said with a cheeky smile. “Assuming I know it.”

Scope blushed and looked away for a moment, before looking back at him with a bashful look. “It’s... Secret-Treasure...”

Ledger was silent as he thought about her name and all of the implications thereof, before he forewent asking and just gave Scope her kiss.

Her full, tongue-filled kiss.

Scope gave a muffled yelp from the sudden contact, but leaned into it none-the-less. She was happy dammit. She was going to enjoy that and memories or anything else in this world be damned.

Eventually Ledger had to come up for air, and once he did, he looked at Scope with trusting, loving eyes. “My little Secret-Treasure,” Ledger said as he ran a hoof over her form. “I do hope you know what you were signing up for when you took a part of my name for your own.”

“I think I have an idea,” she said, panting slightly from all the love that was given to her. “But...why don’t you tell me?”

“Sadly it means you’ll have to deal with me nigh constantly,” Ledger said with mock drama. “But it also means you’ll have to put up with my mother and father hounding us for little ‘lings. They practically shouted it at me before I left on my journey. ‘Find a nice, reasonable nymph young drone, and let me know when I’m a grandma!’” Once again, Ledger impersonated his mother without needing to alter his voice with his powers.

“That...was slightly terrifying to hear,” she admitted. “And here you said you can’t do gender swaps.” She leaned in to nuzzle his chest, and smiled. “It sounds nice though...having a family, a real family.”

“You have that with me, Cider, and Midnight,” Ledger said as he hugged her. “And I choose not to swap my gender. That was just an impersonation, a non-magical talent I picked up.” With a clearing of his throat, suddenly, Ledger sounded a lot like a certain gryphon.

“I can do it very well, my little shining jewel, but better the more time I spend around somepony else. I would love to spend some quality time with you, if you would permit it.”

“Such a gentleling,” she giggled. “Alright then, you say you love me. Show me how much Secret~”

With the dare delivered, Ledger leaned down and kissed Scope again, this time showing her the depth of the love he held for all the mares he held dear.

Midnight’s love was deepest, of course. He’d known her longer.

Cider only trailed behind her by a little, surprisingly. She had more than earned that distinction, for agreeing to house them after everything had happened.

And the love and care he felt for her...was only a little bit behind Cider’s.

‘So much, so much that I didn’t deserve...and yet...’ She found herself returning the kiss with just as much, if not more love. “Just...please don’t abandon me...not again,” she whispered into his mind with the Hivelink spell.

“Never,” he thought back. “You’ve proven your if you had to. And I am glad you chose us. So we shall choose you in turn. Always and forever, we will stand by you.”

He found her kiss being returned with more passion than before, her chitinous hooves cupping his face as she moaned into his mouth. Eventually, despite their best wishes, they had to come up for air again, and Ledger just hugged the small nymph close.

“So. Are you satisfied that you are loved?” he asked aloud, just looking at Scope.

“I am...more than anything,” she smiled. “I just hope, that I don’t let you down.”

“I was about to say, if I’m doing something wrong, feel free to punch me,” Ledger joked, right as Scope socked him in the shoulder, making him wince slightly.

“Figured out what you're doing wrong yet?” she said sternly.

“I think the answer is ‘giving you opportunities to hit me’,” the unicorn replied as he rubbed the spot she’d punched.

“True, but incorrect also,” she said. “Let me spell it out for you. There is a cute nymph sitting atop of you, having just claimed part of your name and confessed her love, and just sit there. Do I have to use my pheromones on you dear Secret, of have you taken the hint~?”

Ledger paled a little, and panic surfaced for a second at the mention of pheromones, before he forced himself to be calm. “I will need to cast the accommodation spell again, if that is your desire,” the unicorn said evenly as he looked from the nymph to where he’d last recalled his book being.

“I suppose you’ll have to,” she nodded. “And perhaps, I can help you get over a few fears of your own hmm?”

“Perhaps,” Ledger replied in that same even tone as he repeated the mantra of ‘I can trust her’ in his head. “So will you be getting it, or shall I?”

“Well I don’t know where it is,” she giggled. “But I’m certainly not moving from my spot.”

“And I currently am your spot, so I guess I’m not going anywhere either,” he observed in turn. The unicorn sighed and closed his eyes, before his horn started to glow. With an answering glow of silver, the book appeared from under the bed.

“Found it,” the stallion said as he immediately began leafing towards the back.

“There, was that so hard?” she giggled before she got a lightbulb moment. Time to take a page from the Mistresses book. “Hmm, speaking of hard~” she slowly rubbed her hips against his own, teasing him oh so slowly. She got a twitch from that, as a part of him responded to the stimulation with gusto.

“Ohh, there we go, seems you like little old me after all~” she cooed, teasing her new friend with one of her hind legs. Ledger bit his lip as he finally found the right page, his horn lighting up as he cast the spell...incorrectly.

This time, only one beam of light shot out, impacting Scope alone. She blinked as she tingled all over.

“Well. that was...different,” she said. “What happened there?”

“Let me just read...the side effects,” Ledger said, restraining his enthusiasm. “Um...If cast incorrectly, the spell may still work on one of the targets. Intercourse can still be engaged in, as the partner will still be...accommodating towards things they normally would not be, but without a partner spell cast on their partner...they will still feel as though they are being impossibly stretched or crushed very tightly in the warmest of vices, depending on their gender.

“That sounds...oddly specific,” Scope repeated her line from last night. “Just who the hell creates these spells...and researches them that thoroughly?”

“We live in Las Pegasus, which is where I found the book,” Ledger said with a roll of his eyes. “You should be thankful there wasn’t an entire wing devoted to this sort of stuff. I personally think the Violets had a hoof in this.” With a snap and a toss, the book was set aside. “So. I can’t safely counter or dispell a miscast. Meaning that’s going to be on you for about an hour. Still interested?”

Scope gulped and looked at him. “Yeah, let’s do this before I lose my nerve again.”

With that, Ledger softly kissed her cheek before running a hoof over it. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he reminded the nymph.

“But I do want to, so let’s go Ledger, it’s rude to keep a lady waiting after all.” She finalised her decision by kissing him again as she pressed her opening against him, leaving him little choice.

“If that is what my lady wishes, then she can set the pace,” Ledger said as one hoof still found its way to her flank and stroked it. She rolled her eyes but nodded. She had been with stallions before. She could do this.

Still, it didn’t stop her heart from racing. This was the first time she’d do it, and actually care about her partner. She slid the first few inches inside, gasping at the sheer girth of it. She panted lightly and grit her teeth as she pushed another inch or so in, until she had about a third inside her.

“You are fucking tight,” Ledger hissed as his other hoof joined the first on holding her flanks. “I don’t think I’ll be able to cum when all is said and done, you’re squeezing me so tightly!

“You’re just too damned big,” she muttered. “You could take a smaller form, I could take a larger one...but, this is our first. Best done as...ourselves yes?” she pushed another bit inside, groaning as she buried her face into his shoulder.

“Or we could just not distract the pony casting the accommodation spell next time,” Ledger pointed out as he raised one hoof from her flank to stroke along her spine in a comforting gesture.

Scope glanced down and her eyes widened, “ need to see this,” using her wings, she moved her body back as she pushed down a little more, his massive member was causing her abdomen to bulge quite visibly. “God damn Ledger...”

“What can I say except this is fucking hot?” the stallion said as he rubbed the bulge, feeling himself through the thin shell of changeling wrapped around him. “If this is the result of a miscast, I’m not complaining!”

“Yeah, I’m sure you aren’t,” she giggled and pushed further. A little more than half was inside her now and she moaned in a long, low tone. “Uuuwwaaa...I think-that’s all that’s gonna fit.”

“Really?” Ledger said as he raised a hoof and slowly put it on Scope’s head. “Maybe we should test this miscast out a little more thoroughly. For science, of course.” With that, he applied gentle pressure to send Scop further down his cock.

“Oooaaahhhhh!” she squealed as she felt that monster penetrate further. She didn’t know if she should fight him or not...until Ledger’s whole length was inside of her, her belly protruding quite a bit from the beast inside of her. “FFfffuuuuck...ahhhh...”

“Hmm,” Ledger mused as he trailed a hoof down her front. “I wonder how easy it’d be to make you cum as you are…” The hoof trailed along and teased the mare, running along the outline of the bulge he was making in her…

Before that hoof found her teats and started teasing them as well. Scope’s eyes shot open and she shrieked something in changeish.

“Gah, Ledgerrr..nooooooo!” Her entire body convulsed as he felt her already tight walls squeeze the life out of him as she came hard, she would have collapsed, but Ledger’s member kept her upright. The drone was all but wearing the little mare.

“I could totally wear you around as an accessory,” Ledger teased as he flicked one of her teats lightly, sending her to fresh heights. “All I would need to do is keep you topped up on the spell and keep pleasing you while you’re on, and I could call you Scope, my cockwarmer.”

“F-Fuck you,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back as each flick sent shockwaves through her body.

“I thought that was your job?” Ledger said as he finally gave her something he normally only gave the others. With a hoof, he found the nymph's clit, and teased the poor little nub of flesh relentlessly.

“Cheat-cheating...Aaahhhhh~” she moaned and tried to move, but Ledger had her firmly wedged in place. He could do whatever he wanted and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. Her head was swimming with euphoria, so that ruled out magic. Her eyes just rolled back again as Ledger teased her stupid.

“And let’s just see how you react to this,” the drone said before gripping her flanks and slowly pulling her up. Before she could question it, the changeling slammed her back down with enough force to make a ‘smack’ sound in the room.

Scope’s mouth opened in a silent scream of pleasure, she lay her shaky forehooves on his chest and the smallest of moans managed to escape her throat. “Ahhh...too-too much...”

“We’ll just have to see about that,” Ledger said as he gave her a repeat performance, only this time drawing about halfway out before ramming himself home again. Scope just shrieked in pleasure again, her hooves holding his as her body shook. “K-Keep...going.”

Ledger smirked and drew a little more out each time, before hammering right back in and giving the nymph about ten seconds between thrusts, to cum and brace herself for the next one.

“I..don't know...if I can take much more,” she grunted, her whole body ached from near-continuous orgasms, her mind was naught but fluff and she just didn’t care any more. She just wanted the beautiful drone to keep going, to pleasure her again and again.

“Well,” Ledger grunted as he reached the part where only his head was inside now. “You’d better be able to take a load, because I’m not stopping until you get one!’ A mighty thrust buried him back into the nymph. He wanted to cum, but she was just so tight, he might not be able to!

“What’s the matter?” she teased, not her brightest choice, but hey. “Can’t even fill one little mare Secret~?”

“I want to, but you’re just so...tight!” Ledger said, feeling a reaction start to brew and get nowhere once it reached her lips. “Guess I’ll just pound you until you aren’t!” he rolled her over so she was beneath him as his thrusts became even more vigorous. The nymph crying out his name and holding onto him as the pressure built more and more.

“Ahhh... I-I can’t...ahhhh,” she shook as she came again, having lost count a long time ago.

Eventually, something had to give, and thankfully, it was just a fraction of an inch in her tightness.

But it was all he needed as he finally came into the nymph and just held himself there, letting the river flow free at last. Scope’s eyes widened as the torrent poured inside of her, filling her well past the point of overflowing, but the tight seal that his massive member caused meant that none could escape, as she found her stomach bulging even more, sloshing around with the sheer amount he was dumping into her. Ledger sighed and looked down, rubbing a hoof across the work he was filling the nymph with. This felt so right. Pleasurable sex with a nymph.

“P-Pull out...” she gasped. “I’m...I’m gonna explode...oh sweet Hiveessss~” Fortunately, or not, the magic of the spell kept her accommodating everything about Ledger. Including his load~

“Gods... how much longer will I deal with this?’ she groaned. “I feel like a water balloon...”

“I dunno,” Ledger said as he felt the flow keep up with it’s somewhat ridiculous pace. “But maybe I should move us to the bathroom? That way, when you do come off, the mess is easier to clean up.”

“This is going to feel soooo bucking weird,” she muttered. “Okay, next time, I take a bigger form.”

“Yup,” Ledger agreed as he reached one hoof down and held the mare close to his chest, even as he felt the flow start to slow. “Ready for your trip?”

“As I’ll ever be,” she muttered as Ledger slowly stepped off of the bed and inched his way towards the bathroom. It was an...interesting experience to say the least. Ledger felt as though it were something they’d have to try again at some point. Just...not right now. He opened the door with magic and eased him and the mare into the tub.

“Right, I think I’m done,” the drone said as he did indeed feel as though he’d finished cumming. “Ready for me to pull out?”

“Uh-huh,” Scope grit her teeth and and braced herself. This was going to be...messy.

There was an almost comical pop as Ledger pulled his softening dick out of her still-tight pussy. She let out a soft, mewling moan as his essence poured out of her like a river, quickly pooling in the bottom of the tub. She pressed her hooves against her belly as she just sighed contently.

“Well,” Ledger said as he eyed the mess that was thankfully draining. “I know what spell to tinker with now, and how.”

“ kidding,” Scope sighed as her body returned to a more normal shape. “Hives above Ledger, I hope you wanted little ‘lings, cause I reckon you got ‘em with that.”

Ledger blinked a few times. “Um...that’s only if you don’t shift between now and whenever,” he pointed out nervously. “...I don’t think I can be a dad just yet,” he whimpered.

“Well gee, I don’t know now,” she smirked. “Ponies can be fooled with illusions after all. And maybe I’d like a little hatchling running around.”

“’re less asking for permission or ideas, more telling me what you’re going to do if you are pregnant, aren’t you,” Ledger finally caught on.

“Ooh, this one catches on fast,” Scope grinned evilly. “Maybe I should tell Middy and Cidey that they’re gonna be Mommies as well.”

“...As in, you’re all going to look after the little one, right?” Ledger nervously asked. Scope hummed at that, oh how she could torture him further.

She replied by her body being engulfed in azure flames and Ledger found himself hugging her Pegasus form. He seemed to like this one.

“Better?” she asked in an all-too-sweet tone.

“Assuming you actually shifted, yes, better,” Ledger said, calming down a touch. “...Maybe later. Like a year or so for me to get used to the idea. If anypony still wants foals from me, I might entertain the notion.”

“You’d better, I think Cider will be the first to ask though,” she nodded. “Besides, could you imagine those two looking after a grub? The little monster would eat them alive.”

“Yeah, we’re kinda vicious little brats, aren’t we?” The drone merely hugged the nymph before hearing the sounds of liquid still moving. “You’re still draining, aren’t you.”

“Yeeesssss,” Scope sighed. “My gods, it’s freaking endless. I’m going to have to play transformation roulette just to be extra sure.”

“Well when you live with Midnight and she practically throws lust at you and you’re the son of a Violet,” Ledger said as he drew back. “Then certain things happen. Like storing up lust until ‘the moment’ hits and becoming really productive based off how much you’ve got.”

“How much...did you give me?” she sighed, unable to concentrate anymore and reverted back to her nymph form again. “I can literally take a bath in this stuff. What the hell, do you use that hammerspace spell on your balls?”

“Nah, like I said, my body stores lust. If Midnight teased me and blueballed me, then you would see enormous testicles,” Ledger said. “Violets store lust until they’re actually screwing, then convert it into...fluids during the act. The more lust they have, the more productive they are. I got that from dad, coupled with noble blood from mom. Add in Midnight’s nearly limitless well of lust, and this keeps happening.

“Imagine if all three of us blueballed you?” Scope chuckled, splashing in the puddle of cum under her. It was there, might as well have some fun. “You’d prolly explode!”

“That, or have balls so large I couldn’t move,” Ledger agreed. “I’m just glad you aren’t that cruel.” With a small application of pressure to her abdomen with one hoof, Ledger helped the process of her draining along.

“Oh, such innocence,” Scope chuckled darkly as she finally expelled most of the liquid. “Well...ignorance is bliss after all.”

“If you do that, I swear I will pull this botched spell off on you on purpose and we’ll have a repeat session,” Level promised. “You good?”

“I believe so,” Scope nodded as she turned her head to give Ledger a kiss, only to have her eyes widen and her mouth to hang open in shock.

“...What?” Ledger asked innocently.

“Well,” a familiar Thestral’s voice said, followed by the giggle of an equally familiar Earth Pony. “It seems some certain somebuggies had a lot of fun~”

Ledger slowly turned to look at the mares in the doorway before looking back at Scope. “I didn’t see anything, did you?” he asked the small ‘ling.

“Nope, nopony here but,” she giggled, kissing him on the nose.

“Good,” Ledger said as he picked the little changeling up from the bath and moved to the shower instead. “While that drains, let’s get clean.”

“What the buck happened in there?” Cider looked in the tub as she turned on the hot water. “Sweet Celestia, it’s everywhere!”

“Aw, I missed one heck of a show,” Midnight pouted. She sat her rump down in front of the shower. “I demand a repeat performance!”

Ledger looked down at Scope and gave her a kiss on the head. “Up to you if we acquiesce to the needy thestral, and how,” he informed the little bug-pony. She sighed as she rinsed off in the warm water, any leftover fluids running off of her chitin. After that, she gave Ledger another kiss as she stepped out of her shower, and floated Midnight and Cider inside.

“You kids have fun, I need a freaking nap.”

Ledger looked at the ladies in the shower with him before pulling them into a hug. “So...that’d make this round...three?” he asked with a pointy smile. “I can keep going, I promise~”

“Oh you’d better~” Midnight purred, pinning him against the wall and kissing him. The rest of the day dissolved into a haze of lust…

Chapter 36 - A new waltz

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When Moondancer next woke up, she found herself laying in what had to be the most luxurious bed, save for a cloud one, that she had ever been in. The room around her was done in various shades of black, silver, and violet. About ten photographs of various mares and stallions littered the room, and a nearby make-up dresser was devoid of all the usual creams or powders, proffering a simple mirror instead.

“Hrm, not...the worst place I’ve woken up in,” Moondancer said aloud as she sat up. “The hell happened?”

Around that time, the door opened, and a familiar changeling walked in. A familiar, small changeling. But there had been something about her...something that tickled at the back of Moondancer’s mind. Something related to why she’d passed out, maybe?

“Oh good!” the nymph chirped as she pulled in a tray with a pitcher of water and two glasses on it into the room. “I was worried about how long you would be out. Fortunately, it seems ponies are inclined to faint at the sight of a changeling. Otherwise I would take offense.”

“The hell?” Moondancer looked around as her horn lit up with a long-range scanning spell. “Where did Chrysalis go?”

“She’s not here, silly,” the nymph giggled as she put the water on a nearby nightstand. “I dunno why you’d think otherwise.” Internally, though, she winced. Maybe...maybe this mare was better let go than slept with…

And she’d been so nice once she opened up...

“But...I was talking with that Violet changeling...then she transformed...” She frowned as she cast her memory spell. She hated wasting that useful study-session, but this answer was more important. Her eyes glazed over and if one watched extra closely, you could see the memory play out in her eyes like a mirror.

“No...” she said in a neutral tone. “Not...Chrysalis...different.”

With a hopeful glimmer, the nymph verbally prodded the mare. “Oh? Different how?”

“Colour...shape...” A smallest of smiles crossed her face. “Cuter too~”

A soft, violet glow covered the nymph, returning her to her birth form of a noble. She opened her eyes and waited for Moondancer to look upon her again...and hopefully not pass out this time.

The memory spell played out, it was dreadfully short, even as it played in slow-motion. When Moonie blinked to clear her vision and looked up, her breath hitched, but she didn’t faint this time. ‘No, not Chrysalis...’ She took a deep breath and swept her hoof out from her chest. “Okay, calm. Think of fractals, flowcharts, flashcards....ahhh, better.” She looked upon the royal Changeling with a more critical eye.

“Yup, definitely cuter than Chrysalis.”

It was then that Moondancer learned that changelings can blush. It was interesting, seeing red appear on chitin. “Aww, you’re just saying that,” the nymph said with a wave of her hoof as she tried to get her blush to die down.

Oh, now this was interesting. Perhaps she had no reason to fear after all. ‘Besides, if she tries anything funny, I’ll teleport her into the desert.’

Moondancer wiggled herself off of the bed and stepped closer, now inspecting the royal ‘ling with a scrutinising gaze. But it felt different this time, more...intimate.

“Nice, shapely legs. A firm flank.” This was punctuated by a soft squeeze of said flank. “And rather beautiful eyes. And I bet the lovely Lady is just as pretty on the inside as well~”

The noble ‘ling blushed harder...and then she quickly drew Moondancer in and kissed her.

Kissed her quite passionately. There wasn’t just some tongue, there was all the tongue, in her mouth. The hooves of the ‘ling kept caressing Moondancer’s spine as she held the smaller mare close.

AChangelingQueeniskissingmeeeee! Moondancer’s head was a whirlwind of emotion. Her logical side tried to process this as just another encounter. The less rational side was being just that. Less rational.

She...tastes kinda nice…

Eventually, despite both of their wishes, the ‘ling had to come up for air, and broke the kiss. Still holding Moondancer close, she softly whispered her question into the mare’s ears.

Are you still up for that...examination, poppet?

Moondancer gulped as she looked around. Midnight was never going to believe this. Still...

“What the hay,” she muttered as she leapt at the mare and pinned her to the bed. The nymph giggled and reached up to draw Moondancer into another kiss, waiting until after it was broken to tell her something special.

“You see these pictures?” the Lady asked the pony. “They were all ponies that knew a little bit about who and what I was...and stayed anyways. They didn’t know anything about who I really was. I’m going to have to get a big picture frame for you~”

“I guess I should be honoured,” Moondancer smiled. She also had something. A collection of small crystals that she could store memories in. “Guess I could say the same... Still...” Gah! She felt like a bloody, blushing virgin all over again. “Sorry, I’m usually much more confident. This is just so weird...”

“You’re not the first one to say that, dear,” the Lady replied, reaching up with a hoof to caress Moondancer’s face. “Though, you are the first one to take charge of the situation after you learned what the situation is, so kudos to you on that one~”

“Well, this situation is unusual for me, so I think I’ll just roll with it,” she giggled as her horn caused a few candles to wink out. In the low light, the nymph’s eyes had an ethereal shine to them, it was quite lovely. “Hmm, I’m beginning to see what Little Bat sees in your kind.”

“We do try,” the nymph said as she trailed a hoof down Moondancer’s neck, lightly caressing several spots in quick succession. If done right, it should be like a quick bolt of pleasure to the brain...

Moondancer yelped in surprise and then gave a deep, pleasured moan. Okay, she needed to learn that trick for later.

Okay! Time for science!

Moonie figured that the thick chitin would be more difficult to feel things through.

But this mare seemed to possess a rather soft looking belly~ The Unicorn grinned as she trailed a few kisses down the Violet’s neck and chest, until she reached that belly, giving her a few ticklish kisses. The nymph giggled and squirmed a little at the attention.

“None of my paramours have done that for me,” the nymph said after calming down a little. “Paid attention to what I like more than I paid attention to them. It’s...a nice change.” One hoof ran through Moondancer’s mane then as the nymph basked in the emotions of the moment.

"Mmmm, then you're in for a real treat then~♥" Sugar could swear she could hear the love hearts in that sentence. Moondancer silenced a few more candles as she got comfortable. Time to show this queen that Cadence wasn't the only Princess of Love~

“Oh little’re in for your greatest challenge with me,” the nymph said as she trailed a hoof down her spine, before pressing a spot just above her tail. “I’m a noble Violet, heir apparent to the throne. I know a few tricks. And I’m the only one that can claim to have out-lasted Fredrick when he still slept around-” Her spiel was cut off as Moondancer kissed her this time, eliciting another blush from the nymph.

"Hee hee, you're cute when you blush, " Moondancer giggled.

“Time for me to return the favor~” the changeling sang as she stroked Moondancer’s flanks...before lightly pinching her Cutie Mark. The mare yelped again, her blush quite visible under her snow-white fur.

"You...remind me a little too much of Midnight,” Moon said with a light giggle. "Though, that's not necessarily a bad thing."

“We’ve been trying to get that mare in here so we can do our own book on her,” Sugar said as she nibbled at Moondancer’s ears. “But I think we can put it off for as long as you’re capable of distracting me~”

Moondancer smirked at the nymph. “Do you want to know how I know that cute little bat?”

“Maybe later,” the nymph replied to the mare. “Right now, I’m more interested in you~” A small, tender kiss was planted on the mare’s horn. “You and all the things you think you can do to me~”

“Oh, I know what I can do,” Moondancer purred as she sighed at the kiss. Her horn was a weak spot for her, especially if she was channeling magic at the time. “The question is... Can. You. Last?” Each word was said as she kissed the nymphs neck.

“Seeing as you don’t know much about ‘lings and their weak spots and are learning on the fly,” the nymph said back with a smirk as she licked the horn like she would if she were entertaining a stallion. “I think I can.” The nymph smacked her lips as she tasted the flavor she’d gathered. For some reason, Unicorns and their horns tasted a bit like sugar. Not that she ever complained~

“Well, perhaps I can change that?” she inquired. A few minutes ago, her eyes had noticed a book on the shelf and now was the time to see how far she could take this. With a small flash, the book was in her lap and she flipped rapidly through the pages, her horn and eyes glowing before she put the book down and a wicked smile crossed her face.

“How nice of you to put this in Equestrian for me~”

“Somepony’s a quick study,” the noble nymph teased. “And I think you’re one of the few to read and understand it. Why don’t you take the final exam on your knowledge?”

“Hmm, while I know it for now, my memory spell will wear off and I’ll forget it by tomorrow. But right now? I think I’ll aim for an A plus!” She dove onto the nymph and pinned her to the bed, her tongue already licking the nymphs horn lavishly as one of her hooves traced along the lines in her chitin, moving to where it was thinnest.

The nymph moaned in response, enjoying the affection she was being shown and electing to just lay back and take it for now. She’d usually been the aggressive one in her relationships, so having somepony else be so willing to take charge like this was a welcome change for her. Already she was thinking of ways to pay the mare back~

Moondancer was far from done though. A changeling’s wings were a no-go, too fragile. And their tough chitin made it so other erogenous zones could barely be felt.

But there was something to be said for psychological warfare.

“The things I am going to do to you~” Moondancer purred in a tone that most Violets would call arousing. “A mare knows a mare better than any stallion. Which buttons to press-” A brief press against her clit, which ended all too quickly. “-Or what to tease~” A soft kiss against her lips, like the touch of a butterfly. Sugar barely restrained herself in reaction to those touches.

Barely. She still managed to whisper back as she trailed a hoof along those bits of the mare she could still reach. “Oh, you have no idea what I will do to you in turn,” the changeling said before pushing one spot lightly above the mare’s dock. It was probably cheating to use this knowledge, but she’d never played fair to begin with.

Moondancer gave a low moan and a few droplets of moisture landed on the nymphs belly.

“Ooohhhh, what was that?” she purred in a husky tone. She would have to remember that one.

“Pressure point,” the nymph said simply before pushing at a few on her hind legs. This one would have the unfortunate side effect of making her weak-kneed while it delivered its pleasure, but it would still work~

“N-Not fair,” Moondancer moaned as she collapsed on top of the ‘ling. “Ohh, so you want to play dirty huh?” The noble’s thick chitin protected her...from physical motions any way. Moondancer wondered what would happen if she did...this!

Sugar suddenly found certain places of hers, like the back of her neck and her hindquarters... vibrating? The nymph moaned again at being stimulated like this. This was a new sensation for her. Most ‘lings and ponies wouldn’t think of trying anything like this! Their chitin was thick enough to deaden most sensations, and most didn’t want to try the finicky motions necessary to stimulate the body underneath the armor.

“Ooooh, that’s definitely something I’ll have to remember as well,” the nymph purred. She shakily raised a hoof and used it to caress that fine flank before rubbing at the cutie marks on either one.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Moon sighed, her head clearing a little after that last pressure-point assault. She decided to target a different area with her magic this time, a place she had been painfully neglecting since they started. But instead of going directly for it, she only stimulated the area around it.

‘“Tease,” Sugar accused, before deciding to follow suit in her own fashion. One chitinous hoof rubbed at those lips, but never touched the mare’s clit, and never did more than rub. She wanted to see just how quickly and with how little effort she could get the mare off with.

“You’ll have to try harder that that,” Moon said with a smirk. At that word, a powerful buzz filled Sugar’s innermost area, loud enough to actually hear. The nymph bucked her hips at the sensation, not unfamiliar with the idea, but with the intensity!

“Ooooh HIVES! Don’t make me...pull out everything on you, miss! I know...ways to cause...too much pleasure!” the nymph threatened.

“That sounds like a threat, or maybe a promise~” Moondancer purred, nibbling on her ear as she let out bursts of that buzz. The vibrations sending shivers along her chitin as Moondancer switched to licking her horn again, only this time? She touched their horns together first, feeding magic into it and making oh so sensitive~

The nymph shuddered, spasmed, and finally surrendered her first orgasm of their session, coming with a low moan as the sheets were soaked. “Ooooh...first time I’ve...had magic used...on me so well,” Sugar said after coming down from her high.

“It is my special talent, among others,” Moondancer purred as she lay back and showed off her own soaked marehood. “Now how about you be a good little mare and make good on that promise hmm?”

“Mm,” Sugar said as she rolled to her hooves and shakily walked connect horns with Moondancer again. “There’s a reason I’m considered the heir apparent, dear,” the nymph warned before firing up a spell of her own making.

At it’s core, it was a feedback loop. What it fed back, though, was interesting. Sugar had taken a simple infinite loop and applied it to emotions and sensations. She fed the pleasure Moondancer had just brought her to into the loop, then wrapped the mare up in the spell and let it loose.

“What are you-” That was all Moondancer got, before her eyes shot open and she howled in pleasure, her climax making Sugar’s look like nothing. The mare shook with pleasure as she coated the sheets in her essence, her eyes rolling back into her head as she groaned and shook, the unending pleasure sending her to new heights of euphoria.

Sugar watched this for a minute, enjoying the show and even pulling a camera over to take a picture of the mare like she had for all the others...before leaning down and applying extra stimulation. In the form of licking and sucking at those folds with her fangs and tongue.

Moondancer’s horn suddenly erupted in a powerful light as a shower of colourful sparks shot from it. It had been...well, since Midnight actually, that anypony had gotten a magical reaction like that from Moondancer.

“Mmm, and with that, I think I can alter the spell on you, dear,” Sugar said as she stood back up and licked her lips, tasting the mare and finding it to her liking. With another quick cross of their horns, the old spell was removed and a new one put in its place. Now instead of experiencing infinite pleasure, Moondancer would merely be...highly sensitive to touch. “Let’s see how long you last with this spell, poppet~” Sugar teased before running one hoof down Moondancer’s flank.

“Yeeep!?” Moondancer shrieked, the touch felt burning hot and freezing cold, all at the same time. She hadn’t had time to recover yet, as her still-twitching hindlegs were evident to. She wanted to fight back, she really did. But Sweet Celestia’s flanks! She never wanted this to end.

“Oh good, it worked,” Sugar observed, before running one hoof lightly over the mare’s lips and drinking in the reaction. She took extra care to avoid the clit. She had...plans for that.

“ for this,” Moondancer panted. Her high had finally fallen back down to Equus and she was already formulating revenge. “ heard...of re-directed...mana flow?”

“Mmhm, it was the basis for my interesting little treat earlier. Re-direct emotions around infinitely.” The nymph then lowered her head to between Moondancer’s hind legs and smiled mischievously up at the mare. “Now poppet, if you want this to end, all you’re going to have to do is ask your Mistress to stop.”

And with that, Sugar unleashed all she knew about pleasing a mare onto the one that had attempted to bed her so thoroughly while she was under the influence of a hypersensitivity spell. And this time, the changeling didn’t avoid the clit at all.

Moondancer cried out again, but she’d be damned if she wasn’t going to offer up a few tricks of her own. Time to play this nymph’s game. She raised her forehooves, though they felt like lead right now, and slowly grasped the nymph’s horn. It seemed like she was trying to bury her muzzle further inside of her...and gods above that sounded tempting.

“Trick or treat~” Moondancer grinned as she forced a feedback loop of her own, causing the last spell that Sugar used to be cast again...on herself this time!

To her credit, Sugar recognized the spell and had a moment of warning...but nothing could really prepare one for a spell like this. For all the fighting she did, trying to bring the mare to her next orgasm, the nymph eventually succumbed to her own spell and collapsed atop the mare, twitching. “I wasn’t...done,” she protested as the spell kept running. “Wanted you.”

“Awww,” Moondancer cooed as she watched the spell work. Okay, before she left, this nymph was teaching her that spell. This would make an awesome prank on Midnight...or maybe Celly~?

After a moment, she cut off the flow of magic and took a breath. Kudos to the changeling, that was one heck of a spell to re-cast. “Can you keep going then?”

After Sugar had gotten her hooves back under her, she crawled towards Moondancer’s folds and gave her response orally.

“Ohhh, now that’s gooooood,” Moonie groaned. That sensitivity spell was still in play and by gods was it effective. She placed her hooves on the nymph’s head again, just rubbing them through her mane. “Nnnn, ahhhh...almost...there...”

Sugar brought into play those fangs and incisors again and gently, carefully, nibbled on Moonie’s folds with those pointed edges. Some ponies just like the feeling of danger when they got attention, and she was all too happy to oblige~

What she didn’t count on was Moondancer being quite the masochist, and that feeling of those sharp fangs so close to her? “Sweet Celestia!” Moondancer cried out as she coated the nymph’s muzzle in her juices. Sugar just drank it all up, not coincidentally running her tongue on the inside of those folds and occasionally tweaking that nub of flesh again. She wanted to draw this one out, if only to wear the mare out as much as possible.

Moon groaned as she locked her hindlegs around the nymphs head as she continued her ministrations. Each lick and nibble caused her whole body to twitch and the orgasm she was riding didn’t want to seem to end. Sugar didn’t mind at all; the more this mare came, the more energy she got from all that lust she was freely giving. As long as the mare could keep going, so could the ‘ling. Sugar idly brought her fangs back into the picture again, wondering what that would do.

She got her response as the mare came for a fourth time, before her vice-like grip fell and the mare leaned back into the bed, her limbs falling limply at her sides. Her chest heaved with the ragged, heavy breaths she took and her coat shone with a light sheen of sweat.


“You,” Sugar said as she crawled up towards Moondancer and cuddled her close. “Were the best I’ve ever had. Oh, I just want to hold you close and never let you go.”

“Nrgh, I just...haaaahh...” Moondancer sighed tiredly as she leaned into the embrace. She was probably going to freak out in the morning.

But right now? She just wanted hugs and sleep...

Chapter 39 - A Griffon's growth

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“I mean after I heal, love,” Narrow replied. “I’m not that foalish. So, agreed?”

He extended one claw in her direction, ready for a hoofshake. She reciprocated, shaking his claw. “Oh, and I guess I’ll limit myself to one hour. That’s all I have to work with.”

The griffon smiled before drawing her in for a cuddle and fishing out another half-sandwich for her from the basket. He passed it over to her and covered her with one wing, basking in the simple sensations of the moment.

“Hmm, I wonder,” she mused as she took the sandwich. “That I am the best interrogator this side of Canterlot...and I can use all sorts of tricks that I can’t do to a common thug.” She heard him swallow hard as her smile grew. “Still feeling confident?”

The griffon gave a shaky nod as he ran a claw through her mane. He knew he’d be able to get her to stop with the right the area around her cast. Ponies just hated having to wear those for too long.

“So...” she buried her head under his wing. Mostly to snuggle him, but also to hide the glow of her horn from his sight. “I have an hour...but I wonder if you’ll go double or nothing if I can do it in half the time?”

“Especially if I go double~?” the second Narrow said, nuzzling his other side. And unlike her caster, she was not restricted by physical ailments. Fredrick responded by pulling the clone forward and giving it a deep kiss...and trailing a claw down the spine, ending in a light circle being played around the dock of the tail.

“Whaaeeep!?” Narrow totally forgot about this particular aspect of the spell. How in the buck did she forget this particular aspect of the spell? “N-No fair,” she panted adorably. Fredrick responded by gently stroking his cloned Narrow, quickly stimulating the faux-mare and teasing her with his talons. The bet was only for him to not be talking, and he didn’t need to talk or use his beak at all to please his mare~

“S-Sonofa-” Narrow hissed, trying to fight against the sensations. It was very disconcerting feeling when she wasn’t participating. “I now regret all my decisions.”

It was then that Fredrick got an idea. An awful idea. Were it not for the game, he’d have done it...he’d have led the clone into another room out of sight and played with her there, just to buck with Narrow.

He’d have to file it down for later. Right now, he let the clone-Narrow talk again before he began the next bit...though he did keep playing with her tail. Ponies seemed to like it.

“So, you couldn’t bed Midnight hmm?” the clone asked coyly. She still had a secret weapon up her metaphorical sleeves. “I bet that drives you simply...batty~”

Bad puns! Fortunately, Fredrick had a counter. Ledger had told him of a mystical bit on mares that he’d only played with a few times and respected their wishes when they said not again. With just the right press, the griffon hit the mare’s ‘on’ button with a light flick of his talons.

Both mares echoed a shriek of surprise and pleasure, before glaring at the bird.

“Oh, you wanna play like that huh?” Clone Narrow said.

“ on!” Real Narrow finished as their horns lit up and Fredrick found himself on the receiving end of a two-way magical massage.

Though, they appeared to be focused on one particular piece of anatomy. The griffon grinned and pulled the clone-Narrow close, before deciding that yes, he would use his mouth...but not for talking. He doubted he’d be able to do anything special, but she always did like it when he paid her attention in kind~ With a quick heave, his head was buried between the clone’s rear legs as she was flipped onto her back.

“I almost wonder how it came to this?” Clone Narrow said as she arched her back slightly. Fredrick responded in the only non-verbal way he could. With his beak buried in her and one talon holding her steady (and occasionally hitting the bit Ledger had told him about), he gently used his other claw to reach up and rub at her stomach and neck. Calming and soothing motions that he knew his mare liked~

Real Narrow just sighed as she rolled onto her side. It still felt weird, but damned if it wasn’t nice. Now, did she really want to win? Seeing the look of horror on his face, at the thought of eating rations had been amusing. But this was sooooo much better.

But she also had her pride and an earlier comment of Fredrick’s gave her a wonderfully wicked idea.

He felt her magic move...upwards, towards the underside of his tail.

“Did you know,” she asked idly, still moaning softly at his work. “That I have spells I use on myself during the lonely nights?”

Seeing where this was going, Fredrick pulled his beak out from the clone and shot a glare that could have killed a few ponies at his mare. She was not about to do what he thought she was. Otherwise he was going to-

“All you gotta do is talk~” she said in a sing-song tone. Fredrick had his pride, though, and responded by instead trying to distract both mares via talon insertion. Narrow was producing more than enough fluid for him to be able to put two of his claws in easy~

The mares yelped and her magic slipped, latching onto his tail and giving it a hard yank. Were either of them looking beneath, they would see that he had in fact reacted by giving off a throb, even as he slowly drew his claws back and forth through the clone’s tunnel. It still amazed him as to how exact a copy it was~

The mare under him writhed in pleasure as the real Narrow gave a low groan. Her hoof had found its way south as she panted along with her copy. This was so unfair dammit. Deciding to just buck it, she rolled onto her side, and wiggled until she was under Fredrick’s belly.

And then he felt that mouth of hers wrap around him. Barely containing his moan, he brought his other set of claws into play as he teased her outer lips before finding that nub of flesh again. With another soft flick, he slowly lowered his head until his beak was nuzzling it. His eyes met the clone’s as they sparked with mischief, letting her know his intentions.

“Are you waiting for a written invitation?” she asked, as Narrow’s horn lit up and she massaged his member while she sucked on it. With a soft motion, he closed his beak around her clit and began playing with it by using his tongue on it. She bucked her hips in response and nearly buried his beak inside of her.

Well, guess he’d win this bet. Perhaps she should have stuck to a more traditional interrogation.

“Faahhhh~ Celestia above that’s good,” she moaned. He decided now was better than never and put his third claw inside the clone, even as he bucked his hips lightly. He had been hoping she’d be able to focus a bit on that massage, but apparently she’d missed him. Not that he was complaining~

And he certainly wasn’t now when the Clone remembered she had magic too and began to massage his balls with it. By now, almost his entire length was buried inside Narrow’s mouth and she hummed, adding a third level of stimulation.

It was nearly as good as actually bucking her, and were he not focused on both his mare and winning this bet, he would make his thanks for her attentions known. As it stood, he decided to simply increase the pressure on her clit before lightly tweaking it back and forth with his beak.

She suddenly paused, as did the mare beneath him as they both came hard. Narrow pulled her mouth away with a slow, wet pop and rolled back out from under him, panting and sighing.

“Damn...that’s... damn...”

Fredrick merely hummed and pulled his talons out of the clone before putting the clone underneath him, making his intention clear as he tried to position her to take the original’s place...though differently. He’d enjoyed the oral, now time for the main event~

“Of course,” Narrow sighed. She really needed to ask Luna if there was a way to cut off the shared sensations. “Just...gimme a second.” Her leg had started to act up from all the shifting around, and shared sensation also meant whenever Fredrick touched the same leg on the clone…

He caught the looks of pain and glares at the cast, and reached over with one claw, idly massaging around the cast and helping his mare position her leg comfortably. Apparently, this whole ‘works both ways’ thing wasn’t always good...

“I’m alright, the sensations are pretty muted... still feel them though.” But she also didn’t want to leave him high and somewhat dry. “Hmm, what to do...”

He shrugged and made to roll the clone out from under him. If he couldn’t get a bucking, then that was that. He’d simply lay here and cuddle both of them.

...Granted, he'd buck her very hard when she was in better shape, but he wasn’t willing to sacrifice her health for a little fun. Due to the magic she’d consumed earlier, the clone made a small sound, not unlike the chime of a clock and vanished, waving goodbye as she did.

Chapter 45 A - Polishing an apple

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Apple Cider hummed a small tune as she scrubbed her mane. She hadn’t gotten to use a decent shower in nearly a week and while she was no stranger to sweat and dirt, oh sweet Celestia she’d missed this.

And then she sensed that she was no longer alone in the shower. A big clue was her stallion whispering in her ear. "Brings back memories, meeting you in the shower, my sweet mare."

“Ledger?” She squeaked as she took a breath. “Landsakes, you scared the hay out of me,” She discreetly lowered the leg she was about to buck with. She leaned up into him and smiled. “And it sure does...seems like a lifetime ago now.”

"Want to do something about that?" He nearly growled in her ears.

“You’re not tired from last night?” she squeaked. She always got a little meek when Ledger became all dominating. “W-Well, ah reckon we could do with a little relivin’ of the past.”

"Glad to see we agree," he returned before kissing at his mare. "I'll be nice and let you choose where...but I get to set the pace. Besides, I figured you could do with a little 'extra attention' after Middy hogged me last night."

“Oh really?” this was actually kind of cute. She knew she could overpower him if she wanted. And one day, she was going to take the reins in one of these sessions. “Well, ah reckon I could stand to get a little dirty before ah get clean. So you can do as you please, mah little cuddlebug~”

"In that case..." he nipped at her neck with his fangs before saying the next part. "We won't have long before the others get curious, so let's be quick. Get that tail up, a quickie will have to do."

“Aw, no foreplay?” she said as she moved her tail to one side. “You better believe you’ll make it up to me later Level.”

"I'm sure I will, and you'll make me love every second of it." He nipped at her ears as an old friend prodded at her lips. Repeated sessions with all the mares had improved his aim drastically, he rarely missed these days. "Brace yourself," he warned before burying half his length into her.

Cider moaned as he did, she loved having her ears nibbled when he did that as she clenched herself around him. He slowly drew back, before giving her another buck and burying more of his length into her folds, giving her another nibble at the end of that thrust. A pattern had been established, now he would just need to work her into finishing before him.

Oh if he thought she was just going to do nothing, he didn’t know her well at all. She let out these cute little gasps and moans at each thrust, she knew he liked those. And when he buried himself inside her, she contracted her muscles again, giving him a series of squeezes. All in all, she was really getting to him, so he fired back.

"I bet you like this," he said. "Being taken so suddenly by me, used so quickly."

Scope and Midnight had introduced him to dirty-talk during the act, and now he would see how it worked on Cider. The mare shuddered under him and gave a long, low moan. Oh yes, she liked that a lot. She tended to avoid using it herself, as the last she tried, her partner couldn’t stop laughing at her accent.

Kinda killed the mood.

She responded by turning her head so she could kiss him. One he accepted, but kept short so he could keep talking as he kept working her. "I bet you wanted me to walk in and fill you up from the moment you started this shower, didn't you?" He punctuated this question by keeping a goodly portion of his length outside of the mare beneath him.

“Mhmm,” she nodded as she bucked her hips back a little and let out a little whinny of protest. “Ah was waiting...”

"For my cock?" He gave her about two inches, since she'd been honest. "Or maybe more than that?"

“Fer you,” she blushed, looking at the floor. “Doesn’t matter what you do, just being with you is enough fer me.” The pure honesty of her love filled his senses.

"So if I said I was going to fill you up with more than just this," and here Ledger gave her everything, slowly. "You'd be fine with it? Ask for it, even?" Cider groaned as she bucked her hips again, her ears folding against her head as she tilted it back, looking up with pleading eyes. Yeah, Ledger wasn’t the only one that had learned a thing or two.

“You wanna fill this little apple up?” she asked him with sweet innocence. He gave her a quick peck before drawing back and pounding back in.

"Does the apple think she can take the filling?" He asked back.

The mare shuddered as she squeezed him again. “Ahh~ Fill me up, Middy got you all to herself last night, so you’d better make it a real good one Levvy.” She squeezed again and the drone could tell she was getting close.

"Gonna fill you up, make you look like Scope does when she rides me," he warned as he felt himself close in on his own release. She hadn’t seen him do that yet...note to self, see that as soon as possible.

“Ahh, then do it, give me a creamy filling!” she moaned as she squeezed herself around him again, twitching as she came to a climax. Then she felt Ledger bury himself back in her completely as his length twitched once, twice...on the third twitch, she felt her stallion's release inside her.

Cider let out a low groan as she clenched up around him, her back arching in response to the joint climax. She panted, her tongue lolling out as her front legs gave out, her hips held firmly in place by her stallion. He stood there and panted as well, just continuing to fill her. Occasionally he bent down to nip at her ears, but mostly he waited for his orgasm to stop.

"We...are very dirty ponies," he eventually said.

“...Eeyup,” Cider groaned, but giggled none-the-less.

And that was when a small shudder rocked the castle and Cider's eyes opened. “Please...tell me that was you rockin’ mah world?”

"...No, it wasn't, but I can try again if you'd like," the drone offered.

“Ah reckon we still have a few minutes,” she giggled, giving him another kiss. Before pulling herself away from him and pressing him against the wall, a small, but cute growl in her throat.

“Mah turn~”

"I am perfectly okay with this," Ledger responded before drawing her in for a deep kiss. This shower promised to be long...

Chapter 45 B - Reverse Size-Play

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Ledger panted as her clung to the ceiling above their bedroom door, a trick he'd learned from his sister. This would hopefully buy him a few seconds...

Until the door was slammed open as a raging Pegasus mare flew in, the ceiling was the first place she looked. “Emotivore dumbass. I can sense you!”

"Well, I tried," Ledger weakly said as he kept clinging there anyway. "Have I ever told you you're hot when you're angry?"

“Aw, you think flattery is going to save your life,” Scope chuckled as she sprouted a horn, making herself a midget alicorn as she used her magic to yank Ledger from the ceiling. Once he was floating upside down in front of her, she smirked. “Any last words?”

"I love you and I'm sorry?" He offered, hoping that of all things would speak to her. Scope frowned and her horn hummed with power...

Before she dumped him on the bed and sighed. “Yeah, whatever,” she turned her head so he couldn’t see her blush.

"Emotivore," he helpfully chimed from his new position. "You've got nothing to be embarrassed about." If she was gonna use it against him, he'd return the favor. She snorted and shook her head. Figured he’d turn that back on her.

“Stupid bitch-queen Chrysalis,” she muttered as she pouted. “And then you started teasing me about my height. Totally killed my mood, now I’m just pissed off and—”

She was interrupted by him kissing her. When had he gotten off the bed?! The act had caught her off guard as she just stood there.

"And others say I talk too much," the drone observed once the kiss broke. "I am sorry, though, if it offended you to hear me say that."

“You know I’m sensitive about that, and yet you said it in front of everypony...” Scope sniffed and looked at him with massive watery eyes. That prompted him to kiss her again, this time on the top of her head as he hugged her close.

“You still suck,” she muttered. “But you’re cute, so I guess I’ll forgive you this time. Count yourself lucky Mister!”

"I'm sure I am," he said, giving her a light squeeze. "So...wanna rejoin the others?"

“Nope, I’ll just end up punching Chrysalis again,” she looked up at him and smirked. “I believe you promised me something earlier~”

"You mean to say you're still in the mood for that, despite my earlier behavior?" Ledger questioned with an imagined raised eyebrow. The Pegasus shrugged and hopped up onto the bed.

“Eh, I’m a Changeling, what can you do.” She wiggled her wings and winked at him. “Though if you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’ll just take of it by myself...”

"That's probably the better option," he admitted. "I doubt I could cast the accommodation spell right now, or its 'miscast' you love so much."

“Seriously? You were actually going to leave me here?” she sighed as she hopped off of the bed and headed for the door. “I was going to show you a few other tricks...oh well.”

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," the drone hastily replied. "Color me intrigued. How would you handle this situation, then?"

“Well you have a tongue that Cider seems so intent on bragging about, I have yet to see that for myself. Plus your accommodation spell? That’s only for my true form remember? I can transform genius.”

"So how does my lovely nymph wish to start?" Ledger questioned before climbing back up on the bed. "Now that I'm aware of our options..."

“Oh, so now you’re interested?” she rolled her eyes. “And what if I don’t feel like it anymore? Gonna convince me?” In response, Ledger closed his mouth before a muted flash of silver came from it. The thing that emerged next...was not his tongue.

“Oh, so you can copy Midnight now?” Scope had gotten a taste of that last night.

One word,


“I appreciate the offer, but that’s something unique to Middy, I want to see what you can do.” A thought came to mind as she looked at him. “I’m also curious. How’s that ‘nymphphobia’ of yours coming along?”

"Mostly just a hatred of those that would pheromones against me, now," he replied after returning his tongue to normal. "You've done a lot for that."

A flash of blue and a familiar yellow nymph sat on the bed, her muzzle just a few inches from his own. “And now~?”

"...Huh, only a twinge, and that because of what she's done. I know that it wouldn't happen again, not with all of you around." Ledger sounded...surprised by his own reaction. Even Scope looked a little surprised. Deciding to up the ante just a little, she released a very light amount of pheromones. Not enough to do much, but enough to still be felt.


"And now we get into the panic territory," Ledger replied. Indeed, he was showing all the typical signs of fear and wanting to either run in terror, or just lock up. She quickly reverted back to her usual Pegasus form and fanned the room with her wings.

“Okay, didn’t mean for it to go that far, but you’ve made surprising progress.” She hummed and kissed him, smiling once she broke it. “Midnight would tell me that you used to panic at the thought of just hugging her.”

"She could seduce anypony, I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to bring Twilight home with us," the Changeling snarked.

“Don’t give her ideas,” Scope sighed, rubbing her forehead. “Okay, we can’t really stall around for too long. Pick a form for me to take. I’ll let you choose. If you don’t, then I’ll choose~”

"I choose to let you choose," he replied. "I trust you." The pure honesty of that statement was almost worthy of Applejack.

“Oh you might regret that,” she grinned as her form took hold. She’d been recently hoarding all the love she got and once the azure flames died off, a lithe dragoness sat on the bed, her smirk even wider.

"Middy's going to regret missing this," he quipped before drawing her into a kiss. She giggled, getting used to her new form. She curled her tail around his waist, as the tip begun prodding at something underneath him. She was also delightfully warm to hold. He moaned into the kiss, lightly running a hoof down her he wasn't familiar with. Once he came up for air, he had a new observation to deliver.

"I would love to just hold you, cuddle you close before, after, and during...but we don't have that sort of time, sadly."

“Says who?’ she purred, her voice was like fine coffee. Rich and smooth. “We don’t have to be anywhere in particular. And I have enough juice to stay like this all day, provided I don’t do anything too strenuous.” Her form lacked wings, and her purple scales shimmered softly in the sunlight.

"Thought that was the point of us being here," Ledger pointed out before starting to lightly decorate her body with kisses. She probably wouldn't feel them through the scales, but the sentiment remained.

“True enough,” she murmured, enjoying the attention. She lightly raked her new claws through his mane. “Depends on how rough you plan on being~”

"While you can actually take me now, you're much larger than me, meaning it's your call...unless you plan to just lay down and let me have at you," Ledger pointed out.

“Well,” she lay back on the bed, running her hands down her body as she wiggled slowly and seductively. “I know how much you like to play the ‘dominate male’. And truth be told... I kinda like it. So, what do you think hmm?”

"I think..." Which was a miracle in and of itself, the way he was now painfully erect. Slowly, he drew closer to her form, before pausing halfway along her body and smirking. "I think I'm curious as to what dragon tastes like." That was all the warning she got before he all but dove into her folds, licking everywhere.

Treasure let out a sharp hiss of pleasure as she instinctively placed a hand on his head. “Ahh, damn, Cider..haaah, wasn’t kidding!” The only response she could, and did, get, was his licking increasing in strength. He almost considered using his Thestral tongue, but she said she wanted him...

She just moaned louder, a deep throaty growl emanated from her throat. Oh she was so tempted to just pin him down and take him. He was her drone after all. And she would make sure that everyone knew it!

That little emotion was suppressed though, he’d probably freak out if she did that. Plus she’d dropped her old ways. She just pushed his muzzle deeper into her folds, groaning.

"Mmph," he muttered, using the tip of his muzzle to search for her clit, grinding it around as he did. It had to be around there somewhere... A sudden shriek as her body tensed let him know he found his prize.

“Oh, you wouldn’t dare," she half growled, half pleaded. He took it as a dare, though, and rubbed his muzzle across it again. Yes, yes he would. She writhed and moaned in ecstasy, her eyes rolling back as she gave a happy sigh. Between her legs, Ledger smirked, mentally anyway. A few more of those combined with a little more licking...and then round two could start once she was satisfied. Even now he plumbed her depths as deeply as he could

Treasure just sighed as her tail coiled around him again. This time, the end of her tail wrapped itself around his length and began to rhythmically stroke it. He gave a buck at the feeling, incidentally burying himself deeper into her folds.

Her strokes became faster as she squeezed her tail, her hand moving through his mane as she suddenly shuddered and his face was flooded with her juices. She let out a roar as the climax rocked her body, her tail squeezing him like a vice as she continued to pump his shaft faster and faster.

Thanks to the repeated sessions, though, he was able to resist cumming. Once she loosened up enough to let his muzzle go, he drew back up and messily licked his lips. "Spicy," he observed. "Fitting, I suppose."

Treasure panted, her chest rising and falling with each breath. Damn that one had been pretty intense. Cider had bragged for a reason, she taught this drone well~

Her tail still stroked him as she gave him a half lidded stare, licking her lips. “I bet you aren’t done yet though.”

"Nope," he said as he walked forward, straddling as much of her as he could while she was like this. It was still enough for his nethers to poke at hers. "I think you've got another round in you. I know I do~"

“I’m just getting warmed up~” Treasure giggled as he wrapped her hind legs around his waist and wasted no time in shoving him inside of her. Ledger moaned as the feeling of her hot, slick folds fully encompassed his member. If not for how much of an investment such a change was-

Then it hit him. Such a change was a huge investment. To save up enough emotion to take on dragon form, just for him? She either really wanted this, or really loved him.

Hell, it was Scope. Both at once wasn't unfeasible. He just wished he could kiss her properly.

She craned her neck, until her head hovered just above his. “Hey Secret~ Having fun?” His response was to crane his neck up and let her taste herself; some of the flavor still lingered on his tongue.

“Hmm, not bad, not bad at all,” she cooed as she kissed him deeper, her long forked tongue entwining around his. She clenched her muscles, squeezing him as he pushed himself further inside, little gasps of pleasure escaping her toothy maw.

Ledger didn't know how much longer he could last: between her earlier teasing and the workout she was giving him now, along with the feeling of screwing a female larger than himself...He just hoped he could hold out long enough for her to be sated again. It wasn't likely though...

“Ohh, I feel something,” she purred as a warm glow filled her chest. Her insides suddenly became very warm and accomodating. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close as she thrust her hips upwards, burying his entire length inside of her and then held him there as her walls squeezed him.

Ledger held out as long as he could from this treatment, which was all of fifteen seconds. Then he groaned and buried his head into her form as he felt himself let go and fill her. Scope threw her head back as a gout of flame escaped her throat, leaving a black scorch mark on the ceiling. If it was even possible, she gripped him tighter as he filled her.

“Oh fuck yyesssss!” she purred. “Fill me up!” With no hesitation at all, he did just that, pumping her as full as he could. He doubted a dragoness would even be able to feel it, but that didn't stop him from giving his all.

Oh she could feel it alright, as his warm seed filled her womb, she barely resisted the urge to drag her claws along his back as she came again. “Mmmm, that’s it, breed me you little bug!”

He panted as he lay there, filling her for a little while yet. "Too bad...'s only temporary. Sorta curious...what dragon-Changeling hybrids...would look like," he teased.

“Keep loving me like that, and we could find out,” she teased, licking his cheek. “Fuuuuck, we need to do this again. That was fun.”

"Mhmm," he agreed. "Maybe next time...I'll be the dragon."

“You are already big enough,” she sighed, holding him close. “Hmm, I just...wanna lay here...for a bit.”

"I can do that," the drone agreed, making himself comfortable. Then he explained his earlier statement. "And how else would we find out what they looked like...if we didn't reverse the roles? Even for you, that's a bit long to be a dragoness..."

“The thought is tempting,” she said, slowly stroking his back. “But we really should talk to Cider and Middy about it first. Do you honestly think an untrained fire-breather would go down well on the farm without the right preparations.”

"Fair 'nough...nap now, worry about future offspring later," the drone muttered before closing his eyes. Treasure chuckled and nodded. Since when was he so keen on kids anyhow.

Also, she had a thought.

“Can I set Chrysalis on fire later?”

"You can do...that when Twilight...moves in with us," Ledger replied.

“Sweet,” Treasure nodded as she placed a bit more energy into the transformation. She wanted to be Ledger’s pillow for a little while longer. And threaten Chrysalis later. Curling herself around him, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 48 - Under the table deals

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Ledger was working hard...or at least trying to work hard. A certain nymph having fun with her spell was... distracting.

He thunked his head against the table, not noticing his door open slightly... but he did hear it close. But as he looked around, he didn’t see anypony in the room. Ledger shrugged before turning back to his desk and getting back to the price rates. For the work that was going on, knowing the prices of everything being offered in the city was important. Along with the pricing for things in other places. A set amount of bits that would see a nymph comfortable in Ponyville might not do for Manehatten.

He heard a small ‘whump’ and then...

Something was rubbing his member... He pushed back from the desk slightly, just as he saw Scope take him into her mouth, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Somebuggy’s cheeky,” Ledger whispered to her via Hivespeak.

“You said you wanted an ‘under-the-desk’ deal, did you not?” she asked back, humming as she took a little more into her.

I didn’t expect you to take me so seriously,” he replied. “...Want an accommodation spell while you’re at it?

“I’m good for now,” Scope hummed, her tongue swirling around the head as she hummed again. “Mmm, someone is sooo pent up...I wonder why~”

Keep it up and I won’t be,” the drone said. “And I was more offering so you could test more limits of the spell. I doubt your frame is built for someone like myself in any regard…

“Perfafs,” she said aloud, sending vibrations down his shaft. “Now shut up and enjoy this already.”

I can do that,” he said as he leaned back in his chair, his thoughts about the pricing gone as he basked in the moment. “I can so do that…

At least...until there was a knock at his office door. One of his workers called out from the other side.

“Boss, there’s ah...somepony really important here to see you!”

Ledger sat up and made sure Scope was listening before answering. “Send them in, then.”

Scope squeaked, then smiled. So he wanted to play by those rules huh? Well, okay then...

Let’s see how he liked one of his own tricks turned back on him. Her body flashed for a second, before he felt a very familiar Thestral tongue wrapping around his cock. As a result, he greeted the guest while exercising every atom of his self-control to not moan.

His visitor walked in, looking around inquisitively as she did.

“Hello Level Ledger,” Princess Twilight Sparkle greeted him. “How have you been?”

“There have been ups and downs, your highness,” Ledger replied evenly, and Scope grinned and started to bob her head slightly. “Might I ask why you’re here?”

“Oh, well seeing that all the Changeling activity that’s going on here. Princess Celestia sent me to investigate on how it’s all proceeding, and lend a helping hoof if I” She gave the stallion a curious look. “Are you alright? Your face is a little red...”

“I’m just fine,” Ledger said with a small smile. “...Though it is a little hot in here, but I’ll get some water later. And yes, none of my workers are ponies at the moment. It didn’t start that way, but once word got out that I was hiring changelings, those that needed a quick bit applied to help make up for the sudden lack of ponypower.”

“Well, it’s good to see you’re being so productive,” Twilight smiled as she took a seat. Scope opened the back of her throat as she took him a little deeper, that tongue squeezing him, milking him...Ledger let out a mostly silent hiss as he sent a wordless rebuke across their mental link.

“Is there another reason behind your visit, your highness?” Ledger asked as he tried to remain still in his seat.

“Oh, I just wanted to visit my friends really,” she blushed slightly, her wings fluffing up a little. It was pretty damned adorable...and Scope wasn’t helping!!

“Ohh, idea...just imagine the little Alicorn doing this~” she purred into his head as she sucked him. Ledger managed to disguise his buck as him merely shifting forward in his seat to prop up his head on his forelegs.

Wrong tongue for that,” Ledger idly chided the nymph. Though the image was...tempting. Still, he was fine with the amount he had. He just had to keep repeating that, and he’d believe it. “That’s all well and good, but something tells me a curious mare like yourself is here for more than the friendship and the business.”

"Well, I do have a few things to speak to Miss Midnight about," Twilight blushed a little and smiled. She took an interest in one of the paintings on the wall, and failed to notice the subtle flash from under the desk.

There were now two Twilights in the room. Something Ledger noticed immediately when he looked under his desk. He swore he was going to die of blood loss one of these days, with how Scope seemed intent on ‘playing’ with him. Dammit, he needed that blood in his other head! There was no way he could carry on a conversation with Twilight without it!

“Oh? What about, if I may ask?”

"Hmmm," Twilight shook her head and smiled. "Nope, that's a secret~"

“Your Highness,” Ledger said as he tried to focus. “I believe I am entitled to know just a little about the topic, as it is my finace we’re talking about. Plus, do you really want to walk into a meeting with Midnight without foreknowledge?”

"Well she asked me something the last time we met. I want to discuss it further."

“I see,” said Ledger, not seeing at all. “Well, she’s currently out running errands of her own. I don’t know where she is, actually, but I’d gladly escort you to the farm when I’m done with this work here.” And the work under his desk. The work that was taking advantage of her larger form and suddenly took his whole length into her maw. Fuck, that felt good! It took all of his respect for the mare in front of him to not say what he was currently thinking.

"Well alright, I still have to get settled into my hotel, so I'll see you a little later," Twilight gave him another smile and left his office…

Ledger sighed before falling back in his chair and looking down to the ‘Twilight’ under his desk. “You’re going to hang this over my head forever, aren’t you?” he deadpanned.

She pulled off of him with a lewd pop and smiled sweetly.

"What makes you say that?" 'Twilight' purred as she climbed up onto the desk and lay on her back. "Want to show me how much you love your Princess?"

Ledger grinned lewdly as well. “I am just going to experience a variety of tastes with you, aren’t I?” he asked. That was all the warning she got before he started returning the favor. She moaned as she threw up a soundproofing barrier. This was going to get interesting. Especially when she felt that tongue shift and change…

Oh, apparently he was giving her his version of the Midnight Spec-

That was about as far as coherent thought went, because then that tongue really went to town on her. She thought he was good before. Apparently, he’d had a lot of practice with this tongue as of late. Midnight was probably to blame for that, somehow. The stallion pulled back and licked his lips slowly, before making another observation.

“Hmm, I can’t really place it, but you taste simply magical,” he quipped before diving back in.

“......” Scope just groaned and stared up at the ceiling. “That was terrible.”

Ledger’s tongue didn’t make any more of a response than him serving her tunnel, though he did pull a trick the others had warned her of. A loop of tongue finding and circling her clit...

‘Twilight’ groaned as she went to the next step, using magic to alter her voice. “Ahhn~ Oh Ledger~” Then that tongue starting tweaking that nub of flesh as he used his tongue back and forth in her pussy, licking and twirling along her inner walls. She tightened around him as she arched her back, her hooves resting on the back of his head.

“Ahh, oh god...soooo good~” The stallion didn’t stop, though. Even if it was a fake, he wanted to hear this ‘Twilight’ come for him.

...Okay, so he might have had a slight fantasy around the lavender alicorn. He soon got his wish, as the Alicorn spread across his desk gave a loud cry and she climaxed, her hooves holding him there as her juices drenched his face. She kept making these adorable whimpering sounds as she finally released him, her wings twitching as she rode out the end of her euphoria.

“Is my princess pleased with my service?” Ledger asked as he licked the juices off of his face with his still-long tongue. He could taste this all day~

Twilight groaned as she rolled over, taking a few breaths. “Y-Yes, very...pleased. But... I have another request, my...research, isn’t complete...” Her hind legs dangled off of the edge of the desk as she flicked her tail to one side. She glanced behind her, giving him an embarrassed look as she bit her bottom lip. “Perhaps... you could help me study some more?”

“What do you need from me, your highness?” Ledger asked as he traced along her flank with one hoof. He wanted her to say beg for it… “What aid could you possibly need from me?”

“P-Please,” she whispered, bucking her hips ever-so-slightly. “Take me, I want it... I need you inside me~”

“Didn’t you just have that?” Ledger teased, using his still-long tongue to remind the faux-Twilight.

“Unnh, I need your cock inside me,” she whined. “Please, fuck me Ledger!”

“As my princess commands,” Ledger said, rearing up to mount ‘Twilight’, practice making perfect as he felt himself hilt his first few inches somewhere wet, warm, and tight. ‘Twilight’ gave out a deep moan as she clenched herself around him.

“Ohh yes, show me... how much you want your Princess!”

“Then she had better brace herself,” Ledger warned as he gave her a single buck and hilted half of himself inside of the mare with great difficulty. The only thing he had to compare it to was his first time with Scope, but he wasn’t sure that counted. Those were extremely extenuating circumstances. This wasn’t that bad...but it was close.

She opened her mouth in a silent scream of pleasure, and Ledger felt her tighten around him as she shuddered, a fierce blush covering her face. “Does my princess still want me?” Ledger asked mock-innocently.

“K-keep going,” she said in a shaky voice. “You’d better...keep going mister.” Ledger obliged and gave her another thrust, burying a few more inches of himself inside the mare beneath him.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to hurt your highness by giving her more than she can handle,” the disguised drone mused aloud. “I’d better stop here…”

“Stop, being so mean,” she pouted. “I thought you loved your Princess?”

“If you think you can handle it…” Ledger gave her another buck and nearly completely buried himself in her. “Then don’t complain when you’re stretched too wide.”

You think... your princess can’t handle it?” she bucked her hips and smiled. “Go ahead Ledger, use your Princess however you want.”

With that, he hammered himself home and just held himself there, letting ‘Twilight’ get used to his full length and girth. “Whenever you think you’re ready, highness,” Ledger said. “I will be happy to prove you wrong.”

Sweet Hives he was big, even in her larger form, he filled her up so much. “Y-Yes, it will be good, for my studies,” she moaned.

“Oh?” Ledger asked, curious as to where she could be going with this. “And might I ask what you could possibly be studying now, your highness?”

“The...uuhn~ How many orgasms can an Alicorn have?”

“Funny,” Ledger said as he slowly drew out of the mare. “I thought it would have been something along the lines of ‘Changeling reproduction practices.’” With that, he pounded back in in one swift motion before she could reply.

“Ooh, Changeling..ahh~ Mating practices... might be...useful.”

“I’m so happy we agree,” Ledger all but purred as he began setting a slow and steady pace. ‘Twilight’ groaned as she rocked slowly with his rhythm, her hooves gripping the edge of the desk as she panted and moaned with each thrust.

“Ah~ Yes! Harder!” Ledger ducked down to nip at her ears, lightly, for that comment.

“Do you truly think you could handle harder, my princess?” the disguised drone asked, giving her one hard buck for comparison’s sake. Her eyes shot open as he buried himself in her and she let out a loud gasp, small sparks shooting from her horn.

“I-I’ve studied hard... so show me~” she groaned, her horn lighting up as she caressed his balls with her magic. The stallion atop her showed his appreciation for her attention by upping the pace a touch, giving her hard and steady thrusts so that she could get used to the feeling of being pounded steadily.

“I do hope you can handle my thick texts, your highness,” Ledger commented.

“Mmm, its content is quite filling,” ‘Twilight’ replied. She shifted slightly to get more comfortable. “Maybe you should...make a more, in-depth investigation?”

Ledger got a wicked idea. One he would spring on her later, assuming they ever did this again. Still, he took that as a cue to increase how fast he was pounding her, and tested the waters by drawing back a little quicker this time, and hammering back in a little faster as well.

She let out a happy squeal as she lay her head forward, getting a good grip on the desk so he wouldn’t buck her off of it. “Ah! I’re close, aren’t you~?”

“I could study for quite a while with you yet,” Ledger commented with a cheeky grin. Not that she could see it. “But perhaps after you finish your latest session, I will as well.”

The she looked behind her, her stunning eyes locking with his as she gave him a half-lidded stare.

“Oh, do you want to cum inside your Princess Mr. Ledger?”

“You have no idea,” the stallion said, his length giving a sympathetic twitch inside her. “But your pleasure comes before I do.”

“Ooh, just imagine,” she cooed. “Filling me up with that hot cum of yours, giving me... Every. Single. Drop~” Each word punctuated by a squeeze of her already tight pussy. Ledger moaned and leaned down, nipping at the scruff of her neck and the nerves located there unconsciously. He wanted to do that so badly...but he also wanted her to cum first!

“P-Pulsing...inside me,” she moaned. “Ahhnn~ g-go on Ledger, fill me...” She gave another deep moan as she came for a fourth time, gripping the desk so hard that it might break. He could feel her twitch around him, coating his already soaked member in her fluids, as some escaped, running down her legs and dripping onto the floor.

That was about when he gave the facsimile of Twilight exactly what she was begging for, filling the mare up with everything he had. His length pulsed as it gave her shot after shot of his load directly into her core, filling her with his essence. He gave off a wordless cry as a fantasy he didn’t know he had was fulfilled. ‘Twilight’ moaned loudly as he stuffed her full, he never failed to impress with the sheer amount he could produce, as she gave a low groan and sighed happily. He seemed to have really enjoyed this... Well, she was definitely going to do this again.

“Ahh, you...really like your princess huh?” she panted, twitching beneath him.

“Mmm...what Silver wouldn’t?” Ledger asked as he held himself there for a moment longer. Just one more, to make sure he was done, that nothing was spilling out. “I’m just lucky to have attracted your attention.”

“Mmm, why do you like me so much?” the lavender Alicorn asked him. Ledger took a moment to really think his answer through before he gave it.

“You got the way you are by lots of hard work, proving that you don’t need to be born an alicorn to be worthy of the title ‘Princess’. You probably know more things about Equestria and magic than I know about the Lands. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you’re pretty ordinarily, but downright cute when you’re flustered. And have you seen yourself in a mirror when you’re trying to be sexy?”

‘Twilight’ didn’t say anything... if fact, she was oddly quiet. And when Ledger lifted his head to wonder what was wrong... he found out.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, the real Twilight, was standing in the doorway, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

“...This is exactly what it looks like?” Ledger offered weakly.

Twilight said nothing as she slowly closed the door, and the two soon heard a set of hooves running as fast as they could.

“Um, whoops?” Scope said with a sheepish grin.

“Iiiii think I’m bucked,” Ledger said softly. “...She’ll either avoid me forever, or only come back to say goodbye now…”

“Maybe,” Scope nodded. “Well... wanna go again?”

“The mood just died a violent death,” Ledger pointed out flatly. “Did you not notice?”

“A nymph can hope,” Scope sighed as she climbed down from the desk and resumed her true form, though her stomach looked a little bloated. “I don’t suppose you have a bathroom around here?”

“Just around the corner,” Ledger commented before reaching into a drawer where he kept cleaning supplies. He had a feeling something like this might happen, though he’d expected Midnight would be the one to do this first. “...Well, see you later I suppose.”

“Yeah, Middy should be home from the doctor’s by now. We should go and see her,” Scope said as she peeked outside then ducked out, waddling around the corner.

“I leave that decision entirely up to her,” Ledger softly said to himself. “She doesn’t need me pressuring her. Plus there’s still a few hours left in the day for things to go, wrong-er.”

There was a blinding flash and Twilight teleported into the room, her face red with embarrassment and anger.

“You you had better believe that it can!” she yelled at him. “What-What the buck was that!?”

“Scope Lens taking your form in an effort to seduce me,” Ledger replied as he turned a page in the file on his desk. “Spoiler alert, it worked.”

“Well gee, I hadn’t noticed,” Twilight snarked. “It was hard to tell with you bucking me over a desk!”

“Did you not hear what I said when you came in? I’ll repeat it if I have to,” Ledger commented with a raised eyebrow.

“I heard that, and I’m flattered that you feel that way” she replied, her face going even redder. “That... that doesn’t excuse the fact that you did that!” Honestly, she had no idea how to process this.

It was Ledger’s turn to blush as he began to explain. “Well, I’m not going to deny what I did. Some part of me knew it was Scope and wasn’t exactly cheating on Midnight, Cider, or Scope. But the majority of me...was mighty tempted by the idea. You’re quite an attractive mare, miss Twilight. Especially to somebug that loves learning as much as a Silver.”

Twilight paused, her brilliant mind going to work to solve the problem she faced. It’d be easy, she’d faced ancient Alicorns, mad gods and Celestia-knows what else. This shouldn’t be a problem...

So why couldn’t she say anything!?

“Everything I’ve said, I’ve meant,” Ledger said. “And only now do I know why so many books in the Archives end the same way. ‘In the end, I would rather live life than spend so much time studying it. I accept it and its mysteries, rather than seek to understand them.’” He looked to the ceiling and sighed. “The love of even one other mare...fills that void within me. My drive to seek and supplanted by my drive to see her happy.”

Twilight let out a long sigh. He was a hopelessly sweet stallion, but...she was still rather upset by what she saw. She now wondered if he’d done something like that before...

“I-I don’t, know how I’m supposed to respond to all this,” she finally spoke. “This is just so...weird? I don’t know. A part of me is flattered, another part wonders if I should teleport you into the sun. But... I guess I’ll listen to the flattered part this one time.”

“You have my thanks, and I’m sure Midnight’s and Cider’s as well,” Ledger said before looking at the princess. “I suppose I would be confused too, if I walked in on another drone using my form to sneak some affection from my herd.”

“I guess, it’s not that different to seeing some ponies dressed as Princess Celestia in certain...magazines,” she blushed heavily when she remembered seeing those for the first time.

Shining Armor had been so sad about having his bed set on fire...

“Just... maybe not do that again... where somepony might see?”

“I know better than to ask Scope not to do something,” Ledger said as he returned to his file. “Feel free to try asking her yourself if you want to try your luck and think she’d actually do it, though.”

“Yeah... think I’ll pass on that,” Twilight sighed. “So, today has been...confusing, and enlightening hmm?”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed stallions looking at you like this before,” Ledger teased as he remembered a certain pegasus Guard in the frozen north. “From what I’m given to understand, you were a pretty mare even before your ascension.”

Twilight was going to pass out from how much she had blushed today. “Nopony... has ever noticed me like that before.”

In the Crystal Empire, Flash Sentry suddenly felt like he needed a drink…

“Well, now you know,” Ledger pointed out before flipping the page. “Under other circumstances, I would invite you around to dinner, but I think you need some ‘you time’ after having your worldview so drastically altered.”

“I survived changing species, though I suppose that isn’t a big deal for you hmm?” Twilight shook her head. “I still have to talk with Midnight, that invitation still open?”

“If you’re willing to hang around until the end of the workday, I’ll escort you myself,” Ledger said as he closed the file and put it away. “If you’d rather take off until then, I’ll understand.”

“Well, I never made it back to my hotel,” Twilight sighed. This trip had already exhausted her and it was only mid afternoon. “Well, I could give you a hoof with that paperwork if you’d like?”

“Perfect!” Ledger said as his horn glowed, glad that his magic had recovered enough that he could perform one of his signature spells. “This’ll let me show you my filing spell! I always wanted expert review on it!”

“Oh?” she asked as she begun sorting some papers on his desk. “Well, let’s see then.”

And that was when the spell took hold and began filing his entire in-tray. Papers danced in the air, suspended by a silver glow as quills and inkpots joined in the ballet of paperwork. Lines were filled, signatures were signed, and figures were rapidly added. The system was, in a word, efficient.

“Interesting, a multi-tasking spell like this looks quite complex...” She watched as her horn scanned it, taking mental notes of the spell matrix setup and the amount of power put in it. “Hmm, I see... it has a small amount on independency as well.” She tapped her chin and nodded. “Okay, got it!”

Ledger couldn’t answer: the spell still needed a mind to provide the correct figures and signatures for it. His was the one that started the spell, so it used his. Twilight made a few notes as Scope walked back in, blinked twice and walked back out. She was so not touching that right now.

Eventually the spell ran out of things to do, and Ledger panted slightly as it ended and released him from its grasp. “So?” he asked. “What do you think of it?”

“It’s not bad, looks a little taxing though,” she nodded. “So, not useful in long spurts. But still, it’s efficient. Perhaps I’ll make use of it myself at some point.”

“It gets easier the more you’re used to it,” Ledger said as he recovered quickly enough to not be so exhausted in front of a princess. “I’m just out of practice.” She looked at one form as a quill floated over, and she begun to write his signature a few times on a piece of paper until it looked quite a lot like his. She then looked around as her horn flared and she replicated his spell, as the entire amount of his remaining work floated up and a half-dozen quills went to work.

After a monet or three, she was done and the files arranged themselves and vanished, a slight rustling in the filing cabinet signalling where they had gone.

“Hmm, it is a little draining,” she hummed. “Still, I think I can make use of this. It’s a good spell.”

“Thank you,” Ledger said with a slight bow of his head. “Me and the other Silver in the city are working on refining some of the trickier aspects to where it no longer needs a mind to draw off of...but thinks for itself.”

“That...could be a problem,” Twilight said with a small sweatdrop. She remembered enchanting a broom to sweep her tower periodically when she was younger.

It led to half the brooms in Canterlot waging a civil war against ponykind...

“So was it?” she asked timidly.

“You’re going to have to be a bit more specific, your highness,” Ledger said. He was fairly sure which question she was asking, but he wanted to be completely sure before he made any assumptions. Or acted on them.

That was when he felt a pair of hooves around his neck as Scope draped herself across his shoulders.

“I bet she wants to know what it was like bending her over a desk and having your way with her?”

Twilight yelped, both from her sudden appearance and from embarrassment. But...she didn’t deny it. Ledger cocked an eyebrow at her and made a ‘go on’ motion with one hoof, reminding the mare she hadn’t exactly answered his request for her to be specific.

“She’s...not incorrect,” Twilight replied in a barely audible whisper.

“Ah, well, keep in mind I can only answer for my part of things, and we’re assuming she copied you in every aspect,” Ledger said before putting a hoof to his chin and thinking seriously. “I would have to say...that was the third best bucking I’ve had in a one-on-one session with a mare.”

Twilight’s brain fizzled out and then when it rebooted, he saw a side of the mare that nopony had seen before. She gave a wink and smiled. “Well, it was just a copy. So I guess it wouldn’t be accurate.”

“Levvy...did she just...?” Scope blinked. Flirty Twilight was...strangely arousing.

“I think she did,” Ledger replied. And then he gave a bit of clarification for the present mares. “Second was Scope here with a miscast accommodation spell - seriously tight, seriously hot, when she gets into it, things get steamy.

“Um, okay?” Twilight blinked. She didn’t think he’d actually tell her the rest.

“Second best?” Scope said with an indignant huff as she poked the back of his head. Ledger nodded.

“First was Midnight and mine’s first night together like ‘that,’” he said with a smile. “Not just for the sex, but for the intimacy, the cuddling afterwards. It was the first time I felt...really loved.” He gave the lavender mare a smile. “I...might’ve been studying you while I was stuck here for a little while,” he admitted. “Might’ve developed a bit of an obsession with seeing you, the mare behind all the things I’ve read about. Thought I’d forgotten about it, but apparently not. The idea of doing...that, with you, earns that scenario a solid third.”

“I see,” Twilight was once again unsure if she should be flattered or not. She also had to take into account that he was a Changeling, and he might have different views and perspectives than a normal stallion.

And yet another question to add to the pile.

“Well, I guess I could ask you more about Changelings in general if you’re not busy,” she asked. This current subject was a little much to deal with right now.

“I think we can entertain you a while yet,” Ledger said with a wide smile.

“I bet you’d love to entertain the real Twilight,” Scope wiggled her eyebrows. Twilight ‘meeped’ and turned away so they couldn’t see her blush. Ledger shared a small laugh with Scope before he sat back behind his desk, moving the small nymph around to his front so he was hugging her from behind.

“Ask away and we’ll answer, your highness,” Ledger said, still with that wide smile. “No promises about the answers being innocent, though…”

“This is going to be informative and...rather trying on my sanity isn’t it?” Twilight sighed as she pulled out a massive tome from her saddlebags. “Okay, so I have just a few here. I had to leave the other seven volumes at home. But I memorized most of them~”

“...Seven?” Ledger meeped.

“I’m out,” Scope said and teleported away, leaving Ledger to his fate. Said stallion gulped. This had gone from something that would be rather fun to do to her, to something that would take forever for him.

Still, he was determined. For her sake if she intended to spend any amount of time around Midnight if nothing else. He was going to tease the princess, and she would learn how to tease him back, or he simply wouldn’t stop.

Hopefully, she’d thank him later.

Chapter 51 - Hold it....hoooooold it...

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Upstairs, Midnight crept into the bedroom and ninja’d her way under the sheets, wiggling her way towards her target~

Ledger merely lay on the bed, waiting for some unknown signal that the world downstairs was less crazy than it had been a moment ago. Plus, this would give the buzz a chance to wear off before he made himself a fool in front of Twilight.

That was when a pair of furred hooves snaked around his form and Midnight nuzzled the back of his neck.

“Everything okay?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” he replied with a sigh. “Just too much royalty in one place for a buzzed me to be hanging around. I’d have bucked it up somehow.”

“Maybe, but you’re a funny buggy, so nopony would hold it against you for long,” she said. “Still, you interrupted my Cider Time. So now I think I’ll have some Levvy Time instead.”

“And if somepony were to walk in?” he asked innocently.

“Then let ‘em watch, I don’t care,” Midnight said as she rolled him over to look in his eyes. “It’s been awhile since it was just us.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” he fired back. “Besides, somepony gets awfully cuddly at night.”

“I like my cuddles, always have,” Midnight pouted. She sighed and looked at him. “Actually, you wanna know a secret?”

“I’m always up for learning things,” he said before beeping her muzzle with a hoof. He never got tired of the expression she made whenever he did that. She scrunched her muzzle and pouted at him.

“I never cuddled anypony really. Well, aside from you and Moonie. All Hugging wasn’t something I did with them.”

“Guess that explains why you like it so much,” Ledger mused before offering a hug by spreading his forelegs apart. She leaned into the hug and sighed again.

“It’s not like that. I like hugging, but...hugging meant intimacy, something I didn’t want... until now anyway.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled. “Now I just wanna hug all the time~”

“Fine by me,” he said as he used one hoof to stroke her mane and just basked in her love. “I could cuddle you all day…”

“Mm, and if I wanna do more than cuddle?” she asked, trailing a hoof down his chest. He shuddered a little before hugging her a little tighter.

“Well, that’s always up to you,” he replied. Though he certainly wouldn’t say no~

“Are you sure that’s wise?” she giggled as her hoof moved lower. “And I’ve been meaning to ask. What was it like with Scopey when she was Twilight? She said you really got into it.”

“Let’s just say...I will mourn the loss of her being Twilight for quite a while,” Ledger said with another, sadder sigh. “I wouldn’t mind serving that princess like that. But I doubt she’ll ask me, especially since she walked in on the climax.”

“Give her time,” Midnight sighed. “And perhaps Scopey might break the rules when Twi-Twi isn’t around... still,” her hoof finally found it’s desired destination and begun to rub. “Who would have thought you’d have such a hard on for Twilight~”

“What Silver wouldn’t?” Ledger riposted. “She loves to learn things, we love to learn things. I bet I know more about changelings than anypony could dream. I’m almost a walking encyclopedia on them.” He then began to buck a little as he responded to Midnight’s ministrations. “Ooooh, that’s niiiiice….somepony missed me.”

“You bet I did,” she whispered as she moved on top of him, rubbing her furred chest against his. “So is that all? You like her because you’re a Silver and she’s smart?”

“Well, she’s pretty too,” Ledger admitted. “But I like her because she got where she is by lots of hard work and learning about what friendship means. It’s basically saying that with lots of dedication, anything is possible.” He ran one hoof down Midnight’s side before it reached her flank and began rubbing her Cutie Mark. “Plus, Scope managed to show me that Twilight trying to be sexy is a dangerous combination. I hope she sticks around and tries that herself, but I doubt she’d want to.”

Midnight sighed at the ministrations and kissed him again. “Now that’s something I’d like to see. Still, no need to rush her. Everything can be done at it’s own pace. And this sounds like it’s one of, if not her first relationship. So no need to scare her off with our weirdness.”

“Too late, she’s been in Las Pegasus, I expect her to leave and not come back if she can avoid it,” Ledger mock-replied. “We should have inoculated her against the weirdness that is the city when we had a chance.”

“Oh, and how would we do that?” Midnight quipped as she ground her hips against his. “Cider was still relatively innocent. So surely there’s hope for her.”

“Maybe by exposing her to the sorts of things we do to each other,” Ledger replied as he forced himself to hold still. Once they started properly, he’d respond, oh yes, but until then, he’d lay here for the time being and just tease the bat.

“I’m pretty sure that’s illegal,” she giggled as she nibbled at his neck, her fangs moving through his fur as she nipped and suckled on him. Ledger responded in kind as his own fangs grew with small flashes of silver, nipping at the mare nipping at him.

She sighed as she pressed her hips against him again, and he could tell she was more than ready, if that feeling of something dripping down his thigh was any indication. “Still, I think Twilight already knows what we're like. I don’t think we can scare her off at this point.”

“Pretty sure the thing Scope and I did might’ve done it,” Ledger replied before a wicked idea crossed his mind. “Oooh, think about it. Scope as Twilight and Twilight in the same bed like this,” he pitched to the batpony.

“You’d like that, you perv,” Midnight chuckled as she ground herself against him again, trying to get a reaction. “Double Twilight huh? Well, I guess I’d like that as well~”

Ledger felt himself twitch, but forced his hips to remain still. He wasn’t going to lose this battle of wills so easily! “Who wouldn’t like Twilight when she’s trying?” the stallion replied before biting his bottom lip in an effort to not groan. “She’s...hah, quite cute and sexy at the same time.”

“Well, I have yet to see this ‘sexy’ side of hers,” Midnight mused. He was kinda cute when he was trying, but she had taught him, and she still had a few tricks up her to speak. She rubbed herself against him, as she leaned to nibble on his ear. He moaned and let out a little buck, just a little one.

“I win,” she giggled. “Now, why don’t you show me how much you wanna enjoy our new marefriend~?”

“Dammit,” Ledger cursed before reaching up with both hooves to grab ahold of Midnight’s flanks. “One of these days, I’ll win one of these,” he said before repeating his earlier buck with much more enthusiasm, trusting her to help him with the aiming.

“Maybe,” she giggled as she used a hoof to guide him. “Ooohhh~ There we go, such a good stallion.” She sighed as she lay against his chest, hugging him. “I love you Secret~”

“I love you too Moonlight,” Ledger sighed as he basked in her warm, wet tightness gripping his length. In this position, she was the one in control...

She slowly moved, sighing softly with each motion as she kissed him. It wasn’t their usual frenzied debauchery, just slow and gentle lovemaking, something Midnight wanted right now. Ledger softly stroked whatever parts of Midnight were in range, showing her he understood and was here for her as he laid back and let her set her own pace.

Midnight groaned as her pace picked up a little, she wanted him to enjoy himself as well. She lowered her head and pulled him into a deep kiss again as her tail brushed up against his lower regions. Ledger moaned into the kiss as he started to buck a little into her thrusting hips, spurred on by her attentions. She always knew how to get at him. Not that he was complaining~

“Doesn’t matter, what anypony says,” she said quietly as she kissed his neck gently. “I’m yours, you’re mine. I love the others so much, but... we have something special I think.”

“Besides each other?” Ledger quipped before returning the nibble as best he could. “I agree. We understand one another better than anypony else. We just...mesh together perfectly.” And speaking of meshing...Ledger gave off a particularly hard buck as he finished talking. Midnight gave a sharp gasp as he nearly buried his whole length inside her. She groaned and buried her face into his chest.

“I hope Twilight stays. I want to be able to share this love with her if I can,” Midnight smiled, then pushed herself up and slammed her hips down on him, finishing the job he started. Ledger groaned as she did, before smiling and grabbing her flanks again.

“I’m pretty sure if we did, it would be her in here instead of you,” he quipped before starting his most pleasureable work, that of working Midnight.

“Oh, nu-uh, I totally get first crack at Twilight. You got to Cider and Scopey first, so it’s my turn buddy!” She squeezed him tight as she slowly pulled herself up, gods above, that feeling, then she released and rammed her hips back down, rinse and repeat.

“No...promises,” Ledger managed to get out. “She comes to me...I’ll not hold back if...she asks. Or if she does...then I’ll do as she tells me.” Ledger almost thought about asking her to stop so he could make coherent sentences. Almost. Then he realized that would be foolish, because she would.

“Hmm, guess I’ll just have to...get to her first,” Midnight panted. She was getting close now and she dove on him, her tongue dancing in his mouth as she slid her hips up and down his length, one of her hooves rubbing it every time she exposed it. Ledger gave off a mighty buck as she did. A familiar reaction was brewing again, and the drone didn’t do anything to fight it. It wasn’t like she could get more pregnant, after all. He just let go and filled the mare up with as much as he could pump into her.

Midnight groaned as she shuddered from the sudden warmth filling her, triggering her own climax as she just collapsed against his chest, feeling his member throb inside her.

“Pro for pregnancy, we can do this and this feels amazing~” she sighed contently.

“Mmhmm,” Ledger muttered as he began giving her little love bites of his own, intent on teasing her even during the cuddling.

She sighed as she pulled herself off and with a naughty grin, slid down a little and begun to clean him off with her tongue. He just moaned and rolled his head back before speaking up.

“Again? Really? You just got done!”

“Mmm, just cleaning up after myself,” she purred as she licked and lapped at him. “After all, we want to keep you presentable for your little crush.” Her ear gave a flick and she grinned wider. “Isn’t that right Bookworm?” That last part said a little louder as he heard a surprised squeak and a thump from out in the hallway, followed by a magical pop. Ledger blinked before sighing and falling mostly limp.

“At this rate, I’m going to wonder who’s crushing on who, the way she keeps walking in on this,” the stallion idly commented.

“The first time was an accident,” Midnight giggled as she finished her job. She’d still have to clean herself in the bathroom. “Though that time? I heard her come up about fifteen minutes ago.”

“...And you didn’t see fit to warn me I was performing for royalty?” Ledger asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Aw, would you really had kept going if I did?” Midnight giggled as she got up. “You’re the one that wants her introduced to our crazy.” She gave a small flick of her tail as he got a little look at what he did to her. “I’ll be down in a minute,” she smiled as she vanished into the bathroom. Ledger just sighed and lay back down in the bed, already missing something to cuddle.

After a moment, he felt the bed creak as something climbed up onto it and settle in next to him. It didn’t take long to assess that it was Twilight.

“Y’know, this is the second time I’ve been in bed with you,” he said with a small smile on his muzzle.

“And yet I’m still a virgin, so you mustn’t be all that charming,” she smirked back.

“Not for a lack of trying,” Ledger sighed. “You’re just remarkably resilient when it comes to matters of persuasion.”

“I have a little secret actually,” Twilight giggled. “There’s a mare in Ponyville, goes by the name of Cloud Kicker. She’s...basically a Pegasus version of Midnight. Really helped build up an immunity to that sort of thing.”

“Fair enough, but you still blush cutely whenever I mention how pretty you are,” Ledger said, watching for the blush. And there we go, right on schedule.

“You’re terrible,” Twilight said bashfully, poking at his shoulder with a hoof. “So ah, I guess I’m busted huh? A moment ago I mean.”

“Yup,” Ledger said with a nod. “You’ve proven to be a cute little mare who likes to listen to others having sex. So you’ll fit right in around here.”

“OHMIGOSH!” she shouted indignantly, her face aflame. “You-You make me sound like some kind of-of pervert. Jerk.”

“Tell me you don’t get a thrill out of hearing what others think about you while they’re in the act and I’ll reconsider my words,” Ledger said with half a smirk, fully expecting her to deny it.

“...I’ll admit, I, liked the things you said about me,” she said quietly as she looked away. “And, it’s really sweet on how much you and Midnight love each other. And the fact, the fact that you’d want me to be a part of that...”

“...Perfectly willing to wait on you,” Ledger said as he leaned into his new cuddle-buddy. “Just try not to approach it with a ‘for science’ attitude. Relationships are more than that.”

“I know that,” Twilight huffed, now glad that she’d left her notebooks at home. “I don’t know how it was with the others, but, I’m still getting used to this. I don’t want to jump in hooves first, without knowing where.”

“Fair enough,” Ledger chuckled as he nuzzled the mare, needing something to cuddle badly after sex.

“Ledger, are you pining for a hug?” Twilight teased, keep just out of his reach. She knew he wouldn’t even try that without permission. So this was a good opportunity to tease him back a little.

“Post-coital snuggles aren’t unusual, and I’ve even grown used to them,” Ledger grumbled. “Middy went and left, and you came in right afterwards. Forgive me if I want to hug an attractive mare after a good, hard bucking.”

“A simple yes would have sufficed,” Twilight rolled her eyes, even as she leaned into the hug. “There, better now?”

“Much,” he said as he held the purple alicorn close and closed his eyes. “And don’t tell me you don’t enjoy cuddling.”

“I’m used to it with my friends,” Twilight said, she still felt kinda stiff. “But with a stallion, again, it’s something I need to get used to, but...” She sighed and relaxed. “It has its merits.”

“I had kind of hoped we were friends, Twilight,” Ledger replied as he lay there and felt her emotions after that statement. “You don’t need to be as stiff as a board just because it’s me you’re cuddling. I’m not going to pounce on you and try and screw you just because I’m male. I have standards and limits, you know.”

“Sorry, it’s...been a weird week for me,” Twilight sighed. “That shiny castle of mine? It’s now sending me and my friends out on friendship missions, based on a map that appeared in the throne room. Plus there was that Summit in Canterlot the day before yesterday... in the last week, I’ve slept maybe three days? I’m just stressed and tired and—”

Ledger stopped her rambling by softly kissing her on the lips. Once the pair broke the, admittedly nice, kiss, he gave her a serious look. “Then rest here, Twilight. Nothing will bother you here. I’ll not allow it.”

Twilight put a hoof to her lips and looked like she was thinking. “A-Actually,” she said quietly, with a look in her eyes that could give Pinkie diabetes. “Could you... do that again.”

“This?” Ledger asked before giving the mare a soft kiss again, breaking it before it got too serious.

“Mhmm,” Twilight nodded. “But, maybe...a little longer this time?” Neither had noticed the Thestral return, picking a quiet spot to sit and watch the cuteness unfold.

Ledger obliged the mare, kissing her on the lips again and holding it longer, but still breaking it before any tongue came into play.

Midnight suppressed a groan as she glared at the awkward pair. This was infuriating.

“Perhaps... a little more?” Twilight said again as she closed her eyes, her lips parted slightly.

Ledger drew close and gave her what started off chase...before his tongue requested entry to her mouth lightly, drawing across her lips. She gave a slight, oh-so-quiet moan as her own tongue briefly met his, her heart pounding in her chest as she put her wings around him. Ledger leaned into her, into the kiss, and began exploring her mouth with his tongue. A thought briefly flicked across his mind about borrowing a Thestral tongue, before he decided against it. For this first real kiss between them, he would be ‘him.’

And yet all too soon, well, a few minutes anyhow, she broke the kiss as she pulled back, panting lightly.

“Oh wow,” she murmured. “That was... wow.”

“I could kiss you anytime,” Ledger said with a cheeky wiggle of his eyebrows. Twilight rolled her eyes as she kissed his nose.

“I’m sure you could,” she said, then...a small chill went up her spine. Was something in the room with them? She looked around, but couldn’t see anything. Then, she happened to glance up and her eyes widened as a glowing pair of red eyes stared back, the Thestral sporting a wide grin.

“Is it my turn?” she asked.

“You skipped out on cuddles,” Ledger said as he drew Twilight close and nuzzled her. “I needed to cuddle something. Twilight happily offered to take that role.”

The Thestral looked down from her place on the ceiling. “Well excuse me for wanting to get myself clean.” She dropped from the ceiling and landed on the pair, giggling. “Now that I’m back, I got to see adorakable kisses and I can hug both of you.”

“Fair enough,” Ledger said as he nuzzled Midnight before turning back to Twilight. “So, did her majesty like that kiss?”

“It’s Twilight, and yes... I liked it,” she smiled as she offered Midnight a nuzzle as well. Then squeaked as Midnight pounced on her, pulling the startled alicorn into a kiss as well. Ledger just sat back and watched, taking notes on things to try with the princess when they’d progressed to the stage when he could use his bodyshifting abilities to surprise her.

After a moment, Midnight pulled back as her tongue slipped back inside her mouth. Twilight was panting hard as she stared at Midnight, then to Ledger.


“That’s thestral tongues for you,” Ledger said with a smirk. “She’s quite skilled in oral attention because of it.”

“So I noticed,” Twilight said, her face blushing heavily as Midnight licked her lips. Twilight tasted yummy~

“Ooh, I think I’m getting my first cravings,” Midnight giggled as she crawled towards the mare. “Looks like Bookworms are on the menu. And I have two of them here ripe for the picking~”

“Meep!” Twilight squeaked, using Ledger as a shield. Ledger just chuckled and gently prodded Midnight with a hoof.

“What did we just go over?” he reminded the mare. “We’re going to go at Twilight’s pace, so that we don’t scare her off.”

“Aww, but I wanna nibble just a little,” Midnight giggled, nomming on the stallion's hoof. Twilight laughed at the antics of the batpony, this family was pretty fun.

“Are you done up here yet?” Cider called out from the other side of the door. “Y’all kinda left me hangin’ there Middy!”

“Uh, whoops?” Midnight giggled.

“Also, is there a reason Scopey turned into a dragon and is chasin’ that other mare around mah yard?”

“Damage control?” Ledger asked Midnight.

“I dunno,” Midnight shrugged.

“Please don’t set Chrysalis on fire,” Twilight sighed...

Chapter 52 - His red-hot phase

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Palette tapped his chin and nodded. “I think we’ll head on up. We’ll take some of this and this though,” he said, pointing at two items on the menu. He didn’t know much, but he recognised the names of the creme brulee and chocolate cake.

“Very good sir. I wish you a pleasant evening then.” He took the menus and gave a bow of his head as he left the couple to themselves.

“Well then, ready to head up to our room?” he asked.

“ a room here?” she asked, already feeling that blush coming back as she thought about why he would do something like that.

“Well, this place is only for guests,” he replied as he offered his hoof to help her up. “Besides, I think we could use some time away from the old homestead. Some fresh scenery if you will.”

“If you say so,” she said as she took his hoof, getting on her hooves as she felt her face flush. “I...will admit that seeing the sights was on my list of things to do, after ‘getting your house in order.’”

“Well, glad to hear it,” he said as he escorted her towards the elevator. After a climb, and Paint getting only slightly lost inside the huge building. They finally found their room. It was pretty spacious. Had it’s own fridge and bathroom.

And only one large bed…

Thankfully, they’d gotten used to sharing his bed, but the implication that couples normally came here for that had her blushing again. “So,” she said, studiously hiding her blush by looking around the room. “What did you want to do?”

“Well, we have our dessert, we have our wine,” he said and gulped as he placed both on the nightstand. “We have the whole night...” He sat on the bed and looked at her. “...To, explore our relationship.”

“And how did you intend to do that?” she asked, slowly drawing close and fighting the blush down as much as she could.

“W-Well, I guess...we could,” his own blush was surfacing as he looked at her. “Use this here bed...for something other than sleeping.”

“I see,” she mused as she slowly climbed onto it, sitting close to him and losing the fight against the red in her cheeks. “Perhaps we should start such activities slow, if indeed we do them at all?” Critical suggested.

“I think, that might be a good idea,” he replied and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

“I think you can go a little faster than that,” she said, turning to face him and make her intentions clear. He gulped and nodded as he leaned forward and placed his lips against hers. He just...kissed another mare.

And, he kinda liked it. Especially when she started kissing him back. He may have moaned slightly as he deepened the kiss, as one of his hooves started to caress her back, before he held her close and hugged her, before finally breaking the kiss and coming up for air.

“Well...that, that was,” he panted slightly.

“That was my first kiss with a stallion,” she said. “And I already want another.”

“That was your first kiss?” he blinked. This girl was greener than her coat. “Crystals, what am I getting myself into here...”

“At this rate, me,” she teased, playing at his chest with a hoof. She suddenly squeaked when he took that hoof, trailing kisses along her leg and up her chest and neck, until he reached her lips again and kissed her deeper this time, his tongue dancing at her lips and parted them, soon entwining with her own. She wished they could hold it forever, but they still needed to breathe. When the kiss did break, she panted and smiled at him.

“Yup, that answer is looking more true the more you do that,” she giggled, getting into the swing of it and ignoring her blush at the moment. She wondered when he’d either ask her to take her disguise off...or ask her to keep it on.

“I guess we’ll see where this goes,” he said, just running his hoof through her mane. “And, you can take it off if you want.” He blushed as he kissed the top of her head. “If...this is your first time. It should be as you I think.”

“That’s...a sweet sentiment,” the mare said as her horn lit up, causing her disguise to slowly fade and reveal the changeling nymph underneath. Words were one thing though. Actions were something else.

His next action? Pull her close to him and kiss her again, his tongue teasing her fangs as his hooves stroked her chitin gently. She let out a cute little moan at his ministrations, knowing that if she had a mirror, she would see herself blushing fiercely.

He...cared about her for who she was, not what she looked like. That meant the world to her.

That was when Palette found the kiss being returned, and returned something fierce. He fell back onto the bed, cradling the nymph on top of him as they made out, tongues wrestling each other for dominance as hooves moved to find a part of the body they hadn’t felt yet. His ones found her flanks and gave them a squeeze as he broke the kiss, panting for breath. Meanwhile, her forehooves seemed to have found something considerably more hard, causing her to blush as she felt and rubbed along it lightly.

“Somepony’s...eager,” she observed. He gave a sharp hiss as she touched him there, before letting out a moan as she started to rub it.

“When I got a cute thing like’s no wonder,” he replied, trying to stop himself getting too worked up. She merely looked down at the member she was toying with, examining it and him from multiple angles.

“All this, for little me?” she said in a faux-innocent voice. “You shouldn’t have.” She began examining it again, this time with both her forehooves rubbing along it. He just groaned again as he tossed his head back. It had been years since he’d done anything, and now this little minx was determined to tease him to the ends of Equus and back. She felt it give a few twitches in her hooves as he moaned.

“Somepony likes,” she teased as she rubbed the tip with one hoof while the other paid attention to a pair of somethings a little further south. According to the violet-backed book that she totally didn’t steal from her mom’s study, drones liked that. Maybe stallions did too?

She got her response in the form of another loud groan as he twitched again and she could feel his balls tighten. This stallion was about to blow. She used the hoof at the tip to aim said tip away from either of their faces, not incidentally rubbing it more than a little in the process. He let out a louder moan as the tip flared as she found the black chitin on her chest being painted white as he came buckets. He threw his head back as the torrent just didn’t seem to end.

Shocked, Critical just sat there, too dumbfounded to do anything but watch him pour this onto her. Idly, a thought bubbled to the surface of her mind, one her mother kept repeating after every misadventure she or her siblings got into.

“At least chitin’s easy to clean,” she murmured.

After a minute or two, the stallion finally ceased as he rolled over and panted heavily. “I...hah...sorry...I didn’t-didn’t mean to...” He looked at the cum-coated nymph and his member twitched excitedly. He’d be damned if that wasn’t hot...

“You’re forgiven,” Critical said as she slowly extracted herself and her new mess from the bed, heading to the bathroom as she wagged her tail and her rump around more than a little. “I’m going to get clean, you can feel free to join me whenever you think you’re up to it.” With that, she pushed her way into the bathroom and left the door open behind her.

Oh buck the hell yes!

She soon found a pair of hooves wrapped around her as he nuzzled the back of her neck, pressing her up against the wall of the shower as he trailed kisses along her slender neck and jawline. She moaned and arched her back into the affection, before pushing him back with one hoof.

“Nope,” she said simply. “I paid attention to you, you can return the favor, bucko.”

The stallion grunted, it’s not like he wasn’t planning on it anyway. He was going to surprise her, but since she was being so insistent, it was time to teach this welp a few manners.

He lifted his hind leg, pressing oh-so-slightly against her opening as he continued to nibble her neck and ears. She gasped and let out a small, little moan as she felt so many parts of her having affection paid to them. “Ooooh,” she eventually said. “You’re good…”

He just chuckled as he lowered his leg, leaving that particular part alone now as his nibbles became lighter.

“And what do we say?” he said to her. She whimpered as his affections dried up, wanting more of those touches.

“Please…” she whispered.

“Good girl,” Now that was more like it. He leant in, his kisses and bites becoming harder and more frequent as he used his forehoof this time to grind against her sex, making small circles around her clit before slowly rubbing up and down the length of it. With a sudden seizure, the nymph stiffened, and he found that hoof suddenly quite sticky as her breathing hitched and became erratic huffs.

“Did you just...hmm, and after all that boasting too~” He moved beside her and lifted his hoof and licked it. “Now, be a good girl and close your eyes.”

The nymph did so shakily, not even sure what she had just felt. She’d never felt like that before, and with one touch, he had played her like an instrument. She felt his hooves grip her flank, and she found herself wondering what the heck he was doing.

That was when she felt his tongue lick the length of her opening before taking her clit between his teeth and suckling on it. Her front legs buckled as she felt another one of those tremors rock through her. Sweet hives, he knew what he was doing!

“D...don’t stop,” she huffed, obeying his earlier command to keep her eyes closed. “Don’t ever stop.”

He chuckled again, as the vibrations shot through her. He shifted as he pressed a hoof against her button and held it there, occasionally rolling it around, but never breaking contact. And once he’d done that, she felt his tongue penetrate her opening, licking around inside her…

She choked back a cry as she was so stimulated. She was so close, so bucking close to that peak she’d felt but never reached on her own! His hoof was doing something she’d not known about, and his tongue! It was just too bad his mouth was occupied, his words always got under her chitin. She would collapse onto the shower floor so that she could focus on the feelings he was giving her, but then he would be forced to work harder. For him, she held herself upright. Mostly.

He exhaled, his hot breath washing against her as he switched from making circular motions to just moving his tongue in and out of her, each time he pulled it out, he gave her slit a little lick before putting back in.

That was it, she felt it crashing down around her, seizing her body with indescribable pleasure. She shuddered a few times, and those minature orgasams she’d had before were totally outclassed as Palette learned something about Critical.

She was a squirter.

He pulled his head back, but it didn’t stop him from getting his muzzle coated as he just smiled at her reaction. He’d been worried that he’d lost his touch.

Good to see he hadn’t, or she was just easily pleased, one of the two.

“You okay?” he asked, licking his lips and tasting the tangy juices that coated it.

“...Never felt...that good before,” she managed to string together, her breath coming in pants as she stood there. She was fairly certain she was locked into this pose. Her knees certainly weren’t shaking anymore. Or bending for a little while, for that matter.

He just smiled as he took a sponge and cleaned the rest of her chitin before turning off the shower and with a little work, put the mare onto his back as he carried her back into the room.

“I’m not going to push you,” he said as he laid her gently on the bed, before moving up beside her and pulling her into a hug. “Did you want to keep going? Or is that enough for now?”

“Just...lemme cool off a little more,” she said, finally getting enough control over her foreleg to pet at one of his. “Then maybe you can...convince me.”

“Fair enough.” he smiled as he poured a small glass of the wine and held it to her lips. She sipped it and sighed at the taste, knowing what track he was on. A little extra relaxant would be good right about now…

“You’re very skilled, or I’m simply unskilled, at this whole thing,” Critical commented.

“A little of both perhaps,” he said. “And I’m not trying to get you drunk if that’s what you're thinking. You need to keep your liquids up for...activities such as this.” He reached for the chilled pudding and took a small spoonful, before holding it up to her mouth.

“Mmm,” she said around the mouthful, swirling it around before swallowing it. “Wasn’t afraid of it, and I could do with a little extra relaxant anyways.” She twitched that one leg again for emphasis. That pudding had been good, at least. She could stand being waited on until she could stand again if she kept getting served like that~

Painted nodded as he pulled the pudding over and kept spoon-feeding her. “Well I’ve fed you now, so I guess I have to keep you eh?”

“Like you weren’t planning on keeping me anyways,” the nymph retorted as she began to regain feeling in both her forelegs. “And after attention like that, you’d best believe I’m not going!”

“Oh, so you liked that hrmm?” He tapped his chin and licked some pudding from her lips. “I thought I might have gotten a little rusty.”

“As if whatever proof you got smeared all over your muzzle wasn’t enough, you want me to say it too?” she said with an eye-roll. “Fine. You totally rocked my world, and you didn’t even get to any of the real good stuff. Has that fed your ego enough, my big, strong stallion?”

“I believe so,” he chuckled, enjoying his ego being stroked, amongst other things~ He just held her close and hugged her. “Mm, this is nice.”

“Agreed,” she hummed, as she felt her joints unlock, either because of time or the alcohol working on them. With a few cracks and pops, she stretched her legs out before returning the hug with enthusiasm.

He closed his eyes and lay there for a moment, just enjoying holding her. He thought...that he’d never do this with anypony again. He took a sharp breath and nuzzled her.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” she said back, kissing him softly afterwards. “You really care about me...that means more than you can know.”

“Guess we’re a couple of lonely hearts huh?” he murmured. “Well, I don’t mind. If it meant meeting you, then it was worth it.”

“I’m willing to stand by you for as long as you’re willing to stand by me,” the mare replied, softly stroking his mane with a hoof.

“Count on it,” Paint nodded. “I...never expected anypony quite like you in my life. But, I’m hardly complaining.” He hugged her tight and looked into her eyes. “It’s too early, to say that I love you... but, I hope you stick around long enough that I can say it without doubt.”

“I’ll give you the chance,” Critical nodded as she hugged Paint. “Oh dear...okay, I think I’m recovered. If you want to ‘convince’ me, I’d say now was the time.”

“Hmm, well I won’t push you into anything you’re not ready for,” he said. He leaned in close, and she could feel his breath against her ear. “But if you really liked what I did before, than you’ll love what I do next~”

“So long as you take it easy, I’m up for almost anything,” she breathed back. He nodded and gently rolled her over onto her back, as he caressed her thigh as he licked at her clit again, getting her warmed up for what would come next.

“Oooh,” she breathed, knowing this was likely only the warm-up and enjoying it nonetheless. He stayed that way for a moment, before he moved so he was standing over her, his member prodding at her entrance, lightly rubbing against her clit.

“You ready?” he asked her. She gulped before nodding once. He took a breath as he hovered there for a moment, This was it, no going back after this.

With a small push, he pressed the first few inches inside of her. She moaned at the feeling of being so stretched, so just felt so good. She grabbed ahold of the sheets in her quest to hold something tight as she felt him enter her.

He grunted as he pushed another inch inside. “Buck, you’re so bucking tight,” he grunted. He felt himself hit her barrier and he paused. “You ready? This’ll probably hurt a bit.”

“How bad?” she whimpered. Even him poking it sent a tingle through her. One that warned her of pain unlike any other.

“Depends on the pony,” he said. “Might hurt like a bitch, but I promise that it won’t last long.”

She took a breath before nodding and relaxing. “Do it,” she said. He took another breath and pressed harder, breaking her barrier and burying most of his length inside of her. She let out a yelp and grabbed ahold of the stallion atop her, holding him close as the pain burned through her. He just remained still as she held him, waiting until she would tell him to start moving and not a moment sooner.

She eventually shuddered and lay back. “It doesn’t...hurt anymore,” she said slowly. He nodded and slowly pulled back, before starting to move with a steady, yet gentle rhythm. She moaned and went from grabbing the sheets, to grabbing his forehooves, already clearly loving what he was doing.

He grunted, he just wanted to let loose and fuck the mare into the mattress, but he kept up his steady pace, leaning his head down to draw her into a kiss. One she eagerly returned, even as her hips started to buck as well, trying to force more of herself around him.

He groaned at her movements and begun to thrust faster, pushing her hooves down as he took the mare he loved...

He, yeah, he loved her.

He kissed her passionately and thrust his entire length into her with a single motion. Her eyes shot open and she screamed into the kiss, bucking around wildly. He released the kiss and looked at her.

“You were saying?” he said cheekily. She panted before turning her lusty gaze on him.

Again,” she all but commanded him.

Well, let it be said that Painted Palette wasn’t one to disappoint a lady. “As my Lady wishes,” he said, before drawing back and ramming his length into her with furious abandon, again and again he pounded the little nymph. And each time he pounded back into her, he could feel her walls gripping him tightly, coating him in her juices.

How cute. She was having mini-orgasms during the act itself every time he thrust into her.

“B...bucking...tartarus,” she said, barely coherent. “Why did I...wait so long?”

“Well...I’m glad... you did,” he panted. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get to enjoy this moment. He switched to long, slow thrusts, before resuming his furious pounding. Rinse and repeat. The changeup drove her even more wild, it would seem. She eventually pulled him down and stared him in the eyes before ordering him again.

Fuck me.”

So that’s how she wanted to play? He pulled out and gripped her side, flipping the mare over and then grabbing her hips as he lifted them up. He gave her a second to realise what he was doing, before he mounted the mare and rammed himself back into her, gripping her hips tightly as he rammed her like a piston.

“Fuck yes!” she cried out, clamping down around him. She almost came right there...and then she realized that was only one thrust. Less than a moment later, he started to move, drawing himself almost all the way out before ramming his rod back into her. He leaned forward and took her mane into his mouth, yanking on it as he rammed her again and again.

Critical just moaned and let herself bask in the pleasure, not sure where one orgasm ended and another began anymore. Palette would be able to tell, maybe, by when her walls clamped down on him and began milking him like her life depended on it. But her coherent thought was gone.

He grunted from exertion as his frenzied pace quickened.

“I’m getting close,” he said in a hoarse whisper. “Tell me where...”

Critical, however, was still out to lunch. And wasn’t coming back anytime soon. Paint groaned as he felt himself tighten, as pressure built up.

“Where Crit, or you’re getting a stuffing!”

Crit’s brain took his yelling as a demand for something, so she pulled him into a kiss to see if that solved whatever it was. That was the tipping point as he groaned into the kiss, then broke it and roared as he unloaded into the mare, filling her with his raging orgasm, thick ropes of cum filling her and then some. He continued to thrust into her, each thrust unleashed another spurt as he moaned and panted.

Eventually, Critical rejoined him and held him close, wanting to be warm within and without. Slowly, she blinked as her more rational mind started to come back online. Warm...within?...

“D-Damn, I didn’t...mean to…” he just panted as he slowly pulled out, a stream of his release pouring out of her when he finally did. Critical eyed the seed-river coming out of her and mentally sighed. It...was probably too late. And hey, the damage was likely already done, yes? She was just glad she wasn’t in heat right about now, otherwise there would be no way she wouldn’t end up pregnant.

She’d have to write a letter home asking about the symptoms, though. She’d failed to recall them right now, but mother would know. With one hoof held to her lips to hold them shut, she groaned and made for the bathroom. “I’m going to clean up,” she said. “...You get some clean sheets on the bed while I do, and maybe we can have another go.”

“....Again?” he said with wide eyes. “Un-bucking-believable...” Still, he did as he was told, swapping out the sheet with a fresh set that the hotel kept in a cupboard for just such an emergency.

“Still,” he said to her as she cleaned herself. “Even if you are... you know, I’ll help you okay?”

There was the sound of giggling before a fresh out of the shower Critical came out of the bathroom, her carapace glistening with moisture. She eyed him up like the slab of stallion he was before slowly crawling onto the bed.

“Wanna share what’s so funny?” he inquired as he joined her, tossing a blanket over the both of them.

“Modern birth control methods,” she hummed as a rear hoof found a piece of his anatomy she’d come to appreciate in full in the past hour and began stroking it. “One potion for the morning, one potion for the evening. Helps prevent unwanted foals. I’ll take the morning one when we get back.”

Palette let out a held breath and nodded. Well, that was a load off of his mind. And speaking of loads... He practically dove onto the mare, kissing her hungrily as he pressed himself against her once more…

“Mmm, somepony’s pent up still?” she asked once the kiss broke.

“What do you think,” he grunted as he pushed his still hardening member inside, letting her feel it grow inside of her.

“I think we might end up testing the limits of those potions,” the nymph teased. The stallion just grunted as he took his mare again, as he would many more times that night...

Chapter 53 - Morning examinations

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Ledger woke up to find that most of the mares he’d gone abed with were gone. Cider likely had work, and if he knew Scope, she’d be tormenting Chrysalis. Midnight hadn’t even come to the bed, and thankfully neither had Joyful. But there was still one mare cuddled up next to him.

He gently hugged the lavender alicorn and breathed in her scent, before sighing softly. He could certainly get used to this. She seemed content to enjoy the embrace as well.

Until an explosion from outside caused her to yelp and wake pretty quickly.

"W-W-What? What the hay was that!?"

“Either Scope or Joyful,” Ledger replied, not letting go. “I’ll go down and do damage control in a bit if I don’t hear otherwise. Has anypony ever told you you’re very nice to cuddle before?” Yes, now he was trying to fluster her. She was adorkable when she blushed.

"I believe you've mentioned it once or twice," she replied, stretching and yawning. "You sure everything is alright?"

“Unless somepony screams loud enough that I need to pay attention,” Ledger agreed with a yawn. “They know I’m fairly non-responsive without my coffee.” Though, not all of him was...

Twilight yelped as something was pressed against her flank and she squirmed a little, though that only got a positive response. Ledger did blush and look away, though he didn’t let go.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “This is a...normal thing for stallions in the morning…Moreso when we wake up next to a beautiful mare.”

Twilight gulped and nodded. "I've... read about it before, so, it's okay... I guess."

“Oh good,” Ledger sighed. “For a moment I was afraid you were going to bolt.” He just lay there and tried not to think about doing things with the mare next to him. Twilight powered down the Teleport spell she'd been building and nodded.

She'd have to get used to this eventually. Right?

Still, it was kinda awkward. But what could she... hmm?

"Do you...want help?" She squeaked more than asked. Ledger paused, stopped, halted, all those words, at her offer.

“Are you sure you want to give it?” he eventually asked. “I mean, we’ve not done anything like...that together yet.”

"W-Well, I'm not ready for...physical intimacy." Twilight was practically glowing red. "But, that's my fault right? I could... use my magic to...well, you know..."

“First times should be as you are, no matter what firsts they are,” the disguised drone said, not taking off his glamour despite his words. “And I’m not going to push you into anything you’re not ready for.”

Twilight bit her lip, then her horn shone as he felt something caress him...He let out a small moan at the feeling, before shaking his head.

“That’s...good, I admit,” he said. “But you should really get some...practice, with something other than your magic, before you try that again. That way you know what you’re doing and how to do it.”

Twilight stiffened and sighed. She thought she'd been doing a good job. "So... what... should I do?" Ledger replied by rolling onto his side, putting ‘himself’ on display for the mare.

“Whatever you feel like,” he said, simply laying there and not looking, letting her do as she would. Twilight gulped heavily as she looked at it, it looked... different to how she imagined. She slowly reached out with a hoof and touched it oh so slightly...before her hoof snapped back. Ledger let out a small moan of appreciation at her touch before he silenced himself, not wanting to scare her off.

“Um...I...” She just looked at it, her brain debating on whether to start taking notes, or shut down again. “Did I hurt you?”

“On the contrary,” Ledger said, not lifting his head. “The touch of another is usually quite soothing and pleasing.” Especially if done right or with the right anatomy, but he didn’t want to frighten her, once again.

Twilight nodded and her hoof reached forward, just as the window exploded and Scope came flying into the room, impacting a wall.

“......ow.” the nymph groaned.

“...Do I want to know?” Ledger asked, kind of miffed that the moment had been ruined. Scope brushed herself off and growled as her horn lit up.

“I’m going to kick that bats ass!!” she roared as she flew through the now open window.

Twilight just looked from the window, to Ledger and back to the window. “Umm...what?”

“Two seconds,” Ledger said as he got to his hooves and carefully opened the window before sticking his head out it, to take in the scene before shouting at Scope.

Midnight was dodging energy blasts that the nymph fired at her, one struck, but her armour deflected it.

“Oh that’s cheating!” Scope yelled as she uprooted a tree and threw it at the mare, who extended her swords and cleaved her way through it, before flying straight at Scope and delivering a painful-looking kick and trenched the nymph into the ground. Ledger cleared his throat before yelling at the mares outside.

“HEY!” he screamed, unloading his bad mood at being interrupted on them. “ANYPONY WANNA TELL ME OR CIDER WHAT’S UP WITH THE PROPERTY DAMAGE?”

Midnight looked up and waved. “Oh hey Levvy~ Scopey and I are having a little re-match sin—” That was all she got off as Scope unloaded a massive magical blast at her, sending her tumbling across the ground.

“Hah! Fucking eat it!” she cheered. Ledger rolled his eyes, satisfied they wouldn’t kill one another, before pulling his head back in and shutting the window.

“Hmm, got anything for this?” he asked the lavender alicorn, eyeing the broken glass. Twilight nodded and flashed her horn, the shards of glass reforming before he noticed a quick sheen... and Scope hitting the window like a bug on a windshield.

“Fixed and reinforced,” Twilight winced. Good thing she thought to do the latter. “Um, will they be okay?”

“It’s a sparring match,” Ledger said as he clambered back onto the bed. “They won’t kill each other. Cider might, when she sees what they’re doing to her land. But that’s on them.” The disguised drone had once again rolled onto his side and was laying there, not moving more than to breathe or speak.

“And...are you okay?” she asked, scooting a little closer to him.

“Yeah, just, upset they killed the mood,” he said with a sigh. Twilight smiled and gave him an apologetic look. Still, if she knew the stallion at all.

She moved a little closer and gave him what she thought was a ‘bedroom stare.’ One Rarity had made her practice for hours in a mirror until she got it right. “Mm, are you sure? Well, if you don’t want to...”

Ledger responded like any warm-blooded male as his anatomy stopped deflating, now half-erect again. “Let’s not be hasty,” he said. “I’m more than willing, it’s you I’m worried about.”

Twilight nodded as she reached out with a hoof and touched it again, the soft side of her underhoof slowly rubbing it.

“It’s so warm...”

Her attentions caused him to rapidly regain his firmness as he resisted the urge to buck or snark, not wanting to ruin the moment. He settled instead for gulping, not quite believing that she was in fact doing this.

“Um, am I...doing this right?” she asked as her hoof moved to the tip, rubbing it a little. Her attentions earned her a bit of pre smearing her hoof as Ledger let out a little moan.

“Oh yes…”

“Um, it’s leaking! Is it supposed to do that!?” Ledger snickered and dropped into lecture-mode.

“That’s pre, commonly released when a stallion is feeling good as a form of natural lubrication,” he said with a smile on his muzzle. “Just another indication of how well you’re doing, you sexy mare.”

“Oh, okay,” Twilight blushed more from embarrassment than anything else. Now what was she supposed to do now? She recalled some things that Cadence said and looked at him. “Um... what do I do now?”

“Up to you how you handle this,” Ledger said as his length gave another twitch. “You could finish me off or leave me like this.”

“W-Well, how am I supposed to do that?” she asked. Cadence’s advice, was not something she was comfortable doing just yet. She just brought her other hoof up and used both to stroke it.

“That’s...pretty good,” Ledger said as he refrained from bucking with extreme difficulty. “Little longer like that, and I think I will finish.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, wondering why he was twitching. “Am I doing okay?”

“Mmhmm,” he said as he held himself still. “I just...normally want to move during this. But for you, I’ll not. And you’re doing fine, for your first time. I wouldn’t expect anything more than hooves anyways. Hay, I wasn’t even expecting hooves!”

“Oh, well,” she smirked as she looked at him. “I guess I’ll keep going until you move then.” Her pace picked up a little. He seemed to like the tip being rubbed, so one hoof did that while the other stroked the length.

“Buck!” Ledger swore as he gave off the smallest of bucks. “You’re a quick study!” He could feel his peak nearing, both thanks to the stimulation and the situation.

“Well, would you be adverse to some... experimentation?” she asked him. Her face concentrating on the task at hoof.

“I am never adverse to mares trying new things,” the stallion said honestly. That was about all he could say coherently as she applied her magic, instead of using telekinesis to rub or caress, she applied the same spell that Celestia and Luna used on their manes. It felt like his member was submerged in warm water, that swirled and shifted, even as her hooves continued to move.

“Oh-” was all he said before he felt himself pass the point of no return and start cumming into her hair, his seed firing out of his maleness with great twitches and jerks. She yelped and jerked back, some of it hitting her face and chest as well. She just sighed and waited until he was done…

Eventually Ledger stopped painting her with his seed before realization set in as to what he’d done, blushing heavily and looking away. “I...sorry? It just...felt so good…”

“Honestly,” Twilight said as she looked at the mess. “Well, at least you liked it. So I guess that’s something...” She held up a hoof, as some of it dripped from her horn.

“There’s a shower just through there,” Ledger said as he pointed it out. Already a plan was percolating in the back of his mind...

Twilight nodded as she stepped off of the bed, trying not to make too much of a mess on the floor as she headed for the bathroom. This was going to be a pain to clean out of her feathers.

Ledger laid on the bed, both recovering and waiting. Once a few minutes had passed, he felt recuperated enough to pull off a small feat of magic. The disguised drone raised his head and looked at the door to the shower, hearing the water running and smiling to himself. With a soft pop, he was in the bathroom, just outside the stall and watching Twilight clean herself. Time to return the favor~

Twilight ran a quick cleansing spell through her coat, removing any last part she missed. She’d also have to tell the others about this, it wouldn’t be fair to them to keep it a secret. And then she felt the hooves gripping her flank as a hot breath washed over her nethers. Her eyes widened and she let out a loud shriek. Ledger suddenly found himself grasping thin air as she teleported away.

He blinked before sighing and slumping into the shower to clean what little of himself was dirty. Guess she wasn’t ready for that yet...

Chapter 54 - Nighttime surprises are fun too

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Later that night, Ledger found that he couldn't really sleep well. And because of that, he heard the door slowly creak open and a warm body crawl into the bed. A pair of hooves wrapped around Ledger and a soft pair of lips kissed his ear.

“I’m sorry, I can’t stay… but, I had to see you all,” Twilight whispered as Midnight stirred, wondering who in the heck was waking them up at this hour.

Did you get our care package?” he whispered back, enjoying the sensations of Twilight cuddling him.

“I did, it was delicious, and, I think Fluttershy wants the recipe.” Twilight giggled lightly as Midnight shifted so the alicorn was sandwiched in-between them. “Still, I feel really bad that I had to blow you guys off like that…”

“Heh, I bet Ledger would love for you to blow him,” Midnight giggled, causing Twilight to blush once she realised what that meant.

Your duties come first,” Ledger said, ignoring the snickering the Thestral was now near constantly emitting. “We knew that going in. Still, you’re here now, that’s all that matters.

“I know,” Twilight said, using a more normal speaking volume. “I wish that I didn’t have to though. I know that there’s no way around it, but… I still feel bad.” Ledger went to rebuke her, but then he caught sight of Midnight’s ear twitch and a very familiar look in her eye.

“Well,” the Thestral purred as she ran a hoof along Twilight’s wing. “I agree that the princess has been very bad~ Ledger? What do we do with naughty mares in our bedroom?”

“Midnight,” he sighed. “We don’t know if she’s ready for anything remotely like that yet—” He was cut off and promptly distracted by the very simple fact that Twilight had her tongue in his mouth.

After a few breathless moments of that, she broke it and gave him a smile. “I think, that I have been a bad princess. What should I do?”

Ledger smirked before coming to a simple conclusion. Time to gauge how ready she was and repay her at the same time. “Roll over and brace yourself,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Twilight meeped, but did as he asked and rolled onto her back as Midnight used the chance to steal a few kisses from the mare. Ledger positioned himself between her hind legs and lowered his mouth down, breathing hotly over her nethers. Hopefully this time, she’d leave the teleporting out of the equation…

Instead, she gulped and nodded at him, while Midnight trailed her kisses along her neck and shoulders, adding a small nibble or bite in occasionally. Ledger leaned in and gave her a slight kiss on her nether lips, before lavishing attention on them with his tongue, not penetrating just yet. He was taking this slow because he wasn’t sure what she was ready for, and wanted to be able to back off when she said to.

Twilight gasped, this was… a new feeling. Hell, she’d barely touched herself there outside of cleaning and what not….ohhh, that was good~ The Alicorn let out a small moan as Midnight moved so she could still rub Twilight’s belly with a hoof, she began to tease Ledger with a wingtip. The stallion said something into Twilight’s lips before the barest tip of his tongue penetrated the princess.

Twilight put a hoof to her lips and gasped again, her back arching slightly. Midnight watched her with rapt attention, absolutely fascinated by the whole thing for some reason. Ledger fed more of his tongue into her...and more...oh, he was using a Thestral tongue for this, that’d explain where it kept coming from...Eventually he ran into a barrier and was forced to stop, just licking everywhere he could inside of Twilight.

Midnight looked at what he was doing and then frowned. “You know, stealing what makes me special is not cool Ledger.” She stopped paying him any attention as she moved back up to kiss Twilight again, her own hindquarters dancing tantalisingly close, but just out of reach. He muttered something else into Twilight while making a note that after the princess, she would be getting a session with his tongue. First, he needed to hear what she thought of her current attentions…

Twilight gave a muffled moan, before Ledger got the answer he was looking for. Her walls tightened around his tongue and he got a taste of the mare’s orgasm, her whole body shuddering as she gasped and moaned. The stallion hummed as he drank it down, not letting a single drop go to waste if he could help it. She really did taste magical~

After a moment, the alicorn finally calmed down and gave a few ragged sighs.

“O-Ohh...I...haaaah… that was…”

“That was your first time orgasaming, wasn’t it?” Ledger said, now removed from between Twilight’s legs. His tongue had also been retracted and replaced for the time being.

“No, but… that was,” Twilight took a breath and smiled. “That was definitely the most intense. Wow, now I regret not doing that sooner~”

“Sadly, anything more than oral attentions would likely hurt,” Ledger said as he trailed a hoof across her lower lips. “After all, such a barrier like virginity is not easily or painlessly removed...but something tells me you aren’t ready for that...yet.”

“Maybe, when we have some more time,” Twilight smiled as Ledger was suddenly pinned to the bed by Midnight.

“And now, you pay for your earlier thunder-stealing!” she purred as her hoof stroked his length, Twilight gulping and sitting up, her eyes glued to them. Ledger smirked before one hoof reached up and drew Midnight down into a deep kiss. Well, as deep as he could go with a normal tongue anyways. Why should he fight this ‘punishment’? He was well prepared for it~

Or he thought he was at least.

Midnight pulled back and whispered something to Twilight. Her eyes widened, but she nodded as Midnight smirked and took Ledger’s waiting member into her mouth. As she did, Twilight reached out with a hoof and began to rub the base of his shaft. Ledger’s eyes widened and he didn’t stop himself from bucking a little thanks to the stimulation. “Oh buck,” he said. “That’s...very good. I didn’t expect the pair of you to team up.”

Midnight chuckled around his length as Twilight smiled, an idea popping into her head as her horn lit up with a pale light, and Ledger felt his length fill with a pleasant warmth. He quirked an eyebrow at the princess, a silent question for clarification on his face. He wasn’t complaining, per se, but he did want to know what she’d just done.

And then when Midnight’s tongue coiled around him and squeezed, he discovered what she’d done alright. Between the two sensations, it felt very much like his member was in a different piece of anatomy. And that was when Twilight let out a few moans, timing them with Midnight’s ministrations, causing Ledger no end of pleasure at the implications.

“Dating a...unicorn turned going to be...full of surprises,” he managed to grunt out, thankful that he’d returned the book of sexual spells to the library...and that Twilight could only barely read Changeish. “I used to be...the magical bed.”

“Aww, how’s it feel to have your defining trait taken?” Midnight giggled, pausing in her work for a moment to let that sink in. Revenge was a dish best served sexy! “Now where was I… ah!” She suddenly fell forward a little and glanced back, Twilight pulling back her hoof from the rather damp place she had put it.


“Oh no, you are going to do that again,” Midnight smirked as she took Ledger into her maw once more, Twilight now teasing both ponies with her hooves and magic. Ledger bucked again, getting awfully close to giving Midnight a dose of his seed. She always knew how to tease him to get the best reactions…

Midnight smiled as she drew him a little deeper, and pulled it almost all the way out, her fangs providing a dangerous thrill and she teased the head and flicked it with her tongue, before placing her mouth over it and sucking.

That did it, he bucked a few times before he felt his cock throb a few times, pushing his seed up and into her maw. She moaned as she drained his tool dry, and then she got that look in her eyes again~ Ledger gulped, wondering what she would do next. Or if it would indeed be him she would do it to…

And before he could stop her, she whipped around and grabbed Twilight, pulling her into a deep kiss. The Alicorn was surprised, and even more so when she discovered what Midnight still had in her mouth.

And yet, the Alicorn soon closed her eyes and Ledger was treated to quite the sight of his first marefriend, and his newest one making out, the bat eagerly sharing her treat with the princess. The sheer lust in the air kept him from going too soft, and he only hoped that one of them was in the mood to be mounted afterwards. It sucked going to bed hard.

Midnight had all but pinned the lavender mare down and looked back at Ledger with one eye, shaking her rump and wondering what was taking him so damned long. Ledger cleared his throat as he crawled over and looked Twilight in the eyes. “Shall Midnight and I show you what lovemaking can look like?” he asked her, not wanting to push too far past her comfort zone, wherever that ended, too quickly. “Or would you prefer to stop here?”

Twilight pulled out of the kiss and Ledger could see some of what was in her mouth. She gulped and swallowed, before smiling at him.

“Show me,” she whispered in a husky tone. Ledger nodded and crawled back to being behind Midnight, before retaking his hooves and mounting the mare, missing his first thrust. But he didn’t miss the second~

Midnight let out a low groan, she was never going to get over how big he was. Twilight peered past her, a little curious as to what was going on. Ledger flicked his tail aside, a clear invitation for Twilight to watch from whatever angle she wanted to as he began the long, slow work of working Midnight over. He pulled back a little before bucking again, making sure to give her more of his length on the return.

Midnight gasped as Twilight put her hooves around her and kissed her chest and neck, the bat panting lightly from all the attention she was getting. The alicorn was really getting into it now, as she teased herself with her magic while the pair literally made love on top of her. Ledger leaned forward a little more and nipped at Midnight’s neck, before he suddenly was nipping a little harder as he regrew his fangs. And all the while, he did not stop bucking her. Just kept up a slow and steady rhythm that fed more of his cock to her before drawing back, not giving her the full length just yet.

Midnight moaned with each thrust, burying her face into Twilight, who just smiled and stroked her mane lovingly. The alicorn sighed and groaned, increasing the pace of her own self-pleasure, her scent wafting up towards Ledger…

Ledger grunted as the smell of two horny mares hit him, deciding he needed to hurry up lest he (or they) explode from too much stimulation. With one mighty buck, he gave Midnight his full length and held it there for a moment, making sure she was used to the feeling, before he began screwing her again.

Midnight let out a pleasured shriek and suddenly bit into Twilight’s neck. The alicorn gasped as her eyes widened, and Ledger could see the dampness spread from her hindquarters as she let out a long, low moan, her hooves moving to pleasure herself, her magic suddenly not feeling like it was enough.

Ledger decided to up the ante as he bit Midnight’s neck as well, just enough to be felt. Not enough to cause any real pain or draw blood. She seemed to like it last time. He’d save the mane-pulling for when he was closer, though...he did also up the tempo, going from something slower to a moderating humping rhythm.

Midnight responded in kind, her walls squeezing him, showing off the practice that she was getting from Cider’s teaching. Twilight’s horn flared again, and Ledger felt her magic stroke him as he pumped himself into Midnight. He moaned around Midnight’s neck before he decided to move to the final stage.

With an increase in tempo came the final thing he knew Midnight really liked. Pulling off her neck, he used his teeth to grab ahold of her mane and tugged it as he hammered himself in and out of the mare beneath him. Midnight howled in pleasure, hugging the alicorn under her tightly as the mare whispered something into the Thestral’s ear. It took a moment, but she nodded and Twilight smiled.

When Ledger withdrew to pound his mare again, Twilight aimed a little lower with her magic and he found himself slipping in-between the two mares, his cock sandwiched between their teats. He moaned at the feeling before casting a glance at the mare beneath them both, wondering what she was up to. It didn’t stop him from pulling back and thrusting again, but he didn’t correct his aim. She clearly had something in mind…

Midnight pressed her hips against Twilights, and soon the stallion was rubbing himself against their clits as well, both mares moaning at the sensation and pulling eachother into a deep kiss. He didn’t fight it, clearly they both wanted this, and it was still warm and soft. He just kept up his hard pace, rubbing them quickly and hoping they both enjoyed.

Twilight let out a lewd moan as her horn cast that warming spell on him again, their combined juices coating his member as he thrust it between them. The look she had in her eyes was very similar to the one that Scope wore when he was having his way with her before.

“Somepony is enjoying this,” he teased before humping again, this time grinding around a little bit to tweak their clits around.

“Y-Yeah...mmm~” Twilight sighed and pulled Midnight closer, before reached up and drawing Ledger in for a deep kiss. He moaned into it and waited for it to break before voicing his took a surprisingly long amount of time for the kiss to break, but eventually they both had to come up for air.

“Would somepony like a one-on-one session later?” Ledger posed to the princess.

“Maybe… I don’t ahn~ Have time tonight but..haaah!” She sighed as Midnight kissed her cheek and hummed.

“Buck it,” Twilight groaned and her magic flashed again, Ledger finding his member redirected a second time and was now buried a little inside Twilight. He managed to halt his pace as he just looked at the mare below them both.

“You’re sure?” he said, not moving one way or another. He didn’t want to do something she would regret later.

Twilight smiled and cupped his cheek with a hoof, before that sweet smile turned downright lusty.

“Make love to me too?” she asked sweetly.

“This’ll hurt,” he warned, giving her a final chance to back out if she wanted to.

"I was punched through a mountain by Tirek," Twilight giggled, remembering that fight. She leaned up and gave him a kiss. "Now, your Princess made a request of you. It would be rude not to honor it."

Ledger nodded once and gulped thickly, not unaware of the enormity of the task he was about to undertake. He nudged the very tip of his head against that barrier he’d felt and waited for her reaction.

Twilight squeezed her eyes shut and took a breath, then nodded. Ledger took another breath and gave one almighty buck to tear the barrier, robbing Twilight of her virginity in one thrust. She let out a wordless cry as Midnight leant down and held the alicorn in a gentle embrace. She was a little envious of her, an emotion that Ledger picked up on quite easily. She'd wished her first time was like this.

Hell, she almost wished she could remember her first time.

Twilight gasped, she'd read up on it, but by Celestia did that hurt! Ledger just held still until she said he could move again. At this point in time, he didn’t want to do a damn thing she didn’t say he could.

Twilight remained still for a moment, before her body gave a slight golden glow and she let out a content sigh.

“Mmm, gotta love healing spells," she giggled.

“I want to cry cheater, but then Midnight would bring up the variety of magical tricks I bring to the bedroom,” Ledger commented.

"Still wanna cry cheater, damned unicorns," Midnight pouted. Twi smiled and petted her mane again.

"Um, aren't you supposed to move now?" The princess inquired.

"He's probably still wrapping his head around the fact he has his dick in a princess," Midnight smirked.

“That and waiting for said princess to give the all-clear,” Ledger clarified. “First times for mares are supposed to hurt, I didn’t want to move before you said you were ready.”

"Well this princess is waiting for her stallion to show her the pleasure he promised~" Twilight’s eyes narrowed into a bedroom stare that would give even the most celibate pony a boner.

Ledger nodded, not trusting his mouth to say anything that wouldn’t be massively stupid in one fashion or another. Then the stallion gave his hips a light buck as he buried another few inches in Twilight’s pussy, not wanting to give her the ‘full’ experience just yet. She let out a small moan as her hips bucked, subconsciously trying to get more inside her. Ledger sunk more of himself into her slowly, testing her limits with every inch and reveling the feeling of being gripped so tightly as he did.

Twilight moaned with each inch that filled her. Midnight stole a few kisses, as her hoof worked her own neglected anatomy. Ledger kissed the back of Midnight’s neck as he felt most of himself hit home in Twilight’s pussy, not willing to give her everything. “I promise I’ll do you again later,” he whispered to the thestral mare.

"Mhmm," Midnight said as an idea formed. She turned herself around and her tongue lolled out, wrapping around the base of Ledger’s shaft as her fangs teased Twilight’s nipples.

The Alicorn shuddered as her hooves gripped the bedsheets tightly. Ledger leaned down around the flank now presented to him (and a fine flank it was) to kiss Twilight again. If every sexual encounter with her was going to be like this, he could get used to it~

Twilight moaned into his mouth as Midnight grabbed his flank and pushed more of him inside Twilight. He felt his balls slap against her as she opened her mouth in shock and pleasure.

"Ohmygosh! It's so big," she gasped. Ledger snickered appreciatively; he didn’t need to be told that, but it was nice to hear all the same.

“I feel like we’re ruining her, Middy,” he said aloud. “I doubt she’ll ever look for another after us.”

"A-Actually," Twilight panted. “Applejack...told me. Stallion she met...haaah. you'd only... come up to his belly..."

“As a pony,” Ledger reminded her of his other form before slowly drawing back. He was waiting for one thing from her...just one simple little plea. He wondered how far he’d get before she asked...

"Ah...please, more," she caved almost instantly. She suddenly reached up and gripped Midnight’s waist and pulled it down with surprising strength, her tongue licking at the Thestral’s slit. Midnight yelped in surprise, genuinely not expecting that, and certainly not complaining about it. Ledger smiled down at Twilight before continuing his withdrawal, only stopping when the tip was the only thing left...and then he slowly pushed back in.

"Nnrgh!" Twilight groaned. "Stop teasing me Ledger!"

"He's probably doing his usual 'I want her to ask for it' thing," Midnight replied.

"Well... in that case," Twi said. “ Fine. Level Ledger! Your princess orders you to buck her into this bed!"

“At once, your highness,” Ledger replied, this time drawing back and pounding back into the lavender alicorn. She let out a sharp moan as Midnight cooed and resumed her oral work on the both of them. Ledger took it as motivation to work harder, which he did. She wanted to be bucked? She would be. She would get exactly what she asked for...and a part of him wondered if she knew any stronger words, like he and Scope used, or if she knew them, would use them. Highly unlikely.

Midnight turned around again and whispered something into the mare's ear that caused her to blush even deeper.

"I-I-I can't say that!" She squeaked with a hushed voice.

"Trust me," Midnight cooed and the alicorn sighed as she looked at Ledger with a rather embarrassed expression.

"P-please, f-fuck my tight p-pussy!" She turned even more red and covered her face with a wing. Ledger paused before smiling and drawing nearly completely out again.

“If that is what you desire, your highness,” he said, before starting up a rapid, frantic pace. “Then! That! Is! What! You’ll! GET!” Each word was punctuated by a thrust back into her pussy that he knew she’d be feeling in the morning, followed by another withdrawal for the next word.

But as he went to pull out, Twilight put her hoof in her mouth and gave a loud, but muffled scream as she climaxed, her already tight pussy gripping him and milking him for all he was worth. Ledger, having already been doing Midnight before Twilight asked for her round with him, had been pretty close. Her attempt at dirty-talk and giving him permission to do her as hard as he could...along with the feeling of her cumming around him, sealed the deal as he too came. And came hard into the princess.

Twilight's eyes shot open, but she was too busy riding out her own climax to do anything about him. Midnight was far saner and pushed him back, the drone falling onto his butt as his climax arced through the air, splattering both mares.

"Honestly," the Thestral sighed. "Haven't you gotten enough mares pregnant?"

Ledger continued to spurt for a moment longer before he finished and sighed, basking in the feelings of afterglow for a moment before replying. “Couldn’t help it, she’s too cute and sexy at the same time,” the disguised drone retorted.

Midnight glanced at the twitching alicorn, Ledger’s seed seeping from her winking pussy and coating her face and chest. Well, she couldn't argue with his logic. Ledger held his hooves out, the universal signal for ‘hug?’ as he sat there, wanting a cuddle after such a vigorous humping.

Midnight went to do just that, then paused and smiled maliciously. Time to show Twilight something special.

"You'll get hugs," the bat grinned. "But only if you chirp for them~"

Ledger sighed and gave her a look that said ‘Really?’ Upon seeing her mischevious expression remain unchanging, however, he cleared his throat, took a few breaths…

And then a small, tiny chirp filled the air.

Twilight propped herself up, her head tilting slightly when she heard that. She did hear that right? Midnight’s unceasing grin told her she’d heard that but…

There was no way Ledger was that cute right?

Upon still not getting the hug he was seeking, Ledger let loose with another, slightly louder, chirp.

Midnight looked at Twilight, as the princess let out an adorable squee and glomped the drone, hugging him tightly. How one could combine adorable and cute, with masculine and sexy was beyond even her level of comprehension, and yet, Ledger did it.

“Hehe, I like you Twilight,” Midnight chuckled as she hugged them both, giving Ledger all the hugs he could possibly want. Ledger sighed and hugged the mares back, basking in their love and affection for him. And it only cost him letting Twilight know that he could chirp.

Midnight whispered something into Twilight’s ear and she frowned slightly, and upon a nod from the bat, her eyebrow raised itself like a guillotine ready to drop. That had to be a load of horseapples. You couldn’t will a stallion to a boner, just by thinking about it right?

Well, an experiment for another day. At that point, Ledger kissed them both before getting more comfortable with snuggling them, sighing as he settled in for the night.

“Love you both,” he said before sleep claimed him.

“Love you too Levvy,” Midnight agreed and Twilight smiled softly, just nuzzling the pair and kissing them both.

“I’m afraid I have to go, but I promise, I’ll be back as soon as I can okay?”

“S’fine,” the stallion slurred out. He just wanted to cuddle and sleep now…

Twilight giggled and with a magical pop, vanished from the room. Hopefully, tomorrow would go well and she could return as quickly as possible.

Chapter 55 - Making more hybrids

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Scope raised a hoof and knocked gently on the door belonging to a certain Pink nymph. “Amethyst? I know you're in there. Open up,” she called through the door.

“No!” the nymph called back despondently. “They...they didn’t find Acey…”

“Open the door Amy,” Scope said flatly. “Or I’ll open it. Your choice.”

“I’m not opening the door until Acey comes back. I’ll stay in here forever if I have to,” was Amy’s reply.

“Forever is a long time,” Scope said. “All those foals not getting ice-cream. Or worse, getting served by somepony who is… under trained!”

“...You’re not playing fair,” the nymph on the other side of the door said. “...I’ll still go to work tomorrow, but I’m not opening the door before then. So just go away Scopey. Let me wallow in my sadness.”

The door lit up with a magical hue and clicked, Scopey did ever so love her lockpicking spell. It slowly opened and a battered Griffon leaned against the doorframe.

“Sadness doesn’t suit you, little ladybug. You think you might cheer up a little now?”

“Acey?” the pale-pink changeling on the other side said as she slowly drew closer. “Is it really you?”

Scope walked in and stood next to him. “Found him unconscious in the desert, next to two more dead Chameleos… idiot fought them on his own by the looks of it. But, if you don’t want this gift, guess I’ll put it back where I found it.”

That was when Amy’s colors returned to normal...and Scope was shoved out of the apartment in a blast of pink magic, before the griffon was pulled all the way in, and the door shut and locked. Amy somehow found a way to gently hug the griffon that didn’t aggravate his injuries. “I missed you,” she said as she just held him close.

“You’re welcome,” Scope muttered from the hallway before walking off, muttering about ungrateful Pinks and other things best not repeated in front of foals.

“Looks like I worried you again,” Ace sighed, cupping her cheek with one hand. “Sorry about that.”

“You really need to stop doing that, you know,” the nymph chided him as she began to get down and lead him somewhere familiar. Namely, the bedroom. “I learned something while you were out, Acey. A few things, actually.”

“Now?” Ace said, wincing at the thought of exercise. Well, the things he did for love. “Okay, what did you learn love?”

“I learned the foals have no problem with my changeling form,” she said as she opened the door. “So tomorrow I’m going to show ‘myself’ off to my employers. Think you can get up on the bed?”

The Griffon climbed up, the bed creaking under his weight as he rolled onto his back and sighed. Yes, this was much more comfortable than the desert. “Well, that’s good. It seems that those hatchlings recognise a beautiful mare when they see one then.”

“I also learned,” Amy said before climbing up onto the bed...and him. “During the time when I had to look after them...something a little more interesting.” She leaned down and pecked his beak, waiting for him to ask.

“Some things come to mind, yet I have learned you are truly unpredictable,” he said, returning the gesture as he ran a claw across her chitin. Amy smirked and leaned back down before whispering huskily to him.

I want one.

The bird paused, as his tired brain processed that statement. “One what?”

“I want a foal, hatchling, whatever we end up making, of my own, Acey,” she said as she trailed a hoof through the feathers adorning his upper chest. “And would you look at that? I have a male to help me”

“...Are you in heat?” he asked stupidly. “Do Changelings even go into heat?”

“Sorta-kinda,” she answered as she leaned back, grinding her hips against his. “But no, I’m not in heat Acey. I’ve just been looking out for the foals for so long without a male to help me make one of my own...but that’s different now,” she said with a smile. “What I’ve always wanted, now I can have.”

Ace felt his blood stir and he sighed. Just to make sure…

“You’re absolutely sure you want this? For us, a battle-crazed Griffon and a Pink changeling, to actually produce offspring? For us to be responsible parents?”

“Looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me to make an honest dad out of you,” Amy replied before nodding. “But yup. I want a kid, Acey. Are you gonna be a good male and give it to me? Or do I have to take it from you?”

Ace gave another weary sigh. Could he do this? Become a father?

The Griffon chuckled, then rolled over so the nymph was pinned under his weight, his feathers puffed out to make him look far larger as he loomed over her, a dangerous glint in his eye.

“I am going to breed you now,” he said with a predatory growl. She moaned and did her best to rub against him, seriously turned on by Dominant Ace.

“Oh, please do,” she whimpered under him. The Griffon growled as he nipped at her neck and withers, while his blood boiled and his member already throbbed at it’s full length. She felt it prodding against her form and moaned lewdly, trying to entice her griffon to get this show started already. She was more than ready or willing.

Well, if she was so eager…

The Griffon gripped her as he stuck his entire member in with a single thrust, already taking his mate as he begun to thrust furiously inside of her. She gasped and spasmed a little at the feeling of him being so domineering, before the nymph did her best to grab ahold of him with her legs. Just so she could hump back as furiously as he was. All the while, she had a simple chant of two words.

“More, Acey, more!”

The Griffon snarled as his claws gripped her, holding the mare down as he continued to pound her relentlessly. He’d make it up to her later with something more gentle, but right now, he let his instincts rule and those instincts said to fuck this little mare into the mattress. The bed creaked and groaned as he paused just long enough to turn her over and he mounted her from behind, gripping her waist and resuming his frantic pace.

Amy moaned as her pupiless eyes rolled up into her head, losing herself to the pleasurable rutting, no, sheer fucking he was giving her. Thought was becoming hard. Only the idea that this might result in a foal kept her in any way coherent. “Yes, more, harder,” she said, using what little brainpower that wasn’t consumed with pleasure to egg him on.

He reached up and gripped the headboard of the bed, his claws causing the wood to crack he held it so hard. Her scent, her moans and her pleas just fueled his lust, his desire to breed his mate and his pace increased, the force behind his thrusting pushed her into the soft mattress.

Eventually the stimulation was too much for Amy and she screamed as she came around him, her walls tightening in an effort to hold Ace still and milk him dry. She soon got what she desired, as the Griffon gave a roar that rattled the walls and hos member flared, before his seed shot from it, filling the nymph completely, his hips still thrusting with each spurt. Amy moaned as she felt him fill her, reveling in the sensation. This time was going to be different, she told herself.

This time, she wouldn’t shift right afterwards. Or anytime between now and when she gave birth. She didn’t care how long it took them to conceive, or how many times. She’d enjoy it all the same. Especially if they were all like this one.

Ace panted, as he finally finished and looked down at the nymph beneath him. “I-I think… hrrrm…” He smirked as he slowly pulled out, leaving the tip there. “I think we, should make sure,” he grinned.

“Not in your condition,” she said between pants. “But maybe...tomorrow. After you get out of the hospital.”

“Condition?” he blinked. Oh yeah, he was injured huh… oh plucking feathers… He groaned and rolled to the side to avoid crushing her as he collapsed on the bed. “That was probably a worse idea than fighting those things… but it was worth it, as long as my little ladybug is happy again.”

“Mmhmm,” she muttered as she slowly crawled up onto his stomach, before nuzzling him and just laying there. “I’ll walk you to the hospital if I have to, but you’re going tomorrow. And if you’re not too badly injured, we can do this again...but this time, I’ll be on top.”

“You can’t beat me,” he moaned sleepily. “Silly cute buggy…”

“Nope, so I’ll settle for draining you every night until I get knocked up instead,” she chirped. “You better hope it works fast, Acey~”

“Hmm, I dunno, I could get used to this,” he said with a smile. Though, they might burn through a few beds if he went at it like that again. “Love you, my little ladybug.”

“Love you too Acey,” she said before sleep claimed them both.

Chapter 56 - That is not what a recovery ward is used for!

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Ledger woke up and sighed comfortably. Still here, still with Twilight. And she was still as beautiful as the day she’d started this whole mess. He softly kissed her face before whispering in her ear. “Good morning, your highness.”

All he got in response was a light bat with one of her hooves and some mumbling.

“Nrg, no, I’m pancake!”

Ledger smirked before kissing her ear. “Is that so? Do I have to do...a taste-test?”

“Best served sunny-side up,” Twilight mumbled and then started to snore again.

“Keep this up, your highness, and I’ll have to wake you up most pleasantly,” Ledger warned her sleeping form as he considered doing so quite seriously.

“I always save the cherry for last,” she said. Just what kind of dream was this silly pony having? At the very least, she was probably hungry. And Ledger was curious as to whether she’d been serious last night or not. Still, best to go with a gentle awakening. One hoof trailed down her spine before it found her wings and started to stroke them. She gasped as her wings suddenly flared, and her eyes slowly opened to look at the cheeky Changeling.

“Good morning,” she yawned and stretched. “And might I ask what’s up with that goofy grin?”

“You were apparently having a variety of food-based dreams,” Ledger said as he resumed stroking her wings. “I wanted to give you a taste-test, but I figured it would be best to do that when you were awake.”

“Huh?” Twilight blinked, then smiled. “Well, guess you missed your chance then. Too bad for you hm?”

“It’s never too late to taste a mare,” Ledger said evenly. “It all depends on if the mare is willing to hold still and let herself be tasted.”

“After something so sweet in the morning?” she asked, with a tone that reminded Ledger of that Rarity mare. “Such a scoundrel.”

“What can I say,” Ledger said as he slowly crawled a little closer, close enough to kiss her. “I’m incorrigible.” He pecked the alicorn on the lips.

“That you are,” Twilight said, returning the kiss, though hers was a little deeper. She gave him a half-lidded stare and hummed. “So, still after some honey with sugar?” Oh gods, she was trying to be sexy and that just sounded as awkward as all hell.

“Twilight,” Ledger said evenly. “Stop trying to be something you’re not. You’re all I need. I don’t need a different version of you. Just be you.”

Twilight sighed and then muttered something about Cadence, and enjoying a trip to the moon. “Well, do you… want to do, that sort of thing?” she asked him. “Or did I completely kill the mood?”

“You could never kill the mood completely, your highness,” Ledger said as he pecked her on the lips again. “Though it might need a little royal assistance.”

Twilight paused and looked at him. “Ledger? Are you saying I should get another princess in here for you?”

“Nope, just act like the Princess you are,” he said before rolling onto his back. “And take control of the situation.”

Twilight blinked, before a certain memory returned and her mouth made a little ‘o’ in recognition. Twilight Sparkle having an epiphany about sexytimes. There was a taste that no Changeling had gotten before. She moved so she was straddling his chest, her hind legs over his head and the prize in plain sight.

“Then your princess orders you to treat her as such,” she said with an authoritative tone. “Do you love your princess, Ledger? Then you should show her how much you worship her~”

Ledger didn’t give her a verbal reply, as he was too busy using his tongue for other things. Like teasing her lower lips and lapping at her clit, once he used his hooves to grip her flank and scoot her backwards enough so her nethers were in reach of his mouth. She wanted worship? She would get it~

Twilight let out a low groan as her front half collapsed onto his chest. Yeah, she had no energy first thing in the morning, so the stallion was pretty much able to do as he pleased now. A long, hard, throbbing piece of his anatomy made itself known to Twilight as he kept lapping at her. Not long afterwards, the very tip of his tongue slipped inside her, before it was withdrawn again.

She sighed again, only opening her mouth caused the tip of Ledger’s member to poke itself inside. She squeaked in surprise, not ever having done this before. She’d read about it, and saw Midnight do it, but… She placed one hoof against him and stroked his member as the tip rested between her lips, not entirely sure on what to do.

Ledger moaned before deciding to penetrate her with more of his tongue, rapidly inserting and removing his pony-shaped tongue. He was basically trying to screw her with his oral appendage, while his other one…

He did something he wasn’t proud of, and bucked, forcing another inch past her lips.

She squeaked again, was he trying to use her mouth like… that? She had the flat of her tongue pressed against the underside, her mouth was warm and wet as she gave an involuntary moan from Ledger’s oral ministrations, her hoof still stroking his member as she started to suckle on him, a little like one would a lolipop.

Ledger moaned as well. For being a virgin the other day, she was remarkably good at this. If he hadn’t known better, he might say she had experience at this sort of thing, but that would be silly. He bucked again as he kept pistoning his tongue in and out of her...wondering when, if ever, she might like a more thestral-shaped appendage from him in that regard. Or if she would notice that he was starting to leak pre… Another squeak confirmed that she just found out, but given the position she was in, it was difficult to pull him out of her.

She widened her mouth a little more and took another inch inside, moving her head as she recalled what Midnight did. She was supposed to move right? So her head bobbed up and down slowly. Ledger moaned into her folds and decided it was time to pull out that trick on her again. Had she been capable of looking, she would have seen the slow, silver glow around his mouth as his tongue was slowly replaced with a thestral one. Both so as to not catch her off guard...and because he didn’t want to put stress on his system. He started feeding the tongue into her, wondering when she’d notice this change.

Her walls tightened around him and she gave a loud moan as she sucked on his member, her pace quickening a little as she brought up both hooves to stroke him. Stars above that felt good. She wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it was amazing.

And then Ledger pulled out his usual trick, of using just one small loop of tongue to encircle her clit before the tongue started to piston in and out of her again, tweaking that nub on every entry and exit. He was determined to make her enjoy this.

Twilight let out a muffled scream of pleasure, as she tightened around him, her juices soaking his tongue and muzzle. Her mouth also tightened around his cock as she tried to take a deep breath, causing her to suck on him hard as she shuddered.

Ledger smiled as he just drank what he could and kept stimulating her. He counted off one in his head, wondering how far he would have to go before she just collapsed out of over-stimulation. She twitched above him, panting around his cock as her hot breath washed over him, her hoof strokes becoming slow as she basked in her climax. Her hind legs shook and trembled, and she wondered how long she could keep this up.

Ledger just kept going, wondering how many climaxes of hers he could trigger in a row. In, out, in, out… Each time he pressed his muzzle against her caused her body to tilt forward, and his cock to slide in and out of her mouth. She gave muffled whimpers and moans as he did, before her eyes widened and she climaxed again, feeling her juices run down her legs as she fell, her hips pressed firmly against him.

And still, Ledger didn’t stop. She didn’t tell him to, after all. He would keep going until she couldn’t anymore. Twilight’s eyes rolled back as she took more into her mouth, drool running from the sides of her mouth as she swallowed, gulping down any left over, along with the precum he was leaking. Her hooves fell limply at his sides as she lost herself to the pleasure he was giving her.

Ledger gave off another buck before pausing and slowly drawing back. He knew what that had been. That had nearly been her throat, and even now he could hear her gagging from him going that far back. He wouldn’t force that on her. He just refocused on tongue-fucking her into oblivion. She moaned with each penetration, her tongue flicking against his head as she started to massage him with her magic. Different pulsing rhythms and vibrations, all while she continued to suckle on it.

Ledger moaned and bucked again, before forcing himself back and down. Dammit, no! This was about her! Not about screwing her mouth like it was her pussy! He decided to add a twist, namely twisting his tongue around while it was in her, to take his mind off the idea of forcing himself down her muzzle.

But Twilight noticed what he was trying to do. Time to see about that spell that Cadence mentioned to her… Just… had to think for a moment. Her horn flashed and she pushed her muzzle forward, a little bit more and… it worked! Gag reflex successfully suppressed. She pushed her mouth a few inches forward and if Ledger could look up, her could see the bulge in her throat as she held most of him in her, but he could feel the vibrations of her moaning though~

Ledger felt the change in what was around his cock, though, and moaned loudly. He knew that in about ten seconds, Twilight would be getting a dose of seed down her throat. He was determined to make her cum a third time, and the fact that his tongue now pounded in and out of her pussy was testament to that. He wasn’t kept waiting for his prize, as he felt her body shake and she gave a muffled shriek as she came again, even harder than before as her juices poured from her, her whole body shuddering as she pulled her head back a little to breathe.

That was probably a mistake, as that was about when he came as well, pumping rope after rope of his seed directly into her muzzle. She gave a muffled shout in surprise as she swallowed some and pulled her head back, his member coming out of her mouth with a wet pop sound. He wasn’t through with his climax though, as one, two, three ropes of white flew out and coated her head. She gave a soft sigh as she stroked his member until he was done, before turning around slowly, showing off what he’d done to her. Sticky cum dripping from her horn and mane, her muzzle was coated in it as she licked her lips and then smiled at him before swallowing.

“Like I said the other night,” Ledger said with his own soft smile. “You’re downright sexy, especially when you’re trying.”

“And you’re a tease, and a mess-maker,” she giggled. “Now Mister Ledger, as a reward, how do you want your princess to clean this up hmm?”

“Hmm, normally I would suggest a shower,” Ledger said as he used one of his hooves to stroke her flank. “But something tells me you have a...different idea in mind.”

“Ledger, I’m giving you a chance to order me what to do,” Twilight said in a husky tone. “Don’t waste this one~”

“Oh really?” he asked with a smile. “In that case...use your magic to gather it up, your highness. Don’t waste a single drop...and let me watch you dispose of it down your gullet.”

Twilight blushed heavily as she first used her hoof to wipe some of it, licking it from the appendage before her horn shone, peeling the liquid from her coat as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lapping it up as she did.

Damn, Ledger thought as he watched the display. If he hadn’t just cum, this would be a boner-inducing event. Once she was done with herself, she leant down and licked the remaining amount from his cock, humming and moaning quite lewdly.

“Are you trying to get me aroused again, you dirty princess you?” he asked half-jokingly. She flicked her tail and looked at him.

“Mm, you didn’t want to cum again? I got three, so it’s not fair if you only get one…”

“Give me a minute to recharge,” he said a bit more seriously. “I am sort of recovering here.” Twilight instantly switched from aroused to flustered as she hopped off of him and bowed her head.

“Omygosh! I’m sorry, you’re still injured and I just. Ah, I’m sorry!”

Ledger decided to stop her rambling by using his magic to weakly push her towards him and catch her muzzle in a kiss. Well that worked. She shut up right quick as she kissed him back. Eventually, the drone broke the kiss and looked at Twilight with half-lidded eyes.

“I didn’t say stop, I said slow down,” he clarified. “If something starts to hurt, then we’ll stop.”

“Ah…” Twilight blushed a deep red and looked away bashfully. She climbed back up and sat facing him this time, before she used her magic to guide his semi-hard member inside of her.

“Well, I never was one to refuse a mare what she wanted,” Ledger said as he felt the blood flow stop receding and start returning already. “Just keep in mind, you’re probably going to have to do most of the moving…” She nodded and drew him into a kiss as her hips started to rock, rather than in and out, she kept him inside of her, moving her hips in a small, circular motion. Once the kiss broke, Ledger decided to give her some advice.

“You’d probably...get more out of it...going up and down,” he said between small pants. “Rather than...side to side like that.”

“Maybe,” She said. “But like I said, this is evening the numbers. So you get to do as you please. Right now, I’m your little pet princess, so order me to do whatever. You. Want~” Each word punctuated by a squeeze of her magic. Midnight had told her that she’d been teaching him to want things. And truth be told, this was also kind of fun.

“Really?” Ledger said as he quirked an imaginary eyebrow. “Anything?” Oh, he could think of a few things!

“W-Well, as long as it isn’t too weird,” Twilight stammered now. “And, no putting anything, in my butt. That’s just wrong.”

“Well then, your highness,” Ledger said with a vicious smile. “I order you to ride me like it was for your pleasure instead. I want to see what you can do.”

“Why do I get the feeling you just cheated?” Twilight paused for a moment, before lifting her hips and then lowering them. Slowly at first, then picking up a steady rhythm.

“Because I never play fair~” he sang out as he felt Twilight move around him. Oh, that was good. That was very, very good. Her hips moved a little faster as she pressed her forehooves against his chest, her face was blushing and her mouth open as she panted and moaned with each thrust. Then Ledger decided to buck with her motions, driving himself that little bit deeper into her. Her eyes flew open in surprise as she bit into her hoof to suppress her scream. She was still sensitive from before and this was already putting her on edge.

“N-No… fair…” she panted heavily. “Gonna… cum, again…”

“Then cum, little princess,” Ledger ordered her as he gripped her flank so he could thrust harder. She bit her lip and trembled, before her walls squeezed and milked him as she howled in pleasure, her horn lighting up as sparks erupted from it. And Ledger didn’t let her milking go in vain~

With a grunt of his own, he gripped her harder and thrust a few more times before he fired his second load of the morning into her pussy. It was smaller than the first load, but it still was a lot going into her. Her lightshow intensified as she collapsed on top of him, her breaths ragged as she trembled.

“Mmm, if you’re going to keep up this whole ‘owing me’ thing, I think I could get used to it,” Ledger snickered before kissing the mare.

“Mmm, that was kinda fun,” Twilight giggled. Ohh, she felt so full… and she’d have to take one of those potions as well.

“Do I still get to tell you what to do?” Ledger asked as he stroked her mane. Twilight hummed thoughtfully as she hugged him closely.

“Hmm, you get one more,” she said with a light giggle.

“Then I order you not to clean yourself out, don’t let a single drop out of yourself all day, until you next meet us at the farm,” Ledger said. “I like the idea of a bit of me stuck in you.”

“Are you trying to get me pregnant?” she asked him, poking his chest. “And what happens if some leaks while I’m with Princess Celestia? Or my brother? I do not want to explain that.”

“Then use your magic to hold it in,” Ledger said matter-of-factly. “You shielded the city, I’m pretty sure you can shield something smaller. And by all means, take a morning-after potion. Take a few if you feel the need. But don’t let any out...otherwise, Midnight will take care of you when you next come by to ‘play’.”

“Oh… why does that sound so ominous?” Twilight shuddered. There was a knock at the door and said bat spoke up.

“You two finished in there yet?”

“Almost,” Ledger said as he poked Twilight. “Well?” he whispered to the princess on top of him. Twilight pouted and frowned.

“Fine. But you owe me Mister!” Twilight whispered back and prodded his chest again as she crawled off of him.

“I’ll make sure to pay you back if you’re a good princess and don’t drop any,” Ledger said with a wicked smile as he licked his lips. Twilight just sighed as Midnight showed she had the patience of a Violet in a brothel and walked in.

“Well that must have been something,” she giggled. “Half the hospital heard that little song and dance~”

“Note to self, no more public sex without double-checking for soundproofing charms,” Ledger said as he rubbed his head with a hoof. Twilight simply blushed a deep red and teleported to a bathroom. While fun, that had not been kind to her bladder.

“So, I see you’re alive and bucking,” Midnight said with a cheeky smirk as she sat next to the bed. “That looked like one heck of a way to wake up. I would have joined, but you seemed to be having fun by yourselves.”

“Please tell me Shining and the other Princesses weren’t around to hear that,” Ledger begged the batpony.

“Nah! And I might be exaggerating, you could only hear that from a few doors down. Now, Sugar re-educating Chrysalis… that’s a different story~”

“Ah, so I’ll live another hour or two,” Ledger sighed, before noticing that Midnight hadn’t looked away from one part of him. “I don’t think she’s coming back anytime soon, Middy, feel free to take a turn if you want one. It’s just gonna be hard for me to get it back up, seeing as I’ve already cum twice this morning.”

“Tempting, but I’ll let you rest. Wouldn’t do anypony any good if I broke you,” she said as Twilight emerged from the adjoining bathroom, looking much more satisfied.

“Well then,” Ledger said before he rolled back onto his stomach. “Cuddles? I could go for some cuddles right about now.”

“Such a spoiled stallion,” Midnight sighed and smiled as she climbed up and settled in next to him.

“I unfortunately, have things to take care of,” Twilight sighed. “Take care of each other okay?”

“You too, Twilight,” Ledger said as he motioned for her to come close, so that he could kiss her. She did so, giving both ponies a kiss and a cute smile, before teleporting from the room. Midnight sighed and nuzzled Ledger, hugging him close.

“Scopey found Ace as well,” she said with a quiet voice. “So I guess everything has worked out for the best so far.”

“Now all we need to do is make the punishment of the Discarder a public thing, along with her army, and have one of the Princesses explain where that giant lizard came from, and hopefully relations will go back to normal,” Ledger sighed. “...Bet you ten bits Twilight’ll slip up in holding all that in,” he said in a more lighthearted tone.

“Go big or go home Ledger,” Midnight said. “How about a real mare’s bet? If she can do it, then you have to sit and watch all four of us. You aren’t allowed to participate, and you can’t touch yourself either, and don’t bother cheating by using magic or other means. No self gratification whatsoever.”

“Sounds like fun,” Ledger said with a smile as he cuddled Midnight. “And what do I get if she doesn’t?”

“Well you seemed to like ordering a certain princess,” Midnight winked. “What if I and the other girls get in on that?”

“And suddenly, my night promises to be wonderful or tortuous,” Ledger replied as he kissed Midnight’s head. “Why not?”

“And the deal is done,” Midnight giggled. Ledger sighed and resumed cuddling her, free of any distractions, for the time being anyways…

Chapter 57 - Don't let the bedbats bite

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“Well,” Ledger said as he eyed the mares that had accompanied him to bed. Dessert had been most delicious and filling, and the best part was, the Apple Family and Twilight had let them have first crack at it. The drone swore he could still taste the pie, even now.

“Well,” he reiterated as he looked at Twilight, Scope, and Cider. “Isn’t this an interesting scene? Three mares to do with as. I. Please...”

“You’re gonna draw this out, aren’t you?” Scope sighed. Seriously, it was Midnight’s fault they were in this mess and she was skipping out on it. Scope would have her revenge later though, oh that bat had better believe it.

“I almost made it,” Twilight pouted. “Sorry.”

“Nah, t’aint yer fault Twi,” Cider nodded, hugging the mare. “Just a silly drone thinkin’ with his dick.”

“Well if you’re going to be like that, I don’t know why I’m bothering,” Ledger said as he turned away from the three mares with great difficulty.

“Like you’d pass this opportunity up,” Scope said, poking his shoulder. “Come onnn Levvy~ Three cute mares who’re just sitting here.”

“Waiting,” Twilight said.

“Wanting~” Cider purred. The drone gulped and turned back to them, before sighing.

“I don’t know that I should, it was Midnight’s bet…” he got out before the door opened and the Thestral walked in, taking a seat nearby.

“What is this? I was promised a show,” Midnight pouted. “Chop-chop. Make with the sexytimes!”

“Yes, well, I’m giving them one chance to back out of the situation you bet them into,” Ledger said to Midnight before turning to the mares in question. “So do any of you want out?”

“I’ll give him a second to realise we’re all still sitting here,” Twilight giggled.

“...Seriously?” Ledger asked with a raised brow. “You do realize after this, I’m going to be my usual lewd and perverted self, right?”

“Well if you’re so against it,” Scope said. “Take a seat next to Midnight and you can watch this~” She suddenly shifted and Twilight was suddenly… making out with herself?

“I didn’t say I was against it, heavens no,” Ledger said as he just watched. “But you are quite quick on guessing what I was eventually going to ask you to do.”

Scope suddenly stopped and turned back to normal. “Well, guess I’ll stop then~”

“Losing control there Levvy,” Midnight teased. “Better put your hoof down or they’re gonna do what they want.”

“Already on it,” Ledger said as he hummed, thinking about how best to deal with the situation. “Cider, why don’t you tame little Scope? Show her how to kiss properly.” As he said those words, the drone quickly stole Twilight back to his side. Scope squeaked as Cider pounced on her, her tongue already parting those cute little lips and kissing her deeply.

“And you,” Ledger said as he situated Twilight so she was watching the spectacle of two mares making out while sitting up herself. “Just sit there. Don’t even move except to keep watching them.” Of course, he would be doing other things to her~

“Okay…?” Twilight replied, not moving. Her wings fluttered a little though. Midnight wasn’t sure which one she should watch, so she just lay down on a blanket and kept an eye on both of them.

“Mkay, time for the next step Cider,” Ledger said as he circled around the Alicorn. “Go ahead and touch her, caress her, tease her, but don’t actually penetrate her with anything.” Meanwhile, one of Ledger’s hooves snaked out to begin his task of teasing Twilight. Right down the spine seemed like a good place to start...she likely wasn’t familiar with how good getting her flight muscles massaged would feel yet. The Alicorn suddenly stiffened as she let out a low sigh.

Cider was now teasing the little Pegasi’s wings, nibbling at her feathers as her hooves teased various parts of her body. Scope was giving small gasps and moans with each touch. Ledger moved his hooves to tease the wings of the Alicorn, while his mouth trailed little kisses where the flight muscles bunched up along her spine.

Twilight closed her eyes and arched her back a little as Scope gave a particularly loud and lewd moan when Cider touched a sweet spot on her neck. Midnight gulped as one of her hooves decided to occupy itself elsewhere. She’d gotten quite worked up earlier and this was bucking hot to watch.

Twilight gave a few pants as her wings slowly spread themselves. Even something as simple as this felt really nice~

Ledger moved to sit next to Twilight as one of his hooves kept teasing the closest wing, rubbing along it and not coincidentally hitting a few nerve bundles along the way. His head moved to be right next to hers as he whispered to the alicorn. He knew Midnight, with her hearing, could likely hear it as well...and that was his plan. “You could stop this,” the drone whispered to Twilight. “Just admit defeat, and I’ll move on to the next part...the part where you get actual pleasure from us.”

“A..haah, Princess of… Equestria, never gives up!” she panted. “I’ll not… let you win!”

“Oooh, sounds like somepony isn’t giving up,” Midnight called out. “Wonder what you’re gonna do about that Ledger.”

“Phase two,” was all the warning Ledger gave as he moved to sit in front of Twilight. The alicorn peered over his shoulder, he was in the way of the show.

Scope just writhed underneath the earth pony, who was still teasing her relentlessly. She hadn’t gotten any new orders yet, so she just kept it up, teasing and biting and licking and kissing and…

“Haaaaahahhhh~” Scope shrieked as she came. Ledger smirked as he used a hoof to push Twilight onto her back, being mindful of her wings, but now going to treat Twilight similarly.

“I wonder what you’ll do?” she asked, flicking her tail from side to side, keeping the prize there hidden from view.

Cider still kept up her teasing, as Scope just groaned from the relentless torture. Midnight hummed lightly, starting to get tempted to jump in and turn this game on its head.

“Okay Cider, new rule, anything goes. See how many times it takes for her to cum before she says she’s a good little nymph,” Ledger said as he trailed a hoof across Twilight’s form, wondering where to start. Maybe just under the wings? He stroked along her ribs and watched for the Alicorn’s reaction. The Alicorn gave a loud giggle and snorted, putting a hoof to her mouth in shock.

Cider switched things up and her muzzle dove into Scope’s dripping pussy, her tongue lapping up all the juices that she spilled. Ledger decided to trail a hoof down Twilight’s belly, looking for the moment when she seized up and moaned, especially as he kept drawing closer to that which she kept trying to hide from him…

Twilight giggled again, his hoof tickling her more than anything. But hearing Cider and Scope making love right next to her certainly kept her mood steered well into that direction as she gave a few sighs as her tail flicked to one side. And then Ledger got to her teats and started teasing those as well. First with his hoof...and then he started using his tongue on them. Now she moaned, her hooves moving to his head as Cider moved momentarily to her bedside drawer and removed something from it.

Ledger couldn’t tell what it was, until the mare turned to Scope and grinned, the little nymph’s eyes widening as the Earth pony pounced her, the strap-on already being driven deep inside her.

The drone reached up and teased the alicorn’s wings with his forehooves, making sure to gently caress a pleasure point every time he stroked the lavender mare. Meanwhile, he moved from one teat to the other with his mouth, making sure to keep it fresh with her.

“Mmmm, never knew… how good this felt,” Twilight sighed, her hips bucking slightly as her body demanded more attention.

Midnight’s hook was already working herself, the Thestral laying belly down on the floor as her hind legs were raised, the fact that she wanted to watch was the only thing stopping her from giving them a show.

Ledger pulled off of Twilight with a smile as he didn’t stop working her wings for a second. “Surrender, and I’ll give you even more attention,” he promised the mare.

“N-Never,” she groaned, her wings twitching as her mouth opened with ragged breaths…

“Ooh, s-she’s stubborn,” Midnight said. Mmm, now that felt nice~

Ledger leaned back down and gave Twilight’s pussy one kiss. One that had his tongue play along the outside of it, reminding her everything he’d done to her that morning. One that didn’t have his tongue penetrating her folds, but did have him flick her clit just a little. She let out a moan as she arched her back, while Scope was just an incoherent mess of moans and pants.

“Give up yet?” Ledger asked cheekily.

“I...said… n-nev… aahhhh~” Twilight moaned. “Y-Yeesssss…”

“Yes what?” Ledger asked as he stroked her wings again. He wanted her to say it…

“I-I give up,” she panted breathlessly. “Do...whatever you want~”

With that, Ledger dove back into her pussy and began treating her to the best he could give with his tongue. She’d surrendered, after all. Time to show her how he treated his ‘prisoners’.

“Haaaaahhhnnn~” Twilight let out a yell as her body shook with pleasure. Scope’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head, her brain was mush as she just let Cider do as she pleased.

With a small amount of effort, Ledger pulled himself up from Twilight and looked over his shoulder to find an equally arousing scene. “Don’t forget to ask her if she’s a good nymph from time to time, Cider. How you reward her for the right answer is up to you.” His reminder delivered, the disguised drone dove back into the lavender folds and kept his oral attentions up.

“Mm, ah like that. Are you a good nymph little Treasure~”

“M-Mhmm…” she managed to get out, as Cider pulled herself back and gave her a small kiss, before whispering something into her ear. She nodded and as Ledger was pleasing Twilight, he suddenly found two more mares under his belly, licking his growing length quite enthusiastically.

“Oh hello there,” Ledger said as he withdrew from Twilight. “You all done playing with each other?”

“Fer now,” Cider said as Scope flashed, and a second Cider smiled at him. That was when the twins descended on him, each taking turns in taking him into their mouth.

“Aww, and here I was going to suggest each of you take turns with me and Twilight,” Ledger said with a pout.

“You gotta order them remember,” Midnight called out, her hoof grinding into her dripping sex as she panted lightly. “Take control Levvy~”

“Very well. Scope, whatever form you want is the only control you have, as I want your mouth wrapped around me,” Ledger commanded. “Meanwhile, Cider can show Twilight her dexterous tongue. After about five minutes, we’ll switch if neither of us have cum.”

Scope hummed, what form to choose… She looked at Twilight and an idea formed. There was an azure flash, and Ledger found that he had a younger, Unicorn Twilight sucking him off. Meanwhile, Cider finally got a turn with their princess, her tongue already showing the Alicorn what it could do. Ledger put his hooves onto the faux-Twilight’s head and gently, but firmly, fed her even more of his length. He was ready to go, and he knew Scope could take it.

She hummed around him, her tongue swirling around the tip as she started to move her head. Midnight crawled over and whispered something to the nymph, who nodded and with another flash, took Middy’s advice of the original being the best. The undisguised nymph taking as much as she could into herself, her bright blue eyes staring up at him.

That was about when Ledger started bucking...treating her face like he would another part of her. Moreso than just forcing his dick in, now he was starting to piston it in and out, with only a little apparent care for her. She just let him go, her tongue dragging along his length everytime he entered her maw, her fangs lightly grazing him, giving him that dangerous thrill.

Midnight sat back, having opted to move to the bed and continue to pleasure herself, as Cider shifted and was now using her toy on Twilight, bucking the alicorn with as much vigour as Ledger was with Scope.

“You’re just lucky my magic is out and I can’t cast the accommodation spell,” Ledger muttered to the nymph currently sucking his cock. “Otherwise I would so be bucking you right now.”

“W-What spell?” Twilight asked him, the word grabbing her attention.

“Basically it’s a spell that helps me and Scopey here fit better,” Ledger said as he kept thrusting. “No matter how impossible it would ordinarily be.”

Twilight gave a loud moan, now pressed onto her belly next to him as Cider mounted her and continued her dominating love-making. The Alicorn panted and moaned, then tapped her horn, reminding him he wasn’t the only spellcaster.

“Like you could focus on that sort of spell right now,” he taunted the alicorn. She gave Cider a look and then smirked as her horn flashed and the Earth Pony found herself frozen momentarily.

“Right, you were saying?” she said in a breathless pant.

“...It’s an accommodation spell,” Ledger said as he pointed at his saddlebags, more accurately, at the book that hardly ever left them. “I have it bookmarked in violet and silver.”

Twilight floated the book over, squeeing slightly at the fact she now had it in her hooves. Oh! The things she could learn! Ledger coughed as he gestured to the nymph still sucking on his dick, reminding the alicorn of his dare.

“Oh, right,” she blushed as she flipped to the page and found the spell. “Well, this seems simple enough…” Her horn shone and Scope held a magical glow for a moment, before Twilight nodded and stopped casting.

“There, that should see it work for the rest of the night.”

“Right, back in position and you can unfreeze Cider,” Ledger said, wanting to test it out right now but refraining. Twilight nodded as she released Cider, who folded her arms and pouted for a moment, before dragging Twilight over and resuming her furious bucking.

Midnight purred as she sat just behind them, one hoof reaching out to caress Cider’s flank as she gave a small shudder, her hoof being coated in her juices as the scent of her arousal washed over them. Ledger pulled Scope off of him with a wet pop before holding the nymph over his dick and grinning lewdly at her.

“You’d best hope you did a good job lubing me up, Scopey~” he said before slowly lowering the nymph onto him. He slid inside her almost effortlessly, the feeling of her squeezing him was amazing as the nymph gave a loud moan, her eyes squeezed shut as he penetrated her. Ledger kept feeding his cock into the nymph, smiling his approval at Twilight’s spellwork as half of himself was hilted in the nymph, and more just kept sliding in~

She gave out a low groan as she buried her head into his shoulder. Twilight was panting and moaning next to him, her tongue lolling out as Cider brought her to climax again. Midnight now had her back propped up against the headboard, her legs spread wide as she continued to use her hoof to tease herself, her long tongue teasing her teats…

Ledger moved to sit in front of Twilight and Cider as he decided to give them a show. With an almighty shove, he forced Scope down the rest of the way on his cock, before turning her around and showing them the bulge he made in her, without taking her off first. Oooh, that felt niiice. Like a warm, wet vice for his dick…

“O-Oh my…” Twilight panted, reaching up with a hoof to rub him through her belly. “That must feel, quite strange.”

“It does, but by Hives it’s fucking hot~” Treasure giggled, tilting her head back to give Ledger a kiss. One he returned, even as his hooves grabbed her flanks so he could start treating her like a living fuck-toy, drawing her up and down at a steady pace. Cider hummed appreciatively at the show, drawing Twilight in for a hug as they simply watched the show.

“Never seen this before,” Midnight hummed as she teased herself more. “Damn, wish you’d shown me sooner…”

“And sometimes when she’s on me like this, I like to tease her,” Ledger said as he picked up the pace a little. “Say that all I would need is to keep the spell on her refreshed, and I could totally get away with wearing her around.”

“M’not...that small,” she muttered as her mouth opened and closed a few times. Twilight suddenly grinned maliciously, as she flipped Cider and used her magic to remove her toy.

“I wonder,” the Alicorn mused. “I’ve never used anything like this before. Maybe this little Apple will make for a nice test subject. What do you think Ledger?” She looked at him and gave him a wink, the look in her eyes would make even the most bent stallions as straight as an arrow. “Should I try some sexy science?”

“Use her like I’m using Scope,” Ledger ordered the alicorn, as he stood up and then held the nymph down on the bed, before starting to rut her enthusiastically.

Twilight nodded as she held the earth mare down with her magic and lined the toy up with Cider, before the mare got a taste of what she’d been dishing out all night. Apple Cider groaned, quickly cumming as she hadn’t gotten off yet.

Midnight watched the display and decided that she was going to play. She moved next to Ledger, her fangs already nibbling at his neck as an idea came to mind. Ledger moaned at the feeling, close to the edge of his orgasm and giving the mares a real show as he filled up Scope. “Thought you were watching,” he grunted to Midnight.

“Thought I’d interact a little,” she purred, her fangs finding a small gap in the chitin on his neck. Hmm, should she…? Ledger moaned again, starting to buck erratically as he passed the point of no return.

That was when he felt a pinprick on his neck, and pure lust started to flood his system. Midnight hummed as her Bite took effect.

Ledger’s eyes widened as he felt his senses start to cloud a little. With a wordless cry, he held Scope down and just kept filling her for what felt like ages until he finally felt himself start to slow down. And yet, he hadn’t gone soft...He needed more mares to fill.

“Mm, so that’s how it works,” Midnight hummed thoughtfully as she looked at the nymph twitching under him. “You okay there Levvy~?”

Ledger didn’t respond verbally. There wasn’t time for that. He needed to fill another mare up, get this lust out of his system. With a wet, loud pop, he withdrew from the small nymph under him and walked forward to the couple in front of him, sniffing at them before tackling the mare on top. Silly mare. She should be being stuffed, not stuffing another! The drone began to show her the error of her ways the best way he knew how.

Twilight yelped from the sudden attention. “L-Ledger, what? Ahhh~” she gave off a moan as he mounted her. Cider blinked as she looked up, her brow creasing slightly. But that was soon forgotten, as Ledger’s thrusting caused Twilight to do so as well.

“Well, now this is unexpected,” Midnight mused, her hoof once again finding her slick folds and teasing them. Ledger chittered something in Changeish that was too fast for her to hear, if indeed it was something coherent, as he then went to nibbling at Twilight with his fangs.

This mare...needed his filling. And he would be all too happy to give it to her. She just needed to be stimulated first. His fangs trailed down her neck, looking for a pleased reaction as he kept giving her little love bites. She gave a pleasured moan as he felt her tighten around him, her voice suddenly muffled as Cider kissed her deeply.

Silly other mare! He’d get to her in a bit. The drone then bit down on the mare’s mane as he tugged at it, once, sharply. Some mares liked that. Twilight did indeed like that, giving off a loud cry as she climaxed around him. With her milking him, it wasn’t long before Ledger gave Twilight an equally substantial filling, thanks to all the lust in his system. Twilight groaned, she could feel her womb being filled to the point of spilling as she collapsed on top of Cider, the Earth mare pinned to the bed, the toy still buried inside of her.

“D-Damn Levvy,” Midnight whispered in a husky tone as she lay on her belly again, using both forehooves to tease herself. Ledger withdrew from Twilight with another lewd popping noise before rolling her off of Cider, with no small amount of difficulty. He sniffed at Cider’s pussy before grabbing hold of the toy with his teeth and pulling it out, then putting it to the side. And then the drone stood over her, ready to mount the Earth Pony.

“More?” Cider exclaimed, her eyes going wide. “Are you… sure about that?”

Once again, there was no verbal response, only a physical one as Ledger pressed himself inside of the third mare for the evening. Silly mare. He was still going, so he could keep going~

Cider groaned, highly stimulated from Twilight’s earlier ministrations. Her hooves moved up to hug him close as he rutted her, her heated pants in his ear, her tongue pressing against his lips. He returned the affection as best he could as he didn’t slow down or stop for a second. This mare was very huggy. Fortunately, he could be as well.

Cider groaned as he pistoned in and out of her. Her powerful forelegs held him close as she bucked her hips, hilting his length inside of her as she gave a powerful moan and came around his member, her body trembling from the intense climax. The milking motion triggered his own climax again. This time, though, he expended the extra lust in making a final impressive load for the third mare. Cider groaned as he filled her almost instantly, then kept filling her. Sweet Celestia, was it ever going to end?

Midnight gave a sharp cry as she climaxed also, her tongue lolling out as she watched the drone practically breed the others. Eventually Ledger pulled out of Cider and shook his head a few times as if to clear it.

“...Okay, that was...weird,” Ledger said with a shudder. “Not entirely sure I liked it, either.”

“I think.. they beg to differ,” Midnight panted, pointing at the thoroughly filled mares. “Though… I suppose I should have asked first huh?”

“Just a bit,” Ledger said as he walked over to Midnight shakily and drew her in for a cuddle. “I wasn’ any real control. I was just in ‘breed mares’ mode.”

“M’sorry,” Midnight said, looking down. “I guess I kinda ruined everything huh?”

“Hardly,” Ledger said, surprising Midnight. “Now we know how I’m affected by your bite, we can work with it. Tone it down or back. Plus, where do you think all three of them are going to go in a minute? Perfect opportunity for them to bond there if they’re all there at once.”

“Hmm, now I wanna watch that too,” Midnight hummed as the three mares stumbled towards the bathroom. “Ooorrr, I could stay and cuddle with you~”

“I choose cuddles,” Ledger said as he nuzzled Midnight. The bat giggled as she snuggled him.

“Heh, figured you would,” she said as she nuzzled him. She yawned and stretched as she draped a leathery wing across his back.

“And now, sleep,” Ledger proclaimed as he snuggled the thestral a final time. “That really took a lot outta me.”

“Sorry again,” Midnight replied. “And yeah, let’s get some sleep. Hopefully I can play a little next time.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ledger said with a yawn. “Just...lighten time…” With that, he was out before the others got back.

In the bathroom, the three mares were having fun sharing a bath. Sitting in a small circle, they washed each other’s backs and even gave a massage to stretch the tight muscles.

“So what happened back there?” Twilight asked.

“Dunno,” Cider hummed. “Never seen him quite like that before.”

“Midnight did… something,” Scope said as she buzzed her wings to dry them. “Seriously, we’re getting that bat back for this.”

“Oh no doubt,” Twilight smiled. “The question is… how?”

After washing and plotting, the other mares returned to see Ledger and Midnight sleeping side by side.

“Well ain’t that jus’ the most precious thing?” Cide cooed. “Ah reckon we need to get in on that hug though.”

“Mare pile on Ledger?” Scope asked and the others nodded. Ledger was asleep now, and once again, he’d wake up covered in mares...

Chapter 58 - A sweet gift

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When Ledger got upstairs, something sweet filled his nose. It was… oddly familiar somehow. And when he opened the bedroom door, and saw a Thestral sprawled on the bed, wearing some very enticing lingerie and her coat had sugar coating it…

She gave him a half-lidded gaze and winked, her hind legs shifting to give him a full show.

“Mmm, does the birthday bug want his dessert now?” she asked, her voice husky and holding just a small amount of wanting in it.

“Something tells me this is more a gift for you than me,” he quipped as he got on the bed, making a show of sniffing her and licking his lips.

“Oh? You don’t want a sexy sugary batpony?” she asked, making a move to get up. “Well fine, I’ll just get cleaned up and go…”

That was when a hoof landed on her back and gently held her in place. “I never said that,” the drone said as he slowly licked up her spine, smacking his lips at the taste. She gave a small shudder and smiled.

“Mmm, that’s better,” she hummed. “Well how’s this? I’m your present today. All wrapped up like this. Why don’t you enjoy it as much as you want. I’ll do... “ she prodded his chest. “Whatever. You. Want~”

“That sounds…” Ledger said before licking at her ears. “Delicious.”

“Well what are you waiting for?” she said, giving him a deep kiss and nibbling at his neck and jaw. Ledger returned the nibble once the kiss broke, enjoying the taste of sugar-coated mare.

“Roll over,” he suddenly told her. “On your back, I want to see something.” She nodded and did as she was told, rolling over as her coat glistened with the sugary crystals that lay within it.

Ledger went to between her hind legs and licked his lips. “I wonder if you got everything…” was all the warning she got before he was licking her lower lips, trying to sate his curiosity. While not inside her, she certainly given the outside a liberal dusting of the sweet substance. She gave a slight moan as his touch, her hips wiggling slightly.

“Mmm,” Ledger said as he drew back for air. “I was unaware of just how sweet you could taste.” Corny line delivered, he dove back in and resumed his task of licking his newest sweet mare until she came.

“L-Liar, you tell me that… all the time,” she panted, her hooves gripping the bedsheets as she bucked her hips. Gods he was getting good at this.

“True, but more often than not, you don’t enhance your flavor,” Ledger riposted after catching his breath again. “Nor do you need to.” A teasing lick was drawn up her belly then. “Though I certainly won’t complain when you do~”

“Mhmm,” she groaned, her hooves hugging his head as she placed a kiss on the tip of his horn… hmm, now that was an idea. She wondered if Changeling horns were like a Unicorns… She was going to find out as she took it into her mouth and started to suck and lick it. Ledger let out an answering moan before putting his mouth back to work on her netherlips. He would have used a thestral tongue, but there was something so...right, about making her cum without one.

She had to lean forward, so she could keep up her ministrations, though it was becoming more difficult for her thanks to him. And then Ledger attacked her clit with his teeth, gently rolling it between them before applying the lightest of pressures to that nub of flesh.

Midnight shrieked around his horn, lightly biting it as she shuddered and came, her juices flowing and mixing with the sugar, making for a rather sweet syrup that coated Ledger’s muzzle and her lips. Ledger shuddered as well, close to the edge thanks to her attention to his horn. But close didn’t count. By holding himself very still and thinking unsexy thoughts (difficult to do with Midnight coating him), he held out.

“Mmm, now that felt good,” she purred, releasing his horn with a wet pop and then drew him in for a deep kiss. One he returned, before pushing her back with a hoof and standing over her with a wicked smile on his face. He still needed to cool down before they got to the main event, and he had a wonderful idea for how to go about doing that.

“Hmm, I’m not sure I trust that smile on your face,” she hummed, idly rubbing her belly with a hoof. “What are you plotting?”

“Just cleaning up a dirty batpony,” Ledger said as he finally gave himself a thestral tongue. “Everything about her. With my tongue.” He let the long thing loll out of his mouth, which was all the warning Midnight would get before he used it on her. She moaned and giggled when he attacked various sensitive and ticklish spots on her body. When he moved to stand over her again, her forehoof snaked down and started to stroke his throbbing member, her hoof rubbing up and down, lightly teasing the tip as she gave a few lewd moans to stimulate him further.

Ledger slurped his tongue in and swapped it back out for his normal one before making an observation. “Somepony is feeling very naughty,” the drone commented. “Do I have to order you to lie still before you will?”

“Mayyybee?” she giggled, using both hooves now. Ledger grunted and humped once before putting a hoof on her chest and pushing her back into the mattress.

“Down,” he said. “Let me handle me.” Midnight giggled and nodded, laying back down and trying very hard to lay still. Ledger resumed standing over her and let his re-hardening member prod at her lips, doing his best to not hump as he thought of the next order he wanted to give her.

“Mm, now what should you get me to do?” she purred. He hadn’t told her not to speak after all. Then there was her power over him, as every dirty thought she could muster raced through her mind. His formerly semi-hard member raced to being full so fast, it was a wonder he didn’t get dizzy from all that blood being diverted. He grunted as he felt his tip poke at her entrance, now aware of what he wanted her to do.

“Tell me how much you love me, love this,” he said as he gave her a buck, and half of him in one thrust, she was so wet.

“Ahhh~” she gave a sharp cry as he impaled her, her hooves moving to hug his neck. “I love you so much, so so very much,” she said honestly, and above all her lust, he could feel the pure love wash off of her. “Make love to me my sweet~”

“Gladly,” Ledger replied as he withdrew for another thrust. He leaned down, as if to kiss her...before he instead nibbled her neck with his fangs that he’d apparently regrown when she wasn’t looking.

She giggled again as she nuzzled the side of his face and bucked her hips, taking more of him into her and giving her walls a tight squeeze. She then flicked her tail to brush up against what was still outside. Ledger moaned and bit a little harder into her neck, on the verge of breaking skin, but he refrained from doing so. With another buck, he nearly buried himself into the mare beneath him.

“Mmm, so close,” she breathed into his ear as she gave him another squeeze and then bucked her hips again, taking his length into her as she gave a contented sigh. “There we go, all nice and snug… mmm, what would you like me to do now?”

Moan,” Ledger replied as he drew out and hammered back into her, quite quickly, before holding himself still as he waited for her to comply. And comply she did, her mouth opened as she gave a loud moan as she held him tightly.

“Ohh, that’s soo good,” she purred. “Filling me up that thick cock of yours, give me more~” she moaned again. Ledger drew back and filled her again, waiting for her reply to his sudden, quick movements that he only gave her with every reply.

“Ah, more… harder~” she continued to spurn him on, her sweet voice filling his ears as she squeezed him again, milking his rigid member for all it had.

“Squeal for me,” he eventually said. “I want to hear when you cum again.” All the while, he didn’t stop filling his mare, though his pace did increase. She wanted to be filled, he would fill her, again and again~

She nodded, the drone pumping into her as she held him close, panting and moaning with each thrust. She suddenly gripped him tightly as she gave him the squeal he wanted so much, his cock coated in her liquids as she came again, and he gave her what she wanted in turn as she milked him so much.

With a grunt and a powerful, hammering thrust on his end, Ledger buried himself in Midnight and let the floodgates free as he filled her. Her eyes opened as she felt him pour inside of her, filling her up like he always did.

“Ahh~ So much,” she sighed. “Somepony really likes the noises I make huh?”

“You’re sexy no matter what,” Ledger replied as he leaned down to nibble at her. “You could make the most boring thing in the world look sexy, as long as it was you doing it. I give you five minutes working as a secretary before I bend you over a desk.”

“Hmm, I have some time off,” she giggled, both at the idea and from his nibbles. “I expected to be interviewed very thoroughly~”

“Maybe in a day or two,” Ledger replied as he felt the flow start to taper off. “There’s only so much of you anypony can stand, after all. And we mustn’t neglect the others.”

“I already told them I’d make it up to them later,” Midnight said as she just hugged him. She was feeling sleepy now. “Mm, nap time now, then we have a wedding to organise I suppose…”

“I can nap with you,” Ledger replied as he pulled out at last, before lying down next to her and snuggling her. Yup, sleep now, worry about the future later.

Chapter 59 - Business meeting gone horribly wrong. Or right.

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“Aww, but a queen needs her consorts,” Twilight cooed, running a hoof along his cheek. “Don’t worry, my rule will be just and fair. My rule in the bedroom… maybe not so much~”

“Then I’d just have to take you outside of the bedroom,” Ledger said as his horn lit up and there was a clicking sound from the door. His smile grew as well.

“Why Mr. Ledger, are you planning something devious?” she asked him.

“I never plan my devious moments,” Ledger replied honestly. “They just seem to...happen.” That being said, he did lean forward and shoot her a lusty gaze. “They do seem to happen quite a bit around four smoking-hot mares, though.”

“You know, I had to take two potions and a test after the last time,” Twilight replied, putting a hoof on his chest to keep him at bay. Ledger’s response was composed of bringing the hoof up to his lips and softly kissing it...and then he whispered something to the mare sitting across from him.

Wanna try for three?

“You are a scoundrel,” Twilight sighed and shook her head. “Well, I guess if you think you can…”

“Oh, I know I can,” Ledger replied. “The questions remaining are more along the lines of how easy you’ll make it, and how much I’ll get to please you before I sate myself.”

“Hmm, so the parameters are set. Shall we find out?” she asked him, placing a chaste kiss on his nose and then moving over to the couch. Ledger walked over from behind the desk to join her, returning the kiss, before trailing them down along her body. Twilight gave a soft sigh as she tucked in her wings so she wouldn’t damage them as she lay on her back. Ledger trailed the kisses down her belly, drawing close to some of the more fun bits of Twilight, before hovering just beyond actually touching them, stimulating them. He wanted her to ask...beg for it, even.

“Somepony’s teasing,” Twilight said, already catching onto his game. However, Scope had told her a few tricks that she wanted to put to good use. “Two can play at that game Mister…” Her horn shone as she started to use her magic to tease him, prodding, stroking and washing over him, her eyes sparkled with mischief.

Ledger moaned a little at her touches, but refrained from doing more than placing light kisses on her lower lips. He would not be bested in this

Twilight gave a soft sigh, but her magic was relentless in not letting up with her teasing. He was stubborn, but she was determined. A battle of wills was taking place. Ledger gave her another soft kiss before he brought his tongue into play, lapping at her outer lips while being careful to not penetrate them at all. He still wanted to tease her.

Her hips gave an involuntary buck as she gave him a loud moan, her forehoof moving to stroke his horn as her magic gripped him a little tighter. Ledger moaned into her folds, already beyond half-mast thanks to what they were doing. A thought ran through his head and he chuckled before giving her a long, sloppy lick that ended with his tongue flicking her clit.

“What’s, haah~ So amusing?” she asked him in a breathless tone. She gave a little squeal of pleasure when his tongue flicked her. Ledger drew up and lay his chin on her lips, so that every word would stimulate her, before replying.

“Just thought of making the fantasy from the other week a reality, by bending you over my desk instead of Scope.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Twilight replied, her back arching slightly. “Well… I don’t see why not.”

“Mm, maybe later. For now, I want to hear you whimper and moan,” Ledger replied before returning to his pleasurable task of licking Twilight into submission.

“Maybe I wanna see you do the same?” Twilight replied as she added a pleasant buzz to her magical grip, and her hoof continued to stroke his horn.

Ledger did his best to hold himself still, but if Twilight were looking, she would see his hips buck at her increased stimulation. He decided to up the ante a little, and actually slipped his tongue inside her lips, penetrating her and trying his best to get her to beg for more. He didn’t want to lose this little contest of theirs.

“Nnn~ That feels good,” Twilight panted. Her hips moved a little from the ministrations, as her horn shone and she added a third sensation to her magic, a little warmth to go along with it.

And for the finishing blow? The super power that Midnight told her about, as Twilight started to think of some very lewd thoughts, ones that made her blush quite heavily. Ledger bucked and was grateful for one thing that Toll had installed in her office, for various reasons.

An easy to clean floor.

With another moan, the drone lost their little contest of wills and began making quite the mess on the floor. It had been the first time in a long time he had cum outside of a mare.

“Ooh, looks like I win,” Twilight giggled, looking at the impressive mess. She pushed him back on the couch as she leaned over him, her tongue already going to work on cleaning him up.

“Buck,” Ledger hissed, restraining himself from grabbing onto her head. “You just don’t stop once you’ve started, do you?”

“I just like to clean any messes I make,” Twilight said, before taking the head into her mouth and humming lightly. Ledger gave off a buck before he settled himself back down on the couch and looking down at the very hot sight of a princess sucking him off.

“And this would be you making another mess,” he observed. “At least, if you keep it up.”

“Mmm?” she inquired, looking up so her eyes met his as she continued her ministrations, now bringing a hoof up to stroke him as her tongue danced and flickered along his head. Her horn shone again as she resumed her magical touch as well.

“Yup,” Ledger said, thankful he had just cum. Otherwise he might have from how stimulated he was being and how hot the scene was. “You’re just intent on making all the messes, aren’t you?”

And now she tried something new, as he felt his body get a little lighter, and his energy returning. Ohh, she was casting a stamina regeneration spell on him, all the while, she never broke eye contact, as her head bobbed up and down rhythmically.

Fuck,” Ledger said as he bucked again, forcing more of himself into her mouth. “...You’re going to make me regret not meeting a unicorn sooner, aren’t you?”

Twilight just shrugged as she resumed her magic touches again, her mouth tightening around him as she closed her eyes and hummed. That was about when Ledger gingerly reached a hoof up and touched her head, wondering if it was even okay to do this, before he applied light pressure on one of her bobs. She didn’t seem to mind anyway. but gave the stallion a small nod just to confirm it for him.

Then the disguised drone used both hooves and started to take control of her pacing, increasing it as he just let loose with his inhibitions at that small nod.

Twilight still gave a slight squeak in surprise, but allowed him to do as he chose. She rested her tongue against his base as it slid in and out of her. She gave a small shudder when his hoof brushed up against her horn, the fact that it was actively channeling magic made it much more sensitive. A fact Ledger didn’t miss.

With a wicked smile, Ledger used one hoof to keep up his new pace. The other slowly drew up and down Twilight’s horn, brushing along it with the lightest of touches.

She shrieked again, much louder, but still muffled by the fact that her mouth was currently occupied. Her horn gave off a few harmless sparks as her body shuddered a little. Oh buck that had brought her close. Then Ledger flicked the tip of her horn with his free hoof.

She cried out, unable to pull back due to him holding her down, so she gave a muffled scream of pleasure as her horn shot of a shower of colourful sparks as her body convulsed, dripping her release onto the couch as she panted around him.

And then she found the drone returning the favor she was still providing him, now sucking on her horn and licking it in the aftermath of her orgasm. She just whimpered softly, resuming her licking as her hooves stroked him weakly. She was totally unable to use magic at the moment, leaving the alicorn at his mercy…

Ledger eventually drew off her horn before picking her up in his magic and drawing her off his cock with a reluctant sigh. “Well, I think that was a useful piece of information,” the stallion hummed. “Perhaps if we re-enact that session you walked in on, I might not tell it to Midnight.” He walked over to his desk with Twilight in tow before putting her down in front of him. He wanted to leave her options open, but she didn’t really have a lot right now…

She placed her forehooves on the desk, flicking her tail to one side and looked back at him with pleading expectancy.

Ledger then all but jumped onto her back and let his anatomy bump up against hers, refraining from bucking with extreme difficulty. “Ask for it,” he whispered into her ear. “Beg for it.”

Then Twilight got a cheeky smirk as her eyes shone with mischief again. “Ohh, but you look sooo pent up there little Changeling. Don’t you want your Princess? To fill her? Love her?” Her eyes narrowed into a half-lidded gave. “To fuck her~?”

Ledger smirked as he licked her horn, making it as noisy as possible while he did. “I want you to want it,” he explained after smacking his lips. “So tell me how much you want it, and I will deliver.”

Dammit, he wasn’t going for it huh? “Would I be here if I didn’t?” she asked, rubbing herself against his tip. “Give it to me Ledger, I want you~”

“You can do better than that,” the drone chided as he gave her only a light buck, ramming his tip against her opening, but not penetrating. “Use your words. How badly do you want to be fucked by me?”

Twilight groaned slightly, pushing back against him and giving a small whine when he pulled back. “Please… put it in me, I need you~”

“Better,” Ledger said as he slipped just the tip inside her folds. It was hard denying her, but he wanted to hear it from her, how much she wanted him, before he gave her any more. She let out a low moan as she bucked her hips back, getting just a little more inside of her.

“So,” she whispered in a husky tone. “Do you like having the real Twilight on your desk?” She gave another buck of her hips. “Show me how much~”

“Ask for it,” he reiterated as he slowly started to draw back to punctuate his command. “Otherwise I’ll not give it.”

“You’re terrible,” Twi pouted, her wings flickering with irritation. “Please show me how much you love me. You… do love me don’t you?” And here came the pouty eyes…

“You’re guilting your way into it,” Ledger said as he once again only gave her an inch. “I thought you were a scholar.”

“Well excuse me for trying something new,” she huffed. Ledger licked her horn again before stating what he was after.

“I prefer hearing you ask for it in your adorable way,” he clarified. “It makes me feel so much better hearing it come from you as to how much you want what I can do for you...or to you.”

Well, when he put it like that…

“Please give it to me,” she panted lightly. “I need it, I want you to rut me hard~”

With that Ledger gave an actual buck as he buried more of his length into her. “Was that so hard?” he teased, before catching onto the joke he’d just made.

“Hmm, I wonder, maybe it can be harder,” she teased, as her magic returned and she started her earlier magical touches again. She also started moaning to stir him up as well, he seemed to like hearing that.

The stallion bit back his own moan as he buried most of himself into the mare beneath him. Oh damn, her magic was already recovered? He licked her horn again, wanting to see if her channeling magic and him touching it was the magic combination. She shrieked again, confirming his theory as she tried to push him away with a hoof. He just licked her horn again to get her to stop. Yup, totally going to abuse this information later.

She groaned as she just gripped the edge of the desk, her hips bucking him slightly as she tried to get him to start moving. Something he did slowly, timing his withdrawal from her with another long, slow lick up her horn. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” he said as he sat poised at the edge of her passage with his cock. “I’m going to buck you through this desk, and you’re going to tell me how much you love it, or else I’m going to keep licking this horn of yours every time it lights up until you can’t talk straight.”

Twilight nodded as he felt her tighten a little around him. With that, Ledger bucked back into her with one thrust, creating a loud squelch in the process, and the stallion held himself there as he waited for her words of encouragement. She let out a long, low moan as her wings fluttered again.

“Aahn~ Ahh, h-harder… f-fuck me, harder,” she stammered. Ledger obliged, giving her another pistoning motion before waiting again. He would keep this pattern up until he heard her say something akin to ‘rut me into the floor’ from which point he would oblige the princess~

She tried to cast again, but Ledger would interrupt her every time. Her mind was starting to cloud over, which was an interesting feeling… she’d document it later. As for now…

She gave another loud moan as her eyes rolled back, her mouth open slightly as she panted. “M-More... rut me harder!”

Ledger decided to be generous and give her multiple thrusts for that one. Three sounded about right. Though he did keep licking at her horn. Besides it keeping her off-balance, it didn’t taste half-bad~

Her mind was just not home anymore, she just wanted more of this. She let out a lewd moan as she gripped the edge of the desk harder, her earth pony strength causing the wood to creak slightly.

“More… harder,” she panted. “Fuck me into the desk you sexy beast!”

“As you command, your highness,” Ledger said, before really hammering into the princess with all he was worth. His hooves gripped the desk just outside of hers as he pounded her pussy. She groaned and shrieked with each thrust, her drenched pussy gripping him tightly as she trailed her tongue along one of her hooves. The stallion didn’t let up for a second. He’d had tighter. Namely, Scope. He sloppily, messily licked at her horn, noticing that the flow up there didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Did she want this assault on her sanity?...

She just groaned, saying something, but it was far too incoherent to make sense of. Her base instincts were controlling her now, as she thrust her hips back to met his, her horn keeping it channelling, though she couldn’t switch it off, even if she wanted to. It started to react to her own desires, as it constructed a phallic-shaped object in front of her, as she wasted no time in taking it into her mouth and sucking noisily on it for both her own and Ledger’s pleasure.

“When I get done filling you up,” he growled into her ear as he kept thrusting into her. “You’re going to do just that, to me. Clean me up for another go. We’re not going to stop until every piece of furniture in here has been used or broken.”

Twilight just groaned in agreement as she took more of the object into her mouth, as she clamped down around him and came. Hard. Her soaked pussy drenching his slick member in her release.

The feeling of her cumming around him helped trigger his own release, and Ledger let out a grunt before hammering home and starting to fill Twilight up with his second load of cum in this session. And while he was cumming, he still didn’t neglect her horn, licking at it every now and again as he felt himself spurt inside of her.

Twilight just panted heavily as he filled her up, and once he pulled out, the mare shakily pulled herself off of the desk, the edge that she’d been gripping was cracked and splintered from where she’d held it. She knelt down on the floor in front of him with her mouth open, waiting for him to use her to clean up.

Something he didn’t wait to do as he leaned back in his chair and gestured for her to come closer and service him. She did so, but just hovered above the tip, waiting for him to take control.

“Clean me up,” he ordered her. “It’s a shame I don’t have more furniture in here, we’ll have to settle for using this chair next one I’m freshened up.”

She nodded as her mouth closed around him, licking all of their combined juices off of him as she moaned. He gave a small twitch as a spurt landed on her muzzle, which she made a show of licking off before resuming her task of cleaning him.

“Whenever you think you’ve done a good job, climb on up,” Ledger told her as he leaned back and basked in the feeling of being so thoroughly, lovingly cleaned. “You can ride me and this chair until one of us breaks.”

She gave a nod and a few moments later, shakily climbed up the chair and positioned herself over him, his cum still dripping from her and coating his still hard member as she impaled herself on him, sinking the whole length into her with one stroke. Ledger moaned and gripped her flanks, giving them a good squeeze as she kept being so obedient.

“Moan for me,” he told her. “Let me hear your love for being fucked.”

Oh no, he’d already gotten his fun for that. Twilight had used the downtime earlier to come back to her senses and now it was Assertive Princess Time. She looped her forehooves around his neck as she stopped moving, lifting her hindquarters up until he slipped out with a slight ‘pop’.

“No dear Ledger,” she cooed. “You are going to tell me just how much you love it.”

Oh, so that was how this game was going. Ledger softly kissed her chest before replying.

“Making love to you is like a fine buffet for the soul, especially when you learn new things during the act. While you are the latest addition to the herd, I can honestly say I love you no less than any other mare, including Midnight. You are the prettiest, most intelligent Princess, and I would be honored to make love to you, your highness.”

“That’s very sweet,” Twilight blushed, kissing his lips lightly. She lowered her hips very slightly, her opening teasing the tip, but pulling away when he tried to buck. “But that’s not what I requested was it? Try again dear Ledger~”

“...Would the phrase, ‘I want to buck you into the floor’ help at this juncture?” Ledger offered the alicorn riding him. She lowered her hips again, pressing the tip against her entrance.

“Ohh, getting warmer,” she said teasingly. Ledger sighed, only slightly annoyed by her teasing, but turnabout was fair play. He began saying just how much he wanted it next.

“I want to fuck you until my company collapses because I haven’t been doing anything else. I’d rather screw you than sleep, then do you again in the morning. If fucking you was an event at the Games, I wouldn’t be able to attend because I want to never stop fucking you.”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous,” Twilight giggled as she sank onto him again. “Oh well, let’s take it as a work in progress. Now, why don’t you take my hips and fuck me as much as you want~”

“Who said I wasn’t being truthful?” Ledger replied as he gripped her flank and did his best to hump her from his position. It ended up being a short, stabbing thrust thanks to his lack of leverage on anything that wasn’t her flank, but hopefully she’d still appreciate his efforts.

She rose and fell slowly at first, before she started to pick up the pace and soon bounced on top of him, drawing about half his length out before hammering it back inside. Her breathing became more erratic as she panted and moaned softly into his ear.

Ledger took one hoof from her flank and sent it down to where their groins were conjoined, before he reminded Twilight he knew his way around a mare. He ground his hoof against that wonderful, wonderful nub of flesh just outside of her entrance, first one way, then another. She gave a loud, appreciative moan as she placed a long lick along his horn, while her magic was teasing the orbs that slapped against her rump with each thrust.

“Mmm, so good,” she purred. “Tell me what you want little Changeling. Let your Princess grant your wish~”

“It’s sorta selfish,” he warned as his hoof moved to teasing her teats, recalling that she’d found that to be stimulating the other night as well. “You sure you wanna hear it?”

“Mhmm,” she nodded. “Go on, tell me.”

He held her close before muttering something into her form. Whatever it was had been muffled to the point of incoherency. Twilight giggled and leaned closer, her hips stopped moving as well.

“I can’t hear you~” she sang softly.

Ledger drew back and repeated himself. “I want to see if an Alicorn can get pregnant,” he said, before blushing and looking away.

Twilight blinked as she remained quite still. Well, that was far from what she had expected. Heck, it wasn’t even on the freaking list.

“May… I ask why?” she finally spoke. “While the thought… of having a family one day has crossed my mind. I’m not really planning on it at the moment.”

Ledger nodded as he still couldn’t look her in the eye. “Well, there’s no record of Celestia ever having a foal, or Luna. Or Cadence, despite what I’m sure are numerous attempts. I’d begun to think that maybe it just...wasn’t possible for Princesses to get pregnant.” He finally looked at her with a soft smile. “Besides that, some selfish part of me...doesn’t want to lose you.”

“Ledger,” Twilight sighed and held him close. “Please tell me you didn’t get Midnight pregnant for that reason…”

“With her it was just poor planning,” Ledger said with a shake of his head. “We’d failed to make sure she was on her potion, and one thing led to another one night. It was a total accident, I promise you.”

“Good, because that would have been amazingly stupid on your part,” Twilight said, booping his nose. “And while our relationship is new, I don’t see myself walking away from it anytime soon. But the future isn’t set in stone, and would you really bring a foal into that? To have a child born of regret?” She sighed as her hips shifted slightly. “I… honestly don’t know if I can get pregnant. I know I’m a little different from Celestia and Luna, who were born as Alicorns. Maybe, it’s just harder. And, I haven’t gone into heat yet… guess we’ll find out in Spring.”

She leaned close and gave him a deep kiss. “And while I don’t want to be pregnant just yet. You are more than welcome to still try~”

Ledger moaned into the kiss as he gripped her flank again, giving off a little buck of his own at her words. Once it broke, he gave her a lusty gaze. “Command me, your highness. What would you have of me?” She climbed off of him and onto the floor, pressing her belly against it as she raised her hips.

“Breed me, you beast~”

While she wasn’t looking, Ledger did something he’d not done yet. He slowly climbed out of his chair, letting his disguise fade with each step closer to her form. By the time he stood over her, the hooves that she’d be seeing wouldn’t be his disguises’ usual chocolate brown, but black, chitinous, and hole filled. He wondered how she’d react to him unmasking himself, just to screw her.

“Mmmm, somebuggy wants this,” she purred, shaking her rump a little. “Go on Ledger, why don’t you try that little wish of yours~?” With that, Ledger pressed his cock back against her lips, letting her feel it before it filled her. He was only going to draw this out for another moment or two...but those moments were usually delicious~

Twilight shifted slightly, she could almost feel what was coming, and what would come after that. “You know,” she giggled. “It’s not nice to play with your food~”

“Oh really?” he said, leaning down to nibble at her with his fangs. “But it’s a different matter when your food talks, I’m sure.” With that idea delivered to distract her, he pressed in, and didn’t stop. Twilight moaned shakily as he pounded her, the Alicorn biting one of her legs to stop herself from screaming in ecstasy. Ledger only stopped when he had no more to give her, and just held himself there to let Twilight get used to the feeling of him. She sighed as she looked down, even a pony of her size could still see the slight bulge inside of her.

“Stars… that’s really something,” she whispered. “Still, don’t you have a job to do Mr. Changeling?” Then a thought occurred and she idly wondered if he’d like a little role-playing. “Ahh, being caught by such a big Changeling. Oh no… what is going to happen to me…?”

“You’re going to be bred until it takes,” he said with a growl, playing along. “Just imagine what our children would be like. They’d have to be forced out of libraries.” With that, he very quickly started up his rhythm of thrusts into her already wet pussy.

“Nooo,” Twilight pretended to struggle against him. “I’ll not let you win...Ahhh~ Please don’t breed me you beast! Ahhhn~”

Ledger nipped the back of her neck with his fangs as he tried using his weight to hold her down. “I already have,” he gloated. “A Princess of Equestria, being bred by a Changeling? They will have to accept at least your foals!”

“Ahhh, yeeessss~” Twilight groaned. “They… will, ahhh, more… breed your little Princess, fill her with your seed!”

“I will,” the drone agreed. “Again and again and again until it takes. Until the day comes when you’re pregnant, you’re going to be wrapped around my cock every night.” This promise was delivered with an increase in the tempo, their role-play was getting him closer to the edge.

“To live like this, I want it~” she purred, as he felt her climax again. “I need it, fill me up, aaahhhhh~!”

Ledger obliged her again, biting her with his fangs as he came into her one more time. And as he filled her, he wondered just how much of it was jest, and how much of it was serious. Twilight shuddered as he filled her for a second time, her tongue lolling out as she panted. Ledger slowly let go of her with his fangs before just laying on top of her as he felt himself pulse and shoot more of his seed into her.

She used her magic to pull him back, the last few spurts splashing along her back and rump as she lay there panting.

“Midnight and I have created a monster,” the drone observed. “One that will hump us into the grave.”

“More...than likely…” Twilight panted softly as she gave another twitch, Ledger’s seed dripping from her winking pussy. “Oh gods, I feel so full…”

“The others say that as well,” Ledger agreed as he nuzzled her. “So I suppose we’re done at about this point, yes?”

Twilight opened her eyes and looked around. “I… don’t believe that we’ve fully tested the breaking point of the couch yet…”

“We do, we’re likely to test the breaking point of you or I,” Ledger warned. “Y’sure you’re up for round four?”

“I believe is science, and science is not without risk,” Twilight said as she got up slowly and lay down on the couch on her back. “Now, where were we?”

Ledger leaned down and, with only a flicker of hesitation on his part, began cleaning Twilight like she had cleaned him. It...wasn’t so bad, actually. Not as bad as he’d feared. Twilight blinked in surprise before smiling and sighing softly. This was going to be a long and pleasurable day~

Chapter 61 - Thankfully NOT done in a flash...

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Flash Sentry was… well he was still pretty damned confused as he followed three gorgeous mares. The cynical part of him said that this was just a trap to steal his wallet or something.

Mostly, his brain was just filled with thoughts that could make a Violet blush.

“Come along, dear,” Silk said as she kept leading him on with near-glimpses. “We’re nearly at our hotel.”

Ohh, so that’s where they were going. And damn was Silk being a tease, not that he was really complaining. He just nodded and kept following them like a little puppy. Rock Steady opened the main door to the lobby of the hotel, and Swift Wing darted in to explain things to the pony behind the desk. Not that she really needed to, it was just an unspoken agreement that Silk would get the first crack at Flash.

And then they would come in afterwards~

“Just up to the third floor,” Silk said as she took the stairs, keeping her tail just in the way. And once they were off the first floor, flicking it aside for a second. He let out both an inward and a vocal groan at that sight before following her up to her room. This was going to be the most painful climbing of stairs in the history of climbing of stairs.

Still, the view was pretty damned amazing. “If I had a view like that, I’d climb all the way to the heavens,” he said to himself. The pair of them reached the third floor, and it was only a short trot for them to find her room. Silk opened the door and stood to one side with a smile. “Why don’t you go in and get comfortable?” she offered.

Flash gulped and nodded, before trotting inside and looking around. It was a pretty nice room and the bed looked comfortable. He wondered if the other two had their own rooms, or if they bunked together…

Oh, now that was a nice mental image. All three mares on that bed… Mmmmmm…. Well, she did say to get comfortable, so he trotted over to the bed and sat on it carefully. He heard the door close and then saw Silk Velvet slowly come into view.

“Mm, the bed. A classic for first timers,” she observed as she drew closer. “An oldie, but a goodie.”

What? Was he not supposed to do that. Aw crap, he was already screwing this up… and first timers? Was he that obvious? Silk giggled as she drew right up in front of him, reading the anxiety on his face as clear as print.

“You’re fine, dear. I had you pegged as a virgin the moment we met. That’s sort of why we’re here, to help you fix that,” she said, before lightly pushing on his chest with one hoof.

“Ah,” he simply stated. “I’ll ah… I’ll be honest here. I don’t really know what I should do right now.”

“Lie back and let me show you how I can please you before the main event,” she said, pushing him again. He nodded slowly and lay on his back, tucking in his wings so he wouldn’t bend them. He then realised it left him rather… exposed, and with the thoughts he had earlier, he couldn’t help but blush as he was put on display.

“For me?” Silk purred as she got up on the bed with him, trailing one hoof along his length lightly. “Aww, how nice of you.” He shuddered at her touch as he felt himself get harder, rising to quite the respectable length and width.

“Mm, somepony likes,” Silk observed as she brought her other hoof into the fray, lightly trailing both of them up and down his member. She wondered how long he would last. Virgins always did break easily. Well, the few she’d had, anyways.

He let out a low moan, his member twitching slightly in her hooves, but he was still in the game for now.

“Buck… that feels good,” he murmured.

“How about this?” Silk asked as she leaned in and lightly kissed his penis. Just below the end. And used plenty of tongue to lick it. He let out a sharp gasp as he bucked his hips at the touch.

“Sweet Celestia,” he groaned. That was amazing~

“Mm, still with me?” she asked as she trailed one hoof up his full length. He just gave a small nod as his hips bucked again and he sighed happily.

“Oh damn, that was good,” he answered her.

“Then you’ll love this,” she said, before licking his entire member from the base to the tip. He shuddered again as he felt a reaction build up.

“Buck, I’m getting close…” he hissed. Silk just giggled and then put her mouth over his tip, licking it and teasing it with her tongue, wanting him to give her his release now. He bucked his hips again as one of his hooves moved to her head, his moans getting louder.

“Ahh, almost… ahhh…”

Silk decided to give him a facsimile of what he’d be getting later, if he was a good colt, and took the first few inches into her maw before sucking on his length. He surely couldn’t hold out forever.

He let out another loud moan as he bucked again, then she felt the head flare and her mouth was filled with his release… and there was quite a bit of it too. The poor guy was pretty backed up and this mare had just opened a floodgate. She had a few choices, but she would be nice to him and swallow it down as fast as she could, so that he wouldn’t feel bad after his first time.

He watched her do so, amazed that mares actually did that, and it only fueled his orgasm as his seed rushed into her maw. She was actually having a little difficulty keeping up with him, but she was determined to not spill any. The flow eventually stopped as he panted heavily, his head flopping back onto the pillow and he groaned.

“T-That… that was… wow…” he murmured.

“And that was only round one,” Silk said after popping off his member. She’d be feeling that one for a while. The unicorn lay atop him and trailed a hoof through his chest fur. “Feel like repaying the favor for round two?”

He gave her a nod, he’d read about this too, as well as overheard some of the female guards talking about it once or twice. Silk smiled, happy that he would play along, before drawing herself up his body and presenting him with a pair of lips he’d seen on the way up.

“Know what to do?” she asked him.

He just stared at it for a moment, taking in every detail as he moved a hoof up, hovering just over it as he waited to get permission. She giggled and pet his head, stroking his mane, before telling him four simple words.

“Go for it, Flashy.”

He nodded once and lightly pressed his hoof against it, spreading the folds and getting a good look at her glistening marehood. He took it slowly, moving his hoof against the outer lips as he took in every detail. Hmm, that little nub there, that was supposed to be sensitive right? He exhaled again, his warm breath washing over her before he poked out his tongue and gave her clit a tentative lick.

“Oooh,” she moaned, barely resisting the urge to more firmly grind his muzzle into her folds. “Somepony did their homework.” Even now, she felt herself start to drip in reaction to his stimulation.

Okay, so that was effective, and she tasted kind of nice. Sweet and spicy at the same time. He poked his tongue out again and licked along the length of her marehood, stopping at her clit and flicking it with his tongue again.

“Like that?” he asked her.

“Buck yes,” Silk replied as she gripped the headboard with both hooves. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so good at licking a mare. Buck, I didn’t expect you to play along at all!

Okay, so he was doing good and be damned if his ego wasn’t more than a little chuffed at the praise. One of his hooves had moved to stroke his re-awakening member as he continued to lick her pussy up and down. He pressed his other hoof against her clit, now knowing that was a sweet spot for her as his tongue found her opening. He hesitated for a moment, before he tried his luck and pushed it inside.

“Oh buck,” she said as she did her best to buck her hips and ride his face like it was his dick. “You’re bucking good for a virgin, y’know? I think I’ll remember you for a long time~”

His member twitched at her words, clearly as happy as he was to hear that. He tried to say something, but it just came out as muffled vibrations as he continued to eat her out, his hoof pressing against her clit. She moaned and ground against him again, before proffering a bit of advice.

“M-Move your tongue,” she gasped. “Back...and forth. Let me...feel it.”

Ah, okay then. He pulled his tongue back, swallowing some of her juices and his own saliva as his stroking of his member resumed. He took another breath and then dove back in, his tongue moving in and out of her, and he even wiggled it a bit while he had it inside. She moaned and leaned down to look at her latest lover, finding the sight of him eating her out hot as could be.

“Close,” she moaned. “Close, close, I’m bucking close! Come on Flash, push me over the edge!”

Her moaning was so hot, he jacked himself off faster as he licked along the length of her pussy again, and then took her clit between his teeth and flicked the little nub with his tongue as his hoof pressed against her entrance. She shrieked as her orgasm finally came crashing down around her, soaking his hoof instantly with her juices. The sound of her cumming was sooo good, knowing he could bring this hot mare so much pleasure. He grunted as he pressed his muzzle against her marehood as his hips jerked and she felt a second release hit her back and rump.

Silk giggled, knowing what was likely the cause for the sudden rain on her backside. Hmm, maybe Flash would be amenable to some shower sex? Hopefully. She wanted to be clean before round three. Or maybe during round three. “You...why haven’t you found a mare before now?” Silk asked as she finally came down from her high. “I’m so tempted to take you back home to Canterlot with me.”

“I...I do… have to pass through… on my way home,” he gasped. He got a look at her, dripping with his cum and blushing from her own release. Damn that was friggen hot, his member already twitching for more.

“Well, somepony got me all dirty, so I have to clean up,” Silk said with a sigh as she slowly got off of him. “...There’s room for two in the shower, if you think you’re up to round three,” she said, walking off as her tail flicked from side to side, revealing her moist lips for the stallion to see.

“You mean… I don’t clean you off with my tongue?” he asked. He thought that was what he had to do. Oh well, the shower sounded better anyway. She stumbled slightly, before shooting a look over her back.

“You can try that later,” she promised him. If there was a later. Oh, now she really wanted to take him home. He climbed off of the bed and followed her, his rigid member swaying between his legs as he trotted after her. She turned the shower on and sighed as she stepped in, enjoying the feeling of the warm water.

“Know what to do?” she asked him without turning around as her tail flicked out of the way again. She felt him move around behind her, before his tongue attacked her marehood again, taking long, slow licks. She moaned and bowed her head, not expecting the oral attention, but not minding either~

“Not what I had in mind, but I’m not complaining,” she said aloud. After a few minutes, he stopped as he just held her rump.

“So um, what do you want me to do?” he asked. She raised her head and shot him her best sultry look from over her shoulder.

“Mount me, stud,” she said to him in a breathy whisper. “I want you to go to work on my poor pussy. I want you, in me, now.”

His eyes widened a little as he gulped. Well, it was now or never right? He reared up and gently placed his hooves around her barrel as she felt his weight on her back, his member twitching and bumping up against her teats.

“Um, I’m not too heavy, am I?”

“I’ve taken heavier,” Silk said as she got a wicked idea. “Buck me, soldier. That’s an order.” It worked for the last few Guards she’d been with. His ear flicked and he nodded, not having expected that, but it did make him more comfortable for some reason. He shifted until his member was pressed against her opening, and then with one thrust, buried it inside of her, letting out a low moan over how tight and wet she was.

Silk moaned as well, at the feeling of being filled so much so quickly. Eventually she got used to the feeling and decided to spur him on again.

“I thought I said buck me, not just fill me,” she commented. He gave a small nod as he drew his hips back and then pushed forward again, gripping her waist tighter as he started to thrust in and out of her in a steady rhythm. He wanted to just start bucking her into the floor, but he knew he had to be gentle and such…

“Thaaaat’s better,” Silk sighed. “It’s been too long since I had a good bucking…” He gave her a slight grunt in response as his pace picked up a little, his cock making lewd, wet sounds that even the shower couldn’t muffle. She could feel his weighted balls slap against her teats with each thrust, burying his length inside of her.

“Oh yessss,” she hissed out. “C’mon Flash, you can do better than that.” And then she showed him how much control she had over her own muscles as she bore down on him, making it even tighter for him.

He let out another loud moan, then growled as he pressed his hooves against her shoulders, forcing her barrel against the floor as he drew back, then slammed his cock inside of her, slowly drawing back, then repeating the process. She let out a moan of her own as he kept pounding her, not letting up on him for a moment. She expected great things of this little former virgin. Hopefully he’d be able to deliver.

“C’mon Flash, I can take whatever you can dish out,” she goaded him. He grunted again, spurred on by her taunting, he grabbed her hips and began to furiously pump in and out of her, as he leaned down and grabbed her mane with his teeth, giving it a sharp tug. She gasped, feeling her peak come that much closer at all the new stimulation she was receiving. He wasn’t bad at all. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say he’d done this before~

“That’s it, Flash, that’s it, fill me up,” she begged him. “Give me everything you have.”

“Buck,” he hissed, his pace quickening. “I’m so bucking close now… buck…”

“C’mon you studly stallion,” Silk said. “I know you have another load in you. Give it to me!” He let out a loud moan as he slammed his dick inside of her and it gave a powerful throb as he erupted inside of her, his release just as impressive as the first as thick ropes of cum flooded her insides. Silk moaned and came around him from the sensations, her walls milking him for everything they could as she squeezed him even harder than before.

He groaned as he gave a few thrusts, each thrust firing off another burst of seed as he moaned her name. After a few moments, he finally stopped as he pulled out with a wet pop and fell back onto his rump, his member twitching as the warm water from the shower washed over him.

“That...was so bucking good,” Silk said as she lay there, his seed slowly oozing out of her. “Are you sure you were a virgin?”

“Yeah…” he panted. “But… I’m Princess Cadence’s… personal guard… you… tend to hear a lot…”

“Well,” she said as she shakily retook her hooves. “Get your rest and get clean. The others will probably tag-team you in about thirty minutes.”

Wait, was she serious? This… was actually happening? He just lay there in the shower for a bit as she got cleaned up and left.

“Best… vacation… ever,” he groaned, eventually hauling himself to his hooves and trotting into the room after drying off. And just as promised, a little while later, he found himself in the bedroom with two mares...Both of whom were sporting lewd smiles.

“Uh… hey ladies,” Flash chuckled weakly, wondering where Silk had run off to.

“Silk said she’d had her turn with you,” Swift Wing said as she sat on one side of him.

“So now it’s our turn,” Rock Steady continued as she took up the opposite side.

“After all,” Swift picked up as she put a hoof on his shoulder.

“We share,” Rock continued, mirroring her motion.

Everything,” they said together.

Flash blinked as he got those mental images back again, his already rock-hard member twitching. “I guess, I like the sound of that,” he smiled.

“We figured that,” the mares said as one again, both of them putting a hoof on opposite sides of his dick. This promised to be a long day for the Guard...

Chapter 62 A - Guard Inspection!

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Ledger sighed for the third time as he watched his paperwork fill itself out. Yes, it was satisfying to see it all be completed by itself, but it was also incredibly boring. He wished Twilight had come with him to discuss something, anything to take his mind off of how dull this was. Coming up with the spell had been exciting. Using it and watching it work? Not so much.

There was some commotion from outside, before several solid thumps on his door caused him to flinch slightly.

“Guard inspection!” a mare’s voice called out. Ledger sighed and used his horn to unlock the door and cancel the paperwork spell, not wanting news about his new and improved time-saver to get out just yet. There might still be problems with it, after all. He and Scroll were stress-testing it still.

“It’s open,” the disguised drone called out to the pony on the other side.

The door swung open and an armoured Midnight Song strode in, looking very much the model guard. Her eyes were set into a serious-looking expression while she looked around the room as she closed the door behind her.

“Good afternoon citizen!” she said. Ledger blinked at her serious attitude before deciding he’d play along, just to see how it played out. Not doing so would likely upset Midnight, after all.

“Aah, good afternoon good Guardsmare. Is there a problem?” Ledger inquired.

“Routine inspection,” she said as she looked around the room. She quickly sniffed out his secret booze and frowned. “Hidden contraband hmm? Not looking good so far…”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the changeling defended himself.

“We’ll see,” Midnight replied as she looked at the painting on the wall. She turned and stalked closer to the desk. “Perhaps I should just haul you down to the station for questioning then?”

“I’m certain there’s no need for that,” Ledger said. “I’d be more than happy to answer your questions here while I do my paperwork.” Even now, Ledger’s horn lit up as his spell was reactivated. And as quick as a flash, he found a set of hoof cuffs around him as the mare leaned him over the desk.

“Resisting arrest and threatening an officer?” she mused, her hooves moving over his body. “I’ll have to check for concealed weapons now.”

Ledger moaned at her attentions, quickly getting into a mood as she let her hooves roam over his form. Even now, he felt himself aproach half-mast as the glow on his horn died. He couldn’t afford the drain on his magic or concentration right now.

“Hmm~” she hummed as a hoof trailed down his back and between his hind legs. “What’s this now. Such a powerful weapon hiding away. I’m afraid we’re going to have to skip the arrest and move straight to the punishment.” Her hoof lightly teasing the orbs hanging between his legs. Ledger moaned as he felt himself harden a little more.

“And what...hah, is the penalty this time, officer?” the stallion asked.

“Ooh, I’m afraid it’s quite serious,” she purred into his ear. “A tool of this size, it’s rather illegal I’m afraid. We’re going to have to go through the painfully slow method of safely discharging it first.” A hoof reaching around and rubbing against it slowly and gently. She pressed against his back, the cold metal of her armour was a little shocking, stopping him from getting too worked up.

Ledger moaned at the dual sensations as he was finally, painfully fully erect. “Please don’t,” he begged. “Doing it quickly can be just as safe if done right.”

“True,” she nodded, giving his balls another squeeze as she leaned close to his ear. “But where’s the fun in that~?” She moved down under the table and he found the first few inches engulfed in something warm and wet.

“Oh, buck,” he moaned. Scope was a tight little thing. Cider had muscle control. Twilight was fun to be with, no matter the situation. But none of them could match Midnight when she was really in the mood to have fun.

“Hmm,” she hummed, her tongue coiling around him as her hooves stroked the shaft. “Yesss, such a dangerous tool. But… I know just how to use it,” she said. She was going to show him something new today, she just hoped he had the patience to endure it.

Ledger soon found that with his hooves bound, he couldn’t grip the desk like he would for leverage, so he looked under the desk and asked a simple question. “Is it alright if I sit down in my chair for this, officer? I can’t stay standing with my front hooves cuffed forever…”

“Hmm, I guess I can arrange that,” she hummed as she pushed him back into the comfy chair. A quick motion, one that Ledger couldn’t even follow, and the hoofcuffs had been removed, then reapplied behind the chair, binding his forehooves at his sides as she resumed her task of licking and stroking.

So she wanted to be in control, huh? Well, he could play along. He moaned again at her teasing him, throbbing at her stimulation. It was nice, yes...but something told him she had other plans yet.

“Mmm, such a… delicious tool,” she purred. “It must be so… hard for you, I bet, you want to use it so badly~” She continued her husky talk as she stroked the member and gave it a long lick.

“All the time,” Ledger agreed with a nod, wanting badly to buck, but knowing he’d be punished if he did. “I’m just lucky there’s usually a mare nearby who’s willing to put up with me when I do.”

“You use this on other mares?” she gasped and then gave it a lick again. “Such a beast.” She opened her mouth and dove on it, taking over half as he saw the bulge in her throat as she moaned over it.

“Oh buck,” was about the limit of his vocal and mental expression as he saw her go down on him. And Twilight needed a spell for this! He’d seen the glow on her horn before she tried! Midnight smirked a little, as she pushed down further… until she could feel her nose pressed against his belly. She stayed like that as her tongue squeezed him.

Ledger moaned again as he did his best to buck while sitting in his chair, feeling very much like he was bucking another part of her, thanks to what her tongue was doing. Warm, wet, moist, was a wonder he didn’t blow right there.

She eventually pulled back, pausing to rub her jaw slightly. Damn he was thick. She gave him another smile as she pushed her mouth back over the tip, her fangs grazing against the sensitive skin.

“Hrmmm, you’re close aren’t you?” she said with another purr, the vibrations running down his length.

“Very,” the disguised drone admitted. Too much more and he would blow, he knew. And she knew as well. Now, let’s see how he responded to this. She bobbed her head a few times, her tongue licking and squeezing him as her hooves massaged his balls. She could feel them tighten and then she pulled off, her tongue gripping the base of his shaft like a vice as she flicked the tip with a hoof, causing the reaction to die down.

Ledger whined as he felt weird, climaxing without cumming. “What...did you do?” he eventually asked once he felt more stable. It was bizarre, he still felt like he was on the edge, but she blocked him from crossing it.

“Mmm, no… not yet. You can’t, won’t until I allow it,” she said as she climbed up onto his lap, his throbbing member pressed against her entrance. She smirked and then buried him inside of her, all the way to the hilt.

Ledger moaned and wished his hooves weren’t bound, so that he could hold onto her and buck into her. He did his best with wiggling his hips, but he could only move so far when Midnight was on top of him.

She started to move, slowly and teasingly as she nipped at his chest and neck. Ledger moaned as he felt her slide up and down his length, feeling his climax building again. But at this rate…

“Please,” he moaned. “Faster, please.”

“Sorry, but there are set regulations I have to follow,” she said, stopping her moving altogether for a moment, before resuming painfully, bringing him to the brink and back a few times. When he was about to go over, she pulled off and denied his orgasm once more. “Trust me on this one.”

This time, it almost did hurt, being stopped again. Ledger bore it with a groan as he lay his head back against the chair. “Please…” he said. It was all he could say at the moment. His absolute need to cum was overriding most of his thinking.

“Not quite yet…” she purred, still riding him slowly. When he gave a painful moan, she denied him one last time and then figured it was about time. She leaned up and gave him a deep kiss as she reached around and released the hoofcuffs as she bent herself over the desk and moved her tail.

“Now,” she purred. “Do as you like~”

In Ledger’s haste, he pounced the mare and pushed his slickened member into her, without aiming. He still got a hole, but it wasn’t the one she’d just been using on him. Her eyes widened in shock as she gave a loud screech, not having expected that one.

“Ahhh, that-that’s not my-ahhhh!”

Ledger grunted and pulled back, before pushing right back into her. “Don’t really care at the moment,” he grunted. “I need to empty this, and I have you under me at last.”

“I...ahhh, wasn’t complaining,” she replied. “Just… wait until you cum… and you’ll see…” She groaned as he pounded her ass, gasping and moaning. She had been close for a while… but after all his denials…

Ledger did his best impression of a roar as he shifted his fangs back in his mouth, biting down on her neck, instincts telling him to hold her still while he filled her with his release. And thanks to all the times she’d stopped it, it was some release all right. A veritable flood of semen filled her bowels.

She groaned as she climaxed as well, her own release running down her legs as she was utterly filled by him. Gods, how much more did he have? The answer was always more, thanks to how much Lust he fed off of her and the times she’d stopped him just before cumming, along with his part-Violet biology. He chittered softly into her form as he felt himself just keep cumming, filling her with his cum.

She groaned as she felt like she couldn’t take anymore.

“Gooooods, hurry, fill the other one,” she murmured. Ledger swiftly obliged, moving himself from one hole to the next, surprisingly not getting any on the floor as he started flooding her pussy with cum as well.

She gave a thankful sigh as she leaked out of his previous occupied orifice. She just buried her head into her hooves as he kept going. How much could he possibly have left? Note to self, teach the others this trick~

Eventually, Ledger stopped cumming, but not before completely filling both her holes. He sighed and held himself there, not feeling like uncorking her just yet. “I think...I think I’m done,” he observed.

“Y-You sure?” she panted… holey hell, she was freaking stuffed. “I figured something along the lines of this would happen… haaaah~ Oh wow~”

“Yeah...I think I’m finally out,” Ledger observed as he simply lay there, enjoying the afterglow. “Just in time too, I don’t think you could have taken any more.”

“P-Prolly not…” she panted. “So...haah, what did you… think of that!”

“Pretty hot,” Ledger said as he kissed the back of her neck. “Coulda done without the pain, but it was damn hot, filling you up like that.”

“Mhmm,” she sighed, still enjoying the feeling of him stuffing her. “I’d say… that your weapon… was discharged effectively~”

“I’d certainly hope so,” Ledger chuckled. “I’d hate to see what a more effective discharge could look like.”

“Oh?” she inquired. “I could have kept going you know… last time I tried this, I denied him for over two hours…”

Ledger shuddered as he thought of that happening to himself. “You try that on your lonesome, you’ll get stuffed and the room’ll be a mess afterwards,” he warned Midnight. She idly wondered what that would be like and hummed thoughtfully.

“You know, who you’re talking to right?”

Ledger nodded before kissing her again. “Basically, I just ensured that the others are going to get stuffed as well as you one night, and they’re all going to blame you,” he said, stroking her mane with a hoof.

“Could be worse,” she said. “I wonder what would happen if I combined that with my Bite~?”

“This is the flood that never ends~” Ledger sang in a slightly annoying tone. “Somepony started teasing him, not knowing that it was the flood that never ends~”

Midnight just groaned as she thunked her head against the table. “Don’t ever sing that again, or I will see to it that you never cum again.”

“Yes ma’am,” Ledger said with a smile...before he started humming it instead. She groaned again and bucked her hips to push him back into his chair, and out of her with a pop as his release poured out of her, pooling onto the floor.

“And for that, I’ll leave you with the clean up,” she giggled. He sighed as he looked at the mess on the floor before shrugging.

“It’s fine,” he said with a wave of one hoof. “This office is easy to clean up.”

“Well, I’ll still clean you~” she giggled, her tongue already going to work on him, licking him clean of their respective releases. He sighed as he just sat back and let her go to work, knowing that unless she wanted another round, she’d be doing this mostly to tease him.

“Hmm, you know, I’ve realised something citizen,” she hummed as one hoof held him down as she continued to lick him. “There’s still some left, and I still have another hole that needs filling~”

The disguised drone moaned as her tongue went to work, stopping him from going completely soft. “Oh?” he asked as his blood flow was redirected again. “You’re certain you want that?”

“Well, to protect and serve… and I do love to serve~” she hummed again as she orally assaulted his hardening member once more. Ledger let out another moan as he bucked his hips, giving her more of his member as it stood to attention once again.

She giggled around him as she deepthroated him again, her tongue coiling and licking and teasing… Ohh, maybe she should deny him some more, but then she’d eaten not too long ago.

“Buck,” Ledger hissed as he put action to word, bucking his hips at the feelings she was giving him. “You’re so good at this…”

She pulled back and tilted her head, “Well, it’s certainly better than the opposite isn’t it?” She dove back on him, her large eyes looking up at his own as she bobbed her head up and down. Ledger moaned out his agreement as one hoof reached up to play with her mane, not quite feeling up to holding her down if she was supposed to be ‘in charge’ of this event.

“Hmm, you like taking charge don’t you?” she said as she pulled off and nuzzled his member, her soft fur brushing up against him. “Compared on how you used to be, you really like taking what you want now~”

“Totally your fault,” he said, still stroking her mane. “You have changed me so much, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

“Nor would I,” she nodded, taking small nibbles. Even during a serious conversation, she somehow kept him rock solid. “I’m proud of you, and I love you so much.” She looked back up at him and winked. “Feel like taking what you want now~?”

“Maybe later,” he said. “You started this little game, it’d only be right if you ended it.”

“Fair enough, try to keep up,” she hummed as she devoured him once more. Her tongue felt like it was everywhere, licking, squeezing, sucking, nibbling...He eventually bucked again and let out a groan as he felt his climax near once more.

“So close,” he said. “Sooooo close…”

“Already?” she hummed, “such a needy drone. Well then, let your lover take everything you have~” she pulled back and then lightly nibbled on the tip of his penis, her hooves groping at his heavy orbs, coaxing him to blow. Which, after a moment more, he did with a low groan, this release much smaller than the last one, but still sizable.

She gave him quite the sight of gulping it down as she hummed in a pleased tone, and as his release finished, she pulled back and opened her maw to show off her mouthful, before closing it and swishing it around for a moment before swallowing, licking her lips.

“Have I said I love you yet today?” Ledger asked as he came down from his latest climax.

“You have, but I never tire of hearing it,” she said and leaned up to nuzzle him. She grabbed his bottle of rum and took a swig to rinse her mouth out before kissing him. He returned it with vigor, before eventually pulling away and nuzzling her back.

“You probably have some thing or another related to the wedding to see to,” he sighed. “And I have magic to stress-test while running my company, to make sure it is as good as it can be on both accounts.”

“Aww, kicking me out already?” she whined. “And here I thought you liked to cuddle after? That couch looks awfully comfy~”

“...Fine, but you can’t stay forever,” he said as he slowly walked over to the couch. “After all, I do have a mess to clean up as well.”

“Hee, you never can turn down hugs,” she cooed as she nuzzled him. “And don’t worry, I’ll help clean up. I helped make it after all~”

“Thanks,” he said, holding her close and enjoying the cuddle. It always felt so...right, cuddling a mare afterwards. She trilled happily as she snuggled him, making the most adorable squeaking sounds.

“Oh yeaahhh,” she hummed. “I met Fredricks little brother today.”

“From the way he never talked about him, I’m guessing there was a reason,” Ledger said as he nuzzled her neck. “We can talk about it in a bit. For now, cuddles.”

“Agreed,” she nodded, holding him close.

Chapter 62 B - Sexy examinations

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When Ledger returned home, he was almost instantly accosted by an excited Alicorn.

“Okay Ledger, strip!” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“You’ve never been so direct,” Ledger pointed out. “What’s gotten into you? Midnight bite you?”

“One, I have no idea where Midnight is. And two? No. I want to study the differences between a normal Changeling and a Noble one. So come on, lose the disguise buddy!”

Scope Lens groaned from a corner of the room. “I feel… violated in so many ways…

“Ah,” Ledger said as he dualcasted, not only lighting up his horn to take off his disguise, but grabbing hold of something big and heavy in the kitchen. When the flash overtook his body and his true form was revealed, that was when he dropped the pot with a loud clamor.

Twilight and Moondancer looked at him with a flat stare.

“Really?” Twilight said. “You honestly thought I’d fall for that?”

“It was worth a shot,” Ledger said with a shrug before teleporting away. He’d gotten good at that. Twilight rolled her eyes and looked at Moondancer, who just nodded and smirked as she reached out and used a ‘Recast’ spell on him, forcing the Teleport to reverse.

“Are you finished acting like a foal?” Twilight said once he winked back into existence. “I just wish to study you and compare notes.”

You try walking into a room of changelings with a pony in one corner saying they feel violated,” Ledger countered. “See how that makes you feel.”

Twilight sighed, “Scope is just over-dramatising…”

“They measured...everything,” Scope shuddered.

“For science!” Twilight and Moondancer echoed, as they threw up a multi-layer barrier around the room.

“Now, hold still for a moment,” Twilight giggled.

“Only if you promise to be gentle,” Ledger said. “Otherwise, I will use my knowledge of pony anatomy for evil again.”

“Aw, he’s cute when he’s trying to be intimidating,” Moondancer giggled. Twilight nodded as she pulled out a measuring tape and a notebook. She began, taking notes on horn length, body height and weight, as well as physical differences.

“We’ll need samples as well,” Moondancer said. “Raise your hoof please.” Ledger sat back on his haunches and complied readily, holding one of his hole-filled hooves out to the mare. She took it gently in her hooves, taking a moment to feel the chitin and nod, before pulling out a petri dish and a hoof file and taking a few shavings of chitin.

“We still need some… other samples,” Twilight hummed. “I know how to get one of them~”

“Oh?” Ledger asked as he turned from Midnight to Twilight. “Dare I ask what sample you need next?”

The thoughts that filled her head incurred the reaction that gave him his answer. She really would have to thank Middy for telling her about that little trick. Ledger let off a happy sigh as he felt a piece of his anatomy respond to her thoughts.

“So, it’s going to be one of those examinations?” he asked aloud.

Moondancer dropped the ruler she was holding. “I’m gonna need something a little bigger,” she blushed. Ledger coughed and looked away from the mare examining him.

“Well, now this is awkward,” he said, before looking back at Twilight. The Alicorn blushed as well, she’d totally forgot that Moondancer was there.

“Eheh, whoops?” she giggled.

“Well, now I see why Midnight likes to brag,” Moondancer said, as she pulled out the measuring tape and took a few notes. Her hoof may have ‘accidently’ brushed up against it when she did. Ledger mentally moaned at her touch, not wanting to actually say anything out loud. Mainly because he wasn’t interested in adding more stress or Moondancer.

“Moondancer, please stop molesting my coltfriend,” Twilight deadpanned as her touch was far more deliberate. This time, the drone actually moaned.

“Well, I can see this examination is going splendidly,” Ledger mused aloud. Twilight nodded as she continued her ministrations with her magic as she took a few more notes. She didn’t even notice Scope’s horn light up and add to her own...Neither did Ledger, who opted to moan at the stimulation before looking at Moondancer.

“Hah...She knows a thing or two,” the silver drone said with a pant. Moondancer didn’t know if she should watch the show, or feel rather uncomfortable.

What would Sugar do…? Probably offer advice for their ‘sample collecting.’

“Try an alternating flow,” Moondancer said, her magic moving in the opposite direction to Twilight’s. “Like so…”

“Oh buck,” Ledger said as the sensations increased. “Was...not expecting that.”

“Moondancer!” Twilight exclaimed. “What the hay are you doing?”

“Hmm? Ah, whoops~” Moon giggled and shrugged. “Got caught up in the moment and whatnot. Sorry about that,” she said idly as her magic cut off. The noble drone let out a small sigh as the sensations returned to normal.

“Are there any other samples Moondancer could be gathering instead of molesting me?” Ledger asked Twilight. Upon those words, the Unicorn mare pulled out a large syringe with a long needle.

“We do need some blood samples~” Moondancer giggled.

“You’re not taking all of my blood, I sort of need it to live,” Ledger deadpanned as the mood started to die. Moondancer shrugged and the needle disappeared into her personal storage dimension.

“Darling have you seen…” Rarity came downstairs and upon seeing Twilight, Moondancer and most importantly, Ledger’s display… she just… stopped. Ledger blushed and did his best to disappear from sight. Sadly, he hadn’t exactly practiced invisibility, so it mostly took the form of him covering himself up with his front hooves.

Unfortunately, that did very little to hide not-so-little Ledger. Twilight had pretty much locked up and Moondancer was just going over her notes, not really caring one way or the other.

Scope Lens…

Was busy laughing her flank off over the whole ridiculous display. The laughter at least helped snap Ledger out of his embarrassment for a moment. “Can we help you?” he directed to Rarity.

“I...ah…” Rarity flushed a bright red and shook her head. “No, nevermind...Ihavesomethingtodogottagobyenow!” She raced upstairs as fast as her hooves could carry her, causing Scope to laugh even harder.

“I am never going to hear the end of this,” Twilight sighed. Ledger copied her before stopping his concealing attempt.

“Me either,” he said. “Let’s just get this over with before somepony else walks in on us.”

“So you’re not fussed over Moondancer being here?” Scopey called out, reminding the stallion that she was still here.

“As long as we never talk about this again, no.” Ledger stated firmly.

“Oh relax, Twilight can get ‘that’ sample later if you want. It’s not like we really need it or anything~” Moondancer wrote a few more things down and chuckled.

“...Vengeance will be mine,” Ledger promised as his arousal died down a little more.

“Yahuh, pigs will fly and Midnight will take a vow of chastity,” Moondancer hummed a little. Twilight snorted and gave Ledger a kiss on the cheek before leaning up to whisper in his ear.

“Want me to… make it up to you~?”

“Later,” he said with a spark of mischief in his eyes. “Well, is there anything else you need me for?” the drone said in a louder voice.

“Hmm, I think we’re done here,” Moondancer nodded. Twilight had already provided a lot of data from memory, so there hadn’t really been much to collect beyond a few details and confirming Twi’s data.

“Seriously? That’s all you do to torment him?!” Scope huffed indignantly. Then she got a mischievous smirk. “You haven’t tested how Nobles react to different emotions yet~”

Twilight and Moondancer looked at Scope, before they did a nice impression of a wind-up toy as their heads slowly rotated to look at Ledger, both sporting creepy smiles.

“Did you even test her with that?” Ledger said. “It’s really best to get a starting data point before you check for variances.” If Scope was going to do this to him, he would make sure she suffered as well.

“Heeyyy, lookit the time!” Scope declared. “Gotta visit Amy. Bye!!” She went to teleport out, but she’d forgotten about the barrier. “Oh Hives….”

She was dragged over and placed next to Ledger. “Well,” she said. “I guess we’re about to find out how I react to fear…”

“Oh hush, Twilight would never hurt us. Cross a few lines by treating her lovers as test subjects, yes, but that’s what revenge is for.” Ledger idly pet Scope as he waited for the test to begin. “Wanna plot with me?”

“Oh immensely,” Scope chuckled. “I know I can’t hurt Twilight, but can I at least eat Moondancer? Revenge and I get back at Sugar all at once~”

“Maybe, depends on how much she helps,” Ledger said as he shot the unicorn a look. One that was more amused than angry.

“Okay, so we’ve seen what it does to Ledger…” Twilight hummed. “Might as well test Scope.” She looked at Moondancer, who clearly had more experience in this field. The Unicorn nodded and directed all of her Lust at the little Changeling, who shuddered and let out a small moan at the sudden inflow of Lust to her system.

“Interesting,” Twilight nodded as she wrote that down. ‘So not quite as intense as a Nobles reaction. But then, perhaps the user is also a factor.” She closed her eyes and dragged up this mornings ‘office exercises’ as inspiration, before thinking about Scope instead of Ledger. The nymph squirmed a little, trying to hold this moan in.

“You also have to consider, I’m a Violet on my father’s side,” Ledger pointed out. “I react to lust a little bit more.”

“Doesn’t mean they can’t get something from me though,” Scope grumbled. Twilight was going to pull that trick again when they were all in bed together next time. It would definitely help get her warmed up.

“Okay, so the individual, as well as the Colour heritage of a Changeling are deciding factors in emotion absorption.” Twilight hummed and tapped her chin. “Let’s try something similar,” and with that statement, she poured forth as much freely given Love as she had.

Ledger’s eyes widened as he began absorbing as much as he could hold out of reflex. Well, this was...interesting. She felt this way? Eventually his stomach filled up, and he let out a small burp, one that was mimicked by Scope a moment later.

“‘Scuse me,” he said.

“Well that was interesting,” Moondancer said.

“Yeah,” Twilight nodded. “So, correct me if I’m wrong, Changelings have a preferred emotion, but Love is something you all seem to enjoy?”

“Nothing is more filling than Love,” Ledger said. “We all have a thing we like to eat, but Love is something we all want.”

“Hmm, maybe I’ll try this on Sugar later,” Moondancer mused. It’d be interesting to see how Love reacts to a Noble Violet.

“I’d like to try negative emotions… but I don’t think I will,” Twilight said as she rolled up her scroll. “Still, this has been amazingly informative.”

“Happy to have been of service,” Ledger said before standing up and putting Scope on his back. “Now if you’ll pardon us, we have revenge to plot.”

Oh, there was that huh. Well, Twilight was sure it wouldn’t be too bad, maybe around something of Rainbow’s or Pinkie’s level of pranks.

Moondancer just didn’t care at all. She dropped the barrier around the room and shrugged.

“This has been fun Twilight, we should study together again soon.”

“Count on it,” Twilight nodded. She looked at the retreating forms of Ledger and Scope. They would do anything too bad…


I’m thinking a paralysis spell when we next engage in bedroom activities, make her watch without any way to join in or relieve herself,” Ledger said to Scope over a Hivelink.

“Nah, that’d work well on somepony like Midnight, but Twilight’s too smart. She’d likely just think of other things to occupy her mind. Besides, I want a crack at her next time~”

Hmm...Get Midnight to bite her first?

“We’d need her permission, as that’s kind of a violation,” Scope hummed as she thought about that particular ability of Midnight’s. “Maybe...wait, why are all your ideas based around… you’ve spent too much time with Midnight.”

No such thing. Maybe dress it up as a new experiment, see how long her new physiology takes to fight off a bite like that, if it can.

“Do you want to give the Alicorn of Magic insatiable Lust, and four targets she can take that out on?” Scope pointed out. “Would you like to take that risk Ledger?”

Sounds like a heckuva night,” Ledger hummed over their mental link. “Hmm, but you’re right, it wouldn’t end well...maybe direct emotional transfer? Ponies respond well, and we could cause all sorts of temporary mood swings, at...inopportune times~

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” Scope giggled, looping her forehooves around his neck. “Imagine Princess Twilight, suddenly flipping out in the middle of a restaurant? Or maybe in the middle of Court?”

I’m thinking more along the lines of giving her a little more lust at just the wrong moment. Something Midnight said stuck with me - Twilight as the Princess of Friendship with Benefits.

Scope sniffed and nuzzled the back of his head. “I’m so proud of you. You’ve become so deliciously evil. We should celebrate with some kinky sex now.”

Any idea where Midnight keeps her hoofcuffs? And I don’t mean the Guard kind. First one to find them gets to use them on the other~

Scope chuckled… darkly. “Alright……”

Go,” Ledger replied, before winking out from under her, he wasn’t going to waste time running. Scope chuckled as she trotted into their room and made a beeline for the closet. She knew of a certain box that could be used…

Today was going to be fun…

Chapter 63 - I regret nothing!

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Once they all left, Cider looked at the stairs and hummed. Time to go see what fun Ledger was up to~

“Ooooh, somepony was a bad little nymph,” she heard coming from their bedroom. “You lost your grip on your toys~”

The hay? Cider opened the door slightly and peeked inside, barely holding back a gasp at what she saw. Scope had been hoofcuffed and trussed up to the point where she couldn’t move, and two of her toys were even now being reinserted to the nymph’s openings.

“There we go,” the drone cooed. “Back to being plugged up again.”

Well...that was… something. She sat on the floor and just watched for a bit, curious as to what Ledger might be planning. Scope didn’t look like she could do a whole lot.

“Oh no, no need to thank me,” he said before patting the nymph on the chest. “In fact, why don’t I turn those up for you?” The buzzing sound that had only been faint before now intensified. Scope let out a muffled shriek and thrashed about as much as she could, but Ledger had been very thorough in his bindings, she could scarcely move an inch.

Cider found that one of her hooves was now occupying a space between her legs as she watched the show…

“Aww, somepony likes,” Ledger teased before that hoof trailed down her chest and toyed around her lips. “Maybe I should add a little something personal to the mix?” With those words, Scope’s clit was flicked just once. She shrieked again, drool leaking from out of her gag as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she climaxed again, long since forgetting how many times that had happened.

Cider gave the softest of moans as she watched the display…Something that Ledger didn’t fail to notice. He turned the nymph over so she could lie on her chest before turning her toys back down to manageable levels...and then he looked over at Cider with a wicked grin.

“Oh look, a new contestant enters,” he purred at her. She squeaked at the sudden attention, but opened the door and trotted inside.

“The problem is,” she sighed as she looked at the two. “Ah jus’ don’t know who to play with first~”

“Oh don’t worry,” Ledger said as his horn lit up, and her spare set of bondage gear drifted out. “I know who’s going to get played with~”

“Ohh, so ya think,” she said. “That there is fer a stallion Ledger, and thanks fer helping me make up mah mind~”

“I can work with it,” Ledger commented as a few straps disappeared from the set, making it functionally identical to Scope’s. “I’m pretty sure it’s ready for you, now~”

“Ah horseapples,” Cider commented as she started to back up towards the door. The door that was swinging shut and locking behind her.

“Time to join Scope~” Ledger sang as he drew nearer to the mare. “I promise to be gentle if you promise to be good~”

“...Horseapples,” Cider muttered again. “Y-Ya’ll ain’t serious...right?”

Scope’s eyes said otherwise. Ledger drew close enough to whisper to the mare, and he did so, speaking words of reassurance.

If you really want out, I know you could easily break out...but I promise, promise, I’ll be gentle, and pleasing.

“Mhmm,” Cider nodded, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Still, isn’t it more fun when ah resist~?” He hummed a little before drawing back and smiling at her.

“Very well,” he said before he began his pleasurable task. Cider giggled and gave him a bedroom stare.

“Well then, let’s see what you got, mah big sexy stallion~”

Ledger’s smile turned mischievous as he floated the gear closer to her form. “Brace yourself,” he warned Cider before he began tying her up like he had Scope. The earth Pony blushed, but let the stallion do as he pleased.

Scope groaned, watching her last means of help fly out the window and crash into the sun…

Eventually Ledger was satisfied with the bindings on Cider and nodded once before floating her to lay next to Scope. “This little nymph found the most interesting of boxes, you know,” Ledger mused as he pulled out said box from where it’d been stashed.

‘Oh ponyfeathers!’ Cider’s eyes widened. How in the hell did Scope find that? And did Ledger even know what half of those things did?

Or worse, he knew exactly what they did…

“I’ll admit to not knowing what some of these are for,” the drone said as he rummaged around in the box. “But some of these seem...fairly obvious.” He found two toys that he thought Cider might be able to handle and grinned wickedly. “Hmm...the lube was around here somewhere…”

Wait, two? Lube!? Where was he planning on putting that second…

Oh hay!

She’d never… and she was gagged… BUCK!! Eventually Ledger pulled back up with a container of the stuff, his magic applying it to both of the toys he’d pulled out, leaving her guessing as to which he was going to stick where.

“Hmm...Which one should I put in you first...and where…” Cider’s eyes widened and her ears flattened as she glanced at Scope. Just what had these two been doing up here.

Curse her pony curiosity. Ledger took the smaller of the two and prodded it against her lower lips, watching her face for a reaction. “Hmm, this one here?” he wondered aloud.

Oh? Well, maybe she misjudged what he wanted. She closed her eyes and gave a muffled moan. Ledger nodded and slowly eased the toy into her, something easily accomplished thanks to the lube. She moaned a little louder, her traitorous body already supplying plenty of natural lubricant as he pushed the toy inside of her. Once it was all the way inside her, Ledger hovered the larger toy behind Cider with a malicious grin on his face.

“Which means this one goes here,” he said, as it prodded against a never-used-for-that entrance. Cider’s ears suddenly stood straight up as her eyes widened, she went to make a muffled protest, but the first toy caused her to moan instead. Ledger slowly pushed the first inch inside his mare, making sure to ease her into the idea instead of hammer it all in at once.

She shrieked as she tried to move, nope, she was trussed up tight. And that was when Ledger started vibrating the toy in her pussy with his magic, seeing as how it wasn’t a vibrator. She let out a loud moan as she closed her eyes, her back arching as much as it could in her bindings.

Scope just lay there, looking at the drone and wondering if he forgot all about her. Ledger hummed as he resumed pushing the toy into Cider, before looking over to Scope.

“Well, you seem recovered,” he said as he walked over to the nymph. “Maybe I should fix that…”

Oh hives! She instantly regretted everything again! Ledger looked at the toys in both of Scope’s openings and hummed aloud.

“Looks like they come with five settings, and we’ve only used three,” he said. “How about...four?” There was a click from both toys as Ledger turned them up again. The nymph moaned as the toys came back to life and continued their relentless assault. She gave a particularly loud moan as she came again, her release squirting out and hitting Ledger’s hoof.

“Dirty little nymph,” he mock-scolded her. “Maybe I should just leave you like that while I tend to Cider…in fact, I rather think I will.” He turned away from her, not turning the toys down at all, as he refocused on the Earth Pony and the slow journey of her second dildo. One that he sped up a touch. She gave another shriek in protest, but he didn’t really seem intent on listening.

“Oh Ledger~” Scope whispered into his mind.

Mm?” he whispered back. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m rather occupied~

“I noticed,” she panted.

Then what is it?” he said before pushing the second of Cider’s toys with his hoof.

“Just wondering… having fun taking her virginity in that area~?” Ledger visibly paused as he looked back at the nymph.

...You’re serious?” he asked, not moving the toy one way or another as he processed that information.

“Well, she seems to be protesting pretty hard, and, I’m guessing your having a little trouble—HAaaah~” The rest was cut off as the toys prevented any further concentration on her end. Ledger walked around to the front of Cider so he could ask his questions.

“Cider, is this your first time taking something back there?” he questioned the Earth Pony as he stopped vibrating the toy in her pussy while he was at it.

She gave a small whine at that, but gave him a small nod.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked her, fully expecting another nod. She paused… hmm, did she?

She wasn’t sure… and well, he already had it there… so she simply shook her head. Ledger blinked, coming up with another question to ask.

“Maybe just go slower?” he posited to the bound pony. This time she gave a small nod, her hips wiggling ever so slightly.

“Oh don’t worry, I had an idea,” he said as he rolled her onto her back with his magic and pulled the toy in her pussy free with a lewd noise. “After all, you two aren’t the only ones to be affected by this rather hot display.”

What was he planning? Now that Cider was on her back, all she could see was the ceiling. She could feel him get on the bed, though, and lay atop her. Both Ledger and not-so-little-Ledger. “See, my thinking was,” he said as his magic slowly pushed the only dildo in her deeper again, slowly again. “I do this...and buck you at the same time.”

Cider gave a small shudder. Oh sweet Celestia, he was going to fill her soooo much~ Ledger shuffled a little atop her until he felt himself prodding at her lips. “Brace yourself,” he warned the mare beneath him, before burying half his length into her with one push. She made a sound, something between a scream and a moan as her body tried to accommodate both large objects. Ledger smiled wickedly, not that Cider would be able to see it, as an idea occurred to him. He decided to match both paces.

When the toy went deeper, he went deeper. When he stopped pushing himself in, the toy stopped. He wanted to see how she’d react to this~

Her body writhed as much as it could, and even now, the straps barely held the pony down. She gave a muffled groan, panting heavily through her gag. Ledger hummed before putting a kiss on the tip of her muzzle.

“Did you like that?” he asked with as much innocence as he could muster, holding himself and the toy as still as he could. She gave another small nod, she knew this was going to hurt later, but that was Future Cider’s problem, right now, she just wanted to be bucked into the mattress.

The straps gave another sound of protest, straining to bind the powerful pony. If Ledger didn’t give her what she wanted, then she was going to take it for herself~

“Do you want me to keep stuffing both of your holes?” Ledger asked with that same innocent tone. “Keep in mind, that means both holes being pounded at the same time...”

Okay, yeah, definitely going to hurt later. Still, she gave a small nod and moved her hips slightly. Ledger drew back from her tunnel, the toy mirroring his motions, and thrust into her. The toy slammed home a second later in her tailhole, making a lewd sound as the lube it was coated with did its best to ease the passage. She gave another muffled scream as both her holes were ravished.

Scope had finally turned to her side, so she could watch the show as her own toys buzzed inside of her. She managed to re-open the link, so she could pant and moan right into Ledger’s head.

The stallion, spurred on by the idea that both the bound mares liked what they were getting, thrust all the harder into Cider, glad that he could keep the toy moving like he was. Which, at the moment, was hard and fast. The fact that these straps had been expensive was the only reason Cider didn’t tear them so she could hug Ledger while he rutted her. So she settled for laying there, whimpering and moaning instead.

“Hmm, do you promise to be a good mare if I ungag you?” Ledger asked, slowing down just long enough to ask his question and get an answer from the bound pony.

She gave a small nod, her hips bucking despite the bindings. Ledger used his magic to remove the gag from Cider’s mouth, wanting to actually hear what she had to say as he kept up his steady pace. She took a deep gasp, before a loud moan escaped her lips.

“Ahhh, h-harder, buck me!” she begged him. He obliged the mare, bucking both her holes hard, courtesy of the toy in her rear. She asked for it, she got it~

Cider moaned louder, spurring him on as she clenched her muscles, squeezing both objects inside of her tightly. Ledger was forced to slow down, but that didn’t mean he didn’t still have an idea for how to have fun~ With a thought, he looked over to Scope and turned the toys up to their maximum setting. “Let’s see how long she lasts,” he whispered to Cider.

The answer was not long at all, Scope had climaxed so many times now, she didn’t even know when the last one ended and the next one started. She just lay twitching on the bed, over-stimulated and her scent filled the room as she unconsciously released her pheromones. Something that caused Ledger a moment of panic, before he forced himself to be calm. This setting was the reverse of the one when he was introduced to their power over him. He steeled his nerves before looking at Cider.

“Think I should stop tormenting her?” he asked, barely keeping his fear out of his voice. Cider shrugged, not realising what was going through his mind right now. And cognitive thought was utterly lost with the nymph…

“Then maybe I’ll just set the toy randomly,” Ledger continued as he turned the toys in Scope down to three, so that she could congeal her mind a little. The drone decided that the best thing to do to take his mind off of what Scope had done was reassure himself that he was in control. So he picked his pace up with Cider, pounding her furiously to work out his fear.

Eventually, Scope came down from her high and as soon as she sighed, she realised what she was doing and gasped, stopping the flow before it did any harm.

“S-Sorry,” she whispered to the frantic drone.

It’s...okay...well, no it’s not. But this situation is the reverse of that one in almost every way.’s not ideal, but it’s not terrible either.” Ledger had eased up a little now that the pheromones were easing up as well.

“Well…” She groaned as she used her magic to free herself of the toys and bindings, though her body had locked up from being still for so long, along with the relentless pleasure. “On the bright side, you’re with ponies that actually love you this time.”

True,” Ledger replied as he resumed pounding Cider. “Mmm, gonna cum soon,” he warned the farmpony.

“F-Fine… do it,” she urged him, she was getting close herself. She leaned her head up and gave the drone a tender kiss on the lips.

Ledger moaned into the kiss before his thrusting became erratic. With a few final, mighty thrusts, he buried himself as deep into Cider as he could before letting loose with yet another load for the day, the toy mirroring his motions as best as it could. Cider howled at the experience, as her own climax triggered and she moved her hooves, the straps holding them down snapped like string as she wrapped her forelegs around the drone and held him tightly. Ledger nuzzled into her neck as he made a mental note. Either get better gear or don’t bother tying up Cider again.

Scope snorted, sure, Cider gets all the hugs and kisses...


A little magic to make her eyes look extra bright and sparkly as she tilted her head and chirped cutely, her arms wide for a hug. Ledger rolled his eyes, but used his magic to bring the nymph closer and cuddle with both mares at once.

“Thanks,” he eventually said to both mares.

"For what?" Cider asked.

"Yeah, you don't thank your mares for sex Ledger," Scope said. "That's just insulting."

“Either of you could have broken out at any time, but you played along,” he pointed out. “You could have said no, could have turned it on me. But you didn’t. I’m thanking you for being yourselves.”

"It's fine," Cider said as she pulled the toy from her tailhole. "Ahhh, ah reckon ah’ll need an ice pack though.... ouch."

“If I had known, I never would have-” Ledger started to apologize.

"An' if ah'd not wanted it, ah' have bucked you through the ceiling," Cider interrupted him. Threats were always scarier when you could actually back them up. "And while it hurt like all hay, ah liked it well enough. Jus' don't expect a repeat anytime soon."

“Got it,” the drone said with a nod. He then returned to cuddling the mares and sighed happily.

Chapter 64 - Get your pony running...

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Turns out that Narrow had led Fredrick back to his place, she wouldn’t have to pause to unlock any doors, so she could run all the way to the bedroom. By the time she dashed inside and flopped onto the bed, she looked back, panting slightly and hoping she hadn’t left him too far behind.

There was silence for a good moment or two before she heard scratching from above her.

“What the?” she looked up, and her eyes widened at what she saw. Fredrick, clinging to the ceiling above her, looking down on her with the most wicked of smiles she’d seen him sport yet. It was only now she noticed the window was open.

“One. I can’t believe I forgot you had wings,” she said with a gulp. “Two, I find myself wondering how you cling to the roof like that. And three…” She gave him a small smile. “Be gentle?”

“No promises,” he said before letting go, twisting and turning in the air to land around the pony on his bed. He’d likely have to examine that wood later, make sure it wasn’t too badly damaged for his clinging to it. But for the moment, it was worth it.

She tucked her legs in to avoid kicking the bird. Nothing kills a mood quite like a hoof to the family jewels. But now she was trapped under him, and the scent of her previous arousal was back with a vengeance. Fredrick leaned down and ran his claws through her mane, gently soothing the pony under him, before a familiar member made itself known as it poked at her flank.

“Mmm, somepony’s all worked up,” she cooed as she shifted, squeezing him between her thighs. “How about we fix that for you~?”

“Don’t tell me you aren’t suffering from a similar condition,” Fredrick said as he lightly tugged her mane with the brushing claw. Just once. She gave a moan at that, she loved the way he dominated her, and wondered what he might do if she really let him take control.

Still, she wanted to have a little fun first. She squeezed her thighs together, rubbing his shaft between the silky fur. “Hmm, maybe, but girls are a little more subtle about it~”

Fredrick let out a moan at her teasing, before he decided to fight back. His claw trailed down her spine before hitting a few spots on it. Little did he know his brother had done something quite similar not too long ago...Or more likely, he suspected, but didn’t bring it up.

Her reaction was something else, as he felt something wet coat his member as she shuddered and gave a long, low moan.

“ did you… haaaah,” she panted, still riding the high from her climax.

“I guess you were more worked up than you thought,” Fredrick teased. “I’ve been reading up on pleasure points of the common pony for just this purpose. Didn’t expect to make you cum with one touch~”

“Smartass,” she muttered. She tried to squeeze her legs, but after the massage and her climax, she felt too weak… Fredrick rolled her over and started rubbing her stomach with a claw, to tease her further.

“Aww, and here I am without any relief of my own,” he mock-whined.

“Now, would I have done something like that?” A second voice asked as another Narrow poked her head under his hind legs, already licking at his shaft. She cast the spell back in the hallway, then got the clone to hide until the perfect moment.

That moment was now on her back, under his hindquarters as she rubbed his tool with both hooves, giving it the occasional lick or kiss.

“You tell me,” Fredrick replied as he shifted Narrow 1 out from under him and scooted back to lay atop Narrow 2. He gave the supposed clone a kiss, holding it for as long as he dared before breaking for air.

Narrow had put a hoof to her lips, as he kissed the other one. “Now that was… interesting,” she murmured as her lips tingled pleasantly.

“It was better for me,” the second replied, before she bent forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Fredrick moaned as he was given some oral attentions, resisting the urge to buck and instead decided to give the second Narrow the same sort of caresses he’d given the first.

Both ponies moaned and wiggled under the touch, before the first Narrow’s horn flashed and she cut the empathic link, she was already worked up and that was making it hard to think. The second just took more of Fredrick, until she displayed no gag reflex as her nose was pressed firmly against his belly and her throat squeezed him.

“Makes me wonder if both of you share this,” he said as he stroked the clone again, hitting a few points on her back as he did. It was good, yes, but he’d never had a mare under him that wasn’t pleased, and he didn’t aim to have that change now~

The small puddle forming under her showed she was pleased as she pulled her head back and bobbed a few times, before she pulled off of him for a moment and gave a loud moan, before taking the head back into her mouth and sucking on it. Fredrick stood up, prompting the clone to stand up if she wanted to continue her task...which was what he was waiting for. With a evil grin on his beak, he reached around behind Narrow 2 and began teasing her netherlips with one claw.

She gave a muffled squeak, but wasn’t deterred from her task as she too another inch, her hooves against his flank as she pushed against them, trying to get him to buck his hips. Narrow was not watching quite attentively, her hoof already working her clit as she gave a few moans of her own. Fredrick, surprisingly, refused the temptation and instead used his claw to stroke the outside of her lips a few times, gathering quite the sheen of moisture on it. With a quick press, his claw was inside the clone, drawing back and forth through her tunnel.

“Hmm, now this is quite the show,” Narrow mused, grinding her clit furiously with a hoof, her juices already leaking out again.

The one that Fredrick was pleasing gave a few muffled shrieks at the sudden clawfucking, and responded by deep throating him again, her tongue poking out to lick at his balls while she did. This time, the griffon didn’t resist temptation. He put his free claw on the clone’s back for leverage, then started to buck his hips in time with his claw drawing in and out of the clone’s pussy. He was going to get off and get her off.

She pulled back a bit and allowed him to fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time, giving him muffled moans and squeals as he did. Narrow had moved to teasing herself with magic as she switched the link back on and moaned loudly as the feelings hit her all at once. Fredrick decided to switch his game up a little. When his claw withdrew from the clone’s pussy, he gave her clit a quick flick before shoving it back in. Extra stimulation for the both of them~

Both mares cried out at that, as Narrow worked her clit with her hoof, her mouth open as her tongue lolled out as she panted. The one under him also squealed with pleasure and they both convulsed, cumming hard under the sensations he was inflicting on them.

“And now,” he said before pulling out of the clone with a wet pop. “My turn.” Fredrick then gently turned the second Narrow around so that he was prodding something else with his cock.

“Mmm, you’d rather do her than me?” Narrow cooed from her spot on the bed. The griffon easily slid into the clone, as lubricated as they both were.

“Don’t tell me you can’t feel this,” he cooed to both mares. “But if she doesn’t make me cum before she cums again, I’ll come over there and do you as well, promise.”

“Oh, then she had better cum first,” Narrow said as she crawled over and Fredrick was treated to quite the sight, as one Narrow begun kissing the other. The sight spurred him to start bucking the mare under him.

“No promises,” he sang as he stroked the mare. “After all, don’t you feel what they feel?”

“Mhmm, so that kiss felt… weird,” she said, working her way so she was under the mare currently being rutted. “But I can do this,” she said as she cut the link again, before resuming her make out session. Fredrick didn’t stop bucking the mare, though he did start pinching and poking certain pleasure points he’d read about. He wondered when the mare he was bucking would cum again, if indeed she would cum before him.

It looked promising, as Narrow teased her teats with her magic, continuing her oral attentions on her neck at the mare in the middle moaned with each touch from the pair. Fredrick leaned down and bucked a little harder into her, before one claw reached up and lightly tugged at her mane. Between the teasing, the rutting and now mane pulling, the mare shuddered and came again, her walls clamping down on Fredrick as she howled, climaxing for a third time.

“Well,” Fredrick said, waiting for her to stop squeezing him so tightly. “I think she loses.”

“Aww, what a shame,” Narrow cooed as the copy panted and released Fredrick, collapsing onto her other. Fredrick gingerly moved the exhausted mare over before giving the one remaining under him a lusty gaze.

“Guess that means you get me,” he cooed to Narrow 1. She winked at him and wiggled her hips a little.

“Guess so,” she replied. “Whatever shall I do~”

“Just hold still,” he said, lining himself up with her entrance. “And I’ll buck you through the bed.” One smooth thrust later, and he was half-buried in the mare. She gasped and flicked her horn again, switching the link back on as the other mare suddenly groaned and started to twitch a little. Fredrick leaned down and kissed her deeply as his hips started to pick up where they’d left off, already pistoning into the mare at a good pace. She returned his kiss, her soft tongue intertwining with his as she bucked her hips to meet his.

“Love you,” she murmured as she hugged him close.

“And I you,” he returned as he didn’t let up for a moment. “Mmm, I’m close. You still safe?”

“Always,” she replied. “Do as you will, my big sexy beast~”

Fredrick grunted before his pistoning motion became erratic. He gave three final, mighty thrusts as he then held himself still as deep as he could get inside Narrow. His length twitched a few times before it began to fill her with his release. Both mares groaned at the feeling of being filled, the one under him cumming around him, clamping down and milking his throbbing member.

“Haaa,” he said. “That...was a good session.”

“Agreed,” Narrow nodded, too tired to dispell the spell right now. Maybe they could all go for round two when she woke up…

Speaking of, the Unicorn had already drifted to sleep under him, with him still inside her. He eventually pulled free of the mare before gathering both her and her clone up for one big cuddle.

“Jonathan better not find out you can do this,” he muttered. “Otherwise he’d ask to play with one every night.”

And speaking of the Griffon in question, one might wonder if he had indeed had any luck with a mare or stallion since Narrow showed up…

Chapter 67A - Changeling - Gryphon relations

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They finally arrived and a flare of Twilight’s horn opened the door. “I think this one here should suffice,” she said, showing them inside. Like every other room in the castle, it was massive. A large four poster bed sat against one wall, as well as a large dresser and mirror on the opposite side. A small balcony could be seen outside the window and it offered a view of the southern end of Ponyville, showing the forest and the distant mountains.

“I hope you like it,” Twilight said.

“It’s lovely,” Amy said as she squirmed around in Ace’s grasp to take in the entire room. The Griffon chuckled as he put her down, watching her zoom from one spot to another.

“I swear she’s like a foal sometimes,” the bird laughed as he looked at Twilight. “And thank you for this Princess. We’re most grateful.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Twilight smiled. “Like I said, you’re friends, and this place has more rooms that I will ever possibly use. It’s no problem.” She turned to leave, but paused at the door. “Oh, and I was also quite serious. Do clean up after yourselves if you make a mess. Spike is the one that cleans this place, and I do not want him cleaning up that sort of thing.”

“Got it!” Amy said as she zoomed back over to hug Twilight. “I’ll make sure wonderbird doesn’t get anything but me messy.”

“Aaaaaand that was too much information,” Twilight replied, but returned the hug. “I’ll see you in the morning. Have a good night.”

“That remains to be seen,” Ace chuckled. “Perhaps my little dessert will be a little more lenient tonight.”

“Perhaps,” Amy giggled as she released the princess and leaned on him, stroking her griffon with a hoof.

“Well, here’s hoping my night goes as well as yours,” Twilight nodded, thinking about what might happen after this. Amy smiled and waved with her other hoof, while the one stroking Ace began to...wander.

Ace squawked in surprise and looked at Amy with a disapproving scowl. “Not in front of the princess,” he said, and the Alicorn giggled lightly.

“Well, Amy doesn’t seem to want to wait, so I’ll let you go,” she said and closed the door, Ace sighing and looking at his mare.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Silly Acey, you know what to do with me,” Amy replied with another giggle as she turned and strutted to the bed, giving her griffon a highly provocative show. The Griffon purred appreciatively and stepped closer to the bed.

“Hmm, now where to start?” he wondered aloud. Amy shot a smoldering look over her shoulder before she climbed up on the bed, flicking her tail to the left and right.

“I could,” he teased, running a claw around the outside of her mound, though he avoided touching anything too sensitive. “Maybe I should take my time with this one. Teach this lazy little mare some patience~”

“Acey~” she moaned, wanting him to not tease her. She wiggled her hips slightly, trying to entice him to do more than just touch her.

“Mm?” he just hummed as his claws teased her body, touching, caressing, even to occasional lick or nibble, but he still didn’t touch her anywhere she wanted him to.

“Please stop teasing me, Acey~” she moaned and lowered her head, basking in the sensations that weren’t what she wanted.

“Oh, you say that,” he said, trailing a claw down her spine and noticing some liquid run down her leg. “But your body? That tells me something much different.” He lowered his head and licked up the inside of her thigh, but stopped before reaching the source.

Amy let out a much louder moan at his touch, wanting so badly for him to do more...but she knew she’d been riding him pretty hard as of late, so it was only fair that she finally go at his pace. She just lay there and waited, impatiently, for him to do more than touch her.

He continued to tease her, touch her… and when she was almost writhing with anticipation, he moved his claws to touch her neck and shoulders… and distract her from what he was really doing.

Which was lowering his head and gave her clit the smallest of licks. She shrieked, not having expected the touch, but since she’d been teased so much, she was extra sensitive to it. She could feel herself let loose another small bit of her fluids at his ministrations.

The Griffon lapped at her thighs again, licking up her release before chuckling and deciding she’d had enough and all but buried his beak inside of her, his pointed tongue darting out and lapping at her insides. This time she bucked and moaned, trying to push him deeper into her as she felt him licking at her insides.

“Hmm, somepony wants this huh?” he purred as he pulled his beak back and moved his claws, one teasing her clit, rubbing the small nub back and forth as the other cupped one of her teats, teasing the nipple. Amy let out another shriek at being touched so well, his earlier ministrations combining with the ones he was giving her now to culminate in her soaking his claws with her actual release.

And while she was still in the throes of climax, that was when he grabbed her hips and then buried his hard length inside of her, thrusting in and out of her twitching pussy with a steady rhythm. She eventually stopped cumming around him, only to moan as she felt Ace giving her exactly what she wanted.

“Yes, more, harder, please,” she begged her gryphon.

“If that is what my little Dessert wishes,” he hummed and drew back his hips slowly, teasing the nymph a little, before ramming it back in and he begun to pound her into the mattress.

“Yes!” Amy shrieked as she wished she was facing him so she could hold him close. “Yes yes yes yes YES! Don’t you dare stop!”

“Oh? You mean like this?” he hummed as he paused for a moment, enjoying the whine that escaped her throat before he resumed his thrusting with even more vigor. He then tucked in his wings and fell on his back, pulling the nymph so she was now on top of him as he grabbed her hips and just slammed her up and down on his cock.

“H...hang on,” Amy said, signaling for a pause so that she could not only get her bearings straight, but also so she could try and change position slightly. Namely, so she could turn around and look in his eyes while he did this. He waited until she was ready, before he pistoned his hips again, thrusting up into her as he used a claw to draw her in for a kiss.

Amy moaned into the kiss as she used her forehooves to grip his chest, using that for leverage. Leverage so she could add her own movements to what Ace was doing to her. She lifted her rear up and down in time with his thrusts as well as she could.

He let out a loud moan as his thrusting became a little more erratic, the Griffons grip getting tighter as he moaned out her name. Amy leaned over a little more to look in his eyes, grinding her hips against him.

“Cum for me, Acey,” she cooed to him. “Fill me with your seed, our foal.”

He grabbed her hips and then drove himself up to the hilt as gave primal screech and poured his seed inside of her, his cock pulsing as shot after shot filled the nymph…

She moaned again, cumming as she felt him fill her up, finally. Her walls rippled around him, drawing out his orgasm and milking him for every drop. She dropped from her mostly-upright pose to laying on his chest as she felt him continue to fill her. The Griffon stroked her back as he finally stopped, and just lay there, still hard inside of her as he nuzzled her neck.

“I’m sure it’ll happen someday,” he whispered. She nodded and hugged him a little tighter.

“With all the sex we’re having, I expect twins, at least, out of you, buster,” she responded semi-jokingly.

“Heh, if that was the case, we’d have a herd by now,” he laughed, holding her close. “Still, it’ll happen. You’re meant to have foals, I know it.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Amy said as she just leaned up to kiss him once, on his beak. “Up to you if we have another round tonight or not.”

“Well,” he motioned towards the fact he was still inside of her, and as hard as a rock. “Up to you my sweet.”

“You’re not tired?” she asked with an imaginary raised eyebrow.

“I’m surprised, even after carrying your buggy behind around all day, but, he seems to be up for it, so I’m just lay here and you can do whatever you like,” he mused. She gave him another kiss before leaning back and starting to grind her hips again, giving her griffon a show as she started to warm up for round two…

Yeah, she’d been to the Love Shack before, she knew a trick or two from watching the others~

“Hrrmmm, Acey likes,” he growled, making sure she knew he was watching her. Then Amy decided to do a little improvised pole-dancing...and she already had a pole~ She twirled around him without removing his cock from her pussy, making sure to clench very tightly as she showed her body off to the griffon below.

He moaned at the sensation, this was certainly a new one… and made a mental note to see her actually poledance at some point. His cock twitched inside of her, giving its approval as well. Amy moaned again, before she returned to facing him and grinding her crotch against his. She ran her hooves over her chitin, showing her curves off for the griffon as she started to slowly rock back and forth.

“What does my Acey want?” she purred.

“Mmm, I had my fun teasing you,” he replied, nipping at her chest. “But I do have a soft spot for that wondrous tongue of yours~”

“Too bad for you, I’m interesting in keeping you right where you are,” Amy replied, taking the opportunity to put a hoof to his chest, both to push him back down into the bed, and so she could raise her rear end for a second, before slowly lowering it back down.

“Oohhh,” he groaned. “So now somepony learns patience huh?” He couldn’t really move from under her, but she hadn’t said he couldn’t use his hands, as his claws moved to tease her clit and teats again. She moaned at his touch, before she put both hooves to his chest, for more leverage.

“What can I say? I’m an inconsistent mare,” she replied as she started humping him with a bit more enthusiasm. It was still a slow pace, but now she wasn’t stopping. He then got an idea, and his claws slowly traced their way up her sides, following the lines in her chitin until he reached the shell on her back. Once there, he rubbed the edge until he slid them under the shell, teasing the soft skin under her wings.

“Oh buck,” Amy said as her pace hitched, having to consider just how much she trusted Ace in this moment. This was a dangerous game. Her wings were very fragile. One wrong move…

But she trusted him. “Oh buck,” she moaned as she felt him teasing her very sensitive skin. “That’ And not unpleasantly so.” She slowly started to pick her pace back up, wanting not to go too fast just in case Ace’s claws caught on something. He pressed a spot that was usually reserved for one of the winged equines and was pleasantly surprised when it had the same effect, causing the shell to open and her wings to extend.

Now that they were out of the way, he continued to tease her skin, as his tail flicked up, the furry tuft on the end slowly dragging down her back.

“Buuuuuuck,” she said, moaning pleasantly and nearly collapsing on top of Ace as he kept up his teasing. She’d never been touched like this before, and now she regretted that fact. She just hoped he didn’t take advantage of her sudden weakness…

His teasing suddenly became even more relentless, bucking his hips up to hilt himself inside of her again as he raised his head and drew her in for another kiss. He now held the tip of his own tail, using the soft fur to tease her, brushing it around the base of her wings.

She let out another lewd moan as she nearly came from the feeling of him teasing her so well with his tail. She ground her hips around as she tried to get him to shoot another load into her before she came again, but it seemed like she might fail in that regard. He just kept coming up with more inventive ways to stimulate her.

Not that she was complaining. Heavens no.

“Hmm, it seems I’ve discovered something rather fun,” Ace chuckled as he continued to tease her. He moved the claw that wasn’t holding his tail back down and rubbed at her clit again, while he traced licks and nibbles along her neck.

Amy let out another shriek as she came for the third time that night, her pussy spasming around his cock as she lost the fight to stay upright, collapsing onto Ace’s chest. He was just...too good at stimulating her. Granted, he’d had time to get that way. Time and a lot of practice.

“Mm, there’s a good mare,” he cooed, finally letting up on his teasing, but continued to buck into her, even as she came. “Does my little treat want her reward?” Amy could do nothing but nod dumbly at this point, so exhausted was she by so many orgasms in quick succession. Well, quick for them at any rate.

He nodded as raised his hips again, thrusting into her with loud, wet slaps, until he groaned and gave her another filling, not quite as impressive as the first, but filling none-the-less. Amy sighed happily as she felt him filling her again.

Maybe...maybe this time it would take, she hoped.

Ace just sighed contently as he finished and held her close. “I love you,” he whispered into her ear and gave her a gentle kiss on the muzzle.

“Love you too,” she muttered back, already ready for a nap. Yeah, sleep sounded good…

And sleep they did…

Chapter 67B - Thestral - Alicorn relations

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Midnight frowned as she followed Twilight through the castle, wondering where they were going.

“You know, I do remember where the room that I used last time is,” she said. Well, not that she minded following Twilight. She certainly had a nice view at least.

“That’s all well and good,” Twilight replied as they reached a room and opened it. They’d waited until Spike returned, helped him with the dishes and now Twilight had led the bat to a very specific room. “But you’ll be staying here tonight.”

Midnight’s frown deepened as she walked inside. It only took a few seconds of looking at some of the furnishings to tell who's room this was.

“This… is your room,” she stated, noticing some photos of Twilight’s friends, and a few cute plush toys and such.

“Mhmm,” Twilight nodded as she walked inside and closed the door. “If… if we’re going to continue this herd thing, then there’s something I have to confirm.”

“Oh?” Midnight asked, still a little surprised to be in a Princesses bedchambers. “And what might that be?”

“W-Well,” Twilight blushed. “I need… to figure out…” the rest of her sentence was too quiet, even for Midnight to hear.

“Yeeeees?” the bat pressured, stepping closer to the mare.

“I um, need to figure out… ifIlikemares!” she said quickly, causing the Thestral to pause.

“You… don’t know if you like mares?” she blinked. “Um, but before…?”

“Ledger’s always been present, or I just lose myself in the moment. But, I’ve never been in a romantic situation with a mare, alone before.”

“Is that why you came back here from Las Pegasus?” Midnight asked, as Twilight gave a small nod. The Thestral tapped her chin and hummed. “Hmm, well, I suppose I can see your point.”

“So, what did you want to do exactly?”

“W-Well,” Twilight said, looking around her room for some reason. “I… don’t know. What do you normally do?”

“Oh sweet Luna, she’s so bucking adorkable,” Midnight thought to herself. “Alright, well how about I try to romance you, see how you feel about that?”

“I guess, we could try that,” Twilight nodded as Midnight walked closer so she could look Twilight in the eyes. The Alicorn could already feel her heart beating faster as Midnight’s once again emerald-coloured eyes stared into hers.

“You have lovely eyes,” Midnight said gently, raising a hoof to rub Twilight’s shoulder. “And you are so cute, a lot more than most mares I know.”

“Oh, only most?” Twilight couldn’t help but throw out a jab like that. Ledger was definitely a bad influence.

“You haven’t seen Scopey at the height of her cuteness,” Midnight nodded. “Nopony can match that. Sorry.”

“Well, so I have pretty eyes,” Twilight blushed as she looked at Midnight. This close up, she could see all the details in Midnight’s eyes, they way her iris would shrink or expand based on the light, they way they sparkled, both with mischief, and kindness. “Wow…” the Alicorn could help but murmur.

“See something you like?” Midnight asked, and the princess blushed and nodded. “Hmm, well that’s good.” She leaned forward and nuzzled the mare. “How about that?”

“It felt… nice,” Twilight nodded. But to be fair, she nuzzled her friends all the time. But with Midnight, it felt… different somehow.

“And this?” Midnight asked, placing a small kiss on her cheek.

Twilight gasped lightly, before she subconsciously touched her cheek. Why? She’d done so much more with Ledger and even the group as a whole, but this was… her heart pounded in her chest.

“Hmm, and this?” Midnight murmured and pressed her lips against the mares, nothing deep or even a little sensual. Just a loving kiss of their lips meeting, before she pulled back to gauge her reaction.

“Pwaah?” Twilight’s face erupted into a fierce blush as she looked away. She felt lightheaded and her heart pounded in her ears as she wobbled slightly.

“Heehee, so cute,” Midnight giggled. “How do you feel Twilight?”

“I ah… I feel…” she looked away shyly as her ears folded back. “M-Maybe, further study is needed?”

Midnight’s gentle smile remained on her face as she led the mare over to the bed and nodded. “Okay, I think we can do that. Shall we turn up the level for the second phase of the experiment?”

Twilight just nodded again as she lay down next to Midnight, as the Thestral kissed her again, a little harder, but still kept her tongue at bay. She then trailed kisses down her neck, before nibbling her collarbone and chest. Twilight gasped with each and every kiss, her heart skipping a beat or three as her wings fluttered.

Midnight noticed and decided to try some very intimate for a winged pony. She moved her kissing along her shoulder, until she reached the base of Twilight’s wing. The bat shifted position and Twilight wondered what she was doing, until she could feel her fangs moving through her feathers gently, her lips tugging at some of them as her tongue straightened others.

“Ohhhh~” Twilight moaned at the preening she was getting. This felt amazing~

Midnight didn’t speak, she didn’t want to break any feathers by accident. She found one and gave it a tug until it came out, Twilight hissed, before giving a content sigh.

“Ahhh, that itch has been bugging me for ages!” she said softly. Midnight giggled as she finished one wing and moved to the other. She kept the feather she pulled aside though, she had an idea for that one.

After a half hour, Twilight was super relaxed as Midnight placed a few kisses along her back and then one last one on her lips.

“How does that feel?” she asked, Twilight responding by placing a small kiss on the bat and blushing.

“Do you even need to ask?” she replied. “That was amazing.”

“I liked it as well,” Midnight murmured. “But that was just level one, we still have two through ten to go through.”

“T-Ten?” Twilight blinked and Midnight laughed.

“Aw, don’t worry, even Ledger isn’t ready for Level Ten Middy yet,” she said. Only Scope and the Violets had seen that first hoof. She was pretty sure they wouldn’t forget anytime soon either.

Twilight breathed a sigh of relief, until Midnight pressed her lips against hers again, this time, her tongue probed her entrance, and the bat gave a pleasant hum when Twilight parted her lips, allowing her entry. The Thestral’s tongue entwined with her own as she pressed her lips together a little more, she allowed Twilight to explore a little, and the alicorn gave a little gasp when her tongue moved over her fangs, feeling a dangerous thrill at such a thing.

The two mares panted when they finally parted, Twilight placing a hoof to her chest as Midnight looked at her.

“So, have you decided yet, Professor Princess?”

Twilight thought about it. While what she was doing was certainly strange and new for her, not once had she considered if she actually liked it or not. She knew it felt good, but that was just the brain reacting to stimuli. Even a straight pony would have felt good having that done to her.

But then, she didn’t exactly dislike it either. Why was this so difficult?

“More testing?” Midnight said, her eyes taking a familiar glint. The thoughts that ran through her head now could probably give Ledger a boner, even from another city…

“Um, I think so,” Twilight nodded. “Just, will you stop if I ask?”

“Twilight,” Midnight said seriously. “I may act like a lusty pervert…”

Twilight couldn’t help but jab again. “So it’s just an act?”

Midnight frowned and poked her on the nose. “Keep going and we’ll go straight to Level Ten.”

“I’ll be good,” Twilight squeaked.

“Good, now, as I was saying,” Midnight took one of Twilight’s hooves and kissed it. “This is something I believe you should be eased into,” A slight pang of guilt shot through her heart, at Scope’s ‘introduction’ to it. She still felt bad about leaving her in that club that day. But at the time, she was just a nymph that tried to hurt Ledger… Midnight’d make it up to her sometime soon. “But yes, I won’t push you, nor will I try to make you uncomfortable. But, once I start, I highly doubt you are going to say stop, and actually mean it.”

Midnight moved as so she could lay Twilight on her back. “Now, do you trust me?” she asked.

“I trust Ledger, so of course I trust you as well, as I would Cider or Scope.”

“Good,” Midnight murmured as she trailed kisses down the alicorn’s chest and onto her belly. Now, she was going to send this princess to heaven and back. Her kisses kept going, until she reached the mare’s soft mounds and took one of her nipples into her mouth, humming as she licked and sucked on it. Twilight gasped and let out a small moan at the mare’s ministrations. That felt… really good.

“I’m going to keep going,” Midnight said softly. “Tell me if you feel uncomfortable alright?”

Twilight nodded, as Midnight kisses moved further down, until she could feel her tongue pressing lightly against her mound. The alicorn gasped again as Midnight’s tongue teased her outer lips, the forked tip flicking at her nub and causing the mare to gasp louder. Midnight giggled at the response and gave it another lick, before placing her lips around it and suckling on it lightly.

Twilight’s gasps had become quiet pants as her hoof moved to stroke Midnight’s mane. The Thestral hummed at the attention and her tongue dove a little deeper, parting Twilight’s folds and probing at her entrance. Twilight let out a stifled moan, her hoof moving to her mouth to avoid making too much noise.

“Mm, well look at this,” Midnight mused, rubbing the princesses slit with a hoof and humming. “Somepony is getting so wet~”

“N-No I’m not,” Twilight blushed. Was she really? Did this mean, she like mares?

“Well, the mare down here says otherwise,” Midnight replied with a sensual smile, the moonlight shining through the windows gave the bat a somewhat ethereal appearance. Twilight paused as the mare looked at her, those shining emerald eyes, her silky mane that seemed to glow in the moonlight.

“Wow,” Twilight breathed. “Y-You’re beautiful Midnight.”

Midnight Song blushed, using a hoof to brush one of her bangs out of her eyes. “Thank you,” she said quietly. “Flattery will get you everywhere with me.” She leaned forward, pressing her lips against Twilight’s with a much deeper kiss this time, She let her long tongue come into play, teasing and caressing Twilight’s like an elegant dance. The Alicorn moaned into her mouth, as Midnight eventually broke the kiss and smiled sweetly. “You’re beautiful as well, my sweet princess.”

Twilight blushed and panted from the kiss and Midnight smiled at her. “You know,” the bat said softly. “You’re not the only one that’s finding out new things tonight.”

“Oh?” Twilight blinked, not having expected that. “But you’ve been with a mare before…”

“I have,” Midnight responded as she cupped Twilight cheek with her hoof and kissed her softly again. “Tonight’s all about finding out if I love you, as much as I do the others you silly pony.”

Yep, that did it. Twilight’s face erupted with a massive blush as she buried it in her hooves. Midnight giggled at the adorable reaction. “Now, where was I?’ she hummed and then her eyes sparkled. “Ahh, I remember~” She shifted her body lower as she pressed her lips against the princesses lower ones and suckled on that sensitive nub again, causing Twilight to shriek in surprise and pleasure.

“Haaah, ahh~ Ohh, that feels so… Ah~” Twilight gasped as Midnight pressed her tongue against her opening again, and didn’t stop this time as the slick appendage slipped inside. Twilight’s hooves gripped the bedsheets and she arched her back. Midnight dove a little deeper, tasting the mare that was writhing on the sheets before her. Her tongue licked her inner walls, and Twilight gave a louder moan before her body shook and she cried out as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

Midnight hummed as she felt her tongue being squeezed and gave the orifice a few more licks before pulling back and smacking her lips together.

“Mmm, tasty~” she purred, placing some small kisses along Twilight’s thighs before moving back up to embrace the mare. She kissed her deeply and twilight could taste herself on the Thestral’s tongue.

“So,” Midnight asked her. “Have you decided if you like mares yet?”

“I don’t know,” Twilight admitted and Midnight’s ears fell somewhat. Twilight smiled and kissed her cheek. “But I do know one thing for sure.”

“Oh?” Midnight asked with a small smile.

“I don’t know if I could like any mare. But I know for sure that I love you Midnight.”

Midnight’s cheeks lit up a lovely crimson and she looked away. “You sure about that? I’m not the most… normal mare.”

“And your quirks are just one of the things I love,” Twilight giggled and pulled her into a hug. “Besides, I used to be a plain old Unicorn, and now I’m an Alicorn Princess? You are painfully normal compared to me.”

“True enough,” Midnight agreed and licked her lips again, removing any leftovers of ‘Essence of Twilight’. “So, shall we get some sleep?”

“We could,” Twilight replied, then a mischievous smile crossed her face. “Or I could return that favor you so lovingly gave me just now.”

“You… really want—Yipe!” Midnight yelped as Twilight suddenly flipped her onto her back with her magic and straddled her chest, facing away from her. “Uh, what are you… ooooh~” The bat’s question fell into a deep moan as Twilight all but buried her muzzle in her snatch, licking with reckless abandon. What she lacked in actual skill, she certainly made up for with enthusiasm. Midnight panted, stroking the princesses thigh as she continued her oral assault. When her tongue brushed up against her clit, Midnight let out a hiss and shuddered a little.

“Hmm, so that’s sensitive,” Twilight muttered, taking mental notes of what Midnight seemed to like and not like as much. “So if I do this…” The flat of her tongue pressed up against the button and she rubbed and flicked it. Midnight’s panting filled the room as she threw her head back into the pillow. She bit her lip as Twilight continued her relentless assault and then her eyes flew open as she gasped loudly and her body trembled, climaxing hard.

Twilight pulled her head back, but not before her tongue got a taste of the mare. Hmm, she tasted a little like mangoes. Tilted her head a little in thought, she shrugged and dove back in, her tongue lapping up the release as Midnight screeched with pleasure, shaking again.

Once the princess finally pulled back, Midnight was panting and shaking, a fine sheen of sweat coating her fur.

“Oh sweet merciful Celestia,” Midnight groaned. “Was… was that your first time eating out a mare?”

“More or less,” Twilight nodded and Midnight groaned. “Was it that bad?”

“Are you bucking kidding me?” the bat sighed and hugged her close. “That was bucking amazing! I can’t wait until you get some practice. Gods... “ She sighed again and pet her mane. “So good…”

Twilight smiled at her victory. Seems she got a good grade on her first test. All those books really paid off as well. She licked her lips and returned Midnight’s earlier gesture, kissing the Thestral deeply and letting her taste her own release. Midnight moaned into the kiss, her long tongue wrestling with Twilight’s before the couple broke it, panting lightly.

“Oh yes… you’re going to do just fine,” Midnight sighed. The two mares cuddled as sleep slowly claimed them for the night. This was the start of a beautiful relationship...

Chapter 67C - A queenly meeting

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“Hmm, perhaps you might be more open in somepony else goes first?” Chrysalis purred, though her voice sounded… deeper? That was when Amy felt something mount her, and something warm and hard prodded at her entrance.

“We’re friends, yes~?” And now very male Chrysalis whispered into her ear.

“Ooooh,” Amy moaned at the feeling. “Never had a drone...or a noble drone…”

“I’m… not sure how I’m supposed to feel about this,” Ace murmured, though Little Acey seemed to approve of the idea.

“It has been a long time since I took a nymph,” Chrysalis, or Metamorphosis as she preferred in this form said. “Last chance to back out.”

“Put your bits where your mouth is,” Amy said as she wiggled her rump, trying to tease the drone into doing what he was there to do. “Show Acey how a real changeling bucks.”

“As you wish,” he grinned and then hilted himself inside the mare with one massive thrust. Amy shrieked and clamped down around him, not having expected the sudden intrusion, but certainly not complaining either. She felt so...full. Her mouth hung open as her tongue lolled out, panting at being so filled, so quickly.

Okay, so Amy’s expression was pretty damned hot. Ace just watched as the mare seemed to be enjoying herself greatly.

“Such a good little nymph,” Meta purred into her ear. “Now, lets see you moan for your males.” He drew back and slammed his massive tool into her again and again. Amy did as she was told, moaning with every thrust in and every draw out. The thing was, she just wanted more...and looking ahead and under Acey showed her more all right.

“M...more,” she moaned out.

“Mhmhmhm, be a good birdy and take care of that would you,” Meta chuckled, motioning towards the nymphs mouth. “I think she needs something in there.”

Ace shrugged, figuring that they were well passed the point of no return. He raised himself up and dangled his length in front of her, wanting to see what she’d do. Amy leaned out with her mouth, took his cock into it, and began sucking on it like her life depended on it. Her tongue danced around his length as she bobbed her head back and forth, wanting, needing to hear him moan as well.

He finally gave the nymph what she wanted, her oral ministrations winning out over his undecided moral compass. He placed his talons on her head, not to force her down or anything, just resting there.

Meta just gave an appreciative moan as he drove his tool home harder, now gripping the nymphs waist and hammering it inside of her. Amy bucked back with every thrust, gripping the drone tightly as she could. He couldn’t hold out forever, surely.

Oh how wrong she was, he was a Noble, a King! And this nymph would know as such. Now, let’s see how she liked this little Violet trick~ He leaned down and nibbled her ear lightly, before chuckling.

“Oh I do hope you're ready for this… well, not that I’d stop if you weren’t~” And that was when he cast an emotional feedback loop. Everything she had felt up until now came flooding back in a single hit, and then kept coming!

Amy moaned, shuddered, came around the drone, and nearly buckled as she felt all that lust of hers coming back onto her. The only thing keeping her upright or sane was Acey in her mouth, which she focused on with a fervor like never before. He groaned and then suddenly grabbed Meta’s head and drew the drone in for a deep kiss as both males came hard, filling the mare on both ends.

Amy moaned again, wondering when, if ever, the spell would end. She’d never been so stimulated, and being filled at both ends was simply divine~ She made a note: try this out again later if at all possible.

Meta cancelled the spell as he drew back and reverted to her nymph form, sighing contently as a lazy smile crossed her muzzle.

“Ahhh, it has been faaar too long,” she groaned.

Ace also pulled back and gave his little nymph a deep kiss, and cleaning any residue from her mouth. “Have fun?” he asked.

“Soooo gooood,” Amy said as she all but collapsed into his embrace. “...She should try it.”

“You know,” he hummed lightly as he picked her up and carried her over to where Chrysalis was laying before placing her on another pillow.

Chrysalis lazed there, letting a happy hum escape her lips… Until Ace suddenly grabbed her waist and mimicked her earlier motions on his marefriend. She let out a surprised cry, even as that cry dissolved into a needy moan as the Griffon thrust into her.

“Yeah, like that,” Amy said from nearby, enjoying the show greatly.

She certainly hadn’t been expecting her morning to go like this, but in retrospect, Chrysalis wasn’t really complaining. That and aside from the mind-numbing pleasure, she couldn’t help but feel just a little jealous at what this common little Pink had. The noble nymph moaned as the Griffon ploughed her rough and hard, and then would switch to slow, almost loving strokes… then back again. Amy moaned in delight at the spectacle of Ace doing the queen so well. She was nearly tempted to pleasure herself as she watched, but she didn’t feel up to moving just yet.

And that was when Chrysalis smirked and hit her with the Empathy Link spell again, making sure the smaller nymph was feeling what she was feeling as Ace turned it up a notch, turning Chrysalis over so she was on her back and lay over her, his hips pistoning in and out of her as she howled in pleasure.

Amy’s moans became pants as she felt Ace doing her, even as he was doing the queen. Oooh, now she needed that spell~ She did her best to roll onto her back so she could pretend that her Acey was doing her instead, but she was still so full, she didn’t get very far.

Chrysalis moaned louder, as the Griffons thrusting started to get more frenzied. She wrapped her forehooves around him as he gave a primal screech and filled the nymph, his seed pulsing inside of her as she let loose with her own climax.

Amy moaned and felt the release ripple through her, feeling their climaxes like her own and giving her own up. Oooh...maybe...maybe having Chrysalis around wasn’t a bad thing after all~

The griffon was totally spent as he pulled back and fell onto his haunches, panting heavily as Chrysalis sighed and twitched. He couldn’t… what did he just…

...Maybe Ledger was on to something here?

“Hives above….” Chrysalis moaned. “Now that is how you spend a lazy day…”

Amy crawled closer and gave the queen a smile. “See? Isn’t he just the best?”

“I’ve had better,” the queen snarked. “Ohh, but he is definitely a solid second…” And all that freely given Lust, it was delicious~

“Humph, maybe I’ll actually try next time then,” Ace replied with a small huff. He did not settle for second best, no matter what he was competing in. Chrysalis blinked and slowly turned her head to look at Amy.

“...Next time?”

“If you come and see us in Las Pegasus before the wedding,” Amy said seductively. “Then I’m certain we could be...persuaded to a repeat performance…”

“Hmhmhm, now what kind of nymph would I be if I turned down casual sex of that caliber?” she chuckled. “Well, provided Sparkle extends my leash somewhat, we shall see.”

“Goodie~” Amy purred as she draped herself over the queen. “Now...I dunno about you, but I at least ate something beforehoof, so I’ve still got energy to spare~”

“Well, our toy there seems to be out of commission,” Chrysalis hummed, motioning towards the sleeping Ace. “Maybe you can show me how good you are at transformations. You seemed quite happy to brag about it earlier.”

“Eh, kinda trying to give Acey a foal,” Amy said with a wave of her hoof. “Cherry’s not gonna come out to play until I do.”

“Ah, a pity,” Chrysalis hummed… then paused. “You have been successful, yes?”

“Not yet,” Amy said with a shrug. “Though not for a lack of trying.”

“W-Well,” Chrysalis said, “what did I, a rather virile drone at the time, do to you…?”

“Hmm...fair enough, but you were the second one to get me during our stay,” Amy said. “Acey’s been the one that’s gotten the majority of the time.”

Chrysalis wasn’t counting her grubs until that hatched, but if she’d gotten some random nymph pregnant, her grandfather would never let her hear the end of it. Still…

“Well, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” she hummed to herself… just as somepony flew in through the window.

“I don’t why the doors locked Twi, lemme...just…” Midnight Song hovered there and took the scene in. She blinked a few times and then giggled.

“Never mind, I know why~” she sang out before winking at Amy and flying back out of the window.

“That… does not bode well for the future,” Chrysalis said blankly.

“It’ll make your breakfast a lot more awkward to be sure,” Amy said, deciding to get off of Chryssy so she could get her own food. “Be sure to tell me all the details.”

“Like hell, I’m not going out there,” Chrysalis retorted and pulled the nymph closer. “Hmm, not when I have such a delectable snack right here~”

“Aww...well Acey at least needs to eat…” Amy turned her eyes on the griffon, smiling mischievously. “Think you’re up to the levels of snark Middy’ll be packing, Acey?”

All she got was a few snores, reminding her that he was fast asleep…

“Shoot,” Amy said as she turned back to the queen, deciding to snuggle up. “Ah well. I’m sure they’ll remember their snark when we eventually go out there.”

“Curse the need to require actual biological sustenance every now and then,” Chrysalis muttered. “Sparkle will never let me hear the end of this…

Chapter 68A - Kinky magic

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“Oooooor I could take a break to try out some of the things I saw in the book,” Ledger said as he pushed the door closed.

“What new book?” the disguised mare asked, one eyebrow raised in question.

“Sugar Darling apparently decided my...arsenal of tricks could do with a few new ones,” Ledger said with a mischievous smile. “Let’s see what these new tricks do, hmm?”

The mare blinked, then smirked. “Hmhmhm, think you can take the great Daring Do! Silly little stallion.”

“Oh, I don’t think I can,” Ledger replied as his horn started glowing. “I know.”

“Is that so?” she smirked and pounced, but the stallion moved to one side and she landed on the floor. “Aw buck…”

“Let’s see what this does,” Ledger hummed as he cast a simple spell on the mare before him. It was near the beginning of the book and promised to warm things up.

She gasped and gave a twitch. “Wh-what?” she suddenly moaned as she became rather warm, down there. “What did you do?”

“Trick number one,” Ledger said as he drew closer to the mare. “I’d only read up to trick ten before somepony’s jumping around caught my attention, but her old unicorn lover supposedly had quite a few.”

“A-Ah,” ‘Daring’ replied and shook as the warmth worked it’s way up her body, causing her wings to stick out straight and small pants to come from her open mouth. “Ahhh~”

“Well I suppose trick number one works, now for trick two.” This one promised to shake things up, especially when combined with trick one. It was so useful having a willing test subject for this sort of magic…

Willing was a… loose term, she just hadn’t said no yet. Still, the second spell hit and she gave a powerful moan, she felt like she’d climaxed, but hadn’t and then the spell brought her back to the edge and held her there.

Ledger hummed as he observed the effects of the spells on Scope, before reaching out with a hoof and slowly stroking her flank. “Does somepony like?”

“Kyaaa!” she shrieked, the slight touch already tipping scales her body was holding, And again, the second spell prevented her from going over the edge, while the first brought her back up.

“What… haaah,” the Pegasus moaned, her body twitching from the continuous pleasure, but her release was so far not allowed.

“Well that’s interesting,” Ledger said. “I bet I could touch you all over and you wouldn’t cum.” One hoof started to head south, as if to give action to his words, before stopping just outside of touching anything fun.

She gave repeated cries of pleasure, unable to do a thing to stop him, well, not that she wanted him to, but this was tortuous.

“P-Please,” she moaned, her rose-coloured eyes pleading at him. “Let me… aaahhn~”

Ledger stroked a hoof across her mound, carefully avoiding touching anything but her lips as he gave it the lightest of touches. She whimpered and moaned again, he could tell she was trying to get her release, but the spells just wouldn’t allow it.

Ledger decided to cancel the second spell...before moving on to the third. The one that the unicorn had puzzled together from his time with Sugar.

A feedback loop.

He then cast the loop directly onto the little nymph, before repeating his earlier stroking.

Her cry almost deafened him as her body shook and she came. Hard. Her release splattering against his hoof and the floor as her eyes rolled back and she came again almost straight after as his new spell kicked in and all that Lust that had built up and had been released came flooding back, again and again.

It only took a few minutes for the mare to be reduced to a twitching mess on the floor. Ledger observed the puddle of mare on the floor for a moment before cancelling the first spell and just leaving the loop active, wondering how long she could last.

Scope twitched as her transformation cancelled out, she no longer possessed the higher thought functions to maintain it. After a third climax, she just groaned, utterly lost in the pleasure…

Ledger eventually cancelled the feedback loop as well. Most of the other tricks he’d read so far involved spells cast on himself, and he wasn’t eager to just try them out in a situation like this without knowing what would happen. Or if they were reversible. The other three at least could be cancelled. He idly stroked one hoof down Scope’s spine, wondering when if ever she would congeal back.

It took a little while, but eventually the nymph groaned and blinked slowly.

“Hunh? Wha...what happened?” she said, trying to get up, but her chitin had locked up on her. “Ohhh, wow...haah.”

“You helped me test some spells,” Ledger said, still stroking the nymph. “They were apparently very good ones. All I had to do was touch you, and you came.”

“Huh? Ahh, now I remember,” she sighed. “Damn… that was… don’t you ever do that again without permission… whew! I can’t wait to see you unleash that on Middy though.”

“Oh, I imagine she’ll be eating out of our hooves just to be allowed to cum,” Ledger said, still not stopping his ministrations. “You good?”

“Yeah… think so… just, stiff,” she murmured. “I think I’m stuck like this…” her eyes widened and she looked at Ledger. “Oh hell.”

“Well now, that’s an interesting predicament,” Ledger said, his malicious smile returning. “So if I were to do something like this,” and here his feather-light touch returned to her lower lips. “You wouldn’t be able to do anything about it?”

“Hyyaan!” Scope cried out, still hyper sensitive. Her head was fuzzy and when she tried to cast, it just fizzled out. “No I bloody can’t… craaap.”

“Well now the question becomes, do you want me to do anything?” Ledger asked. “Because I think we both know I certainly do.”

“Yeah, well I guess you do huh?” Scope replied with a cheek wink. “Well, not like I could stop you either way…”

“You could just by saying no,” Ledger said, offering her one last out even as he stroked her again.

“And have I said that yet?” Scope replied. “Go ahead and relieve that tension I see hanging there~”

“I rather think I will,” he said, giving her a dose of the accommodation spell before pushing his head at her entrance, waiting for her go ahead to his proposed line of action.

“Are you waiting for a written invitation?” Scope snarked. “I can have it to you in three to five da—”

That was when he thrust into her, taking advantage of her natural lubrication that she so copiously provided and the spell. She gasped, and even through the spell, she was still goddamn tight. She could really do anything though, she tried to move her hooves, but her limbs refused to move. Oh well…

“Hmm, you know,” Ledger said as he stood up, with her still impaled on him. “I’m tempted to just go back to the office and use you there...walking all the way…”

“You… wouldn’t dare,” she replied. “Somepony would see!”

Ledger’s horn flashed, coating her in a minor glamour to make her appear invisible to anypony that might see her. “Now they won’t,” Ledger teased as he took a quick lap around the room, to get used to the feeling of carrying her around. With that done, he pushed the door open and paused. “Oh, they’ll definitely still hear you though, so try to keep your mouth shut.” And then they were off on a pleasurable journey to Ledger’s office.

“I hate you so much right now,” she whispered into his mind. “I will get you back for this Ledger. Count on it.”

“Promises promises,” Ledger thought back to her as he was stopped outside of his office by a worker.

“Boss, I got some new ideas from the workers as to things we could do to help out around town a bit more,” the drone said. “Contracts they think we should offer, ya’know?”

“Hmm, these all seem like good ideas,” Ledger said as he flicked through the paperwork, enjoying it for once thanks to his little hidden addition. “I’ll think on them and get back to you, okay?”

“Sure thing,” the drone said before walking off again.

“I will end you...”

Ledger’s response was to walk into his office and lean back in his chair, before dispelling the invisibility and revealing Scope’s form again. “Looks like somepony wants her medicine again,” Ledger teased as his horn lit up. “Hmm...was it one, two, or three?...”

The Changeling was blushing so hard, one could mistake her for a Red instead of a Blue. She frowned at him and sniffed a little.

“That was really embarrassing, moron,” she muttered.

“Nobody could see you, what was there to be embarrassed about?” Ledger asked, stroking her cheek with one hoof softly.

“Idiot! They could have heard me, or your spell could have failed!” Her limbs had finally started working and she tumped his chest weakly a few times.

“They didn’t though, and I just wanted to try it out,” Ledger said, before regaining his lewd smile. “Besides, don’t tell me you didn’t find that hot.”

“...shut up,” she blushed and looked away. “Well, you gonna keep going or what?”

“Once you admit that you liked it, sure,” Ledger said as he traced the bulge he was making in her with a hoof.

“Nope, not giving you the satisfaction,” she muttered, folding her forelegs. Ledger’s horn charged up as he hit her with the second spell again, humming as it took hold.

“Then you’re not getting any either,” he said, issuing his ultimatum.

“F-Fuck you,” she groaned as the spell took hold. Now he wasn’t playing fair.

“I thought you already were, or vice versa,” Ledger hummed as he decided that she could do with a little moving. Namely, up and down on his cock. He gripped the nymph with his hooves and began to draw her up slowly, before, just as slowly, he pushed her back down.

“Haahhh~” Scope moaned as she started to get stimulated again. She figured that two were going to play at this and she wasn’t going down alone. She gripped her abdomen with her forehooves and squeezed while rubbing his length through her.

“Not bad,” Ledger said. “But I’m pretty sure it’s the second spell that keeps you from cumming, so try all you like to get me to cum. You’re not getting yours until you admit you liked it, and I’m not stopping until you have.” He gave the nymph another pull up and down, only slightly faster this time, to keep her a little off-balance.

“N-Not… gonna happen!” she gasped, he’d stop once he finished anyway, so she just had to get him to cum and cum hard. She was already scanning the spell he cast on her, but she couldn’t figure it out…

So that was when she wrapped his member in her magic and squeezed him with it. Ledger moaned, before deciding it was time for spell number six. Supposedly, it would keep him going and going, at the expense of needing to sleep longer later. If she thought he was bluffing, she was about to get a wake-up call.

Ledger cast the spell on himself and felt a tingle all over his body that eventually focused on his groin. He then leaned over and held Scope still before he started bucking, and bucking hard into her form. Her magic broke as she gave a sharp cry, the spell on her doing it’s job now as the nymph just shuddered, but couldn’t come.

“How...ahh, are you.. haaah, still going?” she panted.

“Secret,” Ledger said as he bucked erratically into the nymph, before he started filling her with his release. She gave a low, guttural moan as his seed filled her, giving her that delicious full feeling. She just lay limp, letting him stuff her completely…

It wasn’t long before he was done letting go his cum into her, but his spell from earlier kept him ready to go. With a squelching noise, he started up another round already.

“W-What… impossible… how?” She moaned, she didn’t really care, but still… the fuck?

“Submit,” Ledger growled. “And you’ll get yours. Fail to do so, and I keep going.”

“You can’t... “ she groaned. “Don’t care. m’the nymph, you're the drone. m’better than you so suck it,” she said, managing a cheeky smirk. She wasn’t serious of course, but his reaction should be interesting.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll be doing plenty of that later as well,” Ledger replied as he slammed her harder. He then hit her with the feedback loop while the second spell, whatever it actually was, was still active. Let’s see her resist this~

She practically screamed when he did that, between everything else… “AHHH! Okay, stop… too… too much, you win… haaah, just… ahhhh~”

“Say it,” he said to her. “Tell me you loved it. Tell me you want more of it.”

“Alright! Whatever you want,” she groaned, she could barely think as he continued to have her ride him, loud wet slaps as his previous release leaked out, running down their legs. “I loved it, I want more… please… haaaah, let me cum~!”

Ledger hummed, considering the idea...before he finally released her from both spells, letting her be herself at last. Her head fell forward as she bit into the back of his chair hard as she climaxed, one stronger than Ledger had seen from any of his mares as she squeezed him like a hot, wet vice. He could hear her fangs sinking into the chair as she gave a muffled scream of agonising pleasure.

It was too much for him as well, Ledger filled her up again quickly, before nullifying the spell on himself. It didn’t do anything to stop his second release into the mare, though. She groaned as her stomach swelled, the second release pushing her past what she could hold as she raised her hips and pulled herself off of him, his remaining shots hitting between her legs and her rump.

“ some wonderful magic, and I’m barely past the first chapter of the stuff,” Ledger panted as he ran a hoof across Scope’s shell in a comforting way.

“You will pay for that, dearly!” she growled, prying her fangs from the chair and spitting out a piece she tore off. “But right now… I need sleep,” she groaned before collapsing on top of him.

“Damn, I’m gonna need to fix that later,” Ledger said...before his eyes fell on the book, and he grinned manically.

Well, in the meantime...after cleanup, of course.

Chapter 68B - Even more kinky magic

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“So, then what do you intend to do then?” Midnight asked. Ledger half-lidded his eyes and there was a click from the door as it locked.

You,” he replied, in a tone that would have sent Twilight or Cider into a blush.

Aw, how cute, he thought a locked door would stop her. And even cuter, he thought he had the upper hoof.

“Okay Ledger,” she purred, turning her own bedroom gaze on. “You wanna play? Let’s play~”

Ledger lit his horn up and cast the warming spell first, before deciding to combine it with the hyper-sensitivity spell. He wanted to see what this new one did, and what the combination of them did, to the thestral~

She gave a pleased little hum, oohh, that felt nice. “Ohh, somepony has a few new tricks,” she cooed, running a hoof over her coat. Ohh, that tingled.

“Mmhmm, and I’ll be kind for now and not use the spell that sent Scope running...yet,” Ledger said with a wicked smile. “Do let me know what you’re feeling, I’m very much field testing these spells.”

“Mm, pleasantly warm and tingly,” she replied, rubbing her belly. “But, do take it a little easy on me hmm?”

“Perhaps I’ll answer your plea,” Ledger said as he came around the desk to gaze at her...luscious form. “Or perhaps I’ll just run through spells in this book and test them on you until you collapse, begging me to screw you.”

“I’m also pregnant, and that sort of rough treatment might cause some trouble,” Midnight replied. “You can test all your new tricks on Cider and maybe Twilight. But let’s not get too carried away with…” she paused and put a hoof to her mouth. “Oh sweet Celestia, I’m turning… responsible!”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Ledger said. “Hmm...well, I’ll keep myself to hooves for now then.” That prompted Ledger to sit in front of Midnight and stroke her form with his hoof. “Of course, with that sensitivity spell on you, I can only imagine how this feels…”

The bat shuddered, oh damn that felt good. All tingly and stuff… hmm? She pressed her muzzle against his in a kiss and purred delightedly. Oh, this was good too!

The kiss eventually broke, and Ledger started touching Midnight with both his forehooves. “Somepony likes?” he asked teasingly as one hoof squeezed her flank.

“Mhmm,” Midnight purred. “Oohh, you should cast it on yourself and find out.”

“Seeing as how one spell, when combined with some others, broke Scope into saying whatever I wanted just so I’d take it thank you, the hornhead will remain unenchanted,” Ledger said. The other hoof trailed along Midnight’s wing, lightly caressing it. She moaned at that one, her wings sensitive under normal circumstances.

And as Ledger checked his book, he noticed some fine print under the spell he cast, Namely, one that told he could adjust the level of sensitivity. He raised an eyebrow, before deciding to make her just a little more sensitive. Just to see what would happen. He repeated his earlier stroke to test how much more sensitive she was.

“Kyaa~?” She shrieked as that touch felt a lot more tingly. It was also causing a familiar musk to fill the room. “W-What did you do? That was… hmm, extra tingly.”

“There’s apparently a lot of settings I can use on the sensitivity spell,” Ledger said with a smirk. “I wonder, could I get it to be so high that the lightest touch causes you to cum?”

“One, I really hope you at least practiced these spells first,” Midnight shuddered. “And two, if you turned it up too high, it’d hurt. Like, a lot.”

“Fair enough, I’ll leave it there for now, though let me know if you want it to go back down,” Ledger replied with a nod. “Sooo, how does this feel?” His other hoof gently squeezed her flank again.

“Goooood,” she replied in a husky whisper, moaning at his touch. “And to think you were once a shy little thing, who locked himself away over a hard-on.” They grew up so fast. Midnight was proud of her little sexual deviant~

“You are either a terrible or wonderful influence,” Ledger said as he stroked her wing again. “Let me know when I’m getting you close to cumming by touch alone...I may or may not want to try that spell on you~”

“You’re gonna hafta work a little harder,” she replied, cooing at his touch. “Still, last night with Twi… aahhh,” she sighed contently.

“Hmm, maybe if I do this now?” Ledger mused as he drew Midnight in for another kiss. The mare hummed into his mouth, her ear twitching as she rubbed her thighs together. She had a thought as her hoof moved to her soaked clit and lightly touched it…

She all but screamed in pleasure into his kiss as she shuddered. Ledger quirked an eyebrow as the kiss broke. “Did somepony do something naughty?” he asked teasingly. “Something like touching themselves when under a spell to increase how sensitive they are?”

“...Maybe?” Midnight replied, looking like a filly caught with her hoof in the cookie jar. “Ooohh, that felt damned good. Imma do that again!”

“Before you do,” Ledger said, and charged his horn for spell two. “Just a precaution. Lemme know how that feels under this.” With that, the spell to keep Midnight from cumming was in place.

“What did you do?” she said, raising her own eyebrow as she moved her hoof back down, spreading her legs a little so Ledger could watch. When she rubbed her clit again, she cried out in pleasure, then… paused.

“Wait… what?” Why didn’t she? “Ahh,” she moaned again as the spell brought her back to the edge and she just continued to play with herself, using the endless cycle to stimulate her further.

“Near as I can tell, that spell will keep you from actually cumming until I remove it,” Ledger hummed as he watched his mare play with herself. “Though I am enjoying the show...I might not take it off for a while…”

“Ohhh, I can tell,” she purred, looking at his rising member. “So Little Levvy likes watching me do this huh?” She leaned forward and opened her maw, letting him see her long, wet tongue and curved fangs, as she dove on him, taking half his cock at once. Ledger moaned, then decided to return the favor. Using his magic, he gently pulled Midnight’s hooves away from her folds, before replacing them with his own soft, magical touches.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned around him, pushing her head down further, until she could feel her nose against his belly, the head of his tool in her throat as her tongue coiled around the base and squeezed. Ledger let out his own moan of appreciation as he used his magic to mimic something he’d seen Twilight do. He constructed a rough replica of the rod Midnight was currently devouring out of magic and poked it at her lower lips, letting her know his intentions before he carried the act out.

She pulled back slowly, letting her tongue drag along the base of it until she pulled it out with a wet pop. She shuddered again, but the spell prevented release and she gave a soft whimper. That was starting to get to her a little.

“Okay mister, what are you planning?” she said, trying to see behind her.

“Just a little double-teaming,” Ledger said. “I’m just curious to see what breaks first, you or the spell.”

“Hmm, too bad that’s not real, unlike Amy’s funtime,” she giggled. “Oh well, let’s find out then!” And with that, she got to her hooves so he could do this easier as she closed her mouth around his cock again, her tongue already coiling around it, licking and squeezing it. Ledger moaned happily at her attentions again, before slowly inserting his magical replica into her pussy. He was tempted to reverse the positions, but he’d stick to this, for now.

She gave a muffled squeal, she almost forgotten about that sensitivity spell. She bobbed her head a few times, getting a nice rhythm going and smiling when he bucked his hips once or twice.

Hmm. She pulled back, panting from being fucked from behind when she looked up and at him. “Hey Ledger, I thought of something you haven’t done before,” she purred.

“Oh?” he asked, while not stopping his magically made dildo from pistoning in and out of her at a steady pace. “Do tell.”

“Put your hooves on my back, though be careful of my wings,” she said. “Mount my face and fuck my mouth. You know you want to~”

“Mm, the idea is appealing,” Ledger admitted. “I was going to just bend you over the desk, but your idea has merit. Tell you what, if you manage to actually cum through the spell keeping you on the brink, I’ll let you choose the next position.” With that, the drone in disguise looked for a good place to grip her as he attempted to mount her face. He settled for placing his forehooves on her rump as he lifted his front half up.

Midnight nodded and took his member into her mouth again. She wrapped her tongue and moaned around him, waiting to see what he’d do. Ledger slowly started to work out how this would work, trying a bucking motion with his dick lodged in her mouth. Turns out it worked just like it would using the other end, with Midnight stuck between him and his magical construct. She just moaned louder, bucking her hips back a little everytime he thrust into her.

Ledger, now getting the hang of it, firmed up his grip on Midnight’s rump, suddenly reminded of the sensitivity spell as Midnight moaned. That was right, she was extra sensitive, wasn’t she?... He pulled a quill from his desk and used the feather to lightly brush along her wings, though he was really stretching his magic to do even that now. What with keeping three spells on her, along with his construct and his own lack of focus.

Her wings flared out from the touch as she squealed, the spell denying her again. She frowned and tightened her mouth around him, her tongue squeezing the sensitive area right near the base of his cock. Ledger let out his own groan as she did, before he decided to put the feather to better use.

Namely, stroking along Midnight’s pussylips, especially her clit. She screamed in pleasure, taking care not to suddenly bite down when he did that. She opened her mouth a little, letting her tongue loll out as she let him use her mouth as he pleased. If the spell had let her, she’d have come about a half dozen times by now, her body felt like she’d flown into a thunder cloud.

Ledger grunted as he decided to cancel the spell that got her warm, because they were quite clearly more than warmed up by now. He needed that magic for something else, if he was to keep this going for another round like he threatened earlier. With his freed magic, Ledger cast the spell for extra stamina on himself as he felt something coming. Something that he’d been denying Midnight for a while. With that thought, he started thrusting harder, on both ends, and the feather gave her pussy a very long stroke before ending with it teasing her clit again.

She gave another loud, muffled squeal and Ledger felt something tug at his horn, like it was being pulled and then something gave way and Midnight yelled out, spraying her release on the carpet behind her as her contracting pussy all but crushed his construct. The thought of her being so powerfully aroused that she broke the spell on her own gave Ledger all he needed to shoot his own release down her throat, filling her stomach with his seed.

The mare moaned as she gulped it down noisily, letting him hear it fill her. She bobbed her head a few times as she milked him with her tongue. Ledger moaned again as he returned the feather to his desk and debated over the spells on both of them...before deciding to leave them as they were. Fucking her with that sensitivity spell on would be amazing…

Then he remembered he promised her the option to choose the next position if she broke the spell…

She waited for him to get down, and made a show of licking her lips and smiling lewdly.

“Mmm, delicious,” she purred rubbing her belly. “Well that was fun~”

“Yup, sure was,” Ledger said, waiting for the other horseshoe to drop when she noticed he was still hard.

“Well, was it that bad? Or that good?” she asked, rubbing it with a hoof. “Hmm, you know. How about I leave the position up to you… on one small condition.”

“I’m listening,” Ledger said, curious as to where this was going. Midnight giggled and planted a small kiss on the tip.

“Sometime soon, you’ll let me do what I want. As in, you get Level Ten,” she purred.

“That sounds...problematic,” Ledger said, ears flicking in worry. “Are you planning that for any night in particular? I’d like to know so I can take the next day off from work.”

“Aww, you’re so cute,” Midnight hummed, kissing his nose. “You think you’ll only need a day to recover.” She leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Remember that day you picked me and Scope up from Sugar’s place?”

He did remember. Vividly. He even shuddered a little bit as he thought of that happening to him.

Midnight smirked. “That was only Level Eight~”

“Oh my,” Ledger said, now actually worried. “Well if it’s all the same to you, that sounds like a death by sex that I would rather avoid, so I’ll let you choose the position as per our bargain.”

“Aww, spoilsport,” Midnight pouted as she crossed her forelegs. “Well fine, I’ll just get you when you least expect it then.” She looked around his room, wondering what they hadn’t done in here yet. “What to do… what to dooo.”

Ledger just walked back behind his desk and sat in his chair while he waited for Midnight to choose a pose. Though, he did send a quick touch across her pussylips with his magic while he waited. Just to remind him and her that she still had the sensitivity spell on.

She yelped and looked at him with a small glare. “Well, excuse me that my brain is just a tad overwhelmed right now,” she huffed. “You could try bouncing an idea or three.”

“I’m still more than willing to bend you over the desk,” Ledger said. “Though you could go for the couch if you’re in a different mood. I really could do with more furniture in here if I’m going to be having such a healthy sex life in here.”

“Wouldn’t hurt,” Midnight mused. “Still, we did the desk thing last time and now I have images in my head too, thanks to Scope…” Then she got an idea and smirked.

“Wanna get even and get off at the same time?”

“Listening,” Ledger replied, now intrigued as to what she could have thought up.

“We go down and break in Scopey’s desk instead,” she purred, licking her lips again.

“That sounds...delicious,” Ledger replied as he cracked the door open. Casting a small glamour on himself to hide his arousal, he looked to Midnight with a raised eyebrow. “Anypony nearby?”

Her ears flicked and she nodded. “Two nymphs coming up the stairs.”

“We’ll wait for them to pass,” Ledger said, getting up to stand next to the ajar door. “Then we make a mad dash for Scope’s office.”

Unfortunately, the two stopped at Ledger’s office to drop off some reports. A rather large stack of reports…

“...Thank you for this,” Ledger said with a practised smile. “I’ll get these done as soon as I can, and get back to you if need be.”

The two nodded and left as Midnight came up from behind the desk. If they’d seen her, well, her cum-stained muzzle would have made what they were up to pretty obvious.

“I’ll get these done, right after you,” Ledger muttered as he put the papers on his desk. “Well, ready to leave a surprise for Scopey?”

“Mhmm,” Midnight nodded, following closely behind him. The drone cast a quick gaze down the hall, before he walked very briskly to the stairs, counting on Midnight to tell him when somepony was nearby.

“Okay, we’re clear, go!” she whispered. The pair made their way downstairs, homing in on Scope’s office. Ledger cast the spell to unlock the door from afar, and darted inside. Midnight soon followed, closing and locking the door behind her.

Scope’s office was a freaking mess. Pillows from the couch were tossed about and the chair was overturned. The Thestral also noticed hoofcuffs on the walls and desk.

“The hay happened in here?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you later,” Ledger said as he started to pick things up and put them in, somewhat, order. Enough so that they could break in Scope’s desk anyways. Midnight giggled, remembering that he once told her he cleaned Cider’s kitchen the day he met her.

“Forget kinky sex, I could just keep you amused by leaving one room in the house dirty and making you guess which,” she laughed.

“I’ve long given up on any room of the house being orderly, besides the study,” Ledger said as he sat in the chair. “I think I can restrain myself to this.” Indeed, only the area around the desk had been organized. Mostly so they would have an empty desk for their plan. And he was, amazingly, still hard. That stamina spell was potent stuff.

“You ah… sure that’s healthy?” Midnight said, poking at it with a wingtip.

“It’s just a spell to keep me hard until I dismiss it,” Ledger dismissed. “I did promise you another round, after all.”

“True enough,” she replied. Once the desk was clear, she climbed up onto it and and lay on her back. “So, does the big bad bug want his sexy bat?”

His response was to get atop her, then lean down and gently kiss Midnight. His cock prodded at her lower lips, sending a thrill through her form as the sensitivity spell just amplified the touch.

“Mmm, ooh, that feels, nice~’ she purred, kissing him back. “I still think you should at least put that spell on yourself. Think of how good it’ll feel~”

“I’m uneasy putting the stamina spell on me as it is, it has drawbacks already. If I combined it with the sensitivity one, the consequences would be drastic.” Ledger poked her again, this time a little more firmly. “I’d rather be able to undo them than not.”

“Aw, well fair enough,” Midnight replied as she pushed her hips forward, taking the tip inside of her. Tell Twilight later~

“Mmm, so does my big hard stallion want to fill his little bat? Or maybe she should get a bath like you used to give her?”

“The idea of just hosing you down is tempting,” Ledger admitted. “But you’d certainly draw attention to yourself if I did. Besides, it’s not like you can get more pregnant if I just keep up with the whole ‘filling you’ thing.” Ledger bucked his hips, burying a good half of himself into her with one motion thanks to how slick she was.

“Haaah~ well, I could also clean myself after,” she replied. “Just remember what my tongue can reach after all… I’ll give you a hint,” she leaned up and nibbled his ear. “Everything~”

“If that’s the case, you can clean yourself out after I give you a good filling,” Ledger said as he bucked again, nearly but not quite filling her with his whole length.

“Mmm, well I leave it to you,” she panted. “Your gifts are usually generous enough to do both anyhow...haaah!” she cried out as he thrust into her, her body tingling pleasurably as the spell he cast made her feel so much more. Ledger pushed the last few inches into Midnight and held himself there, letting her get used to the feeling of him filling her with that spell on for a moment…

And then he started to try and buck her through Scope’s desk.

Midnight howled in pleasure, her body erupting with a fiery heat as she reached out for something to grip onto, but the edges of the desk were out of her range, all she could do was lay there, sliding back and forth as Ledger pumped into her.

Ledger leaned back so that one hoof could snake downwards, and he idly played with Midnight’s lips as he kept up the pace. Out of curiosity, he flicked her clit once. She shrieked and he could feel her tighten.

Aw, that was adorable. She just had a little mini orgasm~ Ledger smirked and did it a few more times, before he returned to gripping the desk again. The better to pound her with.

“Hmm, I wonder what’ll break first,” the drone mused aloud. “You, or this desk?”

“Let’s...hah! Find out,” she gasped, her wet pussy clenching him harder as she moaned, her forehooves moving to hug his neck. Ledger leaned down to kiss her as he didn’t let up for a second. If anything, he increased his tempo a notch as he started to slam into her.

She moaned with each thrust, her tongue coming to play, reminding the stallion who was still best at using such an appendage as she kissed him deeply. Ledger started to groan as he felt his second release coming already, though he didn’t stop as he kept up his hard and steady pace.

Midnight groaned, she wasn’t even sure if she’d come yet or not, this blasted spell was causing such intense pleasure, she couldn’t… She suddenly screamed as one snuck up on her, her pussy clenching and milking the stallion as she came hard. Ledger grunted and filled his mare with another load, as her climax triggered his. He still kept pumping her as much as he could, though. The better to wear her out with.

Midnight eventually released her hug and her arms flopped onto the desk as she panted, both because of her own climax and the feeling of being filled so much. Not only that, but he didn’t seem to be stopping. How much did he have stored away in there?

Ledger eventually stopped cumming into her, though he didn’t go soft just yet thanks to his stamina spell. “Hmm, you and the desk are still pretty intact,” he mock-mused, wanting her to actually ask for mercy before he would give it. “Guess I’d better try again…”

“Ledger, if you fill me again, I may just explode,” she sighed. “At least remove that spell first, I’m having trouble feeling anything else.”

Ledger nodded and his horn shone as the sensitivity spell on Midnight was removed. Then he got a wicked thought, as he leaned down to kiss at her. “You do have other holes,” he mentioned. “I wouldn’t be filling you to bursting if I used that option.”

“It’s still in me, and you’re not the one that has to use the bathroom afterwards,” Midnight warned him. Ledger sighed before he held himself, ramrod-stiff still, still inside her. His role was less of bucking her and more of a cork at the moment.

“Fine. Oh, that’s an idea,” he mused. “Maybe next time, I’ll use that denial spell on myself, buck you through the desk, then just hose you down when I take it off.”

“Ohh, now you’re talking,” Midnight giggled. “Go on then. Hop to it lovercolt.”

“If you’re sure,” Ledger said, before casting the denial spell on himself. Instantly, he felt his hardness twitch inside her. Ledger gave it a buck, feeling the pleasure, then feeling it dull a little. Hmm, it worked by quickly bringing subjects down from highs? He could live with that for now. The drone then resumed his earlier frantic pace of just hammering Midnight, this time knowing that he wasn’t aiming to fill her.

Midnight groaned, it didn’t feel as intense as it did last time, but she was sensitive after her last climax, and a little sore, but she’d deal with it. She moaned louder for him, and when he looked down, she put on a rather lewd expression, her half-lidded gaze, her mouth open as she panted and moaned under him.

“Gonna buck you right through this desk,” Ledger promised as he didn’t let up for a moment. If anything, he was spurred on by her little display.

“Ohh, I bet you’d like that huh?” She purred, egging him on more. “Do it then lovercolt. Put your big, hard, meat where your mouth is and do me~”

Ledger, motivated by her words, did her even harder...and was the desk actually creaking? He seemed to be too engrossed to care, though.

She moaned louder, her voice shaking from his furious bucking. The poor desk gave a final, low creak and then cracked, Midnight yelped in surprise as her support gave way and the desk cracked in two, causing her to fall to the floor with Ledger on top of her.

“Yikes!” Ledger said. “I...didn’t expect that to actually happen.”

Midnight winced from the impact, before licking the side of his neck, her fangs grooming his fur. “You still have something to do yes?” she purred.

“Ah...I did promise you that...sure you’re still up for it?” the drone asked as he got his hooves back under him.

“Mmm, you wanna leave a job half finished?” she asked, wiggling her rump at him. Truth be told, the broken desk was keeping her pinned there. Might as well make the most of it~

“Hmm, better not,” Ledger said. “So, are we picking up with the bucking, or would you prefer I skip to the coating?”

“Whichever you prefer!” she said, wiggling her rump again. “Do you need some, motivation~?”

“I think I have all I need already,” Ledger said as he aimed his cock at the mare. “Just give me a moment to break my spell, and we’ll have a glazed Midnight on our hooves.”

Middy giggled, “Ohh sounds tasty, but still… let’s try science!” She dragged up some rather vivid thoughts, and then at the same time, started to pant and moan along with them. Midnight-grade Lust, now with a vocal track. It fueled the release that erupted from Ledger once he broke his spell, causing an already impressive and sizable load to be just that much larger.

Midnight moaned as he coated her, thick ropes of cum pouring onto her coat, her muzzle and face, her mane. It was everywhere!

“Oh sweet merciful Luna,” she sighed. It just didn’t seem to end for the longest time.

Eventually, the flow tapered off, but by then the pony beneath Ledger was more white than brown. “Whew...note to self, spells are especially potent, use with care.” Ledger had canceled the stamina spell with the denial one, and was now actually growing soft.

Midnight lifted one hoof and watched some of the substance drip from it. “Phew, went a little overboard didn’t you?” she said with a soft giggle, licking the tip of her hoof.

“Just a little, but you’re worth it,” Ledger replied, watching the show.

Midnight looked at her thoroughly coated coat and shook her head. “Hmm, there’s just a tad too much here for me alone. I think I’m gonna need a shower… don’t suppose you have one around here somewhere?”

“I think so?” Ledger said. “I seem to recall seeing one upstairs, I could probably teleport us to it.”

Midnight sighed and looked at her drone. “Why do I have the suspicious feeling that you have something different and far more perverse in mind?”

“Nope, all tapped out for perverse at the moment,” Ledger said as he charged his horn. “Scope and you sorta drained me very well.”

“Ahh,” she nodded and smiled mischievously. “Maybe I should just walk there then, save you on casting again~”

“I’d rather they not know exactly what I get up to when the doors close,” Ledger dryly replied. “Besides which, do you know where it is?”

“I’m sure I’d find it sooner or later,” Midnight mused. She giggled at his unamused expression and waved a hoof. “Okay, okay, make with the magic then!”

There was a silver flash and a small drop as the pair of them hit tiled flooring. Ledger shook off the disorientation and backed up, letting Midnight do as she would before turning to leave. That was when a still gooey Midnight latched onto him and giggled.

“Heehee, now you have to take a shower with me bugboy~”

“...Fine, but just a shower,” Ledger replied, turning back to the shower with Midnight still attached. Midnight giggled again and kissed his ear.

“Of course, what do you take me for?” she hummed.

Chapter 68C - A final magical touch

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“Righto, so maybe a home-cooked meal for Cider, and movie night with Scopey.” Twilight wrote that down and smirked as she discreetly pinched his flank with her magic as she wrote.

“Yeep!” Ledger said, before looking up from the book. “Somepony’s feeling frisky,” he observed.

“Hm? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Twilight whistled innocently. Ledger raised an eyebrow before returning to his book, but not before sneaking a quick magical grope of Twilight’s flanks.

The alicorn yelped and looked at Ledger. Ooh, so that was how he was gonna play this huh? She turned to levitate a book from his shelf, as a second spell stroked his horn gently.

Ledger bit his lip as the feeling of foreign magic flowing across his horn nearly made him moan. Nearly. He was barely using it to levitate the book in front of his eyes, so either the level of magic he was using or the touch she employed wasn’t enough to overwhelm his control. A flick of his magic, and a phantom touch ran across Twilight’s horn as well.

She bit her lip to stop her moan from coming out. He hadn’t verbally reacted either, so first to moan loses then? Okay, now that the non-existent rules had been set, she smirked as she decided to utilise a skill nopony in Equestria would know.

She conjured up a nice pair of invisible human hands and caressed both his flanks with them. Ledger’s eyes widened at the touch, not familiar with the feeling...but not complaining either. He decided to up his game as well, and see just how sensitive her wings were. A few magical strokes here and there should see if she had all the points he knew about.

She sighed, not moaned, sighed. There was a difference! She moved the hands along his back, pressing against his shell and moving to his shoulders. Ledger let out his own happy sigh as the feeling of her massaging him with...whatever this was. He then decided to give her a quick grope again with his magic, trying to get some greater reaction from the mare. He felt her flinch and sigh, before those hands of hers gripped his horn gently, stroking in opposite directions.

“Oh buck,” he softly whispered as the book fell to the floor. He couldn’t concentrate on her, the book, and what he was feeling. One of them had to go, and it was a sad sacrifice to make. He had to come up with a way to win this, and fast.

Then he got an idea. A cheaty idea. Ledger got a wonderful, terrible idea. He powered up his horn again and barely got a casting of the increased sensitivity spell out, aimed at Twilight.

She shrieked when the spell hit her and the touches on her wings became electrifyingly sensitive. She shot a glare at Ledger and frowned.

“That’s cheating,” she said, though her wings were as stiff as boards.

“You never said I couldn’t~” he sang back as he ran a magical touch down her horn. She shuddered again, well fine!

“So that’s how it’s gonna be huh?” she said. She knew this next move would escalate She grinned and with a flourish of magic, one hand cupped his balls while the other stroked his sheath gently.

“Sure you want to go there?” Ledger asked as he ran a touch along her netherlips, just barely not touching her clit.

She moaned, putting a hoof to her mouth as her magic touches left him. “Aw darn it.”

“I win,” Ledger said as he got out of his chair at last. “Hmm, what do I win, though?”

“You won because you cheated, so no prize for you!” Twilight poked out her tongue as she cast a Dispell on herself. “Too bad, so sad~”

“If you’re sure,” Ledger said with a shrug as he gave her one final stroke along her lips, this time actually touching her clit in the process. She shuddered again and shot him another glare.

“Yes, because you cheated,” she pouted. She then blushed and looked away. “Maybe when we get back to my castle. You could try Spell number 7.”

“Seven?” Ledger hummed as he flipped the book back in front of himself, unfamiliar with that one.

“The Insatiable Lust spell,” Twilight said, then giggled. “Maybe we’d get a little closer to knowing how Midnight works.”

“Hmm, that sounds like a headache waiting to happen,” Ledger mused. “Well, if you’re sure…”

“Well, it’s just a suggestion,” Twilight replied. “Or, we could just have a nice romantic evening, curled up by the fire, reading a nice book… eating some cheese. I have some nice wine as well…”

“Why not both, if we feel like it?” Ledger posed to the alicorn. “We’ll start things off your way, and if we feel like it, we can go to sexy experiments later.”

“We’ll see,” Twilight giggled. She grabbed some of his books that looked interesting. Tomorrow was going to be a loooong day…

Chapter 69 - Inspiring an artist

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Critical lay on the bed and struck a pose that she was sure would get a reaction from her stallion. She quickly did her illusion up to have an apparently wet mane, and waited for Palette.

The stallion had opened the storeroom, and offhandedly mentioned to Inspired that most of his paintings were kept in there. The drone could have a poke around without Palette looking over his shoulder. See the difference between his ‘Tourist crap’ and his real work.

As he walked into his room, he paused and his heart almost stopped when he saw the goddess lying on his bed. He swallowed hard and took a step closer.

“Uh… did I… interrupt something?” he asked, thinking that she just got out of the shower.

“No, I just recalled how you seem to react to me when I’m fresh out of the shower, and decided to give you a treat,” the nymph purred. “I’ve been waiting for you…”

“O-Oh, you have?” Now it was his turn to sport a blush, one part told him to look away out of decency, the other… well it was winning out and it had another piece of anatomy joining in as well~

“And something tells me, you’ve been wanting me as well,” Critical said with a smirk. “Why don’t you come a little closer?...”

He just nodded and stepped closer to the bed, rational thought getting bucked out the window. Critical giggled a little before patting the bed next to her.

“Come on, up here,” she said. “You can’t very well do much from over there.”

“Uh, right, I knew that,” he mumbled as he climbed up onto the bed and settled in next to her, inhaling deeply and taking in her scent. “You smell nice,” he murmured, nuzzling her mane.

“I’m glad you think so,” she said, cuddling him a little more. “Well, is that all you’re going to do? I thought you knew how to show a mare some appreciation…”

He responded by rolling her over onto her back, and began placing small kisses and nips along her neck and chest, his forehooves massaging her sides.

Thaaaaat’s better,” Critical sighed. “It always feels nice to be...appreciated…”

“Mhmm,” he said as his kisses trailed lower and lower, until he was nuzzling her thighs, his breath washing over her nethers as his hooves caressed her flanks, across her illusionary Cutie Marks.

“Oooh,” she said, restraining herself from gripping his head with her hind legs. Barely. “You do seem to know what buttons to press…”

“It’s not difficult,” he replied as he kissed her hind hooves. He had experience after all, and that book that her other father had sent him was quite useful as well. He held her leg and trailed his tongue along it, where one of the holes was…

“OooOOH!” Critical squealed. “Careful, those are sensitive!” She debated dropping the illusion, but decided to keep it up for the moment. More to see if he would do it again or not.

Oh? The book hadn’t mentioned that. He smirked as he poked his tongue out again, this time he licked along the inside of the hole, the illusion leaving him feeling a little tingly.

Critical let out another squeal at the feeling, writhing a little on the bed as Palette teased her again. He chuckled and then took one of her forehooves.

“Let’s see if these ones are just as sensitive,” he mused, licking along the rim of one of the holes.

The answer was yes. Yes they were. Critical let out another squeal as she bucked against his form. The feeling of him licking along her holes was just- oooh, there was nothing like it!

He chuckled as he gave the other leg some attention, as his hanging member brushed lightly against her clit. Critical moaned again, before doing her best to catch his stallionhood with her pussy, bucking against him again and again, trying to force him into her. He pulled himself back, which was rather difficult for him as well, before resuming his tongue treatment of her hooves. He had her all but pinned under him as he traced a long lick along her leg, and doing that even slower whenever he reached a notch or hole.

Critical moaned under her stallion, her concentration failing and her illusion falling as he kept up his attentions. At this rate, she would be wound so tight, one touch might set her off! Maybe...that was his plan.

He hummed as her form faded and his tongue was now pressed against the black chitin. He moved his head down a little as he drew her in for a deep kiss, his tongue passing through her open lips and caressing her own. And while he had her distracted with that, he bumped her waiting pussy with his member again, before sinking most of it in with a single thrust.

Critical screamed into the kiss as she came from that thrust alone, thanks to what he’d been doing earlier. Her walls gripped Palette even tighter as she did, trying to milk him of his seed before they’d even really gotten started.

“Now quite yet love,” he replied after he broke the kiss. “We’re only just getting started after all.”

“Haaaah…” the nymph panted under him. “Not sure how much more I can take after that…”

“Well, let’s see what you can handle then,” he said as he started to move slowly, as he held her forehooves above her head and started teasing her holes again.

“Noooooo…” the nymph moaned out as she started to get worked up again. “Not again…” She wasn’t sure she could handle his usual enthusiasm and his newest fascination.

“Hmhmhm, I think I quite like this reaction,” he chuckled as he drew back and gave a powerful thrust back in, before drawing back slowly and repeating the process. He looked at her horn and wondered… Well, wouldn’t hurt to try right? He leaned back down and gave her curved horn a long lick…

Critical moaned again, not having had expected that, but not complaining either. It would have been more effective if he’d done that when she was channelling her illusion, but right now, any licking felt good. “M...More...harder...please,” she begged him.

Hmm, so it wasn’t quite as effective. He’d have to see if the book had anything on that later. He sat up, pausing in his thrusting for a moment as he brought her hind hooves up, spreading her a little wider as she started to move again, a little faster this time as he licked at the holes on her hindlegs this time. He then placed his mouth around one of the notches and hummed loudly.

Critical squealed again, feeling like she was close to the brink once more. Palette was just...a beast in bed tonight! ...Maybe she should let him have more of whatever that drink had been back at the bar…

He gave her holes a few more licks, before he just held her hooves there and his rutting became more frenzied, slamming his length into her with loud, wet slaps. Critical moaned under him, wanting his release as much as she did hers. “Come on, you can do it,” she egged her stallion on. “Fill me up!”

“You, hah, sure?” he gasped. “You have your protection… right?” he grunted as he felt himself tighten. Not long now…

“I take it regularly, now fill me!” she commanded her stallion. He groaned as he dropped back to all four hooves, standing over her as he pumped in and out of the mare. With one last grunt and a loud moan, she felt his head flare inside of her as his release surged, filling her womb with his seed. Critical moaned at the feeling, both because she enjoyed it, and because it helped her own, second, climax come. Her walls rippled around him as she did her best to milk him of every...last...drop.

He groaned as he felt his climax finish, and he pulled out slowly, stroking his still hard member a few times as a few spurts landed on her belly, before he sighed contently, falling back onto his rump. Critical moaned yet again, this time in contentment, at being so filled.

“You...were wonderful,” she purred to him.

“I...hah, try,” he panted as he wiped his brow. He looked down and smirked as his member twitched a little at the sight of the nymph. “Hmm, perhaps you could help me out here,” he said with a lustful smirk. “I don’t think you’re full enough yet~”

“Hives, you’re insatiable,” the nymph said, though not in a complaining tone.

“I dunno what was in that drink,” he said as he helped her up and guided her mouth to his twitching member, their combined musk was almost overpowering. “But I should really get a bottle…”

Critical didn’t reply, her mouth was too busy cleaning him off. She could get used to him being like this. Her tongue curled around his shaft as she started bobbing her head slowly. He groaned as he held her head with his hooves, barely resisting the urge to push down. His hips did with a slight buck though, her tongue and lips were amazing~

Critical hummed a little around his shaft, having quite thoroughly cleaned him off and now wondering just what it would take to get him to blow again.

He moaned a little louder as he hooves pressed down a little as he bucked his hips up, still catching himself before he started bucking her mouth. Damned if that hadn’t felt good though. The nymph smirked and used her tongue and mouth in concert. Not only did she hum, but her entire tongue seemed to squeeze around him.

“Oh buck!” he hissed, his hips jutting forward again, trying to fit more of himself inside of her. He wanted to, but held himself back and let her do as she pleased. That was when she cast a small spell to suppress her gag reflex and thoroughly buried her nose in his crotch with no problems.

She’d have to thank Cadence for that one, if nothing else.

“Sweet Crystals,” he sighed, seeing the bulge in her throat from taking his entire length. And so effortlessly too. He groaned and gripped her head as he started to thrust into her mouth, panting and moaning as he did. It felt amazing~

Critical decided to let him take over the pace, while she concentrated on what she was doing with her tongue. It twisted one way, then another, squeezed, loosened...she kept looking for what he liked the best. He seemed to moan louder whenever she squeezed him, or pressed up against the underside of his shaft.

He thrust a few more times and then let go of her, panting loudly.

“I’m...close,” he sighed. “Where…?”

She didn’t move to get up, just squeezed around him again before drawing her tongue along the underside of his shaft, bobbing all the while.

“Fffuck!” he almost yelled and threw his head back as his orgasm peaked again, filling her mouth with copious amounts of cum. Even though it was his second load, it was just as impressive as the first. Critical let out a happy hum and did her best to swallow it down, barely keeping pace with him.

They hadn’t done this much, and that was something she would need to rectify.

He gave another low moan, the sound and sight of her drinking it down only spurred his climax, the last few thick ropes of cum firing out before he panted, absolutely spent.

“Well,” Critical said after swallowing the last of it down. “I can tell you’ve got...remarkable taste.” She didn’t regret saying that in the slightest.

“That...was bad,” he said breathlessly. “But you’re beautiful, so you’re forgiven.”

The nymph hummed as she moved to draw Palette into a hug, one he returned as he kissed her deeply, giving her all the freely given love he had. She moaned into the kiss, holding him close and wanting him to feel what she felt. Unconsciously, her horn sparked, sending a thin green beam into his body.

His eyes opened in surprise, at the sudden warm feeling that encompassed him, before he smiled and held the nymph close to him.

“I love you, Critical Eye,” he said softly.

“And I you,” she said back to him. “You have no idea how much I love you…”

He was pretty sure he had a good idea though, smiling again as he held her and drifted off to sleep…

Chapter 71 - A real hot date

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“The mare doth protest too much,” Twilight smiled as she kissed Scope again. “Why don’t you get… more comfortable.” She had a few tricks to try out that Chrysalis had told her about, ones to get the upper hoof on Ledger.

Scope shrugged, and with a flash of blue, Twilight was now hovering over a diminutive blue-tinted changeling nymph. “I was softer before, but okay,” Scope said. “Whatever floats your boat, your highness.” Yeah, she knew all about Ledger’s efforts to get Twilight to associate her title with dirty things.

Frankly, she thought it was funny as Tartarus if it worked.

Yup, not feeling guilty for using her as a test subject now. Twilight smiled as she held one of the nymphs hooves and prayed that Chrysalis was telling the truth. She licked her lips and planted a soft kiss on her hoof, before she licked the outer rim of one of her leg holes.

“Meep!” Scope said as she felt herself start to blush. “That...That felt good. Who told you about that? Not even Ledger’s done that to me...”

“Apbupbup!” Twilight waved a hoof and smirked. “You mustn’t talk back to your princess, little changebug.” She smiled as she resumed her earlier task, while her magic teased the nymphs hindlegs, tendrils of light and warmth snaking through the holes in her hooves, slowly caressing her thighs as Twilight’s tongue continued its oral assault.

“Buck!” Scope hissed. “Buck, buck, buck! Whatever you learned, don’t ever stop!” This was good~ Not quite intense enough to warrant stronger language yet, but still plenty good~

“Why would I stop?” Twilight mused. “I’ll not stop until you're screaming my name, rather than my title,” she purred and gave a long, slow lick along her horn before moving to her other leg. The magic tendrils gave a small wiggle, stimulating all the holes in her hind legs, before one flicked out, brushing against the mare’s clit ever so slightly.

Scope bit her lip in an effort to not shriek, holding off on screaming for just a minute longer. “Soundproofing,” she told the alicorn. “Don’t want them...hearing us.”

“Oh, what if I want them to hear on what they’re missing?” Twilight said, her magic teasing the mare’s nethers again. She gave a slow, sensual lick around one of the larger notches in her hooves and then snared the mare in a deep, hungry kiss. When it eventually broke, the nymph had a one-word retort for the alicorn.


“Ahh, whoops,” Twilight blushed as her horn flared, a transparent bubble surrounding them. “There we go, now you can scream all you want. Nopony will hear us~”

“Good,” Scope said before letting out a very lewd moan. Now that she could freely express herself without fear of Ledger making her have an awkward-as-all-Tartarus talk with the little drake, she was going to take advantage of it.

“Oooh, you sound so… mmm,” Twilight groaned as she her magic probed a little further, parting the nymph folds and teasing her entrance as she planted a few kisses along her neck.

That was it, with this new stimulation and Twilight’s magic touching her everywhere, Scope let out a shriek as she came under the lavender alicorn. Twilight’s eyes widened a little, not having expected that so soon. Was the alicorn really that good?

“Well now, so soon?” she cooed, cupping the mare’s cheek as her magic stopped for a moment. “Whatever will I do with you?”

“...more?” Scope asked/pleaded.

“Hmm, I guess I could do that,” Twilight mused as a band of light bound the nymph’s forehooves above her head, giving them the same treatment that her hind legs had gotten as Twilight shuffled lower, and Scope found that she soon had the mare’s tongue pressed up against her clit, giving slow, tantalizing licks.

Scope moaned and did her best to grip behind Twilight’s head with her hind legs, wanting to force the alicorn deeper. The princess giggled as she made a long, slow lick along her slit, before she practically shoved her muzzle inside the nymph’s entrance, her tongue probing inside of her. It was nowhere as ludicrous as Midnight’s, but a pony still had a fairly long tongue and Twilight was showing this off as she lapped at the mare’s insides.

Scope let out a yelp as she felt Twilight demonstrate her knowledge of the female anatomy on her walls. Oooh, that felt nice… The nymph quickly made some needy moans, enjoying the attention and wanting more and more of it.

Screw it, Scope wasn’t even giving her a chance to stand to the side come the wedding day.

Twilight smiled internally, she knew studying those anatomy and ‘How To’ books would pay off. She gave another circular lick and pulled out to rest her tongue and take a few breaths. That didn’t mean she would leave the nymph unattended. Another tendril of magic replaced her tongue, coiling up and filling the little nymph as it twisted and writher around inside of her.

Scope actually screamed again and did her best to buck against the magic. This mare was good with her horn! Why didn’t Ledger know how to do this?

On second thought, bad idea. With what he already knew, he didn’t need another spell to dangle over her.

“Ohh, so somepony likes huh?”Twilight smiled as she caressed the nymphs chest. “I must confess that I’ve used this on myself once or twice... “ She leaned down and whispered into her ear. “Wanna know a little unicorn trick? Channel a spell into your horn.”

As Scope did as she was told, the tendrils reacted to the magic and became much more active as Twilight hummed and took Scope’s charged horn into her mouth, sucking on it eagerly.

Scopes eyes rolled into the back of her head as she spasmed, twitched, and came again thanks to all the over-stimulation she was experiencing.

Screw the others. She was taking Twilight for herself.

Twilight chuckled as she deactivated the spells and held the twitching nymph close to her, cuddling her as the warm afterglow of her climax set in. “”Sorry, guess I went a little overboard. You okay Scopey?”

“...Mine,” Scope eventually said.

“Hmm, what is?” Twilight giggled, running a hoof over her back and tracing along the lines and gaps in her chitin.

“You, mine. We’re running off together right now,” Scope said as she eventually came back to rational thought.

“Somehow I think that the others might have a small problem with that,” Twilight giggled and kissed her cheek. “It is an enticing thought though.” She giggled at the thought of Ledger’s face if she ran off with Scopey. “So, you’ll be my little runaway bride then?”

“Got the roles wrong,” Scope said. “You’re my runaway bride.”

“Oh really?” Twilight replied with a cheeky smirk. “Kidnapping a princess now? Such a bold move for such a little Changeling~”

“‘s not kidnapping if you come willingly, and didn’t somepony, or should I say somebuggy, already do that once?” Scope said, beeping Twilight’s nose with a hoof. “There’s a precedent.”

“True enough,” Twilight smiled. The annoying thing? Twilight genuinely couldn’t tell if Scope was serious or not. “Still, you love Levvy and the others don’t you?” the alicorn pointed out. “And I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

“Better not,” Scope said as she hugged the princess. “You’ve bucked all of us, now we’re keeping you.”

“Guess I have no choice huh?” Twilight said with an over-dramatic sigh. “Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to make do with being surrounded by all these ponies that love me for some reason.” She smirked and booped Scope’s nose. “Don’t tell anypony, but I think you might be my favourite~”

“Bet you say that to all the nymphs you sleep with,” Scope replied as she hugged Twilight a little closer.

“Given you’re the only one, that statement holds truth for now,” she said and closed her eyes. She hadn’t gotten any attention this time, but that was alright. She was glad that she spent this time with the nymph.

Chapter 73A - Breaking in the couch

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Twilight smirked and looked at her drone. “Now,” she hummed and licked her lips. “Where was I~?”

“I believe you were about to explain why you know a spell to arouse changelings,” Ledger said without batting an eye. “Or how you learned it.”

“Oorrr,” she purred as she fired up the spell. “I can just do this again~ I haven’t used it on a drone before. Let’s...experiment~’

“Why does this sound like something I should have an issue with?” Ledger questioned rhetorically. Twilight giggled and cupped his cheek with a hoof.

“You reap what you sow dear Ledger. Who was it that made a joke about me being the, ‘Princess of Friendship with Benefits’? Hmm~”

“...Can we at least wait until we get upstairs?” Ledger asked, trying to put off the experimentation until he could return fire with his book.

“And give you time to come up with a counter… hmm, nah!” Twilight giggled and unleashed the spell on him, holding nothing back as she targeted all four hooves at once. Ledger let out a moan this time, not holding back.

“Sweet bucking Tartarus, how did you come up with this spell?” Ledger asked.

“A friend told me,” Twilight said as she looked at her spell going to work. The reaction was rather different to Scope’s. “I’m pretty glad they did now. It’s fun~”

“And I’m pretty sure if I had a spell to hit all of your weak points at once-” Ledger said, before smirking. Oh, but he did. He cast the spell that would get Twilight warmed up, remembering it well from his time with Scope in the office. Unlike Midnight, Twilight was still rather inexperienced at this sort of thing, so she let out a lewd moan, her own spell broken momentarily.

“Ah-ha!” Ledger said as he used his magic to best strike at her weak spots, caressing along her wings and horn.

“Y-You suck,” Twilight moaned, her wings already extending as her horn gave a few sparks, trying to re-cast but failing. Ledger smirked as he kept up the touches, not doing anything interesting just yet, but clearly trying to get the alicorn aroused. Another tendril of magic stroked along Twilight’s sparking horn as the ones on her wings softly touched the points he knew of.

Twilight moaned again, her tail smacking against the couch as she frowned and her horn shone with renewed determination. Then her mind blanked, what spell could she possibly cast? The ones she had only worked on mares…

She suddenly realised she’d started a battle she had no hope of winning...which was made even clearer to her when Ledger stroked her charged horn again, not shying away from the fact that it had magic. In fact, he seemed to relish this chance.

She let out a far louder moan this time, her wings painfully stiff as she shuddered and Ledger felt his abdomen get rather damp all of a sudden, the alicorn on top of him shaking slightly and panting heavily.

“Is somepony close to cumming, just from me touching them?” Ledger asked as he brought a forehoof into play, stroking along her wings.

“N-No,” Twilight replied, blushing as her mouth opened and she panted again. She had her forehooves on his chest, trying to push herself up, but the fact that he held her wings prevented her from doing so. Whatever that spell was he cast on her made her feel so warm and tingly. Her lower lips twitched as she moaned again.

Ledger gave her a few more magical caresses along her wings, and especially along her horn, knowing how much she liked that. “Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll stop teasing,” he said to the alicorn.

“Y-You and I… both know… that you won’t,” Twilight gasped softly, gods, she was this close already?

“Depends on how you ask, and what you ask for,” Ledger said as his magic gripped her mane and gave it a soft tug. That did it. Twilight gave a muffled shriek as she bit down on one of her hooves as she came, soaking the drone under her as she body shook with the climax.

“Done already?” Ledger asked as he lay there, basking in her afterglow. “Well, I suppose I can stop now…”

Twilight groaned as she lay there for a moment. Her horn shone as she cast a despell on herself, ridding her body of the charm that Ledger had cast. She smiled at him, before her own magic touched the results of her teasing and stroked it.

“My turn!” she purred.

“Oh my,” Ledger said, electing to sit back and watch instead of partake himself this go around. “And what do you intend to do with that?”

“I wonder,” she hummed as she used that teasing spell again, as she placed her hips over his hardened member, trapping it between the two of them as she rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her soaked lips against it.

“Oooh,” Ledger said. “That feels...very nice…”

“Just… nice?” she asked as she leant down and added a third stimulation of licking and sucking on his horn.

Buck!” Ledger swore, nearly putting action to word. “Somepony has learned very well from their time around us!”

“What can I say?” Twilight giggled as she decided to show him a little more of what she was capable of. Along with the treatment of his leg holes, she also stroked his horn and his member while she drew him in for a deep kiss.

After she broke it, she smiled at him… it was… a slightly unsettling one.

“Hey Levvy, do you wanna know a secret about me?”

“...Why do I get the feeling this is going to end poorly for me?” Ledger asked. “Um...go ahead?”

She’d had enough time to think now and smiled. “Did you know I can cast a spell, after only seeing it just once.”

“...Yup, definitely going to go poorly for me,” Ledger said. “So which one of my tricks are you going to turn back on me now?”

“That little warming one of yours,” she giggled and cast the spell. Ledger suddenly felt very warm, all over. He panted, before smirking up at Twilight.

“Did you fail to account for a rather critical difference in our anatomies?” he questioned the alicorn atop him.

The way he spoke made Twilight feel like she’d forgotten something very important. She looked down at the throbbing member that was pressed between them. “Explain,” she said, not getting it.

“The spell was made so that it would warm up a female, and vibrate just a little around their...yeah,” Ledger said. “It can’t exactly do that to me, though I am feeling a pleasant buzz in my exoskeleton.”

Twilight frowned as she looked at him. Well that was certainly annoying. She responded by grabbing his forehoof and licking one of the holes, giving the drone a rather lewd show as she rubbed against his member again.

Ooooh buck,” he said in Changeish, reverting to his native tongue for a moment. “You really know how to work a drone.

“Hee, not too sure what you said there, but I can guess it’s all good,” She giggled and gave his hoof a long, lavish lick as she pressed her hips a little harder against him. “Ohh, there we go, that feels good~” She moaned a little deeper and kissed him again. Ledger eagerly returned the kiss and bucked his hips a little in response to being so...stimulated. He wanted nothing more than for her to ride him until he blew, which wasn’t going to be too long now....

“I wonder if you’ll finish soon?” she said in a husky tone, her half lidded gaze staring into his own as she slid her hips down and rubbed against the base of his shaft. She moved one of her hooves to stroke the length as she did that. “Having a princess do this to you? Such a naughty drone~” she teased him. “Does this make you hot Ledger, doing something so lewd with a mare like me?”

“Buck yes!” Ledger said in response to all her questions at once. “Buck...I’m so close now…” He gave another buck in an attempt to garner some more attention from her.

“Let me hear it Ledger,” she purred as she slid down, then gave a tantalizingly slow lick along the underside of his shaft. “What dirty little thing do you want to do to your princess?”

“I want to fill you,” Ledger replied instantly. “With everything I’ve got to offer.”

“Hmm, but I haven’t taken my potion in a few days,” she replied, peppering his tool with small kisses. “It’s not safe…”

“Fine,” Ledger said with a huff. “It’s your call, I’ll not make you do something you don’t want to do…”

“I never said you couldn’t,” she purred into his ear as she stood over him.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” He asked with an imaginary raised eyebrow.

“Well, if you don’t want to…” she trailed off, her magic stroking his member as she nibbled on his ear.

“It’s not if I want to or not, believe me, I am always up for a bucking,” Ledger said. “But I wouldn’t dream about forcing you into doing something you don’t want to. Like sex without your potion.”

“There are morning afters,” Twilight said with just the slightest hint of irritation. “Now how many more hints do you want? Or should I just go and have a nice bath instead?”

“Oooh, it’s been awhile since I did it in the bath...but, up to you where we do it,” Ledger said, pecking Twilight with a kiss. “Seeing as how you’re the one on top.” No sooner had he finished that sentence, he found his twitching member buried inside the tight mare.

Twilight moaned at the feeling of being stuffed so suddenly, before she panted and opened her eyes. “I wonder how you feel now?” She asked him breathlessly. “Will you impregnate your princess hmm?”

“If that is her command, then I will do my best to follow it,” Ledger said, moaning at feeling her tightness gripping him again.

“No, no commands here Level,” Twilight said as she pressed her hooves against his chest and lifted her hips before starting a steady rhythm. “I want to know what you want to do to your princess, what you feel in performing something so… forbidden~” After all, many ponies coveted the alicorns as gods. They would never dream of doing something like this.

“I feel so incredibly turned on that you would even offer, that just the thought makes me throb,” Ledger replied. “Remember that little fantasy we played out in my office? There are times I wake from dreams just like that...Pleasant dreams.”

“Mm, well this is no dream Ledger,” Twilight giggled and ran a hoof along his chest as she squeezed her thighs, causing her to clench up around him as she rose and fell. “So tell me something else then—” she leaned in close. “—How does your dream end?”

“With me sitting on a throne, and you servicing me with a large, round belly,” Ledger admitted. “I usually wake up then.” He was so close...just the thought of that fantasy at this moment pushed him one step closer to the edge.

“What an egotistical dream,” she said, blushing at that mental image. “I wonder how I got to that state in the first place?”

“Probably by sabotaging all your potions or just keeping you away from them,” Ledger said. “Or maybe you got that way because you wanted it to happen…”

She shrugged and then slammed her hips down. “Why. Don’t. We. Find out~”

“Oh fuck!” Ledger said as he finally let go, cumming inside the mare riding him, filling her with his seed. She moaned at the feeling, and he didn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon either. It felt like forever before his torrent finally ceased and Twilight sighed and looked down, giggling slightly.

“Well, there’s that round belly you wanted,” she giggled, poking at her stuffed and swollen abdomen.

“Mm, it’s usually a little rounder and fuller than that, but I’ll take it,” Ledger said as he ran a hoof across her belly. Twilight giggled at the touch, content to stay there for a while yet.

At least until they heard the door open and could hear the voices of Cider and Sun Song…

“Two to the guest room,” Ledger said as his horn lit up, preparing a quick teleport for them both. Twilight’s magic flurried, making quick work of tidying the living room before they vanished, leaving only a few tousled cushions behind…

Chapter 73B - Cleaning up

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Narrow groaned, first Midnight, now dishes? Everything was getting in her way.

“Fine…” she grumbled as her horn lit up again and turned on the tap to fill the sink. “Housewife duties suck.”

“Mmm, true, but you did enjoy the meal, yes?” Fredrick asked as he continued his task. “Plus, nopony said we have to remain clean while we clean…”

Narrow had only been half-listening and just grunted a response as she got up onto her hind hooves so she could start washing. She didn’t like to rely on magic for everything after all.

That was about when Fredrick took the chance she presented and nearly mounted her by dropping down atop her, still cleaning the dishes all the while and humming ‘innocently’ as he did.

“W-WHA!?” Narrow stumbled a little and looked up at him. “Fred… the fuck are you doing?”

“Getting dirty while cleaning at the same time,” he answered. “You seemed to be after something like that earlier, if I’m reading you properly.”

“...Yeah, I’ve got nothing,” Narrow replied as she continued to wash the dishes. “So, what are your intentions Mr. Fredrick.”

“Oh, I’m certain my intentions will be quite a pressing matter relatively soon,” the griffon replied as something indeed started to press at Narrow. “Just let me know when you’re ready to reply to them.”

“Oh, I think I’m more that ready to provide a response,” Narrow chuckled as she placed a plate in the dish rack.

“Oh?” the griffon asked as he cleaned the pot out that the rigatoni had been boiled in. “And where do you stand on these hard issues?”

“I like to think deep on them,” she replied, pressing herself against him. “Maybe you can get to the root of the problem hmm?”

“Perhaps I can,” the griffon mused as he gently pushed back, just enough to tease her. “Though, perhaps we should ask a few teaser questions first.”

“Or,” she replied with a slight growl. “You could get to the point and come to a resolution?”

“Somepony is excited for the main event,” Fredrick chuckled. “I almost wonder which of us has the reputation~”

“It’s your fault,” Narrow replied as she wiggled her flank, teasing a certain something. “Perhaps you’ve trained me as much as I have you hmm?”

“In that case, it would be highly irresponsible of me to not ravish you,” Fredrick said, pushing against her form a little more firmly, though still stopping short of actual penetration.

“Indeed it would,” she replied. “To think, such a tantalising mare, going unattended like this. I think a certain gentlemanly griffon should rectify that,” she mused to nopony in particular as she just continued to clean.

And then Fredrick pushed harder, and actually slipped inside as he stood over her.

“Better?” The griffon asked as he held himself there, going neither forward or back. Narrow let out a low groan, dropping the plate back into the sink as she gripped the edge of it.

“Buuuuuck,” she sighed. “I will never get used to that.”

Never, huh?” Fredrick asked as he slowly started to slip back. “Well then I suppose I ought to stop trying to get you used to it, then…”

She squeezed him and smirked. “Then perhaps I should forget a certain spell…”

“Do that, and you cease being able to keep up with me,” the griffon said. “Freeing me up to send a certain box of sweets to a certain sun princess…”

“You don’t mean that,” Narrow replied, leaning back against him. “And besides, if I really meant that I’d never get used to it, you and I both know that would just spur you on to never stop trying~”

“Perhaps it would,” Fredrick said as he halted his retreat. “But maybe I need to hear you say how much you enjoy our times together before I’ll consider filling you again…”

Narrow tilted her head back. “You know I love you Fredrick,” she said softly. “And you’re not the only one you know. A mare needs to hear how much she is loved as well.”

Fredrick ceased his cleaning for a moment while he looked down and softly kissed Narrow on the lips. “Out of all the mares I have known,” he said. “You are the only one I would consider going steady for, and not just because you kept up with me. You care about me for me, which is more than any of the others ever did. I love you more than I can ever properly express, though I will forever try.”

“Well… damn,” Narrow replied, blushing quite profusely. “Let it be said you’re never not good with words.” She returned his gentle kiss and lay her head against his chest. “I know I’m kind of a pain in the ass, and I’m definitely not the refined or lady-like mare out there. Hell, Midnight is more of a lady than me. But… I can promise you that no mare out there loves you more than me. And not because of the skills you have, or the words you say…” She placed a hoof against his chest. “It’s what’s in here that matters to me. It’s what makes me want to grow old with you. So yeah, I love you as well you big lug.”

“Mm, I do love hearing that,” Fredrick said as he pressed forward again, burying himself a little deeper into Narrow.

“I’ll bet, my preening peacock,” she giggled, kissing his beak. “Hmm, speaking of cocks~” She giggled and squeezed her walls around him. “I know what to do with this one~”

“I do spend quite a bit of time preening for you,” Fredrick agreed as he ran a talon along her horn. “Mostly so you even consider going to this stage with me.”

“Mmm, you are easy on the eyes love,” Narrow sighed at his touch. She channeled some magic through it, not only so she could get more sensation out of his touches, but so she could provide some magical touches of her own. Namely around his wings and thighs…

Fredrick let out a small caw at the feeling and bucked his hips, burying over half of his length into the mare beneath him in one go, easy. She was good with her magic when she wanted to be!

“Ohhh, somebirdy likes~” she sighed and gave a lewd moan at his entrance. “Tell me, what do you want me to do to you~”

“I want you,” Fredrick muttered into her ear. “To take it all.” With that, he slammed his hips forward. Her eyes widened as his monster penetrated her and she let out a silent gasp.

“I… haaah~ Yeah, okay!” she panted breathlessly.

“Good,” Fredrick cooed to her. “Now, try to keep up.” With that, he set a rather brisk pace for his pistoning motions into and out of her.

She grabbed the edge of the sink again, even as his thrusting lifted her hind hooves off of the floor. She couldn’t do a thing right now but hang on for dear life. She just panted and moaned with each thrust…

“Mmm, thaaat’s good,” Fredrick said as he used one claw to hold the sink as well, stabilizing himself. The other? Was occupied with her horn.

Narrow’s eyes rolled back as her tongue lolled out, panting and moaning. Her mind clouded with lust as her magic started running on base instinct, caressing his wings and stroking his shaft while it was still inside her.

“Mmm, you’re good,” Fredrick said as he traced the groove in her horn gently. “But I bet I can still get you to cum first.” With that, the claw left her horn and trailed over to her mane, lightly tugging through the hairs there. She shrieked in pleasure, not doubting his words in the slightest. Her aura coated his entire wing, moving through his feathers and rubbing the muscles. Her walls clamped down on him and she tilted her head back to kiss him again. A kiss he readily met even as he kept pumping her and tugged on her mane.

She broke the kiss and groaned as she tightened up again before climaxing powerfully, her moans were music to his ears. Fortunately, or perhaps not for his reputation, she’d gotten very good at stimulating him over the course of their time together, and he wasn’t far behind her. With a few more erratic thrusts, the griffon began filling his mare up with more than just his cock.

“Mmmmm, so gooood~” she purred, her ebbing climax milking him for all he had. “Now I have your love inside and out~”

“At least you’re on your potion,” Fredrick said with a pant. “Otherwise I might be concerned with all that I give you.”

“Potion?” Narrow asked and giggled at the look on his face. “I’m kidding, just kidding…” She looked down at the mess on the floor and tsk’d. “Well, look at all this mess. And I just had a bath too.”

“There’s a solution to that,” Fredrick said, not withdrawing for the moment. “It involves us taking a shower and perhaps having another round.”

She gave a soft sigh as she pulled off of him and smiled. “Hmm, I suppose there’s no way around it then. Carry me?”

“I can do that,” Fredrick said as he left the dishes alone, in favor of caring for all of his mare’s needs…

Chapter 74 - The return of Moonie

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Moondancer took a breath as she nudged open the door to the club. With any luck, Sugar wasn’t too mad at her still. And as the unicorn mare poked her head inside, she raised an eyebrow at the scene before her.

A trail of exhausted mares, one after another, with nothing hiding just how they’d gotten that way, lay littered across the floor of the club. Each one moaning and barely keeping their disguises on.

“What in the world…” Moon whispered as she walked in, pausing to look at each mare. “Did Midnight flip out and lay waste to this place… again?”

“Worse,” one moaned. “He’s...insatiable. We should...have swarmed him…”

“You… have never seen Midnight at her best… or worst, depending on your point of view,” Moondancer said as she helped the mare to her hooves. “Where’s Sugar? Is she alright?”

“I think she’s...oh hives, it was either her or Two-Step that said they would ‘handle’ this,” the mare said as she remembered something she’d barely overheard.

“That, sounds like it does not bode well,” Moond said and floated a glass over from the bar and knocked back the liquor inside. “Okay, I’m gonna go see if they need saving… or if this guy does. Wish me luck.” She let the exhausted mare go and headed for Sugar’s room, hoping her marefriend was alright.

A minute later, the unicorn paused, almost walking into the room. She raised a hoof and knocked on the door…

“For the love of the hives, I told you to keep him locked up for at least an hour! Come back in ten more minutes and I’ll give you the key!” Sugar’s voice said from the other side of the door.

“A tempting thought, but you know I only like cute mares,” Moondancer giggled. The door all but disappeared as it was replaced with Sugar’s undisguised self.

“Moonie!” She cheered before wrapping her unicorn up in a hug. “You came back!”

“Mhmm,” the unicorn nodded and returned the hug. Her ears were still flat against her head though as she looked a little worried. “You’re… not mad at me anymore?”

“You apologized to her, yes? Then all’s forgiven as long as you don’t do it again,” Sugar happily chirped. “Hay, I fully expect Ledger to be undergoing a talk like this one when he learns she’s in the city.”

Moondancer paused. “You… you don’t know, do you?” The unicorn stifled a giggled and adjusted her glasses with her magic. “Who do you think she’s living with right now?”

“No clue, I barely knew she was in the city again,” Sugar said with a shrug. “But he would often mutter to himself...when he wasn’t collaborating with the other Silver of the city about their new and improved spells. Something about tearing Chrysalis some new holes if he ever got her alone in a dark alleyway.”

“Well, if he did that, it might not go down so well with his newest marefriend,” Moondancer replied. “No, I think he’s a little more amicable to her majesty these days.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Sugar said with an eye-roll. “So, how is it out there?”

“In the bar?” Moon asked. “Like a sexy tornado hit it. What the hell happened here? This is something I’d expect from Midnight.”

“Fredrick has a brother,” Sugar said. “And he found us the other night.”

“Oh my,” Moondancer hummed as she looked back towards the main room. “Well, given how hale and hearty you look. I take it that you put him in his place then?”

“I gave him a go,” Sugar said, pausing for a beat. “And then I passed him on to Two-Step, and haven’t heard any mayhem from out in the main room. So I’d say I put him exactly where he needs to be.”

“Fair enough,” Moondancer replied. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about all that. She knew what Sugar Darling was and loved her regardless. “Well, sounds like you day has been as interesting as mine. I had that adorable little Amethyst Cream take me shopping. That was certainly an experience.”

“Ah, so you’ve survived an experience with the local Pink,” Sugar said with a laugh. “Well, now you’re an official Las Pegasus citizen. Snacks are in the back, or,” and here she leaned down and nibbled on one of Moondancer’s ears. “Right here.”

Moon hummed, she loved having her ears nibbled. Ohh~ Speaking of…

“Well, I’m glad you’re not mad anymore. Still, Amy gave me some advice in case you might still have been. I guess I won’t be needing these edible panties anymore huh?”

“Oooh, edible underwear?” Sugar said, resuming a normal hug with her mare. “It’s been a while since I got to eat that off of one of my lovers...running my tongue all over them…”

“Maybe Amy was on to something after all… well, before she got onto Chrysalis instead~” Moondancer winked and trotted inside. “Now, I’m going to go and get changed. Think you can be a good filly and wait a few minutes?”

“No promises,” Sugar said as she lay on her bed. “That griffon was good at getting me warmed up, but he wasn’t up to the standards you’ve set for me…I might just be a naughty nymph and play a little before you show up.”

“You can if you want,” Moon hummed as she walked into the adjoining bathroom. “But there’ll be a punishment game if you do~”

“That’s if you catch me,” Sugar said with a smirk.

“Maybe I’ll punish you just to be sure,” Moon said from the other room. “Or just because it’s fun. I don’t need a reason really.”

“Then maybe I’ll take my sweet time with my tongue,” Sugar fired back. “Just to get back at you.”

“I fail to see the problem~” Moondancer sung. Then she smirked and decided to tease the nymph a little. “Now which ones should I wear? I like the colours on this one, but these hug my flank so nicely~”

Sugar actually whimpered at the thought of her marefriend picking out the right pair of panties. And the thought that she had multiple sets of panties.

Hives, but this mare had done a number on her.

The door opened slowly as a fine mist washed out onto the floor. Moondancer sashayed out, her hips swaying as her half-lidded gaze locked onto the nymph. A lacy pair of lavender underwear hugged her flank, and she also wore a set of leg-length stockings. Her glasses had been replaced by a pair of contacts as she licked her lips. Moon moved to a silver pole in the room and gripped it, slowly turning and spinning around it as she gave a few subtle moans.

“Oh hives,” Sugar moaned as she watched her marefriend’s show. “You have no idea how close I am to just pouncing on you and taking you.”

“Is that so?” she giggled and slid down the pole, her hind legs widening but used her tail to block the view. She gave a teasing wink as she moved from the pole and stepped closer to the nymph and she hummed. She pressed her body against Sugar’s and nibbled on the mare’s ear.

“What’s stopping you?” she whispered huskily.

“Decency, plus my own rules,” Sugar said. “I was the one to kick you out last night, so I should suffer. Hay, I’m surprised this is all you’re doing to me.”

“Tuttut, nopony will be playing the blame game here,” Moondancer said, booping the mare’s nose. “I made the mistake of wrecking your business when I flipped out. So…” She leaned in close and kissed her on the muzzle. “How about we find out how many licks it takes to get to the centre of a unicorn~”

“I can get behind that game,” Sugar agreed as she pulled her mare into the bed with her. “Hmm, but which end should I start with?...”

“Whichever you like,” Moon said as she placed a few kisses along the nymphs chest. “I can promise good things either way.”

Sugar hummed at that, before putting Moondancer at the head of the bed and started trailing her kisses along the mare’s chest...before going lower and starting to lick at the edible lingerie her marefriend had purchased. Mmm, cherry-flavored. Her favorite~

“Sounds like somebuggy approves,” Moondancer giggled, stroking Sugar’s mane. “Don’t forget to play with your food as well~”

Oh, she fully intended to. Just because she’d sent Ledger her old lover’s diary, didn’t mean she didn’t still know the tricks from it. Sugar’s horn shone as she hit Moondancer with the warm-up spell, while she continued to lick at the underwear, taking that earlier remark about ‘how many licks’ seriously.

“Ohhh, that’s… new and not unwelcome,” Moondancer sighed as she rubbed her chest with a hoof. That warm and pleasant buzz was quite nice and the damp spot forming on her underwear was evident to that. “Someone’s been keeping a few tricks from little old me.”

Sugar pulled herself up and looked at Moondancer with a smile. “Well, considering how quickly you turned my feedback loop on me, can you blame me?” Sugar asked. “Now, try and enjoy yourself with this one,” she said, hitting her marefriend with the denial spell. “I know I will~” With that, she was back to licking around her marefriend’s lower lips, not quite having worn away the underwear there yet...but not for a lack of trying~

“If you insist,” Moondancer shrugged, her hips bucking slightly at the oral attention. She’d felt the mare cast another spell on her, but it hadn’t seemed to have had any effect. Well, yet anyhow. Moondancer knew better than to assume Sugar had miscast or something like that.

Sugar drew one long, slow lick across the underwear, finally wearing a hole through the thing. One right over her marefriend’s lips, as a matter of fact. And while she licked the hole into being wide enough for her purposes, she wondered just when Moondancer would piece together what her spell had done. Maybe when the nymph’s tongue touched her flesh? Glided through those pussylips? Or maybe when she coincidentally tweaked her clit?

Moon shrieked as she felt her pent up frustrations about to come to a climax, so to speak…

When, she suddenly felt the reaction ebb away, leaving her on the brink but refused to take that final leap. And yet, the moment she felt herself robbed of her finish, that pleasant buzz brought it back, only for her to be denied over and over again.

“W-What… haah… what did you, Ah! Do?” she panted breathlessly. Sugar giggled before drawing back again to reply.

“I might have a tool or two to help stop ponies from finishing before I want them to,” Sugar said as she licked at the underwear again. “And I’m thinking I might, just might take it off once I’ve licked this off of you.”

“Oohh, just you AH! Wait until I figure that spell out,” Moondancer gasped and moaned, her hips bucking as she tried to come. “I’ll be damned… if this isn’t good though…”

“That’s why I hit you with multiple spells,” Sugar said. “Helps stop the odds you’ll figure it out...or think clearly.” With that she was back to licking away at her marefriend’s underwear...and lower lips. Both tasted good~

“Still… not… complaining,” Moon panted, writhing under the nymph. “And, I may… haaahhn~ M-May not have shown you all my t-tricks.” It was getting hard to think, as the unicorn’s horn shone, spluttering out random sparks.

“Oooh, I’ve heard about this one~” Sugar purred as she drew herself up and away from the lower half of her marefriend…

Before taking all of Moondancer’s horn into her mouth and treating it like she would if it were something a stallion would sport. She sucked on it while her tongue swirled around it, enjoying the feeling of active unicorn horn again. The sparks she gave off tingle pleasantly, tasting a lot like popping candy. Moondancer just moaned louder as the stimuli, but was still unable to reach release.

Sugar eventually released the horn and smacked her lips. “Tasty, but it’s a toss up which end of you tastes better,” the noble nymph said as she crawled back into position to lick at Moondancer’s lower half. “Now remember, the safe-word is ‘I’m yours, Mistress.’” With that, she all but attacked Moondancer’s pussy with her tongue.

“Kyaaa!” Moondancer cried out, already overstimulated thanks to Sugar’s spells. If this spell ever wore off, or if Sugar chose to release it… well, Moon hoped she brought a raincoat, She moaned loudly as she placed her hooves on the nymph’s head, all but shoving her muzzle inside of her. “S-So good,” the unicorn panted, her tongue lolling out in pure ecstasy.

Still not hearing the words she needed to hear for her to call this off, Sugar kept up her oral assault on Moondancer’s sanity. She didn’t have any complaints about where she’d been shoved at all~

Moondancer panted, moaned and twitched under her. She needed her release, and holding it off was starting to wear thin. “P-Please,” she moaned, “I’m yours, my Mistress... just, ahhn~ Let me…. haaah!!”

Sugar pulled back from Moondancer’s lips with a little difficulty, before putting one hoof under her marefriend’s chin. “Let you what?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“Let me… ah! Let me cum dammit!” Moondancer responded with a half growl, half moan. “Please Mistress~!”

“ did say please,” Sugar said, before cancelling her denial spell on Moondancer. Moon screamed as her climax hit her full force, her release squirting over the bedsheets as her horn erupted in a shower of sparks, leaving small tingles wherever they touched Sugar’s body. The unicorn just continued to twitch as her release finally ebbed away, no more spell to bring it right back as she let out a sigh of relief.

“And that’s why that stallion has such a nice picture in here,” Sugar giggled as she kissed her marefriend. “He taught me the best tricks…”

Moondancer nodded as her rational thought returned. “And now… I am glad Midnight wasn’t born a unicorn,” she said. “Could you imagine if she could pull off stuff like that?”

“True, that’s a terrifying thought,” Sugar agreed. “But as a trade-off, she’d lose access to her thestral love bite. I don’t know which version of her would be worse.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” Moon giggled. “So, have you eaten your fill yet? Do I get my turn to leave you an adorable twitchy mess on the sheets?”

“If you think you can so soon after a session like that,” Sugar dared. Moondancer giggled as she caught the nymph in her magical aura and flipped her onto the bed.

“You underestimate me love,” the unicorn giggled as she planted a few kisses along her chest. “And I have a special treat for you. Remember what it was like when you sucked on my horn a moment ago?”

“Yes,” Sugar answered, wondering where she could be going with this.

“And,” Moondancer hummed as her kisses trailed lower. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I enjoyed that you enjoyed it,” Sugar replied, still curious as to what Moondancer could be getting at.

“Good enough,” Moon replied as she reached her goal as her tongue glided over the nymph’s sensitive nub. “Mmm, someone is very wet down here. Such a naughty little nymph.” Her tongue swirled and licked her lips, and as she moved down, Sugar could feel Moondancer’s horn rubbing against her clit…

“Oh my,” Sugar said. Moonie couldn’t possibly be thinking of doing that, could she?

“Such a naughty nymph indeed,” Moondancer hummed as she moved her head a little, the rounded point of her horn pressed up against Sugar’s opening, before she pressed the first inch inside her.

“Buck!” Sugar said as she felt herself clamp down reflexively on the protrusion as it was inserted into her. “That feels so nice...mostly because it’s you~”

“Hmm, have you never had a unicorn do this to you before?” Moon asked as she stepped forward a bit, pressing more than half of her horn inside her. Due to the angle, she couldn’t see anything besides the floor. But… she didn’t need to see to do this.

“It may not be a stallion, but I can do things they can’t,” she said as she started to channel her magic, causing her horn to hum with magical power.

“I wasn’t aware...hah, that all unicorns...came with a built-in vibrator,” Sugar moaned, before she decided to show Moondancer the extent of her muscle control.

“Oh, but the Moondancer model comes with many more features,” her marefriend giggled. “Remember what I said earlier?” With that, Sugar felt the unicorn’s forehead press against her as she buried her horn inside her. “And you squeezing my horn like that feels nice,” she murmured as one of her hooves teased her own clit.

“So this is how it’s going to be?” Sugar asked as she gave a powerful squeeze with her muscles. “I can get behind this.” Having her marefriend inside her felt so good~

“Figured you might,” Moon giggled as she drew her head back and the moved forward again. It was a tad difficult with Sugar squeezing like that, but when she finished, heh, Sugar was going to be in for a real treat. In the meantime, she cast a new spell as small tendrils of psychokinetic light begun moving from her horn, writhing around inside the nymph.

“Ooooh, that’s a new one,” Sugar said as she finally decided to loosen up a little and let Moondancer do as she would. “Can’t say I’ve ever run across that sensation before...which is a real shame, as I kinda like it~”

“I thought you might,” Moon said as she stopped and cast a new spell, a single tendril that was doing a remarkable impression of a certain Thestral’s tongue. Moon may or may not have developed this one when she was lonely one evening. “Now, here’s a little treat for you,” she said and unleashed the magical tongue on her marefriend.

“Oh buck!” she said, writhing around a lot now. “Ohhh, how did you make this one?” The feeling of that tongue getting everywhere

“A lot of experience and a few too many glasses of wine,” Moon admitted. “And before you ask, no, this still isn’t as good as the real thing. But I’d like to think it comes pretty close.”

Mmm, speaking of coming, the unicorn moaned as she rubbed her clit, her own climax coming soon, then Sugar would get a real treat~

“Is it...hah, normal to feel...jealous of Ledger right about now?” Sugar asked as she panted. Not quite close to done yet, but well on her way.

“Oh yes,” Moondancer replied. “I miss my little bat, but now I have a cute little bug to play with. And she’s about to see how much I love her…” Moondancer moved her horn in and out of the mare a little quicker as she pressed down against her clit and cried out.

That was when she came, and the sparkly light show that Sugar got last time now erupted for a second time, inside her as the tingly sparks spilled forth.

The sensations caused the bug to twitch a few times as her walls clamped down on that horn in an effort to milk it of all the sparks it had, the nymph moaning lewdly as she came with her marefriend. Moondancer felt her release run down her forehead, soaking her mane and she flicked her tongue out to lick her cheek.

“Mmm, tasty~” she purred as she pulled back, her horn coming out with a wet ‘pop’ as she smiled and licked at the nymphs folds, lapping up her release hungrily. Sugar moaned again, but was still reeling from her latest orgasm to do much of anything to her marefriend. Stopping her or pushing her in.

Once she cleaned the nymph off, she trailed her kisses back up her body until she reached her mouth, drawing her in for a deep kiss and letting her taste her own climax on her tongue. After a few breathless moments, she pulled back and stroked Sugar’s mane. “Have fun love?” she asked.

“With you? Always,” Sugar purred as she hugged Moondancer close. “Mmm...I just wanna hold you close forever…”

“Forever is a long time,” Moon said as she snuggled up to her. “But I don’t mind. I feel the same way after all.”

“Oh?” Sugar asked as she stroked Moondancer’s mane. “So if I were to suggest we run off and elope right now, you’d be all for it?”

“Sure, why not?” Moondancer yawned. Sugar beamed happily before kissing Moondancer again.

“Then tomorrow, I have a plan for us,” the noble nymph said as she nuzzled her marefriend. “I am not letting you slip away.”

“Mhmm,” Moondancer said and yawned again. She’d been so beside herself with worry and now she was exhausted. “Sounds good love.”

“Sleep tight,” Sugar said as she cuddled her mare close. They had a visit to make to city hall tomorrow...and this would tie in perfectly with their wife-swapping plans with Ledger and his herd. Now, she would have a wife to swap~

As Moondancer drifted off to sleep, she had the strangest feeling she’d just agreed to something strange…

Oh well…

Chapter 76 - Pre-party fun

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“Awww,” Midnight pouted as she heard the shower start upstairs. Ledger spit out his unintended lick of carpet before turning to the mares still with him.

“Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m still in the mood to lick something,” he offered.

Scope rubbed her chin... and shrugged, before grabbing his head and unceremoniously shoving it between her legs.

“Ohh, Scopey got bold,” Midnight whistled. Scope nodded and smirked.

“Well then little drone, start licking~”

Ledger did just that, making sure not to spare any expense with his normal tongue. They always made the best noises when he did well. Scope shuddered and moaned, only half-expecting him to actually do it instead of snarking back at her. She ran her hooves through his mane as Midnight sat back and watched the show.

That was about when Ledger hit her with the thestral version of his tongue, knowing that he could always do more with this thing. Plus it kept him in practice with it. Heck, he could do tricks with this tongue!

Scope moaned louder and those soon devolved into needy pants as Midnight tilted her head before getting at what he was doing. She idly wondered if she should show him what a real tongue like that could do, but just opted for sitting back and letting her hoof do a little work on herself.

Ledger sent his tongue corkscrewing around in her one way, then another, back and forth a few times...before he pulled his usual trick. Namely, using a bit of his tongue to hit her clit while the rest pounded into and out of the little nymph. She moaned louder as her hooves grabbed his head, trying to push him deeper inside.

Midnight’s hoof rubbed herself faster as she let out a few little moans of her own, before leaning across and licking Ledger’s horn slowly. Fortunately, he wasn’t channeling any magic through it, but the thought was appreciated. Ledger wondered just how deep he could get his tongue into Scope, and tried filling her with all of his oral appendage. Turns out that the answer was, quite a bit, as he managed to get most of it inside her. She shrieked in pleasure and shuddered again, before his tongue was flooded with her taste.

Ledger just drank the stuff down, used to it by now and quite appreciative of it. It meant that he’d done a good job~

“Hmm, I think somepony deserves a reward for that little performance,” Midnight cooed as Ledger lapped at the twitching pegasus. She smiled and ducked under his belly, before he felt a tight, warm, wet something engulf his member. He quickly worked out what once he felt her tongue coil around him and squeeze.

Ledger pulled back and moaned as his tongue retracted back into his mouth, leaving Scope with a lewd slurping noise. “Oh buck,” he hissed. “You’re so good at that, Midnight…”

“Mhmm,” she gave a small nod as she drew him in deeper, taking over half his length. Then more… she hummed around him as one of her hooves resumed its previous task of pleasuring herself.

“Oh no you don’t,” Ledger said as he caught sight of what she was up to. “Brace yourself.” That was all the warning Midnight got as Ledger’s magic gripped her and flipped her over without removing her from her oral attentions. She wasn’t given any time to think about it before the disguised drone leaned down between her legs now, and started treating her like he’d treated Scope.

The thestral gagged slightly from the unexpected movement, but recovered quickly. She started to moan when he began to lick her as well, bobbing her head a little as her tongue squeezed and caressed his length inside her mouth. That was about when Ledger started to buck a little, even as his tongue started asking the question, ‘how deep is the core of Midnight?’

Morso than Scope, that’s for sure, as he fit his entire tongue inside of her. A little more, and the tip prodded against a wall, presumably the one that led to her womb. She gasped and then opened the back of her throat and pushed down, until he felt her nose pressed against his belly. Ledger smirked mischievously as he drew his entire tongue out slowly...then hammered the thing back into her. She gasped again, the sound coming out a little funny through her nose.

She smirked as her tongue coiled around him again and squeezed, constricting and pulling, making it feel like it was buried in a different hole than the one it was in. Ledger moaned a little, but he was determined to not lose. He altered his tactics so that on the way in, his tongue brushed her clit before it got buried into her.

She moaned again, he could feel the vibrations in her throat as she pulled and back then smiled deviously. She grabbed his rump with her forehooves and forced it down, making him buck into her waiting mouth. Ledger grunted as he kept tongue-fucking her. Fine, she wanted to be screwed at both ends? She could be!

And with that, he repeated the motions on his own. His tongue kept slurping in and out of her, while his member pounded into her face with every buck.

She moaned louder this time, revelling in her victory. She inhaled and sucked on him tightly, as tight as Apple Cider could make herself as she groaned from his ministrations, her own wetness soaking his tongue.

Ledger grunted as he kept screwing Midnight, wondering what it would take to make her cum first. One of his forehooves came up and started playing around with her lips, rubbing them and adding his touch to the proceedings, before it flicked her clit. My, my, he’d certainly gotten good in the last couple of months. She almost missed the Ledger that had no idea what he was doing.

She’d taught him well~

Her hips bucked under his touch and she decided to let herself go, moaning loudly as her walls constricted around his tongue, flooding it with her sweet release. Ledger greedily slurped it up even as he started shooting his own release down her muzzle, having enjoyed her stimulation way too much to not finish as well. She gulped it down, but there was too much for her on this angle and she pulled back, letting the rest coat her muzzle and chest.

“Well, good to see you’re as healthy as always,” she giggled, licking some from her lips.

Scope was busy enjoying the display as well, evident by her working hoof.

“Did you not get enough?” Ledger asked as he disentangled himself from Midnight with no small amount of fancy hoofwork. “Let me help you.” With that, he ducked back between Scope’s hindlegs and started giving her some more oral attention.

“Haah,” Scope shuddered as he attacked her again. He heard the sound of the door opening and a set of hooves step into the room.

“Really?” Cider asked, looking at the scene in the living room. “Right here?” Ledger just waved a hoof at her, his way of saying ‘I’m busy here, I’ll get to you in a minute,’ as he pounded Scope with his tongue. Now that he knew he could, there was no reason not to fill the nymph up.

Cider crossed her forelegs and huffed as Scope just mewled softly, her hindlegs shaking as Midnight sat up and shrugged at Cider, licking more of Ledger’s release from her muzzle. Ledger tried a new trick now. He just filled the nymph up with his tongue, held it inside her, then started twirling the thing around.

She tried crossing her hind legs as she squealed in ecstasy, her eyes rolling back into her head as she moaned and came, hard. Ledger just drank it all down like he had last time, reveling in the fact that he had pleased her so well.

And to think, she used to hate him.

Twilight eventually came back downstairs, now her lovely lavender self again. She took one look at the scene and rolled her eyes.

“Really guys?” she said.

“That’s whut ah said!” Cider said, throwing up her hooves in defeat. “Is it too much t’ask t’not come home to an orgy every other day?”

Ledger eventually withdrew from Scope and gave her a parting kiss. One that probably tasted a lot like the nymph. She hummed into the kiss and gave just as much back in return. Eventually it broke, and Ledger looked at Twilight and Cider with...hungry eyes.

“Who’s next~” he sang out, slowly advancing.

Twilight raised a hoof. “Ledger. Sit!”

Automatically, the drone did so, whining a little. Twilight smirked and rubbed his head.

“Aww, who’s a good little changeling~ You are, yes you aareee.”

Then Ledger tried kissing her. Partially so he could get her to stop, mostly to try and get her into the mood for more.

“Ap!” She put her hoof to his muzzle and pushed him back. “We have some kind of party to get ready for, so you’ll have to wait if you want to play.”

The drone whined and did his best to give her the puppy-dog eye treatment.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders. I’m immune to that,” Twilight replied. Besides, he was running the risk of her turning that look right back at him.

“Why don’t you come with us?” Midnight offered. “We can go and party, then we can come home…” She leaned in close and placed a hoof against his chest and whispered into his ear. “Then we can party~”

Ledger hummed a little. “Who’s throwing it?” he asked, finally using his words.

“Two-Step apparently,” Twilight replied. “It’s to celebrate Sugar Darling getting married to Moondancer… or so they say.”

“I don’t know...a lot about her,” Ledger said, rubbing his chin. “She would rarely attend meetings, and never took off her disguise...Sugar merely called her ‘wild, when she thought she could get away with it.’”

“So, I’m in my right to hold on to my reservations then?” Twilight deadpanned. “Because Sugar isn’t in the city anymore… and the way Two-Step said some things… kind of reminded me of Midnight.”

“Why me!?” the bat exclaimed.

“To be fair, if you were a changeling, a Violet would probably suit you best,” Ledger said.

“That… is beside the point,” Midnight retorted. “So, we going or not?”

“Meh, sounds like it could be interesting,” Scope replied from her spot on the floor. “And it’s not like we don’t deserve a little off time. I mean, how many times has one of us saved this city?”

“More than we should have,” Ledger deadpanned. “I’m just wary about what sort of party Two-Step is throwing.”

“Ehh, how bad could it possibly be?” Midnight shrugged. “Sides, I’m a Guard and she invited me, so I doubt it’s as bad as you’re thinking.”

“You’re probably right,” Ledger said, pausing for a beat. “It’s probably worse.”

“Pessimist,” Midnight said and poked him. “Come oooon, let’s go and have some harmless fun.”

“You say that,” Ledger hummed, not quite convinced. “I don’t know...I mean, I hear the club’s been producing some sort of emotionally infused drink non-stop ever since Cider showed them how to brew…”

“Well ah didn’t think they’d make sumthin’ like that,” Cider argued.

“Aw, don’t feel bad… I was the one that showed them emotional infusion in the first place,” Midnight replied, remembering the time she first met the Violet mares. That had been an interesting day. And now, it felt like forever ago.

“Besides, somepony won’t be drinking anyway,” Twilight said, poking the Thestral. “I don’t drink and from what I’ve been told, you don’t do much either Ledger. So I don’t think there’s going to be a problem.”

“Yeah, from us, but everypony else? All it would take is enough of the stuff to get everypony around us into the mood, and we’d not have a nice, simple party,” Ledger argued. “I just don’t think we should go...but if you all are, I will.”

“Look, if things get out of hoof, we’ll leave and I’ll call the Captain to come and deal with it,” Midnight replied.

“Before we go,” Twilight said and pointed at the bat, or more at what coated her face and chest. “You ah… got a little something there.”

Midnight looked down and nodded. “So I do.”

“We should probably wash up...separately, if we intend to go out,” Ledger pointed out.

“Yeah, previous experience tells that showering together never ended well as far as saving time goes,” Midnight nodded as she headed upstairs. She paused and shook her flank. “But… it’s awful fun~”

Ledger let off a whine and made to follow the bat, tempted despite his words.

Twilight and Cider giggled as they watched his resolve crumble like a sandcastle. Twilight’s horn flared and lifted him with her magic.

“Apbup,” she smiled and scolded him. “Bad Ledger, no bat flank for you.”

His only response was another whine and some ineffectual flailing.

“That’s just sad,” Scope shook her head and got up. “I’m gonna go and join her I think~” And with a cheeky wink, she teleported from the room.

This time the flailing intensified. Both of the mares he’d seen to were showering together? Now he wanted to be there! Badly!

“Aww, he’s kind of adorable,” Twilight cooed. “Is there something you’d like Ledger~?”

The only response she got was another, louder whine.

“I believe he has suffered an error to his vocal commands,” Twilight said to Cider. “Hmm, perhaps I should run a few experiments?”

This time the noise she got was a meep as Ledger struggled again. No, not science time! Time to go upstairs and join his mares in the shower!

“Oh, he seems to like the sound of that,” Twilight cooed and licked her lips. Cider shrugged and headed for the bedroom, she needed to get ready.

“And then there were two,” Twilight hummed and floated him closer. Ledger stopped his struggling and tilted his head. Would she finally release him?

Twilight just held him there for a few moments, until she heard the sound of the shower turning off and she released him, smiling victoriously.

“Aww,” Ledger said, drooping a little. “And I wanted to play with them again…”

“Is that so?” Twilight hummed. “Maybe if you hurry, you can help them dry off? Or get them wet again~”

“Nah, maybe if I had gotten there sooner,” Ledger said with a shake of his head. “Guess I’ll have to wait until after the party after all.”

“Guess so,” Twilight nodded and fluffed her wings. “Go and have your shower, and then we’ll leave.”

“Let’s wait for them to get back down first, remove all the temptation,” Ledger said. And it was around then that a clean Midnight and Scope flew down the stairs and looked at Ledger.

“I’m surprised you didn’t join us,” Scope teased, running a hoof along his side. “You really missed out on quite the show~”

“Emotivore~” Ledger sang back. “Don’t bother trying to lie to me, I can sense the shower from here~” With that, he went up to take his own, flicking his tail aside for a moment to show off to the mares. Midnight made no effort to hide the fact she was following him, only for her and Scope to be snared like he was a moment ago.

“Aw come on!” they protested as Twilight winked at Ledger.

“Let’s see how they like it,” he called over his shoulder as he walked into the bathroom to run some hot water. That was when a set of powerful hooves pushed him up against the wall as Cider licked her lips.

“Bout time you got here,” she said, nibbling on his ear. “I was gett—” She suddenly vanished with a magenta flash, reappearing in the living room as Scope smirked at her.

“Aw horseapples,” she pouted.

“And I don’t know how I wanted that to have turned out,” Ledger mused, before he started washing up. “Heck, Twilight’s the only one to have not made a move on me.”

“Well she’s busy playing jailkeeper,” Scope said into his head.

Tell her she’s more than welcome to join me if she thinks she can keep you all glued to your seats while she does~” Ledger returned.

There was a displaced pop and Twilight winked into existence in front of him, her horn still glowing.

“Challenge accepted!” she grinned and kissed him. Ledger returned the kiss and hugged the mare close, not licking her horn because she needed to hold her concentration. Apparently.

“Don’t know why you didn’t just use a charm to make them stick to the floor, but whatever,” Ledger said once the kiss broke.

“Because I like a challenge,” Twilight said as she lifted a washcloth to scrub his chitin. “I’m surprised you’re making this easy on me for once.”

“Oh, believe you me, I would normally be all over your horn, but you need that working at the moment,” the drone said before he used a hoof to stroke her wing. “These, on the other hoof…”

“Mmm, I do like those,” Twilight murmured as she kept washing him. “And I take it that you like playing with them.”

“I like the fact that you like it when I play with them,” Ledger said as he brushed one hoof right over a sensitive spot. “And what playing with wings normally leads to. Especially in a shower.”

“You are insatiable huh?” Twilight murmured. “I hear stories of what you used to be like and I find myself unable to believe them.”

“It is completely reasonable to blame Midnight’s influence,” Ledger said as his other hoof started joining in on the wing-stroking fun.

“Hmm, is it really?” Twilight replied with a soft sigh as she spread her wings. “Well, if you say so…” She stopped and her eyes twinkled. “You know, you’re a terrible influence as well. Wanna know why?”

“Do share,” Ledger said, even as he took advantage of the better access to her wings. A little stroke here, a little rub there…

“W-Well,” Twilight panted. “Who do I have in my magical grip right now? I could… haah… do things~”

“But surely the wise and benevolent Twilight Sparkle would never do that to the mares she intends to marry,” Ledger said before leaning forward and actually nibbling on one of her wings.

“Wait… WHAT!?” Scope yelled into his head. “What was that?”

Ledger just smirked and didn’t respond, just switched wings with a cheeky wink to Twilight. The alicorn groaned and then yelped as her horn crackled as Scope fought her magic. “Ow, stop struggling!”

You do realize you’re trying to escape from the Alicorn of Magic and soon-to-be wife,” Ledger thought to the little ‘ling. “It’s a futile effort, it’s just making this shower not-fun.

The struggling stopped but he could feel her fuming from there. His distraction was enough for Twilight to turn around and press him up against the wall, expending more magic to hold him there as she stared at Little Ledger.

“Mmm, time to have some fun~” she giggled.

“By all means,” Ledger said as he hung in her grasp. “I just wish I could repay the favor.” A naughty idea came to mind, one he’d put into play later.

She smirked and turned around, pressing her rump up against him and started to rub, slowly using her hips to rub up and down his length. It grew rapidly thanks to the stimulation, and Ledger moaned as he got hard again.

“Ohh, somepony likes,” she cooed, adding a magic touch to it and rubbing in the opposite direction that her flanks were going.

“Who wouldn’t?” Ledger panted as he hung there obediently like a good little drone. “You’re damn attractive Twilight, especially to a Silver.”

“Mmm, is that all you like about me?” she asked, teasing his tip with her entrance ever so slightly.

“I like everything about all of my mares,” Ledger riposted. “I love the way you talk with me, and I love the way you look at things. Your physical attractiveness doesn’t hurt either. All in all, it’s a shame you got to me as late as you did. I probably would have stopped with you if you had arrived sooner.”

“Oh, you intend to add even more mares to your collection?” she asked innocently.

“Only if you all agree to add another stallion, I’m spread pretty thin as it is,” Ledger returned.

“You know, I don’t know if any of us could even think of one,” Twilight replied. “And I still need to have that date with Cider…” She pushed herself down on him a little and released him from her magic at the same time. Ledger fell onto her back and reflexively gave a buck, burying half his length inside of her in one smooth motion.

“Why is it I always seem to be dirtier when I take showers?” Ledger asked semi-rhetorically.

“Mmm, don’t really know,” Twilight purred, almost letting go of the others. Ledger gave another bucking motion, this time sinking more of his shaft into her and nibbling at her mane. She groaned as she bucked her hips back to meet his. She didn’t know why she liked having her mane pulled like that, but she sure as heck wasn’t complaining.

“Hmm, you can… go a little faster if you want,” she sighed.

“Do you think you could handle faster and keep them pinned?” Ledger asked as he gave her an experimental few bucks, nearly burying all of his member into her while he lightly tugged at her mane.

“Mhmm,” she groaned and panted. “Rut me Ledger!”

“As you command, your highness,” Ledger grinned as he gripped her with his forehooves. His rear started bucking into her at faster and faster speeds, while he kept lightly teasing her mane with his teeth. She moaned louder, almost losing her grip again as he pounded into her. Her hooves struggled to find a solid grip on the wet tiles as she soon had her chest pressed against the floor with her hips still raised as he thrust into her.

That was when Ledger started tugging on her mane with enthusiasm, wanting her to finish first. Heck, he might even be good to make her finish twice if he did very well. It might have worked too, if Twilight’s magic didn’t start teasing his leg holes, using the spell she had cast on Scope once or twice.

“Buck!” Ledger hissed as a dangerous idea occurred to him. With only a second of thought, he cast the denial spell on himself and Twilight. He was going to make her beg for this one. With the effects bringing him back from the brink, Ledger kept up his pounding and waited for the magic words.

“B-Bucking cheater,” she swore. She could have probably used a despell or something, but between keeping the others down there, whom were now playing I spy and her teasing of Ledger, she just didn’t have the magic. So she focused on her teasing, because if he was going to make her beg, she was going to make it as hard as possible~

Ledger grunted and pulled on her mane again as he kept driving himself into and out of her. She had to break sooner or later, and he could keep going until she did. If need be, he’d break out the stamina spell for himself.

“W-We’re gonna be late… if you don’t release that spell,” Twilight panted. “A-And, you know what Middy’s like… with patience...aahhhh~”

“That wasn’t a ‘Please let me cum,’ so I’ll take it under advisement,” Ledger said before he nibbled on one of her ears.

“You little smartflank…” Twilight replied and then she smirked. “Oh Ledger~ You’re not the only one that’s studied. Wanna know what else I learned from a friend?”

“Do tell,” Ledger said before he went back to tugging on her mane, looking for what would best break her.

“This!” She grinned as she decided to release the others and focus on Ledger. Or more specifically, the emotional feedback loop spell that Chrysalis told her about. Ledger shuddered and moaned, the spells nearly conflicting and sending him into a perpetual loop of nearly being able to cum.

“,” he said, taking a deep breath even though he wanted nothing more than to cum right now, and plowed ahead with plowing Twilight. It took all of his willpower to do that, though.

“Oh really,” Twilight panted. Celestia-dammit she needed to finish, but that thrice-damned spell of his was stopping her. She was surprised he was still capable of coherent thought. Did she not cast the spell right? She knew she should have practised…

“Ahhh, just let me cum~!” she moaned.

“As you command,” Ledger grunted as he let both of them go from the denial spell. And then just kept cumming and cumming into her, held perpetually at that moment thanks to her feedback loop.

“N-Not inside,” Twilight groaned, but it was far too late for that as the alicorn came as well. She moaned at being so utterly filled by him as she lay twitching underneath him, unable to move. Ledger just didn’t stop. He couldn’t until she took her loop spell off of him.

She eventually crawled out from under him and realised he was still caught in her loop. She gasped and killed the spell, not realising that it kept going after she cast it. Ledger groaned as he finally stopped, but too late to not catch Twilight with an errant burst or two across her flanks.

“That...was something,” he panted.

“You’re telling me,” she said, moving so she was under the water of the shower. “Sorry about that by the way.”

“And now the only pony that was left out is Cider,” Ledger mused as he got washed up again. “By the way, welcome to the Shower club. That was your initiation.”

“There’s a club?” Twilight raised an eyebrow as she cleaned herself off and used her magic to clean herself out. She’d have to ask Cider or Scope for one of their potions as well, seeing as how she was out. “Luna Ledger, how much did you…”

“You kept me in the loop for a little while, and I’m normally productive,” Ledger said. “I can blame you for half of that. The other half is probably the result of the denial spell.”

“I’m surprised you cast it on yourself, instead of that stamina one that you have,” she sighed as she squeezed the last out and groaned. “Okay, let’s just finish up here and head downstairs. I think I’ll have some explaining to do.”

“You’re damned right you do!” Scope’s voice came in through Ledger’s head. “Tell her she has thirty seconds or I’m coming up there.”

“Scope is giving you thirty seconds, and then she’s coming in here,” Ledger warned Twilight. “I could probably handle her for you if you wanted…”

“Nah,” Twilight stretched her wings and gave him a chaste kiss. “I’ll go and have a little talk with them while you wash up.” One ‘Quick-Dry’ spell later and the alicorn trotted downstairs to break the news to Cider and Scope.

Ledger stayed up there for a minute longer, getting himself properly cleaned again as he hummed a little tune to himself. Once he was done, the drone turned the shower off and dried himself off with a towel before trotting downstairs. They had a party to get to, though whether he was looking forward to it was another matter...

Chapter 77 - Taste the sun

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Sunny Skies closed the door behind her, hoping to Tartarus that Ledger didn’t recognise her. She breathed a small sigh of relief as she looked at Sweet Tooth.

“Well, this party is… interesting.”

“It’s about normal for a Violet party,” Sweet Tooth nodded. “They tend to encourage that sort of behavior around here.”

“So, we managed to escape here,” Sunny said and bat her eyes at him. “And you seem to know what these parties are like. Tell me dear Sweet, are you planning something...untoward this innocent little mare?”

“It might be a little...startling,” Sweet said as he sighed and closed his eyes. “You seem to actually like you deserve to know before we get any closer to one another.” When next the stallion opened his eyes, they were entirely violet, and pupil-less. He just stood there, waiting for her judgement.

“An eye-changing spell… no…” she sat back and hummed. “So, you’re one of them then? A Changeling?” Sweet just nodded. Sunny cleared her throat and nodded. “Well, you already know who I am, and I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

She stepped closer as her lips brushed his ear. “You wouldn’t be the first~”

“...You’re joking,” the revealed violet drone said to her. Mostly because he thought she had to be.

“Sweet, I am a very old mare. Trust me when I say that I have been… creative in my choice in lovers over the centuries. Why, just the other week Brass and I...” She paused and blushed, giggling to herself. Oh how he’d loved that age spell.

“...So I’m intruding on a previous relationship,” Sweet sighed before turning his eyes back to normal. “Rule three, no trying to take taken mares,” he recited in a monotone before turning to leave.

“No, no… that was just a bit of fun with a stal, no, drone that intrigued me.” Celestia smiled and kissed his cheek. “But you, I’d certainly like to see you regularly. Perhaps, in the coltfriend kind of regularly?”

“...You’re serious?” Sweet said, turning back to look at her. “You actually want to see me again.”

“I want to see you right now~” Sunny said. “I want to see you a lot more. I want to see if I can fall in love with you!”

Sweet sighed and did the one thing he knew that might dissuade the Princess. He dropped his disguise.

She didn’t even blink. “Yes, I believe we established that you are a Changeling. Is this a contest? Shall I drop mine as well?”

“...And you still want to be with me?” Sweet asked. “Color me impressed.”

“Well I did just say that, or will you call me a liar?” she asked. “How shall I prove it to you, so you no longer have any doubts?”

“Really, I think the only way I’d believe you is if you said that you normally are,” Sweet said. “I think I...might be able to handle it.”

“You promise not to faint or freakout?” Sunny asked. “Well, alright then. But remember that you asked for this.” Her form glowed with a brilliant gold light, like the sun itself was in the room. A moment later, the Alicorn of the Sun. Sol Invictus. Her Royal Lover of all things Sugary, Princess Celestia stood there.

She wore a rather uncharacteristic look of bashfulness on her face and smiled. “W-Well, I guess I’ll ask then… if you haven’t passed out.”

It had taken most of his self control, but Sweet was still standing. Breathing a little heavily, but standing.

“Well, good to see,” Celestia giggled. “So, I’ll ask again my dear Sweet Tooth. Would you like to become my coltfriend?”

“I…” the changeling drone said, gulping nervously. “I wouldn’t to the idea,” he said. “I might even like it. It’s just...very hard to any way taking the lead when you’ that.”

“You did ask for this,” Celestia pouted. She sighed and resumed her Sunny Skies persona, though she looked like a mare barely out of her teens. “Is this better suited for you?”

“It helps a little,” Sweet said with a nod. “I just wanted to be sure you were honest when you asked. And now I have to wonder why you asked at this party, in one of these rooms…”

“I’ve asked a few times today, but you seemed intent on not hearing it. So forgive me if drastic measures were taken.” She smiled and sat on the bed. “I could carry you away again~”

“And we all know how that ended up,” Sweet said as he actually joined her on the bed. “Still, doesn’t explain why you asked here and now. One might almost think you had not so pure intentions.”

“Mm, perhaps, and yet here you are,” Sunny smiled. “Makes a mare wonder what your intentions are as well.”

“Might I point out you’re the one that decided to attend this party?” Sweet asked. “And my intentions will become more clear when yours do,” he said with a mischievous smirk. “I’ll not push you into doing anything.”

“Well I for one did not know the… dubious intentions this party had,” Sunny pouted. “I simply desired something more lively than the Royal Gala, though Twilight and her friends have made that more interesting lately.”

“Now I wonder what you’d be like if you actually had any of the drink they were giving out,” Sweet pondered idly.

“I haven’t the foggiest,” Celestia replied. “I wonder if it affects alicorns differently? Should we experiment?”

“Considering that the warning label on the barrel was ‘Made with Lust and Happiness,’ no, no we should not,” Sweet deadpanned. “I can barely handle you at this level of lust.”

“I haven’t started yet,” Celestia smiled. “But if you want me too…” One of her white hooves caressed his chest and she hummed lightly.

“Carapace, nice try though,” Sweet said with a smile that hid his nervousness quite well. So he thought. It wasn’t every day that a mare tried coming onto him. Just most days. And he still wasn’t quite used to it.

For Celestia, though...he could try. Maybe.

“Well why don’t you take that cute unicorn form again?” she asked. “If I have to stay transformed, then until you are comfortable with me as I truly am, you shall remain transformed also. Fair is fair.”

Sweet sighed dramatically before he turned into his normal Earth Pony form. “I prefer this one, honestly,” he said. “It just feels right.”

“Ah, of course,” Sunny hummed and rubbed his chest again, before taking one of his hooves and nibbling the spot just above the hoof, a sweet spot for Earth Ponies. Sweet’s breathing hitched as he felt a twinge unlike most others.

“What...was that?” he asked.

“Ohh, so that works as long as you’re transformed?” Sunny mused. “Then how about this?” She moved and nibbled along his collarbone, stopping near his chest and giving the fur a little tug. Sweet’s breathing hitched again...before this time he actually growled, as this mare got him aroused.

“Somepony is after a reaction,” he said, actually enjoying himself despite the game Celestia was playing.

“Well, I seem to be getting it,” Sunny giggled cutely. “Such a big, strong stallion… I do hope he’s not planning anything devious.”

“That would depend on your definition of devious,” Sweet said as he kissed her cheek. “After all, you’re the one that all but dragged me up to a private room in a Violet club. Doing something in it is far from devious, it’s merely...using it for its intended purpose.”

“Oh, all I see is a room. Intended purposes aside, one could do whatever they wished.” She saw that the headboard had shackles mounted to it, ones that would fit her hooves just so… hopefully he’d not notice that little aspect.

Sweet growled again and starting nibbling on her wings. He’d spent some time as a pegasus, he knew how to preen properly...and how to stimulate one. That had been an awkward afternoon, learning what not to do so as to avoid popping a boner in public. One that he’d failed at spectacularly.

“Oooh, somepony knows their wings,” Sunny purred and nibbled at his neck again. Then she decided to show him something neat and her feathers brushed his Cutie Marks. Hopefully this translated through a transformation as well.

Sweet’s breath hitched again as he shuddered, causing him to pause long enough to see the headboard’s...interesting addition. With a grunt and an evil smile, he began pushing the pegasus mare so that her forehooves lined up with the shackles. If they were gonna do this, they were gonna do it his way. With him in charge.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Sunny asked, looking at where her hooves were going.

“Taking charge of the situation,” Sweet said as he managed to get one shackle over her left forehoof with an audible clink. “And doing as I wish.”

While she wasn’t complaining about his sudden assertiveness, she realised something when he locked that shackle in place. These things suppressed magic. While not enough to contain her great power, they were for her current form. These would prevent her from transforming back. They really would keep her contained.

Oh dear, that actually scared her just a little. The other one clinked shut around her right hoof and the stallion whispered into her ear. “Now. Let’s see what it takes out of my education to get you asking for more…” With that, he went back to preening her wings, taking care to check every spot and every feather. With his tongue.

She moaned a little, her wings spreading of their own accord as she wiggled, but those shackles were on good and proper. Sweet just kept preening, now mostly done with her left wing. He had to give credit where it was due.

Now that he had a mare under him, Fredrick was right. It was fun.

She moaned louder and writhed again, her hooves pulling at the shackles. “Ahh, haah, n-no, not there!” she panted. Sweet paused in his ministrations, then lightly ran his tongue over the spot he’d just finished with. She shrieked trying to push him back with her hind hooves, but he had her pinned.

Oh dear, she might have been enjoying this just a little. It was quite thrilling to be actually bound like this. Sweet eventually drew back from her wing...before going after her right one next, treating it to a similar tongue-bath.

“T-Tease,” she panted, her tail flicking from side to side, showing off her glistening slit. “You’re terrible.”

“Mmm,” Sweet said as he straightened a feather. “If I can’t get you to finish before I even touch you down there, then Fredrick was a terrible teacher.” With that, he resumed his long, slow oral examination of her right wing.

“W-What?” she breathed in ragged pants. He was quite skilled, she’d give him that. But she had centuries of experience over him. She’d not cave so easily.

Then Sweet found the mirror to the spot that caused Celestia such delightful torment on her left wing and slowly ran his tongue over it.

She shuddered again and held her breath. “N-Not this time colt. You’ll need to do better than that.”

Sweet hummed before bringing his hooves over to gently prod the spot on the left as he licked the spot on the right again.

That got another shudder and moan out of her...then the shackles did something, and gave her a light tingle that caused her to moan louder and then gasp in surprise. “W-What? Wait, what was that?”

“I dunno,” Sweet said as he released her right wing. “What did it feel like?”

“I, I don’t know… they just shocked me with some sort of magic,” Celestia replied. “Aaaand I shouldn’t have told you that.”

“Hmm, maybe if we recreate the circumstances…” That being said, Sweet put his hooves on both of her wings, massaging the sweet spots he’d found. She moaned again and once her arousal reached the certain point, the shackles shocked her again, causing her to bite her lip and groan lewdly.

Iiiinteresting,” Sweet said. “So if I keep doing this…” And indeed, he hadn’t stopped doing that. “You get a little zap of magic?”

“Haaaah~!” Celestia cried out again, the zapping magic bringing both pleasure and a jolt that was painful enough to stop her from tipping over the edge. Sweet just chuckled and kept it up, thankful for these shackles now. Give it a minute, and he’d actually put a hoof to her lower lips. He wanted her to get nice and warmed up first, though. So that she could and would cum with a touch.

“Nooo, stop,” she groaned and begged him. Wanting him to both stop and never stop. “Soo, good…”

Eventually, once he felt the mare was warmed up enough, Sweet did stop massaging her wings. Only to lightly brush his hoof across her pussy instead. Her eyes flew open and she shrieked. Then the shackles glowed a bright pink and she felt the climax ebb away.

“Whaa. noooo,” she moaned out in a whining tone. “Noooo, come back~”

“Hmm, our little toy just won’t let you cum?” Sweet asked as he put his muzzle where his hoof had been. “So even if I do this-” And now he introduced her to the wonderful world of his tongue on her nethers, silencing his further speech.

“Haaaah!?” she almost screamed as the shackles fought back her finish. She bucked her hips, almost burying his muzzle in her as she panted and moaned. Sweet brought his forehooves up to hold her still, though he didn’t draw back at all and just kept licking into her depths.

She shrieked and thrashed, though the shackles wouldn’t stop until he released her from them. She was bound to ride the fine line of finishing until he saw fit to end it for her.

Eventually, Sweet drew back and licked his lips. “Mmm, you taste simply divine,” he commented, taking note of a key that looked like it would go with the shackles nearby. “Hmm. Should I release you from your torture? Or keep you like this while I move on to the next act?”

“N-Next act?” she gasped, her mind still keeping some semblance of awareness.

“The part where I buck you,” the stallion said, even as he grabbed ahold of the key. “I dunno, I kinda like you like this…”

“You… you’re… Hyaaaa~!” She screamed in pleasure as the shackles zapped her again. “Haah, n-no more… aahhh~”

“Then make me a promise that you’ll stay exactly like this if I let you out of the shackles,” Sweet said. “Otherwise…”

“If you don’t let me out…” Sunny warned him, “I’ll Hyyaaa!” That last cry came out in her Canterlot Voice.

“I didn’t hear a promise,” Sweet said as he held the key just out of reach of the keyholes on the shackles.

“I… I…” she panted. Dear sun, she couldn’t even form a sentence and now these damnable shackles wouldn’t let her speak.

“How about I promise for you?” Sweet said as he inserted the key. “I promise you that if you don’t stay as-you-are, I’ll lock you back into these shackles and start the torture all over again.” With that, he turned the key and broke the spell.

She was finally released and she let out a contented sigh. She felt her power return and a spiral horn grew from her forehead and the shackles glowed and melted to the point of unusuable.

“Whoops,” Celestia whistled innocently as she resumed her Pegasus form again.

“Somepony’s a sore loser,” Sweet observed. “Now I don’t know if I want to touch you if you’re going to be a foal about it.”

Sunny just poked her tongue out. “Well, I’m cute and you can’t resist not finishing what you started~”

“I probably could, if you’re going to melt bits of me off if I get you going,” Sweet said, actually turning away.

“Oh come on, those shackles were evil and had to be destroyed,” Celestia cried out. Dammit, she hated this. Everyone was scared of her power. She sniffed and hung her head. “I understand… you can go if you want.”

“Hey, who said I was going anywhere?” Sweet said, turning back to her. “Plus, I rather enjoyed the thought of tying you up, and I don’t see any replacement shackles around here. It’s up to you if they keep the spells or not, but I’d appreciate it if you made them, y’know, shackles again.”

Celestia nodded and her horn appeared and glowed again, much brighter this time as she cast a localised time spell, reversing the damage. Though she did remove the enchantments on them temporarily.

“Better?” she asked, leaning back and raising her hooves again. Sweet merely nodded and picked the shackles up before clamping them shut around her hooves.

“Much,” he said. “This lets me feel like...Like I’m the one in control. Which is probably the only reason I’m even considering finishing what I started.”

“Hmm, we’ll work on that,” Celestia sighed as she lay back. “When it’s my turn, I’ll blow your little buggy mind~”

“I was doing a pretty good job of that,” Sweet said as he went back to orally pleasing the princess.

“Trueeeee,” she sighed, getting back into the mood once more. “Mm, yes, keep going~”

Sweet had no intentions to stop now, and used his forelegs to hold the mare still while he kept eating her out. He’d finally make her cum before he got any sort of pleasure tonight! Due to her earlier torture, her release came hard and fast! A spicy, yet sweet taste flooded his tongue as she screamed in pleasure, her back arching and her wings flaring out. The disguised violet drone was a little surprised by the sheer volume, but didn’t find the taste so unpleasant and lapped it all up before drinking it all down.

She panted heavily, hanging limply from the shackles. “O-Oh… haha… oh my… that was… mmmm, wow…”

Sweet drew back and licked his lips, catching a little errant fluid. “Spicy, yet sweet. I’m glad I was able to please you tonight.”

“As am I,” Celestia hummed and licked her lips. “But you must be aching for your own.” She slyly spread her legs and winked at him. “Go ahead little colt. Do whatever you wish~”

“Are you so certain?” Sweet said as he more fully covered her form with his. “I can think of one urge I have right now...sure you want me to follow it?” Said urge was throbbing between their bellies at the moment.

“Hmhmhm, I did say… anything yes?” Oh dear sweet Hives, that voice. While she was still a Pegasus, that tone was like the purest honey. Just hearing it made him twitch again.

“Just so you know what you’re getting into,” Sweet said as he used a hoof to point his anatomy in the right direction, and paused when he felt it nudge against a pair of moist lips. “Violet drones have a nickname back in the Lands.” He held himself there before informing the Princess. “They call us breeders.” With that, he gave her a slight buck and buried the tip of his shaft into her.

“Mmm,” she moaned in a husky tone. “I appreciate the concern, but I cannot bear a foal… so, do not concern yourself with such trivialities.”

“You misunderstand,” Sweet said. “I was warning you because we’re the most...gifted amongst the Changelings. Nobles even more so.” Sweet gave her another buck and moaned at how tight she was. “Both in size...and volume.

“Ahh!” she cried out. This form was much smaller than her true one, so it felt like he was going to split her in half. “O-Oh my.. that’s… haaah!”

“Though, I’m sure you’ll be able to take me,” he said with a cheeky smile. “Barely.” Another thrusting motion saw his length further buried into her. He was somewhere between half and three quarters buried now.

“Ahhh! So… so much!” she moaned. “Oh wow, perhaps this form… hah, was the right choice! Ahh! Yes!”

“And here we go,” Sweet said as he gave off one last mighty thrust, giving the pegasus under him the last of his shaft. He just held himself there for a moment, letting her get used to the feeling.

“S-So big,” she groaned. “Oh my, such a big colt you are…” she groaned and stroked his sides with her wings. “Well, bound as I am, I am yours to use,” she purred in that honey-like tone. “Do be gentle with me?”

“Maybe to begin with,” Sweet said as he slowly drew back, leaving only his tip in, before he started really bucking the mare. At a nice and sedate pace, but he was repeating the motions now.

Celestia bucked her hips back in response and then gave him a powerful squeeze. A few hundred years is a long time to practise muscle control after all. And by gods was she warm inside. So warm and wet and tight, and she was making it tighter!

It took all of his self-control to not blow his load right then. Though he did decide to give the princess a helping hoof. “Little tip,” he grunted as he started trying to pick up speed. “If there’s one thing Violets like to hear in the’s something along the lines of a breeding. Even if it is only play.”

Celestia panted and then her eyes opened in a half-lidded gaze. She stared deep into his own, her magenta eyes meeting his violet ones.

“Then stop talking and breed me you little colt,” she purred. “Go ahead and stuff this little mare full~”

There we go,” Sweet grunted as he felt himself twitch in response. “Gonna fill you up with everything I have to offer. Make it so you have a nice little belly full.”

“Mmm, buck me hard~” she moaned lustily. “Go and make me your little breeding mare~”

“Oh buck,” Sweet swore as he felt himself twitch again. “Gonna put foals into you,” he said as he picked up speed. “Gonna get you all kinds of knocked up. Won’t that be a scandal.”

“Yeeesss,” Celestia purred. She might have been enjoying this little roleplay as well. “Oh yes, a foal born to you… what a scandal indeed. Please, fuck me harder! I want your foals!”

“You sure about that?” Sweet said as he felt himself start to reach the point of no return. “Because here...they...come!” And with that he passed it and shot his load deep into the mare.

She cried out, her own climax triggering as her walls clenched him, milking him for all his seed.

“Ahhh, I can… feel it in my womb,” she purred, drooling slightly. “Oh.. sooo much, there’s sooo much… haaah!”

“Benefits of being a Violet,” the disguised drone said. “We rarely don’t stuff mares full.”

“I’d believe it,” she groaned… then the shackles turned back on!

She screamed in ecstasy as the enchantment forced her to cum again, she squeezed the member still buried inside her as her pure voice cried out.

“Oh dear,” Sweet said as he found the key on the floor and used it to unlock the shackles. He didn’t want a repeat of them turning the shackles to slag again. Heck, if anything, he was gonna try to buy them. In case there was a next time~

Once she was released, Celestia panted as she reverted to her true form for a moment, still laying in a lewd position with his seed leaking out of her. Sweet had a minor case of nerves for a moment, as he simply gathered up the shackles and put them in the corner of the room. He wanted to bring them with him, after all. “You okay?” he managed to ask.

“S-Somehow,” she panted and saw her form. With great difficulty, she reverted back to Sunny Skies. “Ohh, so full. Were I an ordinary mare…”

“So many things would be possible,” Sweet said as he lay next to Sunny and used one hoof to gesture dramatically as he hammed up the next statement. “Come with me Sunny, run away to Las Pegasus, become a weather mare for the city while I cook you all the sweets you could ask for.”

“Mmm, a tempting thought, but that big glowing ball of plasma in the sky? Kinda won’t move without me. Plus Luna would go on a power trip if I wasn’t around.”

“Say you’re taking a sabbatical for sixty to eighty years,” Sweet Tooth said. “You could wake up as yourself, move the sun, and go to bed as yourself and still move the sun. All while keeping up your disguise during the day.”

“You really shouldn’t tempt a mare like that,” Celestia giggled and stretched. “Very tempting though…”

“It’s sorta what we do,” Sweet said with a snicker. “Plus you’d get me over my fears and maybe even get some more good sex out of it.”

“I won’t get that if I don’t?” Sunny asked with a cute head tilt. “You don’t want to be my coltfriend.”

“I do, it’d just be a lot easier if you were actually here,” Sweet pointed out. “Wasn’t it you that just said they were needed to keep their sister in check? Apparently you’re convinced you can’t have everything.”

“I can’t,” Celestia said. “The responsibilities I have are far too great to just up and abandon. I promise that I will make all the free time I have for you. Or you know, you could come and live in the Castle with me?”

“Tempting,” Sweet said. “Highly tempting. However, Fredrick is my current employer, and I couldn’t leave him without knowing he had a replacement confectioner that could replicate my recipes, or at least the ones on the menu.”

“Hmm, I guess we’ll have to work something out,” Celestia hummed. “I could dump it all on Twilight…”

“How is it mature to dump your relationship issues on another mare?” Sweet deadpanned.

“I meant my job,” Celestia chuckled. “Sad part is that Twilight would do it too…” She shook her head and snorted. “No, I’ll find a way to deal with it. Trust me.”

“All you would need is a confectioner that doesn’t know a lick of how to behave honorably...or seduce a mare, set them up to meet Fredrick, and I could convince him to take on somepony else while I finally leave.” Sweet laid out the scenario for Celestia that would see him safely away.

“Hmm, I wonder if he’d do a trade with my Royal Confectioner?” Celestia hummed. “That zebra could always learn a thing or two about mares…”

“You’ll have to propose the trade to him,” Sweet chuckled as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

“Hmm, this might work, that, or your sabbatical one,” Sunny mused and kissed his cheek. “Now,” she pushed him down onto the bed. “Time to see if you taste as good as you look~”

“Oh my,” Sweet got out as the princess went for round three...

Chapter 78 - A royal sandwich

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Chrysalis hummed to herself as she checked the oven... a very pink oven. One of these days, she'd accidentally set fire to this kitchen. Still, Amy liked it, even if it could use more green.

She shook her flank and started to sing some popular pop song by Sapphire Shores, even mimicking her voice. Her tail swished from side to side as she reached the main chorus, now dancing with the mop and singing into it like a microphone.

That was about when she sensed two familiar bundles of emotion coming up the stairs. One that was impossibly happy, and another that had that familiar mix of honor, courage, and loyalty…

And both of them were feeling more than a little lusty right now...

Unfortunately, she was so lost in the song and having silly fun, she didn’t pay it any heed, even as they walked through the door…

Amy just sat there and admired the view for a moment. It was a very nice flank bobbing around. She would be sure to fill it when she could, in ten months and a bit time. That would probably be the first thing she did.

Chrysalis finished her song as she spun... and saw the bemused griffon and nymph. She blinked, before turning a nice shade of red and ran off suddenly, locking herself in the bedroom.

There was a soft knock at the door. “Chryssy?” Amy called out. “It was a nice song and dance, honestly.”

"You didn't see anything!" Chrysalis yelled back, as Amy heard a pillow hit the door.

“Honestly, I thought it was good. I almost thought you knew we were there,” she replied. “Because I really liked the show.”

All was silent for a moment, before the door clicked and opened, a pillow hitting her in the face as Chrysalis strode out.

"Well of course you did, as a Queen, I am naturally perfect."

Amy pulled the pillow off her horn before clarifying it for the Queen. “Actually, I was thinking you were trying to put on a mating show for us...because that may or may not be the reason we came back…”

Chrysalis blinked again and looked at Ace. "Are you sure she isn't a Violet?"

"I'm wondering that myself," Ace chuckled and rubbed her cheek, causing her to flush red again. "If you figure it out, let me know."

“Nope, not a Violet,” Amy chirped. “Dad was, though.”

"Hmm, I wonder what your parents are like," Ace asked. "I hope they know that their daughter is pregnant with a Griffon’s child."

“Dad’s one of the ones out in the Dragon lands, studying dragon females,” Amy answered. “Mom went with him to keep him safe. And loyal. Mail takes a while to get up there. I did send them a letter when we got back!”

"Well, glad to hear it," Ace nodded.

"What about yours?" Chrysalis asked and Ace shook his head.

"Perhaps. My parents have long since passed. But I think they're still watching over their foolish son."

"Ah... I'm sorry," Chrysalis said and Ace laughed, petting her head.

"Don't be, they passed a long time ago and I have long since made peace with it."

“We got distracted!” Amy said as she all but jumped on Chrysalis’ back. “We came back to at the very least hold you close, though I wouldn’t say no to a quick round if you wanted to.”

"Distracting you is an easy task," Chrysalis chuckled. "And I won't say no to an Amethyst sandwich~"

“Pity, because I was thinking it should be a Chryssy sandwich this time,” Amy said. “Those are fun!”

"Hmm, I guess," Chrysalis replied. "If you really want to have fun, I bought a fun toy yesterday. I was going to test it on you first..."

“Sounds like we’ve got all the makings for a fun time,” Amy chirped as she slowly licked Chrysalis’ chitin. Ace returned from the room, something rather sizable clutched in his claws.

"You were going to use this beast on her?" He asked. "I think we need to punish her for such wicked thoughts love." He tossed her the strapon Violet phallus.

“Oooh, this looks pretty big...I’ll go get the lube, you can warm her up,” Amy said as she took the strapon in her magical grip and walked back into the bedroom.

"Hrmm, so I'm hunting Chryssies tonight huh?" The Griffon smirked as he stalked closer to her. The queen shrieked and ran playfully from him, though she didn't get far, the large griffon pouncing and pinning her to the couch.

“And back!” Amy said as she reappeared with the strap-on glistening and strapped to her body. “Oooh, the couch, eh? Works for me!”

"Indeed," Ace nodded before he kissed the bigger nymph deeply, his claws running along her neck and chest, touching a few points as Chrysalis moaned into the kiss.

“Right Acey, I know how we’re going to punish her,” Amy said. “Show me that flank of hers, I have a hole to fill.”

"Oh?" He pulled back from the kiss and reached forward, raising the nymph’s flank and smiling as Chrysalis protested a little.

"Y-You wouldn’t dare-"

That was all she got out before Amy pushed the head of the massive strap-on into her tailhole, as she mounted Chrysalis from behind. The queen cried out in both surprise and a little pain as the pink mare filled her flanks with the massive toy.

"Mmmm, she really likes doing that to me as Cherry," Ace mused.

“Quit squirming,” Amy told the queen. “It might just slip in if you don’t stop. I lubed it up really well.” As well, she was thrusting a little, but not a lot, wanting the queen to get used to this toy before she started any major pounding.

"I wonder," Ace hummed as he got up and moved behind Amy, giving her slit a long lick.

“Ah!” Amy said as she suddenly gave a massive thrust into Chrysalis. “A-Acey, we’re supposed to be making a Chryssy sandwich~”

"I have a better idea," Ace replied. Chrysalis cried out as the toy penetrated her, shaking a little. Ace had now slipped under the pair and his throbbing tool penetrated the queen’s other hole, double stuffing the nymph.

“That...was sort of what I...was getting at,” Amy said as she waited for Chrysalis to get used to this much of the toy. Which was about half of it. The queen groaned, not used to having this much stuff her rump. Ace smiled as he reached up, his claws teasing Amy's lower lips.

“Ah!” Amy said as she bucked again, stuffing more of the toy into Chrysalis once again. “Acey, you’re being a little hard on Chryssy.”

"Yes, listen to her," Chrysalis grunted. "Even I can only take so much..."

"Oh, very well," Ace nodded as he lowered his claws, before thrusting up with his hips and hilting himself inside of her.

“That being said,” Amy said as she panted. “I still will make you take this thing, just not all at once.”

"Haaaah, gods," Chrysalis groaned, her horn glowing slightly as she fed on their love. "Mmmm, soooo good."

"I wonder what she's talking about?" Ace chuckled and thrusted again. "Our love, or our love~"

“We’ve got plenty of both,” Amy said as she tested the waters a little. Chrysalis hissed as she pushed more of the toy in.

"Bear in mind nymph, I will return this favour," The queen buzzed.

"I'd like to see that," Ace nodded. "Oh, idea~"

"Share?" Chrysalis asked.

"After," Ace nodded and drew back out before thrusting again. "Don't wanna spoil the surprise."

“Fair enough,” Amy pitched in as she gave another buck and finally felt the toy hit home inside of Chrysalis. The nymph inhaled sharply as she felt both objects hilt inside her. They stayed that way for a moment before Ace grinned at Amy.

"On three?"

“Yup!” Amy chirped. Ace grinned as Chrysalis' eyes widened.

"Three!" Ace said as he started pumping into her, drawing almost all the way out before hammering it home. On the other side of the queen, Amy mirrored his motions as best as she could, doing her best to synch them up with his so that they were simultaneous. Chrysalis let out a silent scream as the assault started. Her body shook as she came already, but the pair paid no heed as they continued to fuck her hard. The queen clutched a cushion, biting into it and moaning lewdly.

“Mmm, I could listen to that forever,” Amy said with a purr.

"As could I," Ace nodded. "Hrrr, damn she's tight, and coming like that has made her sooo wet."

“She already came once?” Amy asked. “Think we could get her to repeat that?”

"I know we can," Ace nodded. And with that, his claws resumed their exploration of the pink mare, probing her depths and teasing her little lovebutton.

“Ah!” Amy said as her thrusting fell out of synch with Ace’s. “You...are just terrible~”

"You know you love it," Ace smiled and noticed something attached to the strap of the toy. "Hmm, what's this?" he hummed and pressed it, causing the toy to vibrate.

“Ooooh,” Amy said. “I approve~”

"S-So... dooo...Iiiiiiieeee~" Chrysalis moaned into her pillow. Her horn flared as she created a magical construct similar to the one in her ass... and then thrust it into Ace's, making him squawk in surprise. The Griffon groaned as his claw plunged deep inside Amy as he just kept hammering the queen.

“Soooo...goood~” Amy sighed. “Mooooore~”

"As you wish," Chrysalis grunted, removing her spell from Ace and driving into Amy instead, the transparent construct sinking into her folds easily.

Ace gripped the queens hips, thrusting faster into her as she bit her pillow again, giving them more of those delicious moans.

“G-Gonna cum soon,” Amy panted. “How about you, Acey?”

"Nrgh! Gonna fill this queen," he said through a gritted beak. "Unless you have other ideas?"

“Mnope,” Amy said as she did her best to keep going despite the magical toy in her. Ace nodded and hugged the queen as he let out a screech and his seed flooded her, rushing to her womb as Chrysalis cried out, her second climax triggered by it and with one last burst of concentration, cancelled her spell and hit Amy with an empathy link.

The pink nymph screamed as well, as she came and came hard. She finished her thrusting into the queen with one last big buck and just held herself there as she kept cumming.

"Ahhh, I do love that sound~" Ace purred as he extracted himself from the queen. "Don't be too rough on her Chryssy."

The queen panted and removed the spell from Amy with a sigh. "I should teach Sparkle that one as well," she mused.

Amy just lay on the back of the queen, panting as she slowly came back from the pleasure-filled realm Chryssy’s spell had sent her to.

"You okay little bug?" Chrysalis chuckled. "That was quite the display."

“Just...gimmie a minute...need to recharge,” Amy said breathlessly. “It’s...always an experience...with you.”

Ace whispered something into Chrysalis' ear and the queen smiled a little too widely.

"Ohhh, now that is a delicious idea... but I'm a little tired... still," She pulled the pink out of her and moved off the couch, taking the toy off of her and laying her atop Ace.

"Hmm, hello there~" he hummed, kissing her cheek.

“Hey you,” she said, hugging him a little. “Wha’s Chryssy...up to?"

"Hmm, returning the favor," he hummed as she felt the queen lift her rump, as two protrusions pressed against certain openings.

"Also," the queen mused. "Remind me to teach you the art of partial transformations~" The queen had her usual voice, but a very male something was poking the smaller nymph.

Amy’s eyes just widened as she felt the queen get ready for round two…

Chapter 79 - Maid to order

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“I don’t think I want to know why they have this costume here, much less in this size,” Sugar said as she slipped the maid outfit on. Apparently, Cadence was into some role-play as well. And left her outfits in random bedrooms. With a violet flash, Sugar was replaced by that same pink alicorn form before she walked out from behind the changing screen, so that her wife could look at her. “I’m making good on my promise,” she cooed, wiggling those flanks as she pulled a feather duster out and proceeded to dust the room.

Moondancer swallowed hard, she wondered when Sugar would notice her. Hmm, give her a minute to see the Unicorn laying on the bed in nothing but silk socks and a pair of lacy white panties.

"But princess," she said softly. "What if my wife finds out?"

“Don’t worry,” ‘Cadence’ said as she reared up on her hind hooves to dust the top of the wardrobe. “I’m more than willing to share a mare as fine as you~” That tail started swinging side to side now, offering tantalizing glimpses of what lay beneath.

Moondancer shuddered in excitement. "And your husband?" She asked. "What if he finds out about this... scandalous affair~?"

“Then he can go next,” the alicorn purred as she continued her dusting. “But he’ll have to wait for you to be done~” She was drawing closer now, and apparently liked what she was seeing. At least, judging by all the lingering looks she was leaving Moondancer’s form.

The unicorn rolled over on to her belly, her hind legs raised as she rubbed at the lace garment covering her. "Well then my princess, there is a leak here that requires some cleaning~"

“Oh my,” ‘Cadence’ said as she looked at the unicorn. “We’re going to have to see about stopping that.” Of course, she only did so by slowly drawing those panties down, teasingly. An inch at a time.

"Mmmm," Moondancer groaned as her horn shone, doing the same to her wife. "Such a naughty princess. Perhaps I have to... punish you~"

“I was thinking the same thing for getting this bed so wet,” the alicorn said as she started to bring her feather duster to bear...before giving Moondancer’s lips the same treatment the rest of the room had gotten. A light touch on her outer lips as the ‘princess’ proceeded to try and ‘clean’ the leak up. Moondancer let out something that resembled a mix of a scream and a giggle, her 'cleaning' only serving to worsen the mess.

Her magic formed something akin to griffon talons as she used it to cup Sugar's warm mound, massaging it lightly.

“Oh goodness,” ‘Cadence’ said as she felt that. “And what do you plan on doing to me back there?”

"Hmm, just this," Moondancer said softly as a digit slowly entered her, before drawing back out and then penetrated her again. A second construct cupped her teats, tweaking and flicking her nipples.

Ooooh,” the pink alicorn moaned as Moondancer began her ministrations. “It’s a good thing I’m well-versed in how to use a feather duster,” she said, before reversing her grip on it. “I think it’s time to plug that leak.” That was about all the warning Moondancer got before she started feeling the handle of the thing poking at her lips.

The unicorn's breath hitched, she rarely had objects go in there like that. She was a mare's mare through and through. No stallion had ever sown that field. And gods above, Cadence sounded so bucking hot when she moaned. She was rather jealous of Shining now.

The surprise also had her sink a second digit inside her wife, who moaned appreciatively yet again and forced even more of the feather duster into Moondancer.

“Somepony...hah, is feeling very...naughty around her princess,” the faux Cadence said as she gave the duster a small turn. Moondancer moaned lewdly, panting as the first construct warped, becoming something else.

It now felt like a rather gifted stallion had mounted the princess, as a hard member penetrated her deeply, spreading her lips wide open as the room was filled with wet slapping sounds.

"Going. To make you. Scream," Moon said breathlessly. The princess wasn’t doing much better, moaning lewdly, but determined to make her wife come first. Her magic gripped the feather duster and started pumping it into and out of Moondancer at a steady pace, giving it a small turn every so often in an attempt to get a feather brushing past her clit.

Moondancer moaned loudly, her own spell getting faster as the second one slid up 'Cadence's' thighs, caressing them softly before moving to her wings and gripping them. She then propped herself up with her forehooves and gave her glowing horn a long, lavish lick.

Sugar nearly came then and there, barely holding herself back thanks to sheer determination alone. She gave the feather duster an increase in speed before deciding to return the favor and the lick Moonie had given her, drawing her tongue up Moondancer’s horn from base to tip.

The unicorn didn’t fare as well as her wife, letting out a loud shriek as she gripped the smooth wooden handle inside her. With one final burst of concentration before the lust addled her mind, the fake phallus inside her 'princess' flared and it shifted form, becoming less solid and it felt as though it had just unleashed a massive load inside her.

With that final thought running through her head, Sugar screamed and came as well, her walls bearing down on Moonie’s magic before she sighed and cuddled her wife close. “You...are incredible,” she muttered to the unicorn in her grip. “Have I ever told you that?”

"Uhuh," Moon nodded wearily. "And I know I am." Still, she had another surprise for her. She gave her a kiss before pulling away. "Now why don’t you get comfortable. I have a promise of my own for you."

Sugar raised an eyebrow before her form returned, bringing a sad end to the Cadence cuddling Moondancer. The mare smiled and kissed her.

"Thanks for that, it makes me wish I could return the favour..." Her eyes sparkled and she grinned. Oh boy did she have something planned for Round Three. She ducked behind the screen and Sugar could hear some rustling, before she came back out in her wedding dress.

"I believe I promised that a certain someone could unwrap her present," she blushed.

“Mmm, I believe you did,” Sugar said, licking her lips. “Well, get over here present. I have a plan as to how I’m going to unwrap you.”

Moondancer nodded and approached slowly, keeping up the appearance of a blushing, innocent bride. She sat on the end of the bed, her doe-like eyes staring up at the Noble nymph.

“I,” Sugar said as she pulled the mare closer. “Am going to slowly undress you with my hooves...and run my tongue all over your body.”

Now, Moondancer knew a little something about Violet Changelings. Males love a mare that was willing to breed. It stirred some really primal feelings that drove them nuts.

A nymph? They loved a subservient lover.

"D-Do whatever you like," Moondancer stammered in a small, cute voice. "My body is yours...Mistress."

“And don’t you ever forget it,” Sugar breathed into her mare’s ear. She looked at the dress for a moment before sighing. “Little mare, I cannot figure out how to get you out of that dress without damaging it, and it is such a nice dress. Either you take it off and make a nice show of it, or I’m going to tear it off of you.”

Moondancer nodded and slowly got to her hooves. She began to slowly turn as she removed the gold wires that connected the necklace and dress, the light as air jewlery floated around her as she twirled. It was both sensual and amazingly beautiful. Next was the dress itself, as she slowly, tantalizingly slid it from her waist, turning so her flanks were facing the nymph. As the dress moved past her tail, Sugar caught a glimpse of her soaked panties, before her tail hid them once more.

Once that spilled onto the floor, she turned, still wearing her socks, panties and necklace.

"Is that satisfactory Mistress?" she asked in a husky whisper.

“Mmm, that was quite the show indeed,” Sugar said. “Now why don’t you come up here and let me...inspect you?”

She nodded meekly and climbed up onto the bed, playing the part of an embarrassed, innocent mare. She shuffled forward slowly, inching across the sheets as her eyes didn’t quite make contact with Sugar’s, a cute blush spread across her face. The nymph let out a little coo before putting one hoof under her wife’s chin and forcing her to look her in the eyes. “You are adorable,” the nymph said. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you.”

“Please be gentle with me,” she said in a small whisper, her blush deepening. She just wanted to pounce and show this nymph a thing or two. But she already got to play, so it was her turn. Sugar slowly took the necklace off with her magic, before sticking it on top of the pile the dress had become. Then she started slipping the socks off, kissing Moondancer’s forelegs as each inch was exposed. The unicorn shivered with her touch, murmuring under her breath and biting her lip.

“And now I’m giving you a small choice,” Sugar said once the last sock was off. “Either you can take your panties off, or I will.”

She leaned back and looked away shyly as she spread her hind legs slowly. “Remember Mistress, I am yours to play with.”

“And don’t you forget it,” Sugar said as she slowly, teasingly gripped the edges of that piece of cloth and started edging it downwards, kissing at the mare’s crotch for every single bit that was revealed. She let out some small whimpers and moans, her hips bucking ever so slightly.

“Ah… Mistress…” she sighed, closing her eyes. Eventually the mare’s clit was revealed, and Sugar took to teasing that with her mouth while her hooves kept moving those panties downwards.

She let out a high-pitched moan as her hips gave a stronger buck. She put a forehoof to her mouth and bit down on it to muffle her screams of pleasure. Sugar pulled the wet panties off and dropped them to one side as she moved to licking the mare’s lips, still not penetrating her.

She let out a few muffled moans, biting down a little harder, the pain distracting her from climaxing too early. Sugar’s teasing was both excruciatingly slow and amazingly sensual.

Sugar eventually stopped licking at her wife before giving her a smoldering look. “Tell me what you want, my wife,” the nymph purred. “Tell me what you desire most in this moment...and maybe, if you’re very good, I’ll grant your wish~”

“You,” she said breathlessly. “Everything that you are, everything that you could be. I want it all,” she said, licking her lips. She leaned back a little and moved her forehooves, spreading her lower lips and presenting herself to the nymph. “Take me my Mistress.”

“Perhaps I will,” Sugar said as she gave Moondancer a long, slow lick, from one end of her lips to the other. “Perhaps I will~ Convince me, though.”

“Because this sweet mare is offering herself to you,” she said in a heated, husky tone. "And you know that you can't resist a cute little pony." She gave her lips a sensual lick and her innocence vanished for a moment, replaced by her amazingly sexy wife. "Don't deny yourself this opportunity my love~"

“Well then, let me show you what I learned from our studies on Midnight,” Sugar said as she put her mouth to work. A violet flash was apparent in her mouth, and then she put her new thestral tongue to work on Moondancer’s lower lips.

“Haaaaah~” Moondancer cried out. It had been soo long since she’d felt this. It brought up a few emotions that she didn’t want to admit she had. Sugar was her wife now, it wouldn’t be fair to her to still feel this sort of thing for Midnight.

Sugar merely hummed before she got her tongue and the depths of Moondancer’s tunnel more acquainted with each other. Plus, it would do to help her train her control of this thing.

“Ah… r-rotate it more,” she helped her. “Try wiggling it… if you caaaaaan~!”

Sugar hummed again before she did her level best to corkscrew her tongue within Moondancer’s tunnel. She was rewarded with a loud shriek of pleasure and the unicorn’s taste flooding her tongue. Her walls tightened down around her as the unicorn twitched and shook as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

Sugar eventually pulled up and licked her lips. “All that, just for me?” she asked. “You shouldn’t have. Because now that I know what buttons to push…” she let that sentence trail off before she picked up right back where she’d left off. Moondancer let out a more silent scream this time, still feeling extremely sensitive from before. And that tongue was relentless. And everywhere!

“O-Oh by the stars…” she moaned. “More… ahhh, more~” Something Sugar delivered on as she ramped up the speed of the corkscrewing now that she had a firmer hold on how the tongue was supposed to work. Hmm...there was quite a lot of it. Maybe she could find something for the tongue outside her wife to do?

“T-Turn around,” Moon said, her mind feeling like it was caught in a haze. “Favour. Return… haaah~”

Sugar shook her head a little. This was her time to play with her wife. Moonie could return the favor when she had some rest. And fluids. The tongue outside of Moondancer sought and found the mare’s clit and brushed against it.

She screamed again, her forehooves clutching the bedsheets tightly as her horn sparked. Her hips bucked up and down, desperate to get more pleasure from her. Sugar decided to add a bit of a pistoning motion to her tongue then, pulling back and forth out of her wife's pussy with lewd slurping noises.

“Ahh, ohh... ahhh~” Moondancer writhed on the bed sheets, “Love… I love you,” she panted heavily.

Sugar did her level best to increase the speed at which she pumped into Moondancer, trying to bring the mare to orgasm again before she let her return the favor. And she didn’t have to wait long, as the unicorn climaxed again, just as powerfully as before.

“Mmm, you taste divine,” Sugar said after pulling away again and licking her lips. “When you feel up to returning the favor, do let me know.” With that, she just lay on the bed and pulled her wife close, so she could cuddle in the afterglow. Moondancer took a few minutes to recover, before she put her hooves around the mare and smiled.

“Mmm, I have an idea about that,” she said. “Just… gimme a bit. And some water might be nice.”

Sugar kissed her wife before looking for the tap in their room. Assuming there was one. Once she located it, it was a simple matter to fill a glass for Moondancer and pass it to her. The mare gulped it down and sighed happily. She rested for a few minutes and then nodded.

“Okay, pop quiz time,” the unicorn smiled as her horn lit up. “What do you know about Polymorph spells?”

“Considering my own nature,” Sugar hummed. “Well, I know quite a bit about my natural shapeshifting, but something tells me that’s not the same.”

“Sorta,” Moondancer explained as a glow surrounded Sugar. “You see, in order for the spell to work, the target you want to become has to be standing in front of you. Remember what I did at the wedding ceremony? How I said those words?”

“True, I do remember that,” Sugar said, wondering where this could be going.

“Well, that was just a partial Polymorph, using you to copy your vocal chords. That felt really weird by the way.” She let out a small sigh as her horn shone brighter, light enveloping her body. And once it cleared, Moondancer was gone.

Well, unicorn Moondancer anyway.

There was now a Silver Changeling nymph lying on the bed, though she still had a familiar mane and tail.

“This… feels a bit strange,” Changeling-Moon buzzed, looking at her new form.

“It looks a little strange as well,” Sugar said as she gave her wife’s new form a once-over. It made sense she was a silver nymph, considering she liked studying and learning things about as much as she liked sex. But the mane and tail were rather weird for a ‘ling. Oooh, did she have the wings as well? And did her holes in her legs serve as a stimulus if licked or tickled? They had sexy science to do~

Moondancer gulped when she saw the look in her wife’s eyes. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea…

Chapter 80 - Plundering the booty

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“Aha, here we be,” Ledger said before ‘roughly’ tossing the mare onto the bed. “And now we’ll see what yer fate will be, lassie.”

"Humph!" Twilight scoffed after she hit the mattress, staring up at him in defiance. "I'll never tell you where the treasure is!!"

“Oh but lass...I already know,” Ledger said as he clambered onto the bed as well.

"You..." she backed away as far as her bound hooves would let her. "Your Captain will punish you if you touch me!"

“You really think so, lass? Then you don’t know Captain Midnight at all! As long as I don’t do one specific thing without your askin’...I’ve got free reign.” With that, Ledger began stroking her wings with his hooves, leaving it up to Twilight to figure out what he was talking about.

"D-Do what you want villain!" Twilight gasped at his touch. "You'll not get the treasure you seek." Her horn had glowed for a moment before it stopped. "My beloved hero will save me!"

“Keep tellin’ yerself that, lass,” Ledger said as he kept stroking Twilight’s wings, seeking her sensitive points and caressing them. She shuddered again as a quiet moan escaped her lips.

Midnight and Scope soon walked in, carrying their pilfered booty. The thestral gave an appreciative whistle as she sat on a comfy chair. "So how's the prisoner? Got 'er t'talk yet?"

“She claims she’ll never tell us where the booty is, but I can think of a different sort of treasure I’d prefer, Cap’n,” Ledger replied, giving Twilight’s flank and cutie mark a stroke for emphasis. “Permission to begin advanced interrogatin’ techniques?”

"Aye! Permission granted," Midnight smiled. "Oh, and Swabbie Cider abandoned ship. Claims she found another callin' in life?"

“A pity, but we’ll wish her all the luck,” Ledger said before rolling Twilight onto her back and positioning himself between her hind legs, letting his breath wash over her netherlips. The alicorn let out a soft sigh, clearly giving in at this point.

"Mmm, be sure t'give yer Captain a good show," Midnight said. "I got a reputation to uphold."

"Um... parley?" Twilight tried a last ditch effort.

“Y’er already meetin’ with the Cap’n,” Ledger said. “Tell it to her.” Ledger rotated the alicorn and made sure to get a nod of approval from Midnight before he began his oral assault on Twilight’s pussy.

"Oi Ledge!" Midnight called out with a cheeky smile. "Give 'er the Cap'n Special!" Ledger did a salute before there was a flash from his mouth. Now Twilight would be under attack from his very-well-trained Thestral tongue. She shrieked in pleasure as he did so, her pouts of defiance turning into pants of desire.

"Mmm, there's a good lad," Midnight growled, rubbing her swollen lips with a hoof.

Twilight was suddenly silenced, as Ledger came face to face with a rather feminine-looking stallion, as he stuffed the princess's mouth with his new anatomy.

"Well, that's a neat new trick Scopey~" Midnight purred. "You got yerselves a Princess Sandwich."

Ledger would have spoke up, something about ‘the tastiest of sandwiches’, but was rather occupied tasting said sandwich. He did decide to see which ran out first, though. Twilight’s tunnel, or his tongue.

The answer was the former, causing Twilight to buck her hips as Scope drove a little deeper inside her. Ledger then decided to corkscrew his tongue around, while the extra, unused portion tweaked her clit once. Twilight let out a muffled scream of pleasure as Midnight moaned, rubbing herself harder.

...Then door swung open as Cider stepped inside, dressed in Royal Guard armour.

"Hold it right there, criminal scum!" She pointed at them dramatically. "Unhoof the Princess!"

Ledger merely demonstrated that his hooves weren’t on the princess, though he didn’t stop at all.

Cider charged, only to be stopped by Midnight.

"Avast traitor!" She declared. "Ye be facin' me now!" She went to tackle the cute armoured mare, only to find herself upside down and on her back as Cider flipped her.

"...waitwat?" The bat blinked in confusion. How the buck did that happen!?

Cider pulled Ledger off and pinned him against the headboard of the bed with one hoof.

"Any last words?" She said with a small smile. Ledger didn’t say anything to begin with, though he did messily retract his tongue back into his mouth. Eventually, he just said two words.

“Behind you.”

That was all she got before the pretty stallion mounted her.

"Mmm, I do so love canned food," he purred before penetrating her effortlessly. Cider gasped and her hold on Ledger slipped as she gripped the headboard as the Changeling furiously rutted her. Ledger slipped away and dragged the princess over to lay in front of Midnight.

“Permission to advance my interrogatin’, Cap’n?” Ledger asked as something poked at Twilight’s lips.

"How the buck did she do that?" Midnight murmured, still dazed and confused.

“She’s good, Cap’n, and she’s getting it good right about now,” Ledger said. “Permission to advance?” It seemed that the drone wouldn’t move to actually bucking Twilight until ‘Captain Midnight’ had given him permission.

Twilight was about to use it to her advantage, as her horn shone. She suddenly yelped as a long tongue wrapped around her horn, as Midnight gave Ledger a nod as she expertly sucked on the alicorn’s horn. Ledger knew what it was like to have a hard object trapped in that maw of hers. Then he took advantage of the permission given, and doubled up on the sensations Twilight would be feeling, thrusting all his length into Twilight in one clean buck.

She opened her mouth as her eyes rolled back from the over stimulating she was receiving.

Not to mention that Cider was making the most arousing noises from behind him. Ledger grunted and kept hammering into and out of the mare beneath him, before chuckling lewdly. “Hey, Cap’n. Two foals were made here, aye? What say we make that three, or four?”

"The princess's 'Castle of Conception' eh?" Midnight said as she pulled her mouth off of Twilight’s horn and buried her face in her dripping marehood. "Make it so Number One."

“Aye aye Captain!” Ledger said as he kept up with the thrusting into Twilight. “I’ll be doin’ that real soon!”

"I do enjoy a stuffed princess fer dessert," Midnight cooed. She took the whipped cream and added a liberal amount to her, before getting Twilight to lick it off. Ledger grunted and held himself still in the mare, finally reaching his peak as he started to fill her with his load.

"Oi Ledge, ain't you got a spell that can... enhance our shots?" Scope asked. "I reckon we could go with that eh?"

“I got one idea,” Ledger said as he cast both the endurance spell and the feedback spell on himself, trapping himself in an endless loop of cumming into the mare beneath him. “Lemme know when you’re...filling her an I’ll hit you with the same.”

Twilight groaned into Midnight’s pussy as she felt her abdomen start to swell from the sheer amount he was pumping into her. She tried to pull off before she exploded, as Scope grunted and her thrusting became more erratic. Ledger, upon seeing that Twilight was starting to become uncomfortable, hit her with the Accommodation spell. So that she could hold it all.

Twilight pulled her head back and stared at Ledger with wide eyes. Even Midnight looked a tad confused over what he did.

"Could use that spell here," Scope grunted. Ledger nodded and hit both Scope and Cider with their respective spells. Accommodation for Cider, feedback and stamina for Scope. It was a little draining for him, but he was in the presence of so much love and lust, he barely noticed it.

Cider just leaned against the headboard as Scope started filling her, but rather than keep going with the filling once her belly had a nice roundness to it, she pulled out and started painting the mare thoroughly.

“Now that’s quite the show, ain’t it, Cap’n?” Ledger asked. And no, he’d not stopped yet. He wasn’t sure he would for a while. And he was perfectly fine with that. Twilight however, wanted her hooves to still be able to touch the ground and pulled him out with her magic. She was soon getting the same treatment as Cider.

"Ay! You're getting it on my hat!" Midnight said.

“Sorry Cap’n!” Ledger said as he pulled Twilight’s mouth over so that he could sheathe himself somewhere warm and wet all the same. “Little lass got a bit uppity! I think I’ll fill her up in another way!”

"I was using that!!" Midnight frowned. "And how dare you get off befer ya Captain!"

“Once she admits defeat, I’ll see ta yer needs, Cap’n,” Ledger said before stroking Twilight’s mane. “Nod if you submit, lass. Otherwise I’ll not stop.”

Twilight gave a frantic nod, she couldn't keep this up. Ledger cancelled the spells on himself before pulling Twilight off and setting her to the side. After a moment to catch his breath, he started advancing on Midnight, before recalling that Scope and Cider were still a thing going on. “You two want me to take the spells off you yet?” he asked over his shoulder.

"Before I drown might be nice!" Cider said, her entire body coated with a thick layer. Scope transformed back and that surprisingly cancelled the spells.

"Huh... how about that?" she groaned before falling back, utterly exhausted. Ledger just smiled as he advanced on the bat.

“Permission to please the Cap’n?” he asked, licking his lips. Midnight scoffed and looked at him.

"You dirtied my hat, took my plaything, what makes you so uppity eh?"

“Because you know I can deliver,” Ledger purred as he let his long thestral tongue loll out of his mouth.

"Yer a whelp tryin' to impress the Master with that," She said and looked at Twilight, who was busy coughing up a mouthful of Ledger’s seed.

"I'll live," she said. "Wouldn’t say no to a little revenge though."

"Hmm, I like her, she knows who's in charge here," Midnight smiled wickedly at Ledger. "New First Mate Twilight. Restrain this uppity whelp. The Captain has a new toy to play with~"

Twilight smiled as her magic bound his hooves to the headboard next to Cider, as Midnight stalked closer. Ledger gulped, standing at full mast while waiting to see what Midnight would do to him.

"You see Ledger," Midnight said as she straddled him, her wet nethers rubbing against him. "Without your fancy magic tricks... how good would you say you are compared to me?"

“I’d say you’re a mite bit better than me,” Ledger said, still playing his role.

"Only a mite eh?" Midnight nodded at Scope, as the little nymph coated his horn in a green slime that hardened almost instantly, rendering his magic inert.

"Now," Midnight said as her fangs grazed his neck, finding the joint and the soft flesh beneath. "Do you still want to play?"

“I’m...still not opposed to the idea,” Ledger said. And he wasn’t. He knew he was safe around Midnight.

"Oh good~" she purred as she bit him, and he was overcome with the burning inferno to fuck this mare senseless. But his magic was blocked and Twilight’s kept his limbs bound tightly as Midnight slowly rubbed herself against him. Not penetrating, just rubbing the length against her lips.

"Tell me," she said into his ear. "I know you can hear me little drone." She lightly nibbled his ear as she kept up her torturous ministrations. "Tell me what you want buggy~"

The response she got was in broken, fragmented Changeish as Ledger chittered at her. “I...want…” he said, trying his hardest to break free of the magic by strength alone. Which wasn’t happening, but the thought counted.

"Ah well," she sighed as she teased his tip with her entrance. But lifted herself away when he tried to buck. "Ah-ah, I don't know you whelp. Disrespectin' yer Captain is a good way t'get in trouble."

"What... did you do to him?" Twilight asked before she remembered. "Wait, did you bite him?"

"Yeah, why?" Midnight replied as she dipped his tip again. Her teasing was relentless.

"Your pheromones are wild because of your pregnancy," Twilight said. "You've most likely given him a far more potent dose."

Midnight looked at the drone and hummed. "That so...?" She smirked and flicked Twilight's horn with a wing tip, causing her to release the drone from her bindings. Immediately, he pounced Midnight and reversed their positions, so that she was on the bottom and finally put an end to his torture, with one mighty bucking.

Mine!” He chittered. “My mare!

"Ohhh, my little buggies excited~" Midnight cooed and gave him a deep, loving kiss. Ledger returned it as well as he could before he returned to the main attraction. Which was currently bucking her, and then maybe the nymph. The others were already seen to anyways.

She gave him a deep moan as he bucked her with furious abandon. She wrapped her hooves around his neck and showed off a little, tightening herself around him. Not as good as Cider, but she'd been practicing.

Ledger merely chittered a bit before looking around the room and finding Scope standing a small ways away. “You’re next,” he told her.

"If you think you can after the Mistress drains you dry~" Scope replied with a small smirk. Midnight wasn’t at her limit yet. Scope followed Twilight and Cider into the bathroom to help them clean up. Meanwhile, Midnight reached for a hoof full of something and smeared it on her chest. Sugar crystals. Ledger’s eyes went wide as he started licking her chest, still not stopping his furious pounding that he was giving his mare. This one knew how to present herself to a changeling~

"Mmmm, there's a good drone," she purred as she licked his cheek. She rubbed a bit more on, this time on her lips and muzzle. Ledger’s instincts followed soon after, licking at her lips and the sugar spread there. So tasty...

She used that opportunity to draw him in for a sweetened kiss. She broke it and panted softly. She was getting closer now, and let out some rather lewd and erotic moans. Ledger grunted and kept going at her, his tongue lolling out and licking at what few crystals of sugar remained. Her hooves gripped his neck as she moaned into his ear, her walls tightening around him as she convulsed, climaxing hard.

Ledger grunted as he came as well, filling her as much as he could. He panted and shuddered as he kept filling her for a good while, before he placed small kisses on Midnight’s muzzle. She groaned, her walls hugging and milking him for his seed as she returned his affections.

She then leaned up and did something even a lot of thestrals didn't know about. She bit him again, this time she suckled slightly as a coppery taste hit her tongue, before she pulled back. That bite served to reverse the effects of a Love Bite, though it would leave him feeling sluggish and a little itchy in the morning. Ledger blinked and moaned, before putting a hoof to his head. “Wha?...” he asked. It felt like he’d had more than one Mood Setter and couldn’t remember a thing...

"Welcome back," the bat under him giggled. "Have fun..." she looked down as he still filled her with his thick tool. "Eeyup~"

“What...happened?” Ledger asked. “Did something?”

"Mhmm, used my bite on you," she said and licked the spot she bit. "You were deliciously wild."

“It was like...the only thing that mattered was screwing you all senseless,” Ledger said. “Sheesh...what is that, twice now?”

"Yeah, I think that might be a little too potent for a Changeling," Midnight said as she snuggled him. "What do you suppose would happen if I used it on Sugar?"

“I dread to imagine,” Ledger said with a shudder.

"Time for sexy science when I get back," Midnight giggled. "Also, you comfy there?"

“Yeah, I’m good,” Ledger said before giving her a quick kiss. “Mmm...was everypony seen to?”

"Well, maybe not Scopey, but she seemed to have fun with Cidey..." there was a thump from the bathroom and the bat giggled. "And now both her and Twilight it seems."

“Hmm, something tells me I’ll have to put her in her place when she gets out of there,” Ledger muttered. “D’you mind if I just soak up some of your love so that I’ll have the energy to discipline the nymph?”

"Well I got to snack on you," she purred as her eyes shone crimson for a moment. "Your blood is... interesting."

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Ledger said as he made himself comfortable on top of Midnight. “Mmm, you’re warm and snuggly.”

"I know," she replied, hugging him. Scope and the others eventually returned, Cider now no longer frosted and humming to herself. Twilight was looking a little weary as she shot a glance at Ledger.

"I will get you back for that," she said idly as she crawled onto the bed. "I'm going to have stretch marks for days because of you."

“I look forward to your vengeance,” Ledger said as he stood up and snared Scope in his magic. “Hello poppet~” he cooed, already hitting her with the Accommodation spell. “Guess what time it is?”

"Sleep, because I'm tired?" She asked with a flat stare. Ledger responded by tutting and putting her under him, before poking her lips with that familiar length.

“I think it’s time we show off to the others,” he said with a smirk.

"I'm not getting out of this am I?" She replied, not really trying to.

“You’re the only one I haven’t seen to, of course not!” Ledger said, before treating her like he had once before. Namely, his little cock-sheath. Once he was hilted in her, he even did a few laps around the room to show off to the other mares. Only this time, there wasn’t an invisibility spell keeping her hidden from view.

"This is so embarrassing," she muttered as the other three watched.

"That... looks uncomfortable," Twilight said.

“She loves it though, don’t you, Scopey?” Ledger asked. “And it’s not hard to move around with her at all.”

"I refuse to answer that," Scope pouted, her legs dangling there.

“Hmm, maybe a spell or two will loosen her tongue,” Ledger said as his horn sparked up. “I can think of a few she loves…”

"Don't you fucking dare Ledger!" Scope yelled at him. It was too late, though. He’d already cast the spell to get her all warmed up.

“Wouldn’t want you getting cold down there, would we?” he asked.

"Ffffffuck!" she groaned, whimpering in pleasure.

"Be careful with your toys," Midnight said, pulling Twilight into a hug.

“Oh, I’m very careful,” Ledger said as he sat in front of them, Scope jutting up between his legs. “I make sure they never break...only bend.” He stroked along her back with a hoof. “Now, say you like this,” he whispered into the nymph’s ear.

"G-go...fuck...haaaah~" Scope was defiant, she still had that.

“Then I have little choice,” Ledger sighed, before hitting her with the second feedback spell she’d had tonight. She’d bend eventually, and he’d toy with her until she did. A hoof rubbing her clit seemed about right. She moaned louder, but didn't give Ledger what he wanted. She was gonna make him work for it.

That was when Ledger started using her to work his shaft, pulling her up and down slowly and surely. She’d bend sooner if she was being worked over.

"That all... you bucking got?" she panted, groaning from the odd sensation of taking something that shouldn't fit. Ledger turned her on his cock so that they were looking at one another, a wonderful feeling. And then began kissing her with his long, thestral tongue that he still hadn’t shifted away. All while still working her up and down his cock. If anything, he increased the pace.

She moaned into his mouth as he heard a gasp from Twilight, and he tilted his head slightly as he saw both Cider and Midnight eating her out, kissing and licking one another along with it. Ledger broke the kiss and turned Scope back around, so that she could see the threesome going on.

Scope purred at the sight, kinda wishing she could join in. But she was just hanging around here right now. Speaking of...

She smirked and she copied one of Twilight’s spells, as tendrils of magic looped in and around his leg holes. Ledger responded by moaning, before he decided that Scope deserved something new. Plus, this would let them stress-test the Accommodation spell. There was a flash from Ledger’s groin, before a second protrusion poked at her other hole.

Scopes eyes shot open and she shook her head. "Nononono, that's too much Ledger. What if the spell fails? That'll freakin kill me!"

Ledger took her concerns into consideration...and hit himself with an Accommodation spell as well, to lessen the chances of either of them failing. He then completely ignored her protests and began to slowly push his freshly grown second length into the nymph.

"Slowly..." she hissed. "Also, I'll kill you slowly later!" Ledger filed that away for later and continued double-stuffing the nymph, wondering if the other mares had a good show of what he was doing. Twilight certainly did at least, while Cider and Midnight continued to eat their cream-filled princess.

"Ffffuuuuck!" Scope groaned, "So...damned... goooood~"

“I take it I’ll be doing this to you again later,” Ledger purred into her ear as he gave off a tiny buck.

"N-No, idiot," she blushed. "Hurry up and finish already."

“Before you? Before you’re sated or filled?” Ledger asked as he nearly finished burying his second length into her. “That would rude.” That hoof had found her clit again and was busy toying with it.

"God...fuck!" Scope groaned as he toyed with her again. If she hadn’t gone three rounds already, then she'd be done by now. Still, she was getting close already. And every time she did, that damn spell of his snatched it away!

“Surrender and I might let you cum,” Ledger said as he hammered home at last. “Tell me how much you love being roughly treated by me.”

Maybe she wanted sweet sometimes, like he was with Twi and Middy. Still it did feel good, she moaned a little, the cocks inside her relentlessly pounding away. The spell stole away her climax again and she groaned, biting down on his shoulder. Ledger merely stroked her back, before he began using her like his toy again, having not heard the words he needed to hear. She would bend...but would she break as well?

He was kinda curious to find out, truth be told~

"Maybe I'll turn the tables next time," Scope muttered under her breath as he roughly rutted her. "Fuckingggaaahhh! Alright, I like it, now let me cum goddammit!!"

“I dunno,” Ledger said, pausing as if to think about it. “That didn’t sound sincere to me…”

"Are you fucking kidding...." Scope moaned loudly and shuddered as her climax pulled back for a fifth time. "Let me cum, please..." she begged him, pressing herself against his chest.

“Weeeeeelll…” Ledger then lit his horn up and took both the warming spell and the loop spell off of her, before quickly hitting her with the feedback spell again, to trap her in an endless loop of her cumming.

"I'll bucking murder yooouuuuaaaAaaahhhhh!!" Scope howled as climax after climax gripped her small frame, clenching down over both his members like a vice. Ledger grunted as he resumed using her, even as she was cumming. He’d been close before giving into her demands. Maybe with a little work, he’d fill up three mares tonight.

Twilight let out a cute little moan as the other two finished up and Cider got up and trotted over to Ledger, before she pulled him for a kiss, letting him taste the alicorn on her tongue. Ledger moaned and rammed Scope down, before cancelling the loop spell on her as his own release started filling up the poor nymph. Mmm, did Cider want to make it a full round?

When he finally finished filling the nymph, and all his spells and transformations wore off. Cider slowly pulled the nymph off and started the task of cleaning Ledger off.

With her tongue of course. Ledger moaned and was very tempted to just hold Cider down and use her like he had been using Scope. Maybe some bit of Midnight’s bite was still affecting him?

“You are bucking hot when you do this to me,” he complimented the blue mare. “Just in case you didn’t know.”

She giggled around his shaft, and took a little more inside her. She wasn’t quite as skilled as Midnight here, but she made up for it by being different in the first place. A pony's tongue was much different to a thestral's being flat and rounder, it felt amazing rubbing up against the base of his shaft, as she brought up a forehoof to caress his balls gently.

Ledger moaned and just sat back, letting her do as she would to him. Mmm, she was so good at this...

Cider moaned, letting her throat open as she took more of him. Her mouth couldn’t open wide enough to take all of him, so she pulled back and then sucked hard on just the head, her tongue teasing it as she did. Ledger let out a louder moan, still sensitive from filling up Scope. If she kept that up for very long, he might just blow his load again!

She suddenly bobbed her head, letting her tongue swirl around him, lapping at the base and head. She sat down and brought up her second hoof, stroking the rest of his shaft with the soft fleshy part under her hoof.

“Cider, I’m-!” That was all the warning the mare got before Ledger started unloading again, right into her mouth. She was just too good at pleasing him.

She swallowed the first few mouthfuls, before pulling back and sitting there with her mouth open, as his release coated her face and tongue. Ledger panted and stopped soon enough, having filled four mares tonight in a variety of ways. He just didn’t have a lot left to give.

Once he was done, Cider closed her mouth and made a small show of swallowing, before smiling and licking her lips. "Enjoy that did you?" She asked, wiping some cum from her cheek and slowly licking it from her hoof.

“Yup, but if I watch you clean yourself up like that, then I’ll just go again, and I’m exhausted,” Ledger said as he made his way to the bed. “Hello Princess, mind if I join you?” Twilight lifted her other wing, since Midnight was occupying the other. Ledger snuggled in close and gave the lavender alicorn a kiss on the cheek before he looked over at Scope and Cider. “Plenty of room,” he said.

The two nodded, but they had to clean up first... again. They headed back into the bathroom as Midnight sighed.

"Well...that was interesting and fun," she giggled. "I make a fine Captain if I do say so myself. Maybe I should switch careers."

“Mnope,” Ledger said automatically. “Because I’m pretty sure it’d be frowned on for the captain to sleep with the crew, and I just know you’d drag me into it.”

"Ah well, guess I'll have to sex up eveypony cept you then," Midnight giggled.

"Oh yeah," Scope said as she and Cider reentered the room. "You'll be too pregnant to do this eventually. And we'll have to deal with Ledger's bitching..."

“I do not bitch, thank you very much,” Ledger said. “I whine, then I find something to do. And I do have a project or two or three in the making, so I can easily distract myself.”

"If not, I'm sure we can distract him," Cider giggled as she snuggled up next to Midnight, with Scope lying on Twilight’s back.

“So your highness,” Ledger said, nuzzling Twilight. “Did you appreciate our visit?”

"You know," Twilight said idly. "I have foreign dignitaries and royalty to deal with. I'd rather not get wet everytime my title is mentioned."

“But it’s so fun!” Ledger protested. “Fine, I’ll cut back on it. A little. Maybe. If you ask nicely.”

"Hoarder-of-Secrets," Twilight warned, using the dreaded 'full name' method.

“I’ll be good,” Ledger squeaked. Twilight smiled and nodded before kissing his cheek.

"Very good. This princess would hate to toss you in her dungeon," she purred, letting that mental image sink in.

“Meep,” Ledger said, shrinking back a little. “Middy, we’ve made a monster.”

"A cute little monster," Midnight giggled, nuzzling the alicorn. "If you do TwiTwi, can I discipline him? I'd love to show him what I can really do."

Twilight shrugged and nodded. Ledger just moaned.

“All you mares are going to be the death of me,” he said aloud. “I just know it.”

"You'd welcome it with open hooves," Scope said. "Savour this love while you can. You’re gonna need it soon."

“Savoring,” Ledger said as he buried his muzzle in Twilight’s mane. “Savoring so hard.” The mare giggled at the silly drone, and idly wondered what Scopey might be planning.

Ah well, the booty had been pilfered... thoroughly. Now it was time for sleep. They had a field trip tomorrow, one Midnight was just a little worried about, given the last time her kind got involved with them.

Chapter 84 - How to prepare your pony

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“Dammit,” Ledger complained. Still, the casserole would have to cool before it was cut. He pulled it out with his magic and set it on the counter before he sighed and made the trek upstairs, wondering what he’d walk in on this time.

What he walked in on… was Cider in a maid outfit as she serviced Midnight, a vibrating toy sticking out from under her tail as the thestral moaned loudly…

“Dinner is done,” Ledger said as he averted his eyes. “And if we bet as to who had more self-control, I’d have won a long time ago.”

“Like.. haah, you don’t, nrgh, want some,” Midnight panted loudly and then moaned, her whole body shaking as she came, Cider lapping up her release with a happy hum as her hips swayed from side to side.

“That as may be, but we have dinner to eat before we get into the fun,” Ledger replied. “Unless you want it to get cold.”

Midnight groaned as she rolled over and got up slowly… she ambled over to Ledger and gave him a Lust-filled kiss before heading off to the bathroom to clean up.

“And now ah have to finish by mahself,” Cider grumbled.

“I’d offer, but I’m not really in the mood,” Ledger said. Cider sighed and looked at herself. It’d be a little while before she was done… well, again anyway.

“Well, ah reckon you could stay and ah could, convince you~” She said, slowly working the toy in and out of herself, moaning softly. Ledger sighed before walking a little closer.

“Fine, I’ll help you,” he said. “Lay on your back and I’ll see you through to one yourself.”

“Oh?” she asked, leaning back like he asked. “Ah reckon you could use a little release yourself hmm? Laying next to Middy all those nights? Not being able to, show. Your. Love?” Each word said as she stroked his foreleg.

“Yes, but I have a plan for tonight,” Ledger said with a smile. “One that I think you’ll enjoy as well.” With that, he moved his mouth to between her hindlegs, even as his magic removed the toy so he could replace it with something else. Namely, his tongue. The mare gave a loud moan, her taste already flooding his tongue. Mmm, appley~

And those muscles of hers squeezed him expertly, as she let out a coo of appreciation. “M-mah word, y’all have.. ah~ gotten better.”

“I try,” Ledger said into her folds as he licked her inner walls. She let out another moan, as she ran her hooves through his mane. Midnight had already gotten her quite worked up, so Ledger didn’t have to wait long to get one of his favourite drinks from the tap. He drank it down with a happy murr, before drawing back and licking his lips.

“Have I ever told you you taste phenomenal?” Ledger asked the apple mare.

“Mmm, ah reckon so,” Cider sighed, idly rubbing herself as she buzzed with post climax pleasure. “Ah do like hearing it though.”

“You’re amazing to taste,” Ledger said. “I’m going to go wash up.” With that, he joined Midnight in the bathroom. Cider pouted as he left so suddenly. She at least wanted to cuddle for a moment. She rolled over and grumbled as she headed for the downstairs bathroom.

“Hello buggy,” Midnight said as he walked in, just as she stepped out of the shower. “Sorry that took so long, but that mare is just…” she sighed and hummed. “Mmmm~”

“Yeah, somepony had to help her with her climax too, y’know,” Ledger said, kissing Midnight and letting her taste the remnants of Cider on his lips. “I’m just gonna wash my face before dinner.”

Midnight drew him in for a deep kiss, entwining her tongue around his as her fresh scent filled his nose. After a few breathless moments of the passionate kiss, she released him and licked her lips before trotting out of the room, humming a happy tune. Ledger turned to the sink and hummed as well as he cleaned himself up.

Bonus Chapter 3 - Doctor, doctor, gimmie the news~

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Back at the room, Yearling panted, having run the whole way and only just remembering she could fly by the time she got back. She looked down at the stone and realised why she may have been feeling warm. It was glowing pretty brightly and the stone was quite warm to the touch.

She slipped it off her neck, along with the Key and set it on the table…

Lucky unlocked the door and sighed as he caught sight of her. “Glad to see you made it,” he said as he walked in and locked the door behind him. And in an instant, she had the drone pinned against the door, her mouth firmly against his as her tongue tried to force it’s way past his lips.

“Whoah!” he said as he managed to break for air. “Somepony’s feeling frisky again, huh?”

“Shut up and kiss me!” she said huskily, her eyes having a glossy sheen to them she pressed her lips against his again for a sloppy, amature kiss. Lucky was all too happy to oblige, returning the mare’s enthusiasm as he hugged her and held her close.

Eventually she parted, not before she dragged her tongue along his neck, before giving his jaw a few kisses and pulled away, panting lightly. She swallowed hard and shook her head.

“I… ah, sorry.. I just, I don’t know…”

“Take it slow,” the drone said. “I’m sure you can work it out.” That being said, he didn’t stop kissing her for a moment, peppering the things across her neck. This… it felt so wrong… but so goood~

She let a low, purring moan escape her throat as she blushed harder. Lucky held her close as something started to make itself known between them, and Daring didn’t have to guess to know what it was that was pressing up against her.

She yelped and took a few hasty steps back, tripping and landing on her bed. “W-w-what was that!?”

“I was holding a pretty mare and kissing her, what did you think was going to happen?” Lucky questioned her before sighing. “I get it, you’re not interested…”

“No, I… I don’t…” she put a hoof to her head. “Ergh! I can’t think straight. But… thank you, for feeling that way about me,” she said. “It’s nice… having somepony that might actually care for me, instead of my fame.”

“Yeah, well, you’re one of the prettiest ponies I’ve seen, and I was just holding you close and giving you kisses, I’m pretty sure that was going to happen.” Lucky sighed before crawling onto his bed. “I suppose there’s pretty much no chance you’re going to want to continue, then?”

“W-Well,” Yearling stammered as she stared at her hooves and then looked up shyly. “The kissing… felt nice. Do… Do you want to do that again?”

“I can do that,” the drone said before sitting up and patting the bed next to him. “Though, ah, fair warning, we might get another visit from that other part of me if we do. You’re awfully pretty, some things are just reactions.”

“Well, I guess, he can watch,” Yearling giggled as she gave a single flap and landed on his bed. She blushed cutely and then gave him a light kiss on the lips again. Lucky responded by holding her close and intensifying the kiss, and true to his word, something stirred between them again. She flinched, but didn’t shy away, choosing to distract herself by kissing him more, his shaft rubbing against the soft fur on her belly. Eventually the kiss broke so that they could breathe, and Lucky took the chance to kiss along her neck while he recovered.

She gave off a soft sigh as she shifted in his grip, her belly continuing to rub against him and she felt something wet there. She happened to glance down and gasped before looking back up.

“What?” he asked, having caught that.

“I,um, just... “ she flushed pink as her voice lowered. “Wasn’t expecting it to look like that…”

“I’m more than willing to be your little drone to examine if you want to get more familiar with male anatomy,” Lucky offered as he continued to kiss her. She squeaked and held him a bit closer, as he felt two small mounds sit on either side of his growing tool.

“I-I can’t do that!” she eventually got out. Lucky just snickered before kissing her once more on the lips, before slowly lying back and showing off himself to the mare, waiting for her judgement. She covered her face with her hooves, not daring to look for a few moments, before she eventually snuck a few small peeks.

“It’s… um, cute?” she offered.

“Never thought I would ever be called cute in any capacity,” the drone said as he continued to lay there, waiting to see what she would do. If anything.

She was sooo embarrassed right now. How in the heck did she even get in this situation in the first place. She stole another peek as it moved on its own, throbbing slightly.

“Does… does it hurt?” she asked, finally taking her hooves away, but not looking directly at it.

“Nah, it’s just hard,” the drone replied. “Happens when I’m around a pretty mare.”

Yearling snorted and folded her legs. “Oh, so any pretty mare will do huh? Maybe I should just go and find a prettier one for you.”

“No need, you’re the prettiest one I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a fair few ponies in my time,” Lucky said. “The fact that you’re pretty amazing doesn’t hurt.”

She looked away for a moment. She knew he was just saying that, like all her fans do. Still, it did make her heart skip slightly. “W-Well, thanks… I guess.”

She looked back at him, just laying there like that with his.. thing standing proud. She wondered… what it felt like…

“If you want to come a little closer, you can,” the drone said, gesturing her over. “Sort of the point of this, to get you used to males a little more.”

“I’m perfectly used to males!” Yearling snapped. “Just… not this particular part of them.” She frowned as she poked it lightly with a hoof. “It’s not like se-s-that stuff is even all that important.”

“Of course not,” Lucky said as he restrained himself from snickering. He was still curious as to what she would do with her free reign over him.

“And what’s so damned funny?” she asked, as she pressed the flat, soft side of her hoof against him. It was… really warm.

“Nothing,” the drone replied. “Honestly. So, how goes your examination, doctor?”

She paused and looked at him with a bemused expression. “We’re a bit old to be playing doctor don’t you think?” she replied. “And what’s with that smirk. It’s not like you’ve done this either. Unless you lied to me.”

“True, but I at least know the mechanics and can think about them without turning the cutest shade of pink,” the drone pointed out. “And hey, whatever works at getting you more comfortable around me, I’ll use.”

I was perfectly comfortable with kissing,” she replied, as the squishy underside of her hoof rubbed up and down the length. Males liked this sort of thing right? “You’re the perverted bug that wants to use this thing!”

“You could stop at any moment, tell me to get back up and get back to kissing,” Lucky pointed out. “From the moment I laid down, control was yours, including the ability to stop this.”

“But then you’d likely whine and complain the whole time,” she said as she leaned forward and started kissing him again, even as her hoof picked up its pace.

“Only if you kept flinching every time I rubbed against you,” the drone countered with. “Ooooh, that feels goood…”

Heh, that seemed to shut him up. She started kissing his neck, like he was with her earlier, as her hoof moved around and rubbed the underside of his shaft. She had no idea what she was doing, but he seemed to like it at least.

“D-Daring, wait, stop,” the drone said. “Too much more and we’ll have a mess on our hooves.”

She paused, but he sounded like he wanted her to keep going. Well, she pulled away slowly and let him decide. He slowly got up and kissed her again, before pulling back and pushing her slightly.

“Your turn,” he said. “Let me repay you for caring, please. I...think I know how this goes.”

“What?” it took a second for her to catch on. “Ohnnononono! No way.”

“Please?” he asked again. “I promise I’ll stop if you want me to, but I want to try and repay you.”

“You, you really don’t have to,” she replied weakly.

“I want to,” he said as he tried to push her onto her back again. “Daring, please let me do this for you?” Her heart was pounding in her chest, she knew he wouldn’t hurt her, he’d had ample opportunity to do so already. But… nopony had ever… she didn’t think she could…

“Let me do this for you,” he begged again. “Please?”

Oh sweet Celestia, why did he have to be so damned cute about it? And… it wasn’t like they were having… well, doing that. She took a deep breath and gave a small nod. He chirped happily before pushing on her chest again.

“Lie back,” he said. “I promise to take good care of you.”

As she did, she raised an eyebrow. “Did… you just, chirp?”

“Yeah, it’s something Changelings do when we’re overwhelmingly happy,” Lucky said as he positioned himself between her hind legs, his hot breath washing over her folds. Screwing up his eyes, he stuck his tongue out and gave them one long, slow lick, from bottom to top.

She let out something between a shriek and a moan, and realised he wasn’t using his hooves. She’d written something like this a loooong time ago, when she was trapped in the middle of her Heat. Something that would never, ever see the light of day, but would make every Daring, Ahuizotl shipper squeal with joy.

Oh sweet Celestia that felt good. She groaned again as her hooves found his head, pushing his muzzle in a little deeper. Lucky, taking his cue, sent his tongue actually into her folds this time, doing his best to lick inside of her. She moaned louder as he was rewarded with her muscles tightening up and her taste flooded his tongue. That felt soo good, and her taste was… quite similar to the drink they had earlier actually. Seeing as how she tasted so good, Lucky kept licking inside of her, seeking every drop of moisture for himself. Plus, he had to pay her back for that hoofjob. Even if he didn’t finish, it still felt amazing.

She panted louder as that tongue of his writhed around inside her. Oh sweet heavens, it was actually inside her~ She moaned again and her eyes shot open as she felt herself getting closer.

“Haah… Luck… stop…”

If anything, he increased the speed at which he was sending that tongue around. He wanted to hear her cum~ He could tell, just by the panting and the Lust she was giving off, that she was close. He wanted her to finish, to hear it, to taste it~

“Hnnngh! Stop, please, noooo…” Yearling groaned as her mouth opened in a loud, wall shaking moan as she tipped over the edge, her walls pulsing and gripping his tongue as that delicious taste flooded his mouth, filling it with her sweet nectar. He just kept drinking it down, enjoying the taste and wondering when she’d stop.

Her climax eventually wound down and she weakly pushed his head back with her hooves. Her wings were spread out underneath her as her chest rose and fell with each breath.

“I… said, to stop…” she panted. “I-I can’t, believe you did that…”

“I wanted you to enjoy yourself,” he said as he licked his lips. “I wanted your first time to be a satisfying one, even if I didn’t get much out of it.” He slowly drew a hoof across her flank. “Did you enjoy it?”

Buck the hell yes she enjoyed it. That had felt amazing! But…

“Can, I ask you something?” she asked.

“Anything,” he said with a nod.

“Will… will you still be here when I wake up?”

In response to that, he laid down next to her and cuddled her close. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said softly. “I’ll be right here when you wake up if you want me to be.”

“Good,” she said and grabbed his shoulders with her hooves, turning him over so his member stood proudly once more, throbbing painfully. “Now let me take care of that,” she said with a massive blush as she gripped it with both hooves and started stroking him vigorously.

“Ah, careful!” the drone said. “Too much, too quickly, and you’re acting like you want to just take it off! You have to go slow to start with.”

“Oh…” she nodded and licked her lips, stroking it slower. She got an idea and she switched rhythms, her two hooves moving in opposite directions. “H-How does this feel?”

“Better,” he said with a sigh. “Much better.”

“Good,” she nodded, watching his reactions as she did this. He seemed to like it anyway, but… Well, he did do that to her.

Maybe she should return the favour?

The next sensation he felt was her placing a small kiss on the head. It was salty, but also had a slight fruity taste, kind of like that drink from before. She gave a resolute nod and then licked along the length of his member.

“Oh buck Daring,” he said, doing his best not to. “You...don’t have to do that…”

“But I want to,” she said, turning his words back on him. “Also… say my name Lucky.” She gave him another lick.

“Y-Yearling,” he gasped out. “You...really don’t have to, honest…”

It gave her a slight thrill, hearing her name spoken like that. She rewarded him by taking the tip into her mouth, running the flat of her tongue against him. She pulled back and licked her lips. “Tell me what you want,” she said. “And don’t lie to me.”

“I-I...I want to buck you so badly,” he chittered. “I want to do all sorts of things to you, but I know...I know you’re not ready.”

“No… not yet,” she said. She knew she was still feeling a little hazy. But, she also really liked this stallion. “Tell me if I’m doing this okay,” she said and took a breath, before her mouth engulfed him, taking more than a third of him inside her.

Oh buck,” he hissed out. “I...I think I’m pretty close as it is. What with what you did earlier and what you’re doing’s a miracle I haven’t blown yet.”

She hummed as she bobbed her head a few times, taking a little too much and coughing a little as she pulled back. Still, she wanted him to finish at least. Her hooves stroked him again, picking up the pace a little as she lapped at the underside of his cock again.

That’s done it!” he said as his cock spasmed. “You might want to watch out, it’s coming now!” She blinked as she pulled back a little as the member in her hooves flared and erupted. She yelped as the first shot hit her on the cheek and muzzle and the next few splashed against her chest. The drone panted beneath her as the cock finished painting her.

I did warn you,” he said from beneath her.

“Yeah,” she replied, holding up a forehoof as she looked at the sticky substance that coated her. “Well, feeling better now? Satisfied?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Though I could have just left it after I helped you, honestly. It’d have been a high note to end on.”

“Oh, it would have been high alright,” Yearling giggled at her lewd joke. Well, lewd for her anyway. “I hope this room has a shower,” she said, sitting back as he got a good look at what he did to her.

“Damn, you look hot like that,” the drone said with a whistle. “Yeah, there’s a shower just through there,” he said with a hoof. “Though maybe I should look at you for a little bit first…”

“Why would you want to look at this?” she frowned. “I’m covered in this stuff thanks to you.”

“Yeah, but there’s just something about it that makes you more...alluring, to me,” the drone said. “I dunno what it is, but you look somehow hotter than you did before.”

“I can assure you I’m not hot, as you put it,” she said, blushing and looking away as she put a hoof to her cum-coated chest.

“You are to me,” the drone said. “If I didn’t know you weren’t ready for it, I’d try bucking you right now. As it is, I’ll just watch that flank of yours. It’s quite lovely.”

“Tease,” she replied with another blush as she got off of the bed, trying not to spill anything on the sheets and floor. “I’ll be back…”

“I’ll be waiting~” the drone said as he watched that flank sway as she left. It was a damn fine flank.

She eventually returned after taking a long shower. And maybe going another round while she was in there. She gave a sigh as she walked back into the room, dabbing at her wings with a towel. She knew she forgot something, like her wing dryer.

“It’s official, you look even sexier with a wet mane,” Lucky said as he watched her walk out. He’d rolled onto his stomach as he waited and was all but devouring her with his eyes.

She blushed and got settled on her own bed. “You sure I can sleep safely? Or will I have some monster try to devour me in the middle of the night.”

“I promise you that nothing will attempt anything on you in the middle of the night,” Lucky said with a nod. “Unless of course you instigate something.”

Admittedly, the thought had crossed her mind. But she just remained silent as she climbed into her own bed. A thought occurred and she giggled. “Goodnight Lucky… heh, well, guess you were tonight huh?”

“After a fashion, yes,” the drone said as he walked over and pecked her on the cheek. “Good night, Yearling. See you in the morning.” She reached up and pulled him into a loving embrace, and then kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Or you could join me here for cuddles?” she said in a quiet tone.

“I can do that,” he said as he clambered onto the bed next to her. He eventually nuzzled the mare and sighed. “Mmm, you’re warm,” he observed.

“Is that so?” she smiled and wrapped a wing around him. She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh of content. Maybe he’d be here too tomorrow, maybe not. She’d still have to return to the Silver Hive tomorrow if Devoted was up for travelling.

And just thinking of Devoted brought back those feelings of guilt again. She shuddered slightly and and held the drone closer.

Bonus Chapter 4A - Filling up

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She sat on his bed, staring at the crystals as she set aside her pendant. “So… what do I fill them with?” she asked the drone. “Cause, I’m not really feeling much of anything right now.”

“Any positive emotion would do,” the drone said as he pulled a final load in from another room. It had taken him a few minutes to get back into the room he’d rented across the city, but once they were, he revealed his payment from being in the Yellow army.

And it was a lot, though over half the crystals were empty now.

“I… don’t think I can fill that many,” Daring replied. “I mean, I only filled about a half-dozen or so at that shop.”

“What you need is some sort of surge of emotions,” Lucky mused. “I noticed it tends to come off you in waves…” With that, he was kissing her softly on the lips. Her eyes shot open in surprise and she pushed against his chest with a hoof.

“W-Whoa! Wait, what the heck?” Lucky just pointed at the pile that all had a minor glow to them.

“I figured shocking you might be the easiest way to get your emotions flowing,” the drone said. With that, he went back to kissing her again. “Plus I like the feeling of kissing you.”

Dammit, stop being so cute.

Daring at least didn’t push him away this time as she fell back, the drone on top of her as her lips parted slightly, giving him permission to deepen the kiss. Something he did with a little bit of caution, but still did. He even held her close and ran his hooves along her sides as he kissed her. He just wanted more of this beautiful pony…

She moaned into the kiss softly, his touch causing that little gesture. Her hooves wrapped around his neck as she pressed her tongue against his. Her flicking tail brushing up against his thighs. Lucky moaned a little before finally breaking off from the kiss and panting.

“Whew,” he said. “Any more and I’d be worried about a repeat from last night.”

“O-Oh?” she panted lightly, catching her breath. Trying to kiss with those long fangs of his was a tad awkward though. “How… so?”

“Well, let’s just say-” that was all he got out before something made itself known between their bodies again. “Yeah, that.”

“Ah…” Daring blushed and looked down. Now that she wasn’t drunk or riding some kind of emotional high… it was.. well, she wasn’t quite sure what to think.

“Do… do you want me to take care of it again?” she asked softly.

“I don’t want to push you,” the drone said. “You’re...not comfortable with the idea, I can tell.”

“No, it’s… okay,” she replied as she shifted so she could move one of her hooves, stroking it slowly as it lay trapped between them. Lucky moaned before forcing himself off the mare.

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m not going to make you deal with my problem. I’ll just...well, I’ll either ignore it or deal with it myself.”

“I said it’s alright!” Daring said as she sat up. “Now get back over here and take it like a stallion.”

“No, I’m not going to-” the drone got out before Daring all but pounced on him, knocking him to the floor as she sat on him, smiling victoriously.

“Hah!” she smirked proudly, before realising that she trapped his member between her legs, her slit pressed up against the underside of his shaft. Lucky, to his credit, didn’t so much as blush as his entire face turned red at the implications.

“Did you just…” he managed to ask, even as he somehow got harder under her.

She yeeped and stood up, his rock hard member springing up and smacking against her belly. “Honestly,” she sighed as she moved down a little and began rubbing it with her hoof again. “Must you be so difficult. I said I’d do it, so I will.”

“You really don’t have to though,” he protested. “Plus I know you don’t like doing these things. And before you argue otherwise, you are aware you’re stimulating an emotivore. I can tell when you’re not comfortable.”

“W-Well, then what do you propose we do?” she asked.

“Bring yourself over here,” the drone said, gesturing to his face. “Let me see to you first, help you loosen up a little. You seemed to like it last night.”

“W-Wait, you mean…” she blushed when she remembered what he did. It was… well, it did feel good…

She nodded and moved so she was laying next to him, her hips near his face. “L-Like this…?”

Lucky nodded and got to his hooves, before putting his head between her hind legs and licking at her folds again. She let out a gasp, before moaning at his ministrations. Luna above, that felt waaay better than her own hooves ever could. She looked up to see his member dangling above her and wondered if it worked on stallions as well.

She flexed her wings, before brushing the feathers along his length. Lucky let out a moan into her folds before he started working that tongue of his inside her, licking at her inner walls.

“Nrrgh! Haaah~ That’s… that’s good,” she moaned, bucking her hips as she raised one of her hooves, gently caressing his balls as her wings moved a little faster. Lucky let out another moan before his tongue delved a little deeper into her, licking her for all she had. Unknowingly, the muzzle of the changeling had dug into and was now rubbing against a little nub of flesh.

Daring let out a loud moan as she bucked her hips a few times and her body shook. She climaxed hard around him, her walls gripping his tongue as his muzzle was filled with her essence. He just drank as much of it down as he could, relishing the taste. It meant he did a good job pleasing this mare~

She nuzzled the base of his shaft before her tongue poked out and lapped at it, her wings still teasing the head. He made her feel so good, it was only right that she returned the favour. Lucky moaned a little at the feeling before speaking up.

“You...don’t have to, you know,” he said. “I’d be fine calling it here…”

“Do you not want me to?” she asked. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Hive no,” the drone said. “And I would love to do it with you, but...If you don’t want to-”

She rolled him over so she was on top and turned around. She had an idea he might like. She pushed her hips down against his, as her soaked lips begun to rub along his shaft as she rocked her hips back and forth. Ohh, this actually felt kind of nice for her as well.

“Buck, Yearling!” Lucky hissed. “Don’t you know what you’re doing?”

"I...I do," she said, gasping slightly at the feeling. "But, I trust you."

“This is like, the prelude to the stuff I know you’re not-” Lucky said before moaning. Daring was... she wasn't quite sure what she was doing, but he seemed to be enjoying it and she had to admit that she was as well.

But, he also had a point. There'd be a point of no return, she'd probably push him too far.

And yet, she was... okay with that. He was a nice stallion, he seemed to care a great deal about her. And if she had to be honest, she cared about him too.

And that was when she decided to make a decision. She lifted her hips and used a hoof to guide him, his tip prodding her entrance.

“Y-Yearling,” he said, catching on to what she was doing. “A...are you sure? Once you start this…”

She nodded, she loved it when he said her name like that, it made her heart pound in her chest. "O-Only, if you want to as well."

“Part of me does,” he confessed. “Part of me is more concerned about you. I’ll...not push you, Yearling. sure this is what you want.”

This was it. This was that point.

She took a deep breath as she slowly pushed down, he was... bigger than she thought. She gave a low whinny as he split her lips apart, pushing deeper until he hit a barrier. She paused and panted, before taking another breath. This was going to hurt.

“I-I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped,” the drone said. “You could do it right now, and-”

She slammed her hips down, pushing past the obstruction as she cried out, both in pain and a little pleasure. She fell forward, gasping and panting as she lay on his chest.

“Well...I guess that’s done it,” the drone said as he looked down at the mare riding him. “We’re not virgins anymore. Did...I hear it hurts.”

"No bucking kidding," she hissed through clenched teeth. She lay there for a moment or two, catching her breath and letting the pain subside. "Okay... it's... I feel better..."

Lucky gave one of her hooves a comforting stroke as he kept lying there. “Well, you’re the one in charge,” he stated. She nodded and lifted herself back up. Well, so much for romance.

Oh well, she slowly raised her hips, before lowering them. It was a slow, yet steady pace, and gods did it feel good. She was now sort of regretting leaving it for this long.

“Oh buck,” Lucky moaned. “This good…”

"Y-Yeah," Yearling panted, not even noticing the gems taking a violet hue. And by the Hives she was tight. A hot, moist vice squeezing him, and when she closed her thighs a little, she got even tighter. "Just... not inside, okay?"

“I’ll...try,” Lucky said, panting a little at how she felt wrapped around him. “You’ feel so damn awesome…”

"You're...not so bad...yourself," she moaned. She fell forward again, trapping him in a kiss as she moved her hips faster. Lucky moaned into the kiss as his hooves instinctively grabbed onto her flanks, feeling how firm they were and feeling her up as well. She gave a pleasured moan to show she approved as her hips rocked, adding that motion as she bucked him into the floor.

Lucky grunted as he felt something start to brew on the horizon, though he didn’t want to stop just yet. What could he do of his hooves left her flanks and started rubbing her lips, unknowingly brushing her clit as well. Her eyes shot open as she buried his whole length inside of her, gripping him and climaxing hard, her pulsing pussy milking his cock.

That did it, he felt himself nearly blow from that alone. “Yearling, I’m gonna...I’m gonna!”

She groaned, not wanting to move, but wanting foals far less. She pulled off of him with a wet pop, before laying down next to him and stroking him slowly. Lucky moaned again, before he started painting the pair of them with his release.

She moaned into his ear, and that seemed to get a nice reaction from him. Once he finally stopped, she smiled and kissed his cheek.

"That... escalated quickly," she giggled.

“I’m not complaining about it,” Luck said with a happy sigh. “I’m just glad you decided you wanted to do that with me.”

"Well, I wasn't at first," Yearling admitted. "But, you've been so nice to me, and you’re funny, and..." She blushed and looked away. "MaybeIkindoflikeyoualittle?"

“You’re an amazing mare, Yearling,” Lucky said as he kissed her cheek. “I’m lucky you decided you liked me enough to do this.”

"Guess you really are lucky huh?" Daring giggled and got to her hooves. "So... wanna do it again?"

“We should probably clean up before we make another mess,” the drone pointed out as he shakily got to his hooves as well.

"I guess," Yearling nodded. And, she was a little sore. "And now I feel even worse for poor Devoted." She got an idea for one of the nurses to run a... physical inspection of him.

Ooookay, where the hell did that thought come from. Wait...

Oh no... Nononono. There was one explanation for all this. It was nearly Spring.

"Buck," she hissed. "We need to leave this Hive ASAP!"

“Calm down,” Lucky said as he walked close and nuzzled her. “What’s wrong?”

"I think my Heat is coming soon," she replied. "And I don’t want to be here when it does."

“Okay, that’s a very good reason to not want to be here,” the drone said with a nod. “As well as a very good reason to not want me to finish in you. It’d practically guarantee that you’d carry my offspring then. Still, we have to wait for your friend to get discharged first…”

"Yeah, it's maybe a week or two off," Yearling nodded. "Mine always tended to get here a little earlier than most." She looked at the crystals, now shining a bright violet. "Um, did...we do that?"

Lucky looked over and snorted. “Yeah, guess we did. Well, we’re set for a little while if we were to stay, and it’s still a fair bit of currency outside the Hive as well. I’ll just get my saddlebags and load them up, then I’ll be good to go.” With that, the drone walked towards the shower. “But first, I’m going to get clean.” There was a pause before he spoke again. “Feel free to join me if you like.”

Daring blinked and blushed at him. "Being a bit forward aren't we?" She said. "Why don't you propose while you're at it."

“Nah, I figure I’ll wait until you say your trip is nearly over, then get down on bended knee and beg you to take me with you,” Lucky said. “The proposal can wait until after I’ve been introduced to all your friends in Equestria.”

"Dramabug," Yearling nodded as she skipped into the shower, that tight flank swaying as she did.

“And that’s to say nothing of all the sex we might be having between now and then,” the drone said as he followed after her.

"Only if you ask permission~" she sang.

Bonus Chapter 4B - How to use your drones

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“Yes, just like school, only this time, the point is to screw the teacher,” Devoted said with a chuckle.

"Why do I get the feeling that's how a Violet school works," Yearling deadpanned. "Well, get over here Luck. We're going to learn some things."

The Yellow drone quirked an eyebrow before ambling over and sitting down, paying attention as his fellow drone began his work. “Now luckily for you two,” Devoted said. “I know a fair bit about how to treat a pony right, because the first nymph I slept with liked taking a pony form. Said it was softer.” With that, he began stroking Daring’s wings as he softly kissed her neck.

"A-Ahh~" the mare let out a gasp, followed by a quiet moan. Ohh, that felt nice. She didn’t know her wings were a sensitive spot like that.

“Now pay attention to what I’m doing, Lucky,” Devoted said as he rubbed Daring’s wings. “Never go against the feathers. And when you find a sensitive spot…”

Yearling cooed and sighed happily as he stroked one particular spot near the 'elbow' of her wing. She closed her eyes and gave a pleasured shudder.

“...Remember it for later, and try to find more,” Devoted said as he tried his luck on the other wing in a similar spot.

“Got it, sir,” Lucky said as he kept observing. And maybe imagining. It wasn’t his fault Yearling was arousing no matter what she did.

Yearling rubbed her hips against his, looking for a little extra stimulation. She gave another moan as she reached over and drew Lucky in for a kiss. The Yellow drone was surprised, but eagerly returned her affections. Meanwhile, Devoted was rubbing along her chest fur with his hooves, idly straying further and further south.

Her breath suddenly hitched as she realised what he was doing, but couldn't say anything, as Lucky seemed intent on continuing this kiss. Lucky broke the kiss so he could get in a better position to take up the wing-rubbing, while one of Devoted’s hooves starting rubbing just above Daring’s crotch.

She gave a loud gasp, her mouth open as she panted from both stimuli. She suddenly gave a long, low moan as she shook, and Devoted felt something soak his hips.

“Somepony’s eager,” he teased before he felt his hoof run over a familiar nub of flesh. She shrieked in pleasure, her climax making her highly sensitive.

“Now something else you need to know, Lucky,” Devoted say as he rubbed against that nub. “Is that right above a mare’s pussy, is a little nub of flesh called the clit. And it is highly sensitive.”

“Understood,” Lucky said as he kept stroking Daring’s wings. He could just rub this mare forever~

"Y-Yeah...he...haaah, found it...before," Yearling moaned, falling forward against his chest as she placed some lazy kisses against his neck. Her hips continued to grind against his, trying to get some sort of reaction. By this point in time, Devoted was fully hard, of course, but he wasn’t going to push her into having sex with him. Heck, both of Yearling’s drones were hard for her at her brazen display.

“I like to give the mare a few times before I get my go, unless she asks for it,” Devoted said casually as he starting stroking Yearling’s chest again.

"W-Why?" she panted, her soaked nethers rubbing up against his member. Lucky’s relentless assault on her wings kept going, as her swishing tail brushed against his own hardness, the soft hair felt quite nice.

“There’s just something about working a mare up until she’s panting and moaning without having actually penetrated her that gets me...harder,” Devoted said huskily. With that, he drew Yearling in for another kiss, and Lucky decided to stroke Daring’s back, right over where her wings joined her form.

The mare stiffened and moaned loudly into the kiss, her wings flaring out, the muscles as stiff as a board. Lucky took that as a good sign and stroked there again, while Devoted’s hooves found his way to her clit again and started rubbing there once more. The mare moaned again as a fresh coating of her essence found its way to Devoted’s member. She broke the kiss, panting heavily as she lay atop the blue changeling. Her body felt like lead now.

She couldn’t even form words, she just lay there panting and moaning, her mind clouded with a lusty haze.

“And that is how you know you’ve done a good job,” Devoted said as he softly ran a hoof through Yearling’s mane. “When they can’t even move, you pleased them so much. Though, normally, I’d at least get a turn...ah well.”

After a few minutes, the mare was finally able to lift her head, though it still buzzed slightly. "That... that was..." she was one of the best writers in Equestria, yet she couldn't find the words to describe what she felt.

So she decided to show them instead. Her hips raised slightly, as she prodded Devoted’s member with her netherlips.

“Never mind,” Devoted said as he stroked Yearling’s hoof. “Guess we might get to that after all. Though, one thing.” Here he put his hoof between their crotches before looking up at Yearling. “Say it. Say exactly what you want to do to me, and then I’ll gladly do it with you."

She turned pink, her eyes not quite making contact with his. "I...I want to do... that with you..."

“Didn’t sound convincing to me,” Devoted said with a shake of his head.

“Me neither,” Lucky pitched in.

"W-Well, what, do you want me to say?" She replied, now getting a little embarrassed.

“Three little letters, the name of this act,” Devoted said as that hoof started rubbing between their crotches. She gasped and moaned, before lightly shaking her head.

"I...I can't, it's embarrassing..."

“Surely no more embarrassing than the act itself?” Devoted said. “And correct me if I’m wrong, you’ve already done that with Lucky here.”

“We totally did, it was awesome,” the Yellow drone said before drawing a hoof down her spine once. She shuddered as her head drooped. She mumbled something under her breath that neither of the drones heard.

“Didn’t quite catch that,” Devoted said as he gave their crotches another rub.

"...." she mumbled it again, her face a brilliant red.

“One more time?” Lucky said as he trailed a hoof along one of her wings.

"I want to have sex with you!" She almost yelled, her eyes screwed shut and her face aflame with a blush. "I want you to buck me alright!?"

“Well, since you ask so kindly,” Devoted said before he repurposed his hoof, now using it to aim his shaft at Yearling’s netherlips. The long cock rubbed up against her pussy, drooling a bead of pre as the drone prepared to give her what she’d asked for.

She moaned slowly as she pushed back, pressing the tip against her love button, before she pushed a little more as it slipped inside, the mare gasping as it spread her open, her pussy already clamping down on him.

“Buck, you’re tight,” Devoted hissed.

“I know, right?” Lucky said as he stroked along Daring’s back and wings. “Like a warm, wet vice for your dick.”

“Guess that’s a benefit of being a virgin until recently,” the Blue drone observed as he gripped Yearling’s flanks. She moaned pushing back a little more as she took about half of him in before she paused to catch her breath. Devoted merely kissed whatever part of her was in reach while he waited for her to get used to his size. Lucky, on the other hoof…

He was relentlessly looking for more spots on Yearling’s wings.

"B-Buck!" She hissed and shuddered. "I-I have more than just my wings Lucky." She took a breath and pushed down more, taking two thirds of his length, and she seemed to be getting tighter around him.

Lucky came around to Yearling’s front and began kissing her, while Devoted started slowly doing his best to pull out of the that he could push back in.

"M-My tail," she gasped, hoping Lucky could figure out the rest. She whinned a little as Devoted pulled out, trying to push down on him again. That was about when the Blue drone started bucking back into her, while Lucky went around to her back and examined her tail carefully. He experimented by carefully tugging it a little.

Her response was a loud gasp and she briefly tightened around Devoted. She leaned down and pulled the stallion into a hungry kiss, her tongue teasing his long fangs. Lucky, having heard that, determined that pulling was the way to go, and did so, gently, a few more times.

Meanwhile, Devoted’s tongue wrestled with the mare’s, even as he kept pumping into and out of her as best he could. She moaned again, her kiss deepening as she rocked her hips. Her insides were so wet and hot, everytime Lucky pulled her tail she tightened more.

Devoted hissed as he felt something coming close for him. This mare felt too good. “Yearling, I’m gonna…” he managed to get out as he kept up his pumping.

"N-Not insiiiiide!" She screamed as she climaxed again, her pussy milking him for his seed.

“Tooooo laaaaate!” he grunted as he came as well, filling the mare atop him with his essence. She groaned as the hot liquid filled her, moaning something about foals and heat.

“Dude,” Lucky said as he watched. “On the one hoof, shame on you...on the other hoof, I am so turned on.”

“Aw...buck,” Devoted said with a sigh. “ probably very bad…”

Yearling was in no state of mind to respond, she just lay atop of him panting heavily. Eventually Devoted stopped filling her, though his rod didn’t soften for a little while longer.

“Yearling?” he asked. “You...okay?”

"N-No..." she sniffed softly. "Bucking dammit..." She eventually extracted herself from him. If Lucky was still behind her, he got a nice view of her winking pussy spilling seed all over Devoted’s member.

“Hey,” Devoted said as he pulled Yearling back down so he could kiss her. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t know in time. I would have stopped if I had known going in. And I promise you, if you end up carrying a foal, I will be there for you.”

"I-I know, because you're sweet like that," she said with a sigh. "I'm not in Heat yet, but, it is close... so, we might be safe?" She sighed again as she glanced back at Lucky. "Enjoying the view?"

“Considering I might never get to do this to you myself?” Lucky asked as his rock-hard cock bobbed under him. “Yes, very much so.”

"If we were in Equestria... I could get a potion, but it has to be taken no later than a day or two," Daring said as she moved down to the floor, her hoof moving to stroke Lucky. The Yellow drone moaned at the stimulation.

“Well then, we’ll just have to hold off on finishing inside you until we visit Equestria and you can stock up on potions,” Devoted observed as he watched Daring play with Lucky.

"Provided I'm not pregnant already," Daring said as she nuzzled his member, rubbing it with her cheek as her warm breath washed over it.

“If you’re going to think like that, then you can hardly do yourself any more harm by treating Lucky to the same,” the Blue drone observed.

"I'm sorry, but I'd rather not risk it," the mare said. But she certainly wasn't going to leave the younger drone hanging as she opened her mouth, taking his cock into it as she moaned around him.

“Oh buck,” Lucky moaned as he held still, just basking in the sensations.

“And this is another reason why you see to the mare first,” Devoted said. “She might just decide to return the favor. With her mouth.”

She moved her wings up to stroke what she couldn’t fit into her mouth. He seemed to like that last time. Changelings were certainly interesting, and that suddenly gave her an idea. One she'd save for once she finished. She was going to treat this stallion to something he might like first. Lucky moaned at her stimulation and involuntarily gave off a light buck, instinctively trying to bury more of his length into the tight, wet, hot hole he’d found himself.

And better? She didn’t seem to mind either. She just moaned as she tried to take as much as she could, she crouched under him, her flank raised into the air as it continued to leak droplets of Devoted’s gift. Devoted moaned at the sight, his flagging member getting hard again as he thought about pouncing the mare and doing her once more while she saw to Lucky. The Yellow drone moaned again and decided to try and slowly push this, to find the limits of her comfort, so that he wouldn’t exceed them. With another small buck, he set about that self-appointed task.

He was able to fit another inch or so in before she gagged a little, the member pressing against her throat. She felt nice and wet though as her saliva coated his member, now using her hooves to stroke him, matching pace with her mouth.

“And that is the gag reflex,” Devoted said. “If she tried, she could probably muscle past that and deepthroat you, but it’s not something I would recommend for beginners.” Lucky just nodded as he withdrew, now knowing exactly how much space he had to work with.

She closed her mouth a little, making it tighter, but taking care not to bite him. Lucky moaned as he started treating her mouth like some other tight, wet hole she had, though he was careful to never try and push past the back of her mouth. It felt...amazing. There was really no other word for it.

She gave another lewd moan as she bobbed her head, her hooves working in opposite directions as she sucked and stroked him.

“Buck!” Lucky hissed through clenched teeth. “Buck buck buck!” The show had done a number on him, he was ready to blow right now. “Yearling, I’m...I’m-”

This was it, time for his treat. She pulled back a little, but kept the tip in her mouth as she stroked the shaft with her hooves vigorously. With a grunt, the drone started filling up her mouth with his release as he climaxed. There was more than she thought, but she did her best to gulp down his seed as she continued to rub him, some still spilled from the sides of her mouth though. It wasn’t long before he stopped, panting heavily as he came down from his orgasm.

Daring pulled back, wiping her mouth with a hoof as she sat back and looked at him, waiting to hear his verdict on her present.

“That,” he said, still panting. “Was hot as all Tartarus.”

“No kidding,” Devoted said from the bed. “You’ve no idea how tempted I was to just jump you again and do you again, Yearling.”

"Glad you liked it," she smiled and kissed his cheek. "Now I'm going to take a shower since you boys made such a mess of me. And then we're going to have a chat about magic."

Devoted just lay there, though Lucky decided he’d try his hoof at taking a shower with her. For reasons.

Chapter 87 - Just another session

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“Well I am back for the day,” Ledger mused.

“Mhmm,” Midnight murmured as she nibbled his ear again. She was now stroking his emerging member with those wing digits as she continued to bite and nibble him. Ledger let out a low moan as he nearly melted under her ministrations.

“Somepony is being mischievous,” he commented.

“Moi?” Midnight feigned innocence even as her wings continued their work. “Why, whatever do you mean Mr. Ledger?”

“I mean that somepony is on the right track to being bucked through the bed,” he growled.

“You’d do such a deed to a defenseless, pregnant mare?” Midnight breathed into his ear and then licked his neck. “Such a beast you are.”

“You are hardly defenseless,” Ledger countered. “You could probably toss me out that window if you wanted to. Which means that you want this~”

“Somebuggy isn’t playing along~” Midnight sang as she stopped stroking him and started to pull away.

“Forgive me,” Ledger said as he got back into character. “I merely thought that a mare as ravishing as yourself knew what she was doing.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Midnight smiled and kissed his cheek. “The real question is… what will you do about it~?”

“Like I said,” Ledger said before twisting around and grabbing ahold of the mare. “I’m going to buck you through the bed.” With that, he used what little strength he had, along with his magic, to toss Midnight onto the bed.

She gave a little squeal at the rough treatment as she landed on her back. “Mmm, you are a beast indeed Mr. Ledger. Do try and take me gently?”

“I’ll get you started gently, and maybe, if you beg for it, I’ll treat you gently once you’re ready,” the drone said before clambering up on the bed after her...and lowering that mouth of his to her folds and beginning to lick her. Slowly. Teasingly.

“Mmm, kudos for Cider in teaching you that,” she purred. “That mare’s tongue is just… mmmm,” the thestral moaned as she stroked his head with a hoof. She flicked her tail, causing the silky strands to rub against his member as he licked her. Ledger managed to ignore it, keeping up his task of licking her nice and slowly. He wanted to warm her up, not treat her roughly. Not unless she begged for it. And he could keep tasting her for a long while.

And boy was she providing. The mare was quite worked up and it was almost as though she had finished already. She gave a low moan as she gripped the sheets with her hooves. “Ahhh, d-damn… sooo goood.”

Ledger licked her a little longer, before he nudged her clit just a slight bit with his tongue. He didn’t want to set her off, he just wanted her to feel it.

She shrieked and her body shook as the mare climaxed from the slight touch, her eyes wide as she panted heavily. “T-That’s… uh, that’s… never happened before…”

Ledger just hummed and kept licking up her fluids, savoring the taste as he kept up his work. He didn’t stop for a second. Maybe gentle was the way to go sometimes.

“I normally last… haaah,” she moaned and her head hit the pillows. “Stupid hormones…”

That was when Ledger nudged her clit again, no more harder than he had last time. She gave a loud moan in response, but at least she didn’t climax this time. “D-Do me a favour… use some magic,” she panted lightly.

Ledger hummed before hitting her with the full-body warm-up spell. The one that would hit nearly every sensitive spot she had and rub them. She moaned louder, writhing underneath him. But she wouldn’t be dissuaded from her task. Her tongue snaked out and coiled around his glowing horn, giving it a long and lavish lick.

Ledger moaned at the stimulation, before he flicked her clit with his tongue, actively tweaking the nub of flesh before diving right back in. She almost bit her tongue when he did that, that would have soured the afternoon. Her tongue squeezed his horn again as she bucked her hips a little, though he kept her pinned down pretty well.

That was about when Ledger shifted his tongue into a thestral one and tested how far back her tunnel went again. That was about when she came again, her essence flowing over his tongue like sweet nectar. The drone just lapped it up and smiled, humming happily. And he wondered if she would like another.

“T-Twice?” she panted, licking her dry lips. “The… the buck… haaah…” She slowly lifted her head and looked at him. “Don’t… don’t you want to finish as well?”

Ledger drew back from her lips and slowly drew his long tongue over her clit as he drew it back into his mouth. Once it was all within his mouth again, did he reply. “But this mare has so many needs,” he whispered huskily. “I am merely seeing to them as well as I can.”

Midnight blushed… then, an idea formed. A wonderful, terrible idea~

She put a hoof to her lips and blinked her eyes in a shy, bashful way. “”B-But, my Duke… we shouldn’t…” He liked associating Twilight’s title with the bedroom? Well, there were no rules saying she couldn’t do the same to him~

“But I want to,” Ledger replied as he drew closer to Midnight, so that he could give her a kiss. One laced with her fluids. She blinked at the sudden taste, but returned his kiss none the less. Once it broke, she gave him that adorable bashful look again.

“But a Duke… and a commoner… tis not proper…”

“Then we’ll just force society to accept us,” Ledger growled before using that thestral tongue on her again, trying to give her a deep kiss.

“But,” she gasped in between kisses. “A Duke. Is not. Supposed…”

“A duke can do what, and who, he wants,” Ledger said before something made its presence known between their bellies.

“Oh my…” Midnight gasped even as one of her hooves stroked it softly. “I am just a Guard… so, I will follow My Duke’s orders…”

“Then tell me how much you want it, and I might give it to you,” Ledger whispered just so her thestral hearing would pick it up.

“I live to serve you,” she moaned, trailing her tongue along his neck. “Use me how you wish~”

“Not good enough,” the drone replied. “Tell me how much you want me filling you, how much you need me, how much you think about our next time together.”

“Always,” she whispered. “I never stop thinking about our love. Please My Lord, fill this mare, give it to me~” She breathed those husky tones into his ear as she nibbled his neck, he could feel those fangs against his skin, knowing what would happen if she bit down…

“Then as you have begged, I will deliver.” Ledger’s aim had definitely improved thanks to their time together, it only took him two tries to sink the tip of his shaft between her folds.

“Mmmmm,” She purred as his tip pressed into her warm entrance. She showed she’d been practicing a few of Cider’s tricks, as her walls gave him a squeeze as she nipped his neck again. “Mounting a pregnant mare… such a wicked Duke you are~”

“Hardly as wicked as you make me out to be,” Ledger grunted as he managed to shove a few more inches in. “After all, don’t think I don’t know whose foal it is.”

“Ah~’ Midnight gave another moan. “But that’s… haaah~” Her mind was already a little fuzzy. “The child of… a guard and a Duke… such scandal.”

“One that I will weather for you,” Ledger replied as he finally managed to sink his whole shaft into her. She squeezed him tightly as he felt her climax again. She was really sensitive for some reason. His spell didn’t help things mind you. She just wrapped her hooves around him in a hug as she trembled beneath him.

And then he started actually bucking her, nice and slowly, working up a nice rhythm. She was still in the throes of her climax, so all she could do was grip him, moaning and panting in his ear.

“M-More….” she begged him. “Give me more~” Something the drone did, picking up the pace a little, to where he was thrusting half of his cock into and out of her a little faster than before. He was enjoying this as well, making her beg for the rough treatment.

“So… good,” she moaned, her eyes glazed with lust as she held onto him. Her fangs grazed his neck again, before she drew him for a lust-filled kiss. He returned the enthusiasm as he kept bucking her, wondering when she’d come again. He’d only heard about a stallion performing this well from Fredrick’s little...morning-after reports.

She gave a little squeal every time he hilted in her, her mouth open as she panted lewdly. She suddenly gasped as she bit into his shoulder, not with a Love Bite, just a reflex as she climaxed for a fourth time.

“Four,” Ledger said as he didn’t even pause, though he did step up what he was doing so that she was now being pounded with even more. “How many more times do you think you’ll cum for me?”

She couldn’t answer, she just moaned loudly as he pounded her into the mattress. Lust clouded her mind as he slid in and out of her soaked folds. Ledger kept pounding her relentlessly as he felt his own end approaching on the horizon, though he felt he could keep going long enough to make her cum one more time. He let his long, still-thestral tongue snake out of his mouth, before it worked its way south and flicked her clit.

She gave another sharp moan, her own tongue lolling out as her eyes rolled back. He felt her cum again, but she was so lost in her lust, she barely noticed. He let his tongue coil around her clit, and this time it squeezed the nub of flesh. She groaned as she fell limp, just letting him use her at this point. She was exhausted by now as she gave a few lazy kisses along his neck.

Finally, Ledger just hilted himself and held himself there before kissing her deeply, already starting to flood her with his seed once more. She let out a low groan, being stuffed so utterly was always a treat~

And it was also about then that Ledger became aware that he had an audience, namely a smaller changeling nymph watching them with a lewd smile on her face.

“Oh hello,” Ledger said as he just held himself there for a moment, still busy unloading in Midnight. “Enjoy your show?”

“Quite,” Scope nodded, clopping away at her own marehood. “Never seen Mistress so… out of it like that though. Did you use a pervy spell on her?”

“Only the warm up one, and thanks for reminding me about it,” Ledger said as he canceled the spell on her. “Did you want help with that?” he said before pulling out of Midnight, still slightly hard thanks to the sight of another of his mares nearby.

“I’m… ahh~ good,” Scope moaned as she reached climax herself, lifting her hind legs as she rubbed at herself, dripping onto the carpet.

“Suit yourself,” Ledger said before walking over to kiss her.

It still didn’t stop her from trapping him in a kiss and showing off a new trick of her own. Somebuggy had learned how to funnel emotions… and she was currently stuffing the drone full to the brim on lust and love. Ledger gave off a small growl and became a little more forceful in the kiss...before eventually pulling back and shaking his head.

“No, I promised to be gentler around you,” he said, already trying to sort out the influx so that he was acting normally.

“Ohh, that actually worked?” Scope giggled and scribbled something in her notebook. “I learned that by reading your tome. It taught me all sorts of fun things… like certain spells you’re having fun with lately…”

“Scope, you are testing the very limits of my self-control here,” Ledger warned her.

“Oh, surely a Duke wouldn’t be so crass as to resort to such base desires?” Scope giggled as she moved over to Midnight and made a little show of cleaning the thestral off. The drone growled again as he had to hold himself back from pouncing the little nymph.

“Seriously, it’s not gonna be long at this rate before I just jump you too,” he warned her.

“But that would be so uncivil of you,” Scope teased, even as her flank swayed back and forth. Ledger breathed deeply and forced himself to sit down.

“Nope,” he said. “Not gonna do it. Gonna sit here and glue myself to the floor with magic if I have to.”

“That would make the rest of your day rather unproductive,” Twilight said as she entered the room. “I was wondering what was taking Treasure so long… now I know. Honestly, you changelings are just…”

“Midnight needed to feel better about herself,” Ledger said. “I’m still not sure how it devolved so quickly, but I’m not complaining.”

“‘Oh noo, I have to have sex with one of my mares?’” Scope mocked, shifting a little to mimic his voice perfectly. “Oh woe is me~”

It was made worse when Twilight actually giggled at that.

“I would have been fine just telling her that she’s always going to be beautiful to me, but I will never turn down a mare that is in the mood,” Ledger said, forcing himself to look away from Scope’s very inviting view.

The nymph giggled again and waved her flanks, only to have them swatted by Twilight’s magic.

“Bad Treasure, Down!” Twilight said and shook her head. “Well seeing as how Midnight’s now out of commission, we may have to delay the parties until tomorrow night.” The alicorn sighed and rubbed her head.

“Better idea, get a mango,” Ledger said. “Bet you she’d perk up for one of those.”

Scope nodded and buzzed from the room, leaving Twilight alone with Ledger and a rather out of it Midnight.

“So it looks like you had fun,” Twilight replied with a slight smirk. It was a little scary how she was used to this now. Two months ago, this scene would have left her a blushing mess.

“She had an itch, I scratched it,” Ledger replied. “It’s what I do. And what did you mean by this morning, before you walked through a portal to your castle?”

“Ah!” Twilight suddenly turned a crimson hue and looked away. “W-Well, it’s just, I found that… Alicorns can get pregnant?”

“I’m sorry?” Ledger said with a slight smile. “Care to repeat that?”

Twilight blushed brighter and sighed. “I discovered that Alicorns can get pregnant. Even Celestia and Luna can, they’re just very careful not to.”

“I see,” Ledger said with a wider smile. “So I take it that this spring, I’ll either be spending a lot of time with you, or none at all, depending on your stance on foals.”

“Yes, well,” Twilight fluttered her wings and nodded. “I’m not planning on having foals yet… it’s, not safe enough.”

“Is there something I’m missing?” Ledger observed. “I’m pretty sure there’s a hybrid in town, so I know it is possible and safe.”

“Not that,” Twilight sighed. “Ledger… how much do you know about my life in the past two years?”

“There have been articles published on the Elements of Harmony,” the drone mused. “I suppose you have a case...but let me answer your question with a question. You’re a Princess now. When is your life not going to be hectic?”

“Yeah… thanks for reminding me,” Twilight muttered. “There’s a lot to consider… but it won’t be happening this Spring, of that I can assure you.”

“Still, if you drink a strong enough potion to prevent pregnancy, or use a spell or what have you, I suppose I could still drop by and help you slake your lusts this year,” Ledger pointed out.

“A duty I’m sure you’re looking forward to,” Twilight chuckled as Scope returned with the mango. That… was a mistake.

Midnight’s ear flicked.

Her nose twitched.

Ledger knew what was about to occur, so he stepped to one side so as to not be in the line of fire. At all.

Scope blinked and sighed as Midnight pounced, her fangs sinking into the fruit and nomming on it happily. The small nymph just groaned from under the thestral as Twilight stared at the odd reaction.

“Well… that, was new,” she said. “What’s the deal with mangoes?”

“They are her favorite fruit,” Ledger said. “And now you have one fixed thestral!”

“Twibutt~” Midnight giggled and pounced the alicorn, seeking kisses and hugs.

“Ack!” Twilight yelped as she was smothered by the thestral. “Help!”

“Help her? Okay!” Ledger said before joining in on the kissing of the alicorn. Scope giggled and joined in as well as the alicorn was smothered under a pile of pony.

Cider trotted into the room, wondering why nopony was coming when she saw the festivities going on.

“Fer the love of… Really?” she asked, tapping a hoof on the floor.

“My sweet mare!” Ledger said, now switching targets. She placed a hoof against his chest and smiled.

“Yes, Duke Secret~?”

“Kiss?” he asked her, trying to get close enough to give her one.

“Hmm, ah dunno…” Cider replied and looked at the other girls. “Should ah?”

“Oh, I think he filled up on Midnight already,” Scope chuckled. “I think he’s good.”

“Well, y’all heard her, sorry lovercolt,” Cider smiled and turned to walk out of the room.

“Aww,” Ledger said with a pout. “I just wanted to give you some love-” That was when the earth mare pulled him into a powerful hug and kissed him deeply, that sweet taste of apple and cinnamon was ever-present. He moaned and wrapped his hooves around her, doing his best to deepen the kiss and prolong it as long as he could.

Cider soon broke the kiss and looked at the other three. She suddenly shooed them outside and smirked as she closed the door, the only sound in the now-silent room was the door clicking shut as she locked it.

“What are you up to?” Ledger asked, already having a good idea, but wanting to confirm it.

“Well you see,” Cider said as she turned and stalked closer to him. “It’s been a while since jus’ you and ah had a little fun,” she purred, that silky blonde tail running under his chin as she walked in a circle around him. “Ah reckon we ought to rectify that.”

“So soon before our parties?” the drone asked. “I know neither one of us would finish quickly…”

“Cute,” Cider said as she picked him up and threw him onto the bed, much like he had with Midnight. “Ah hope yer ready Ledger. This here cowgirl’s gonna ride~”

“Suit yourself,” Ledger said as his horn sparked up. “I reserve the right to cheat with my magic to make it go faster if I feel like we need it.”

That was when she was atop of him, her hips grinding his as she took his whole horn into her mouth, moaning and licking it. Ledger moaned as well, both from her motions and from what she was doing to his horn. That...was a feeling like no other. He would have to find out if there was something he could do to get back at her eventually. For now he just lay back and enjoyed.

She eventually pulled back and smiled, drawing him in for a deep kiss as she continued to grind against him. She could feel his member twitch and she turned around, soon giving it the same treatment as his horn. Ledger did his best to lean up and return the favor with his tongue to her folds.

“Mmm,” she moaned around him before pulling off for a moment. “Go… a little higher… ah got an idea~”

Ledger quirked an eyebrow before doing his best to comply, wondering what she was thinking. She resumed her task, making sure his member was nice and wet, before she turned again and smiled as she lowered her hips, one hoof against the base of his shaft to guide him. She squeezed her eyes shut and grunted, as the tip of him pressed inside her tailhole.

“Oho,” Ledger said, still laying still. “Somepony wants to try the other hole, I see.”

“Mhmm,” Cider grunted again as she pushed another inch inside. She instinctively clenched up and he found him member trapped in an unbelievably tight and warm place. “Buck… s’bigger that ah thought…”

“Just relax,” Ledger said, stroking one of her forelegs in a comforting manner. “You won’t get anywhere like that.”

She took a breath and nodded as she relaxed, lowering her hips a little more. One of her free hooves rubbed at her dripping slit as she moaned, before leaning forward and kissing him again. Something Ledger returned as he did his best to not buck into her tailhole.

“Mmm, somepony likes this,” Ledger muttered once the kiss broke.

“M-Maybe… a little…” she panted as she pushed a bit more in. She wasn’t sure if she could take much more though, he was just too damned big. Ledger for his part didn’t rush her, just lay there waiting for her verdict.

“It’s… a bit hard,” she panted. “And… ah think tha’s about as much as ah can take…”

“If you’re sure,” Ledger said as he considered telling her about Midnight’s feats in that department. Scope’s wasn’t even fair, they’d both been under a spell for that one. Then he recalled Twilight still had this particular cherry to pop…

“Maybe… just a bit…” she panted and pushed a bit more inside. That decided it.

“You know, Middy managed it all without any magic,” he said aloud.

“Y’all… are comparing me… to Midnight?” Cider managed to deadpan, despite the position she was in. “Tha’s hardly fair Ledger. Ah reckon she’s had bigger in any of her holes...”

“Nope,” Ledger said. “She said to me when we first met, and I quote. ‘I’ve certainly never seen bigger,’ or something to that effect.”

“Somehow… ah don’t believe her,” Cider replied as she pushed a bit more in. “Y’all could help out here y’know?”

“All you had to do was ask,” Ledger said as he did his best to buck a little against her. Though only a little, he didn’t want to push too much in. She yelped and moaned, it had been both a little painful and yet… felt really good.

“Ohh, do that again~”

Ledger did, bucking again and pushing a few more inches into her. She moaned again, before lifting herself up and off of him, before turned so she was presenting herself to him.

“Maybe this might work a bit better?” she offered, presenting two open holes for him. Ledger got up off the bed and mounted his mare, thrusting a few times in her silky folds.

“For the lubricant,” he whispered to her, before drawing out and resuming their earlier attempts to sheathe his cock in her anus. She gasped at both intrusions, before the mare panted and moaned. She untied her hair ribbons, letting her mane spill free as she buried her face into the pillows.

Ledger did his best to listen for any moans of pain as he kept up his pushing into Cider. All he got were gasps and moans of pleasure though. “Ahh, haah~ Mmm, that’s… real good…”

Eventually, he ran out of length to give her, hammering home deep inside the mare. She let out a low groan, she felt so much more full with him in there.

“Ahh… ah don’t… nrrgh!” she gave him a tight squeeze as she bit into the pillow. Ledger held himself there for a moment longer, before he began bucking Cider’s ass. Her eyes flew open and she gave a loud shriek, which quickly became a moan as he bucked her. She bit her lip and raised her hips a little higher.

“Somepony loves this,” Ledger observed as his pace didn’t slacken. If anything, it picked up a notch. She just nodded slightly as she gripped the sheets. Ledger shifted his fangs into his mouth before leaning down and nibbling on the mare’s neck. She moaned at his touch, one of her hooves moving to rub her moist slit as he continued his ministrations.

“H-Harder,” she gasped.

“Tell me how much you want it,” Ledger said, actually slowing down a touch so she could get her thoughts in order. “Tell me how much you need it.”

“S-Stop playin’ games and fuck me!” Cider replied, not used to saying such a thing. Ledger obliged her. If she thought the previous pace was hard, then this was a jackhammer by comparison. Ledger drew nearly all of his length out before ramming it back into her, over and over and over again.

She opened her mouth in a silent scream as he pounded her. The hoof she was using to rub herself was now back to gripping the bed again so he wouldn’t buck her off of it. Ledger used his magic to rub her clit as he kept up his furious pace, not stopping until he knew she’d gotten what she wanted.

She moaned loudly as she gripped him tighter and convulsed. Her climaxes were always a treat for the changeling, so much love emanating from her. Ledger bucked into her a few more times for good measure before he hilted himself into her and just let loose with a second load. She groaned as he filled her ass with his release.

“G-Goddess… soo much,” she sighed.

“I blame all you mares for feeding me with enough lust to power a Hive with,” Ledger said as he held himself there, still draining into her for a bit yet.

With a groan, she pitched forward, pulling him out of her and then pressed her hips back again, burying his still-cumming member into her wet pussy. “Haaah~ mmm…”

“If I didn’t know better,” he said as he finally stopped after giving her a nice load there as well, “I’d say that you were trying to get knocked up before Spring.”

Cider panted as he extracted himself. “Y-Y’all… have no idea… how that feels,” she sighed. A thought occurred and she giggled. “Ah reckon Scopey would love to show ya though~”

“Nope,” Ledger said, shaking his head. “So much nope. Words cannot express how much that is not happening.”

“Aww~” Middy complained, hanging from the rafters by her tail. Okay, so maybe she had been watching the whole thing, and now Cider was sporting a very adorable blush. “I’d totally watch that~”

“That is not happening to me if I can avoid it at all,” Ledger said, firmly putting his hoof down on the issue.

“Mmm, what’d happen if we got ‘im drunk enough?” Cider mused as Midnight landed on the floor and walked over, promptly using her mouth to clean Ledger off. The thestral shrugged in response, humming something in the way of a reply.

“ much as I would like to keep going and going, we do have parties to go to tonight,” the drone said. “We should probably shower...separately, so we don’t get distracted in there.”

Midnight pulled off of him with a pout and then pulled him in for a deep kiss, before offering the same to Cider and trotting happily out of the room.

“Ah really hafta wonder about that bat sometimes,” Cider sighed.

Sometimes?” Ledger asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well… she’s mostly normal… ah think,” Cider sighed and rubbed her head. “Why can’t y’all go out an’ seduce a nice, normal mare? Ah’m all alone on that front.”

“Sorry, normal ran away screaming ages ago and won’t be coming back,” Ledger snickered, before kissing Cider.

“Dang,” Cider pouted but returned his kiss. “Go an’ have yer shower. Ah need to rest up a bit. Mah ass hurts now…”

“I can imagine,” Ledger said. “Well, hopefully it’s not full of mares when I get in there…”

Ledger opened the door and for once, wasn’t ambushed with a mare. He began running the water and sighed as it washed over his form. Showers were the best.

Chapter 89 - Private Parties

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“Okay!” Amy giggled. “Sugar! Right forehoof on red! And you have to moan somepony’s name while doing it!”

“Oh my,” Sugar said as she did her best to obey the given command. Moondancer had ended up under her, and Chrysalis and her had ended up intertwined. Fritter had ended up under Moondancer as well, and now all Sugar had to do was reaaaach…

Oh, that was interesting. She’d ended up grinding against her wife while doing so. Mmm...Still, she’d made her choice as to whose name she was going to moan. “Ooohh, Fritter,” she said, making it sound just like they were on the bed instead. “It feels so good having you both under me~

“You know it~” the Earth mare winked and made sure she was watching as she trailed her tongue along Moondancer’s neck, causing the mare to shudder and moan lightly.

“That works!” Amy chirped before spinning the dials again. “Okay, contestant number four, Chryssy! Left hindhoof on...yellow! And you have to...lick somepony in the process!”

“Oh really~?” Chrysalis purred as she reached past Sugar’s thigh, brushing past it as she did. “Well, best go all in hmm?” that was when Sugar felt a tongue against her lower lips.

Oooh,” she moaned. “That’s not unwelcome, but how long do you intend to do that?”

“Oh, I have my tricks, but I guess you miss out this time,” Chrysalis purred as she pulled back and licked her lips.

“That works too!” Amy giggled. “All righty then, number one, Fritter! Left forehoof on green...And you have to grind against somepony!”

“Ah… how?” Fritter asked, pinned under all the ponies. She reached out, just barely reaching a green square, but was unable to bend her body in a way to fulfill the second part of that.

“Oh, too bad. Hmm, let’s see...penalties, penalties...aha! ‘If a player is unable to complete the pervy action, then the player closest to them gets a free pervy action to perform on them.’” The pink nymph nodded and spun the dial again.

“So that means me?” Moondancer asked. She chuckled as her horn flared and Fritter felt like she was getting felt up all over.

“Kyaa~!” Fritter resisted the urge to flinch.

“Naughty Moondancer! You were supposed to wait for the dial! ‘If a player acts out a pervy action out of turn, they get one performed on them from the closest player.’ I think this one can go to either Sugar or Chryssie, whoever has access to more fun bits.” Finally the dial stopped, and the pink nymph nodded. “It says she gets a licking!”

“I believe I’m closest,” Chrysalis replied and looked at Sugar. “Though, I like my chitin in one piece.”

“Oh, it’s all part of the game, dear,” Sugar said with a smile. “I think we can allow you this~”

Chrysalis chuckled, almost bordering on a mad cackle as she leaned down. Moondancer raised an eyebrow, wondering what the crazy nymph had planned. Then as Chrysalis pressed her mouth against her, there was a small, green flash and Moondancer’s eyes went as wide as saucers as she shrieked!

“Interesting choice,” Sugar said. “I’ll have to try that one later. Whatever it was.”

Chrysalis pulled back as she slurped three long tentacles back into her mouth and reverted back to normal. Moondancer was just quivering and panting loudly.

“All right Moony!” Amy chuckled as she spun both dials again. “Right forehoof on red! get to lick somepony yourself!”

“I...I can’t…” she panted as she leaned out and gave a lazy lick along Sugar’s chest.

“Bzzt!” Amy said. “‘If a player fails to move in accordance with the dials, then they get a perverted action done to them by the nearest player.’ Chryssy did the last one, so Sugar…” The dial spun again and Amy grinned. “Sugar gets to...Oooh, hooves on!”

Sugar grinned and picked up her right forehoof from the circle it had been in before slowly tracing it down her wife’s form, just touching her.

“Oh come on…” Moondancer moaned from the touch, still sensitive from her climax thanks to Chrysalis.

A pair of pink hooves draped around Amy as a pair of baby blue eyes stared into her pink ones.

“Heya!” Pinkie giggled. “Having fun in here?”

“Yup!” Amy said as Sugar’s hoof travelled south and teased her wife’s lips lightly. “They made me the rule master! And I’m loving the show!”

“What’s this rule?” Pinkie asked as she pointed at the book. “One about tagging out for a partner if you want?”

“Eh, we’d need more ponies to do that one,” Amy said with a shrug. Sugar flicked Moondancer’s clit once before returning her hoof to the circle it’d been on. The unicorn moaned again as she twitched.

“Ohh, seems you have been having fun in here,” Pinkie giggled and looked at Moondancer. “You okay over there?”

“Ah, I’ll haaah, Um…”

“Yeah, she’s fine,” Pinkie giggled.

“Oh my,” Fluttershy said, having come in with Pinkie. “That’s… um… okay?”

“And now we’re back to Sugar!” Amy cheered. “Right hind hoof! And you have to...feel somepony up!”

“Easy enough,” the nymph boasted as she picked up her hind hoof and started moving it in the right position...which coincidentally led to it trailing up Chrysalis’ thigh as she shifted it around.

“Mmm, not bad,” Chrysalis replied in a deeper tone as Sugar’s hoof brushed against something that wasn’t female.

“Oh dear me,” Sugar said. “Somepony’s feeling frisky~”

“You have no idea~” Meta purred.

“Um, that…?” Fluttershy turned a deep crimson and looked away.

“Yup, Chryssy can grow one when she feel like it!” Amy chirped before spinning the dial again. “All right Chryssie, left hind hoof, and...grind on somepony!”

“Easy enough,” Meta said as he moved a hoof back and then dragged his member along Sugar’s lower lips, grinding against her. Even in this form, he was still very much a Noble~

“Oh my,” Sugar purred. “Somepony is making a very good case for me not to pursue the other Noble of Las Pegasus…”

“That so?” Meta purred into her ear. “Sorry love, only two get this little gift~”

“Fritter’s turn!” Amy cheered. “Hmm...right hind hoof on red and...oh, sorry Fritter. ‘Hump somepony.’”

“Uh, so, like this?” she asked as one of her hooves reached out, just as Ace opened the door and she shrieked in surprise, flinching and causing everypony to fall over. “Aw horseapples.”

“Acey~” Amy whined. “You ruined the game~”

“Huh?” he looked around and scratched his head. “What the heck kind of game is this?”

“A fun kind,” Pinkie giggled. “Ohh, we do have another guy to play now Creamy. Maybe he could fill in the penalty round~?”

“I think they all deserve a break,” Amy chirped. “Maybe we can start a new game with you ponies, me, and Acey?”

“That sounds fun~” Pinkie giggled. “Wanna play Shyshy?”

“Um, no… that’s okay,” the pegasus still blushed a deep red. “I don’t think I—”

“I can’t shift, so you’d only have to worry about Acey, and he’ll likely be more interested in Pinkie or me,” Amy said. “I dunno what it is with him and pink ponies, but I like it~”

“Oh...oh my,” Fluttershy blushed again and moved over to the bed to sit. “Um, no… I think I’ll be alright…”

“Well then in that case, you can spin the dials, and Acey and Pinkie and I can play,” Amy said as she helped the mass of ponies off the mat. Fluttershy could at least do that, and she already noticed Sugar dividing her attention between Meta and herself.

“Um, okay, first pony. Right forehoof on red… and, oh my!”

“It’s okay Flutters,” Amy said as she filled that role nicely. “The rules say you don’t spin the second dial until everypony’s in place. So after round one.”

“Oh, okay,” Fluttershy nodded. “Second pony, left back hoof on yellow.”

“On iiiit~” Pinkie giggled as she did.

“So then Mr. Ace? Put your left paw on blue please, um, if that’s okay with you?”

“Of course my dear,” Ace bowed his neck and did so, nipping at Amy’s ear as he did.

“And now the fun starts up again,” Amy said. “Both dials this time Flutters!”

“I don’t know if I can…” Fluttershy said softly.

“Mmm,” Sugar said as she walked over and gave the pegasus a kiss on the head. One filled with more than a little extra lust, to help her get over her inhibitions. “And now?”

“W-Well,” she blushed and spun the wheel. “Miss Amy, left front hoof on red, and… ohmy, sayyourgreatestkink!’ she said quickly.

“Oh that’s easy,” Amy said as she put her hoof in the indicated spot, showing off more than a little to Acey as she did. “I enjoy being dominated by those who know how to take control. It just sorta happened with Acey, and Chryssy does it so well as well...”

“Naturally,” Chrysalis said, having turned back to normal.

“Ohmy,” Fluttershy whispered as she spun the wheel again. “Okay, Pinkie, right hoof on red. And… um, seduce the closest one?”

“Ooh, how… vague,” Pinkie giggled as she reached over, effectively lying on her side as she looked at Amy and gave her a come-hither stare. “Hello there beautiful, wanna come back to my place for a little Pie~?”

“I would, but only if I get to bring Acey as well,” Amy replied. “I don’t want to come unequipped to give you everything, after all~”

Fluttershy wondered how she was still conscious at this point. “Okay Mr. Ace, left talon on green and… describe a sexual act you haven’t done yet.”

“Hmm,” Ace mused as he leaned over, now standing over Amy. “I have never lay with another Griffon before.”

That’s it, dear,” Sugar said as she sat behind the yellow pegasus. “You’re among friends here. No need to be need to keep yourself so bottled up and can let it all out if you want to…” At the end of her reassurance, she softly stroked the mare before giving her another kiss with another small dose of lust.

“Oh my,” she hummed again and closed her eyes, when she opened them, they seemed to have a red tint to them as she licked her lips. “Alright then, Little Amy, right hoof on green.” Her voice suddenly took a husky tone, one that if the most erotic literature suddenly found a voice, it would sound like that. “And then suck off the closest pony for thirty seconds~”

“Holy moley!” Pinkie gasped. “What the heck was that!?”

“I dunno, but I like it!” Amy said as she maneuvered herself to more fully stand under Ace. She licked at a portion of him that was only just waking up, managing to get him hard before thirty seconds were up and pulling off. “Sorry Acey, but you heard the mare, that’s all you get for right now~”

“Hrrrm, maybe I should drop the game and make you keep going,” he growled and nipped at the back of her neck. “Luckily, I am a patient griffon.”

“Mmhmm, I think you’ll like some of the actions on there Acey~” Amy said. “Alright, next up is Pinkie, Flutters. What’s she doing?”

“She’s going to place both front hooves on red and then present herself for all the other players to do as they like for a minute~’ Fluttershy replied, still keeping that audio erotica tone.

“I can go for that,” Amy replied.

Pinkie gulped and nodded as she did, stretching out with her front hooves like a cat as she raised her hind legs and flagged her tail.

“This… is a little embarrassing,” she blushed. Sugar was then standing in front of her and kissing her as well, giving her just a little extra lust in an attempt to make Pinkie enjoy what was likely about to happen.

Amy lifted up a forehoof from its place and merely stroked and played along Pinkie’s lips, whereas Ace raised his free talon, taking a clawful of that plump rump and squeezing it, before he smirked and pressed a few places around her cutie mark, causing Pinkie to moan and soak Amy’s hoof.

“Now, doesn’t that feel good?” Sugar asked the pink mare.

“Oh sweet cupcakes,” Pinkie drooled. “What was that!?”

“That…” Chrysalis smirked. “Is just a taste of what that griffon can do. He can have you cumming for hours, just by touching you.”

“What next dear Fluttershy?” Sugar asked the no-longer shy mare. Fluttershy nodded and spun the wheel.

“Ohh, Mr. Ace?”

“Yees?” Ace said and waggled his eyebrows.

Fluttershy giggled and tapped the board. “You’re allowed to position yourself however you like, save for one limb, and then tease everypony else in reach for thirty seconds each.”

Ace chuckled and turned to his marefriend. “Seems I have neglected you my dear,” he purred as he lifted her free leg as the tips of his claws traced around her leg holes. Amy moaned at the touch and did her best to stay standing on the board like she should. She would just have to hold out for thirty seconds!

And that was when his claws moved up her leg and found their way under the shell on her back, pressing and teasing at the sensitive skin underneath. Amy let out a louder moan and wobbled a little. Surely...surely he would have to stop soon, right?

Ten seconds left, his claw moved down her rump, giving it a squeeze and as he counted down, his claws kneaded at her folds, cupping it and squeezing. And on the last second, just as he pulled away, he flicked one claw out against her clit.

Amy screamed and drenched the retreating claw with her fluids as she came and managed to stay standing somehow. Probably by sheer willpower. “Haaah...don’t’ve ever gotten me off...that fast before,” she panted.

“I endeavour to improve,” Ace nodded as Pinkie licked her lips at the show. That had been… wow~!

Fluttershy idly rubbed her lower belly with a hoof as she spun the wheel again. “Pinkie? Left rear hoof on green and then ‘return the favour’.”

“Favour huh?” Pinkie giggled as she did so, before she turned and dragged the still tired nymph into a kiss filled with unbridled happiness and even a little lust. Amy was revitalized in an instant, moaning happily at so much being given so freely.

“There we go,” Sugar said happily. “Now it’s a party~”

“Not yet,” Fluttershy said, before flittering over to Sugar and placing a chaste kiss on the mare’s cheek before blushing and hovering back.

“Sugar likes~” the violet nymph purred. “So what will Amy be doing now, Fluttershy?”

“Amy will…” Fluttershy spun the wheel. “Place her hooves on red and say aloud, who she would like to sleep with the most that isn’t in a relationship with her. And what she’d do with them.”

“Oooh, another easy one?” Amy said as she did her best to follow the directions, once again showing off for the griffon behind both of the mares. “That’s easy, it’d be Pinkie here! And if I didn’t have a foal in me, I’d show her everything I can do. As it is, Cherry can’t come out to play until I have my foal.”

“Me? Really?” Pinkie asked. “Why’s that?”

“Cause you’re so much like me,” Amy replied. “Plus...that would mean Acey could have a turn with you as well, and I know he likes Pink ponies~”

“You are determined to make me like Midnight aren’t you?” Ace chuckled. “Or Ledger. I fear he and I are going to have more in common if you got your way.”

“Are you saying you don’t want to do Pinkie here?” Amy asked.

“I’d at least like to get to know her first,” Ace said. “While Chrysalis was a rather spur of the moment thing, one that I don’t regret mind you. I prefer to wine and dine a mare or stallion before bedding them.”

“A stallion?” Pinkie and Fluttershy echoed.

“Who do you think I took Cherry out to play with when we were just getting to know one another?” Amy asked.

“Gender does not matter with me,” Ace nodded. “It’s what’s in your heart that truly matters.” He thumped his chest to make his point, but the sudden movement, mixed with the alcohol in his system, caused him to stumble and trip onto the two mares under him.

Pinkie and Amy suddenly had a very large griffon on their backs, and Amy did everything she could to help her fellow Pink pony hold him up.

“Whoops,” Ace chuckled.

“H-heavy,” Pinkie groaned and then cranked her tail like a chariot jack as she raised them up. “There we go~”

Amy almost thought about asking, but she knew better. Instead, she just hoped this was enough to get Ace back on his feet. While she was used to his weight, they usually had a bed underneath to help take most of it off

“I think I’m still a little tipsy,” Ace chuckled as he rolled off of them and onto the floor. “Sorry ladies.”

“Well, since Amy moved the least, she wins this round,” Fluttershy said. “And is free to do as she likes to the others~”

“Hmm,” Amy said as her horn lit up, lifting Pinkie up and placing her on a certain feathery chest. “Including this?”

“The rules state,” Fluttershy cleared her throat. “The winner is Queen or King. And gets to do whatever they want. The others must follow any orders, well, within reason of course.”

“So if I tell Acey to show Pinkie here a good time,” Amy posed, waiting to see what would happen.

“I’d say you have to be a little more specific,” Ace mused as he played ‘pattycake’ with the giggling mare.

“Okay then,” Amy purred. “Why don’t you show her your magic touch?”

“That, I can do,” Ace nodded as he traced his claws along the mare’s spine and sides, leaving her gripping him and moaning at his touch. Sugar could sense her desire build up, reaching tipping point before he brought her back down. Then rinse and repeat as Pinkie panted and moaned, begging for release.

“Oh, stop being so cruel to the poor mare,” Amy said before kissing the top of his feathery head.

“Ah, but you said to show her,” Ace said. “You never said to allow her a finish,” he just chuckled as he kept up his relentless and pleasureable torture.

“Then I hereby command you to let her cum,” Amy said before beeping his beak with a hoof.

“As you wish,” Ace shrugged and tapped a few points before gripping her cutie marks. Pinkie let out a loud screaming moan and came hard!

There we go,” Sugar purred as she went back to cuddling Fluttershy. “Wasn’t that fun?”

“I just watched one of my best friends do something like that,” Fluttershy blushed. “I don’t know what to feel.”

“I think the correct answer is aroused, dear,” Sugar said as she went back to comforting the shy mare. “Like I said earlier, you’re among friends here. We won’t judge you. It’s fine to have feelings about things~”

“I...I wouldn’t have done that… if I didn’t mind,” Pinkie panted and rolled off of Ace, before making her way over to Fluttershy and hugging her. “Still, if you don’t want to, we can forget this happened and go back to our room.”

“I don’t know,” Fluttershy said. “And… I’m worried about Dashie. She still seemed kinda mad…”

“It’s cause she likes you,” Pinkie said and kissed her cheek. “And… well, I kinda like you too.”

Fluttershy turned a deep crimson. Mind, Pinkie liked all her friends. But, she had no idea that Rainbow felt like that.

“Ah, young love,” Sugar purred. “I rather think you should think about whether you like your friends like that, miss Fluttershy, then think about if you want to do this with them.”

Fluttershy thought about it and then she got an idea. “Miss Sugar? Could you help me with Rainbow?”

“That depends,” the Violet nymph purred. “How do you mean?”

“Well, I think she might be mad at me for coming here… and, I don’t handle confrontation very well… and Dashie is kind of…” Fluttershy trailed off and looked away.

“So, maybe we can go back to your room,” Sugar said. “And we’ll see what happens there~”

“Um, that’s… only if Miss Moondancer doesn’t mind…”

“I don’t think she will, as long as I come back,” Sugar said with a smile.

“Hey, I finally get some peace and quiet,” Moondancer said as she opened a book. “‘Bout time.”

“See? She’s fine with it,” Sugar said, giving Fluttershy a normal kiss. “So let’s go see miss Dash then, and see what occurs.”

“Y-Yes,” Fluttershy nodded and the two left the room.

Chapter 91 - Order in the court

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“Well, I want you to keep that in mind. Now close your eyes please.”

Ledger did so, wondering what she could possibly have in mind...

And that was when he felt something, warm, wet and very enthusiastic between his legs. He was almost tempted to open his eyes, but he knew better. Better to take it as she’d asked him to~

Something he was all too happy to do.

She pulled her head away for a moment and cooed. “Somepony’s had a hard day, and I recall a certain dream about doing something in this very spot,” she hummed and then resumed her task, now bringing her magic and hooves into play.

“Changing my mind about running your court,” Ledger grunted. “If this is how you’d reward me for it, I’d do it every day I could.”

“Hmmm?” she moaned around him and drew him just a little deeper. One hoof slid down, now massaging a slightly lower part of him as she moaned again.

“Of course, this is just the warm-up,” Ledger said as he reflexively cast a locking and soundproofing charm, to make sure they would remain alone while they did this. “Mmm, I almost wish I knew where those collars were…”

She pulled back again and licked her lips. “Guess you’ll have to wait hmm? And tell me, why do you want them?” she dove back in again, her tongue lapping at him eagerly.

“Because then I could slip it on you, and bend you over this table,” Ledger growled, it now taking supreme willpower to hold his eyes shut. “Midnight would probably be upset she didn’t get to do it first, but I’m sure with a little Twilight to play with, she’d forgive me...eventually.”

She gave a long, slow lick and hummed again. “Izzat so? Tell me what else you’d do with a little pet Twilight.” She dragged her soft lips along him, parted just enough to let the tip of her tongue poke through.

“I’d feed her,” he said, his cock giving a mighty throb at that statement. “Help her take invigorating showers, and make sure she got plenty of exercise.” It was no coincidence that all his statements could be interpreted as sexual actions. “An Alicorn is tough to look after, though. I might have to call in the others to assist…”

“Sounds tough,” she said. He caught a soft flash of magic, even through his closed eyes. “Still, you shouldn’t make promises like that. I might just hold you to them.” She gave him another slow, tantalizing lick. “Open your eyes Secret~”

Ledger did, and what he saw only made him harder.

Twilight, wearing a thick, black collar and some lacy socks, currently servicing him while he sat upon her throne. He gulped before getting into character and grinning at her. “Come up here, pet,” he said, leaning back. “Come sit up here with me.”

She nodded and gave his throbbing member one last lick before moving up onto the throne, sitting on the side of the chair next to him.

“Pet,” he said disapprovingly. “After you went through all the trouble to get it warmed up, you neglect your seat?” His cock throbbed, as if to punctuate his words.

She nodded again and stood over him, her dripping lower lips teasing the tip.

“Better,” he said. “Who’s a good pet?”

“I’m a good pet~” she purred and dropped her hips down on that last word, penetrating as she let out a loud, almost primal moan.

“What do good pets get?” Ledger asked as one hoof stroked along her flank, right over her cutie mark.

“Please their masters?” she asked cutely.

“Good pets get fucked,” the drone said. “Is that what you think you’ve earned?”

“I don’t know, have I?” she asked as she rocked her hips a little. Ledger pinched her cutie mark with his magic, even as his hoof kept stroking along her flanks. She gave a small yelp and remained still.

“Please,” she moaned. “I’ve been such a good pet. Fuck me master~”

“I will,” Ledger growled. “The table. Present yourself properly, using that wonderful table of yours.”

She moaned and pulled herself off of him with a wet pop. She sighed for a moment, then turned so she was now leaning over the table. Her front hooves spread out in front of her as she widened her back legs and flicked her tail to one side, presenting herself for him to see.

Then Ledger was there, atop her, already filling her again in one fluid motion. “Good pet,” he hissed as he sank into her again, bracing himself against the table as well. “Good pets get fucked. Very good pets get a greater honor.” He then leaned down and whispered it into her ear. “Very good pets to carry their master’s foal.”

She shuddered and moaned again. She’d already taken her usual potion, but she could still let him have fun.

“Aahhhn~ Please master, breed this good little pet~ Fill me up!”

“I don’t know if you’ve earned it,” he mused. “I might just pull out and paint you instead…” Even now, though, he was starting to move a little. Small motions, forward, back. Just to set the mood.

“Mm, this little pet would love either of those,” she purred. And that was when Ledger noticed something affixed to the collar. A short little leash. He tugged on it a little with his magic as an experiment while he started to properly buck the mare.

She yelped, the sudden sensation caused her to flood his member with a fresh coat of her juices. “Ah, please be gentle with your pet,” she moaned.

“Oh, I rather think you liked that,” Ledger replied as he started to pick up the pace a little more. “And to be honest, so did I~”

“Ahn! So mean,” Twilight pouted, even as her traitorous body responded like he wanted it to. Her hooves tried gripping at the polished crystal table, but found no purchase. She was utterly at his mercy now.

“Mmm, but I promise not to break you...too badly,” Ledger said before whispering into her ear again. “I’ve been experimenting with one of my spells lately. I think I can trap my balls in a state of constant cumming when it’s time. I might just swell you up like a balloon, little pet~

She let out another moan, her lower lips quivering at that, also at the thought of it just coating her.

Ledger and Midnight really were a bad influence.

“So tell me why you think you deserve to carry my foal, little pet, and I might just give it to you,” the drone said as he just kept bucking her nice and gently, never st