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The Forgotten Siren

Hello and welcome, I am The Forgotten Siren and I enjoy MLP and want to write good fanfiction for you all. I wish to keep this clean and start a new...hopefully



This story is a sequel to Sonata Time

After Sonata helped her fellow sirens from being homeless. They are know going to Canterlot High.
As Sonata enjoys her new life with her friends Adagio is hiding a dark secret from both Sonata and Aria.

On top of that Sunset Shimmer tries to befriend Adagio. Will Adagio accept this friendship?

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The story is pretty good so far, but try to work on your grammar and spelling a little bit. Especially remember that the past tense of see is saw; not seen. You made that mistake a few times. There were a couple other minor mistakes, too, but nothing major. Just remember to look over your work when you finish it so you catch the obvious mistakes.

well good story but alot of Spelling mistakes you need a proofreader

so far so good.
Some spelling errors here and there, having an editor or reading it over 3-4 times is a good idea
Also i must ask this, have you thought about having a side story about a romance? i personally think that Sonata and Sunset would be a good shipping pair. Not required just a thought.
Looking forward to the next one :twilightsmile:

Great story. I realy like it and I looking forward for the next chapter.:ajsmug:

I think Adigo should meet Luna. That would be very intresting.

Really great so far :) . I loved the prequel and I'm really ecxited to see where this is going :D.

(Also,I see that you used one of my drawings! Omg I'm so happy to see people using my arts!)

5237407 omg thanks for liking my story. and wow your really good. I like this picture the most because they kinda look likke a happy family in a way.

So far so good, but as others said, you might want to get an editor and a proofreader

An awesome story, one that is making me actually like Adagio and Aria. I can't wait to see even more! :twilightsmile:

Not bad, but the only thing that bothered me was lack of commas. It made the text too rushed.
Still, not bad.

A Silent Hill referenc? I so love you now. :pinkiecrazy:

Good chapter I realy liked it. But the movei endig was sad. ( you killed Discod, i mean you killed Mayhem) :fluttercry:
I think I read a fic where Discord sacrefice him self in the battle whit Tirek. But I forgeted the title.

I did my best proofreading and while i might not have done a good job on the commas, i fixed the obvious errors such as "Principle"vs"Principal" and one word was even Kamahaha :rainbowlaugh:

Oh and thank you Princess Astrum for proofreading

Adagio and Aria got detention? OoOoOoOoO. I want to know what they did!:rainbowlaugh:
They were probley defying the teacher!:trollestia:
The other teachers would not be surprised by this!:facehoof:

Is the title a reference to "My Teacher is the Tooth Fairy?", or "My Teacher is an Alien?", or "My Substitute is a Vampire?"

5421954 Its a referce if "My Teacher Is An Alien" lol.

I havent heard id those other book.

5426386 ... Numbers...

... Ten...



In other words when you're adding any of the sirens with the others you add the others as Sunset plus the main Six instead of the fine that are there, so those numbers should be nine and seven. Anyway lived the read have a good day.

Keep them coming and since job sunsets back story but next time tell us what the sirens look like to other people (just an idea) nicely done as always

Hope you're not forgotten about "what is inspired by me". Wish it is October now!

5621054 Thanks and don't worry, I promise the Halloween special will be good.

5620977 thanks and I'll keep that in mind.

You have plenty of creative ideas, I like that, but the grammer and dialogue could be better.

“PINKIE STOP MOONING!!” Applejack said yelling out the window.


An Ugly Curse huh? Sounds like something Witches would do but instead take the souls of children to stay young and immortal.

Thank you Hocus Pocus. :pinkiehappy:

5629452 lol yeah, I just thought of them to. Like I said, I wanted it to be original instead of the same "If they don't feed they die." thing. Also to be fair in Greek mythology, the sirens are suppose to be ugly any way.

5629827 True forms yeah. Let's hope it went the other way though. O_o

5481762 the square root of nine is 3 HALF LIFE THREE CONFIRMED!

Sonata liked him because his hair looked like Johnny Bravo from when cartoons were cool and not crap.

Preach it sister

Adagio is by far my fav siren but this one line got me like a truck

Granted Adagio did not like humans at all but she placed southerners on her top most useless humans alive list.


please continue :pinkiehappy:
is getting very good :heart:

Please make another!

Lol I am, I have to do some college things at the moment. But I am almost done with the next part

cant wait for the next chapter *gives a like and begins thinking about a fav*

6021682 wow thanks, I should be uploading one this Saturday. I didn't know if my work was still good, I felt like I was losing my touch.

6021791 i am always looking for fics and that fic catched my interest and i mostly find fics that are just a waste of words pretty difficult to find a good fic these days and when you are thinking that you are loosing your toch then look for inspiration what helps me for insipration are the sounds of weapons (maybe i have that from my ancestors) and strategy shooter games but i dont know how you are with inspiration and i am talking too much again

6022153 Thanks and don't worry I am inspired, but like I said I have college to worry about. However this weekend I'll squeeze in some time to make my latest chapter. Also what inspired me to make this was the fact that nobody else did something like this. I mean most people play the "The must feed or else they die" card or just ignore the gems being broken. And again I hope you enjoy more to come.

6028234 i noticed that too and i have some ideas for fanfic too but to think about a story is too difficult for me i am not good with that stuff and i can undestand that school is more important than a fanfic

“Very good bacon head. And by that I mean not bad for being wrote by a girl.” Tirek said with a smirk on his face.

“Um..” She was struck speechless at this guy’s sexism words. "My name is Sunset sir. And what does me being a girl have to do with anything?” Sunset asked.

“Well it’s just evolution made sure that girls were not only the weaker sex but also the stupider one too.” Tirek said, snorting with laughter at her. “You get a D because I refuse to have a girl pass.”

My reaction to that was :twilightangry2: Fuck you Tirek we girls are awesome!

good story :pinkiehappy:
I loved it :heart:
especially that adagio and sunset be carried good at the end :raritywink:
you should think about doing a sequel :rainbowkiss:
maybe in the distant future :twilightsheepish:

Great fic, I realy liked it. :ajsmug:
But for me somehow it isn't feel complet. I think it need one final chapter.
But you don't need to write one if you don't want, I just like when a story dosen't end right after the climax.

Did Adagio actually call her sunset? wow

Interesting retelling of Sunsets arrival. Could have sworn she ran off and wasn't banished.

5722510 confirmed for brawl!!!!

Me and maud are unaffected by shit cuz of thy overlord internet lol:derpytongue2:

Dude do another chapter or a sequel!!! Im dyin for more!!! please please please!!!:raritydespair:

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