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parasite [ˈpærəˌsaɪt]
An animal or plant that lives in or on another (the host) from which it obtains nourishment. The host does not benefit from the association and is often harmed by it. In the case of some parasites they can take over the host body, controlling or morphing it to suite their inherent needs. Parasites are transmitted through many means: contact with an infected host, the sharing of liquids, and, in some cases, parasites may even hunt their intended prey.

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oh man

Heh, more upvotes than views at the moment. That's an odd sight.

504272 Oh man, lets comment the hey out of this story too.


Don't. Please. I don't mind the blog post, heck I found it funny, but not here. Alright?

505551 Oh, I wasn't going to. That was just fun and games. I wouldn't do it to a story. Just a little love from your 100th follower

Dude, this story bucks flank. You have terrible commentators.

I love it. The only thing this story needs is better transitions between scenes and more time to flush out the characters personalities. Tracking.


I agree, but after I hit the 7K mark... Well, it was supposed to be a One-Shot... So I wrapped it up. Thank you for the fav!


I definitely enjoyed the suspense elements here. It felt very sci-fi, and I do happen to like a good sci-fi. Nice job RD! :ajsmug:

Well that was... horrible.:applecry:
I don't think I'm sleeping tonight.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers! Twilight needs to use her immense magical abilities and get them the hell to another location within the capital where they can hold out until they eventually kill them all.


Again you astound with you skills as an author. After reading so many happy-go-lucky stories something like this comes along and evens things out, thank you. If this was just practice for suspense and tragedy I can't wait for you to add those elements into OSGaW.

Very cool. I only thought that the professor should have got an inkling on his own, based on his lecture. LOVED the professor, by the way.

this seems like a zombie fic poniefied parasitefied mixed


Thanks mate, I miss your Edgar Allen Poe pic :twilightoops:


Haha, thank you, I loved writing him!


510087 Yeah the more I keep looking at it the more I see how bad of an artist I am, MS paint isn't the best to start again. I felt like changing for the story Im about to post. As soon as I finish the stupid chapter... dialog is hard...

510087 It's okay, after all this was a great story.


Is that a good "Holy. Fuck." or a bad "Holy. Fuck." ?

isnt inky scribeswell bunnyhelms secretary from of steam


HAHA! You've made my day!

Been waiting for somepony to point out that character!

Inky Scribeswell is in ALL my fics... No really. ALL of them...

513075 nah no way time to go reread alot of stuff

I would have read this story much sooner if 1.) I didn't have exams 2.) if I didn't have baseball 3.)if I didn't have 47 chapters to read on my favorites list and 33 stories on my read later list

I made this a priority

It was pretty good, but not really my type of story, it was well executed so I assume that's what made up for my preference of stories.:twilightsmile:

God...I would read if IF I'm not buried in all of those planned pictures I need to make. And my fic needs some writing also so I don't have time to read this.

Shouldn't have waited so long to read this story, it was quite enjoyable. Only real complaint is I feel you should have drawn it out a bit more to build up more suspense. Possibly having Twilight and the professor coming up with plans to stop the changelings during the run to Canterlot that give the reader a stronger feeling of hope for success as soon as they can make it to the princess. That way the final scene would hit all the harder. As it is currently, the more rushed feel left the encounter with Celestia feeling as if it is merely another step on the path of a longer story as opposed to that final punch to the gut to end all hope. Either way, the professor's final line was perfectly chosen. :pinkiehappy:

I liked it, but it ended far too soon, and the whole Bad End thing needed a bit of work. I think Celestia is a bit tougher than that, it felt like it happened simply to punch the reader in the gut.

:pinkiecrazy: It's ok, I didn't even plan on sleeping this week!
But seriously, well written.


I agree, once I reached the 8K mark I was kinda tired of writing, I'll admit that I rushed it a little.


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed my drivel.

Um... is this the end? PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THIS IS THE END!!!!

Either way, fabulous writing! I saw a few errors here and there, but nothing severe. I look forward from more grimdarky stuff from you (especially if it's a sequel)!

532336 So that's why I feel so funny in my gut... That end... :twilightoops:

:facehoof:All the ponies are taken over... then the Changelings run out of food and starve, and the whole planet becomes a dead wasteland. :fluttercry:

*Alondro, the all-powerful sighs and nukes the whole thing just to get it over with* Next time, I don't let gods with chronic depression help me design a world! :facehoof:

This..... This......
Buck's sake, I'm scared now.

Amazing horror fic, very well written and captivating. :moustache:

Very well written! And dat end :moustache:
Can't wait for the next chapter

Judging solely on the comments, I'm not going to be sleeping tonight.

Let's put that to the test :rainbowlaugh:

*Begins reading*

EDIT: I was right

Hmmm... 'The Mentalist' type of use of dictionary. Might be worth a try.

Wow...good work. Great horror fic. I especially liked the ending. It was a kick 'em while their down type moment, and I honestly think it was the perfect finishing touch.

hmmm... lets see this one!


*reads fic*


all i wanted was some ponys *dies of scare*

Impressive...yet...disturbing. Good work.

I was extremely sad when I realized that there wasn't going to be a continuation of this.:fluttercry:

Sorry mate, I get ideas then I spew them at the screen until they stick, otherwise I have a head full of plot (hehe) and I can't focus on my larger, more improtant, fics.

Well I'm glad you wrote what you did. You ended it at a good point too. I think I'll check out the rest of your fics.:pinkiehappy:

EDIT: *checks profile for other fics*
I've been meaning to read Of Steamgears and Wings forever.

Good story and that ending made me sad more than scared. The entire time tho, I was thinking how this fic made the changlings seem like a cross between the Zerg (the infestor type monster) and the Flood (the meansof reproduction). And again that ending made me sad.:applecry:

Btw where was Luna during this?

Ah, yes.

Dilly Dally, I would reccomend applying the patented Snakefire method of problem solving to this little connundrum....

#1. Add one large shotgun, plus two cartridges of buckshot. Load and pull trigger in general direction of problem. :pinkiecrazy:

#2. If #1 fails to work, add more cowbell. :twilightblush:


Well, as an experiment this is a nice little into the suspense territory... kind of Resident Evil-ish(?).

I would love to see you give this genre a more serious take in the future. (as long as it doesn't halt Of Steam)


I was thinking of starting a detective-esq story today, it would sink into this style a bit more. I actually really like the feel of it.

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