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Octavia plays a song for her beloved.

This story was written for the 2023 'A Thousand Words' contest in the 'Horror' category. If you enjoy this story and would like to receive one of your own, see here for more details.

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Holy Toledo/10 on the Creepy Vibe

Absolutely brilliant. Horrific, indeed!


Vinyl kissed back made my skin crawl.

So is Vinyl dead or undead?

The last sentence made me wonder that too

At first, I really thought that Octavia is insane and Vinyl dead.But the last sentence combined with the thud, made me believe that she is undead?

Shutting the door, she waited for her eyes to adjust. Slowly, the faint silhouettes of furniture and the dark gray of the walls came into focus. Still, to be safe, she used her hoof along the wall as guidance.

huh, that pony sure does really like darkness for some reason!

Or maybe Vinyl had gotten to it while she was gone. She always did have problems with boundaries.

aww, canonical!

The stench hit her like a wave. She wrinkled her nostrils, coughing, as her ears were filled with the buzz of swarming flies. Shooing them away, she peered into the room.

and yeah, had the feeling it was heading this way!

Vinyl said nothing, as usual. She'd been a mute for as long as Octavia remembered. Funny, given the unicorn's penchant for wild parties and raves. Though, as of late, Vinyl liked to stay inside.

and oof, bringing her muteness into this

She was gorgeous.

the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes

A single, viscous trail of black ooze dribbled beneath Vinyl's shades.

Octavia bowed. "Thank you."


Vinyl kissed back.


well, the ambiguous ending might recontextualize some things! though not all of it, of course. and in the straight reading of what came before this line, in a way, a heartbreaking illustration of a love so strong it’s unable to let go. thank you for writing!

Okay, immediate bonus points for that title.

Good work with building the anticipation and luxuriating in the grotesqueness of the reveal. And those last three words…

Stomach-churningly effective. Excellent blend of gross-out and psychological horror, with a wonderfully disturbing cherry on top. Thank you for it and congrats on the honorable mention.

This creeped me out :pinkiecrazy: loved the life of cloud reading

Is this story based off of the fan made My Little Pony song On Hold?

Hello! I read all the stories in this contest that won recognition, so here's a review. Nicely creepy, and that last line adds an extra twist. Enjoyably disconcerting enough for a pretty easy like from me.

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