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Honestly it's not bad. in fact it's written quite well, no glaring grammar mistakes or bad format. At least it has an interesting story to go with it.

Far out, I'm worn out from the furious mastabating session I just had. This is my new favourite story, I look forward to more!

Comment posted by The Hat Mann deleted Aug 20th, 2014

Right in the fetish.

I can't wait ans see what the next chapter will be like with luna

Phycologily in this was fun to think about and the twists and turns were a nice touch (take it how you want it)

4874797 I take it you didn't read all the description.

Comment posted by The Hat Mann deleted Aug 20th, 2014

This is pretty good! I look forward to reading the next chapter. :heart:

4874797 I didn't even get to read and you messed it up for me....:ajbemused: Well now there is only one.....Futa rape

Comment posted by eran deleted Aug 20th, 2014

4875403 This hit me in the fetish so hard, my fetish got a boner.

Please, Artist, more! :pinkiehappy:

Um... how old is this kid supposed to be? Because I don't know, Mr. Author, are you expecting me to be turned on by a 5 year old? Because I'm not.

I did favourite the story, but that's only because it's just so damn fascinatingly weird.

Excilent! Not too many futa on colt stories around, so it's refreshing to come across a gem like this now and then. And the motherly way Celestia goes about the sexiness is just too sweet. I look forward to the next chapter. And expecting a massive freak out from Twilight if and when she finds out what her former teacher does with her son, hehe!

Im not even sure what Im reading but I love it!

4892378 lets just say he's "about" the same age as the CMC. Mr Reader ;)

Oh Celestia...you naughty mother -naughty smile-

Hm... not sure if I would read this or not. Looks good at first glance, but the subject matter itself is not one I think I might enjoy... hm, tough choice.:unsuresweetie:

I wish there were pics for this series depicting the scene because this chapter was great as the first

It's princess Cadence. She wants Drizzle to come stay for a visit next weekend.

So, does this mean he'll be playing with Shining Armor too? Because that would be pretty fantastic.

Drizzle and Cadance... and Shining. du eet, pls? :fluttercry:

4900397 Oh. He will have a gay ol time with those two. ;)

4900615 If I remember correctly, there is an OC made by an artist called drissle that loves being in these types of situations. I usually see him on Dirpyboo.ru


You are my new favorite person. Like... ever.

Though, I think you could stand to go into a bit more detail with the sex scenes. Just humble criticism. :twilightsheepish:

4900615 when is the next chapter expected?

not sure what to say but i liked it

Why is Luna's cum yellow???!!?!

Cadance wants him to come because Shining doesn't want to take it up the ass?
That's what I hope for atleast. Adding a stallion in the mix ruins the futa!

"Ohhhhh. Is mommy like a boss?" The little colt asked with a cute tilt of his head.
Strong hoof ruffled the little scamps mane with a hoof.
"Yes, champ. Like a boss."

The description clearly states futa. So I wasn't that surprised when it happened. But now I want a non-futa version of this story. The Luna cunnilingus scene was criminally short.
Still, have a Like.

this was a good story I look forward to drizzles adventures in the chrystal empire with cadence. :twilightsmile:

Her piss hole flared open when she bottomed out again,

but didn't you say just before that that celestia could only get half way?.....

also , i feel solemn in knowing that this exists , it feels like if it didn't it just wouldn't truly be the internet , don't you agree?....

also , why was naming the character a problem?....

4940850 It just gets hard sometimes trying to name a new character is all. And I didnt mean bottom out as in she got all the way in, mearly that she was in as far as his ass would allow.

Comment posted by The Twisted Shadow deleted Sep 9th, 2014

This story deserves a follow!

Aww, now I have to wait another chapter for the mounting. Ah well it was a pretty good chapter overall.

And here I thought that it was only the princesses. Adding Shining somehow ruins it for me.

Hold on a second. Was this premiediated? I mean, I guess I'm all for jumping straight into the scene, but what's the context? How did Cadence and Shining already know everything we do?

im so fucking hard right now

Dude, you need to slow down the sex scenes. Look, your descriptions are excellent, for real! The scenes are highly erotic, but they go too fast. One or two paragraphs should not be the entirety of whatever the act, be it blowjob, oral, anal, or whatever. I realize you may want to bang (lol) these chapters out to us faster, and we do appreciate it, but take a bit more time and stretch out the sex.

Really hoping those 'body modification' spells come into play next chapter :twilightblush::pinkiehappy:
*Hint hint* Shining and Drizzle pussy...

5012636 I didn't really get a sense of it being too fast, but I guess I can see where you're coming from.

I am now wondering if Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadence and even Shining Armor are this sex crazy does that mean When and If Drizzle meets Princess Twilight will she be as sex crazy when it comes to Drizzle:rainbowhuh:

5014532 If Twilight isn't the only one to raise a huge red flag out of the royals I'm gonna call bullshit... Twilight always seemed like the type to well 1: Be really against doing stuff like this and 2: Probably upset that this little colt is gonna thing everyone in his life wants to fuck him... well when dealing with politics... yeah I can let you all make the joke there for yourself.

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