Redemption of Megatron

by Zanec11


Inside an Asteroid belt in Deep Space

On a distant asteroid in a deep space laid many blue crystal, but they were no ordinary crystals. These were special crystals are the unstable form of energon, the life source of all Cybertronians. Then a strange metal ship landed was closing in on the asteroid. As the ship got near the energon stash, it changed shape into a Cybertronian

When Cybertron was restored and the war over, all Cybertronians are returning home, but this one was heading the opposite direction. This is because this Cybertronian was exiled for his war crimes. This Cybertronian was the all mighty Megatron, leader of all Decepticons.

Usually Megatron would continue fighting until he was victorious or dead, but that all changed when Unicron used his body as a puppet and tortured his mind. Now knowing what is like to be oppressed, he gave up his warmongering days and lives his life among the stars, knowing he can never return home.

The rumors are true. There is energon on this asteroid.

Rumors spread during the war, that there was an old energon stash in an asteroid belt, but no one knew why. Some believed that it was source of power for a space bridge during a time when Cybertronians explored the galaxy.

Originally believed only to be a rumor, Megatron never did waste any resources exploring the asteroid belt, until now.

When Megatron landed, he explored the asteroid to find this spacebridge. That is when he saw a cave near the energon stash. Since an asteroid would have smaller asteroids colliding with it, it makes sense that a space bridge would be built in location that won’t be hit.

As he walked deeper in the cave, Megatron thought about which plant he could travel to.

I could travel back to Earth, but I made to many human enemies. I would be hunted down and destroyed. Maybe I can listen in on old Decepticon COM link channel and find where most Decepticons are deciding to regroup. The only problems are that they would expect me to lead them against the Autobots or destroy me.

When he finally made it to the spacebridge, he decided that regrouping with the other Decepticons was the best option. He went to the controls and listen in on Decepticon communication.

“All Decepticons receiving this message go to the planet Chaar. The Autobots control Cybertron and Megatron deserted us. We must regroup and reorganized in order to take back Cybertron. All hail Starscream.”

Starscream! That fool will be the end of all Decepticons, if any are dumb enough to follow him. Cybertron had just been restored and I will not allow him from destroying our race for his selfish goals.

Megatron type in the coordinates for Chaar, but remember that this space bridge is very old. Most of its inward works could be broken beyond repair.

I must send a message to my fellow Decepticons if the spacebridge does not work and destroys me in the process.

Megatron started to record his message to his Decepticons.

“My fellow Decepticons, this is Megatron. I want you all to know the war is lost and we must live our lives peacefully. Do not follow Starscream’s blind crusade to control Cybertron because it would only lead to your demise. This is my final command and the Decepticons are no more.”

Once it was recorded, he decided to send it on a Decepticon frequency. He hoped that it will work and the will be no battle for Cybertron in the near future.

Megatron started up the started up the space bridge so he can have a little conversation with Starscream. When the space bridge created the green portal, Megatron walk inside of it.

I would finish off Starscream once and for all, even if the space bridge is ancient. He must not start a pointless war for glory or all formal Decepticons would be destroyed with Cybertron.

Outside the portal the controls started sparking. Inside the portal, everything around Megatron started to destabilize.

The portal is destabilizing, which means would be destroyed. I fear this would happen, but I still took the risk. My only regret is that I can never snuff Starscream’s spark.

Then the spacebridge explodes causing a chain reaction with the energon. The asteroid could not handle all the explosions from the energon, causing it to break and distribute it smaller parts into other asteroids.

On Cybertron

In a secret laboratory, there is a cyclops Decepticon that serve as the chief scientist and first lieutenant of the Deceptiocns. He is known as Shockwave. He received the message from Megatron and decided to rendezvous with him instead living with Autobots that want him dead. He did not want to work for Starscream who would seem to backstab the first chance he got. It was the most logical choice to stay with Megatron.

“But to find Megatron, I need some assistance from a old acquaintance.”