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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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I cannot decide if I want to continue. I'm just sitting here staring at the story page, mouse hovering over the chapter link.

This is the hardest decision I shall ever make.

I hope my mildly amusing avatar makes up for this pointless comment.

Not gonna read this, sorry. I love your stories but I can't read male homosexual stories... I just feel grossed out. :pinkiesick: Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against gays, they can do whatever they want but... :ajbemused: I don't need to see/hear/read/think about it.

Thank you and cya later...

And 'm still waiting for those Luna Switched updates :rainbowlaugh:

I really should stop reading stories like this in school but there so good.

please write more.

5512643 why leave a comment at all then?

Oh, it's up. Yay! To the featured box with you. It needs more M/M in it anyway.


Thank goodness you commented on this M/M story to say that you don't like M/M stories and that you won't be reading it.


You know you love it.


If it annoys you so much I can delete my comment... :applejackunsure: I never meant this to be offensive in any way. And I commented on this because I like many of the other things Titty, and you too Marshal, write. I just stated an opinion and as far as I know that's allowed. :ajbemused: Again if you want me to delete my comment I will, don't want to start an argument over something as stupid as that. :facehoof:

5512804 I'm not offended, just confused mate.

On another note I love this. M/M ships / clops are best by a long way.

5512804 Nobody is offended by your comment really.It just seems weird that you don't like gay sex and yet you take your time to comment on a story that involves gay sex.It seems really counterproductive to waste your time commenting on a story that doesn't interest you in any way,shape or form.

This one's going in the spank bank.

Huh. Y'know, I should really make a clop bookshelf and name it that.


I take my time to comment on this because I usually like Tittysparkle's clop. :twilightoops: Did I just really say that? Whatevs, maybe I'm just weird but in my opinion she deserves to know that I won't read this for stated reasons...

Go on you can laugh now... I reread my comment and noticed how stupid it sounds... :facehoof:

I just get a little annoyed by people who go out of their way to say they don't like M/M stories on M/M stories. I've written some too, and I always get at least one or two geniuses who say things like "da fuck..." or whining about gay clop being in the featured box (F/F doesn't count as 'gay' apparently.) If you have a problem with the story itself then by all means, please say so and let the author know how they can improve. But if the story is not your cup of tea right from the get-go simply because of the content? Well, why bother? Just move on instead of making a comment about not liking M/M fics. It's just a waste of time and energy.


I consider F/F as gay that's not it and yeah I read lesbian clop. :raritywink: It's just that if I otherwise like the stories of a specific author, in this case Tittysparkles and you, I want to tell them that I don't read that one specific fic. I'm not hating on M/M, by all means I'm sorry if you thought I meant that.

Yeah... :facehoof: I'm weird...

Another hot story from Titty!


Titty is a she, and I doubt she's gonna lose any sleep if you don't want to read this story. You don't see me running around and commenting "LOL not gonna read this!!!11!" on every shitty HiE or something. You have the right to state your opinion, but telling the author that you're not going to read something because of the content is pointless. It doesn't provide them with any constructive criticism they can use to become a better writer and makes you look shallow. That's why everyone is downvoting your comment.

Thanks for sharing, you gormless twit.


True, it won't help them. And I'm not usually stating that I won't read a specific story. Hmm I haven't seen anywhere that I said Titty was a guy. But that's beside the point. Well if people think I look shallow because I state my opinion... well then maybe I am shallow, but maybe we could stop now arguing about this nonsense because, we, spamming the commentsection doesn't help Titty in any way either.

And yeah... downvoting my comments... I don't really care about that.

And atleast I'm not downvoting the stories. Because that is really shallow. I stated an opinion, it's in the past. You can either continue to argue about that (and I won't answer anymore because it makes me sad that people argue about that) or you can stop. I don't mean that offensive. So now, I will just leave this commentsection.

I wish you the best of fun.

Never was one for M/M stuff, but this was pretty good!

...Think I did better on a pre read than your others because of that...

~Skeeter The Lurker


Because we all know that lesbians are precious and beautiful, but gay men are icky and gross, duh! Jeez, don't you watch tv?

>gay porn

Yes please.

all of my yes, why cant i like this more than once?

I was reading this at work :B

Trying to receive invoices and read slash at the same time is really fucking hard. It's, like, I have to get into the zone to enjoy something (what? It's possible to enjoy tedious computer work. Really). And yeah, that paperwork was slow moving, but not as slow and enjoyable as Guyra savouring the feeling of his cock slowly, inch by inch, entering that tight hot asshole of Bars, hard cockflesh contorting compliant anus flesh, slipping around inside, grasped in a passionate sexual hug.

I finished my paperwork eventually. And with a stiffy :D

Trying to obscure below your waist from coworkers is fucking hard when there's no cover :V


Whatevs, maybe I'm just weird but in my opinion he deserves

That's where you stated Titty was a guy. Unless "he" means "female" in your lexicon.


Wow okay, my bad. Fixxed

5513178 damn that's dedication right there you sir have my respect I was just in a teachers room (not cheating on a test) but you did takes balls big, heavy, salty, pony balls

Great sex scene as always, Tittysparkles.

Yeah, I had to deal with comments like that before on a couple stories of mine and they do get annoying.

I was expecting Guyra to lube up Bars' poker while it was poking him in bed, then have some fun while Bars slept. Guy was already getting poked in the ass, so why not take advantage of it instead of moving so much to be on top.

5513596 Never heard of it before? It's actually pretty well known.

Another day, another Tiitysparkle fic in the featured box. Ain't life swell:rainbowkiss:

5514101 No, I never have. Before your story I thought they were Harpo and Jawbreaker, or Hamstrings and Sweaty Drops.

Then I thought, "Dusk Shine" could also be "Guylight," and that was especially funny

Not a big reader of M/M (mostly in due to there not being many M/M for the ships I particularly like following), but I very much liked this. :twilightsmile:

I actually thought it was gonna turn out like PiMan thought, but, eh..., not a big issue. You also earn a plus for the slight (unintentional, I'm sure) role-reversal, where it indicates Bars poking Guyra in their sleep seems to happen with relative frequency (an opposite to their female counterparts, where Lyra seemingly has knack for doing that to Bon-Bon with her horn).

both of them got rekt from the sex but bars got (_#_)

Good to have you back with another hot story, Titty. :heart:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I'm gay.

Oh poo to those of you denigrating this story as unappealing or unacceptable in some way because it doesn't suit your preferences. This is well-written and lesbian horse stories usually get praised to the moon and back.

The stallions get their turn too. I'm neither gay or cloppy, but perhaps I'll write something too, for the sake of harmony.

I have a request For the author...

Please consider writing some Mac 'n Cheese.

Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeee! *flails*

A cute story with some good humor and a surprisingly common, yet not often seen premise.

The banter between Guyra and Bars was good and kept a very relaxed feeling throughout, giving a good view into their relationship dynamic with little splashes of humor, but the real standout to me was the premise of the scene.

Getting turned on by your partner in bed is a fairly common experience, and yet it's such a rarity for this type of scene to take the spotlight like this, and I for one am glad to see it when common everyday occurrences can turn into these endearing romantic moments (or failing that at least sexy times :pinkiesmile:). Not every romantic scene needs to be the culmination of some grand moment or swelling story, and it's very nice when an author acknowledges that with stories like this where we get a romantic slice-of-life piece.

As for the actual erotic scene, it was pretty good, though at times the scene almost felt removed from the action as it would wander off on small tangents before coming back to it. I personally feel you tend to do a better job with your M/F works, but this was certainly a well put together story regardless.


And 'm still waiting for those Luna Switched updates :rainbowlaugh:

Oh the Irony, it burns.:facehoof:

I'll admit, I'm waiting for them too though.:pinkiesmile:

5512643 I don't think you are shallow or a dick, since you said you don't go around looking for stories and didn't down vote based on the description and 'triggers' alone.

You could use a lesson in tact, but I won't take out my frustrations with the people the others were talking about (the ones who specifically click m/m ships and start arguments in the comments) on you.
You even offered to delete it if it was offending people, how nice!

As for the story itself, well I came, saw, came then left, what do you want from me? I'm not smart enough to be mysterious like skeetie, or clear-headed enough to give a proper critique/opinion comment.

I liked it, 'nuff said.

:facehoof: My head hurts...

5516672 Probably too intelligent of a read for your dipshit brain to handle.

5516691 Dude. Thats a path you don't want to down bro. Just dont.

5516703 Because it's worked out so well for you in the past...

Kovy #47 · Jan 17th, 2015 · · 6 ·

5516710 Oh well that's no reasons to bring shit like that back up from 5 months ago. Dude just let it go.

5516808 I have let it go. I'm just reminding you that your track record of winning arguments has been really shitty, so pardon me if I take your half-assed empty advice/threats with a grain of salt.

Kovy #49 · Jan 17th, 2015 · · 3 ·

5516831 Well, that's because I was a noob to the fandom back then. Trust me when I say this, I've changed a huge deal bud. I had only somewhat became a brony the same month I joined our fandom. If you don't be me just type " Kovich Oatskovh " in Google+ and just see what I have become over the months that I've gained much knowledge of how we work, could you maby find it in yourself to forgive my stupidity that I had shown many months ago. It's ok if you still hate me but all I want is your understanding of my apology.

I'm sorry...


This is the hardest decision I shall ever make.


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