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Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete.

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I don't think I've seen this angle taken before; I'll be watching this story.

Has yet to get to the Lyra x Lyra part, but I'm excited by the premise and humor, so I'll keep watching.

5549302 Yes, there are ten chapters planned, so a bit of a build-up I'm afraid. Rest assured that in the next chapter Lyra will at least meet Lyra!

5549988 Sorry, I cannot resist slipping in some extra memes.

Though I also kind of like "book horse" to describe Twilight. The term "clotheshorse" is used to describe someone who is always well dressed, so what better term for someone as well read as Twilight Sparkle?

two lyra's ?
sexual relationship as humans?
I'll just take a seat over here and have a new experience. :twilightblush:

I read the title and saw the picture and for some reason I can't stop laughing! :rainbowlaugh: I don't even know why I'm laughing, but every time I read the title and look at the cover art I start laughing again!

"Sure thing darling," answered Applejack,

Applejack isn't going to say darling BUT I will be tracking this.

Thanks for everypony's comments. I'm overwhelmed by how popular this idea seems to be. :pinkiehappy:

5556038 Granny Smith has said "darlin", though it was during a song. I may change it to "honey" — she's definitely said that in the show.

(Update: done)

5556136 VitalSpark, I do have a feeling that this will be a spectacular story and whatever Lyra does in the human world, I know it will be amazing. I have a feeling she will be interacting with herself.

This is clop. If you don't like clop, you won't like this.

What about if I'm sorta-kinda okay with it but not a 100% commitment sort of dealio?

5557015 Then you'll have to read it and find out.

Fapper is wrong if its a female then its a SCHLICK not a FAP

5557151 Please bear in mind that Lyra's knowledge of the human world is all based on second and third hand information, so she may have many misconceptions.

technically. this isn't clop, since there are no hooves involved. It's just sex cuz they are humans.

And no, having a different skin color does not make a human, anthro.

5634964 There will be anthro, just not in chapter one! Or chapter two, or chapter three. It does get there eventually though.

Brilliant idea. A story plot with a lot of flexibility and potential. Creative and falls within the limits of the MLP universe. I could get hooked onto this one. Overall I look forward to seeing how this story will turn out.

Oh god, I thought this said complete and now I am so disappointed that the next chapter button isn't there.

5650999 Never fear, chapter two will land this week!

Can't process "Sweetie Drops" for Bon Bon. Already have a Sweetie, and that's Sweetie Belle. Brain meltiiiing.


EQG Lyra is cute

So can anybody guess the identity of the girl from the shower scene?

Actually yes, this one, i think the fandom named her Starlight.img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130727072801/mlp/images/8/8b/Unnamed_Girl_15_ID_EG.png

5665208 Thankfully it's not a Sweetie Drops x Sweetie Belle story. That would get confusing very quickly.

My headcanon is that Bon Bon is Lyra's pet name for Sweetie Drops, so once things get a little more intimate you might see that name getting used. I don't know whether that will make things less confusing, or more.

Wow, human Sweetie Drops is going to have a lot of fun I think. Her girlfriend just gained a twin.:raritywink: (I'm assuming that they are going out as pony Lyra and Sweetie Drops are, this is however an assumption.)

5667868 Interesting assumption. I'll spoiler the rest of this comment out because it will be covered in chapter three.

Yes, they are. But the two couples have had to deal with very different prejudices against their relationships. The pony couple faced prejudice against a mixed unicorn/earth relationship in Canterlot, which is why they moved to Ponyville which is a lot more accepting of mixed relationships. Because they've lived there for years, this prejudice is a bit of a distant memory for Lyra. The human couple though were practically disowned by their parents when they came out as lesbians. As soon as Lyra was old enough (Bon Bon being a few months older), they scraped together as much money as they could, and moved into a small apartment together. They each have part time jobs to help pay for it. Because prejudice has effected her life more profoundly, and more recently, human Lyra is a bit more of a resentful and edgy character.

TLDR: humans are a couple too. Pony Lyra = cute; human Lyra = feisty. Lucky Bon Bon!

I'm kind of considering a prequel/side story about the problems that the human couple faced, them nearly splitting up, but it bringing them closer together, etc, etc.

5669464 Interesting, you certainly have a lot of backstory going on here, I like it. I look forward to the next chapter.

My little human... so... this is a reverse-brony? Anyway, I'm liking this so far.

lol I forgot about the "Sweetie Drops" name. Another great chapter, really looking forward to the next one.

*finds sex story with Lyra*

I'm reading.

*finds out she makes out with the human version of herself*

I'm reading...intently.

5724695 You must be from the future. I haven't even written that bit yet. (But yes, it will happen.)

Something like that anyway.

Bonus points if you knew who the two fillies at Sweetie Drops' door were.

Sunny Daze (left) and Peachy Pie (right)

like the idea... also like cheese on waffles

5665208 I know right? plus it just dos not feel right like with Octavia though in some stories their is more then one Octavia (I 'm looking at you seven days in sunny June) now that gets confusing thankfully its only a small part and dos not come up much and i'm rambling again ant I? at least she is left handed.

As a fan of humorous stories, I really love this story. The humor just feels very fresh. Still not enough humor, though. :rainbowlaugh:

an apothecary — you know, a bee farm

an apothecary is like a pharmacy
an apiary is a bee farm

5785471 I'm well aware of that. :raritywink:

Seriously, I went through a dictionary looking for words that sound vaguely like "apiary" that Sweetie Drops could plausibly get confused by.

If I was hot I'd do me from an alt world 2. nice chapter

lol I'll admit, this is starting to get hot. :twilightblush:

dang this is getting good, I wonder if in the next six chapters pony bon bon comes searching for pony lyra, and a foursome occurs between both lyras, and both bon bons lol

5786642 Anyone who thinks I'm going to stop at a threesome is wrong.

But the other Bon Bon won't be joining them. Too obvious. Sorry.

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