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A guy that really loves futa. The dickgirl really ties the whole room together.

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Gay, Oh so fucking gay

Oh so fucking gay

My favorite.

Gay clop? Why can't I favourite things faster than this?

Also, MOAR! Please? :fluttershysad:

Yayyyy! The downvote brigade is here! :D

this was spectacular. I'm looking forward to more in the future, 10/10 would fap to it again:twilightsheepish:

Ah, how I do so love seeing cute stallions getting blitzed by handsome stallions; the futa is a lovely bit of icing. Attention to detail is what makes these and it was a joy to see how you didn't skimp on that.
The comedic quips? Loved 'em.

It's a little surprising to see gay clop from you but oh goodness, you absolutely do it as well as your other excellent fics!

OMG... so fucking gay! :pinkiegasp: not bad...

how can this be considered pet play?.....


The group has a BDSM category. Plus there are a couple of tones that do play in the act of petplaying itself featured in the story.

I wrote some thoughts on the fimfic thread for you.

Gay, Oh so fucking gay,




Pretty nice. I personally wouldn't mind sucking on Cadence. Also, I recognized that you've been playing some D&D recently?

This is a Birthday Gift?

4163994 Well... alright then. :moustache:

It comes to my attention that this is good, and i now want a hot dick in my anal canals.

You've been spoiling me way too much in the past month and I love ya for it! :twilightsmile::heart:

Set as my background for my laptop. All who use it without me saying so shall tremble in fear.

Even for his roughhousing, Shining has the decency to at least let you get used to his size before plundering your riches.

Beautiful. :rainbowkiss:


Also, I recognized that you've been playing some D&D recently?

No. I just happen to know things from the game. Yeah.


No you don't.


You will get so many odd looks.

What is this about? I already liked and favourited this story, so what the hell do you want from me? What did I do to deserve this? :raritydespair:
I really don't know what I should do anymore. :raritydespair::raritydespair::yay::raritydespair:


Cum for your princess. Luna demands it. Then share this fic with everyone.

:ajbemused: please do more gay clop... thankyou


Well, this story IS in the Coltcuddlers group.


Is there a problem with that? Everypony loves colt on colt on futa action~

EDIT: I'm tired and can't think atm.


No, not at all. I mean, you opened up with Shining X You (male) X Cadance. Which is fine, but, it kind of deviated to Luna (futa) x You. If you do add more chapters, just be mindful that it should provide some more gay stuff. Throw Soarin or something into the mix, R63 Fluttershy or something. Y'know.

I mean, nothing against this story, I like it, but if it's going to be in a group for gays, it should be mostly about gay stuff.


Luna was added cause I needed a way to explain why/how Shiny knew about about your sexual escapades. LUNALUNALUNA can see dreams, and you tend to dream about your favorite sexeh times, so she's seen how sexeh those can get. Anyways, the rest of it tells itself and stuff.

If I come back to this story, it will likely be with more gay elements with a couple gangbangs. Second chapter was mostly just tying up loose ends.

My sleep-addled brain is still a little fuzzy, which may explain the big, dumb grin I had while reading this. I swear, every time I read something by you I slip a little further towards a point where futa honestly gets me going.

Short but oh-so very sweet! I agree with Shadowflash to some degree but then stallions are to me what futa-mares are to you.

Very nice work, that ending was cute :twilightsmile:

All of my yes.

All of it.

I take it that this story is a bit gay?:moustache:


i concur! (looks down) dammit now my chairs all wet :ajsleepy:

mmm yes this does nicely....

this is very good so far

The return of gayness

But will that be enough gayness?


Motherfucker you have no idea how gay this next chapter will be. It's pretty fucking gay, in all the best of ways~

Well, you won't get flagged for a misleading description.


>Implying I would get flagged

For what exactly? This breaks no rules.

EDIT: oooooh I get the joke now. hurr.

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