Redemption of Megatron

by Zanec11

Introductions and the Quest for the Elements

In the Everfree Forest

As soon as he heard the screams Megatron knew those creatures needed help. They are the only ones that can tell him what planet he is own and how he transformed in to one of them.

These fleshlings are the only ones that can answer my questions. They must not be disposed of before I get my answers.

Megatron ran until he saw the orange organic holding the purple on over a cliff. Megatron slid down, but before he reaches the organics, the purple one let go only to be caught by the cyan and cream flying organics.

The orange one smiled, but the ground cracked under her hooves and Megatron is the only one to notice. Before the orange one leap down to join the others, the ground crumbled causing her to fall. The orange one closed her eyes waiting for the splat, but it never came. She saw that Megatron was holding her tail by his mouth. Megatron decided that he needed to fly down to reach the others.

How did Predaking fly? He usually flaps his wings to gain lift, so I must do the same.

Megatron flap his wings until he was flying. Then he flew downward toward the others, until he could safely put the orange one down.

“Thanks for da save. Ah don’t think ah introduce myself. Da name’s Applejack, partner.”

Applejack? That is a strange name, even for an organic.

The other rejoin with Applejack and Megatron, relieve that no pony was hurt.

“Thank you for saving Applejack. I believe we never give our names. My name is Twilight Sparkle.”

Another interesting name. I wonder if she is in command of this “unique” unit.

“I’m Pinkie Pie, party pony extraordinaire.”

She is so… happy. I never seen any Cybertronian or organic this happy before in all my life. She must have no experience of lost or hatred.

“My name is Rarity darling and I must say your outfit could use some work. Maybe something less scary.”

This one seems to have no idea about the life in the scums of city. In order to survive you must project fear onto others, but that was a life I left behind.

“I’m Rainbow Dash, the best flier in Equestria and future Wonderbolt.”

She reminds too much of Starscream with that boastful attitude. I bet she just coward away at the first sign of trouble like Starscream always does. I must keep my eye on her.

“M-my n-name is Flut-Fluttershy sir.”

This is strange. She looks so innocent that I can not bring myself to harm her, even before Unicron took over my body. Why is that? I almost killed several human children before and had no regret about in the past. What makes her so different? It does not matter now. What does matter is figuring out where they’re heading.

“Tell me why are you all going deeper in the forest if civilization is in the other direction?”

Twilight explained, “We must find the Elements of Harmony in order to stop Nightmare Moon.”

“Do explained the existence of Nightmare Moon and these Elements of Harmony?”

“She is an evil mare that will make the night eternal. The Elements of Harmony are the only things can stop her and return the Sun,” Twilight said.

Megatron is stunned to hear that a creature can control the rotations of the moon. Not even his people could do that and they are more technologically advanced than most organic planets. With this power, she could bring devastation upon the world, but decided to just to make it dark.

“Is that all she is doing? Is there anything else I need to know?” Megatron questioned.

Now it was Twilight’s turn to be stunned. Nightmare Moon is doing something incredibly evil and this pony seems to think that there worse things besides Nightmare Moon.

“Y-y-yes. That is all.”

Megatron responded, “Well you all probably need my assistance. After Nightmare Moon is defeated, you answer my questions about this world.”

Twilight nodded, believing he could be good asset for this quest and the Everfree Forest is too dangerous for anypony to wonder alone.

“YAY! A new friend to have. Ooooh, we should have a party when this is all over,” shouted Pinkie Pie.

Why do I have a feeling that I am going to regret this?