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The Great and Powerful Trixie approves!

Twilight :"You did say you were up for anything."
You: "Yeah, but I kinda expected that you'd...stay human."

This is quite OOC for Twilight. Estrus would explain it, but not the blind date. You're entering into a date not knowing the other person. Hence, blind. If there is chemistry that's well and good. But still that will only get one so far. You made Twilight out to be the town bicycle. Easier to make than a pb& j sandwich.

Also your setup needs work. Movie theater, I got that. Where? Equestria? Earth? not a clue. Just exactly who is this mysterious friend? What are your expectations? Hers? Would have been MUCH better in a bar scene. Heaven knows I've scored from my watering hole.

I'm going to track this. Holding off on anything else.

5204332 I'll agree, you have some points. But the thing is, it's shameless clop, not really much about why it's happening, but I worried about it actually happening. That being said, I implied that she was in estrous, but never explicitly stated. You want plot, I have other stories. Lol.

Oh, well then. I stand corrected. From a clop perspective then it's excellent. I doff my tam'o shanter to you.

Wow just Wow.
time for a vary cold shower.

There better be more.
I demand more dates.

5206303 check out the group... Your date with... That's where those stories go.

You smile at her, she's riding cowgirl on you, and she's wondering what kind of kink you are into? "Anything."

That's how you get a red hot curling iron shoved up your bum.

"I can't change you because you are already under that spell, but there's no problem with me changing myself." Without waiting, her horn lights again, and her entire body glows, and in seconds the glow fades, she looks down between her legs, and smiles at you, "There, now you really get to experience sex like I do."

Ohh, was so close :trollestia:

Btw, I just so happen to be working on a Twilight clopfic of my own CX


That's how you get a red hot curling iron shoved up your bum.

You sound like the voice of experience. Care to share something with the ready of us?

5209348 I assure you all of my experience in matters of this nature are second-hand. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm just presenting the idea, not saying that it's a good one. Hot curling irons are painful no matter where they're shoved :raritywink:

To those that have enjoyed this story, would you like a second chapter to continue the story?

normally I would say no. but . as I know your style I am going to say yes lets pull all the stops out and see if you can melt my screen down.

There definitely needs to be more! Gimme!

Continue, please.

5219250 I'm about 700 words in on a second chapter. I do hope you like when I get it done.

5219266 Sweet! I'll be looking forward to it.

Ok this was unexpected in a really good way :D
Really cannot wait to see more!

5224369 I've actually been contemplating what to do. I've been discussing options with phenrys, and I think we've got an idea brewing. So, expect more with Twi.

cant talk now cold shower must be found.
cant what to see ware this is going to end up, twilight possibly pregnant sounds like a really interesting idea.

i loved this and i especially loved the twist(even though i saw it coming :raritywink: ) at the end.

also i hope that the end opens up a new new chapter about Twilight being pregnant( if she is) and how her friends would react.

all in all i enjoyed it five out of five mustache's :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Dem likes though, well for the time being "69" ..... All I can think right now is "69 dude!~" :'D

look down, someone else remembers last night as well. You quickly put new sheets on the bed and hop into the shower. A quick scrubbing and you dress for the day.

"sc"rubbing :raritywink:

And since you changed back, she knew you wouldn't somehow become pregnant.

If this weren't already tf/tg I would say something like, "I've read enough to know where this is going."

"Twilight. I like you, no matter your shape."

Aawwwwww. Wait shit, I said that :trixieshiftleft: you caught me lol

"I'm guessing you have the same thought that I have."

She giggles, "Yes."

:rainbowkiss:Oh my gosh, this is going to be the best hug :heart:

You look at your flank, "Maybe my special talent is giving you pleasure, Twilight," You chuckle.

Cutie Mark Crusaders, Bedroom Acrobats!
I regret nothing :twilightangry2:

5224487 Threesome with The Great and Powerful Spike (aged up, of course)

5229759 I always love your comments!!! LMAO!!!

Your comments always make me smile. And giver me interesting new ideas. :pinkiehappy::trixieshiftleft:

I'm always amazed and impressed with what you come up with.

I know exactly how you feel!

To all of you that have favorited this story, I say thank you. Too many and too fast for me to keep up with saying to individually. But I really do appreciate everyone who liked this story. And if you haven't already, please hit the like button as well, if you really liked it. I am working on a companion piece to this story, which has a lot more plot, and some more plot getting plowed. Expect it in a few weeks, if I can get time to work on it. Otherwise, enjoy!

Clop with plot! Clop with plot! Clop with plot! Woohoo!

I was hoping I didn't take it too far lol. Like I said before, I'm working on one with plot too, but in the case of said story I AM going to push some limits... still nothing too bad, but it's taking a lot of work and self-restraint to leave things out that would distract from the story.

Should I be thw one to say that stallions can only last less than 45 seconds and that humans would be sex gods in Equestria?

Nah, I'll chalk it up to magic.

Yummy! Love the inclusion of Rarity.


She giggles again, "How else? Magic. It's bigger on the inside."

Nice Doctor Who/Whooves referents. :rainbowlaugh:

"Rarity is in just as much heat as I am, she was one of the friends I told about coming to your world. She did seem interested when I told her about you. If you want to, go ahead."

Now I fell bad for Spike. :rainbowlaugh: :fluttershysad:

wow I really don't even know how to post a reply to this new chapter, I guess my only thought is send Rarity my way I would follow her any ware.

aw who am I kidding just plan send me to ponyvill and I would be a happy person.
now for a really cold shower. :heart:

This is so hot.

Well done! There are a few little things here and there that overlap nicely with Xenophilia, such as the horns being erogenous zones that emit magic when unicorns are aroused. It gives a nice level of consistency. :twilightsmile:

You put a very interesting twist on the first chapter with the characters being changed, rolls reversed, and experiencing things from literally every angle. :rainbowwild:

I'll definitely be checking out your other stories. Putting this one in my romance favorites library :heart:

I'm sorry to see that this line of story has been marked complete, as inquiring minds want to know; does he stay in Equestria? I think we know the answer, but it's still nice to see it. :derpytongue2:

the best thing about this it was made on my birthday thank you god

this story is amazing it deserves a sequel

oh man this needs to have a longer sequel...:twilightsmile:
not just with twilight but with other ponies as well...:trollestia:

The friend that set you up on this blind date is so going to get it. You chose the sappy romantic comedy instead of the new Marvel movie that just came out.

Of course I'd choose literally any other movie than yet another comic book movie! The Doctor Strange movie was BULL****!

She giggles, it's that same giggle from earlier, completely cute, "I'm a pony, this is how I actually look. You like?"

Meh...I'm a subscriber to xXHomerSimpsonXx, and I'm currently listening to a Pony Thread Simulator, so...draw your own conclusions...

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