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A guy that really loves futa. The dickgirl really ties the whole room together.

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best thing ever

>2nd person


I was inspired by corruption of champions. Nooooh! :ajsleepy:

But to be honest, I'm probably not ever going to use second person again. It's much more fun playing with the characters than the reader.

3813063 for certain
2nd person to me seems a bit lazy, honestly

So this has Futaloo in it. But will she fuck females or males... this is kinda a big reason for me to read or not read.:unsuresweetie:


So far it's males, might expand further in the future.

3813090 Eeeehhhhh. Not sure if I wanna stick around.:pinkiesick:

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3813097 what are you gay

And like that I actually want to follow this story. Only you, Abides. Only you could make me like a Futa/Male clop story.

Anthro Futaloo... sign me up!

Here's a tip.

Second person addresses the readers directly. This, by default, also means that all emotions the character feels are directly felt by the reader, unless you mess it up. When you describe other people feeling emotions, we can shrug it off that they are feeling it and not we if it ever comes to that; we are not them after all. However, describing the reader's avatar as feeling something that we as the readers do not genuinely feel creates a feeling of Dissonance.

In short, if you do second person, you batter be damn sure you get it right or it's going to blow hard, and not in the good way, and especially not like that shitty pop song.


I'm well aware of this actually. Part of the risks of doing a second person fic.

3813221 It might help that I have a pretty big futa/dickgirl fetish.:rainbowlaugh:


Simply awesome! And i can´t wait for more of this!

Just wanted to take a quick break and saw this.. i´m satisfied.

Keep up the good work!

Now back to BF4..

It's brilliant!

Thanks dude, will defonitly read later when im... in the mood

SO scootaloo is half guy, half girl

I like what your doing with this story already

That was an amazing clop.... the part that got me the most was. You read a note that says "just in case you need a another snack" I died right there. writer do more futaloo antro style clop!!!!!!

Dude... you write futa stories that are actually awesome. You made me care about Futaloo when ai thought I never would. You're like a wizard.


Thank you~ :rainbowkiss: Be sure to follow for more futafics as they get finished :ajsmug:

. . . What . . . the . . . fluff? :rainbowhuh: . . . I don't normally read mature stories with a sex tag, but this is VERY interesting. :moustache: Good job.

I wanna see how this ends

I love a good romance!

You put two things I love in this story, the first is romance and the second is females with penises on them. Bravo sir! Bravo!

You know what would be refreshing? If this relationship between the futa and the male went both ways.

Not that I would be super disappointed if it didn't...

Huh. I feel obligated to write a Futaloo fic now, strangely X3

I can't wait till the next update


I had JUST mentioned that to a friend of mine right as you wrote that comment.

How come no one ever does these futa/humon male stories? Neat to see one, well done. I'd love to see more.

There's a whole lot more telling than showing in this chapter so far. At least about halfway through. A lot of missed opportunity for atmosphere and discovery.

Scootaloo is female. She has a penis. FEMALES BY DEFINITION DO NOT HAVE PENISES. Am I missing something here?

:3Crazy shit is gonna happen

3817192 Yes. The fact that you don't know what a futa is.
Futa=Both sexes. You're welcome.


I was inspired by corruption of champions.

... so does that mean when I read this, my character is just gonna grow dicks everywhere?


No. I was inspired by the perspective used.

Probably the best single fic I have read in 2014 and there many fics that I have already read. :rainbowkiss:

3817469 I know. I was just saying, if you had said that and I read this I would have expected dicks just everywhere.

well in the real world there is such things as crossbreeding and transvestite sometimes a female might end up with a male genital or a male without male genitals (which is weird and rare)

3817625 If you are born without male genitals, you are not male. It's as simple as that.


1. I can't belive you guys are debating this.
2. If your born without genitals but still have the penis your still considered male. Your just incapable of reproducing

Stop talking about penises you guys dont have, because do yoou want me to take my dick out again i.imgur.com/GGH4hyb.jpg

This is it.

This is the kind of story I've been waiting for.

THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! please write more!! :heart::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::moustache::twilightsmile:

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