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For every world in the universe, there are several vastly different ones connected to them. For the most part, they are kept separate. The creatures and things that dwelled within them go on about their lives like nothing's wrong. {Unless some villain or monster shows up, but that's local stuff.}

Now two universes are about to emerge. It's not because of some evil plan, or diabolical political move....


This is a crossover between my Shimmerverse and Whiteeyes Sunsetverse.

These events take place in seasons 2 of both series, so be warned about spoilers.

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Well, this is now a thing. Oh boy...

Dr. Pie vs. Fiddlesticks. That is all.

I need more of this ASAP. :flutterrage:

This is gonna be so good. I love both of your worlds. :pinkiehappy:

5517314 We're working on it. It's been a rather fun collab so far. I hope you enjoy it, and look or ward to more hilarity at a later date.

5517192 Indeed.

Yay new chapter. I love the interaction between the different worlds. Keep up the great work.

Wow, there's a lot going on, so many things to like in this story:
- Neeeeerrrd
-Applejack and Fiddlestick's being fuller of farming similes than 10 gallons of apples in a 5 gallon barrel.
-Spike maccing on the ladies
-Sexy Starswirl
-Adorkable Sunset
-Adorkable Twilight
But most of all: Those snooty, racist Prench!

5525274 Yeah, we had universes that were just fun to smash together.

5525396 In retrospect, instead of Adorkable Sunset, I should have said Sunset Snarker.

OK, normally I dislike crossover meetings with all all of the miscommunication and figuring stuff out. However, I find myself actually LIKING these meetings were the ponies actually meet first thing and start TALKING with each other! Saves a whole lot of hassle and I was laughing at everyone tripping each other up. Looking forward to more.

P.S. While I have read the starter stories of both worlds, have the additional adventures actually been written yet? Or are they just mentioned for world building?

5527991 Well yeah, why wouldn't they try talking it out? They aren't idiots.

Yeah. I just get tired of the whole "let's hide and try to fit in and then get weirded out" idea or the other "pass themselves of as their counterparts" style.
Granted neither one would have really worked here, but is also refreshing to see everyone talk it out first and just agree that everyone else is weird.
Looking forward to more fun times ahead.

5533183 That was only the prologue. We agreed to focus all the other chapters on one universe each.

5533183 We figured it would get too confusing otherwise.

5534704 already removed it, it was a misclick when I was submitting it to the group right before it on the list.

5537187 Really? May I ask what you don't like in more specific terms?

Oh Spike, that flirting was going to get you in trouble one of these days, we all just thought it would end with you shacking up with a peagsi hobo. :moustache:

Well, this was a thing I never noticed existed. Dammit, me! You're writing for this universe, you should've noticed!

I haven't read it yet. Hell, I'm still writing my own story right now (I'm sorry I update so slowly...). But I'm sure it'll be a blast to read through!

God, I feel like such a bad fan...

5540751 Thank you for your honest opinion. I am not qualified to speak for the Shimmerverse. However I am qualified to speak for the Sunsetverse.

I am sorry to hear you do not like my design choices for the various tribes. I have long wanted to see them be more visually distinct, and felt that creating my own AU was a good time to do so. I understand not everyone has the same taste, and that was a price I was willing to pay. I am sorry to hear that my design choices have had a negative impact on your ability to enjoy my AU.

And yeah I took a nerf-bat to unicorns. I was very very very sick of "unicorns master race" BS. I freely admit that the fandom has made me hate unicorns to a degree because of this stuff.

Shining deserves it. Not telling his sister things when she's this cute? :twilightsmile: How do you keep things from that face?

Awesome chapter, keep up the good work. This story has been making my day all week.

I like Lightning Dust here, it feels like she's had some character development (Man do I hope to someday see flashbacks of her being babysat by Redheart), but she's still fundamentally jerky enough that she kind of averages out as Rainbow Dash from season 2, which is probably the best you can expect from her without complete woobification.

Cadance and Shining Armor are a good pair, I can definitely see Shining Armor at the beginning of season 1 being much more of a grumpy stickler, he hasn't had as much time for Cadance to soften him up, and he's probably a brand new captain. I hope we get to learn more about the history between Sunset and Shining Armor (both Sunsets and both Shining Armors, actually). I hope he keeps a close eye on Quickfix, she's basically a Shettish pony, and we all know they like to sneak into people's homes and spy on them!

On a larger scale note, I want to say that I appreciate all the work Whiteeyes and Evowizard25 have put into creating detailed worlds and backstories of all the different races and cultures. While I may not personally like every single aspect (never been a fan of compressed pony childhoods), I love the richness and breadth that we get to experience in both worlds, and I really hope you guys keep it up.

5542849 That does seem a little drastic, but you are entitled to do so if you wish.

All right! I've finally finished the fic! *Chapter 6 pops up* Fuck!

*A few minutes of reading later*

Okay, now I can finally give my honest thoughts about this fic. And before I do, let me just say this first. I've never read the Sunsetverse, and with reasons I could explain. You see, I'm a person who values character interactions more than world building. It's why Comedy and Tragedy are my (surprisingly conflicting) favourite genres. No explaining too many things, no world to explore, just a few characters talking and interacting with each other or the world.

So I guess that explains why I'm much more interested in the Shimmerverse than the Sunsetverse. The characters there are all new, or are underdeveloped. Therefore I could get some new characters to toy around with. But with the Sunsetverse, most of the characters stay the same, so I'll have to go through the difficult part of reading the world building.

And sadly, this fic falls into the world building category.

The plot is so far really short, with not much happening between the characters. Sure, we get some hilarious parts like pineapples and Fiddlesticks, but for the most part it's you two explaining about how your two worlds are different while the story chugs along at a slow pace. I'm inclined to agree with Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust here. "NEEEEEERD!"

But let's put that aside for now. I still enjoyed the fic a whole lot, and it's nice to see how two people compare how they interpret something and give it pros and cons. Like in the Sunsetverse, unicorns die easily but are the most powerful. In the Shimmerverse, they live the longest but have the lowest birth rate. That was some fine thinking right there!

What I really wanna address is some of the things that are just... well, depressing to me because I can't use them in my own fic for the Shimmerverse anymore.

Quickfix looked around herself. “So this is what an alternate reality looks like...

Welp, there goes my idea for sending everyone into separate alternate realities.

I mean, it's not like you had a Starswirl that cranked out World Mirrors or something."
“To my knowledge, no.” Fluttershy shook her head

And... there goes my plans of using the World Mirrors as well. Dammit, guys!

“Oh bucking hay,” Sunset seethed. “Another parallel universe? And I’m a wimp...again? Thanks for throwing me something ‘fresh’ universe.”

Oi, EQG!Sunset Shimmer is not a wimp! But then again, this IS Shimmerverse Sunset. Of course she'll insult everypony that's not her. So... pass.

"And just so you know, you'll make a great uncle some day...assuming Sunset's coltfriend can survive her."
“Shade’s lived this long,” Spike smirked.

Yay! Ship confirmed! Now I can do that couple ending I was planning!

I'll be awaiting further chapters, though I'm not sure if I can review them all because of university work and real life. But I'll make do with what I can. Until the next chapter, then. Which will probably be tomorrow!


Welp, there goes my idea for sending everyone into separate alternate realities.

Actually, I pretty much confirmed that, with the characters stating it a few times. I accidently put 'an' instead of 'this', So you can definitely do that.

As for the world mirrors, she was asking Fluttershy. Fluttershy wouldn't know of them. Sunset and crew might, but they weren't going to spill on it...though they kind of did.

And yeah....it does chug along with us explaining a lot. We do have that habit, but eh. I think it'll pick up shortly.

5543673 If there was anything else you noticed that you wanted to do and such that you noticed didn't go in this fic, let me know. It might just be an misunderstanding.

5543700 I can see it moving along nicely now, since most of the exposition is done and you've done the obligatory "This world is different so it sucks" joke. I can see it having some better chapters in the future. But seriously, how do you update so goddamn fast?!

Well, I think I could mix my old and new plans together to make something better. Thanks for the confirmation!

5543729 No problem. I didn't want to mess up your fic. {It's really good and I definitely love the choices you made.}
Oh me and Whiteeyes have been on a writing frenzy. We're posting a chapter a day and right now, we're working on chapter 12.

Her cloven hooves making almost no sound as she hurried down the steps,

Her cloven hooves

cloven hooves

Um... Horses don't have cloven hooves, they have whole ones.

“Maybe swallows carried them,” Fiddlesticks offered.

5544039 ...hello, welcome to Alternate Universe! Population: Magical Ponies that don't follow our biology rules.

It's fun to write something that translates perfectly wrong.

5547148 Huh, I didn't know the "your grace" deal was exclusively Irish. Learn something new every day.

Also, I am not talking about a split in a horses hooves when I say they are cloven. I mean they are more like a goats hooves.

Good to see this story follows the old adage: Everything is better with Trixie. :trixieshiftleft: I like her being part Prench, in this 'verse is their a half-Prench city called Neigh Orleans? Also, is she related to Fleur de Lis in any way?

I love that gag from Rainbow Dash about eggs, I feel like every Pegasi foal tries to convince their non-Pegasi friends of this at least once. You know, we've seen x-rays of Rainbow Dash's wings from the show that shows they have bones in them. It makes you wonder if Thestrals were the original 3rd tribe, they're fully mammal like the other two tribes, and then they cross-bred with Griffons or something to come up with the modern Pegasus.

I don't know if this was intentionally funny or not, but I sure loved it when the Celestia who has an Inquisition that goes around executing ponies who speak against Celestia or refuse to worship her is all relieved that "there isn't a version of me that's a blood-thirsty tyrant." Has she checked the version of her in her mirror? :trollestia:

5549130 While Prance really doesn't 'talk' with outsiders, they do trade in some ports. Neigh Orleans is such. She is Fleur de Lis's daughter.

Celestia doesn't really 'condone' it, but she knows she has to be firm when any pony can fall to either dark powers or turn to selfish means. Although, it's usually just done by the Inquisition itself is trigger happy. They are full of themselves and believe they are 'right' in their actions.

5549151 Cool. Does that mean Fancy Pants is Trixie's dad? Would explain where she gets her blue.

Ehhhh, That sounds like what you're saying is, this is a dangerous world that requires a bloodthirsty tyrant of a Princess to keep anarchy and dark forces at bay. And that's probably true, considering what I've read of previous stories and the setting this is based on. But that doesn't mean this Celestia is not a tyrant, it means she is a necessary tyrant. That thing with the Inquisition is a dodge though, they worship her and wave swords around in her name, she's definitely responsible for their actions, although she might try and maintain plausible deniability. (I bet overzealous Inquisitors are occasionally labelled "rogue" so their actions don't get traced to the Princess).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, this Celestia having an Inquisition and mandatory worship is a big part of what makes her so interesting, I just think it's ironic and a little funny she could make such a statement with a straight face.

5549176 Fancy Pants is her father and that's the reason she's so 'full of herself'. Yes, she's half Prench, but she's also the daughter of one of Equestria's leading businessponies right up to the top. Not many are going to say 'no' to her, which was why she was made an Inquisitor so quickly.

Yeah...Okay, sorry. I get a bit defensive of Celestia since she's one of my favorite characters. Love her and I'm glad you love her to.

I have one thing to say about this chapter...

Crowbars are better than wrenches! Damn you, Quickfix. I thought you were smarter than this!

5550805 Yeah, a souped up futuristic wrench. Gordon Freeman uses a crowbar! Hell, they're scientifically proven to be the number one weapon to use during the zombie apocalypse!

But I digress. Wrenches are fine too. At least, the heavy kind is.

5549201 I'd be the first to bend the knee to ol' Sunbutt! (I don't want to know what happened to the last pony who called her Sunbutt.)

Interesting, in this chapter it almost seems like Cadance is a party pony herself, with projecting empathic abilities. It's also cute that she alone finds Shining Armor hilarious, those two really are perfect for each other.

:5551332 ::trollestia:: "Oh, I gave that pony a doctorate."
:pinkiehappy: "Sunbutt for the win!"

Before anypony feels the need to ask about the Tatazlponies, I already did, because that surprised me too. Their origin: Discord grabbed a pony, grabbed a tatzlworm, and shouted "Will it blend?". And then it did.

Pick a fight with Rainbow and you are screwed eight ways to Sunday.

5544672 Yeah, I forgot about the tribe redesign in these AU's.

Is there going to be a conflict sometime, or will we keep giving exposition about the differences between the universes this whole time. Actually, that second option doesn't sound to bad.....

“Mister Stonewall, are you dating a mixer?”

That seems to be an unusually personal and awkward and fairly rude question to ask a client. How has he kept his job long enough for regular patrons to know him?

Oh god, this is one of those Applejacks, is it? Damn, never did like City!AJ. Those are probably the most annoying alternate AJs out there. No offense.

A Tatzlpony, though. Man, those sound awesome! Totally need to put one in my own fic. Also Angry Knights. Because Buck Yeah Angry Knights.

Also, DAMN my Pizzelle and yours are like two different people! Yours actually sounds like a mom while mine is just way too lax and less froofy. Heheh, froofy.

Captain Rip Van Winkle

Is that a Hellsing Referance?

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