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Hello mares and gentlestallions, my name is MBronyM, welcome to my account!

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Interesting. There were a few errors though, but I got the gist of it. As for who's next, maybe a pegasus that watched what was happening outside a window? A cyan colored one? Also, Spike should get some type of cumeuppance for leaving (your name) high and dry like that.

6958910 I agree I think Rainbow Dash should be next

Hm...thanks for the suggestions! I'll add that in! I guess Rainbow Dash is up next

6958984 And moar you shall receive :pinkiehappy:

Rarity huh? Hm, first I wanna get at least two more votes. But if one doesn't show up soon, I'll make the Rarity one, k?

Alrighty, two votes for Rarity. I guess Rarity's up next!

I have to ask. I know this is clop, so anything goes, but was Twilight the only mare here that was not a futa naturally? I am also guessing that (your name) is a pegasus. If not, how were you able to stay on the cloud?

6959552 Well, to answer you're first question, Rainbow Dash just went to Twilight to ask for the spell and had it casted onto her. To answer your second question, I don't know what people's OC's are. Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, so basically I just went pegasus for this one. Or you could say Twilight casted that spell that allows non pegasi to walk on clouds

Sorry everyone! Already have votes in for Rarity next chapter! But make sure to vote next chapter! :twilightsheepish:

Conceptually, I liked it. But you really need a proofreader for all those typos.

Another self-insert fic? A furry one at that. Here, have a dislike.

6959629 I think it would be better to simply have the "reader" be referred to in a more ambiguous sense.

Instead of

She knew a certain stallion

it could be

She knew a certain male

This would allow more self-expression for the readers.

Also I would suggest spending a little bit more time checking over your grammar, it could use some improvement.

Finally... Applejack. Cuz I saw a sexy futa picture of her yesterday.

She put her hand on your cheek and forced you to look at her, forcing it open and shoving a third of her thick length into your mouth.

These two words should change places.

She grabbed your head and immediately began to thrust into your that, not caring if it hurt you or not.


As for my votes, in order: Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy.

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Why is marecock so hot?!

If the MC thought Rainbow Dash was strong, then how will an Earth Pony like Applejack or Pinkie Pie feel, given both of them have or had jobs which tend to build lots of muscles? Not to mention their size...

I think the dicks should be about 25-30% bigger. :pinkiecrazy:

That aside, overall could be better, plenty of misspellings and whatnot, but could be much worse. The choice to use "(YOUR NAME)" however instead of the standard "Anon" or "you" basically just immediately kills any immersion in the story completely.

I want to see fluttershy

I'd say both that be awesome.like Pinkies doing it for fun so she talks Futtershy to do it with her so you could be better friends.

I'm partial to agree

i think this would be a good time to add non main 6 after chapter this as in Big Mac and the CMC (Age up or legal age there) i feel this could be a good starting point for them... like Big mac walks in on them right after this act/ or smell u as ur leaving and gets him worked up ... or the CMC when ur walking home from the barn as ur cross there club house sweetie belle could be showing the spell she "borrow" from her sister book (the futa spell) and used it on the other CMC and need help revealing them self's

and what sizes u think they should be

7117730 yes, I thought about that too. But I'm afraid I have to stick to my voting system. There are only two more ponies left in the mane 6, so you'll see other ponies soon!

Fluttershy. And handjob. Ballgag.

Fluttershy should be last because she's the biggest.

I'm going to have to vote for Pinkie. I really want to see Fluttershy but I agree. Save the biggest for last.

I will also vote for pinkie to save the biggest for last.

i'd love to see two stallions show (you) how the studs of ponyville have a good time XD.

Sombra. Queen sombra.

by all the gods this IS my fetish!!!! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder what the princesses would be

...Why do I want this to end with Twilight giving his dick an enhancement as an apology before they ALL try for a second chance at him?

When's the next update? I would hate for this story to end like some others have. :ajsleepy:

"It does that!" She said, smiling. You looked confused and asked. "Does what?" Once again, she charged up and shot another thin beam at your head. "That!" She said again. And again, you looked confused. "Does what?"

Oh pleeeeeeeeeease don't give up on this story. I'm loving every second of it. And it just won't be complete for me til it gets to my fave of the main 6. (1guess who):pinkiesad2:

So, is a certain yellow destroyer ever going to grace us with her presence?

This wait is unbearable D:

I demand Fluttershy's cock become an inch longer for every week of waiting. x3

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