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Megatron has exiled himself from Cybertron and live his life among there stars. He finds an ancient space bridge which malfunction and takes him to Equestria. It is a second chance for Megatron to do something to redeem his past actions. Will Megatron learn about the wonders of friendship or would ponies reject him for his warmongering past?

Story takes place after Predacons Rising and in the Beginning of Season 1 of MLP. All Character from Transformers and MLP belong to Hasbro.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 50 )

Finally someone is writing this kind of story. Good work!

Megatron and redemption?! Is such thing even possible?

I am looking forward to reading this. :heart:

A dude first off get yourself an editor. Second find a picture of Alicorn Megatron that would be awesome.

I am intrigued by this, I would love to see more.

So far, interesting but, if you don´t mind, i´d like to point some problems:

Parts of the story are missing. Like here:

They move past the bushes where they saw a strange grey male alicorn wearing strange lying on the ground.

Either something is missing or something is off. You need help editing some parts.

My second concern is how you´re adressing Megathron. In the end of Transformes: Prime he did not turned in a good guy. He just saw that all his actions only caused the fall of his beloved Cybertron (and it was pretty clear that, despite being evil, he DOES love Cybertron and his people) and he came to understand what his actions caused to his people. But this does not mean he becomes a good person....err, robot....errr, whatever. But it would make a lot of sense if he starts a quest to recover his honour and find a purpose to his life.

Great idea turning him in a alicorn, can lead to very interesting development.

And, sure, it is YOUR story. If you want to make a lovey-dovey Megathron, I have no right to criticize you. Just pointing that, for me, in my shit opinion, his character would be different. Less wilingly to help.

Have a thumbs up and a tracking, since i think this have potential.

...There is NO redemption for Megatron
One does not simply get forgiven after causing a war that literally went for MILLIONS of years!

5288462 Optimus would greatly disagree with you. Any version of Optimus, actually.

5288462 Much agreed. So much death and devastation caused by his hand. Such cruelty and disregard for the enemy. Maybe Optimus is willing to give him a chance, but he's just one transformer (even if the leader of autobots). Optimus was always a little gary stuish.

5289117 that's true anuff expect maybe the animated Prime he's a little less forgiven then most , most autobot leaders would forgive exept Ginri (master force) bansiment would be the least he would do, that's the one thing i like about him he can get angry or sad ... prime less so

I knew this would come some day. You have my attention, good sir.

"After aeons of conflict, I finally see the truth in your words, Megatron...this universe, no matter how vast will never be big enough for you and I to coexist." - Optimus Prime

Then he delivers a sick uppercut to Megatron's smug bitch face

Loving the story, but a some more meat on the chapters would be nice they feel rushed.

Again, this is YOUR portrait of Megathron, so he can be as you like. I´ll voice my opinions regards how I see Megathron (as after the end of Transformes: Prime) so anything that I say that does not follow your headcanon is useless.

In my shit opinion, the way Megathron is acting now makes much more sense. He does not just save the mane 6 due to the kindness of his hear. Errr, spark. He does so ´cause he have an objective: to gather information ´bout his new situation and, above all, body. And you made a great job showing that aspect of him in this chapter.

Megathron is not the typical bad guy. He is smart, cunning. He loves to use raw force, but he knows how to manipulate and decieve, too, when nedeed (remember how he played the amnesic Optimus ? The typical bad guy would simply shot Optimus, but he turned him in a valuable asset).

I´m enjoying this fic more and more. I hope we can see a smarter Megathron in each new update.

I'm enjoying this, but can you make the chapters a bit longer.

How come they aren't freaking out about Megatron being an Alicorn?

This has good potential. I can imagine Frank Welker doing this at a Bronycon or BotCon. And his voice when I'm reading it. All hail Frank Welker, the true Megatron.

This is something me and my homies has ben lookin for. Öike and follow.:pinkiehappy:

I wonder who the aquatince is.

Ha ha G1 Buckethead Megatron reference.

Pretty good so far, though try to make your descriptions more detailed, they just seem kind of simple here. Remember: show, don't tell. :twilightsmile:


I bet it's megatron test, test of not let your past define you are now

Very compelling stuff and believable that Megatron truly witnesses these acts of friendship for the first time and behind to understand them. But there are LOADS of grammatical errors and tense confusions in this chapter, you really need to get a proofreader to help you with that.

looking forward to the next update, because I can tell this is getting good. I Kind of figured that Optimus would be the one Nightmare Moon summoned. However, have you thought about NIghtmare Moon actually bringing Optimus in for real, as an alicorn too, and this would be Megatron trying to free Optimus from her control? Just an idea, but one I hope you consider. And could yiou give us an estimate on when the next chapter will be out.

waiting for Megatron to face Sombra. just think, Sombra was basically what Megatron USED to be like.

YES new chapter time to read!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Oh no, that's not good.

This story is very good! A few errors here and there, but nothing to distracting.
Also, cant wait for Megatron vs Dark Optimus Prime

5624885 Seems legit. I can imagine him telling off Nightmare Moon and explaining how his similar goals that left with nothing in the end.

This version of megaton gets the touch

oh and tell megatron i have half of his name

next chapter plz :fluttershysad:

please right more:twilightsmile:

When will the next chapter come? I want more.

I like to visualize the Michal Bay Megatron if that's okay

So when do we get to see the next chapter?

HOLD THE PHONE! NIGHTMARE MOON SUMMOND OPTIMOUS PRIME?! Interesting.:trixieshiftright: Let's see how this plays out.

Is this still being continued?

All beings in the universe, even Megatron, deserve a chance at remption. No matter their pasts.

This story is amazing it had me reading Megatron's words in his voice and I look forward to seeing more of it soon.

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