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Damn, that's heartbreaking...

It's not the infected that you need to worry about, at least they're predictable. It's the living you should be scared of...

And that's the whole point of the series.

I used to know a woman that lived next to a graveyard, she would always say that the dead make for the best neighbors. And that the living make for the worst.

Funny, I grew up down the street from a graveyard. Worked there during the summer, too. I'm of a similar opinion.

Broken birds, all of them, and breaking more and more each day. Poor little birds.

Phew! What a trip.

And fall.:trollestia:

one thing:

I went to every city were you assigned Wonderbolts.


Damn typos... Damn editors missing typos... Damn readers letting the world know about my stupidity...


I'm surprised you started here instead of at the beginning of the series. Not that it really matters, as they're all designed to stand alone.

Actually, I've just re-started the marathon, I just didn't comment on Entertain Them. I mean, it was kinda hilarious, to be honest, in that sick sort of 'haha you're fucked' sense :3

I'm movin' on!:eeyup:
I can switch my edit catches to PM if you'd prefer. I'm just lazy. :V

I never understood the 'haha you're fucked' reaction. Well, I guess it depends on the brand of horror; intentionally silly stuff like Freddy vs. Jason, sure.

And please do, I really don't like having my stupidity on display long after my corrections have been made.

Hurrah for grimdark!

Y'know, the most fucked up thing is that I can understand Soarin's reasoning - as well as Spitfire's, after all was said and done.

Hope is like a fledgling Kindle, kept alive only by that which you can feed it with.

When all the kindle has been burnt and there's naught but ash left... Well, that can be quite the liberating experience, I Imagine.

But really, who would want to live in a zombie infested world? I mean seriously.

this is the best fic on fimfic i have ever read five stars for sure! and i hated soarin and wanted to toss him off a cliff before but now i hate him more

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