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cool, 'bout time there was another helljumper/MLP story

They may have gone through Spartan training, but they're still ODSTs through and true!

the group callsign kinda fits, luna, nightmare? get it?

It's why I did that, yeah.

Humans form space coming to Equestria. With guns, ships, war machines, and the power to traverse stars and survive an alien war . the ponies will have a better out look on humans now.


Looks very promising. I'll be waiting until the story is further along before I read it though.

I can respect that decision. :eeyup:

Excellent. Too bad there isn't still abuse because I would love to see the ponies faces when a human space ship drops a big can of whoop ass on them. Plus Halos history might crush them...


XD Sorry. Got a little morbid there. This looks very promising. Good luck!

Oh, I only said that the Equestrians don't abuse them anymore.

I never said anything about Griffons, b!tch! :trollestia:

Before I even start reading. You need to post that the YHaU is property of MadMaxtheBlack and PM him for approval. That is part of the posted rules for using his universe.

4732171 YES! YES! BURN!!!

After a quick skim, it needs a good editor and some serious detail work added. Overall not bad, but not great either.

Honestly, don't assume everyone knows the Halo universe. Odds are they do, but you are doing yourself a disservice by assuming it. Still, I do like your writing and I hope you keep it up.


Why wasn't I told this!?

4732244 It's posted on the front page of the YHaU group. Don't worry though, I've had to remind a lot of folks. I can see both sides of it really, if someone wanted to do something based on my writing I'd be flattered. BUT I'd be kind of pissed if I just scrolled across it one day. lol

4732254 It's not so much being pissed, as it is I like to keep tabs on what people are up to in my universe, seeing as I'm a lurker by nature. :moustache:


Prepare to drop, trooper. Prepare to drop.

Not bad, but could be a bit better.

4732317 I wasn't meaning to imply you were Max. Was in general, if I logged in and saw Stasis: The Human Eats a Waffle, I'd probably be annoyed. :rainbowlaugh:

And yes you are lol. Keep up the good work though. :pinkiehappy:

4732325 Sweet :twilightsmile: Good luck and keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

4732358 Oh, I'm working all right. At 21,886 words and still going. :trollestia:

4732412 Yeah, my next chapter is bigger than most stories on this site. :rainbowlaugh:

4732419 Honestly, I don't know how a lot of the guys do it. Diaries of a Madman is a good chunk over a million freaking words. My stories are designed out of the gate to be 250k or less.

I can't even imagine doing something that absolutely insanely huge. :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, you are pretty much doing 1/2 to all of one of my stories in one chapter.

Man, you are on a roll. But a few things-
The Flood are going to be in Halo 5? There weren't any in Halo 4, but this is during the age of the Spartan IVs.
Why would an ODST become a Spartan? ODSTs hate Spartans.
A few odd word choices here and there, and a few mistakes and confusion here and there (most of the confusion was in the beginning), but it's alright.

4732474 My stories are like 10K so far. How do people like you do it?

Wait. These Spartans are going to help these ponies who uses humans as slaves. How does that make sense?

They were forced into training by ONI, because ONI hates everyone.

4732530 I think my largest was only 120k. I can't even imagine doing stuff that insanely huge. I like my stories to have a beginning, middle, and end. Not middle, middle, middle, somewhat post middle middle, etc :rainbowlaugh:

Diaries of a Madman is one of my favorite fics on here though.

4732522 just to tell you something, SP IV's were volinteirs to become Spartan IV's, they were never forced

I know nothing of Halo other then it's a first-person shooter, has some guy named Master Chief, and he's called a Spartan, but... I shall give this a read anyways.:twilightsmile:

Damn, that's a large chapter.

I can imagine it, but my fingers start to argue when I do. :twilightblush: Then again I somehow ended up with a 9k chapter what was supposed to only be like 4k. Maybe that's what happened with Diaries of a Madman, just on a larger scale.

As someone who has read all the Halo books, I will say this only...

This pleased me. I like how you kept to the "ONI is a lying bunch of pricks even though the agents seem nice" deal. Never trust ONI...

For a bigger challenge, a forerunner ship lands on equestria and deems Equines unworthy of living due to enslaving a race and exterminate them all.

Trollcomment is inbound, please DO NOT take it seriously:
(The following comment is only intended to entertain, and does in no way reflect the opinion of the author.)
Or tremble in fear when they discover just what they have enraged.
Ponies and their magic have proven to be nothing but an obstacle to either overcome, or extinguish.
Report on subject: 'The Primitive'
In terms of evolution the 'humans' found in the Epsilon Equus system are rather primitive compared to a Sol-human.
Their cognitive abilities are rather low, and their intelligence is comparable to that of an Unggoy,
but they do not multiply nearly as fast, nor are they nearly as resilient.
They were -like the Unggoy mostly still are-
a slave race, though there are attempts of making them equal to the other sapient species over the course of the last several hundred years
(which makes the technological advancement of this world pale in comparison, I mean, more than 1000 years and STILL in the victorian age,
with forerunner artifacts around the corner,
The 'humans' seem more similar to the Unggoy rather than to the Reclaimers, and are to be replaced with their superiour counterparts if the local wildlife (including sapient species) has been 'accidentally' elimated, because the nukes
'accidentally' only opened the flood labs.

*watches the world burn*

I've read chapters of more than 20 000 words before, the biggest one I've found is the chapter XV of Background Pony, with 43,858 words, this fic has the largest chapters I know in the site, second would be Diaries of a Mad Man, and a good thirth place Blue Angel

The sergeant approves! Good work Dragonman!:flutterrage:
Upload that next chapter quickly, or I'll whoop your ass!:flutterrage:

4733678 Found an error! The final squad member was sitting idly on the bed in her under-armor with his ODST helmet atop her head

This man, is a fucking genius of an author.

You have eight stories, each one a crossover and there is something unique in each of them, from the secret equestrian maker cult in "Dead Space: Purpose" to the Lone Wanderer becoming a pony in "Wasteland to Wonderland"

ithought that becoming a spartan was a rank and occupation as much as it was just an operation to make you stronger.
for example: if an ODST becomes a SPARTAN then he has not only gone through the modification to become one but is also working as a SPARTAN and is no longer an ODST, meaning that the title 'Helljumper' isnt correct as that refers to ODST's not SPARTANs that perform a wide range of opperations.

also i like the use of the halo skulls for the codenames

They were against the notion of being called "Spartans," but ONI wanted them to have the training and equipment so that their Black Ops missions would go smoother, so ONI let them keep the title of ODST and their armor preferences as a sign of good will (by ONI standards).

I know this is a Halo crossover, but each time the ODST are referred to as 'Nightmare' I see them as Night Lords Chaos marines. Also... Caravan... I see what you did there. :trollestia:

4735197 oh god, chaos marines in equestria fic!
Make that shit!!!

I noticed Skull names from the actual game Sneaky. :twilightsmile: :unsuresweetie:

4732109 no. fucking. way. :trollestia: i cant fucking believe it :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

brilliant story! i loved all of the references you made. this is definitely going on my favs list! :yay:

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