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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.

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I'm liking how this is getting gradually friskier, hotter, and more passionate as it goes on.

Nice to see this two bonding.

6164565 - Oh, we are only just getting started~

6165377 - Bonding is fun.

Midnight: My safeword is mangoes~

Not that kind of bonding Midnight...

That was hot yet sweet and romantic.

OK, the ending and the chirping was adorable as hell? BTW, what does the A besides the Ten means?

6241346 maybe That this is only one part of this?

Frederick is the smoothest lady charmer in Fimfiction. Of all time. Seriously his date with Narrow Gaze was pretty sweet. He charmed the dress out of her, made her develop a schoolgirl crush on him, and inspired her to improve her abilities in order to get the chance of going steady with him (I see her asking Midnight some advice on pleasing stallions in the future). Narrow Gaze was also an interesting gal, particularly her discussions about her past, her knowledge in language, and ability to slightly keep up with Frederick in the sack despite the lack of practice. You and Ausbrony have my respect for creating Frederick and writing such a wonderful date.

6247892 - Many thanks friend. We are far from done with these two, so do keep an eye out for more of their antics. And yeah, Narrow's gonna get some advice, but not from who you might think~

I may not be able to read any more of these cloptional stories... This was by far the hottest thing I've ever read, in addition to being well written. Or maybe because it was well-written. So to read further is to either be disappointed or overwhelmed. You are now victims of your own success. :rainbowlaugh:
Naaaah, who'm I kidding. I'm hooked. Keep 'em coming. (Pun intended?)

Dose narrow have voices in her head or a split personality or something or was that just her thinking to her self?

It's the start of a trend with me and Aus as well.
A sexy trend.

Little of column A, little of column B.

Man, that escalated quickly. Let's see how Scope will act around Level in the canon series after her reprogramming.

Comment posted by Ausbrony deleted Aug 29th, 2015

OK, this chapter was nice. The dares were entertaining, though I'm a bit sad that eh chapter was a bit on the short side.

That was hit. Also, the funniest chapter of this story (Lost Dtanzas) for having Apple Fritter and Apple Leaves hearing them out.

I have to say that was a good chapter. I am enjoying this story and look foreword to the next one. I like the story line and the direction the story is going. I do hope to see more of it.


Man, scenes with Midnight and Ledger never disappoint.

That chapter title... *sigh*

Too good.

It happens.

And yet... this will just get worse...


Also, Trollestia.

That is all

So finally the 'Buck you into next week' comment makes sense.

Damn you, like button! Bequeath unto me more likes!:flutterrage:

Oh, you just had to leave it on that last line, didn't you? I'm dying to know over here! :pinkiehappy:

The Earth mare squeaked and looked to ledger and Midnight for help.

That is all I found while reading this sexy chapter.

Crystal changeling huh?, cool.
Izzat going to be her new name?:moustache:

That is (one of) my (many) fetish(es).

Aw nice, more of this hotness for later. :rainbowdetermined2:

By the by, something I had thought about asking you: in most of these chapters it's fairly obvious at what point they're set in relation to the main chapter, but sometimes it can be a little more difficult to figure out (for me, at least, maybe I'm just special :derpyderp1:). I don't suppose you would consider adding a little note at the beginning just to clarify what it comes after/before, would you? :fluttershyouch:

6743835 'fact I'm gonna re-read this one before I go on to the next. :moustache:

Man, that sex scene was extremely hot and it seems Sugar seems to be, so far, the best lover in the series given that she "defeated" Frederick and matched Midnight's oral expertise on Moondancer.

Well, this was nice. I have to admit though, part of me isn't into it knowing Midnight's situation in the main tale. I'll probably have to reread this once I can think of that one without that particular dark shadow killing my mood.

You have no idea how much I want to say something, anything, to the readers on the main story.

But that would be spoilers, and I don't want to spoil the drama.

I figured as much. Have had my temptations about that sort of thing myself sometimes.
Still, when you're immersed in a story and it ends up hurting your heart at the down points, it's hard sometimes to remember that unless it has a dark tag, things will likely get better. Just gotta hold out and hope for happiness. ...That and curse your mind when it keeps putting up flashes of bad things when you're trying to think of happy family times.

And then they used up all the hot water in Ponyville. And blamed Spike.

6904559 What's more, even Spike believed them since it happens so damn much! :moustache:

Spoiler alert:
Nearly all our ships will have a chapter here sooner or later.
Including those yet to come.

Daww... I love the love in these side chapters. Don't get me wrong, I love the sex too, but the love in it makes it feel all tingly with delightful fuzzies for far longer once the reading is complete than if it were to not be there.

dragons are hot... my like :pinkiehappy:

6907055 more or less my view in general on "clop" and "sex", one does not equal the other. sex can be (as seen here) used positively, as long as it is not written just for the clop but for real advance and use in the story, as seen in this small side chapters

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