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-Skyrim: Dawnguard Crossover-

Twilight Sparkle, an initiate of Princess Celestia's elite 'Dawnguard', is chosen by the divine pony as a leader for Equestria's future. Her first task is to train with a master Changeling hunter named Zecora. However, Zecora herself goes missing shortly before Twilight's arrival in Ponyville, leading to a chase that takes her deep into an underground ruin of the Everfree Forest. There, she interrupts the attempts of a previously unseen type of pony to resurrect one of their ancient kindred from a heavily sealed sarcophagus. History is quickly unravelling, with the young Twilight at the centre of an oncoming darkness.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 56 )

This was awesome!

And I'm already liking the feeling of buildup in here. :ajsmug:

Heh; I'd like to see what you have planned for the vampony realm. :pinkiecrazy:

Like with your other VG crossovers, you got me following again Jokie.
But I think I'd rather wait until I can chain read. BTW that cover art....<3

HEH HEH HEH! I still get special peeks. Mwaha...mwahahaha...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! :raritystarry::pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:


What? :rainbowderp:


Random question, did you like my subtle hint at how I've implemented the Daedric Princes? Personally I'm hoping that it works out great.

Also, sorry for cutting those 'sneak peeks' short. >>

wow I actually don't have any problems with your writing (usually stories that are not popular yet)

2660242 random question Would Twilight be evil good or an outcast in this story (categorization)


That's... a tricky answer...

Let's just say that she's going to make choices that Celestia won't like.


It's funny, I realized what you meant just as you replied. xD

I'd say Hero Twilight is going to suit most. Somehow I get the feeling that the swordfights just aren't going to cut Badassery.

2660791meh if shes badass thats good enough
also I got a member

thats good enough for me


And now I feel so silly for being a total dope in front of the guy behind an awesome group. I really hope that there's some hope for my dying reputation. :facehoof:

This looks very good, and quite promising! In my old story (before I revised the hell out of it), I use Sanguine Vampiris.
Hehe :twilightblush:, uh looks like it can be a commmon theme.
This is also the first Dawnguard/MLP crossover I've seen. I loved Dawnguard, and hope that you will do it justice!

Comment posted by Sadie deleted Jun 2nd, 2013


Strange, I would have thought that someone else had done a story based on it. Almost certain there are plenty with Fluttershy the Dovahkiin. :flutterrage:

Also, I'd like to gather your opinions on having a small link at the beginning of each chapter for Skyrim music. There's quite a few scenes that I have in mind which work perfectly with some of the tracks, and I'd like to share that musical ambience with you all. But I realize for some that it takes away from the immersion, so I'm holding off until I have a consensus.

It says 'crossover' in the tags, but you didn't state (outright) what it's a crossover with.

And do I need to know about the other source to follow the story? (Be careful when answering, most writers assume that readers will be able to visualize stuff for both sources without trouble, and not waste time describing backstory the reader would already know; because if the reader knows both sources well enough explaining things would be a waste of time)

In other words, it is okay to say "yes if you didn't read/watch/play X then you will miss stuff"


Whoops, I hadn't actually noticed that part of the description had vanished. But uh, I'm specifically writing this so that people who haven't played Skyrim, or know nothing about Elder Scrolls can still understand the basic plot that's going on. Actually playing the game is more like having a peek at what's to come than being able to understand it, if you know what I mean.

2672355 Ah, okay then. Looks like I'll be breaking my 'don't read crossovers if you don't know both sources' guideline then. I followed everything so far well enough.

Now you've got me, I want more!


xD I'll do my best to get the next chapter out. The only problem is that it happens to coincide with another really long chapter for another story. :pinkiesick:

You have such a wonderful knack for writing such great OCs and bringing them to life and making me care about them...

Hmhmhm *Squee* I love Zecora's awesomeness. :rainbowkiss:

I imagine next chapter is going to be quite complicated. :rainbowderp: -to type that is-


Eh, just rather long actually. Going from Canterlot to Ponyville, conducting an investigation, heading off to shoot some vampires and finally solving an ancient puzzle all in the one chapter is just a matter of time. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, and Zecora will be back, and not as an insane boss/vampire lord either. Without spoiling too much...

So. This is good. Keep it up.
That is all.

Finally I found a MLP cross over with the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim!:pinkiehappy: I can't wait for this story to be updated.


Hopefully that won't be too much longer, this next chapter is just a real pain to write because of the nature of it. :facehoof:

Ahhh, I adore how Trixie is so :trixieshiftright:and Twi is just so angry/confused.All that information she knows that Twilight's never heard of (or rather, read of) is sure to get on her nerves. Watch out where you drop her, Twilight, unless you want Bunniculas too! *brick'd*

Love the music you added in~ And uh oh :rainbowderp: Twi is getting distracted from her main quest like anyone playing TES games. Looking forward to Trixie sharing more history! Her admiring the world now was so sweet/wonderful.

Is it sad that I'm hopping Twilight will become a vampire from Trixie? That would be great if they got together later in the story.


Well, let's just say that somepony close to Trixie will turn her, the first time at least...

But that's for Part Two, can't say any more. :trollestia:

uh oh vamp twi mybe

I didn't realize this was a Skyrim crossover at first. But now that I do know, I have to buy The Dawnguard expansion to understand anything.


I've been trying to avoid relying on the game alone for details, as well as heavy spoilers. If there's anything in particular that confuses you, I'd like to know. It always helps to know where to focus when doing revisions. :twilightsmile:

2874675 Thanks for the offer. :twilightblush: But Ineed to get the dawnguard expansion anyway. It will help provide something new, ever since I glitched my way to max level the game has gotten a bit stale.


Well, you definitely won't be disappointed. The main quest alone was worth getting it twice over, and all the new weapons and perks it opens up just add to the value.

what I'd really like to see would be a shivering isles type expansion.

2874720 Hmm you know it has been a wile... Well i guess i want to thank you it really has been a wile since i started up a new save in Skyrim, you know now i may even start up a dawn guard save. Its been a wile since a story made me up and do something. Thanks. :ajsmug:

I Believe the first time i went through Dawn guard i Contracted vamprism, that gave me a strange twist on my save were i sided with the dawn guard. Though i cant get the image of Twilight caching vamprism and being turned away from the castle until it was cured out of my head (o-o new head cannon). The small mini quest you receive if you are infected on your return to see Isran really makes the Dlc shine for me.


More or less, though more 'sun themed' in colour if you know what I mean. I did put a lot of thought into blending the game and the show so they complemented each other.

So Celestia is Meridia, Luna is Nocturnal and Twilight is Azura in mortal form, makes sense. Although I find it interesting that you chose to make them daedra rather than aedra. Also I say that the unnamed enemy is Molag Bal (or his pony version) as that vampires are within his sphere.


Pretty much spot on. As for making them Daedra, I wanted them to maintain a reasonable connection to Equestria, and the personalities lined up pretty nicely. (Cadance does make a good Mara though). The Aedra I'm pitching as cameos of the show staff, with Faust taking up the role of Akatosh/Auri-El/etc.

Sombra is Molag Bal and Discord is Sheogorath, although I wonder who the Daedra are, not to mention the nine divines


Yeah, the others are tricky. I've pictured Nightmare moon as Vaermina, Chrysalis as Boethiah, and Sunset Shimmer as Mehrunes Dagon. Maybe Starswirl as Jyggalag, though I'm not certain of that.

The other EoH aren't Daedric avatars in this universe, and I don't plan to have Flim and Flam take up the role of Clavicus Vile and Barbas.

All in all, there's just so much that can be done before you have to stop yourself from outright ponifying the others. :facehoof:

I don't think that Starswirl fits the Jyggalag persona, but Nightmare Moon is a perfect fit for Vaermina. Although I say it would be very interesting for Fluttershy to be Hircine and Pinkie to be Sanguine


I did have Pinkie-guine in mind, though hunting animals feels like the complete opposite of Fluttershy. On that note, I don't think any of the characters in the show come close to Hircine's type.

And I would never have put Twilight down as a mare that fights with a sword.


Well, all I can say is that there's bending a character, and then completely reversing everything about them.

3362489 Sigh any chance this story is to be resurrected anytime soon, It was quite the good story if I may say so.


There's certainly no reason why I couldn't possibly do it. I had a whole plot worked out and all...

I've just been stressed out as of late, and uh, this unfortunately fell to the bottom of things I had an eagerness to write. I will try to get back to it though, I promise.

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