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Shimmering Sunsets - Evowizard25

Have you ever wanted to go to a different world? Well, our characters probably didn't, but they went anyways. Now they're going to have to try and live with their new worlds until they can return home...easier said than done.

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Let's go on an adventure {Sunsetverse}

"I can't believe you know a spell to treat hot sauce induced burns." Cadance said.

"I live in the same town as Dr. Pie and interact with her regularly." Sunset replied. "It's a survival trait."

“Ah had to learn to treat actual burns,” Quickfix said. “Our Sunset gets carried away when she gets angry. Nothin’ serious though...but that hot sauce looked like it hurt.” She roughly pushed Shining’s side.

"I can testify to that." Sunset said. "I once wound up drinking a bottle of her strongest stuff, and as a result forty percent of my body got covered it burns. On the bright side Shiny, I don't think she used her strongest stuff, or it got diluted by the pie...or both."

"I can't feel my face." Shining Armor said, his face still swollen and irritated.

“Yer sister is rough,” Fiddlesticks winced just looking at him. “Our Twilight wouldn’t have even thought of prankin’ ya….but our Shinin’ wouldn’t have been stupid enough to leave all that out to his own sister. So yeah...ya deserve this.”

"...I really shouldn't be saying I agree, as my own past history here is coloring things, but since Fiddlesticks is a very neutral opinion..." Sunset proceeded to stomp her hooves in giddy applause.

"While I don't agree with the method, or the results," Cadance noted, "You did mess up big time."

"I was going to tell her. In person when she visited." Shiny argued.

Sunset frowned. Something about that seemed off. "I'm not scheduled to visit Canterlot until next month, and Twilight the month after. When is your wedding?"

"...three months." Shining admitted.

"Why did I use a healing spell again?" Sunset asked. "Oh right, sanctity of life and compassion for all thinking creatures. Damn you morals...even though that's you opposite damn it!'

Quickfix laughed and swatted Sunset on the back good naturedly. Even though she was a unicorn, she was still from the North so she had some real power in her swing. Enough to bowl Sunset over easily. “Good one.”

"Gee, thanks." Sunset said, her voice partially muffled by having her face in the dirt. Picking herself up, she shook her head. "Anyway, now I'll need to talk to Rarity about commissioning a dress to wear to the event."

“Me and Fiddlesticks have never been the dress types,” Quickfix said. “But it is Rarity...She any good in this world?”

"Yes, she's very talented." Sunset said. "I'm also good friends with her. The two of us and Fluttershy go to the Spa every Sunday."

“Yeah, ye cozied up real good with her in our world too,” Quickfix said. “That and Lightning Dust. Kind of strange when ah think about it, her goin’ to the spa so often.”

"Huh...wonder what the other me did to pull that off? Dash never goes to the spa." Sunset mused. "Anyway, why did you ask about Rarity's skill?"

“Just askin’,” Quickfix shrugged. “Some things are different here and there. Wanted to know what to expect. So far, seems she’s the same. How’d ye feel goin’ out to spa with an Alpha anyways?”

"Alpha?" Sunset asked. She looked to Cadence.

"I'm not familiar with that term in this context either." the princess admitted. "The only thing I can think of would be diamond dogs."

“Alphas lead Diamond Dog packs,” Fiddlesticks asked. “Rarity’s the only pony Alpha in history. She got her own personal army and everythin’ and a whole mine.”

"Huh. That's...very impressive...and different...not sure which descriptor applies more." Sunset admitted.

"Hmmm, I thought there was a third one of you travelers?" Cadance asked. "A Pegasus named Lightning Dust."

“She should be ‘round here somewhere,” Quickfix said. “Probably got herself into-”

“Into what?” Lightning said as she landed quick as a flash next to Sunset. Her name Lightning was apt for a reason.

"Found her." Masquerade said, flapping over while eating a thing a cotton candy.

“Behold,” Quickfix gestured to Masquerade. “The greatest detective of all time. Why, she has Sherclops beat.”

Mask rolled her gems. "Also, Lightning, just a heads up, but the CMC have been setting up traps to try and catch you."

“Great,” Lightning groaned. “Fantastic. Anything else I should know? Like how to get three fillies off my tail?”

"Five." Mask corrected. "Our CMC has five fillies. Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Dinky Doo, and Alula. The last two are the town's hybrid kids, so it'd be hard to miss them."

“We’ve got six too,” Lightning said. “Apple Bloom, Rumble, Diamond Tiara, Button Mash, Dinky Doo, and Aki Hikaru.”

“The last one’s a little kitsune,” Fiddlesticks smiled. “He’s more adorable than a pile of kittens wearin’ bows.”

"That sounds unnecessarily cute." Sunset argued. "Also, we only had two of the six match. You'd figure it would be either all matches or no match, not this weird mix deal. And why do all your groups seem to be one bigger? What, do you have four princesses and two princes too?"

“Nah, just three,” Quickfix said. “Celestia, Cadance, and Snowdrop.”

"Really?" Cadance asked, surprised. "Does my Aunt Luna not exist there then?"

Quickfix shook in her steps, gritting her teeth. Her gaze turned killer and she snarled. “Don’t say that name….ever.”

“Wow there,” Fiddlesticks patted her friends back. “Easy there.” Quickfix’s postured didn’t change, even with her best friend present.

“Well, she’s there….” Lightning said, a bit uneasy about the subject.

"Oh, is she not a princess then?" Cadance asked.

“Ah would rather die than bow to that bitch!” Quickfix shouted, her gaze spoke volumes of her hatred.

“That isn’t very nice to say, Quickfix.” Fiddlesticks said, giving her friend a stern glare. “She can change and we’ll help her.”

"Change?" Cadance asked, a note of distress entering her voice. "What's wrong with her?"

“You don’t want to know,” Lightning sighed, eyeing her friend who looked ready to try and tear something apart. “You really don’t want to know.”

Hit with such an emotional shock regarding a loved one, and knowing as bad as it sounded the truth was probably worse, Cadance lost all control and did something terrible. She shed a tear.

All the balloons deflated. The music faltered. The streamers fell and became dull. The decorations lost their sheen. Dr. Pie's colors became muted and her mane became straight. A sense of imposing gloom and despair washed over the area. Such is what happens when Love cries.

“Princess Cadance!” Fiddlesticks gasped. She rushed to her side. “Are ya okay? What, yer cryin’?....” The country mare’s breathing grew ragged. “No, that’s bad. Really bad. Ah know!” She pulled a rabbit out of her hat...which had a cream pie that smashed into Lightning’s face. “Better now?”

“Why you…” Lightning gave a challenging stare.

Cadance smiled, just a little. "Yes, I'll be fine, I lost control for a second. I'm sorry everypony. It was only one tear though, so its effects should wear off shortly."

"All the parties in the world couldn't fill the gaping void in my soul!" Dr. Pie cried out in despair.

"Again, sorry everypony." Cadance called out, wincing.

“There’s no problem,” Fiddlesticks put a hoof around Cadance’s neck. “Yer smilin’ now, so whatever happened before don’t matter.”

"I'm not a bad pony, I'm not a bad pony, I'm not a bad pony, I'm not a bad pony," Susnet muttered over and over again to herself while being curled up into a ball and rocking back and forth.

Shining Armor lay on his back, facing the sky. "I am the worst brother ever."

“Ah got this,” Fiddlesticks said with determination. With that said, she pulled out a large pair of cymbals out of her hat and walked over to Shining Armor. She slammed them hard together, causing Shining to jolt up and into an awaiting cream pie. With the deed done, she glanced over at Sunset.

"Hehehe, okay, Shiny in pain is always funny." Sunset said with a weak smile.

The balloons were starting to float again, and Dr. Pie's hair started to reinflate. "Augh, I hate emotional backlash." Dr. Pie notes. "Downside of party-mancy, for you the mood is literally infectious."

"And to get Shiny chuckling," Mask says, before dumping a cream pie on top of Lightning Dust and Sunset at the same time.

“Why the pies?” Lightning moaned. “Why the pies?!!”

"And why me Mask?" Sunset asked.

Shining laughed. "Guess it was my turn to see you get your, just desserts."

...Cadance then broke out laughing. "Just desserts, I get it! Hahahahahahahaha!"

“That hurt,” Fiddlesticks put a hoof to her heart. “That joke was so bad it hurt….But Cadance is laughin’ so it’s all better now.”

“What….” Quickfix looked around. “Sorry, ah spaced out for a sec. What are we talkin’ about?”

"Hopefully gettin' us all together so we can get to discussin' gettin' our friends back." AJ said, trotting up. "Ah can't help but feel we've wasted enough time, and we need to get ta work."

“True,” Quickfix tapped her noggin. “Ah’ve been tinkerin’ with a few ideas for a portal device. Might be a bit complicated though...needs some plans and blueprints.”

"Does anypony else suddenly want cake?" Mask asked. "Nopony, just me?"

Sunset rolled her eyes. "Let's just head to Golden Oaks."

“Race you there,” Lightning took off, leaving a lightning trail behind her.

Sunset smirked, and suddenly there was a bright flash, and the bearers of two worlds and Princess Cadance were in front of Golden Oaks. Seeing Lightning fly up, Sunset cracked a huge grin. "What took you so long?!"

Cadance looked at Sunset, frowning slightly. "Is there a reason you didn't grab Shining Armor?"

Sunset looked around in mock surprise, suppressing a grin. "Oh whoops, my mistake."

Cadance sighed. "I know you and Shiny don't get along, but could you two not fight right now?"

"Okay okay. But seriously, I don't have the energy to go grab him. He knows where we are, no big deal." Sunset shrugged.

AJ's eyes narrowed. "Did ya use up all yer magic showing up Lightnin'?"

Lightning landed with a heavy thud in front of Sunset. She touched Sunset’s chest with a her hoof, glaring at her. “One. Day.”

"Please, even Dash can't beat teleporting." Sunset said, rolling her eyes. "And AJ it's a sunny day, I'm fine on magic."

Fiddlesticks poked her head out from inside the door. “What’s ya’ll standin’ around fer?”

"...damn it. Well, let's go in guys." Sunset groused, entering the library. She called upstairs "Spike, we've got guests. Cadance is here, as are our visitors."

“Do ya want me to tie up yer wings?” Fiddlesticks asked Lightning. The pegasus grumbled darkly and Fiddlesticks chuckled.

“Stop teasin’ her, Fiddlesticks.” Quickfix piped up. “We don’t got time fer it.”

“Just havin’ a little fun,” Fiddlesticks piped back with mirth.

"I'm in the kitchen!" came a young voice. Walking through the doors came Spike, the young dragon, carrying a tray loaded with food and drink. "I made my famous nachos and strawberry milkshakes."

"Thank you Spike." Sunset said, levitating a milkshake over in her golden aura, her grip only slightly shaky after her large magic burst from earlier.

“Wait,” Lightning pointed at the young dragon. “That’s Spike? Really? That's your universes’ Spike?” The other two were in a bit of shock themselves.

"Yeah, I'm awesome." Spike said, placing the tray on the table. "So what am I like in your world?"

“Yer older,” Quickfix said.

“A gentlecolt...er, Gentledragon,” Fiddlesticks put in.

“You’re rolling in mares,” Lightning piped up. “Seriously, I have no idea how you do it. It’s like you’re a magnet for females or something.”

“Maybe it’s cause he’s got manner,” Quickfix chimed in. “That and he’s handsome.” She patted Spike’s head. “But this guy’s real cute.”

"Cute? Hmmph." Spike pouted, then got a thoughtful look. "So I'm handsome when I get older huh? Hey Sunset-"

"I am not casting an age spell on you so you can woo Rarity." Sunset said.

“Yeah,” Fiddlesticks chimed in. “Listen to yer big sister, Spike. Age spells don’t go well.”

"Sunset isn't my sister." Spike pointed out. "Also, yeah, knowing your track record with age spells, I'd probably wind up a fossil."

"One time," Sunset grumbled, "And it's not my fault Celestia shot off a solar flare then!...me and Spike are related in your world?"

“Celestia adopted the both of ye,” Quickfix stated. “Yer Prince and Princess of there. Spike hatched when ye were a filly and the two of ye are really close….Those ye tend to cast fireballs on him all the time.”

“He’s a dragon though,” Fiddlestick put in. “Dragons aren’t really affected by magic. Doesn’t lick him one bit. He just laughs it off.”

Sunset wasn't really it paying attention at that point. "Adopted? She got adopted? By Celestia? She gets to have a family, and I don't?"

"Uh, Sunset calm down." AJ said. "Don't forget, ya got yer friends right here."

“Yeah,” Fiddlesticks nodded. “Ah mean, friends are just as good as family. That’s a fact.”

"Sorry, I'm good." Sunset said, composing herself. "Old deal, still a little raw after one of Nightmare Moon's tricks. I'm good. Cadance, you said you had information."

"Yes." Cadance said, clearing her throat. "Alright, to start with, what do our visitors know about Starswirl the Bearded?" She did her best to ignore Sunset's dreamy sigh.

“Ol’ Grandpa Starswirl?” Quickfix smiled. “Why he’s one of Equestria’s greatest heroes. Made a lot of fancy spells here and there.”

"...you're related to Starswirl!?" Sunset shouted, too stunned to do any volume control.

“No,” Quickfix snorted. “We just call him that ‘cause he was really old and helped guide Equestria durin’ some tough times. He even had that long beard and stuff. Ye know, the ones grandpas usually have.” She rubbed her chin. “Don’t rightly know why he kept it so long though.”

"Blasphemy," Sunset said. "Nopony disses the beard of the sexiest unicorn in history."

“Ol’ Grandpa Starswirl? Sexy?” Fiddlesticks and the others fell over, clutching their sides. “Good one.”

“That’s like, hahahaha, calling Granny Smith sexy.” Lightning laughed, kicking her hooves about.

"Ya never seen pictures of her as a young mare have ya?" AJ said.

Mask chimed in. "Also, she's not joking. Starswirl is, like, a unicorn sex symbol."

Quickfix stood up at that. “Him? Clover was sexy. Starswirl was clever, but old.”

Sunset rolled her eyes. "I don't care how big a lesbian you are. Starswirl had a beard the size of his freaking body."

“How is that sexy?” Quickfix yelled at her. “It gets in the way of a good fight and how is likin’ Clover makin’ me a lesbian? What, did ye find him too feminine fer yer tastes?”

Mask interjected at this point, getting between the two unicorns. "Alright calm down. Quick, our Clover the Clever, who I assume you're referring to, was a mare. Also, unicorns in our reality find facial hair very, attractive."

“.....” Quickfix was stunned. “Mare?...All that hair attractive?....” She put a hoof to her head. “Ah’ve landed in coocoo land.”

"How do you think I feel whenever you drop your bombs?" Sunset noted. "What's next, your Hurricane was a chaste guy? Or maybe he was a girl."

Lightning wings flapped at her side as she sighed. “What a stallion….” Both Fiddlesticks and Quickfix blushed.

“Couldn’t get sexier than him,” Quickfix used a hoof to wave herself off. Fiddlesticks just used her hat.

"And I'm out of here." Spike said, heading upstairs. "Enjoy your girl talk, I'm going to read some comics."

Mask blushed heavily. "Um, well yeah, he was...at least to Pegasi. He's our Starswirl when it comes to that...and we're getting way off track."

“Well, duh he was sexy.” Lightning rolled her eyes. “He was the greatest warrior we pegasi ever had. I mean, in ten years, he tripled the pegasi’s territory and did the same to Equestria afterwards. Hay, he could even take on dragons if he wanted to. That is sexy.”

“Yeah….” Quickfix huffed, blushing madly. “What a warrior.”

Fiddlesticks cleared her throat. “He was...okay.” She fought off her own. “‘Course, he was still a predator so...wouldn’t mind him nibblin’ me.”

"Movin' on!" AJ said, being the voice of reason. "I'd take that as a yes, we all know who Starswirl is."

Cadance nodded. "Right, I'll be getting to him in a minute. Now then, did your group manage to do any analysis of the portal on your side?"

“Is the world round?” Quickfix deadpanned.

"Um...no." Sunset added.

“Barbarians,” Quickfix huffed. “We know fer a fact that it’s round. It’s been scientifically proven for thousands of years. DON’T DISS THE SCIENCE!”

"...how do you guys not fall off?" Sunset asked...and then burst out laughing. "Okay I'm just messing with you, you set that up too well."

“Yer lucky ah can’t magic yer flank into the wall,” Quickfix glared at her, then she thrust her head back and barked in laughed. “Ye had me good, Sunset.” She slapped Sunset’s shoulder, but again, since she was a Northerner and these were ‘pansies’ it pushed Sunset to the ground.

"Huh, Spike did a really good job mopping yesterday." Sunset noted. Picking herself up, she shook her head. "I'm good."

"Right...anyway, could you describe the magics involved in the portal on your side?" Cadance noted. "This could be vital."

“Fiddlesticks?” Quickfix glanced at her friend. Without a word, Fiddlesticks took out a hoof held blackboard and some chalk and hoofed it to her. Taking both in hoof, Quickfix began writing down at breakneck speed. “.....And there.” She finished. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just yer normal universal physics. ‘Course, it’s just theoretical. Have to base it off assumptions, ‘cause Celestia doesn’t give it all out. Somethin’ about just usin’ it to summon daemons.” She hoofed the blackboard over to Cadance.

Cadance smiled, grabbing it with her wings. "Thank you...oh dear, this is a bit technical. Um, do you have a simpler version maybe?"

"I could take a look." Sunset offered. Taking the blackboard in her aura, she floated it over, and started reading. "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. Well, half of this stuff works in this universe, the other half I would call foul on if it weren't for the fact you already told me you have a different magic system."

“Half is better than nothin’, my pa always says,” Quickfix smiled. “‘Course he also says one percent is better than nothin’ before testin’ it out anyways.”

"Your father sounds very creative." Cadance noted. "Could you maybe name the types of magic involved? Like unicorn, spirit, or the like?"

“Well it’s more of a conjuncture of chaos and magic,” Quickfix said. “The chaos is supposed to distort the barrier between worlds enough to open it, while the magic is there to keep it stable and set in place. That’s the basics. If’n ye want to be technical-”

Lightning put her hoof over Quickfix’s mouth. “No, I don’t want to spend hours listening to techno-nerd speech.”

Quickfix pulled away and rolled her eyes. “So yeah, that’s basically it at it’s base. The key is to set the chaos just right to just distort the realm. Too little, nothin’ happens. Too much….Well, ah hope ye like fightin’ daemons. Ah do.” She smiled with pride.

Cadance blinked. "Thank you, that was very helpful. Now the bad news, that means we won't be able to recreate the portal easily or soon. The semi-good news is, we won't have to!"

“...That doesn’t sound ‘semi’ good,” Fiddlesticks pointed out.

“Let me guess,” Lightning piped up. “It involves an epic quest, probably with some ancient evil involved, and mysteries abound?”

Cadance blinked. "Um, except for the ancient evil part, as far as I know yes. Also, the information comes from, well, it comes from Paradox."

"Oh buck!" Sunset shouted, diving for cover under the table. "She's not coming here is she?"

"Don't worry, she said she wasn't." Cadance assured her. "Said something about "being a massive spoiler that would totally ruin things", so she won't be assisting. However she did say where we could find out how to proceed. The secret and answer lies in one of Starswirl's lost journals."

“Then let’s head on over to Canterlot,” Lightning made her way over to the door. She turned a glare to Sunset. “No teleporting this time.”

"Wait! It's not in Canterlot!" Cadance shouted. "Or at least Paradox said it wasn't."

"Then where is it?" Mask asked.

Cadance fidgeted. "It's supposedly hidden within the ruins of The Castle of the Two Sisters, in a hidden room. She also said that "an unlikely companion would reveal the way"."

“So we have to go back to the place we began?” Lightning’s face pretty much said ‘Really? That’s really how this is going down?’

Sunset sighed. "I don't suppose she actually bothered to say who the companion was, where in the castle it was, or what sort of obstacles we would be facing, or anything useful at all beyond the most basic facts to point us in the right direction."

"It's Paradox." Cadance replied. And really, that was all the answer she needed.

“Sounds cryptic,” Fiddlesticks said, before beaming. “It’s a good thing ah love cryptic stuff, especially if’n ah get to meet new buddies.” She started happily trotting to the door. “What are we waitin’ fer? A new friend’s waitin’ to meet us...or kill us. Happens.” She shrugged.

"Hold on. Since we know it's going to be a big one, I'm grabbing my kit." Sunset said, levitating over a large pair of saddlebags embroidered with her cutie mark. "I got some extra bags if you guys want to pack any food. Also, teleporting is off the menu. It's too far for me to do the whole group solo."

“Ah gotcha covered,” Fiddlesticks took off her hat and pulled out a picnic basket. “Can’t go on an epic trip without some good, homemade Apple delicacies.”

"That's usually mah job." AJ grumbled.

“Sorry cos,” Fiddlesticks chuckled.

"Oh, I just thought of something." Sunset noted, going upstairs. "I'll be right back."

Fiddlesticks met her halfway, walking down the stairs. “Here ya go,” she held out her hoof, holding out Sunset’s childhood TK practice aid.

"Thanks." Sunset said, smiling. Floating the pendulum on a string, she causally placed the loop over Quickfix's horn, letting the weight dangle in front of her face. "There we go. That's a basic TK practice tool. It's lightweight, portable, and easy to focus on. And already being in the air it's easy to move. It'll be perfect for you to get some basic practice done."

“Does it need the smilin’ monkey?” Quickfix deadpanned.

"Um...it's meant for little children." Sunset admitted. "Sooo it's supposed to be cute for them so they want to play with it."

Quickfix snorted. “Ye southerners are so soft.” She shook her head. “It’ll do anyways. Thanks.”

"Well if we're all ready to go, I suggest we head out." Mask said.

“Wait a moment….” Quickfix glanced at Fiddlesticks, who sighed. She pulled out a large wrench almost the length of her foreleg from her hat and held it towards her friend. Quickfix smiled and took it, hefting it over her shoulder. “Can’t rightly go without a weapon and nothin’ beats a wrench.”

"Alright then, let's go. To the Everfree...again." Sunset deadpanned. "And quick, before Clementine finds out." at that thought, the locals booked it.

“Auntie Clementine’s here?!!!” Fiddlesticks grin broke out strong...before Quickfix clubbed her in the back of the head with her wrench. The mare pulled a rather ‘stunned’ face that would have been hilarious for most, especially kids, before falling down unconscious.

Quickfix hefted her friend onto her back. “Gonna need ye alive,” she said before the others bolted after them.

"Good luck...you seem like you'll really need it." Cadance said, then frowned. "...so, where is Shiny?"


"Hey, you're not an alien!" Scootaloo accused Shining Armor as he hung upside down in a snare.

"Of course I'm not. I'm here on important business. Now get me down, I need to see the Bearers!" Shining demanded.

"Really? What do you need to see them for?" Sweetie Belle asked. "Do you like culliflower?"

"What? Listen, I need to see the Element Bearers. I have an important quest for them." Shining explained.

"Hi Ma!"

"Hello Apple Bloom." Clementine said, smiling. "Now then, Captain Armor, did you just say you have another dangerous quest to send my daughter on?"

Shining Armor's eyes narrowed in fear. "What did I do to ever deserve this?"

Dr. pie cycled by riding on a tricycle. "You forgot to tell your sister you're getting married!" Pinkie shouted as she rode by.

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