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Oh yes, it begins! Taste the brains, Fimfiction! Taste it and join the undead herd!

I'm not sure what I just read, but I was smiling through most of it. Bonus points for the cricket bat.

I am SO going to enjoy this. I was laughing my ass off throughout the entire CMC section, especially this part:

"Girls, stop!" Apple Bloom shouted, looking through the window at the crowd of foals approaching them. "Also, Scootaloo, Ah'd like to remind ya that ya snapped Silver Spoon's neck..."


"She didn't even eat the candies!"

"Details," Scootaloo muttered.

Freaking brilliant.

Thanks :twilightsmile: In case of the CMC, it's just the beginning...

5057320 wait is there actually an MLP card game? I would buy the shit out of that.

5057543 I thought it'd be pretty much boring, but, they actually tried pretty hard to make the game really appealing. I have to say of the decks I've tried out it's actually a decent game. Trick is just finding a place where enough people play it and trade with.

TCG games aren't as fun if you're the only one collecting enjoying your collection. But the cards are cute, even if most are just screenshots from the show.

And I thought you liked Silver Spoon. :rainbowlaugh:

The next chapter will explain something more about her fate...

I'm not sure if it's available here, but I need to check it out...

5058652 I love Diamond Tiara, but I fully approved that scene. Was wanting something silly for the end, but if you love someone, you have to let them die! :pinkiecrazy:

This fic pulls no punches. Applejack certainly doesn't! :ajsmug:

You don't love someone till you've mercy till you've crushed some of their skull with stone slab. :unsuresweetie:

Enjoy the rest of story!

Yeah, not to mention that zombie apocalypse is a great occasion for the CMC to get rid of Diamond Tiara... (well, since everyone in this fic is a sociopath).

Well, that spoiler was pretty obvious

5058775 Yeah, I made a slightly more musical based spoiler reference with a very appropriate title over here http://www.fimfiction.net/story/219016/zombons#comment/5057320

I was hoping to have DT and Sweetie ending it them. Ponies screaming and doing their thing. The two of them just there on a hill top overlooking the chaos before Sweetie Belle and Diamond pull out the crazy straws trying to suck each others brains out, and start that fade to black, sadly was just something I knew wouldn't fit the direction it was going with all the stuff we were throwing in. xD

Your spoiler didn't work.

And well, it kinda has some Sweetie ending. Though with Silver.

5058842 Oh, I just typed the one. I should of said [-REDACTED-]. xD

Silver gets all the fillies... damnit glasses I tell you.
OTP (Then again, Diamond Tiara goes well with ALL the ponies! Not even OCs are immune to her level cute.)

He opened the door to the second stall and sat on the toilet.

Come on, Button! Haven't you seen Zombieland before? You never go to the bathroom alone!

He probably would want to go there with Twist, but she has too high standards :twistnerd: Also, it seems that someone decided to befriend him while he was there... :pinkiecrazy:

“It’s my death ray,” Twist replied.

Aww, no boomstick?

No dependency on rubber bands with that baby.

im suprised that im not the only one who refers to Japan as "Neighpon".:pinkiehappy:

Ok, what the actual hell did I just read and why am I wanting more?!


Night of the Chicken Dead.

I'm trying not to make a Scootaloo joke... :scootangel:

I guess it's a popular reaction :pinkiehappy:

The only other name I've heard is Japony, but Neighpon works better I think.

I guess they didn't want to sell it to her, so she had to make something herself...

Hmm, I doubt there were Indians in Equestria... Though I'm pretty sure that in one of my stories I wrote a character suggesting buffalo burial ground as an explanation of something...

You just had my favorite Crusader's eyes gouged out and brain devoured while she was still alive.
... You motherbucker (Just kidding.)


Just when Twist thought that she’d have to kill him before a small zombie would erupt from his chest, Button managed to shake the attacker off his face, throwing him against the floor.

Nice Alien reference.

I like that you actually did baby in a blender. One-up on Peter Jackson there.

Though let's see if you can top lawnmower vs room of zombies.

Chewing condoms. Scootaloo failing to make a clean break. Baby in a blender. Apple Bloom... just Apple Bloom. Teleporting chest-bursting action overload. Grainssss.

I have no evens. I don't even, because my evens have failed me. :rainbowlaugh:

Well NOW the Cutie Mark Crusaders are dead.

Brain Dead / Dead Alive.

The lawnmower scene in question

And this delightful scene as well

5065171 Baby in a blender have gone underused for far too long. It was something I didn't even have a chance to suggest since Samey apparently shares my love of blenders. So you can imagine how much I rallied behind that scene. xD

If it's trying to kill ya, and it fits in a blender, blend it!

5065150 I love the part where she could still focus on Silver hear her eye being happily gobbled upon by the scooper. :heart:

5063029 You sure won a biscuit. Way to nail that reference! xD

5065441 Glad you liked the 'bubblegum' scene! :pinkiehappy:
Apple Bloom got a lot of love this fic. :pinkiecrazy:

I think Bootsy, Samey, and I just had too much fun with this. Grats to Samey for putting up with us and writing all this insanity! xD

5066008 See, when you TRULY LOVE SOME PONIES, you murder them in the most loving of ways.

Man, we're not even at my favorite part yet.

Well, she's my second favourite Crusader, actually... Also, all my favourite ponies died at least once in my fics...

There's no lawnmower, but next chapter has Iron Pony Competition... :ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:

One could say Silver really liked AB's eyes... :pinkiehappy:

Scootaloo's alive, though I guess she wishes she wasn't...

Now I wonder which part is your favourite... There are quite a few epic moments in the last chapter...

Yeah... And before you protest, you have a baby-shaped hole in a stomach...

Are you sure? Because that nuclear cupcake Pinkie ate must have done her in.

Well, it's a kind of a nuclear explosion you can survive by hiding in a fridge... Though it indeed has some side effects...

I noticed the Fallout: Equestria, War of the Worlds, and I'm guessing Terminator references. And they were wonderful.

Words can not describe how amazingly awesome, ridiculously hilarious, and outrageously over-the-top, this story was.

Seriously, this story had me going "OMG" one moment, "WTF" the next, and "LMAO" after that. And not necessarily in that order.

Fantastic job as always.

Something was crawling in her skin. She knew those wounds wouldn’t heal. Fear was how she fell. Now, after downing almost a whole bottle of beer, she was confused what was real.

She... she's become so numb...

When Rarity saw that, she passed out again – she’d never expected her sister to become Silver Spoon’s friend.

A lady must keep her priorities, after all.

I think the sequel should be a comic.

That was... certainly not an ending I was expecting. Bravo.

Great job, thanx for the wild and twisted (so, so twisted) read!

Yeah, I guess Button never expected to become Equestria's John Connor :pinkiehappy:

I don't know if I find someone to draw it... But I can imagine those badass fillies fighting aliens... :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks :twilightsmile:

awesome story:rainbowkiss:, even better ending that i expected.:ajsmug:

Super-genius action hero Twist is best Twist. :twistnerd:
This is now officially in the Twist group.


Edit: added to a bunch of other groups as well.

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