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Don't hate the approver, love the adorable RariFace and squishy cheeks.


Having successfully spread her evil green gas of anarchy and other such nasty thingygummies, (not made from alligators), Adagio Dazzle makes her way back to the top secret headquarters of her Dazzlings on the main street. What she doesn't count on is a rainstorm getting between the industrial strength dryer and her mountain of hair.

Sunset Shimmer watches with popcorn in hand.

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Already? Well, colour me completely not surprised.

I like this. As far as we know, Adagio's just another Sunset Shimmer Bitch Clone that we can make fun of (even if I love Sunset and her design).

You actually finished.

Very good.

Very good indeed...

~Skeeter The Lurker


DAZZLE! dotafire.com/images/hero/icon/dazzle.png

Oh wait wrong topic! Also just kidding, I know who she is! Uotapo made a great picture of her!

:rainbowlaugh: Yes yes yes I hope this bitch gets worse then Sombra got!

Ah, karma. Okay, she hasn't done much yet, but still, this was a delicious bit of schadenfreude. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Love the chapter title. And the story too. :yay:

We must make lots of stories about Sonata, Adagio, and Aria so they get tags!

Who now?
Until now I never heard of them.
Dumb me:twilightblush::twilightblush:

4924000 The Dazzlings from Rainbow Rocks? :pinkiesmile: :trollestia:


Oh, you mean those people with the really awesome, catchy song?

To Hell with Adagio Dazzle! Sunset Shimmer is the best and will always be the best because she is the Original of the Equestria Girls Universe. You can't beat the original, just the 2014 Godzilla can't beat the 1954 Godzilla.

Hey! Hey! Im Cool Man! Your Cool! Were both cool and Neutral! Right? Right?:twilightblush:

I like and I support Sunset Shimmer! Don't you Agree?


P.S. I like ur Profile Picture. Words nor magic can explain the awesomeness of Sunset Shimmer!

:rainbowlaugh: The one downside of having hair too big for your head, Adagio.

I wonder when wet-look deviation art is going to be made for the Dazzlings?:unsuresweetie: I can imagine Adagio is going to look the silliest--or sexiest:rainbowkiss:. I guess we'll just have to be patient and see what happens:ajsmug:.

By any chance is there going to be a sequel where Adagio's hair catches fire? Guessing from the amount of chemicals it would take to maintain Adagio's style it would likely go up like a roman candle if so much as a spark landed on it.

This is the best, most accurate description of what happens when my cousin is outside, it starts to storm, and I just happen to be nearby. I'm Sunset, though.

You have no idea how much Adagio complains to me about her hair...

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