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Set in the Sunsetverse

Sunset has been having problems due to being so much older then her friends, while Rainbow Dash is facing disrespect at work and a lack of alcohol due to being so much younger.

After the two discuss their problems, they come to the most obvious solution - Mess around with some old spells and magically alter their ages.

However with Princess Celestia performing a solar flare to celebrate the return of her sister, things might not work as expected...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 31 )

This seems like the sort of story that would be a perfect candidate for an Age-Regression story.

I'll be sure to keep tabs on this...

Your story has promise, but you definitely need a proof reader. So many typos... That seems to be a theme in these Sunsetverse fics. Regardless, you've done well enough for me to track your progress.
You have my interest, at the least.
Now you just have to get my attention.

Well, fuck you, Thunderlane!

You hate him now but just wait

And the award for the biggest jerk goes to....


Gah, and the runner ups are those random ponies Sunset met. Geez, talk about idiotic jerkiness. They had no manners whatsoever.
Love this story so far and I shall fav and follow it.:twilightsmile:

Really, I agree with Thunderlane. It's absurd that a 13 year old is a manager and preferred for a promotion over adults, especially given that Rainbow Dash's characterization is pretty solidly as a fairly irresponsible person, and probably pretty busy with Wonderbolt training and maintaining multiple friendships, since if she's really serious about that she's going to have to do that a lot, so much so that it would interrupt most normal careers. She never seemed like management material, maybe shift manager/field team leader style "manager", but only if you consider she has actually put in the time to have earned it, which she explicitly did not here.

I can see why you would think that, but remember she's been there for a year already and her speed and skills are readily apparent (she cleared the whole sky by herself in 10 seconds. Not all weather problems will be that easy, but if she has that kind of skill it's easy to see why she would jump the ranks quickly).

Thunderlane is pissed about her age, but he has more issues then that behind it all.

I think being able to clear the skies extremely fast (and having the related skills) indicating she deserves a position that involves commanding others would be like saying someone who is a fantastic sharpshooter should be an officer in the army. It is a different skill set. That's sort of my widest criticism of Rainbow Dash being manager, that it's conflating her acrobatic skill and what makes a manager good.

... And that, combined with her attitude that her speed makes her better than everyone else, would be extremely frustrating for a person who has any pride at all, and is a pretty reasonable gripe, rather than Thunderlane being the biggest jerk that ever existed for being insulted by it.

Well, I'm hoping whatever his other problems are are good ones, rather than just more petty ones.

I can see your reasoning and I can agree to an extent, though I think you underestimate her actual managerial skills. The thing is, Rainbow is highly charismatic and can very easily lead others if she can motivate them. That'd not to say she's a perfect manager by any stretch, but she's certainly more then just her flight prowess.

As for Thunderlane, you'll need to wait and see. Be interesting to see how you interpret his opinion actually, so I look forward to your thoughts.

Well, Thunderlane is a pathetic agist bigot, isn't he?

Somewhat but it stems from a deeper reasoning. You'll see later

5614050 ....no. Thunderlane is a lazy jerk who, despite having a weather related CM and working in weather for years, is so bad at his job he's still in an entry level position. He still has said job because he can at least do grunt work. Thunderlane is a pathetically minor antagonist, but he is still an antagonist.

5616001 5617110 ...just, don't expect anything deep.

5694598 Oh it wasn't going to be deep just how a pony would feel when their cutie mark, their destiny, feels useless against somepony better who doesn't even share the same talent. It's less directly hating Rainbow (though he does to some degree) and more about feeling that his own talent is useless when somepony else is better at it then he is and they don't even have that as a special talent. It's why he has no issues with Raindrops or Ditzy despite them being better then him at his job, because they are specialized weather ponies not fast racers like Rainbow.

Oh, okay. Well, I hate reading a story about an antagonist that's that shallow and pathetic, and I like Thunderlane.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of reading this.

Ihavent heard from you in awhile. What's going on?

5850900 Just been really busy. I just moved and I'm job hunting and a few other things. I'm actually almost finished the next chapter, so it shouldn't be too long, either this weekend of sometime during the week.

Hey there. :-D So far, this looks like it could be a very good story. Excellent job on the exchanges and emotional content so far. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Excellent story so far. Can't wait to see more. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, someone is having a bit of an inferiority complex related fit, eh Thunderlane? Jerk of The Week indeed!

Are you still working on this? I'd love to see more. :)

So... Ever coming back to this? It shows promise, but seems to be abandoned...

5851041 I'm looking forward to it. :twilightsmile:

Finally got around to reading this. Please update soon.

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