• Published 19th Nov 2014
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Redemption of Megatron - Zanec11

After the war, Megatron is in exile for his war crimes. Then he ends up in Equestria as a pony. Will he learn about the magic of friendship?

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The Strange Alicorn

In the Everfree Forest

Twilight Sparkle is very worried. Princess Celestia is missing and Nightmare Moon has return to bring in ever lasting night. The only hope lies in the Elements of Harmony, which are in the dreaded Everfree forest. She also has to deal with five other ponies that decided to tag along with her, but having more of them would increase the their chances of getting through the forest. Then they all heard a sound.


“W-what w-was that,” questioned the timid pegasus called Fluttershy.

“Ah don't know sugarcube,” replied a southern accent one known as Applejack.”

The tomboyish pony called Rainbow Dash said “It sounds like is coming from over those bushes.”

The six ponies head straight towards the bushes where the sound became louder.


They move past the bushes where they saw a strange grey male alicorn wearing strange armor lying on the ground. They were silence, not knowing what to do. Then the hyperactive pony, which is named Pinkie Pie, broke the silence.

“Oooh! Who is this new pony? Is he related to Princess Celestia? I never seen any male alicorns before, maybe we can be best fri-“ said Pinkie Pie as she was cut off by an annoyed Rainbow Dash.

“I must say, he looks like he more related to Nightmare Moon with that dreadful outfit,” said the prissy unicorn known as Rarity.

Twilight agrees with Rarity about the fashion This pony is a male alicorn, which is impossible since the only alicorns in the entire world are Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and Princess Cadance, her old foal sitter. The armor the alicorn is wearing looks menacing with spike shoulder pads, a strange purple cylinder object on his right fore hoof and a strange helmet that looks like he is wearing a bucket on his head and it covered his purple mane. His chest armor seems to have a strange menacing purple horned bird face on it and the same symbol appears to be his Cutie Mark. This alicorn is far more intimating than Nightmare Moon and he is not even awake.

Then suddenly, the alicorn started to wake and Twilight could see his eyes. They were pure blood red with a white circle indication the pupil. Twilight admits his eyes just make him scarier than he already is.

“Where am I?” the alicorn spoke in a deep, raspy, menacing voice.

The alicorn tried to stand up on to hooves, but fell back down. The alicorn, than saw Twilight and the others and then look at himself. He stood up with all four hooves this time.

“Interesting turn of events,” he said.

Besides the little fall, the alicorn still seem intimidating, but Twilight got the courage to ask him who he was.

“E-e-excuse me s-sir. “

The alicorn shifted his gaze towards her. Twilight almost lost her nerve when she saw those red eyes. She felt like she was seeing a demon straight from Tartarus, but she knew continue to talk.

“J-just who are you?”

“I am Megatron. Do not worry, I am only here by accident and have no hostile intentions on this world. I just need to where I been transported to?”

Twilight does not know whether to believe him or not. He seems to be friendly, but he looks like he could easily take over Canterlot.

Then Rainbow dash got in his face. “How do we not know your secretly working for Nightmare Moon and preventing us from getting the Elements of Harmony?”

The others were scared on what this alicorn could do to Rainbow Dash. They were scared that he would attack, but nothing seems to happen. The alicorn looked like he was confused and a little annoyed by Rainbow Dash.

“Who is this Nightmare Moon and what are the Elements of Harmony? As I said, before I am not from this world, I was transported here by accident.”

Twilight just remembered that she must deal with Nightmare Moon and return the Sun.

“Mister Megatron, I am sorry but we must be going. If you head that direction,” she pointed her hoof to the trail that leads out of the forest, “You will reach Ponyville. After were done, we will have all our questions answered.”

She than ran off in the opposite direction and the others followed her, leaving a confused Megatron.

“The sooner I get out of the forest, the sooner I can learn what planet I am on.”


Megatron hear the scream in the direction the others went.

“It sounds like they need my assistances.” Then Megatron headed towards the others.

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