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Shimmering Sunsets - Evowizard25

Have you ever wanted to go to a different world? Well, our characters probably didn't, but they went anyways. Now they're going to have to try and live with their new worlds until they can return home...easier said than done.

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Get to know your suroundings {Sunsetverse}

Quickfix intently looked over each and every piece of the whirligig. She reverently held them in her hooves, manipulating them slowly as to get a better look and feel of each piece. As she worked, her mouth muttered prayers to Deus Mechanicus, the god of machines. She wanted to understand everything, even though it was so familiar to her. It was a machine still. She had to pray. It was only proper to do so.

It also helped tune out Dr. Pie's inane babbling over the pieces. "And this is the doodlebober, it connects the thingamajig to the whosiwhatsits so that it can turn the whatchamacallit."

"And this is why we have all the really smart ponies name things." Mask said. "So that we don't let somepony like Pinkie try."

Quickfix only twitched her ears in reply, letting be known her annoyance. She had to finish the prayers and no little ball of chatter was going to interrupt.

Mask was about to add something when she stopped, and looked back towards Canterlot. "Ummm, do we know which Princess Fiddlesticks is setting up the party for? She is just setting it in general since we don't know which one is coming right?"

Quickfix paused in her prayers….and laughed. “Ye don’t know Fiddlesticks at all.” With that said, she went back to praying. It was always nice to hear a joke to lighten the mood.

"Well that's a relief." Sunset admitted. "I was worried she'd make it too specific, so that if either of the other two princesses show up they'd get offended."

“She’ll know…” Quickfix looked upwards in annoyance. She had to keep interrupting her prayers and her study of tech to answer the questions. It was annoying.

Sunset noticed her annoyance and smile in apology, making a motion of zipping her lips. She was going to gesture for Dr. Pie to do the same, but she was already gone, leaving behind a note.

Gone to help set up party.
See you there!
- Dr. Pie

“Finally,” Quickfix huffed in relief. “Now ah can pray to the machine in peace.”

"Excuse me." Clementine asked, walking over. "You wouldn't happen to be Fidddlesticks would you? The pony responsible for a fanged pegasus from another dimension terrifying my little girl would you?"

"Fanged pegasus? You mean Lightning Dust?" Mask asked. "Where is she?"


Applejack continued to work the knots loose on the rope tying the pegasus to the tree. "Again real sorry about Ma. She's a might protective. An apparently been practicin' her knots."

“She’s lucky she got the drop on me,” Lightning huffed, squirming in the ropes. “I so could have taken her.”

"Shore shore. Ugh, this is wrapped up tighter than a boa on a mouse. Gonna have to get somethin' ta cut it. Be right back." AJ said, walking off towards the house.

Suddenly, the three fillies from earlier jumped out from the bushes.

Sweetie Belle was quite confused. "Huh, I guess she isn't a monster after all."

"Corse not. Mah sister would never help ah monster." Apple Bloom insisted.

Scootaloo had a brilliant idea. "Say, maybe we could untie her. We could be-"

"Cutie Mark Crusader Rescue Rangers! Yeay!" the three shouted in unison.

Lightning whimpered, her irises shrinking. “Why? What did I do to deserve this? WHAT?!!”

When AJ came back three minutes later with a hacksaw, she found four ponies tangled in the ropes, and for some reason covered in pine sap despite it being an apple tree.


"Oh she's fine." Clementine said, waving it off.

"If ye lookin’ fer Fiddlesticks,” Quickfix said, not looking away from the new piece she picked up in her hooves. “She’s plannin’ a party fer the Princess. Ye won’t find her till she’s done. The name’s Quickfix by the way.”

"I see, well then have a nice day Miss Fix." Clemantine said with a smile as she sauntered off.

Quickfix laid the piece down gently to the ground and turned to the others. “Should ah be worried?”

"Fiddlesticks has earned the wrath of a pony Discord considered too scary to mess with." Mask explained. "Sooo...probably."

“What the hay did Lightning do this time?” Quickfix huffed, standing up. It was more often than not that her pegasus friend would get into some sort of danger.

"I don't know." Sunset admitted. "But from the sound of it, she did something to mess with Apple Bloom...well I'm pretty sure she's still alive at least."

“Well,” Quickfix started trotting off. “Ah gotta go save that idiot now. She ain’t gonna punch that mare back none, so she’s pretty defenseless when it comes to stuff like this.”

"Good luck." Mask said. "Now then, I'll just go see if Lightning needs any help." And with that she flew off.

"Right, I'll go greet whichever princess it is." Sunset announced, trotting off. "Meet you at the party!"

“Like ah have a choice!” Quickfix yelled back with mirth.


"Isn't the bath ready yet AJ?" Scootaloo asked. "I'm tired of being covered in treesap."

"Now just hold on a bit, water's just bout done warmin' up." Applejack answered. "Cold water wouldn't help get it off none."

"Augh, ah hate waitin'." Apple Bloom whined.

“Whining isn’t going to make it faster, squirt.” Lightning huffed, glancing over her body. “How the hay did you get all that treesap anyway?”

"...that's a good question" Sweetie notes. "Also, I think it's pine sap, and it was an apple tree...it says something about our Crusading that I can tell what kind of sap something is on sight now."

“Yeah, yeah,” Lightning rolled her eyes. “I’m familiar with it myself unfortunately.” A few little ones popped in mind.

"Really?" Apple Bloom asked, clearly curious. "Did ya do Crusadin' when ya were our age?"

Lightning cringed and looked away. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “No, but I know some little ones who had some similar ideas.” Her wings did their best to fidget nervously under all that sap.

"Yeah, but I bet they don't get covered in as much tree sap." Scootaloo pointed out. "Do you know how hard it is to get this stuff out of feathers?"

“I do now,” Lightning grumbled. “Thanks girls for the learning experience.”

"You're welcome." Sweetie says, her happy tone showing that the sarcasm flew over her head by a mile. "Miss Cheerilee says you should learn something new every day."

"Alrighty then, baths ready." Applejack announced. "Make sure y'all wash up good. And Sweetie, if'n ya need any help drying off ya tell me alright?"

"Yes Miss Apple, I know." Sweetie said, her tone that of a kid being told the absolute obvious once again. "I'm old enough to dry myself you know."

AJ smiled. "Yeah, but yer my guest so it's my job ta worry."

“Oh stop babying her, AJ.” Lightning huffed. “She’s old enough to dry herself. She’s not ‘special’.” Her tone conveying the meaning behind it. She added a tap to her head.

AJ's eyes widened. "Ah didn't mean it like that, and ya darn well know it Lightnin'. Stop tryin' ta stir up trouble like a slingshot in a hornet's nest."

“Trouble’s a pegasi’s favorite flavor,” Lightning smirked.

"Whatever, I'm in first!" Scootaloo said, climbing into the tub and floating on top of it like a duck. She then proceeded to rapidly shake herself in the water a few times, coating herself with water and getting it under her feathers, before along herself to sink down. "Alright, I'm good now." Sweetie and Apple Bloom then jumped in, letting themselves start soaking as well.

Without a word, Lightning jumped into the tub, making a big splash that swept over the others.

While the fillies were delighted, and were going to be soaking anyway, AJ was a lot less appreciative of the sudden soaking. "Meshalka verasitara!"

"Applejack!" Apple Bloom shouted. "Ya know Ma don't let us say things like that!"

"Wait, that's curing in deer?" Scootaloo asked. "Cool. What did she say?"

"Nothin' ya'll need ta know." AJ said, cheeks blushing.

“The hay was that?” Lightning asked. “Deer? You made that up.”

"Nope. We gots a tribe out in Whitetail Woods. Mah family trades with them a lot." Apple Bloom explained. "So the family knows a bunch'a deer in addition ta equish."

Lightning blinked a few times in confusion. “You trade with deer? How? They don’t trade with anyone.”

AJ snorted. "Maybe not where your from. But round here? Deer and ponies are good friends. We trade all the time. They specially like our cider."

“They drink your cider?” Lightning looked at her like she had grown a second head. “They hate pony stuff. They think everything we make is crude and primitive. Yeah, they’re our allies and I’ve known a few deer, but they aren’t keen on us overall.”

"Yer deer sound rude." Bloom pointed out. "An' what's primitive mean?"

"A lower level of technological or sociological development, when compared to an equivalent from another culture. Though there is a lot of merit to the idea that sociological primitivism is a matter of socially constructed opinion and as such is difficult to define absolute values for." Sweetie explained. "I wish there were bubbles in this bath, then I could make a beard!"

“Whoa this diva’s got a head on her shoulders,” Lightning smiled and patted her head.

"Diva?" Sweetie asked, tilting her head in confusion. "What do you mean by that?"

“Errr….” Lightning looked at AJ, nervously. “Should they know?”

"Know what? Wait, are you psychic?" Scootaloo asked. "Can you see the future?"

“....This is so weird.” Lightning eyed her queerly. “And no I can’t, but I know some others who can.”

"Cool!" the fillies all exclaim. Apparently just knowing somepony that could see the future made Lightning more awesome in their book.

"Ah don't know bout that." AJ said, frowning. "The future predictors I know ain't that reliable."

“Farseer Anrain gets it perfect every time,” Lightning said. “It’s just that he just doesn’t share it that often. We’re lucky we get that. Deer usually keep future sights to themselves, ‘cause most deer tribes don’t care about any non-deer.”

"Huh." AJ said. "Well deer are a reliable folk, and I'm guessin' he don't spout his off in rhyme or deliver it in ways ta mess with ya."

“He’s a pretty cool guy,” Lightning said. “For a deer anyways. He’s pretty much one of Celestia’s oldest friends. Heck, he was there during during the Lunar War.”

"What's the Lunar War?" Sweetie asked, frowning. "I've never heard of that in any of the history books."

“Shoot,” Lightning smacked her forehead. “Shouldn’t have said that. Gah, I’m almost as bad as Pizzelle.”

Glaring at Lightning for a second, Bloom turns towards her sister. "Sis, is their somthin' ya ain't tellin' us with Miss Lightnin'?"

"Uh...no?" AJ asked, eyes darting around, huge nervous gin on her face as she broke out into a cold sweat and fidgeted like their was no tomorrow.

“Yeah, what she said.” Lightning chuckled nervously. She scrubbed herself with a rough sponge through her fur. “Now...so...Got any cider on hoof?” She said hoping to change the subject...and get some cider.

"Um, yeah. I got the soft kind. You fillies want some too!"

"Okay." the children said in perfect unison. As soon as AJ left the room though, they all turned on Lightning.

"Mah sister is the Element o' Honesty." Apple Bloom started. "She can't lie worth a hill o' beans."

"Yeah, so what's going on here?" Scootaloo demanded. "Are you a spy or something?"

"Actually I'm leaning towards alien." Sweetie replied. "It would explain her unusual looks...hey, anypony else wonder why they're called ladybugs if there are males in the species?"

"Sweetie, focus." Apple Bloom asked with a roll of her eyes. "Were trying ta get answers here."

"Oh right." Sweetie said, before returning to glaring at Lightning.

“Oh like you’re going to scare any answers out of me,” Lightning huffed. “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

"An alien?" Sweetie asked.

“No,” Lightning looked away fro a second. “I’m Lightning Dust, a pegasus of Equestria.”

"Oh really?" Scootaloo said. "Well, if you're Equestrian, you should be able to answer a few questions no problem then, right?"

“Hit me with your best shot, squirt.” Lightning huffed. A pegasus never backed down from a challenge.

"Alright then, basic stuff first." Scootaloo said with a smirk. "How many jangles in a bit?"

“I don’t have time for your make believe words,” Lightning huffed. “Ask a real question.”

The three fillies stared at her.

"Oh mah goodness she is an alien." Apple Bloom said, stunned.

"Knew it!" Scootaloo said, smirking. "Foreigners usually just know bits!"

"Wow. A real life alien." Sweetie looked amazed. "Do you have a spaceship?"

“You read way too many sci-fis,” Lightning deadpanned.

"That's not an answer." Scootaloo pointed out.

“I don’t have a spaceship,” Lightning jumped out of the tub. “And I don’t have to answer your questions.” She shook herself, forcing the water off her body to fly everywhere. Thankfully, pegasi fur and feathers were waterproof so it was easy to get dry.

"You said you would though. You even told Scootaloo to take her best shot." Sweetie pointed out.

"Yeah, that wasn't even my best one." Scoots responded. "That was, like, the first easy one that came to mind."

“Well...shut up.” Lightning shot back at her. “Maybe I’m from another part of the country. Did you think about that?”

"Another part ah the country...With different money." Apple Bloom deadpanned.

“It happens,” Lightning snorted.

"We're kids, not idiots." Scootaloo argued.

“Yeah, yeah,” Lightning trotted out of the room. “You’re so smart. If I was an alien, I wouldn’t tell you.”

"Yeah, I guess you're too smart for us to trick you into revealing you're actually an alien." Sweetie lamented.

“Yep,” Lightning smiled and nodded. She stopped in the doorway and turned her head to look at them. “But I’m not.”

"Uh huh." Sweetie said, unconvinced. The others nodded in agreement.

“Oh no,” Lightning glared at them. “You’re not going to get out of that tub. You hear me? Stay.”

"Fine." Scootaloo grumbled, sinking more into the water.

“Thank you,” Lightning smirked. “Good to know you have some respect for your elders.”

"Well that and we want to wash this tree sap off." Sweetie admitted. "...why do most ponies draw stars as yellow? They don't look yellow in the night sky."

Lightning turned to the other two. “Uh, should I ask?” She held out her wing and pointed a feather at Sweetie.

"She's fine." Apple Bloom said, rolling her eyes. "Her brain just jumps round a lot. Ya get used to it."

“Alright then,” Lightning said. “I’ll leave you three fillies to your bath. See ya.” She trotted out of sight. She was proud of herself for not spilling the beans.

AJ came up the stairs, a tray full of cider mugs balanced on her head. "Oh hey Lightnin' ya finished washin' up?"

“Yeah,” Lightning said. “We pegasi clean up quick. OOH Cider!” Quick as lightning, she grabbed hold of a mug and started chugging down.

"Hope ya don't mind it being soft." AJ said. "Didn't know what mugs the kids would grab after all."

Lightning finished off her mug with a gulp. She let out a sigh of satisfaction. “Cider’s cider. I’m not going to complain.”

"Good on ya. I'll go drop these off with the kids then." she said, trotting off.

“You do that,” Lightning said. “I’m gonna go grab me a bite to eat.”

"We got apples in the kitchen." AJ offered before walking into the bathroom.

“No, really?” Lightning said, before trotting downstairs. “Apples in the kitchen. What, is she going to call the sky blue next?” She muttered the last part to herself. It didn’t take her long to find the kitchen. Even if it was a different world, it was the same house.

Big Mac was in the kitchen, fixing himself some apple cobbler. "Howdy."

“Hey Mac,” Lightning waved at him with a wing as she passed him by. She opened up a few cupboards. “Let’s see what you’ve got...no, no, just had that….” She pushed a few things aside. “Wait a minute…..” she went in deep into a cupboard, her backside swished about as she tried to keep herself from getting stuck or topple things over.

Mac quirked an eyebrow. "What ya lookin' fer?"

“Oh, just some jam.” Lightning pulled herself out with a ‘plop’. She held a little bottle of apple jam in her hooves. “You Apples sure do know how to make it.” With that said, she moved to exactly where she remembered the bread to be. Opening the door, she found some and pulled it out.

Nodding, Big Mac walked over to a cabinet and pulled out several different varieties of apple jam, and apple butter.

“I’ll take that,” Lightning plucked a can of Apple Butter over to herself with her wing. She had a spoon firmly held in her hoof as she spread out the jam on one side of bread.

Nodding, Big Mac finished warming up his piece of cobbler on the stove and took it over to the table. Sitting down on a stool, he started eating while paging through a rather large book. "Sixteen."

Lightning paused and looked at him. “Yeah, what about it?” She knew she was that young, but the guy just straight up ask her? Was he asking so he could date her or something? She wouldn’t be against it. Either world, Big Macintosh was an attractive stallion. She just never got around to dating anypony since she focused a little too much on her training. It was a problem she had been working on. Thankfully, she had her friends there to help her.

"Jangles in a bit. Sixteen." Big Mac said. He turned a page casually. "Good ears."

“Oh...that,” Lightning huffed. She couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed, but that was life. She’d bag some hot stallion as awesome as her one day. “Thanks.”

Big Mac nodded, and resumed his leisurely reading.

“So,” Lightning said, finishing off her sandwich.” What’re you reading?” She then took a bite out of her meal.

"Philosophy. Plow-ism." Big Mac replied, shrugging. "Got lots of time ta think in the fields."

“I’d imagine,” Lightning said. Big Mac was a clever pony when he wanted to be. Seemed it was the same here.

Big Mac nodded slightly, and kept reading.

Suddenly, from above a shout could be heard. "Cutie Mark Crusaders Alien Fighters, Yay!"

“...Oh buck me,” Lightning groaned. “Just my luck that there are CMC here too.”

"Eyup." Mac noted. "Back door's unlocked and they can't see it from the bathroom."

“You’re a life saver,” Lightning said, finishing off her meal. “I’ll try and repay you before I leave town.”

"Eyup, you be careful now." Mac said, giving a polite nod.

“Same to you.” With that said, Lightning raced out the backdoor.

Big Macintosh kept reading for a bit, then looked up blinking. "Wonder if she knows about the other two...oh well."


Sunset paced back and forth nervously, awaiting the arrival of the royal carriage. Now that it was closer, she could make out a few details herself. Such as the fact that the guards pulling it weren't Celestia's personal guard, who wore enchanted armor of golden oricalcum. Nor was it Luna's recently reestablished guard with their silvery star metal armor. They instead wore the standard grey armor of the Royal Guard. Sunset ran the possibilities through her mind of who it could be. Celestia sometimes traveled with regular guards when she wanted to keep a low profile. Luna...not so much. It could also be a high ranking member of the court, or a V.I.P. with information that would be of critical use to them. Still, there were a couple of ponies she hoped it wasn't.

"Please don't be Blueblood, Shiny, or Paradox. Please please please please please." Sunset quietly begged the universe as the carriage landed. Naturally, the universe responded by having Captain Shining Armor of the Royal Guard exit the carriage first. 'Well buck you too universe.'

Her mood however instantly improved when the second figure stepped out of the carriage. Standing taller than the average pony, approaching Celestia in size, Princess Cadance stretched her wings. The pretty pink pegasus pony princess of love had arrived. In that light, it only made sense that her special somepony was personally escorting her. "Sunset, it's so good to see you! How have you been?"

"I've been doing...okay. Mostly down because, well, you know." Sunset shrugged. How else should she feel? Seeing that Cadance was distracted looking around town at all the ponies, Sunset took the time to shoot Shiny a glare, which the Captain of the Guard reciprocated with equal malice. Ending the reaffirmation of hostilities, Sunset turned back to Cadance with a smile. "So, I'm hoping you have something to tell us."

Cadance nodded. "Yes, I do. Aunt Celestia sends her apologies, but she's in the middle of political negotiation with the C.I.S., and couldn't come herself. But she gave me a full briefing. Where are the others? I want to get started right away."

Sunset rolled her eyes at the political news. The Confederation of Island States was always causing trouble of some sort. "I'd love to too, but you see, one of the new ponies, Fiddlesticks, is a party pony." She had to resist smirking at the look of horror that crossed Shining's face at that moment. "So when she heard you were coming she decided to throw a party."

"Oh I love parties!" Cadance shouted in glee. "Especially party pony parties, those are so much fun! Come on Shiny, let's go!"

Shining Armor sighed. "Yes your Highness."

'you know, I almost owe Fiddlesticks one for Shiny Hiny here...almost.'


Quickfix grumbled as she walked through town. She couldn’t help but notice how all the colors were oh so much more bright. It was an eye sore and gave her a little headache, which she really didn’t need right now. She had two best friends to find. Knowing them, Lightning got into some trouble, and Fiddlesticks was….Whatever she was doing, it involved country music. She was just thankful the town was ‘mostly’ the same, if not a tad more open. Right now, she was making her way to the town square. There, she could get her bearings and think of a plan. That and hopefully find a little tech to tinker with.

"-so I'm not sure what sort of party to expect." Sunset explained, walking towards the town square as well. "I just thought I should warn you, and-oh! This is one of our 'visitors', Quickfix."

“Hmm?” Quickfix was brought out of her internal musings, and contemplations of the workings of the machine god, to look at the others. Her eyes were immediately drawn to Cadance’s own. Her eyes widened. “PRINCESS CADANCE?!!” She fell into a bow. Little prayers to the love goddess escaped her mouth in warm, lilting tunes.

"Um, please don't bow. Or pray, thats a new one." Cadance begged. "I'm uncomfortable enough with the first one still. The second one is way right out."

“......” Quickfix’s brain couldn’t handle ‘not’ praying to a god. She stood up giving Cadance a strange look as though she….. “NO HORN?!!” She pointed at Cadance’s head. “Where is it?”

"Um, am I a unicorn in your world?" Cadance asked. "Oh, or did I fully ascend?"

“The latter, Yer Highness.” Quickfix bowed her head. “Ah’m sorry for shoutin’. Got a bit surprised. Ain’t used to this whole thing...So...Are ye a goddess here now, or is that later?”

"...um no, I'm mortal...you don't mean Alicorn do you?" Cadance asked. "Oh jeeze, I'm glad my aunt isn't here. Um, anyway I'm not a full Alicorn, I'm only partially ascended. Hence, large size, and a few other perks. I haven't earned full ascension yet. Also, please just call me Cadance. I'm really not comfortable being called princess or your highness. Being partially ascended adds enough pressure on its own without ponies dosing down whenever they see you."

“Different world, same Cadance.” Quickfix chuckled. “Sorry again, Cadance.”

"It's fine, you didn't know. Also, a uh, quick tip." Cadance noted. "If you meet either of my aunts, do not pray to them. They really, really don't like it."

Quickfix looked flustered. “Not...pray? That’s….” She put a hoof to her head to stop her dizzy spell. “Right...different world. I’ll try not to pr-pr...do that.” She shuffled around nervously. Praying was something a goddess deserved and rightly owed. Every god was given them.

Seeing, and feeling, how uncomfortable Quickfix was, Cadance winced. "Well, maybe in private..."

"Cadance." Shining Armor warned. "That's illegal. Technically I should be arresting her for praying to you."

"They're our guests and I'm giving a royal pardon." Cadance said, her tone slightly guilty at having to counter her coltfriend's opinion. "As long as she's really really quiet about it and doesn't do it publicly it won't hurt anypony. It's diplomacy."

"Celestia outlawed Alicorn worship by personal decree. It's a big deal." Shining argued back.

“That’s stupid,” Quickfix pointed an accusatory hoof at Shining Armor. Her frustration getting the better of her logical reasoning and making her act a tad uncouth. “Yer stupid!”

"Shining's lack of intellect aside," Sunset noted, "he has a legitimate point...sort of. I personally agree with Cadance here. If all goes well she'll be back home in no time. Plus I heard her
praying to some other stuff earlier. She can probably stick to that while here, no need to bother the other Princesses."

Quickfix let out an agitated snort. She wanted to argue how stupid that all sounded, but she knew she wouldn’t get anywhere with these ponies and there….’barbarous actions’. So, she decided to look Shining Armor over. “Yer kind of scrawny.”

Shining Armor snorted. "I'll have you know I'm tougher than the average pegasus." For a unicorn here, that was quite the feat.

Quickfix wasn’t impressed. “Ah’ve wrestled Earth ponies, sonny boy. Us Northerners are tough as nails.” They had to be. The Northern lands were inhospitable, where only the strong could survive.

Shining looked her over, quirking an eyebrow. "Aren't you a bit tall to be Shetish?"

“Ah have no idea what that is,” Quickfix quirked an eyebrow back. “That some sort of slang for the ponies up North here?”

"It's what the citizens of Shetland call themselves." Sunset explained. "They live up north, yes. It's a smaller pony nation, only about twenty million citizens. They, uh, have your accent."

“Well it’s good to know some ponies ‘ere have some Northern pride,” Quickfix smiled. “‘Course, we just live up in the frozen tundra of Equestria. Probably the most dangerous place in all of our nation.”

"They're also known for being short." Shining cut in, smirking. "Like really really short."

Sunset facehoofed and sighed. "Yes, that too. Like Dr. Pie probably has Shetish ancestry."

“Are ye talkin’ ‘bout them Fluffs?” Quickfix asked.

"...you mean the children's book character, Fluffle Puff?" Cadance asked. "I used to love those books as a kid. I still wind up reading them all the time when I babysit."

“No, Fluffle Puff’s just some immortal,” Quickfix said. “She’s nice, but she just gasps and blows raspberries.”

"Fluffle Puff is real in your world?" Sunset asked, stunned. "No, that is it, I am done. That is just, that is just, just, that's just too stupid to be real!"

“How do ye think we feel?” Quickfix deadpanned.

"No, I'm sorry, but no." Sunset said, shaking her head. "What could we possibly have that matches 'beloved fictional childhood icon of generations is real'?"

“Discord….” Quickfix said. “Yep, made her up when he was bored. ‘Course, she was a lot nicer than most of his other minions, so we just kept her around.”

"Oh." Sunset said, losing a lot of steam. "Well...that actually makes a lot of sense. Fluffle would be pretty harmless if she was like our book character."

“That’s why she’s good with kids,” Quickfix chuckled, before glaring at Shining. “And again, no, she ain’t no Fluff. Fluff’s are another pony tribe. They’re short, ‘bout kid height, and really fluffy. They’re also really good engineers. Been meanin’ to visit their islands sometime.”

"Sounds like the Shetish, but their coats are short and they're mainly eart tribals, but they have some down scaled unicorns and pegasi too." Shining noted. "Fluffy ponies, like Fluffly Puff, are fictional in our world."

“Weird,” Quickfix said. “Ours are descended from Earth Ponies tryin’ to escape the war with the changelin’s some nine thousand years ago or so.”

The locals all looked confused. "What's a changeling?" Cadance asked.

“Shoot, they’re a bunch of shapeshifters,” Quickfix said. “They can be anypony or thing they wanna be and they have several casts. Kind of bug like and they feed on emotions, especially love.”

The Princess of Love naturally looked squicked at that. "Ewww, glad we don't have those things here. On another, more pleasant topic, Sunset I haven't heard from you or Twily about your wedding plans."

Sunset looked super confused. "What wedding plans?...oh please don't tell me some sodding rumor about the two of us being 'runaway lovers' or something happened."

Cadance looked bewildered. "What? No! I meant your plans for attending my wedding!"

"You're getting married!?" Sunset shouted in surprise.

Cadance turned very slowly to glare at Shining Armor. "...honey, you did remember to tell your sister, right? This isn't like when you put off telling her about us dating for three years right?"

Shining Armor just stood there, grinning nervously.

“Wow,” Quickfix said and looked to Sunset. “Yer Shinin’ Armor’s an idiot.”

"Yes, yes he is." Sunset agreed. "Well, come on. Knowing my luck, the party will be making a mess of my home, the library. Might as well get this over with."

Well, Sunset’s luck was impatient and didn’t want to wait that long. So, without further ado, the whole town square exploded in heart shaped confetti. Red streamers shot about and a large banner that read ‘Welcome Princess Cadance to Ponyville’.. A loud country rhythm started to play.

Fiddlesticks twirled out from behind Quickfix.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome,” she sang, fiddling as best she could.

“A fine welcome to ya,” she smiled as she danced around Cadance, using her tail to put a party cone with ‘best pony’ on top of the Princess’ head.

“Welcome welcome welcome, ah say how do ya do,” she was at Shining’s side and blew a trumpet right through his ears and honked it out.

“Welcome welcome welcome, ah say hip hip hooray.

Welcome welcome welcome to Ponyville today!”

She stomped the ground, which caused a bunch of confetti to shoot Shining into the air. Throwing her fiddle up as well at the last note, her hat fell onto her tai. With a little Earth Pony strength, she caught him easily and her fiddle fell right into her out and out of sight. To which she, used her tail to put it on her head and Shining onto the ground.

“Did ya like it, Cadance?” Fiddlesticks jumped up in down in joy. “Did ya, did ya?”

"Yes, it was wonderful." Cadance said, smiling. "Though 'best pony' might be a bit much."

"I liked the part where Shining got blasted into the air." Sunset said. "Could you do that again, but without catching him this time?....um, just kidding your highness." She flinched a little at the mild glare Cadance was giving her.

“Nonsense,” Fiddlesticks chuckled. She walked over and put a hoof on the princess’s shoulder. “Everypony loves ya. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little indulgence.”

"Yes but sometimes I worry ponies love me because, well, love." Cadance admitted.

"Aw don't worry." Dr. Pie said, floating down on a bunch of pink heart shaped balloons. "If you were a unicorn maybe, but you can't exactly cast spells to make them love you. It's all genuine. Speaking of genuine, do you want actual roses on your wedding cake, or would you prefer sugar shapes instead?"

"You knew about the wedding?" Sunset asked.

"Ah, so Shiny forgot to tell his sister something important...again." Dr. Pie said, nodding sagely. "Well, sorry about this, but I promised Twilight to do it if this sort of thing happened."

"Do what?" Shining asked, only to get a face full of cream pie. "Bah Banaba ream ie? Eally?"

"No silly." Dr. Pie said giggling. "Not a banana cream pie. A banana cream and hot sauce pie. Twilight asked me to use one of my personal blends."

And then Shining Armor's mane was on fire.

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