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So, going into this, my first thought was literally "Wow. The cover artist really went the extra mile in sculpting Octavia's ass." But after reading this, I have to say it's really interesting what you're doing: working your way backwards through the chronology of the events of this universe, while simultaneously ramping up the content.

Meesa like!

I hate asking this, but... am I required to read the other two X Them stories of yours before reading this one?

I was hoping that would come off properly. :pinkiecrazy: Glad you approve! But yeah, to be honest, I was a little concerned that the cover art was a little too... 'distracting.' I actually had him adjust it a little for that very reason.

A shame Rainbowbob couldn't get his stories out. Each one of his three would have further expanded upon what I've established already.

The other three Them stories, actually - there's another one after 'Hunt Them.' But no, there is absolutely no need to read them in any specific order. Although there are some (very) small hints in the stories relating to each other, no one story spoils anything for any other story.

Does anyone know why Vinyl didn't use magic at first? The explanation didn't make sense to me.

That's, uh, not something I can outright explain. I mean, I do know exactly why, and it's a pretty good reason, but the goal here was to keep such things very subtle in description for two reasons: one, so the reader can take the hints and figure things out as they read the different stories in the Them universe; and two, because this is RainbowBob's AU, not mine, and we agreed to let his stories clarify this particular topic. The fact that his computer crashed, thus making it impossible for him to post his stories, rather ruined things for us.

If it's really bugging you, I can always PM the reason.

5231057 I'd really appreciate it if you could do that! :pinkiehappy:

If the other 3 are going to not be posted...could you PM what they would have been?

It's not so much that they won't be posted as they're going to be posted very late. I still need to ask the spongeguy about if and when he plans on releasing them. I can certainly understand his hesitancy to pick it up after losing half his work...

If it looks like it'll be a while, then yes, I can provide a PM on the subject.


Totally understandable however it shakes out. Thank you!

Wow, very impressive story showing that the undead aren't the big enemy really. The madness that comes from it is even worse. Octavia literally has gone mad into a fantasy world of her own and she then dragged poor Vinyl into it and went from one hunger to a totally new hunger. Really hope to read more storys like this eventually.

Damnit tavi why have you fallen into darkness? Well better call in alexander anderson to spread the loveof jesus Christ and blessed bayonets.

Then you might want to watch for my blog tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed it!

I don't think even he can help, considering where this whole thing will ultimately go. *shifty eyes*

5261044 by the end of this id bet hell will sing, because a certain people love cannons.

*Reading the very end*

Nononononono don't! FUCK YOU OCTAVIA!


*Vinyl dies*



Damn, that was...

I now fear reading the rest of this... collection of stories.
But I most certainly will.

My god you're too good at this I'm literally shaking a bit right now. But it's also quite chilly so... Anyways, great work on the stories so far, not sure why I didn't read this sooner/didn't see it in my feed.

I can't believe I didn't comment on this one when it got posted! This is one of my far and beyond favorites from Paul so far. Along with The Weed and Twilight's Inferno. I don't think I asked for hardly anything to change when working on this one.
I definitely hope we get to see some more sad, grimdark stuff from him. He does it so well with the pre-established show characters. But then I haven't gotten around to reading Frequency yet, which I have a hunch might be right down my alley.

Wow, you think this is one of my best? That's kinda awesome, because I love this story.

Wait until next Thursday at earliest to read Frequency. I release the final chapter that day.

I've been avoiding mature stories, and kinda wish your them series was all rated Teen. I don't think I'd have found this if it wasn't for Guide Them - why is it rated mature anyway? I think it's teen level - or at least, as teen-level as Guide Them.

Dear God, every single part of this series is so damn depressing and SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL. I can just imagine Vinyl, stuck with, among, hundreds of zomponies. Incapable of doing anything in her weakness.
I wonder if it's even possible to distinguish between her and the masses. I wonder if anypony that might find the crowd would bother to try.


I've got an idea for a Them story, maybe. It's Twilight, Celestia (assuming she ISN'T the one in Guide Them - it only said 'wings', I don't THINK it said horn', so I don't think the corpse was her) and Luna, stuck together in some basement somewhere, where nopony can ever reach them (unless they're good at teleporting and know where to go) - so that they won't turn into zomponies. Who knows, after all, how powerful it would be for an alicorn to become a zed.
Twilight's got a whole bunch of infected and dead in a 'collection', sort of, and she studies them day and night. She keeps constant notes, looking into their brains, etc. Her zombies (whose jaws have been removed to lessen the chance of being bitten) are often hit with spells that Twilight comes up with as cures, to no avail (in addition to various vaccines that she has no way of testing without risking herself). No matter how much she denies it, no matter how much she tries to hide it from Luna, from herself, she just doesn't have enough data.
But Luna finds out. And she brings back someone who's alive, and tells Twilight that this is the best way to learn about the process of turning.
Cue conflict.

EDIT: OH, This is from the same 'verse as 'Feed Them'.
I didn't make the connection. Huh.
Whelp, there's my idea out the window.


why is it rated mature anyway?

The Moderator rejected the story when I tried to submit it as Teen, so... yeah.

Yeap, sorry to say Feed Them kills your idea before takeoff. Sorry. But even without Feed Them, I would have no choice but to nix it as one of the four stories I'll be writing in the near future to complete the series will feature the fate of the princesses. Even so, we're open to others writing more Them-verse stories whenever they come up with ideas.

5373409 *offers double barreled shot gun and pumps his own* lets clean house.

6873079 I've been trying for...*Checks comment date*...over a year ago.

The irony in this story is not lost on me, and it's hilarious.

Vinyl was starving, but safe. Then comes along Octavia.

You would think she'd be safe then, but lo and behold it's by her love interests insane actions that she met her untimely end.

Like I said. Ironic.

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Maybe Princess Cadance found a way to use the Crystal Heart to protect her ponies. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

Why, yes. That would have been nice.
You know, part of me wonders if perhaps the end would've hit me harder had the cover art been different. Then again, I suppose there are few ways you could interpret the title. Plus, Tavibutt.
This was enthralling to read. Even though I knew there was no real hope for Vinyl, I still wanted to believe that maybe she could find release from her torment. But no. There's no happiness to be found here. Only tears.
Also, I loved the little morsels of information doled out in Octavia's dialogue. Just a few, but enough to paint a picture of the downfall of Canterlot.
I'm quite satisfied with this story. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

I loved and still love the "Them" stories, however re-reading this story made me realize something I kept missing:Octavia is self aware.Considering the type of stories these are, this is somewhat not ok and makes you lose imersion a little bit.What I mean is:
-it's obvious from the start that Octavia knows who(or what) she's dealing with, considering that she is suspicious of Vinyl
-she tells Vinyl about the attacks and what happened to Canterlot and it's ponies
-she kills the infected crystal pony and she even tells Vinyl that the pony was infected
So why the sudden change at the end?I understand that it was for dramatic effect and an ending, but it felt like the author wanted the cake and to eat it too.It honestly felt like Octavia was more sadistic, because you can't call what she did insanity...

Insanity is exactly what we were going for at the time, but meh, if we didn't pull it off then we didn't pull it off. Maybe if I ever write that Blueblood-centric fic I can try again then.

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